If you could manipulate time (as in freeze it, speed or slow it and stay independent of it, move backwards, freeze it...

If you could manipulate time (as in freeze it, speed or slow it and stay independent of it, move backwards, freeze it, etc.) what would you do other than rape a shit ton of people

Shit my roommates pants

Crazy crimes. Steal glorious cars and smash them up down the highway. Hijack a fighter jet, go on a rampage. Obviously play stocks/ lottery to set myself up nicely.

Walk up to every Trump supporter at every rally and castrate them with a rusty pair of garden shears until they got the message.

Probably just sleep a lot more

i would go to all of the places that i am not allowed to go to such as area 51, steal a few hundred million dollars from a bank and find other things i could with my power

quit being a cuck fag and go back to Cred Forums

I'll bite. The most fun I'd have would be freaking out strangers (probably exclusively female) in sexual ways.

>steal only her underwear, put a trace amount of hot sauce on her clit
>strongly bruise just the tips of her nipples, or her asshole

Even better with multiple time stops
>progressively remove buttons on clothing
>progressively apply more lube to the pussi
>progressively shave the pussi
>progressively raise/lower skirts
>progressively cut holes in clothing

The rape would be fun, but more fun would be trolling the fuck out of innocent girls. Or even better, girls who have wronged you. Write "Fuckmeat" on her forehead when she's flirting with a guy. Hot sauce in her asshole. When she's turned on, wipe her vaginal slime on all of her belongings so she goes around reeking of pussy all day. Better yet, do the same with your shit/cum/piss.

Rape is temporary, trolling is eternal.

I'd stick a french fry into every hole someone has twice in that day to a random person every day

t. reddit

Crack the lottery's API
Find every OS vulnerability
Study every uni major
Find out the stock market's insider info

I would simply remove Kebab.

Typical cunton supporter.

find out what time a bank vault would be open and at that moment freeze time. im sure the rest of that would be self explanatory.

also travel back in time and buy vintage cars and put them in storage to flip for a badass profit

Go eat tacos with my friend the night he killed himself :(

I think it would be fun to go to a casino and play blackjack. Every time you get a hand, freeze time and rifle through the remaining deck to put the exact card you need on top or put a dealer bust card on there when it's their turn.

Similarly when playing poker freeze time and look at my opponents hands.

Oh and of course track down pic related and fuck her until my dick fell off.

Work out how to get in to the Federal Gold Reserve.

Empty the ENTIRE place, ship it back and forth to a secure location.
Start time again.

1 week later, stop time, and return it all.

Get tickets to major event launches. Like the Iphone 7. wait till the CEO pulls out the product. Stop time. walk up, take the product. replace it in thier hand with the previous model. leave. start time again. Watch the chaos.

Would go back to that night when I killled myself

which door did you come in? how did you get here?

I would acquire a lot of money, dismantle sis the best i could i.e make a pig launcher with a explosive charge in it (harem), kill Kim Jung UN, gather information on Hillary nobody could disregard, learn how to work on cars, learn how to code, be better in networking etc. Build a armory acquire a mansion, i dont think i would use it for sex though creeping for sure

what kind of sick fuck rapes

probably break into area 51 and see all the cool shit

fight crime

cheat at vegas make money