Hello Cred Forums! How did you like my movie?

Hello Cred Forums! How did you like my movie?

I dunno. I thought Planet of the Apes wasn't that great of a remake, honestly.

Of course we did, maam

And realistically, Duncan Checks In was kind of a long time ago. Don't you have anything new?

Even Project X with Matthew Broderick was a long time ago.

I kind of wish you'd try something else. If you narrow your roles much more you won't get many more opportunities.


Hell yeah, I loved Mighty Joe Young as a kid.

I don't even haft to watch them to know their fucking terrible.

I can't believe they made Simer straight. Slimer has been a prominent gay icon since the 80's, and this film thinks it has the right to depict him as a heterosexual goo monster instead of the proud gay spectre homoerotically spraying his ectoplasim wherever pleases.


I enjoyed your recent nude scenes.

I think your performance was more believable in King Kong.




I didn't watch it but other people tell me it's terrible.

I have two questions:

Who played the kid and who played the zookeeper?

How many takes was it to get the kid falling in just right?

Worst beastiality porn ever.

I'm working on my acting skills and eloquent line delivery and subtle emotion. How is this?

In the mean time I am working a side job. You can find my ad on BP. Upscale incall discrete (except for my constant yelling) and no AA.

give me a phone number, I'll take that shit up

not because you're attractive, but because I'm going to record the whole thing and put it online

Which movie? Ghostbusters? Didn't see it.


I thought they shot Harambe.


the original king kong was better

>tfw Tiffany Haddish didn't become the SNL affirmative action niggerwoman

feels sad man

youre going to have to pay me to say its good

Ghostbusters wasn't Ernie Hudson's movie. If anything this is Megan Mccarthy's movie.

this subhuman a cute


she looks like the fuckin' grinch

>search this image on google

"Our best guess: RAINBOW GORILLA"