ADHD fags unite

ADHD fags unite

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I'm here. On them 10s

im undiagosed inattentive adhd, does that count?

Right here! Adderal man at your service

>TFW when ADHD
>TFW when adderall and medication fucked up your mind
>TFW when you'll never know normality and have constant brain fog with and with out medication

how does one know for sure if you have ADD? I think I have it.

vyvanse 70 mg

also dubs

>TFW when no ADHD
>TFW when adderall addiction and abuse fucked up your mind
>TFW when you'll never know normality and have constant brain fog with and with out medication

Adderall here mate. Just started using it. Do what now?
Also Check em

nice dubs

I've been on anti ADHD medication since third grade. I feel like I just get distracted with and without these days. I have constant brain fog but maybe cuz I jerk off a lot. I'm trying that no fap thing to cure my ADHD

Dude. It helps. Trust me

Wait... What's going on?

lol didn't even notice them


ayyy reppin

I've been jerking off everyday (sometime twice or three times a day) since elementary school, will no cap reverse the effects of my fucked up brain? There's some shit I need to be cured of asap.

tried it for the first time two weeks ago

amazing day

I don't have adhd

Shits pretty lit. Sucks you can't snort though.

I'm on 30mg XRs 28 Male Civil Engineer
I love being the most productive person at work

Amphetamine salts 30mg. Used to have patches that would stick to my buttcheek back when I was younger that would have the medicine seep through the skin. Kinda miss them.

I don't think adderall helps me, I cannot focus on school work at all

I don't know what to do, tips to try or other medication to try?

I like how you fags need adderall to concentrate. Just pay attention in class and you'll be fine. People back in the 70's and early 80's didn't have it. If I wanted to try real meth, I would instead of taking some fake meth.


you too user

What were we talking about?

See a psychologist. Take the IQ test and the TOVA (test of variables of attention)

On 30 mg XRs, iOS Engineer. I don't get the brain fog thing, but I have been much less agitated since starting the medication. More productive than the Android team despite being one person vs. three, but I'm not about to attribute that to magic pills.

What happens when u build a tolerance to it? U just have to take more for effects. The government is straight making money off you for taking prescription drugs. Lol and also after you take it and have none left? Your body can't live without it for a bit. Your brain activity is very limited which makes you less focus at a time. Fucking activities up. Just saying, I'd rather stick my dick in coke then take that shit

meth much cheaper

I love it

I have ADHD, but I don't take medication. My like if hell.

My life is hell**

Fake disease. Just an excuse for shitty parenting.

jump off something

Goddamn I'd kill for some Adderall.

Non-ADHDfag detected

Rolling for hex

Roll for hex

Roll for hexbjb

I was on adderall and various analogous medications for the better part of the last 14 years.

I echo these thoughts.

I don't know who I am, how my brain works. I don't know if I am smart. I don't know my actual capacities, my potentials. I've just been on this bad trip for a long time. I used to think I had bipolar. I've learned to deal with all mood disturbances, all mental fog, everything with drugs for most of my life. But everything was my fucking fault, all the alcohol, everything, you know?

I was losing my mind for a while. I quit everything. I keep drinking, though. I'm drinking right now. Still live with my parents after getting a degree. Everything is weird.

I'm not sure what the future holds. But quitting drugs was good for a while. I may have to go back on a mood stabilizer and adderall again at some point, though.

you're right I don't have it. and neither do you. your doctor told you you have it to make money off you. sorry bud.

Goddamn captcha

Explain why I have to use all of my brain to concentrate on one thing, and before I know it, my mind is on something else.

When I was taking vyvanse everyday a few years ago, I was also jerking off. Whenever I was sober I had ridiculous brain fog. Quit both (now I jerk it like once a week) and it's stopped my depression and helped me focus. I also started playing a sport and eating and sleep right. It's all about trying to get healthy.

how well does adderall work for weight loss? im going to the doctor for a prescription in a few days

I envy you sooooooo much user. I would love to take Adderall again.

cause you have no discipline. and now you have an excuse to blame it on so you never bothered to develop any.

What do you mean by discipline

i've taken 20 mg xr adderall and never gotten productive with it, only really chill and feel a bit weird. How do i get productive like everyone else? is it the dosage?

Nor sure user but the first time I've taken it I cleaned the whole fucking house.

No prescription here but ill buy vyvanse 70s anytime they are offered.

are you taking anti-depressants?

2 25XRs a day here

To be honest, i dont see what the big deal is about it. I've tried 20 mg a couple times and I felt absolutely nothing. My day went a little like this
>Took my first one at 8 am, didn't feel much difference. Appetite was slightly suppressed
>Took another at 1PM expecting to feel a difference, waited about 30 minutes and snorted another and still felt nothing

my appetite was suppressed for a good two days, but I didnt feel the jittery meth effects you all proclaim. Am I hyperactive or is my brain wired in a way that it doest work for me?

All of you plebs on drugs. The masterrace ADHD does mediation you filthy casuals. Good luck fucking up your brains with drugs.

>"diagnosed" in 2nd grade
>Ritalin in 6th
>Adderall comedown is depressing
>Vyvanse fucks w/ my bipolar

Rather be depressed than not be able to hold a normal conversation. Adderall it is

Maybe it doesn't effect some people. I know damn well it effects me. I get jittery and I pay close attention and do tons of shit I'd never want to do or have forgotten about.

Vyvanse 70s here.

I'm known as the nicest dealer around because I sell them for 6$.
>>clueless about actual value

How much do they go for? Canadian.

Also what is this about jerking off a lot and ADHD medication? Thought I was the only one with this problem.

Fucking this. pepe,jpg


I've been off meds since 7th grade. I'm 22 now.

School is really difficult and I'm lucky to remember conversations I had a day ago.

I just started ginkgo about a week ago.

Any advice to help with concitration and productivity :/

Someone please tell me their experience with weight loss. I'm looking to lose about 15 lbs

Sound about like me except I'm almost done with high school.

When I took it I'm sure I lost weight. I barely ate at all.

Adderalls did the opposite for me, my sex drive hit rock bottom back when I was on it.

If you have ADHD dont drink or eat sugary foods and none of that energy boosting shit either. No coffee or any caffeine, anything that gives energy gives you fucking brainfog. Sugary foods can give kids similar syntomps to hyoer activity according to science so it is not good for people that are actually hyperactive.

Trust me dude. Getting into the military is difficult with the history of ADHD.
If you are gonna start college, find something that helps.

Concerta fag here. I've been on since I was 10 or so. When I'm off the meds, I feel like I'm 10 again mentally, which makes understanding what I do with my life hard now. I've had trouble getting motivated in high school, because I will never know if all that I have learned will fade out one day. It all feels fake on the meds, but I can't cope physically with the responsibilities I have off the medicine.

Anyone in Portland ?

Damn, I want to go to the nation guard. So you're saying it'll be hard for me to do so?

people with a dopamine deficiency in the frontal lobe (root cause of ADHD) don't actually build up a tolerance to it. people will take the same dosage their entire lives. If anything, it's more common to reduce dosages to manage side effects vs. increasing them do to tolerance.

It's hilarious to me when people without ADHD think their experience of stimulant meds match mine. Undiagnosed/unmedicated people with ADHD will often drink like 8 cups of coffee a day and barely feel it. The meds honestly aren't dangerous for us like thy are for neurotypical people. They're controlled to protect you, not us.

Vyvanse 70s guy again

Concerta put me in an emotional grey zone
Ritalin did absolutely nothing, yet I always felt as if someone had their palm on the back of my neck. Super unsettling.
Adderall made me depressed as fuck but got shit done
Vyvanse makes me want to destroy my life, get high and jerk off to bdsm 24/7

No coffee? I read that caffeine helps stimulate the brain and acts as a shitter version of adderal.

They look at your past and ether way they are gonna know about your meds. Then they get all paranoid that you are off the meds and then because you will have to get on it they get all pissy.

That was my case anyway with the marines. Best time of my life btw.

I was 9 when i took these. age 12 I was 80lbs skinny as fuck and icky, i stopped taking them because they made me feel numb and angry, 3 months later gain 50lbs....

Low-IQ fag detected. It's always the dumb ones who resent people with ADHD, specifically the smart ones. We do better than you in most areas, and then it turns out that our biggest problem is treatable. You'll be an idiot for the rest of your life.

How can you get addys outside of a doctor? Insurance sucks and I'd rather not have to go through it

Can you guys do hyper focus? I can focus on one task for a long period of time, i forget about life and i have no sense of time. I dont wash myself, eat, feel no hunger, no sleep, no shitting, no pissing because i am to deep in the focus. I used to do it when olaying skyrim, i felt like i was really in the game. But i had to stop playing because i was getting these weird fucked up dreams about dwemer ruins and deadra, it was the same dream all the time and it was fucked up so i stopoed, anyone had simlar experiences?

Very articulate.

I honestly have no idea how smart I really am. Sometimes I surpass all my peers, and other times I'm a disaster. Without meds I can barely hold a conversation.

I've been told I'm Bipolar II by more than one psychologist. I take 300mg Lamictal. I'm really cynical about these supposed diagnoses. Who the fuck knows.

Hyper focus is usually destructive like that and rarely constructive.

I get this with building things.

Yeah I've had very similar experiences.

Sometimes I feel like that then the ADHD kicks in and as fast as I wanted to do that, I didn't anymore.

I've coded for multiple days straight with just a few hour long naps if I have a website that really needs to get done asap.

Also, what do you fags think of caffeine as a stimulant.

yeah i get this

If i take anything that increases my awereness or counciousness i become paranoid as fuck. When i avoid these things i am very laid back, although i can never really sit still.

Apparently I have ADHD. I was diagnosed as a kid and had to take Ritalin for a few years until I moved in with my dad and he put a stop to it.

I get easily distracted and sidetracked, and I'm very forgetful. I believe I actually have ADHD but nothing severe

I also don't take medication, so that's why. But when I did take medication I would do that then once it wore off I'd feel dead inside and out.

hmm, so if you really have ADHD, what does adderall make you feel like?

I just want to check b/c I was diagnosed after months of testing with inattentive ADHD.

Currently on 30mg xr.

Went from having a 1.5 gpa in college to 4.0 by junior year.

I feel like adderall just puts me in a calmer state to where concentrating on one thing becomes a possibility.

You're an idiot. Studies say the exact opposite about sugar in children. The perception that sugar causes hyperactivity in children is a placebo effect that parents fall victim to.

I get hyperfocused on some things, but it's never anything productive. Like i'll go full autismo researching car models over the years or some shit like that.

Caffeine is great if you're not medicated. Unmedicated people with ADHD don't get hyperactive on it. It's pretty common for the undiagnosed to drink 6+ cups of coffee a day without it doing much because as you said it's a shitty version of adderall.

i dont take medication i use to as a kid i just smoke loads of weed now

Sleep disorder amph comrade here. 80mg ir daily. Honestly has probably made my life worse.


>I'm also cynical about Dr.s

Same here bro! But once again as I've said, I lose interest so fast. Like literally I swear to God I'll say "dang, I'm going to look at all the models and years of this make" and then a second later close the tab and go to YouTube.

Lol sugar is not calm children down man. Its one of the most addictive substances in existance because it gives enwrgy of so fast, but it has practically zero withdrawal signs so you dont know if you are addicted.

I wish I took Adderall.

For me it just makes it so I'm not hungry. Take it in the morning and I wont eat breakfast and hardly any lunch for 30mg. If you are on it all day though, you are going to have to remind yourself that you need to eat in order to not lose weight.

But would you say it helps? I usually just drink one cup and I don't feel much. I've even been forcing down just black coffee to get the purest effect.


made me feel like numb and angry

its been about 10 or 9years since i was on meds i just ended up going to some mad school

>be 12 ADHD whose parent think is >autistic.
>my parents have tested and told >that I just have really bad ADHD
>my dad still makes jokes about it

Man i use to be reliant on that shit. Didn't have a script yet had bad adhd. Started using it for recreational purposes. After plugging 175mg at once i experienced the peak of the drug's use. however never experienced anything mentally, emotionally, and someone what physically as bad as that comedown in my entire life. Now it takes 50+mg to really feel anything. Stopped taking it that often except when fucked on hw. Trying vyvanas this week for the first time, anyone have an opinion and know the differences between addy and vyv?

When I took it back in middle school I made As and Bs. Now, I make Bs and Ds

i just came across a bunch of 30xr. what is a reasonable price to sell them to friends?

Compared to before medication: less fog, easier to maintain eye contact, don't feel physically drained by more than 5 minutes of doing the same thing (even something I enjoy). When I do housework, I'll actually finish a task that I start instead of moving between things for two hours and never getting more than halfway on each individual thing.

The way I describe it is on the BEST days, adderral gets me up to 80% of the focus of other people as I've observed them.

>calmer state
What you're describing is how the ADHD brain reacts to stimulants. People without ADHD become amped up. We become more relaxed.

Most animals can only sustain an activity not immediately relevant to survival for about 5 minutes. Humans can sustain things for longer because our frontal lobes produce enough dopamine for us to trick our brains into believing that something a consequence that will come later is actually imminent. The ADHD brain is missing that mechanism, so when we try to sustain an activity, our brains start to tell our bodies that we are in danger.

How does life feel for you guys? I tend to pay so much attention to detail and everything in life feels so intense, sometimes i feel like people around me dont even live as much as i do. When i am happy i feel like i am high on life man, its the best shit ever.

Same here


when i was in middle school i got sent to this school in a taxi every day with a school with about 30 kids 4 people per class it was like prison

>Unmedicated people with ADHD don't get hyperactive on it.

I can get jittery. But sometimes it just doesn't stop me from being tired at all

Dang. I went to a normal school.

one cup is nothing for the ADHD brain. we have to take amphetamines to even come close to normal dopamine levels in our frontal lobes, so caffeine is just a drop in the bucket.

Compare that to neurotypical people, who react differently because their brains are reacting to an *excess* rather than something that barely corrects a deficit.

Trust me, cutting off or stopping jacking off was just as positive in my life then quitting my stimulant dependency

C-can I have some?

My parents treat me as if im retarded, as if i need assistance with everything. My mom tries to arrange girlfriends for me and wants to arrange a marriage for mee to by the looks of it, im not even muslim. But she doesnt know that i used to bang whores in brothels for 50EUR each, when i tell her im not a virgin anymore she wont believe me.

are you asking as a non-ADHDer questioning ADHD folks or as an ADHD person gauging normalcy?

it was a fucked school use to have like 4 teachers
pinning me to the ground when i use to go mad in school

What would you recommend then?
Like I said, I'm on ginkgo therapy now, but it's too soon to see any major results.

I've been off my meds for years cause they fuck up the dendrites in your brain. I've just grown to accept my fucking random unfocused speedy thoughts that make strange associations and have untraceable trains of thoughts, and I even appreciate them at times

Damn dude. I'd slap a bitch

i just came across a bunch of 30xr. what is a reasonable price to sell them to friends?

I didn't say it calmed children down. I said it doesn't make them hyperactive. You said "science says" it does, which is the opposite of true.

If you want to be convincing, take a break from the chemtrails blogs and learn to write a sentence that isn't just word salad.

Gauging the normalcy, i dont even know whats normal tbh, ive seen totally retarded people that are so called normal... if thats normal i dont want to be it. I just want to know how you guys feel thats all.

$3 a pop

Idk where to get stims because I don't wanna smoke anything and lose my teeth lmao and don't know where to look

Ok son. Come talk back to me in 20 years when you are all grown matured up.

I just give my extras away to my friends.

Goodnight Cred Forums it was fun talking. Keep popping those pills ;)

Anyone know the effects of pot?

I've obviously been high before but idk what to make of the situation really.

I tend to really focus on something in particular but then when I'm sober I feel like I was just being a idiot.

Meds are one of the most effective treatments. Check out "Taking Charge of Adult ADHD" by Russel Barkley. It's a life-changer: it explains so much, doesn't shy away from the harsh truths, and has actionable things to work on.

Dr. Barkley is pretty much the most important dude in all of ADHD research. He even fights against the people who try to say that ADHD is a superpower. If you want to understand what's going on with your brain, what to do about it, and how to be accepting of what's frankly a pretty shitty situation, he's your guy.

i did headbutt one of the teachers got arrested
had to go court and shit

I can't do meds unless I buy from a dealer.

I don't have insurance :(

Hey Ryan, how are things?


you had to pay for them kek move to the uk you get them for free

That woulda been cool if my name was Ryan, how's it going PSU student are you keepin up those study habits?

I do approx 160 to 200 mgs of Adderall a day.

I'm a smart guy. It's part of what kept me from getting diagnosed until I was 23. I'm not a representative case, but I'll ramble for a few and see if anything resonates.

My life will always be an uphill battle, but I'm damn lucky all things considered. I work remotely as a programmer, so on my bad days nobody can see how little I accomplish but I'm always capable of making up for it later. I can get work done when there are boring meetings rather than wanting to kill myself (meetings, long lectures, etc. are the only times I have suicidal ideation).

I'd recommend checking out some books on ADHD if you want to see what "normal" is for ADHD folks.


when i used to take them, i did too. then i realized i could sell them (this was 13 years ago) and i started selling them at my mostly white school for $3 a pop. then i moved to a mostly black school and suddenly they were worth 3 for a buck. that when i went back to giving them away to friends. lol.

Dubs of a kind god

What about weed?

How does it react with yout ADHD?

I'm gainfully employed and am considered a leader and a mentor in my industry. I am known amongst my peers as kind, compassionate, and a good leader. I serve my community, and lead an active life.

But yeah, I'm probably just super immature because I'm telling a stranger on Cred Forums how stupid he is in the one place in the world that I think exists specifically to take a break from being constantly kind to people.

I doesn't help me at all

your dick is huge

to be fair, the guy you're responding to _does_ have a tiny cock

Sup fam


Have you tried a different strain?

I bet there's a strain that can fix ADHD and works like that NZT drug, from the Limitless movie.

Stay away from that shit, dude. It can help treat anxiety if you're in a really bad spot, but with ADHD it's better to learn to harness feelings of anxiety and learn how to avoid anxious paralysis than it is to try to kill it. That's the closest we get to natural motivation.


When i smoke it i pull that shit as deep in my lungs as i can because we have to pass the joint and im greedy as fuck. My friends comment on how wasted i look after one pull. Weed makes me feel like a baked potato and it makes my brain fog harder than anything else. I puked on myself ones because i ate too much because of the weed. I dont like weed its fucked up. I need constant supervision when i do it, i feel like i have fucken down syndrome on weed.


you know how people say things like "man, I just wanna die" just to over exaggerate how bored and displeased they are? yeah, i actually mean it.

I didn't even brag about how big my cock is! That's how mature I am!

But seriously, just to lend credence to the things I've said about myself: my dick size is nothing to write home about.

once i got a contact in university, i basically spun my wheels for 2 years, doing nothing and going nowhere until i flunked out. not the fault of the weed but it sure didnt help

Oh shit i legit just snorted 30 mgs of adderall got on b and saw this shit waddup


SHIT ID HATE TO SEE you on crack

Minecraft and the likes always do that to me. I might just be bored and start it up and suddenly it's 10:00 P.M. and I haven't done shit.

I had 60mg today. Three 20mg pills. I am so awake yet so sleepy why did I do this I don't even need it. Took a licensing exam today on it. I mean I kicked it's ass but still damn.

Anybody know how much a 30 mg sells for

barely feel my 4th cup of coffee. I've never tried those super concentrated caffeine capsules or tablets truckers use but I get the feeling it wouldn't be anywhere near my little blue pills.

Boredom is torture. I don't know how to describe this to people. It physically hurts me to be stuck in a lecture.

After I got diagnosed, I figured out that in relationships I have to take breaks from arguments, long discussions, etc.

I'm pretty perceptive--like the kind of person that sees through people fairly quickly. I usually know what to say to hurt someone deeply. The worst thing I've ever done is intentionally make my girlfriend cry because I would get bored of arguments. Looking back, it feels a lot like the verbal version of hitting someone who says something you don't like. Fortunately now I know how to just say, "I need to take a break and go for a walk for a few minutes."

Damn, son...

Thats sad, I on the other hand got some pretty good results with weed.

I used to take 60mg of ritalin every day, I was popping some serious pills. Anyway now with weed everything seem so much better. I don't even have to take an anti depressive to sleep and another to get off bed.

Anyway, weed can help.

Imagine if you could focus your acceleration without having to use cocaine or ritalin, just by smoking a joint and surfing your thought waves.


None of you niggas do the real shit until you on fucking 160mg

Rapidly metabolizing calories and CNS stimulants are two completely different ball-games.

No its not.

what, precisely, must one do to get the adderalls for college from the doc?

I get fucking trips on that, huh?

well, I expect an answer now is all

Just take it yourself m8. You'll never feel more alert.

first you fuck off, then you kill yourself

>for college
fuck you

you need to sit down and start forcing yourself to do work even if it's really shitty work you don't ever want to do. if you still don't feel any attentiveness or focus, adderall isn't working for you


Why don't you try it by better pathways then, like snorting? Takes 10x less amount to get 3x more potency dude.

Nigga, you don't just "get" the "Adderalls"

yeah different effects for different people. its good that it worked for you. i have no concentration span when i smoke though, i usually cant muster the drive to watch a film. i agree that it works wonders for getting to sleep quickly

this. adderall will help you stay on task, but it won't help you start. you need to learn some systems, do some CBT in addition to it.

but... I just want Adderalls

C'mon, guys, I got Discrete Mathematics and Software Engineering...

Well, that's why I'm asking how!

all you have to do is say that youre having a ton of trouble paying attention and you're fearing your hyperactivity is making you socially inept. Just allude to having ADD/ADHD without directly saying "i have ADD gimme pills". doctors want to prescribe their patients shit, they are drug pushers. It's really not hard. Faggot.

I'm prone to severe nosebleeds. I already have a huge mass of scar tissue in one nostril and allergies from hell. If I tried to snort anything I'd probably just lose the ability to breathe.

to be fair I finally got diagnosed with ADHD in my freshman year. school was a fucking joke until college and I started getting my ass kicked because my university actually doesn't fuck around academically unlike the prior 12 years.

discrete math is piss easy just fucking read, study, get help/etc.

Discrete math is a fucking joke of a math course. Maybe you shouldn't be studying computer science? Don't abuse shit that other people actually need like a landwhale in a wheelchair.

50mg Add XR here

Boo hoo don't capitalize classes just because you want to sound smart nigger.
Anyway if you're having trouble with those classes you're fucked m80

I feel ya man. I guess I haven't learned as much about myself as you have though because any serious conversation with my mother usually ends in her crying and me pissed off. How do you contain it man?

I know that feel user.
Every time I go to a psychiatrist (who I'm currently court mandated to see) the conversation goes like this: I say I feel happy (and that i've felt more or less the same now as I do in the past). That I'm eating and sleeping an average amount per day, am motivated to do things, and spend my time with my friend. Then my shitty psychiatrist says he thinks that since Im abnormal (and he isn't sure whats wrong with me) that I must have major depressive disorder. Seriously? That'd be like a doctor saying "well user, your cancer test came back negative, but you still have a lump on your back, so Im diagnosing you as having cancer anyway"
Well anyways, the jokes on him. I havent taken the shitty antidepressants hes been giving me for the last 6 months anyways (the ones he claimed I couldn't function without)

not my experience at all. they take you at your word because it's so fucking hard to get a diagnosis outside of ADHD specialists. if you're willing to lie about symptoms, it's easy.

Most doctors don't just write scripts to anyone who asks for them, outside of the quacks who make shitloads of of money doing whatever rich patients ask them to.

Yes it is. It's the difference between overclocking your PC or just turning up the voltage.

oh yeah and the way I got it was I had already been going to a therapist/psychiatrist at the university for a year for depression/anxiety and they had me on welbutrin which has slight stimulant capability. then I just told them straight up I still can't focus at all but at least I don't feel like a depressed piece of shit.

echoing the other guys though discrete math is literally the least of your worries for anything computer science. yeah it's hard as balls, but you gotta just fuckin go balls deep and quit screwing around. I'm assuming you're actually studying CS at an actual school that actually pumps out real CS students and not some pissass community college

Didn't believe docs were really pill pushers until I started going to a psychiatrist who prescribes anything I ask about. Seriously, I need these to focus but it is far too easy to talk a doc into writing scripts for controlled substances. Knew too many people in college that talked their docs up to very high doses of amphetamines and would just sell them all and make a killing. Fucks over us ADDers too

Vyvanse 50mg because it's the best.

Sure, but ADHD is more like, "Oh fuck I'm having trouble focusing even on the shit I really really enjoy."

Protip for youngfags:
Adhd = pc way of saying autist.

Not making shit up.

yeah that too. I had trouble even focusing on starting code projects or assignments for classes that I actually enjoyed, but any work that I had no care or joy for was absolute torture, sometimes even with adderall.


Yeah... worst part is the reading... passive learning is boring as shit. I learn by doing, not reading.

>Maybe you shouldn't be studying computer science
I like to code, though...
Don't like to read all the fucking books, though. Who in the hell came up with the idea that textbooks should contain any fluff at all?
I want a page of fucking examples and a page of explanations. And then I want them to shut their ass up, because I couldn't give 2 shits about their random garbage.
Textbooks should be "Show and Tell", not give me a damn story about nothing... and beat around the bush...

>Don't abuse shit that other people actually need like a landwhale
I am also a landwhale

Bait, but Autism and ADD/ADHD have very little in common. In terms of biochemistry they have nothing in common at all.


I'm 19 and in college. Is it possible for me to be prescribed adderal/vvyanse or do I just need to look for someone at my uni to buy from?

i got adhd and odd

>I'm assuming you're actually studying CS at an actual school that actually pumps out real CS students and not some pissass community college
I'm in an online college, and my degree is technically Business with IT.
Discrete Mathematics is the highest math I've taken, unless you consider Calc I.

For this degree, at least, I'm not sacheduled for any other math classes.

the point of textbooks IS to give you the damn story. they give you the WHOLE picture, and with CS you NEED the whole picture if you actually want to understand what you're doing and how to do things rather than just be some pump-and-chump coder who just smacks out blocks all day long as opposed to creating structures and algorithms.

if you want show-and-tell just google but have fun not getting in-depth learning

For one, I've had my dog for about two years--got her when she was 8 weeks old. Raising a puppy forces you to learn patience like you wouldn't believe. It also makes you realize on a regular basis how few things in your life you have control over. That humbling feeling changes you to your core and makes you look at the world in a much healthier way.

It also helped that my first job was with a software engineering consulting company. Consulting is hell in a lot of ways, and learning to be patient and empathetic in the most trying situations I've ever been in/with the most difficult people I've ever been forced to deal with has made it easier to be patient with people I love.

I've also practiced mindful meditation on and off for a while, along with other CBT-like stuff. I don't really know how to give advice on how to get here. I honestly just feel like there was this kind, compassionate, hard-working dude that was trapped inside me for most of my life and the past two years has been about him getting out. I don't feel like a different person as much as I feel like I'm finally acting like the person I've always been.

if you really love coding then you shouldn't be doing business with IT.

either way, then discrete math will be the last of theoretical math you'll need I guess I don't know how your curriculum will work out. discrete math is difficult for many (even me, took me 3 tries to pass) and it's because it's such a different way of approaching mathematics.

Anyone use the darknet for these?

My ADHD got better when my mindset improved, once i realized i was nervous because i was afriad to get nervous a weight fell of my shoulders, i finally knew that i did not have to become afraid of being nervous, it is just normal. Now i hardly ever become nervous. Knowimg the difference between nervousness and enthousiasm or exitement helps A LOT.

When im happy sometimes people tell me to calm down, it seems like agression to them, but for me it just feels like happimess or exitement. It feels very different.

This. It's hilarious how like ten minutes of reading invalidates most of people's assumptions about ADHD.

I like to ask skeptics how many hours they've spent researching ADHD. Usually it's just people playing telephone with bad information (e.g. "ADHD is overdiagnosed" is on the same level as "the average person swallows eight spiders in their sleep every year")

willing to sell to online friends?

This. Mindset is everything. As hard as it was to accept ADHD meant I would always have some serious limitations in my life, I'm thankful that I have a roadmap to tackling my biggest problems as a person.

Bro, I thought I had it all figured out. After a drug experience I've been having panic attacks constantly. I'm medicated but the panic seems to seep through. What would you do?

You're just talking out of your ass at this point. Textbooks are anything but fluff. That is the opposite of their problem. Textbooks are almost always literally exactly what you're describing. You are not a robot, nor are you as smart as you think you are.

Anyone else here with ADD have a problem with drinking? I get anxious over nothing and depressed over nothing so I drink it away and idk what to do about it.

Yeah me too. So many fucked up people out there and they have no clue what to do about it. At least i have an idea whats up and how to tackle problems. Whwn i was younger my mindset was like i had to repair something to become like everyone else, but nothing was broken. My life is better now my mindset has improved. I recommend people with ADHD to work on it, it helps a lot.

yeah before I was on meds, drinking was the only time I felt normal. Must be something to do with dopamine release. But be careful because that's a dark hole to fall into right there.

Talk to your doctor about it!

You must have abused it. I'm taking aderall for ADD and it's been nothing but amazing. I take it when needed and am constantly able to keep up on work.

100% this

Breathing exercises helped me out a lot with anxiety maybe look into it?

I already take 36mg concerta but after that wears off I fall back into drinking. Been drinking almost daily from 15-23 and the odd thing is very few people have even told me how fucked it is.

Yes. Alcoholism, drug abuse, divorce, car accidents--these are all things that have abnormally high rates among people with ADHD.

Vyvanse here. 30mg Dosage prescription but I usually take 60. Is this bad? I mean other than the lack if appetite

Concerta did really weird shit to me. Also, you're really not supposed to drink like at all when you're on it. You may want to consider an instant release instead of an XR.


What weird shit user? May have some similar shit I can learn from

Yeah, I would say that people should view meds as a starting point to get them to a healthy place, not as the final step. I will probably be on meds for my whole life, but that's not where I start and stop treatment.

anyone else get diagnosed bipolar but really just have add/adhd? how do you tell them apart since so many symptoms of bipolar and add/adhd mimic each other?

Thanks for the response. I try deep belly breathing but it doesn't seem to help.

How do you stop the fear of being anxious. Because it's crazy cyclical for me.

First off, it didn't treat my symptoms like at all. It was worse than plain Ritalin, and pretty much worthless compared to Adderall. It didn't help that for part of it I was taking the Mallinckrodt generic, which the FDA later ruled (to nobody's surprise) was not actually equivalent. But that's another story.

Even on the proper OROS-release concerta, dry mouth was AWFUL, insomnia was bad, and I had mood swings at particular times during the day. Even had my first panic attacks ever.

lemmie guess, mood swings 6-8 hours after taking it?

Unfortunately, you pretty much have to go to an ADHD specialist. Outside of that, it's not uncommon for a physician or even a psychiatrist to have had around 1 total day of schooling related to ADHD.

I do meditation and visualization. I try to visualize a lightbeam like a laser, it represents my focus. When i need to concentrate i try to go back to that state of mind when i am visualizing the beam. Also i do self communication. I talk to myself in my mind telling my self things like: its ok man, calm down. Its no problem, other people can get nervous too, everything is ok. It works for me, i hope this helps.

Yeah, exactly.

BTW, thanks for asking. I only just discovered that the FDA banned that generic because I was going to post a picture and say "don't take this one."

Two years ago, in a bout of insomnia, I stayed up all night discovering how fucked up the generic system was and went to a pharmacist demanding the proper generic form. He was like, "They're the same." I said, "I don't care what you think, I'm not taking the Mallinckrodt." It's super validating to find out I was right.

Oh wow just looked that up and its fucked.
Luckly I'm on Aiza 36mg and they seem okay

Yeah, it's not even on the market anymore.

What's SUPER fucked up is because of FDA generic med regulations, the Mallinckrodt generic had the exact same insert detailing ingredients, bioavailability, and side effects. The trials they'd done for their version weren't public knowledge because that would be illegal under FDA guidelines. So consumers basically had to figure out on their own that it wasn't working.

Diagnosed in my 30s. Prescribed Amphetamine Salts 30mg. Was able to fall asleep on this dose. No problem. Side effects built up and made me psychotic for a while. Recommend anything else but this poison.

Its okay though, because its not like they scammed hundreds of millions of dollars from the pockets of people buying a sub-par drug. Also love how they countersued the FDA instead of submitting evidence that their drug was even close to the same as Concerta. Now I have to wonder what other drugs I've taken over the years have been not quite right...

anyone know if theres side effects to taking add/adhd meds while smoking pot? will your docture drug test you prior to prescribing the adhd meds to you? canadian fag btw

All autists are almost universally also diagnosed with add/adhd/assburgers or something similar.


whats the best meds out there for ADHD?

It'll make you feel numb all over

Will they drug test you?
>unlikely but some docs will
Side effects?
>don't mix THC and stimulants unless you enjoy having a fucked up heart
>also THC+stimulants is a great recipe for psychosis
Canadian homosexual?
>sounds cool man although a bit redundant

Aspergers is an ASD, dipshit.

All squares are rectangles but not all rectangles are squares.
Its like you don't have any logic skills whatsoever.

It honestly doesnt make much of a difference, but it depends on your meds. Adderall is an amphetimine (upper) and weed is a depressant (downer) so unless youre really high or you take a higher dose of your adderall you wont feel much.

Also no, they wont, but dont tell your doc that you have anxiety, depression, or smoke weed because Adderall has a bad rep for worsening anxiety, and if you abuse it then it will deplete your dopamine and exasperate your depression.

I don't know friend, I've only ever tried Vyvanse. I've heard snorting Adderal is pretty nice though

Don't know about Canada, but doctors in the U.S. do it occasionally. It's fairly common for a schedule II.

Ritalin sucks balls IMO, but it varies from person to person.

Ive tried Vyvanse, Concerta, and Adderall XR. I prefer the adderall. Vyvanse made me feel like shit, and concerta made me moody as fuck.

im still dealing with side effects of my meds from my elementary days

I hear a lot of bad things about concerta.

These days, they have some blood tests that can help rule out certain drugs. They don't do a lot in the way of telling you which one to take, but for some people they'll save you some pain doing trial and error/titration with drugs that won't treat your symptoms.


no you're not. and avoiding the real cause of whatever's going on in your life isn't going to help you.

This, I took it from 8 till I was 16 and damn I was a zombie. Now I take concerta and liking it better.

been smoking pot everyday for 2 years now. it takes away the symptoms from my panic disorder, but obviously dont want to tell my doc that cause they wont see it that way. if i had to do a drug test, would you recommend refusing the drug test or doing it then explaining afterwards?

Started Adderall about a month ago after 23 years of no meds. Have had no negative side effects, save for mild irritability.

Don't refuse, just explain.
Refusing is raising concerns about the use of more serious drugs, and ether way they've got you on smoking. Also no legal ramifications to ether.

I'm taking Strattera. Closest to what I can only guess normal feels like. I can set my mind in motion and let it ride with little intervention to stay on track. But it does require that I some effort into focus. I like it.

sounds like you found the right drug for you. congrats--straterra has like a 10% success rate but the side effects tend to be more manageable for the people it works for.

I told my doctor that my mom was on concerta and she said bad things so I wanted to try something else. Doc understood since usually family members experience meds in the same way, and just prescribed the Addy.

I completely understand. I highly doubt they will want to drug test you. Once precaution you can take is just telling them that you are on the straight and narrow and dont do any sort of drugs. Or if they do a test say something along the lines of "I dont regularly smoke pot, but I was around it at a party so you might find traces of it" or some shit that sounds more smooth lol

didn't have to get my IQ tested to get diagnosed with light ADD. they put some strange sensor thing on my head for half an hour.

Thats how I feel with Adderall XR 15mg. I can put my mind into focus with little effort, and its easy to keep myself on track.

Now I took Straterra for awhile and that messed me up, I took a couple of years off the meds but I was totally fucking up at work with brain fog, like I couldn't remember if I had locked up after I had left, so I had to go back on something, so I went to Concerta. I liked Adderal back in school but the zombie like focus and the sweats were nuts.

The funny thing about the U.S. is you can always just go to another doctor if the first one turns out to be a total hardass. In other countries, you don't always get to choose. I've heard horror stories of GPs refusing to give specialist referrals.

I know the US health care system isn't anywhere near perfect, but I take some comfort in knowing that having an asshole GP isn't going to keep me from getting the help I need...unless I'm on an HMO plan, I guess.

Any ADHD fags on here that were diagnosed as kids and took Adderal and Zoloft for like ten years together?

I just casually mentioned to my doctor that I wanted to discuss ADD, never brought up meds. I had researched a few key things to say and practiced what I would tell her and she gave me a short test asking me to rate some of my symptoms. Did that, she started me off on addy.

satan says "trust me" sure ....

alternatively, if you're in the U.S. on a PPO plan, just go straight to an ADHD-specializing psychiatrist

I was on Ritalin for a while, then Concerta. I had the text-book side effects: dry mouth, sweating badly, etc. I'm glad this is working for me. If I had to move to another medication or dosage I was just ready to give up.

Now I know now I have to go for an EKG every year for my prescriptions because of all the new procedures they have out.

>telling someone to stop jacking off
Missed this part of any religion, ever.

>Diagnosed with adhd a month ago and got adderall
>Finally read a book for the first time in my life
>Went back to doctor again
>Lost 13 pounds

This shits like a win-win. Wish I was on this 15 years ago.

That's probably for the best. My brother got told if he didn't lose weight the doc would stop giving him his script because his BP was too high. Any time your doctor is monitoring your body for potential negative side effects, you have a good doctor. It's why I laugh at people who honestly believe all doctors just want to shove drugs in people's mouths.

adhd fag here, I get 60 20mg IR's a month. Even though I should take them daily I rarely do and instead use them like once a month or when I have a report due for college last second. Usually get done whats needed and then waste hours fapping

Ugh, I love cooking but have always hated eating. I love the taste of food, but it feels like such a fucking chore. Hardest thing about meds for me is eating. When I was on ritalin, even my favorite foods made me want to gag because my appetite was so far gone. Thankfully adderall doesn't do that--just normal "not hungry" state.

I tried this first, but every pyschiatrist that my plan covered had a 1-2 month wait list

Dang. I forget sometimes how lucky I am to be in a huge metro area.

you also don't need to buy a halloween costume

My doc is like this. After my first month of addy I lost a few pounds and was already skinny and tall, so i went below my ideal weight. She gave me another month prescription but told me to come back in a month and if my weight hadnt improved then we would have to find another route.

Yeah I've never had any problems with hating foods. I just don't have the urge to eat and just forget. If someone reminds me, then I can force myself to eat something so I don't die.

Adderal user here 20mg twice/day
Feel like I physically cannot function without it now after only taking it for ~1 year. If I don't take it, I'm able to stay awake for about 3-4 hours before I pass the fuck out. However when I'm on it I'm actually social and enjoy doing active shit.

Dunno Cred Forums -- I think I'd be fucked without it.

aus fag on 20mg dexamphetamine and 4mg of clonazepam a day

You either abuse it or you have full blown insane balls to the walls ADHD. I have never heard of someone being prescribed 20mg twice a day. In another few months your tolerance will be increasing so much that you will be forced to go off it or be put on the highest dosage, which is terrible for your heart.

Not the guy you're replying to, but 20mg 2x day is within basic recommended dosage. Any higher than that is considered a special case, but between 20mg and 40mg daily, it's usually just about balancing symptom management with side effects.

I get 20mg twice a day also, it's not that strange. Max recommended dosage is 60mg a day 30x30 or 3 20's

It was recently increased from 30mg/day to the 20 twice/day.
I'm taking it as prescribed.

Wow thats kind of surprising, maybe my doctors have always just been very conservative about dosage. They seem to be really hesitant to even raise my dosage above 20.

Can confirm, fucking excellent book about adult adhd

ADHD is just an excuse for not hitting your kids. Show a bitch what's what and you won't need the newest amphetamines to make them quiet up around you.

You have brain fog too? I thought I was just fucking retarded, but recently I discovered "brain fog" because I was afraid DNP did something to me, and the symptoms described how I felt perfectly. It turns out I'm probably just a pussy. But what is causing this constant brain fog? I used to snort Concerta and generic methylphenidate over the course of months.

I really like my meth though.

anyone on strattera? considering switching from vyvanse. tired of shit sleep, no appetite and the anxiety it brings

Amphetamine salts 20mg 3x daily
Methylphenidate 20mg 3x daily
Adderall XR 30mg 2x daily

This shit is real life. People are literally on this much to stay alive and need controlled sleep meds just to slow down long enough to sleep for 5 hours.

Exact same thing here. I'll learn literally everything about a car, motor or anything along the line.
I'll start reading and then go somewhere else and just watch porn or something

I don't know if you're serious or just a misinformed troll.

bait, but in case anyone actually buys this shit at all...

hitting your kids is an excuse for not knowing how to parent. violence increases immediate obedience at the cost of long-term development. people who hit their kids are only interested in making children manageable long enough to get them out of the house so when the shitty parenting pays off the parents won't be around to see it.


XR 30's reporting in

heh, right? "kids didn't used to have it" is the same shit as "vaccines cause autism"

there are many kinds of addhd... i am one of those that can focus. breaking that focus can be a little tough lol

See some energy drinks will wake me up, but not for very long. I get focused but eventually jittery for a couple seconds. I used to take adderall but it made me dead inside

>got put on vvanyns
>life is now a rollercoaster of binging/being hyper creative and not being able to motivate myself to even get out of bed