Give me a reason why I shouldn't

Give me a reason why I shouldn't.

U should, check em

you haven't even started livestreaming it!

Because that's not your head

Dubs you shoot yourself and post it

Because it would hurt.

You can't walk you idiot. What the fuck is wrong with you?


People will pay to shoot you in the leg on the internets


Top zooboo

mr. no timestamp doesnt have the balls to do it.

it would be extremely painful



cause your mouth is a little higher than that

Timestamp faggot

record it

You don't hate yourself that much

Best post ever


Two arteries.

If dubs, livestream

Because walking is pretty cool, I guess

because you'll become a vegetable!

Because we all want you to

Do it, you'll get a front row parking spot for life

It would be extremely painful.

That isn't where your brain is. Try aiming a lot higher on the body maybe. It'll save you the trouble of medical bills, isolation in a medical ward, your rights being taken away, a leg, and the loss of your firearm.

Time stamp or gtfo

Because that pellet gun ain't barely gonna break the skin, you guinea wop.

For you.

because it would be dificult to masturbate while bleeding

do it

wherever you live, I can pretty much guarantee there's a statute against discharging a firearm within x feet of a residence. This is normally overlooked in any case involving a self defense shooting, but in many cases involving a self inflicted gunshot or accidental discharge, charges are filed against the offender.

You will almost certainly end up with that on your record, have to pay a hefty fine, and depending on the local statute you may end up serving a minimum sentence in the county jail.

On top of that, you will also be subjected to a battery of psychological tests and analysis, possibly including a mandatory, short term "observation period" in which you will be placed in a psych ward or mental health institution for a period of (normally) 3 days... all of which will be at cost to you.This will also result the loss of your legal right to own a firearm, and will keep you from purchasing a firearm for the next 6 months to a year.

From there, you must consider the medical bills. You'll have the ambulance ride, the ER visit, the surgery (or multiple surgeries), pain pills, antibiotics, follow up appointments, the specialist fee from having to see an orthopedist, getting stitches pulled, braces, and eventually, physical therapy.

do it faggot

Do it faggot

I hate the ones that call dubs on

Fucking autist newfags

All these newfags taking this obvious B8