If evolution is real, then why is there no missing link?

If evolution is real, then why is there no missing link?

Protip: Drawings and sculptures don't count as evidence.


theres a lot of flaws in the THEORY of evolution.

who knows
it's all theory anyway, we don't have all the answers and probably never will
there's no point giving a shit about stuff like this at all, we're all gonna fucking die anyway

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>missing link
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I believe in creationism.
>inb4 triggered atheists

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>inb4 triggered atheists
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the "missing link" is a dated reference. there are several links that connect. common ancestors.

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Evolution is a theory that's widely supported by fact.

You don't even need a missing link between humans and apes because we can observe evolution in other species of animals.

Because a 'missing link' isn't required to prove evolution exists.

We know that animals change over time through genetics and hereditary. We know this as we have made animals do so, most prominently with the case of wolves into dogs. We know that picking and choosing what gets to fuck changes a species, and rather fast.

Evolution is just that but on the scale of overtime nature being the chooser. As it's not precise or exact as far as humans are it takes far longer. No links required.

>most prominently with the case of wolves into dogs
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If there was no missing link, then why are you posting this thread? according to you we have already found it

Here ya go.

is real , google "ardi" thats some kind of missing link found few years ago

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Evolution is actually more like process of elimination.

Say I have longer arms than you in an environment where all the fruit hangs considerably higher than we can reach. Obviously i'm going to be able to reach it easier because my arms are longer, therefore I'll survive better, mate more, and pass on my genes longer. Eventually everyone will have my long arms. Evolution is like this.

Only the strongest survive. It doesn't mean that the weak die out, it just means that the strong breed more than the weak, so the genes of the weak die.

Here's a website i found that explains it all have a look.

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>no missing link
That means we have all the links

Because it's extremely unlikely fossil proof of a specific stage in our evolution dating back 500,000,000 years can be found.

All you need to know is that at some point millions and millions of years ago a single celled organism ate another single celled organism and it all began.

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>a single celled organism ate another single celled organism

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so there has to be a missing link for something to be true? what

OP clearly said there is no missing link

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there are websites that do all the hard work for you

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