Ask an HIV positive transwoman anything

Ask an HIV positive transwoman anything.

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what's it like to be less than nothing

Why won't you take a hint and die already?

Well, before I transitioned I had all these feelings of anxiety and self doubt. But now I'm actually the happiest I've ever been (even after surviving a gang rape in prison).

God loves all of us and created us in His image. To destroy a single life is to destroy a part of the almighty.

Jeremiah 1:4-5 Now the word of the LORD came to me, saying, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations.”

i don't have to ask anything, the only positive thing about you is AIDS

u know the rules op


How big is your weewee?

that's our boy hemmingway

It's probably dead.

Good question

Is that shit a wig or natural hair?

You haven't answered it.

What is like to know that you are being punished by the wrath of God for your actions against his word?

>muh fictional character love doh
>muh scwipture quote doh

fuck you user. hopefully next time you're gang raped they finish the job (if you've been to prison once we both know it's only a matter of time before you go back.)

eat shit.

Was it worth it?

You sound like the neediest kid ever...

>fucking godfags

Don't go there, that's a stupid place to go, there are so many better avenues to go down. Stop being lazy.

We're gonna need some pictures with timestamp OP.

How big is the corpse?

Don't insult tities, those fuckers are egg mounds.

Why don't you get inside the oven?

Probably zero, it's rotten in the dirt or in some mongrels GI tract. You should word your question in the past tense "how big was your weewee" you'll get a non pedantic answer then.

How big *was* your weewee?

I was born this way. It's like Lady Gaga said.

Wig, obviously. I'm naturally bald. I started shaving it off after I lost most of my hair in my early 20s. I took a lot of steroids as a powerlifter wannabe.

Jesus loves you too. Accept the love of your savior. Hell awaits if you forsake the love of God

Did you get that HIV in the innerrrrrrrrr citttayyyyyyy

the dirt awaits you when your life expires. stupid fuck.

again, hopefully they finish you off next time you get caught and sent to prison.

they'd be doing god's work. LOL.

So the thing I think is funny here is, some trans talk about gods plans and how god loves us and shit, the thing is if god exists he chose to make your life suffering solely for his enjoyment. If god exists he does not like you and derives joy out of your misery, what in the shit makes you so worshipful to an entity that has been shown to give no shits about you and chose you in particular to suffer for ever, sad fact is you'll always be male, you'll always be a faux woman, and there is nothing you can currently do about that. Science is your salvation not religion. Science is working on CRISPR which will allow realtime DNA editing that coupled with nanites and you could change all those pesky Y chromosomes to X's, but you'd rather worship a deity that made you suffer for no reason other than the luls.

>Wake the fuck you.

does look like blohos gf

Motherfucker I'm not OP My weewee is 5.5 inches he aint much but he gets the job done.

does having HIV get in the way of your sex life and are you a transmitter?

You still haven't answered my question friendo.

No shit



How's it feel to be the laughing stock of the Fitness community and military community bloho

Quite so

Which question?

How does it feel to be a devout Christian and also know that you're going to hell for what you did to your body?

Why haven't you killed yourself yet? The moment when you've become incapable to reproduce you're instantly worthless for the universe.


That's a stupid argument too, the universe is completely indifferent to anything. That includes you, so you can do whatever you want and the "universe" ain't gonna give a shit.

Shut up, we're trying to rid the world of these faggots.



Make better arguments then, it's not my fault you're incapable of thinking of anything that makes an iota if sense. You're mad at your brain not at me drink Clorox.

You've just parroted the same response back at met, please answer my question, don't deflect it.

(S)he did,

the answer is bc he was born that way meaning that it was the right thing to do in his eyes are u thick

No She didn't. I didn't ask for a canned answer from the trans body politic. I want an honest answer from OP it's clear you're unaware of the question I'm asking.


Well, ''a canned answer from the trans body politic'' is what you're gonna get, if OP honestly thinks it was just his destiny. He doesn't have to give you a whole lecture about his life story etc just deal with it


Then this thread is self defeating, as this is an ask me anything thread. I'm asking and not getting an answer, so what's the point of the thread? Sounds like an attempt at a circlejerk. If you're not ready for serious questions than don't start this kind of thread.

I also think it's kinda funny that you're attacking me and also insulting the OP by using male pronouns to identify her. I'd call that ironic.

I ask for introspection, and you spew vitriol.

Where the fuck do you think you are? Did you expect acceptance here?

I don't think I'm attacking you at all, at least not in Cred Forums terms... also I'm not OP'S little helper or agreeing with what OP has done but I do think that SHE is allowed to not answer more in depth your question if SHE thinks that saying ''I was born this way'' is enough. That's the answer, to your question, from OP, in this AMA thread.

Acceptance? never from here
Commonsense and an understanding of irony maybe.

>Where the fuck do you think you are?
That's a very good question. It's odd when people like express shock or outrage at a lack of manners on Cred Forums, not least on threads like this.

Did you undergo a race change operation too? You look less niggerish in the right pic

Yeah, that's a non answer it's a canned bullshit answer, I know it you know it and she knows it, and the only reason I brought up the vitriol is because there was a disconnect between what you were saying in regards to me and OP's interactions.

commonsense is answering the people in the your attention whore woe is me thread.

i laffedf

Commonsense is expecting to get answers to your questions in an AMA thread, but perhaps that was too much to ask for in this place.

Bullshit answer is still an answer. Your question was answered. Maybe not in your eyes, but for OP anyways.

Yeah I'm not biting, you see you ask questions for truths I'm not getting truth for my answer, and I reject it, it's clear to me that you will accept whatever answer you're given, or you're a massive hypocrite and just trying to be contrarian.

Yeah but you can't say you're not getting truth... maybe OP thinks ''born this way'' completely sums up the answer to your question. If you don't like the answer that's fine but don't pretend like she's lying or not giving you any truth.

That's a good answer if you only hear your surface thoughts, but everyone is capable of a more introspective answer. You ever think that OP doesn't want to answer my extremely simple question, because if you start hitting yourself with hard questions you might come up with painful answers?

Well, then maybe that's exactly why you didn't get a more in depth answer, because it's painful for her to talk about it? Then I'd respect that and move on.


Are you sure?

First, I'll say this is Cred Forums most people don't care how you feel.

Second, the reason people don't care how you feel is you're anonymous no one knows you and the moment you close the thread people can't hurt you anymore

Thirdly, This is an AMA thread OP brought these questions onto herself.

Fourthly, the answer to my question "your own personal answer (one that defines you)" is critical to a healthy mind and through extension body. How can you say you're capable and ready to make these forever life changing decisions if you don't even know who you truly are?

Fifthly, stop presuming to know what's going through OP's mind (unless you are OP) in that case your responses take on a whole new meaning, but I'll play devil's advocate and assume you're not OP.

Sixthly, op gets no judgement from me I just want an honest and healthy answer for my question.

That's a strange delusion, if you think god made you, seeing as you're a tranny, do you think god fucked up by giving you a dick and a man's jaw?
If you believe in god and that god is just, don't you think HIV would be a sign god is punishing you?
If there is a god, he certainly doesn't like you. And if there were a hell, you'd be going there.

What the fuck is wrong with you, being such a degenerate?

Why don't you get therapy instead of mutilating yourself?

Why the fuck would you be a "transwoman" when you could either be an ok looking guy, or an ass ugly woman?

>xh-xhe made me in his image

I already addressed the god angle here
I think you put it on a little thick at the end there by the way.


Y'all are dumb that's a picture of Jason Blaha and his wife

have you tried injecting 20,000 dollars straight into your bloodstream?


Ya know the sad part of this little quandary is the only therapy is mutilation, as of right now there is no other cure for gender dysphoria the issue is the brain is structured like the opposite genders brain, and you can look that up if you don't believe me. So since there is no way to change the brain structure to match the body the only other option is to change the body to match the brain. That's why the religion angle is so funny honestly, if there's a god he decided to place these people in a hell far worse than the bible could come up with, this is one of a living hell where your mind is your very own demon master.


You're not a very curious person are you? You'll never learn something if you're rude to people, there's no reason to intentionally use the wrong pronouns in regards to OP I'm trying to have a dialog with her I won't get that by being a cunt.

Let me show you how it's done, Halberstram.

was getting aids part of your plan?

No it was part of god's plan obviously.



why didn't you kill yourself instead of turning yourself into a disgusting abomination?

>born this way

No, you were born a man.