ITT: Post girls you nutted on in high school

ITT: Post girls you nutted on in high school

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Nutted in if that still counts

I'll also allow nutted in, yes

Still the best head I've ever gotten

Nutted in her mouth?

Very nice, more?

How's I do?

another of her if anyone's interested

Against her request for me to warn her and pull out yes

dat booty

she loved taking it all over her face and tits

hahahahaha, that's fantastic

I think one of my favorite things is nutting inside their throat with no warning


got plenty



definitely keep em coming b/ro

Anything you like about her? Wanna know about her?


tfw smartphones didn't exist when you were in high school


Fuck yeah man. There's nothing better than nutting on a busty redhead.

She take it in the ass?

it's a real treat

love her huge tits

Unfortunately only witnessed her in person, no pics :(

they're incredible

What size are they?

ever titty fuck em?

several times, thank god

Ever nut on her glasses? If so, what'd she do afterwards?

lucky shit

one time, she was crazy pissed
glad you think so

She freaked the fuck out, I held her head down until she swallowed to

great ass too how was she at giving head

She take it in the pooper?

Which one of these two do you think loves getting nutted on?

area code?

at first she wasn't too great, but after awhile she got pretty good
just a couple of times


probably both tbh


shes definitely a tease


That's my middle name!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHhahahahaha oh god kill me why


oh shit I think i got with her sister

yeah for real ha



damn thats hot

if you think you know, take a guess

I'll tell you if you're right

get out tripfag


she could turn on and be pretty sexy when she wanted

... yes?

You're probably right, but rights got that look about her that she just adores a messy load on her face!

jesus christ dick is diamonds
do you have a mega or anything?

damn i see that

loved it all over her tits


Whore that fucked half of the baseball team in high school. Including me

no mega, sorry

any pics of it?

aw darn, will save em tho, thanks

of course! they're great material

definitely this girls awesome

This girl is way hot. Thanks for sharing.

no pics of me nutting on her, but plenty of her, yes



that pussy is fantastic

the guy at the top of the stairs

hell yeah it was

this cocksucker


keep em comming b/ro

she looks like she would swallow

Would love to feel those lips wrapped around my cock.



can do

God damn. Nudes?


damn those tits


Nice work.

they're just ridiculous

never gave her the chance, blew all over her face

Got full frontal?

>high school

>Pretty much everyone here is an incel 23 year old loser about to turn to faggotry for lack of available women.

Op, you're so silly....

That's a trap from /lgbt/

there awesome lol

nah, sadly


need nudes please

sigh, no its not

Anything near nude? Not just tits




kinda looks like one

damn moar

Tis all bait

moar teasing?

nice taste bro, any more of her in that outfit or sexy outfits like it?

tell me you have nudes please

corset maybe?

mother of god plz more with her hair down?

lol no isnt this a high shcool tread anyways?
i have more pics of hewr



plz more of her with her hair like this if possible?





Is she from 250?


I miss nutting on her face.

She has a very familiar face

moar of anything




lurking for more of her with her hair like before?

damn moar like this

niiiiiiiiiice user! please say you can find more of her in that hot outfit or in glasses?

In, on. So much fun.


She's cute bro

Have nudes?

you know her?

Very good, any more?


i wish

is this good or bad


any chance of sexy selfies of her in that?

anymore of her without the top of her head cut out of frame?

lurkin if can find any more hooters pics of her love that ish or halloween whatevs...

Would you cum on her tits?


good would be better without the suit tho

Is OP of last nights thread here? Want moar

moar teasing?



how's this

I wish

shit you got anymore?

goddamn dude i literally think i have fallen in love lmao

damn shes perfect

without a doubt, shes one fuckin fine girl user.

much much better definitely need moar

She is so hot

all good
i know it's crazy

keep em comming man


thank you


only got this

Things you would do to her?

Another tx

Shit Cred Forumsro, thanks for the great pics


glad you guys like

Dont have anymore, she blocked me on all social media after she found out i was bragging about how i painted her back white

She's just the right thickness

I don't, she's a fat pig



each his own, i konw she's not a 10/10


Looks like?

In the face maybe but had the fattest ass you've ever seen on an asian

First name? for the folder

Brace face

Still love her


nah, tits are smaller

filthiest slut i ever fucked, she was into s&m and rough anal by 16

haha good

I've seen you post her before and I've definitely cum to her before.

No one cares what you think faggot


always great!


You have a folder link

I want to cum to her again. Anything hot you don't post often?

How'd she get into that?

mmm not really no sorry

Awesome. now i can empty my browser... and my balls

Which of these four would take your hot load anons

Srsly can someone link me the folder


fantastic ;)

by getting ragged about by much older guys who used her as an obedient little fucktoy

What does Cred Forums think?

The one on the far right.

The rest are yikes

More puss?

She looks maddeningly familiar...

Fucking Hot!!!!

More. That's all we think

yeah? where from?

best butt of thread
need to see face and tits tho

Sounds like an 18 year old I fucked when I was 27. Easily the dirtiest girl I've ever fucked, but managed to seem innocent as hell.



Holy shit that look hnnnnnnnnggggg

She doesn't happen to live in Utah, does she? If not, I might know her sister.



yeah it's crazy


Good old days


I wish :( really want more

Wanted to do her so bad in hs


To bad she has kids now, still hot tho




Same girl but these pics are of her now about 6 years difference

still pretty hot tho, any more?

Yea she hardly changed after having kids.. here's another

This Punky Brewster looking bitch had some of the best pussy

Holy fuggggg is that Ashley?

My ex from when I was 18

I kekt

yup lmao

Holy shit is that leonetta?

Topkek. Nice fam. Heard she had a mean head game. That's what's up!

looks like Lacy?

Screenshotted this a while back.. glad she didn't say anything



Bitch looks confused

caitlin loved getting splattered in the face

Well, someone has to do her. You're doing it for the team.



Another Punky Brewster Bitch


Punky Brewster?

Left or right?






>Off by one

She used to love it everywhere except her hair.





don't put your hands on the car bitch.

She could suck a cock like no one else


anymore dude?


Do not regret it

Highschool gf, nutted in her hand

I wouldn't have either.

She sucked like a champ


Chick I went to school withs mom gave the best head.

Had the nicest bush




this one

Fucked like a champion but was a special kind of crazy. What do you think Cred Forums?


take this shit and shut the fuck up

Her ass was so tight


The right girl

left the computer camera on why we studied

shed get me to nut in seconds

holy shit lol is tht maggie? what a slut

Not Maggie

Yes it fucking is.

proof or gon git

Damn dude, any hq shots?

I was the first nut she swallowed lol. Hooked ever since

She told people my cock is small but whatever

Loved cum on her tits.
Now is a hs. Teacher