Hi Cred Forums, I have these bruises? from my eye, wtf is this?

hi Cred Forums, I have these bruises? from my eye, wtf is this?

If that's actually u, u got some nice eyes user. It'd probly go away eventually. Put some ice on it? Better yet maybe google?


Not you. No timestamp.


Thank you men, It started 3 weeks ago and its getting longer and longer. Starting on my other eye aswell.

Hold on then, will provide a timestamp.

Stop sleeping face first on a slab of vibrating concrete.

Eye cancer

Still no timestamp. Still not you. Thanks for time wasting..

>>next, again.

I'm not sure about the vibrating concrete bit but the sleeping on your face is about right. I use to get these from the side of my eye down my face.

Now i get it on my forehead. People have stopped caring so have i

Here is timestamp, might be bad pic at background :/

holyfuck it really is u.. wow man nice eyes


Sunglasses and use pen on paper or hand/sharpie. Maybe even shoe on head...

Your boyfriend beats you. Get out of that abusive relationship

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Op here,

The smartest thing that ever came out your mouth was a penis

probably a ruptured blood vessel

Taken any blood thinners and/or random drugs?

Is that dangerous?

No nothing like that the past 4-5 years.

all you need to know is that it's fatal. sorry op. Hope you had a good life

You sleep with your earbuds in and the cord presses & rubs against your face.

Lol that's not how bruises form

Wernt you just on 9gag user?

me too