Connor Hall
Connor Hall

ITT: Stupid things you've done as a kid.

be me, 2001, 2nd grade
make friends with kid, let's call him G
find out G shares my love for pokemon, talk about it all day
tells me he has lots of pokemon cards
tell him i have cards too
"lets bring our cards in tomorrow to play, user"
next day
get up early to pack pokemon cards
go to school with backpack filled with cards
hang bag on the wall in class with everyone else's bags
sit with G, tell him we'll play cards at recess
"oh no i forgot to bring mine, user"
"that's ok G we can play with my cards"
recess comes, go to bag
all of the cards are gone
pic related
no clue who took them
today, 2016
still best friends with G
never found out who took my pokemon cards

Thomas Flores
Thomas Flores

So what nigger stole them

Chase Martinez
Chase Martinez

A teacher stole a Nidoran card from me once

Joseph Nguyen
Joseph Nguyen

greentext it?

John Harris
John Harris

Brought with me a random Pokémon card to 1st grade school to show friend
Teacher said that Pokémon cards were not allowed in school
Took it and never saw it again

Gavin Baker
Gavin Baker

went into home education

Worst decision I've ever fucking made. Hands down. If your kids bring it up, tell them to stop being pussies and stick through school.

Kevin Perez
Kevin Perez

What's so bad about it?

Cooper Johnson
Cooper Johnson

gotta hand it to public school does. it does prepare you for the real world, my dude.

David Sanders
David Sanders


Daniel Green
Daniel Green

every other kid is home educated cos they're either retarded or potential school shooters
poor quality of education
no standardisation
long term home ed can fuck up your social life irreversibly - didn't get first gf until I rejoined school, met her on a dating site
no structure to anything
if your parents annoy you, it's impossible to learn
your knowledge will only be as good as your parents' which means you're probably fucked
immune system will fucking die
had to teach myself sex ed, wasn't gonna learn it from my fucking parents
lived the autism experience for my early teens because i had no real friends, dressed like a fucktard and didn't do much

Might do stories later, but it fucking sucks.

Thomas Ortiz
Thomas Ortiz

Be me, 2003, 11 y/o nerd
Bought firework for new years eve
Saved 5 months illegel paper route money
80 euros worth of firecrackers and other stuff
Full bag, walking home
Not the last day of the year yet, not alloewd to user fireworks yet
Ignite a few firecrackers
Run away, feelsgood
Get stopped by police
Have to give them all my firework and get a fine
cry like a lill bitch
Have to go to youtch court


Xavier Cruz
Xavier Cruz


Samuel Morris
Samuel Morris

Dub trips
is that a winrar?

Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson

be me
assburgers tard
extremely socially awkward
used to call people fat or ugly and did legitimately not understand that was insulting
also told my full name and address to anyone I saw on the streets

Lucas Powell
Lucas Powell

shit scared for conservative parents
how do I tell them.bat
whole afternoon afraid of going home
crying like a down syndrome kid
spend the evening with a friend
have to go home, weak knees
tell parents i'm sick, afraid of telling them
Need to stay at home next day, playing like to be sick
this guilt and shame is unbearable


Brayden Ward
Brayden Ward


Thomas Butler
Thomas Butler

tell brother about my pickle
he laughs
tells me that court is for heavy criminals and pedophiles
get a shitstain from fear
shower and change, dirty underwear in bin outside
fear for my life to tell parents that i'm a pedophile
cry a lot
tell best friend the next day (new years eve_
he swears to help me

more is on the way

Kevin Allen
Kevin Allen

new years eve is good
lots of food and friendly people at party at our home
dad was getting drunk
knew that if I wanted to tell him, this was the time
he got drunk before, so I understood beer and dad being less shit
grow some balls
go up to him with fear and shame
about to tell, best friend pulls me away to protect me
confused like a motherfucker


Gavin Sanchez
Gavin Sanchez

Few weeks later
mailman comes
been posting like a creep for mail, because invitation for the court should come any timee
finally the letter
grab it like a stealth James Bond cover mission
read letter in room
3 weeks till court date
court in the same city, so not a far drive
still can ceep it secret
3 weeks go by
still really scared to the bone
friend keeps telling me it's gonna be allright


Asher Hughes
Asher Hughes

nobody gives a shit

Cooper Diaz
Cooper Diaz

Why would you stop there?

Robert Reyes
Robert Reyes

I was home schooled and had a really good experience..
I'm sure it's on a case by case basis

Brayden Butler
Brayden Butler


Brayden Murphy
Brayden Murphy

court date is there
kept letter away from parents all those weeks
feel like a stealth dude, actually think I can get away with it
friend shows up with his bike for a 'race'
get my bike, still scared
he tells me outside, I can still help you, but you have to help me
we are bro's.mp3
i owe him big time
can't think of anything i wont be doing for him
says he needs some money
MFW he says he needs about €3,50

turns out my best friend was a creature from the paleolithic era.

Oliver Hall
Oliver Hall

I can tell you about one disgusting retard who is a home education mother - we were familiar with her and her stupid kids because they were infamously shitty and their house was pretty much a slum, despite them being from a fairly well gentrified area.

she has three kids, T and M and R
R was and is still a baby who had been dropped on her head on the pavement, twice
M is emotionally retarded and incredibly stupid, being not only unable to tell when she's pissing people off, but she is highly obsessive-compulsive, making her horrible to be around
also unfuckable
T is a few years younger than M and is even more chormosomoriffic than M
she sounds like a character from a Worms game
they're all vegetarian
their home is a squalid piece of shit
their dad left to go "resolve world hunger", doesn't pay child support
the mother is old-looking, skeleton-like and smelly
we had to spend so much time with them even though they stank like shit
bunch of wackos

Xavier Stewart
Xavier Stewart

be me
9-10 y/o
living in trailer court/hotel combo
we're getting evicted, not enough $ for spot rental
get crazy stupid 9 y/o idea
go around trailer court, scooping up dog shit
liquid puddles, logs, nuggets, dry white shit, you name it, it was game
filling 2 grocery bags with it
grab 2' of nylon rope, stick end in a bag
acquire lighter
run up the hotel stairs, light fuse, break sound barrier fleeing
ff 2 hours
dad comes home, sits me down on the couch and asks, "Was it you?"
needs no response, my face said it all
that and the fucking security camera footage
entire building was evac'ed, people gagging on burning shit smell, etc
internal laughter ensued, but I dared not let anyone else see
I was lucky the building didn't burn down, so no charges were filed

Asher Gray
Asher Gray

Back in middle school I wrote a very shitty piece of erotica.
Not just any erotica, mind you, this was a story involving me and my cousin (who is now a lesbian) raping my (now dead) narcoleptic aunt.
I got rid of it years later, but if anyone found that thing I would have been fucking dead
But 12 year old me got so many good wanks out of that.

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