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Saturday, September 10, 2016

6:00 - Crew vs Caps
7:00 - Union vs Impact
8:00 - Revs vs NYC
8:30 - Fire vs Toronto
9:00 - Dallas vs Rapids
10:30 - Quakes vs Sounders
10:30 - Timbers vs RSL

Sunday, September 11, 2016

7:00 - LA vs Orando (FS1)


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Who's the favorite to win the MLSC up?

Galaxy if healthy, plus they have Don Ovan back. Toronto is probably the team to beat in the east but nyc is actually in form.




Why is the MLS and its attempts at generating sports culture so autistic and faggoty?

Makes me literally want to support another sport.

catering to the demographic



>galaxy now a furry team as well

What the fuck is that mascot supposed to be?

>ohio in charge of weather

That's the mascot dude.

im aware of cosmo's work

>tfw tsn is shit and its not even showing the caps game

>NVM delayed due to inclement weather

Brave Barnetta

The white lines on New England's pitch are seriously triggering my autism.

I follow that account for gems like this

>football lines on the field


in what way do the krafts "run" mls??? kraft physically couldnt care less about the revs or the league lmao

Seems like it would be the opposite

do these guys fire every time NE score a goal?



Rightful Division 1 status when?

>another re run of bad officiating and giving up weak set piece goals late in games

soon my friend soon


not really that impressive senpai

>less than a red bulls home crowd

Why is MLS such a closely contested competition? There are never clear favourites. Is it perhaps a different sort of geist that results from the franchise format and the American sports mentality?


meme parity and no mandated charter flights

they fire directly at some opposing fans dressed as redcoats

>mls live playing highlights from '90s tiebreaker penalty shootouts
>players run at the goal from midfield for a 1-on-1 with the keeper

i'm glad they don't do this anymore

Yeah, what a meme procedure

>people actually rated sean johnson at one point

It would've been better if they did it from the 18-yard line.


>no mandated charter flights

If you travel often you might get the chance of seeing your favorite players travel like commoners on 8 hour flights.

MLS is Communism: The League, to be fair, that charm wont last forever >soon MLS will become much more commercialized in the US and abroad and become and even bigger meme

reminder that this man is a top 3 #10 in the league


Well charter flight rule is there because certain owners are too cheap to spend to on their players and forced everyone to only use it for certain amounts. It's not really commercialization as to see away teams not just go for draws because their too tired.

he's got pretty god tier reflexes

like a budget casillas at his prime

Who /Timbers/ here?

>that guy who brings yellow and red cards with him to the match and waves them from the stands

>that one guy with his earplugs in listening to the match commentary while at the stadium

1-0 Timbers!

If I went alone, i'd do it desu

i dont think im anywhere near autistic enough to go to games alone.. i mean maybe if it was an 'important' game but i like going with the lads

>tfw no lads to go to games with
>tfw season ticket rep silently judges me for buying one seat

Wondo is the first player in MLS with 7 straight 10 goal seasons

Fuck Yeah

>what a dick.
Don't worry user. We're out here.



i'm spoiled, i've got at least 4 friends who follow our local team/go to matches

what team?

im betting its Dynamo cornerflagfag guy

I will never not be mad at that miss


I will always be slightly embarrassed to admit this on Cred Forums.

I know that the reason MLS is divided into West-East conferences is because of it's thr traditional way it has been for all the major sports in America from long ago. I don't complain about it either, since USA is the biggest sporting nation in the world (objectively by size).

But nowadays that America has the economical and infrastructural capability of hosting a nationwide coast-to-coast league, do you think fans would actually want to fly to the other coast every two weeks just to watch their teams? NBA, NFL, NHL & MLB fans would do it too?

sorry for broken english, im drunk af


haha what a faggot

>this galaxy II goalie

>7 minutes Extra time



there isn't much travel to away games even with conferences divided the way they are now. if team A is playing at team B's stadium, most of the team A fans that show up will be people who live around team B and either moved there later in their life, or are bandwagonners

very small percentage actually fly around to see team's games, but those that do it now probably would still do it even if they were playing on the other side of the country more often

>some autist gets paid to do this


Just realized Donovan fake retired because he was that mad at Klinsmann


well I mean it was a pretty dumb move by Klanns, he left our best winger off the World Cup roster

and for what gain? its not like we won the World Cup, he just decided to treat Landy like shit and effectively end his international career




>no one kneeling during the anthem on sept 11th in NY

Thank God desu

>Zubar injured again already

U S A ***CLAP***


What did Hamid mean by this?

>Chris "nowhere man" Duvall


Nice digits senpai

>Sascha plz




Have to just laugh at that





>those posts
>those saves

Of all days for a New York team to choke, jesus fucking christ

That's so metro

I haven't seen New York collapse this bad since...

what the fuck

I stopped watching for a second, tune back in and DCU levels it

Anyone got highlights?

All it takes is two

Delete this


>Up 2 goals
>Collapse that badly in 10 minutes
>on that date
Just rebrand to New Jersey you fucking disgrace.

That old joke

Who /goodinformationretention/ here


well, at least its the smiths night on eldridge...



>Landon Donovan warming up the bench!

>alan gordon


So instead of playing their LA II youth players Galaxy signs a retired player?



>They should just play go to the bottom of their depth chart when 4 international level players are out
Breh, do you even trollball?

poor Orlando getting memed on by LA favoritism

damn these refs are shit

Random question, what is the latest status on NYCFC's stadium?

>mls refs

m8, the refs aren't why Orlando is losing even if that no era penal

It got demolished 15 years ago

>tfw your favorite players will never play for your team again

Who else knows this feel?

>Landycakes warming up

I will personally pay one million dollars to the Orlando city player who snaps Donovan's leg in half

Is he not giving child support payments to your wife's son or something?

you have to go back

Why isn't Brek Shea on duty with the USWNT right now?

>that 26

Is he gonna change his number after this season?

So if Donovan scores a hat-trick on Orlando, do they just fold the franchise?

Waiting on Bill de "my son is black" to lose the mayoral election to Based Bloomberg

ids habbening

>leaving Boateng the Pace Ape on to sub Landycakes

I'm just glad Landon won't be commentating games for the next six months

So when are we sending Orlando back to Brasil?

>sub Landy
>Orlando scores

uh oh

>lel mls a shit
Gio two saints tearing yall niggas league a new asshole

LA galaxy confirmed to choke in playoffs

learn to greentext pu70

I don't have to be smart to to make you feel ass ravaged m9

>Don Ovan

>>that feel when win
I'd forgotten what that felt like


Morrell, Conner, and Fernandez haven't been getting much playing time lately.

Any idea why that might be? If they were good enough to get MLS contracts there's no reason they shouldn't be starting consistently in USL.


>Tearing league a new asshole
>couldn't score against NYCFC

You all pulled Conner back up to the Fire in May or June.....I keep looking for him in the gameday squads Pauno picks out, but he's rarely seen

And I think Morrell had an injury there for a bit

Bakersfag here. I know this is not MLS but two spic teams are coming to my town

Which one should I bandwagon and are cow bell accepted at pro soccer games. I have only gone to college soccer games before

>mascots using text emojis


don't bandwagon a mexican team, follow your local/closest team if you dont have one then do what everyone else does and adopt a team(s) from the top 4 leagues

Pachuca because they are the better team, they shat on the earthquakes recently

I have a 10 inch cowbell i use for hockey games
I dont know if I should bandwagon LA galaxy or LAFC for MLS, I figure I could just bandwagon a spic team for one day and maybe buy a shirt

if you're looking for that 'day one' experience and are genuinely interested in MLS I suggest following LAFC

LgayGaylaxy has no supporter culture and their golden era is over

we all know the univision english commentary is bad, but they actually made it worse by adding a british color commentator wow


>No pity
Timbers army is so fucking cringe. They sure talk the talk.



Absolutely disgusting, nobody marking him at all

How is washed up lampard doing so well?

And Wright Philips? That guys awful

I still don't get why /mls/ teams forget about the offside rule when defending corners, 30m lateral freekicks etc.
This goal was easily avoidable.

webm never really shows if there was ever anyone on the back post. He might have ran out to contest for that header and never got back inside the post like he's supposed to.

Thats bullshit for MLS level though, I can still remember my JV coach instructing us to ALWAYS have a defender inside each post (for corners) until the danger is gone.

I was just saying this because considering the spot from where the cross comes the players should be a bit more up in the area.

>(for corners)
Yes, when it's taken, but you really should move up the players as soon as you can, to avoid these kind of crosses.
Do you have a YT link of the play?

They have good positioning so they put themselves in good spots for taps ins

>Yes, when it's taken, but you really should move up the players as soon as you can, to avoid these kind of crosses.

yeah thats why I mentioned the webm never showing if there was ever anyone on the post in the first place

>Do you have a YT link dsfjdsfhs


this desu. have you seen their goals?


LA Galaxy has an academy team in Bako so unless you're a frontrunning contrarian faggot you should be for them.





Hope Cowtown gets in soon

>Typical Seattle sports fan.

we need to sign people


>mfw when we win the sclup

>mfw when

kill yourself

[fuck 12s internally]

why is she so cute, lads

is that for submission to the blooper reel?

>18 points dropped this season

Oh look it's Duvall ball watching in no man's land


Are they gonna allow Rapinoe back into the team?
Also pic related


fuck it. not like anyone else is gonna claim this shit.





I love Alex Morgan, but I think they dun goofed with this:

>Hype the game saying it's Heather O'Reilly's final match in her 15-year stint with the national team
>Don't use Heather O'Reilly in promotional materials

She isn't ugly, either.

How do I seriously go about getting a job in sports marketing? I can make sure common sense bullshit like this never happens for whoever I work for.

Suck someone's dick enough
Or be Sunil Gulati's son, which ever one is easier for you to accomplish

Here we are, lads
Cup final tonight


A) Game's being played in the Central Time Zone
B) Central better than whatever shitty time zone you live in #DealWithIt

you'd rather live in the yellow than anywhere else? really?


>all smiles

>flyover states

So the majority consenus is that FC Salad is winning the USO pen Cup?

did predict early on that Dallas would be fighting for multiple trophies this season


do other teams even exist?


There are no teams
There is only SOON

God I cant fucking stand Alshitdore. So cocky for such a shit player.

thats what I thought


anyone have a link for the game?


r soccer streams


>all this dank history and crazy niche teams in the US Open Cup timeline

is America just too pleb to realize the GOAT open tournament in the US?


Press "F" to pay respects

haha lmao go dallas

Is this Salads year?

They'll get cucked out of playoffs as per usual.

treple for sure

Why is everyone reporting Carlos Ruiz is coming back?

Twellman rumor that he's in Dallas today and Dallas is looking for an extra striker.

>wins treble
>still no fans

I am just so fucking happy,
Treble incoming!

>the Sporting of Kansas Shitty


Are they JUST of the sports world? They can get to finals but never win


anyone cheering on portland tonight?

Nope....oh it's CCL? I guess....

they're winning the champions league this year m8


nah >we are :0)

>Revs trophy case compared to what it could actually look like


>Multiple trophies
>"Supporter shield"

Nice "sport"

w-we have a North American SuperLiga trophy.....


what would your slave owning ancestor say about your continuing soonposting about a shitty franchise in a cambodian archery bbs?

Unite & Conquer


>Using the same nickname as a team that already exists


What makes a goalie world class? Is is natural athleticsm or ability to read the play?

both dumbass

it's a lifestyle choice

Direct correlation with domestic abuse



>PuliSLICK with an assist in Champions league play

He's on his way, lads

>those in the timbers army actually made the trip to third world san jose to watch the ccl match at saprissa

Will they leave alive? Unhurt?

>timbers not playing their C team in group stage

Why does mexico think they have a chance this year?

lmao just got scored on by a costa rican club

Will the world start taking MLS seriously after FCD wins the Club World Cup 2 times in a row?

And the road woes for the season continue

Dallas please make MLS great

>FC Dallas will always be in Frisco

funny how this one thing is kinda whole back soccer for the whole country

jfajdahfhdjksahfkjhdkjha MY LIFE
is kinda holding back soccer for the whole country*

wholey shit

>providence park

>Estadio Ricardo Saprissa Aymá
>natural grass

How do MLels justify this?

costa rica is basically paradise environmentally

34 inches of rain per year, that's why

Fuck, now if Timbers lose at Dragon in two weeks, Saprissa moves on making the match in October meaningless.

>muh weather
>muh rain

There's literal third world countries with worst weather conditions with better stadiums and fields

post em

Those other stadiums aren't shared with a women's team and a handegg team

I just did fucker, not hard finding one heres another


And yet portland only shares with a women team

Its a fucking desert, find us a rainy location

They also share with Portland State football. That's a lot of cleats.

Portland may have the best turf in the world
Not really something I would use as an example

Saprissa's stadium was so infamous for their shitty ass turf it got rejected for a U-17 women's wc game
Portland's is in excellent condition

And now they have natural grass, what's your point?

>muh turf

Point is portland can't build a proper stadium to deal with it better then poorer countries can

>Facebook Live

So no broadcaster actually wants the rights to the CCL? Liga Mx vs MLS/NASL/USL friendlies are highly attended but nobody watches the CCL games here?

Well that stadium was built in 1926, so you can't blame the Timbers. And you can forget about building a new stadium, because the city wouldn't open any land for a new minor league baseball stadium.

Univision Deportes

It wasn't out of desire for grass
Portland has a great turf which they built for soccer
The teams who give turf a bad name ate Vancouver, Seattle, and the Revs who aren't the primary tenants of their stadium

They aren't that well attended
And the CCL is a shitty worthless competition
I just want MLS to win one so they can justify leaving the competition
If that isn't their goal then fuck then in that competition

So MLels allowed a team to play in a small baseball stadium with no chance of a new one ever being built?

And yet they now have natural grass and it looks good too, I was watching on tv. I'm not going to fall for the turf marketing shill talk no matter how """good""" it is

If you don't want the spots, give it to NASL

The stadium was renovated to be soccer only

NASL have teams with turf too
You know you can't escape that fact

Bahahahahaha tomala puto, mls champs eliminated by purple rhinoceros.

>people only post here when they argue over shit now


>not putting suncoast pro classic next to union

Soonguy, can you stop bumping the thread if there's nothing to discuss?





Division 1 when?

For 12k viewers?

exponential growth during Football season?

Division 1 when??

Like saying your penis grew from 3mm to 5mm in cold weather

Bad analogy. More like David(NASL) overcoming his struggles and eventually slays Goliath(MLS).

There are currently 20 MLS teams with a higher average attendance and 18 with a higher lowest attendance

Nice job moving the goal post, I was talking about ratings and tv viewership.

I was talking about your shitty viewership

Also I'm not giving you another (you)



>tonights CCL game is now a must win for the red bulls

you know what that means


>Canadian championship

face it. Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver haven't won shit

>LA brings back Landon
>Dallas brings back Ruiz

It's on now, baby. The retirement league at its finest.

>Rapids bring back Valderrama


>there are groups of elsalvadorians drunk screaming outside red bull arena
>there will be 1000 of them and 700 red bulls fans




>Jets game at the same time as the Bulls home game

somebody fucked up

At least it wasn't a MLS game

Those are The salvadorians

I think we all know what will happen next half



Wait i meant to type DUDE WEED

Avg American soccer fan


disgusting, why would you ruin that flag by writing cowtown all over it?

might as well replace the bear with a cow while you are at it.


I'm tired of all this 'Stand Together' be who you wanna be crap


>just meme my kit up

link to all of them if anyone is interested

fuck me lads

lads nfl has out-dooped you

>Top Kek
Get fucked putos we're everywhere.

I'm sorry but it looks like you have a US flag there not a mexican one, CHI

Sounders were doing that chant years ago. first place I ever saw it.

>hispanic heritage kits
>one is Spain themed
Not even NYCFC deserves that

People from Spain are Hispanic.

I think the word you're looking for is "Latino."

Why is FC Dallas attendance so poor? They might literally win the treble this season but their avg attendance is lower than Chicago's.

because they dont play in Dallas and don't have a roof. thats it.

>no roof

what ever happened to the miami thing?

>Dallas winning the treble
This is a bad meme, and whoever started it should feel ashamed

Pretty sure you have that backwards Hispanic comes from Hispaniola the Caribbean island while Latino refers to the Latin root of the languages



Anyone got a video of the DCU goal?

jesus, where are you from, missouri?

Don't speak unless you have latin friends.

>it's a Fire park the bus for 30 minutes and concede in stoppage time episode


1) Construction work closed off 20% of seating, max capacity is slightly above 16k
2) Ticket prices overall increased due to above
3) The stadium is in Frisco, owned by the city of Frisco

nigga check the mls website

How does the Univision guy still have a fucking job, he's awful

>TFC’s Giovinco still day-to-day
Will he play?
If not, do >we have a chance?

>Not watching based Spanish sportscaster.
Get your shot together user.

Poo Peeland over all


Where is NYCFC's stadium? I'm starting to get worried.

It's in the Yankee stadium

It's a stadium within a stadium?

More like unwanted guests then an actual stadium


who /atthegame/ here?

have fun bb i hope >you win

>its another game of thrones tifo episode

is this the main mls thread

when do the games start in gmt


>having a decent pitch
Choose one and only one. This shit is embarrassing.

>new york commentators just said that dallas need to watch out for ny's twin tower defense

what did he mean by this?

MLS did 9/11

I heard that too, nearly spilled my drink.

What the doop did you just dooping say about me, you little crud? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the New York Ultras, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret pranks on the red bulls, and I have over 300 confirmed chants. I am trained in political correctness and I’m the nicest ultra in the entire New York Ultras. You are nothing to me but just another rival. I will wipe you the doop out with European chants the likes of which has never been seen before on this side of the Atlantic, mark my dooping words. You think you can get away with saying that crud to me over the Internet? Think again, dooper. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of ultras across the world and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for your reddit inbox to explode, maggot. The explosion that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your karma. You’re dooping dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can shout at you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just using English. Not only am I extensively trained in wearing coloured bandanas, but I have access to the entire arsenal of /r/newyorkcityfc and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable butt off the face of the continent, you little crud. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your dooping tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goshdarn idiot. I will crud fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re dooping dead, kiddo.

lmao must be why they just got scored on

doop is a union thing though

And they stole it from Monchengladbach

>no pity

Does Orlando play on a narrow field? Something about it doesn't look right to me.

Why always us lads? We're the rghtful holders of MLS Cup

Fuck that shit.

>thread Is literally a week old
This Is the type of shit that makes me stray away from soccer

>my tastes are swayed by an anime image board
what did the retard mean by this?

>2-1 dallas
third plane when?

Oh, I'm sure it's coming.

Truly suffering an Orlando city can

Only shitposters and retards such as you like fast threads

I'm not him, but half the posts in /mls/ are soonposts. If that isn't shitposting, I don't know what is.


there's no reason to bump the thread when nothing is happening

>dont ever post
>complain when someone else does
>everyone here

choose 3


i'd rather the thread die when people stop posting than to have a week old thread held afloat solely by soonposts

i'm sure you have good intentions, but there's no sustained posting outside of the weekends

there was last season


yeah but there isn't now so what's your point?

soonposts add nothing except to pointlessly bump a thread that no one posts in until friday

you could write a script to do it ffs

>This is the best the crew have looked all year
>The ref fucked up and ignored an offside call which went their way
>These things happen when they are practically eliminated from the playoffs.

this always happen the amount of posting really drops off at the end of the season then picks up again for the playoffs

>Johnny Johnson

>FC Sallad tie.
>Toros win
>Dynamo winning right now
>Dynamo supporters retrieving El Capitan that will see use next season
What a good night


listen motherfucker you got like 2 seconds to delete this


>tfw screwing Galaxy II out of three pts again

does anyone here even watch USL enough to know wtf this guy is talking about before he posts? galaxy plays tomorrow m8.

5 seconds in google

What kind of attendance does Sacramento get?

bretty gud

It was loud and full of people when I went

>before he posts

>being proud of beating a feeder team

>feeder team proud of beating a feeder team

Congratulations, you've just discovered the USL

didnt mean to kill the thread, cmon now

fuck you cowtown.

Late night edition