Eternal Arsenal Thread


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Auscucks OUT

1-1 away draw IN

false desu


>8 posts early

old thread got a red card for stupidity



So Jara killed Cavani entire carreer


nah, he's been cursed before that



tbf team started playing more offensively once the past thread was subbed on

who /topofthegroup/ here? feels good la




Lad they're all ugly as fuck and the middle one is definitely just fat. Look at that gut.

Cech is overrated as fuck 2bh. His time is over, handle the keys to a good family man like Ospina

>Sanchez ded


Time for Ox to shine m8. This is his year.

>comfy 1-1

would you have taken it pre-match /arse/? I know I would have

1-1 away to PSG is a decent result. Let's hope they build on it.

The performance was fucking horrible. Unbelievable that you can take ANY positives from it.

How do you feel that we are @ 19 to win the league and @ 25 to win the CL? We have near the same probability of winning either KeK

a pointis better than nothing but fuck, Arsenal did not deserve that point

Cavani and Alexis bailed them out

the one positive is that Wenger may finally drop Ox and Cech

Makes sense, Arsenal won't be close to winning either.

What did he mean by this?

Nah, he fucking loaned out Joel and kept oxshit. Oxshit and Iwoshit should fuck off and never play again.

>grrr we didnt lose so i cant do my WOB shtick >:((
Stop being a miserable cunt, the positive is the result, nobody's fault but PSG's that Cavani is a steaming pile

If Arsenal had lost despite playing great, you wouldn't be talking about the "performance"

who cares

dont think chelsea fans feel any shame over their cl win

he just got to giroudout, i reckon he'll get to oxout in a couple of seasons

>If Arsenal had lost despite playing great, you wouldn't be talking about the "performance"
I would. They obviously didn't play great enough to win.

Nobody wants Arsenal to lose you fucking retard. Arsenal were horrible, and only Cavani playing at Giroud's level kept it remotely close. It wasn't a "decent" performance, it wasn't a "gutsy" performance. It was the much better club letting the shitters off of the hook. That's it. The only thing to build on is that it's hard to play worse than that.

i care

played decent in the second half, especially with subs

why are the BBC so anti-Arsenal? They would be praising the mental strength if Manure or Man Shitty had got this result

>only Cavani playing at Giroud's level

Giroud's finishing isn't anywhere near that bad.

Really makes you think

>away draw against your only real opponent in the ucl
>bad thing

We played like shit but that was a fucking good result


>Sanchez rifled in Arsenal's first shot on target with 13 minutes left.

Did this guy even watch the fucking game? Alexis' goal came from the rebound of a shot on target by Iwobi.

how the fuck was that a booking for Giroud?

how ded is Sanchez ?

tbf you can see how shitty cavani's finishing is because he is so good at being in good positions
giroud's finishing would probably look as bad if could get in as many good positions to score

that's why both psg and arsenal wont do shit in the CL

The second half was much better

This is one half of the arsenal fan problem, the club is negative nancy city. Chelsea and manure have that "only the result matters attitude," we're still hearing about Chelsea's fluke CL win even today. They wouldn't be shitposting about Di Matteo starting Bosingwa post match

Frankly I'm thrilled the club can start like shit, play like shit and still rob the other team of an important home result

Australia is 92% white, USA is 63% and will be below 50 by 2040

Your non-whites are also far more dangerous

It was, PSG are pretty shit at the moment tho and if they had Ibra up front it would've been 4-0 at HT

he literally did nothing

Kek I'm just shitposting, I'm not even full white m8

Hold on to Turnbull while you can, it's all over when he goes

Yup, >we would've been fucked

Ibra doesn't play for PSG tho

>I'm not even full white m8

>all those chicano americans and culombians talking about ospina

get out

if Arsenal lost the game 5-0 no one could have complained

>thinking Giroud did anything wrong

plastic cunts the lot of ya


Turnbull is completely cucked by his party, unironically. He was meant to be the cure

Wenger wont appeal
even if he did eufa would affirm

I wouldn't give a yellow to anyone for that but Giroud put Verrati on the ground twice and Verrati get sent off? What?

>2 games in a row we've been behind and responded well to get the results needed. Something we lacked previously.


wait guys
really, wait WAIT
and tell me that ozil wasn't on the pitch today

anyone else still trying to make sense of that starting line-up? baffling 2bh

You can appeal a yellow?

left has man face

Marquinfaggot yellow only. Giroud maybe late tackle but referee had no problem with that.
>the pass to iwobi before the goal
get bent

Wenger is either an alcoholic, insane or suffering from brain damage.

Lol got to watch the match in an American Gooner Pub. What was weird was when they do the chants in English accents.

Also they really got salty when Mo came on for Mesut.

Maybe trying to play PSG on the counter? Idk still doesnt make sense

whoops I'm dumb

If it was counter attacking set of up you'd play Xhaka and Elneny, since Mo has the engine to run the entire pitch and Xhaka can do long balls.

>Tough Game , Glad To Get The Point , However Very Disappointed Not To Grab The Winner #BIG17 #AFC #OntoTheNext

He knows it

delete this

If he'd put that later shot a bit higher than it'd been a goal.

Then again Giroud was just ball watching after it got saved and slowly flew over him.

Play Ospina against Hull?

They had kits and everything, it was cute. Although since it was LA they all must have been jobless since kickoff was at noon.

They bummed Ox for some reason.

I would but Cech would probably demand to leave next season



cech is shit

you should have argued with them and told them ox was utter shite who should be taken out the back and shot like lenny off of of mice and men

That is extremely fine with me.

Cech & Mustafi out

Ospina & Gabriel in

yes, yes, well done PSG, well done, HOWEVER

>Gabriel in
el chileANO strikes again

He's miles better than Mustafi m8, but because he's not european nor muslim he's hated, just like Ospina and Sanchez

you shouldn't reply to the Chilean Gabriel poster la
he's a real weirdo

When will Bellerin stop being shit at crossing?

what are you taking about m8? righty looks a lot like cara

and you guys thought Giroud was bad striker, kek


>implying cara is ugly as fuck
Proxy off Jewmaican

after monreal

Morning lads. Wenger out.



>the ringer

>one wing is always destined to be shit

Cazorla is done

Make it Xhaka - Elneny until Ramsey is back

Ox is horrible, fucking horrible. I would be happy to never see him play for Arsenal again. I cannot fathom in what fucking universe he should be a starter, he has been shit for years yet STILL gets matches over Joel and others.


Nah, Elneny can't pass for shit and doesn't have 1/10th of the creativity Cazorla has. Ramsey is also shit in the CM. Should have been Xhaka-Jack

where is Jewmaican?

>elneny can't pass

longshots tho

crab passing =/= creativeness. He offers no cutting edge that a Cazorla/Jack can

>le crab pass man

>Key stat: Coquelin did not complete a single tackle.

What's the point then

Gamiero looks to be another striker that'll disappoint and cant work with Griezmann

Expect Madrid to try and sign Giroud next summer, seems to be the only player thatll work with him

Literally MLS tier

That's actually weird as fuck.

Every time he shoots from outside the box(seeing as he is the only player to do it) he gets benched. Wenger punishes him for that.
He isn't even MLStier in this form.

I'd rather keep him as backup over Sneezy

Has /arse/ ever been right about anything?

Nah he can just fuck off. Get Butland in.

/arse/ has been right about Ox being shit for seasons. How does such a shitty player continually get starts on the wing?

>butt land


He was shit but at least he knows and regrets it unlike fucking Ox

Ox regrets it, did you see his body language? Throughout the match and when he got subbed off he looked dejected. Only wenger doesn't seem to see that he is way too shit for the squad.

both need to be sold

imagine how much experience other players could have gotten had we get rid years ago

This, fuck Iwobi and fuck Ox, both are absolute wastes. Joel should be starting RW and Jeff should be getting looks in or have Ramsey as meme RW again.

Broken clock is right twice a day and all that

he's a great pressure buffer with unreal timing and there's plenty of creativity bretween ozil and xhaka if that were a problem

>still having eggs on jack's basket

some teams need a crab pass man


I will hold out hope in Jack until his legs finally give in or he is sold. If healthy(a huge if) he is the natural successor to Cazorla. Elneny/Xhaka or Xhaka/Coq isn't a horrible combo but both lack creativity

>I will hold out hope in Jack until his legs finally give in or he is sold
You're a good lad. We need more like you.

Iwobi at least took good positions and let the attack flow but Ox? All paths to him leads to fucking nowhere

They were both shit. Neither of their performances can be defended. Ramsey would have been a better option up there, fuck even Theo might have done better.
Fairweather fucks somehow forget that he is one of the most creative players after Ozil.

>Marquinhos pushing Giroud into Verratti
My sides

holy shit, Oxlade is literally a black hole in attack. You give him the ball and you can be sure you're not getting it back

Or Arsenal to try and sign Griezmann as he can work with Giroud.

>joining a worse club
Doubtful, Arsenal would never spend the money

Fairly good imo


Sound advice for any man

Has he regressed or was he always nothing special?

Never really special, overhyped english pacebaby(how many of those have we seen over the years).

Ox always regrets. Surprised he hasn't killed himself by now

really thinking about buying a ps4 and fifa17 lads, but not keen on wasting about 1/4 of my money and not really using it in the future

i'd say we're not short in the creativity department

doesn't matter, been the same story his entire career.
Will never be more than the young fast black fella with potential which gets tiring when you're 23

So horrible.
Yeah I know, this might be the last season he is at Arsenal(hopefully).

>Oh shit it's OX!
>Oh shit...
Cracks me up everytime

>tfw I just realized during that whole sequence he beat the same 2 players twice

Rate fit plz

You now remember Granit Xhaka

>that hairline

>tfw all of us are shit

Well lads I missed the game and was recorded

Is it worth my while watching despit knowing the result?

>this flag
>this topic


When I saw Ox in the lineup I imagined so

its worse than that senpai. the scoreline is so generous to >us. If cavani wasnt so shit, the score would have been like 8-1. Ospina bailed us out a few times as well.

He's been known as the South American Giroud in some circles

So did Wenger ever explain why he didn't play Xhaka

>look err

>that absolute shitshow yesterday
I pray God that Wenger finally breaks free from his delusion and realizes that Sanchez isn't a striker and Ox not even good enough for the championship.
What's the general verdict on Mustafi apart from the first 30 seconds ...

Looks like nothing special at all. He's okay on the ball and not a bad passer but that's it. Kinda feels like we could have just got any CB in and they'd be the same as him.
Obviously it's still really early in his Arsenal career though so there could be more to come from him.

still better than the train wreck Gabriel so I'm content for now.

Hello /arse/, how was the Bielik yesterday? I could only see the 1nd half and had troubles even spotting him even though he was the only not nig outfield Arse player on the pitch. In fact, if it wasn't for the two close ups of his face I would not see him at all.
The commentator on the Polish TV were creaming themselves all over him, so what gives? Was he any good?

And on topic of the 1rd team, L'Equippe rated >us pretty damn low. I, sadly, couldn't see the game myself because of [spoiler]JEWS[/spoiler].


Did you see that ludicrous performance from Arsenal last night

what was wenger thinking, starting oxlade chamberlain?

Oh boy.
Pls mates, fill me in. I will only be able to see highlights later this evening.

they scored in the first minute

then had about 10 moments where they were clear through on goal

i think we had about 3 shots all game


>red cards: Marco Verratti (90+3) - Olivier Giroud (90+3)

Sounds pretty bad.

the thing about Arsenal is

it was painful to watch, you were just waiting for them to score, in fact there was a point everytime they attack you thought they would score

apparently the Coq didn't make a SINGLE tackle

you just KNOW there's someone out there defending cazorshit and coquelin

Same on /r/gunner

Xhaka can't play because....Ramsey is injured!

new bludfamblud


>we're still hearing about Chelsea's fluke CL win even today.

They actually beat Barcelona and Messi in their prime and then arguably Buyern's best ever side. I understand that you guys are upset that they passed you as the most successful club in London but you have to give them some credit for those wins. It was more impressive than advancing to a CL final by getting Villareal in the semis.

is wonga just afraid of how blessed a 100% allah endorsed midfield would be?

I was going to leave a quality shitpost before I went to bed so I could reap the (you)s today but I fell asleep

Now I can't remember what the post was going to be

Can I get the (you)s anyway lads?

I honestly want this to be given a try

>people saying Iwobi was shit
You guys are the fucking worst, I'm just assuming you didn't even watch the game

This is the same eternal that rated Podolski and Campbell, what do you expect?

>I rate ozil

Why are arsenal so gay


Remove Walcott and put Iwobi instead and we got a deal

You didn't watch the game last night

Iwobi is finished

Cause he missed a couple of chances while being a teenager? OX is finished, Iwobi will be fine.

>le fugg le ramgod xDDD

>Cause he missed a couple of chances while being a teenager?

Who cares if he's a teenager, he should've scored twice. Also lost the ball a couple of times by running into people.

We talking about OX, Walcott or Ramsey here?

You're a fucking idiot 2bh

You're the same guy that rates Coq

How can you tell?

Feeling suicidal desu lads, it's not football related

drew our toughest game, sure of 1st then

>By finishing 1-1 fans are defending wenger despite our terrible performance
just as wenger planned

Jeff is 2nd choice AM
or Iwobi if hes not already on the pitch

Arsenal on top lads!

Anyone in this thread without a british flag is a bandwagoner.


I just came to here to say


HAHAHAH until next time lads

It's all good lads.. Arsenal are now set to move forward.
>Arsenal the only team in PL history that have won more games after going down to 10 men than they've lost

>tfw tonight arsenal are shown how real CL teams perform by lester, Spurs and city all winning

Literally means that our players that get sent off are liabilities

only one of those teams will win



Painful Mediocrity: the image

15/16 azzar tier

>Tottenshit and Memecester winning

Sorry but Tottenham aren't going to lose just because you want them to.

They smashed Monaco 4-1 last season and theyre finally hitting form this season with dembele returning.


who's asking you to include cazorla?

Highbury era was goat


last time i did that i was told it has to be the american spelling when used as a meme

Queen's English, son


None of them are teenagers desu.

No sympathy for male fanboys who get sensitive over criticism like acknowledging that Iwobi had a wasteful game.

but Iwobi had a decent game, was mature on the ball. One of the few players who could hold up play and link with others while driving the team forward with his passing and dribbling. Almost scored the winner with a good finish tucked low far-post which brought out a good save from Areaola (kek).

Also got the rebound assist for the equaliser. Not seeing this is lacking a football brain desu something he clearly has too :^)

There's lots of Paddies in my city and when you ask one of them why they came here they will unashamedly tell you that their country is shit

Im not sensitive to criticism for a player but saying Iwobi was shit in that game is literally telling me you're a retard

Someone that actually knows football



our pressing however was fucking shit in the game. Alexis chasing the ball like a dog while their back four has a 3/4 options open all the time.

Wenger can't press for shit

People think at this level the game falls on a player's lap it's unbelievable

Who /meltinginthisheat/ here?

>the upside down city of soccoroos

You can have a decent game and still be wasteful with chances at the same time to the point people say you should've had two goals. The low finish wasn't actually that much of a good one, not enough in the corner, too close to the goalkeeper, it needed either more pace, more height or better placement to be called a good finish desu.

>Also got the rebound assist

That's a thing?

Overall point is, having a good performance matters of course, but when you had clear chances to score a goal and end up not taking it, that can also be seen as a big deal.

Same way how Cavani was a constant threat and even scored a goal, but still will catch some criticism for missing too many chances. Although his story is a bit different for being a striker.

Good thing I've never said he was shit then.

>Australian knowing fuck all about football
Stick to kangaroo taming lad

Good post, I agree with you he was wasteful but also had a decent game. Like Cavani who was even more wasteful but better too even though being a striker complicates the narrative like you said

Was going to just call it the assist (which it technically was) but figured it was doing Özil's pass a discredit.

>Good thing I've never said he was shit then.
The start of the comment was pic relate, which makes it look like you agree with the original comment, 'Iwobi is finished'

You know what, I can see why you would think that. Anyone who is serious about that is an idiot.

I was disagreeing with the Romanian because he mentioned the teenager thing like it excused Iwobi missing chances he should've scored. Think this level of football is too high to excuse people based on age.

Yeah, that's also funny though, Özil did not had a good game, started very poorly, but still gave a crucial pass that eventually produced the equalizer.

On what basis are picking Perez over Giroud, who has not scored a single goal for Arsenal yet?

he's yet to prove he's a donkey

>tfw no easy 6p from Aston Villa this season
always a comfy game desu, aren't any easy games this season.

Burnley might be a laff

Pmsl. I was included in a screen cap. Applauding this post with bloody hands.

is the league cup game being televised anywhere?

not a legit screencap since that's from an archive. sorry blud

I hate Wenger

we all do m8, luck saved us a point yesterday but the poor performances was down to Wenger's poor selection.

Wenger in

>tfw Xhaka doesn't start the next match and Sanchez plays as striker

Hector - Mustafi - Kos - Nacho
Cazorla - Xhaka
Ramsey - Ozil - Sanchez

you know this is the best we can possibly hope for

Wenger out
Heatwave OUT

Wew the first 3 minutes is one hell of a ride lads

Do you think he's going to do better than Reyes?

Honestly, no.



this heat needs to fuck off, dont enjoy seeing shirtless white fucks walking around and fat girls in skimpy outfits

>tfw 18C after weeks of 38C
>mfw back to 37C+ next week

Don't worry about that lad. Look at this.

>Juicy J announces new mixtape "Must Be Nice"

You've officially made it senpai. Influencing rap legends and that.

holy shit
I made it lads

damn, apparently the weekend will be better...i can't wait until its winter, seriously fuck this shit

Never doubted you m8

thanks la

facebook la', Cred Forums believe it was spam

>tfw 6 degrees right now
>tfw will be max 17 tomorrow and raining

Haven't been blogging for a week la's.

must be nice™

tough choice

How was your integration trip lad

Being with my bae there while unable to touch her was unbearable. It was harder when we were drunk though so people get suspicious and she's worried. Personally, I don't give a flying fuck now.
Apart from that, it was great. Played golf for the 1st time in my life being stoned. Drank a lot of wine, ate some great food, laughed my ass off a couple of times. Almost forgot about my mental state. Now that I'm back, I feel like shit again. I'm calling my shrink in a couple of minutes.

If >we can draw 1-1 against PSG, away, whilst playing like shit, then imagine the results we'll be getting once everything clicks


Do you literally have a shrink?

Since when?

>once everything clicks

Yep. Last week of July.

There are easier ways to get dexies and xanax mate

Where did you go for the trip? Sounds comfy as fuck

get a room lads

Already here lad

tempted to watch spurs desu

some good games on tonight, dont know which two to watch

I don't take medication. It doesn't work too good and doesn't really help my problems. My narcissist mommy demanded attention instead of giving me some. My shrink says I have trouble assessing my self-worth. She's quite fun to talk to but the negative side of my mind still says I literally pay to have a conversation.

We were staying in a 5 star resort where the Polish NT prepared for some tournaments.

Look at the poll la'. I've got democratic legitimacy to blog here.

keep blogging. it makes me feel like we're almost friends or something

Why are >we always short of one or two key players? I thought once we got a new "spine" (CF, CM and CB) then that would be that. I'm happy with Xhaka and Mustafi and Lucas looks promising.

Now it seems we lack quality on the wings. Ox is terrible. Walcott has started the season well but could easily decline at any moment. I like Iwobi but he's not good enough yet. Ramsey is not a winger and never will be for me.

Xhaka so far has shown great potential as a deep-lying playmaker, but so far he has not been impressive defensively which means his partner has to pick up some of the slack. But out of all of the possible pairings for him - Ramsey, Cazorla, Elneny, Coquelin - I don't really trust any of them. Ramsey is the closest to being a "complete midfielder" but he's hot and cold. Cazorla can't defend and the others don't offer any attacking threat, which wouldn't be an issue if our front three made up for it but only Sanchez is guaranteed to put a shift in.

we are ALL friends here

>not taking speed boost your productivity and increase profits for your employer

Bad goy

How much are you paying her?

120 PLN per hour. To give you a picture, it's like a half of my day salary.

Which one are you watching lads?

Leicester should be 1-0 down lol

City and Leicester

Gladbach - City

I'll switch to Madrid - Sporting once Joel gets subbed on

Leicester scored, damn i wanted them to lose all their games


Is she at least hot and flirty?

Would be cheaper for you to talk to an escort m8, and you can fugg her afterwards too

>Arsenal will never have a poacher like Agüero

Aguero is such goat

For this money I could fuck a cheap aids-ridden whore.
She's pretty but not flirty, just friendly. I don't find her hot 2bh. I can't open up talking to other men irl.

A cheap, aids-ridden whore earns half your daily wage in an hour?

You picked the wrong career, friend. Should have gone full tetsuya

>trouble assessing your self-worth
she give you anything on how to go about that? my friend said the same ; he's a shrink but refuses to have me as a client and won't recommend anyone

>tfw spurs get out in the group stages

friendly reminder not to fall for the employment meme lads

apparently it's completely normal to not be paid for your first month of work


>not white
>arsenal fan

checks out tbqhwyl

see this!

*unzips dick*

>mfw spuds

Why don't we sign Bernardo Silva? I signed him in my first season as Arsenal in FM and won the league.

Kek, never thought about it this way. I don't really know how much whores make, but this is what I believe. I comfort myself thinking their pimps rips them off like my employer does to me. My firm charges their clients over 10 times more than they pay me for an hour of my work.

I'm not suprised. My fwb sees the same shrink and she (the shrink) wasn't fast to agree to accept me so I wouldn't interfere with her therapy. It seems they talked about me.

She's trying to show me the patterns of my thinking that lead me to apply much higher standards and expect too much from myself than from the others. I seek gratification from pleasing my loved ones instead of enjoying the pleasure myself. I was aware of that but she's trying to show me that it goes much further than I believed.

watching the spurs match, im sure they'll make a come back now


absolutely based


Don't listen to your shrink bro

what are you working in lad? I'm trying to get a job as a civil servant before reapplying to grad school

mahrez when???

Sounds like you need to get redpilled

in a stockroom m8. it's easy as fuck but it's long, especially if you're not getting paid
should have just killed myself desu

The relation between being redpilled and psychology is like the one between astrology and astrophysics.

don't worry bro, it's all temporary

study to become an IT guy, ultimate NEET job.

>ultimate NEET job
>NEET job
damn bro you just made me not want to reply to you at all

I don't get your comparison but I was just memeing, friend

You've been scammed because you didn't negotiate well enough

just knew Monaco would bottle it

Good. You never know la'.

I'm off to bed lads

Does your shrink know you're a member of a degenerate online community :^(

told you that b. silva and lemar are good, someone tells wenger so he can finaly replace chamberlain with actual good youngsters

Going out for a jog lads

No. She's quite a normie, I don't even think she knows what Cred Forums is. My fwb does though.

>"And you seriously post there?"

bernardo silva would be great on the right but would cost 30m

>spurs making wembley their home
disgusting hope they get btfo every game and come to dread the place

>not being around for Arsenal playing CL games at Wembley
bandwagoners out

should have just got gabigol

we don't sign young exciting prospects anymore though

recommend me a good film lads

>freddie joined in 98

imagine not signing mahrez when he would be perfect and you had multiple perfect chances to sign him

he would kill the ox

good point
never mind then

So even more reason to sign him

but why sign mahrez when you have a perfectly good player who is younger and has the potential to be better?

but you're literally left to your own devices while earning dosh

you could be getting paid to watch animu, shitpost on Cred Forums and watching the Champions League

Bernardo is bossing it desu

if you have any sort of job then you're not a NEET

seeing Spurs lose just does it for me

i bet they won't get any shit for it though, media won't say shit



>Morata scores a 94' winner

>rather than focus on the Spuds choking and losing at the final whistle the ABA commentator literally decided to bring up results we had at a stadium that no longer exists from 20 years ago

it's incredible really. and people claim ABA doesn't exist

Camren Bicondov looking sexier and sexier everytime i see her, fuck
wow for real?

Yes. He mentioned it at least 3 other times over the course of the match, in addition to us losing to Monaco about 5 times. What a bitter cunt


>Camren Bicondov looking sexier and sexier everytime i see her, fuck

you watching gotham? or something else?

nah, follow her on twitter and instagram...watched a couple episodes though never got into it desu

>record breaking crowd and all everyone will remember is the Spuds being beaten by Monaco

in tears desu

Monaco's kit is really nice

It reminds me of the time Monaco beat Arsenal over 2 (TWO) legs and eliminating them from the competition entirely.


or that time Liverpool only managed a win in 6 games in a group consisting of Real Madrid, Ludogorets and Basel

and then beatwn by kebab in Europa

It seems Spurs only exist to make us look less shit and embarrassing

Cazorla has turned into Arteta

Rate my jog la's

Raheem Sterling will get more assists than all of our wingers combined this season.

Screenshot this.

> 7 km
> 5:33
> 550 kcal
Damn... how long do you run

Started 5 weeks ago. Almost died from a 2 km run. Is it bad or what?

thats pretty pathetic, even i can jog further without feeling it and i'm usually in bed all day when im not at the gym nowadays

Don't worry lad, I can't even run 200m without dying

what a load of twaddle

I can ran further as well. It's in my training plan la'


>Wenger was concerned Sanchez was too selfish playing on the wing and did not track back enough, so is keen to make him work from a more central attacking position.

he wants him to be suarez so badly

this is just as bad as when we played 4-1-4-1 with ramsey wilshere and ozil

>poland is slowly upping is blogging tempo
calm down lad

Don't worry, tomorrow I'm gone for a couple of days again la'

First of all you shouldn't start with so long distances (3-5 is enough), unless you want to fuck up your joints (burning 550 kcaI after 7 km means you're probably slightly overweight). Pace (5:33) is not that bad for a beginner

which app is this?

I'm just below the overweight threshold la' (so basically still fat).
Been running these 3-5's for more than 2 weeks, but they don't do it for me. Haven't had any joints issues so far. Gotta do some reading, thanks for the input la'


at that pace might as well run the whole 10

how much do you weight?

also elneny in

181/78 last time I checked.
I run 10 once a week.

>Haven't had any joints issues so far
Oh... you're going to feel them after 6-8 months. Trust me on that. I was one dense autistic motherfucker. Increase the intensity 10% every second week and you will be fine.

Hes twenty fucking three. Name one offensive midfielder who was shit at 23 and became goat. Name one

wew sorry for triggering you lad, it was a joke

>it was just a joke, r-relax
KMT white boy

unless you're under 1.80 you could easily run 10km under 5m/k four times a week

maybe ease out on all that delicious indonesian food

now how is that app better than the nike app?

_________ should be Arsenal manager

Because he's a new signing and deserves a good chance to show what he's got.


did Joel get to play Madrid or did he stay on the bench?


Sorry Pellegrini but you're all washed up

>tfw can't stop thing about that last Iwobi curler

Why would Simeone want to take a step back?

>that flag
>this topic

>Play for Arsenal in FIFA 17 The Journey
>Wonga Benches you for the Ox

It's worse, actually. The most annoying thing is that it only tells you about your tempo after you run one entire kilometer. 250 m would be much, much better and I think the Nike app has it.
I just got used to it and already have it plugged to other apps.


fuck didn't expect lester to win

>None of them are teenagers desu.
All of them often don't score when have a chance to and lose the ball a couple of times by running into people.

I know. So what's your point?

Why giving shit to some kid for the same crap "mature and developed players" do?
Problem is his development and lack of playtime, not that he makes mistakes.

He was OK.

Thanks for reminding me that I did see the highlights of Arse 1st team CL game.

Arsenal got bullied in the midfield. Cavani is proper shite tho.

Arsenal was proper shite, but the fact they pulled off a "not loss" made the game pretty damn funny.
Watching it live, though, I'd get a stroke by 10th minute.

[spoiler]Just like with Legia yesterday. Actually had to turn it off at 15 minutes in.[/spoiler]

If you think about it PSG played like Arsenal yesterday.

Great tempo, slick passing and and early goal. Then they created chance after chance but didn't take the most of it. Also the opposition GK played the game of his life to deny the opponent. And then from nowhere the opponent scored and earned a point from a game where they were pretty much dominated.

came on at 89' and sporting proceeded to lose

I don't really know how to rate centre back perfomances, but PSG dominated possession and spent a lot of time in the Arsenal half but didn't really create any good chances so maybe you could credit Bielik with that

Arsenal would never create that many chances

Delete this thread

Death to /arse/

So how is /arse/'s general feeling of this season so far? I've been out of the country for the last month and haven't been up to date with much.

Why excuse him for mistakes because older players are doing it too? What kind of nonsense is that?

If it was Walcott doing it, people would've been disappointed and critical of it and rightly so, don't see why you can't point out the same just because Iwobi is 20.

>Problem is his development and lack of playtime
Don't think his playing time is an issue, you don't want to run him into the ground like with Wilshere, Fabregas and Owen and have him develop all sorts of injury issues when he grows older.

Do you not watch Arsenal?

Playing like absolute shit, but trying to bring players back in gently from the euros and Ramsey's injury has contributed a fair amount. Give it a few more weeks before I start panicking

Without playtime he won't develop as a player, mate. You can only do this much on trainings.
>all sorts of injury issues when he grows older
Shouldn't have joined Arsenal then.

The thing is, he is young and inexperienced and has all rights to make mistakes. If he gets older and/or more experienced and keeps on making those mistakes he can fuck right off.
That is, if Mr W., and his coaches, help Iwobi to understand what he's doing wrong and why - a point that's, I'm afraid, not present in the Arsenal Coaching Book.

now it is

>doubts over Sanchez contract negotiations

>My fwb does though.
>>"And you seriously post there?"

What on Earth led you to mention this to her???


gr8 memes m8

>tfw chuba won't make it

apparently wants massive new wages and a sensible buyout clause


Jeff is little bit silly boi

>traveling without my laptop

never again senpai
help me

>My name is Jeff
He did it, the madman.





>tfw can't decide between Simeone and Howe

Is he our guy /arse/?

>downloading porn

I got it from this thread

>tfw you thought he was the one

im never watching pre season again

where the fuck is sanogo

is alexis a merc?

Wenger OUT


Chuba and Jeff IN.

throw whatever amount of money he wants at him and set his buyout at 70M

rather let him leave and promote a youth player desu

which of Arsenal's world class wingers will be the next to get cucked by Walcott and Ox?

Jeff, Ainsley, Willock, Willock and Nelson.

ha- ha-

He's playing enough football for a guy of his age at a top Premier League-side though, so I don't know why playtime is an issue. He's played in every game he was avaliable thus far.
>Shouldn't have joined Arsenal then.
It's not an Arsenal-thing, which is why I mentioned Owen. Under Mourinho, you don't see Marcus Rashford play every minute of every game anymore for the same reason.

>The thing is, he is young and inexperienced and has all rights to make mistakes.
I get what you're saying, but it was also the type of chance that should've been finished if you are a decent footballer at CL-level, regardless of age. Just because you calculate it in because of his age, which is okay to do, doesn't mean you can't point it out as something that should've been handled a lot better. Iwobi himself pointed out that he should've won the game multiple times since the end of it, so I don't see the problem, especially when I'm not calling for Iwobi to be dropped or anything, I even said that he had a decent game. He probably got told about it in a much more stern matter by people at the club anyway.

>He probably got told about it in a much more stern matter by people at the club anyway.
I really, really doubt this.
You think Ox, Walcott and Ramsey get told off after bad performances?

Well, not told off like hairdryer-mode Ferguson, but surely someone had to tell something to them.

I refuse to believe this club is that lame to not do it. I just assume most of them are not good enough to get it out of their system.

I dunno man, with the way Wenger is and the things you hear about him, like him hardly talking to the players at half time, I wouldn't expect it. At most he probably tells them they were unlucky.

Why don't we play good football anymore? We haven't played decent football since we had Cesc, now when you watch Arsenal you are just waiting for them to fuck up

there have been some decent games here and there but nothing consistent

>tfw our way of playing and attractiveness of our football hasn't been as consistently great since Ozil joined
>it got even worse after Alexis joined

really makes you think

he was bad even before Ozil la

when Nasri and Cesc fucked off

Wenger innit

The saddest thing to me is that Wenger abandoned his philosophy of young, club-grown players and beautiful football. And yet, still can't win

wenger out lads

Watching Man United and they play as shit as us desu

Mourinho is an idiot. He bought Pogba and is limiting the way he plays. Needs to play two midfielders behind and leave Pogba in a free role so he can just do his own thing.
He's just being wasted so far.

yeah man, you wouldn't even know Pogba is playing unless he wasn't so tall and black

>the city of united


>he fall for the pogba is good meme

there's a reason why he's shit for france
And juve had some amazing midfielders when he played, marchisio, pirlo, vidal and more covered his ass so he could do his 6 sec vine play

>losing to Feyenoord who has won literally every game this season away in a stadium filled with passionate fans

didn't he had his most productive season after pirlo and vidal left?

>didn't he had


thats the 7th year of trophy drought, i think it started before then

yeah but the horrible football started around that time

They could have one the game
Rui had a chance to save both

>Ronald Koeman has told Ross Barkley to raise his game “in all aspects” and warned he will drop any Everton player whose performance level drops.

>The England international was the latest Everton player to fall short of Koeman’s exacting standards on Monday when he was substituted at half-time against Sunderland. Everton coasted to a 3-0 victory without the 22-year-old and after the game the manager made no attempt to gloss over the midfielder’s display or the reasons for his withdrawal.

>“There was a reason to change Ross at half-time because he did not play well, he lost many balls and players of that quality can’t lose those kinds of balls,” the manager said.



Rip /arse/

Desperate reminder that Perez might literally 100% score vs Hull

>You will never see Bendtner score the winner against Hull ever again
>tfw Simeone manager soon

>spend £35 million on a midfielder
>bench him


no but seriously did Wenger explain why?


Right, let's take advice from America (where racial tension are at an all time high with Cheeto Benito stoking the fires) on racial relations.

I'm really surprised. the press didn't asking either.

Is Wenger the only coach who drops players when they play well, and sticks with them when they don't?

could be that coqzorla have more experience against top sides and knowing arsenal's luck with refs in europel, xhaka would've 101% sure gotten a red card before ht

gladbach were in the CL last year

loving every laugh

he played in the Champions League with Basel and was Monchengladbach's captain during their Champions League run last year; he might be Wilshere's age, but he has experience

good news: stuttgart's manager has been sacked

we're not gladbach tho. i'm not saying it was the right thing to do i'm just trying to understand

>dropping players at half time for being shit
might have actually won the game against PSG if Wenger did the same

based that means the higher ups have sided with Takuma-kun

Ozil should have fucked right off at the half

And then we wouldn't have scored. Good work manager user

forgot it was ozil who scored

Ozil's ball lead to our first shot clear cut chance and our first shot on target. Then Sanchez scored from that.

As usual, late night /arse/ is autistic as hell.

>It's not an Arsenal-thing
Maybe, but the fact is that Arsenal is the leading club in bullshit injuries.

>I get what you're saying
Kewl. And I seem to be getting what you're saying.

Something about how Wenger lets the players "sort things out themselves". It's good when the dressing room has one or two strong personalities, but when it's full of kids and primal donnas (like, say, Ł140k a week benchwarmer FEO) shit ain't going to work. Which is, I'd say, evident in how Arsenal plays in the last few years.

everyone wants this team vs Hull, yeah?

Switch Elneny with Cazorla.

drop Iwobi for Giroud, put Lucas on the wing

I want to see if the Lucas-Giroud meme is real

>Elneny and not Cazorshit

I'd pick results over the beauty of game, tho.

The thing with Oezil is, he always looks like shit and then pops that one pass and >we score and maybe even win the game.

ozil was still utter wank


What's going on with the new Jap striker we signed?

Has he played any games?


He's in good form but Wenger will play Cech in league games. It's the team keeper rules

making do with players like iwobi who fucked up a glorious chance to win it is why we won't win anything relevant.


Walcott for Iwobi and switch Alexis to the left
Also, use Rambo if he is available instead of Elneny

>When his height starts with 5'

>nachoboos blaming his shit performances on ox and iwobi and casually ignoring the fact that bellendo had no problems with ox ahead of him

gibbo lad should get more playing time

He played 10 minutes of Stuttgarts last match which they lost 1-2. Got subbed on the the 81st minute, his only appearance so far.

>When his goal tally doesn't hit double figures


Jack "the next Gerrard" Andrew Garry "the next Xavi" Wilshere has 6 goals in 160 appearances in the Premier League


>TEAM NEWS: @theowalcott could be back for #HCFCvAFC - but @aaronramsey is still out


>Wenger confirms Cech will return in goal against Hull but says Giroud must be assessed after picking up big toe injury on Tuesday.

Giroud is injured

Sanchez up front again :/