As it was yesterday officially confirmed the Tennis Association took control of the eventual winners by actively covering up unpleasent medical reports of their favourite athletes. For years!

Of course it seemed impossible for a clean athlete to compete against these walking med labs. And so the WTA agents were sure to reach their goal, even despite everyone know about their sinister acticities.

This status could have been held until in early 2016 when a young athlete, who wasn't part of the "system", dared to challenge the powers of the evil overlords.
This was the beginning of an epic saga telling a story of an unmercyful victory march of the northern valkyrie Angelique "Kirby" Kerber, once for all time turning the tides for the Good against the dark force.

This thread shall be dedicated to Kirby who took the fight against all flags on her own and reinstalled the natural order with her triumph of the human body over global supported doping.

Danke AnKe!


>Kirby pics
>Kirby gifs
>Kirby-related discussions (no discussion about her aryan ancestry since this already ruined one thread)
>the future of WTA (since it's also relevant to Kirby)
>next season predictions

almost forgot:

also ITT:
>no-doping adjusted power ranking of WTA


thank you based kirby

she's a widdle chunky isn't she

kerbe is best

>widdle (ˈwJdəl)
>vb (Physiology) (intr) to urinate
>n 1. (Physiology) urine
> 2. (Physiology) an act or instance of urinating


>chunky isn't she

yes, she has a strong bone structure and a very appealing physique. She will make healthy children. Basically the average german man's wet dream.

insane autism

rude desu.

I like this pic. She looks incredibly cute there.

who are your other favorite players besides kerbe?

A few that I like are:

>Bacsinszky (at times)
>Pavlyuchenkova (russianfu since Safina -> Kleybanova -> Zvonareva either retired or choked)
>Lezzniacki (Hate-Love-Hate)
>Laura Siegemund
>Puig (although pissed because of Rio)
>Kiki Bertens

kindof a bland lineup t.bh

forgot Sam Stosur (although potential PED candidate)

>kindof a bland lineup t.bh

well problem is that I hate most of the top-notch players because they are doping memes or lesbians. They also seem pretty snotty and posh in interviews. I really hope the success doesn't affect Kirby's character because now she's pretty based.

What about your favourites?

i like a bunch of players really.


etc etc


hmm. don't like her


She is not that beautiful, m8.

>jealousy over the Internet

Jealousy? How? I'm a male.

This not about beauty by today's standard. It's about the desirability of a very rare specimen.

Let's first debate her looks by mainstream standards: blond, blue-eyed, light soft skin, symmetrical face/body, no major flaws or deformities.
So there is basically nothing because of that she could be called not attractive.
But I also admit that this is nothing that highlights her from other women.

Let's talk about her body: she has a decent height, a very rugged physique, strong legs and good proportions. But she also have a nice thin fat layer covering the muscles which look just freaky on women. She has a womanly appearence. Look at her feet in pic related for example. All the other athletes have roid-ridden vainy feet. Her's are soft and feminine.

She has a very appealing character. She's very eloquent and kind. She's restrained but not shy. She's self-confident but not arrogant. She knows her value but doesn't show off. She doesn't fear publicity but she doesn't look for it either. She's mentally strong, calm but doesn't lack to show emotions at times. She looks like the type of girl who would work her ass of for the family, even if she's doesn't get any credit for it.

She's not the fucking front statue self-hating men prefer to show-off to their friends. She's not the trophy wife type of girl. She's not the type of girl who wins the competition for the perfect wife, but she is the perfect wife.
She's the supporting girl which makes you feel that's it's easier to go through life together. She's the type of girl you'd choose as the last survivor on earth when there's noone left to be impressed by outer appearence only. She's the type of girl that makes you wanna go home and become a family man. She's got the right amount of puffiness all over her soft body. She's the girl you'd like to fall asleep on after returning from a hard working day like on a warm pink pillow.


Odd man. Do not reply to the ramblings of an autist.

this thread shall never die

>northern valkyrie Angelique "Kirby" Kerber

but she's Polish....

just fyi, I want to be strangled by those thighs

dont we all?

>this thread shall never die

This is so true.

Do you have the other kirby.gifs or maybe a link?

just as mentally weak as Lisicki tbqh

>implying there is something mentally weaker Pissicki


Don't trigger 190Kg

AO and USO will be no problem because Kerber is looking good on hard court. But what about Wimbledon and FO?

kek, I don't even have the money to get fat.

why the fuck the pics never get uploaded?

That's cool but she's kinda ugly bro

still better than Ledecky posting I guess

I have them yeah. ill post them when I get home

She's more than we could ever ask for, Pablo.

Thanks in advance.

No it's a lot worse because it's just one autist and kerber isn't even well-known enough for people to counter-act this autism.

>yfw Sherapova comes back and claims no.1 again after serena dies/retires/gets banned.

would be amazing. and ive already predicted this. I love Kerber but Maria has always been my favorite. Im glad Kerber has been here while Maria left.

Non of this would have happened if we could get a separate WTA thread. Look at the other tennis thread. only WTA stuff is Kirby bashing. Rest of it uber-autistic men's tennis circle-jerking.

literally impossible for anyone to be as mentally weak as that cunt

Why has this post been deleted?




Is it possible to fall in love with someone you've never met?

>Kvitova doping

Let's face it guys, if all dopers get banned there will be no competition for Kerbe next year.

All you need to know is

This is the future of wta


I wish but she will never be anything beyond a meme player. I hope she grows atleast some more hair. That Yeti fur is giving me a hardie.

Good to see that many people agree on Muguruza. I was expecting Cred Forums calling her the next Wozzles.

What about /ourgirl/ Robson? Will she be able to perform?

swan and Mugu are both memes. Robbo has been done unfortunately

Yes well done Kerb, Well done kerb


>olympic tennis

Oh i get it, it doesn't count because she wasn't playing with her regular team mates and coacheS, WAIT

it counts. It just doesnt have as much prestige as a major or premier event

it's ok lad. she deserved to win. kerber did way too many mistakes and wasn't at her best

Yeah, I like puig but I'm still pissed that Kerbe didn't won.
But...damn...there both hot as hell. I'd probably stick with Kirby though.

That's the problem I have. I mean it's clear that at this point Kerber is the better player. If she would be able to hold her performance from the quarter and semi, she would have won for sure.
On the other hand I have to pay respect to Puig. It was her first big endgame. Kerber had won a GS already so she knew better about the pressure of a final. Non the less Kerbs just gave a absolute bottle job there.

You can talk about prestige but the next chance of winning Olympic Gold is four years from now on (aka 16 GS chances).

saved desu

what i don't like is when kerber makes a couple mistakes or the opponent just plays a couple of good points she seems to get pissed and loses concentration

happened against puig and against the lanklet

That's true. Although I noticed that Kerby's internal sperger is mostly caused by frequent failing on first serve. It's also good that it's almost exclusively for the middle part of the game.
In most cases she catches on with her concentration somewhere during the 3 leg. But agree this is kind of a problem she should take care of.

Here, have pic of an unknown ass. Don't even know why I have this but if the guy who recognizes tennis players by their ass is lurking, I'd like to know the name.

Fuck you Germany.
Always stealing our stuff....

Chun-Ki Ho

come home and join das Reich, honorary aryan.


>tfw your ex-waifu will never win a title even if all dopers get banned






Explain to me how you conclude that Kerber is full natty when all her peers, especially her fellow champions, might not be?

pic unrelated

he's still the king

Roids not only enhance your performance but also change your physical appearence. The athletes which were now convicted of doing PEDs were also the ones of which everybody knew it from the start. Until recently it was just a lack of prove.

In Kerber's case there are two clues that state that there is no doping. First of all the german association does not have a international lobby. The german athletes are not the markting golden cows, so basically there is no interest in covering up any signs of PED.
The second is - like I said - the appearence. PEDs lead to unnatural muscle growth and a vainy body. Kirby doesn't show any of those sympthoms. I wrote in a previous post, look at the feet. The feet are telling you a lot about possible PED abuse. of all the other the athetes the other seven are more likely to be doping than Kirby.

So it's pretty sure to say she's clean.

I need a proof. Post some feet pics.

left. I want to feed and build my own.