Guardiola happy with the win, but not the attendance tonight

>Guardiola happy with the win, but not the attendance tonight
>"The players deserve a full stadium. We need our fans."


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why do they always boo the champions league anthem?

city and uefa got beef

He isn't used to manage small clubs

Argentine commentators said it was because City got punished by UEFA

Also, they said the attendance was low because it was a protest lol, it seems like they don't watch league games, which are even emptier

>your team is leading 3-0
>people start to leave

I guess money can't buy fans.

>pep personally calls out the dutch city faggot

Wait, they couldn't fill the stadium?


Weren't they restricted by UEFA, and couldn't sell as many tickets? Or did I dream that.

>the 2 home PL games this season have sold out at 54k

fuck off you black cunt

has he only just realised he's joined a plastic club?

did they send brian kidd over to meet him and convince him that city is the "real" club of manchester???


Source? That would be 100% full and I've seen lot of empty seats

Also, they are 1st in the league, of course more people would go watch them


good one pep

did no one tell him about the emptyhad before he signed up?

>"Jose Mourinho says Manchester United fans are TOO QUIET as he urges Old Trafford support to get behind his side."

Poop wouldn't be whining if they were restricted by UEFA.

>yfw you realize city doesn't have enough fans to fill that stadium

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't this because they didn't resell tickets that they refunded today?

It makes sense that a lot of people who made plans to go yesterday couldn't go today. Although if even taking those people into account it wouldn't have been full, kek.

When City faces an easy opponent people just don't bother going

Check any City match and you'll see people leaving in the 80th minute if they are winning by more than 2 goals, they just don't give a fuck

They struggled to fill half the stadium.

Not sure about no reselling, but the reschedule was last minute (it was actually too late, but UEFA did it anyway). Could have fucked with plans. This was worse for Borossuia though, more than half had to fly home instead.

what the fuck

>yfw you aren't in the correct manchester

>yfw they didnt give Pellegrini a good bye with a full stadium and Shitteh fags excuse was that they didn't know

Plastic cunts

I thought he was a kind of football traditionalist.

Why the fuck did he go to City over United?

What did they mean by this?

City have been hiring a shitload of his friends and ex Barcelona officials for their board. They've been courting him since like 2010

>manages a plastic oil club
>expecting "fans" to show up

You can't be this stupid t b h

Of course the stadium wouldn't be full.

How many people do you expect to go to a match on a fucking Thursday, after the match was postponed on a Wednesday due to weather, probably with another shit forecast, with heaps of away fans having to fly home not being able to change their flights at the last minute?....and this is a team that already has Manchester United next to them, to be fair they split the local fans.

Because City have the brighter future.

probably money and less pressure, I guess. If he went to Manure they'd certainly start comparing him to Fergie soon enough and if he failed to win titles they'd destroy him on his first year in charge of the club.

he was probably expecting a red shirt the day he was presented

Pretty much this. City have been planning for the future and indeed Pep for a very long time (even before Pellegrini arrived).

United were convinced >Moyes was the one hence the gazillion year contract they gave him and that all went to shit. Van Gaal was obviously a stop gap to try and find someone with more pedigree I guess. Wouldn't surprise me if it was Pep they really wanted but City had a 5 year head start to convince him.

Can't understand why you wouldn't want to watch this team play live, even if you're not a city fan. They put on a show against Utd this past sunday.

They couldn't sell out against Barcelona. No way were they going to fill the stadium for a rearranged game versus Borussia M.

There's a culture of apathy amongst the City fans towards European football. Some of them feel that it doesn't sit right with the past identity of the club. A lot of them have outright disdain for the Champions League.

I think an entrenched inferiority complex towards United also plays a part. They're almost solely focused on being top dogs of the city. Maybe Pep will broaden their horizons. They're great to watch at the moment.

They were selling tickets dirt cheap last year because they couldnt fill the stadium for the first CL game against fucking Juventus

it's a plastic club, what did he expect?

you know a club is shit and plastic, when a coach literally misses the full attendances and atmosphere at bayern games

>couldn't buy tickets today because of someone uefa rule
>weather and obvious postponement means that nobody bought at the gate yesterday
>people can't always get travel/free time two nights in a row
30k for a rearranged cl game is pretty typical

Man City "fans" were Chelsea "fans" 5 years ago FFS

What the fuck.

They'll only sell out when they play United.

Why pay a fortune going to watch your team when you can watch them on tv every week?
this is the mentality of plastic fans of the big clubs, Utd included. United only sell out because of rich foreigners.


How much does the average EPL game cost to attend

A hockey game with decent seats is around $160+ when the team is playing well, just curious

varies from each club. City aren't that pricey desu.
I live not too far away from Manchester and i see people with city and united shirts in pubs all the time watching the games. They could easily go, but they'd rather save the money for booze.

>Get 30k in old division 2
>20 years later
>Get 30k in Champions league
I don't get it. Did they all get shot in the 90s?

Jealous desu. Professional sports have been gentrified to all hell here.

underrated post

such a pathetic fanbase

>our fans

how the fuck is this even possible?

i know it's gladbach, but come on

Gladbach is a bigger club than City tßh

Is he going to pay Malaysia to send teenagers to england?

>football traditionalist.
Top fucking kek. He went to bloody Qatar near the end of his career.

>plan your week knowing that the game is on tuesday evening
>game gets rained off, played next day
>can't go because you made plans you can't get out of

shit fans desu

Tbf its a long flight to Manchester from chinkistan

Because, while both teams are corporate cash cows now, City retains a semblance of competing for footballing success while united are only ever after the money ever since the Glazers took over.

There just really aren't that many City fans, at least those who can afford to go to games regularly.

probable 1/3 or half of the attendance in football games in england are tourists, match got delayed and they probably couldn't afford to stay another day

There are literally NO Man City fans in England except for young kids who ahve decided to bandwagon them

Only plastic foreigners support City and who gives a shit about them

That's quite reasonable for English standards, I always assumed it was more.

same goes for chelsea.


I heard united has best away fans though.



Disgusting plastic team.

why don't they just implode a couple of stands.

it's not like they don't have enough money to build it up again.

ITT: Retards

Christ that is so pathetic.

city hired ferran soriano in 2012 and he hired begiristain a month later

they never fill the stadium

>c-city are a big club o-okay


Txixi Bergenstein

Some english guy can correct me on this but my impression is that chelsea always had a solid fan base in sw london and even though there are similarities between the clubs (rich sugardaddy) you can't compare them in that way. United is so dominant in manchester that you have will have a hard time finding anyone that supports city.


This desu

Do any actual city fans exist? I mean ones who cheered for them when they were shit

this. cant believe you are all this retarded lol

like seriously. Do they not watch any football? How could you not know this game was rescheduled? Maybe they dont understand having a job

> Cred Forums is full of neets that stream games for free online and don't understand taking time off work on a weekday, having the match rescheduled and not being able to go the next day

Well I never.....

>United is so dominant in manchester that you have will have a hard time finding anyone that supports city.

that's not true, there are more united "fans" here, but for the most part football is just something on the TV at the weekend to them, the city fans you knew from before the money were obsessed, it was their everything.

I hope Guardiola coaches in Serie A one day, he's going to have a heart attack when he walks into the San Siro or the Olimpico and sees it half full on a good day.

They do. Man City actually held the record for highest home attendance for an English club until a few days ago. They don't have as many fans as United, but even when they were shit they had a lot of fans.

You know that the bit up top is the extension they recently built, which means they almost filled the original Etihad with a rescheduled midweek bad weather game....that's pretty good.

There's heaps of those old timers talking about how many decades they waited for them to win the league again and used to go to main road and follow them in the lower leagues.

>assdevastated manure customers bumping this thread in desperation

>everyone giving city shit over a rearranged game
>united had a half empty stadium to finish last season because of a rearranged game and nobody cares

Money doesn't make you a big club

Basically this, poogba, mouyes and feyerlol has been too much for them to process

>one hundred million pounds for dabbing Djemba Djemba

top kek

winning does :^)

Probably because City failing to fill a stadium is a regular occurrence

This man speaks the truth.

Fuck modern football.

Man united don't even play in manchester

>We need our fans."
what part of manchester are ya from Pep?

>mfw Guardiola is just now realizing he's left the best club in European football for Etihad City

This best not be foreshadowing for an excuse later on.

Good thread.

this. instead of the fans leaving when you're 1-0 down like at Bayern the fans are leaving even when you're winning. must be depressing.