There's literally nothing she isn't good at

there's literally nothing she isn't good at.
she's a machine.

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I need her

how can anyone not be in love with her?

This is her best pic imo

she would be better than you at everything.
are you ready to accept that?
if you are, then it's true love.

My ex was a high IQ 6'3 college basketball player.

I love feeling inferior

>wanting to feel inferior
>not wanting to dominate your girlfriend

I agree that having a girlfriend who is too submissive/bad at things is a turn-off as well, as I want a challenge. But ultimately I like challenging each other, not being a Cuck manlet who enjoys being dominated by women to make up for toxic masculinity

She's so pure :3c

>she would be better than you at everything.
>I love feeling inferior

>hits a bulls eye


My personal opinion is that this is her best photo. She looks athletic af.


Do want


Just imagine how big her boobs will get when she retires and stops exercising so much.


Maybe it would drive me to be good at something

Does she wear the same thing every fucking day?

We /Katie/ now

How do you think she feels that in all of her promotional pictures they make her have the silver medal out in front in the middle to appease all of the autists sperging about symmetry?

They don't make her do shit. If they did they'd make her wear makeup

Whats going on in here?

she does it because of her own autism

yes. I never understood why anyone would want a stereotypical stay-at-home wife-type girl. shit sounds boring as fuck

those thoughts are impure

Its a sign of autism :3c

a katie thread, aka the best thread currently on 4chun


Post a girl with better thighs

Pro tip: you cant

we /Katie/ ALWAYS

If I think Katie is cute does that make me gay?

Holy shit, that awkward stances when she's kicking the ball, what a living meme. I hope we get more moments like this.

No, but if it did, i would #Gay4Katie

put THAT on a tshirt

gonna need some weebums from this

Dammit, you fags got me. Seeing her posted so many times, along with the memes, I'm starting to fall in love with her.


This post is one of the most incorrect things ever posted to Cred Forums

If it makes you feel any better, it was inevitable.


Its actually spreadnlve to Cred Forums

I could spend the next hour listing out worse things that have happened to /spuh/ but instead I'm going to tell you to have a nice day and post another photo of katie.

Damn, she looks good in those jeans.

>hurrr don't post athletes on the sports board durrrr

That thing isn't an athlete. It's a monster

Gotta be careful, she might accidentally crush you with them.

A monster.. because she terrifies the competition.


You misspelled GOAT

That guy looked pretty cute. I bet they fucked

maybe you didn't get the memo but SHES TOO PURE FOR THAT PRE MARITAL HELLBAIT

Katie has some charm despite her goofy, autistic manners. She'll do well with the guys in Stanford

Please post one source saying that she's a virgin

you weren't here for 2012, /gym/ was the worst shit ever

You'll just have to trust me on this one. 100% chance her hymen is intact

Lol no she doesn't. Her voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard

but the autism is qt af

Really? I don't hear anything wrong with her voice.

>nails on a chalkboard

She has a deep voice for it to sound like that, try again Missy Franklin

What Australopithecus species is this?

That back is insane. If it wasn't for the slim waistline you'd think you were with a guy during doggy.

She's starting at Stanford THIS WEEK. Here's your chance boys.

please don't attempt to illicit lewd thoughts of katie, that would be impure

How long before she starts sleeping in the boy's dorm?

What'll be her nickname? Lepassy, because she gets passed around.

>Here's your chance boys.


>Are you Katie Ledecky? I'm user
>Oh do you want an autograph or something?
>Uh no I thought we could like hang out
>Uh sorry I don't do that with fans

Could your heart take it?

Nah, lickdicky

Why didn't the eagles just fly her to chad's dick?

I don't even want to think about it. I just had to get up and pace around my room for a few minutes after reading that.

This shit was awkward as hell and was only saved by Ellen's suaveness and her voice is damn near deeper than mine.

Never post this girl on here again.

>Never post this girl on here again.

>her voice is damn near deeper than mine.
Thats because she's taller than you




I need her on me right now

UHHHHHHHH explain your post, it better not be anything lewd

Bitch so fast her hairline can't catch up.

Is this joke from the black part of Cred Forums?

pls dont make fun of her

T-that looks heavy

It's not as heavy as five gold medals.

Damn man, her core has gotta be insane.

it's only 185 lbs, not heavy at all

Thats more than I weigh...

What do you think she's like in bed?

Be very specific

She goes to sleep at 9pm and gets up at 4am, is there a more PURE sleeping schedule? I don't think so.

damn now this is thinking ahead

Shy at first, but once things he heated, she opens up a bit and shows why she's world champ in butterfly, back, and front strokes

>What do you think she's like in bed?

>world champ in butterfly, back,
She's not though

Buzz off, Missy. No one cares about you anymore.

I want her to have my babies

How do you plan on proposing?

hey bby you wan sum fuk?



7/10 legs
4/10 torso
3/10 arms
-9001/10 face
-900000001/10 hairline

>7/10 legs

You seen her in tbose jeans? Those long, muscled legs are at least an 8/10

cant be more than a 7 without a gap or a diamond, also her hips are a bit disappointing for a 32 year old mother of 2

>can't be more than a 7 without looking like a child


Have those legs won even a SINGLE gold medal? No? Ok, just checking.

this is bullying


this is also probably bullying

would marry, divorce and marry again.

1. She's a PED's cheater, why are we still talking about her?

2. Ellen? Really? Delete this.

it's not the same stuff though.
but she does seem to like navy blue.
and I think she looks cute as fuck in those portside shoes the US team was wearing at the Olympics.

(dat comb-over)


I'd much rather have a brilliant wife than an athletic wife.

PED's thread

...except for the PED's

provide proof.
also, she's been doing this since she was 15.
do you think she was a 15-year-old doper while still competing with her school swim team?
she didn't come out of nowhere like most dopers, she's just much better than the others.

mfw just no

>no proof.
>hurt durr, everyone who wins at anything is doping.

>Thats because she's taller than you

such denial

Your ex was a smart black man?

her looks are not what I find attractive about her.
what I really like is the sweet/autistic side + the fearless competitiveness and being a badass in the pool combo.I mean, seriously, how does she do it?

butthurt Canuck is butthurt.
(that she's not Canadian)

>do you think she was a 15-year-old doper while still competing with her school swim team?
are you serious??
do you have ANY idea how many American high school football players are on PED's?

she's pure in every way.

Half of usa HS kids are on Adderal which is considered a PED. People take it to cram and study

do you believe it's impossible to excel at anything without doping?
does Usain Bolt also dope?

no thanks, we already had our PED's "heroes" with Ben Johnson and Silken Laumann

>do you think she was a 15-year-old doper while still competing with her school swim team?
>she didn't come out of nowhere like most dopers, she's just much better than the others.
Yeah, so were Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis.
Love her all you want, I can see the goofy charm there, but you have to be realistic about the PED's, bro.

well, that half (at least) is a level playing field.

realistic implies proof.
Ben Johnson was proven guilty.
Ledecky wasn't and will never be.
mark my words, she's clean.

also, PED's don't explain her hitting the bullseye when the pressure's on.
she's just a natural born winner.
unlike Trump.

Hello, where are the proofs?
Sprinting is a much dirtier sport than swimming.

let's just propose a change of name from Katie to QT Ledecky.

>do you believe it's impossible to excel at anything without doping?
>does Usain Bolt also dope?

Any sport is what you mean, I assume.

No, I don't believe you can be elite at any serious sport without PED's.
I used to live in Dallas, was a varsity athlete, lived with a sports journalist for 4 years, and I know a lot of athletes. Those experiences taught me that every exceptional modern athlete is doping.

Whether to take PED's or not is a tough decision every serious athlete has to make, and at an earlier age than ever, now. Those who won't do it become a coach's second priority, and eventually fade away, whatever the natural ability level.

Take a look at the male and female athletic improvement charts from the 1960's - today and it is pretty obvious.

On one hand I think they should let them use whatever they want, on the other these drugs give them heart disease and other problems, so I'm conflicted.

the cringe and wishful thinking in here is incredible

the power of a spurious crush, I guess

how do you know the progress is not what you would see under normal circumstances? and if they all dope, then the playing field is more or less even anyway.

she's purity incarnate.

bumpity bump

mfw just yes

(dat bully-over)

fyi, bullying is just as unattractive as a non-ideal hairline

so, bully less, be more attractive

weres is the prooves ;-DDD

I second this notion.

QT ledecky confirmed

Canada, who hurt you so much? What mean person turned you this way?

You deserve better.

Accept qt ledecky into your heart and you will know joy.






these fucking meme threads have made me legitimately believe she's attractive

fucking advanced memetics

That a cute couple. Imagine the freaks of nature they are gonna produce.

'freaks of nature' is kinda rude, also phelps is married so you're implying she's some harlot who sleep with married men

>harlot who sleep with married men

Hey !an, some times chemistry hits when you least expect it and you can tell from their body language, Phelps would hit that and she would welcome it with legs wide open.


Go on...

They look about the same age, too. Thats why it looks so natural


Someone take that tpicture and Photoshop Katie in a wedding dress and Phelps in a tux

Not having them breed would be a disservice to humanity.



>you will never mate with a true thoroughbred winner like Katie Ledecky


She can't put on all her medals :(^tfw

Some of you may know me as ManWithNoName on I'm a prolific contributor to the cricket board and was the first bigfooty user to report the Phil Hughes tragedy.

I've been visiting this place for a while know and I'd like to quickly address a couple issues.

First, the amount of misogyny and downright disgraceful woman hating comments I have read is quite frankly disgusting. I'm a proud feminist, and if you want women to have basic human rights then you're a feminist too.

Secondly, sexism towards the our brave and powerful female athletes has left me without words. In particular, the tragic treatment of Ledecky recently and the comments made by some 'people' on here was despicable.

This place is absolutely vile. This is my first and only post. If you want to contact me and hopefully apologise, PM me on bigfooty and I'll get around to replying.


>Is there ANYTHING she can't do?
hiding >her baldness for a start

You will never sniff it deeply, taking in the scent of chlorine, sweat, and womens speed stick =(

This is some fine 40 yeard old soccer mom


its autism :3c






did ellen touch >her penis?

she dosent have a benis