Which NRL team should I support?

Which NRL team should I support?

I like underdog, small city teams who still win.
Cold/cooler weather teams.

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Australia pls

Please watch our sport


Canberra Raiders


Newtown Jets

Literally described the cowboys pls support my team BIG STRONG AMERICAN

Cowboys or sharks for a vicarious premiership

missed small city part.

Cowboys or raiders.

Wigan Warriors

>super league

WalkBro City Elites

Out of the teams left in the finals?

Cowboys, Raiders or Panthers

Someone make the /nrl/ thread, or should this be it?

Robbie Farah signed with Souths btw


It just doesn't look right



Wollongong is full of NEETS and dole bludgers so if either of those descriptions apply to you the dragons is the team for you

Adelaide Rams

Not white enough, not leb enough, just stuck in limbo

I fully support splitting QLD into two states 2bh


Ethan Lowe out for the season, Coen Hess comes into the starting side.

Javid Bowen in for Kane Linnet (hamstring).

John Asiata back into the side on the bench.

Antonio Winterslow might be ruled out (ribs), with either Tautau Moga to replace him, or Kalyn Ponga to make his NRL debut.

Apparently the spinal cord injury Ethan Lowe has is pretty serious and could be career ending.

This desu. Small fanbase not part of NSW or QLD. Exciting team to watch and can pile on the points but they more often than not fall short of finals.

last for sean


Cronulla are on suicide watch as well.

My sources tell me Gal is pretty mucb ruled out for the year, and there is a slight chance he may never play again.

>small city team


Who is this cripin glover lookalike?

>implying this thread can last until kick off tomorrow

wanna fight about it cunthead

>I like underdog, small city teams who still win.
>Cold/cooler weather teams.

Sounds like you're a Canberra fan my man

Who was the last lebo at Souths?

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>waiter interrupts me as i was about to get the final post


>Its a walkie blogs about not having a job thread

My favourite

Once again, I am the last man standing.

Let's get this bad boy to 75!

Still 74 m8

Now 75

Just choose the name equivalent of your NFL team. That's how I became a Panthers fan


>tell me to go for Cowboys
>they lose

Done with this sport.


What did he mean by this

They won nigga

Wait wut

The Cowboys won in extra time 26-20

how is this thread still up

OP here, no idea.

do you support my team yet (cowboys)

I'm still confused as to who the fuck won/lost. /r/nrl is confusing.

cows won in extra time 26-20.


two halfs of 5. mins if it's tied after the 80th minute. No one scored in the 2nd part of ET.


North GOATland B2Bboys