/rug/ - Weekend Matches

>Saturday 17 September
19.35 (RWCT) All Blacks v South Africa, AMI Stadium, Christchurch
ref: Angus Gardner

18.05 (AWST) Australia v Argentina, Nib Stadium, Perth
ref: Wayne Barnes

>Wed 14 Sep
Counties 29-30 Taranaki
>Thurs 15 Sep
19:35 Southland v Hawke’s Bay, Invercargill
>Fri 16 Sep
17:45 Tasman v Northland, Nelson
19:45 Wellington v Bay of Plenty, Wellington
>Sat 17 Sep
14:35 Otago v North Harbour, Dunedin
16:35 Manawatu v Canterbury, Palmerston North
>Sun 18 Sep
14:35 Auckland v Counties Man, Auckland
16:35 Waikato v Taranaki, Hamilton

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Top 14



Will be a mauling desu

i miss cric already

go back




Does anyone have the meme XV?


Reds on fucking dynasty watch lads.


I have serious concerns about the memeworthiness of 3, 6 (which is a hooker out of position for some reason), 8, 11, 17 and 20.

and yet fail to suggest alternatives.

I don't. Might miss them come 4 in the morning when this thread 404's
I'll give hem credit, they are dedicated to the 24/7 shitposts
Imagine having that much free time

Slippy J and Marler are both more of a meme than Vunipola.

Flanker should be Heather Fisher (pic related) who is probably too old a meme for most of you these days but she played in the olympics and has been around since the /rug/bitch spamming days.

17 and 20 I literally don't even know who they are, which weighs heavily against how much of a meme they are.

Are you upsetting the lads in the /cric/ thread? That isn't very nice of you!!

you'd better get into it then.

This is wrong, Hogg was agreed as 15 a while ago

I'm really sorry.
Let me just fix that for you.
I'll get right on it.

>lying on the internet

>not smugkenzie at 15
Time to move on grandad.

>not /bundes/rug/

OP maker pls get shit together yeah.


Myfoodbag was good tonight 2bh

Southland shitting the bed already. Why can't they be relegated to the Heartland Championship

>They stay in touch to live another day

I fucking hate Southland. I hate that all they do is kick for three points. Fuck them. They'll eventually lose today and get 0 points because they don't give a shit about the 4 try bonus and have no aspirations to ever get it.

updated your OC for you family

>Fast & entertaining rugby:
Pau - Stade Francais
Brive - La Rochelle

>Maybe ok tier:
Clermont - Bordeaux
Racing - Toulon

>Shite northern tier:
The rest

The radio commentator just said Super 12... Fucking hell fucking old cunt kys


43-29 to HB

Here's my weekly delusional prediction...Quotaboks by 3.
screenshot this

>He never attended a Super 10 game

KYS my man.

Glasgow by 12
Ulster by 26
Leinster by 15
Munster by 20
Connacht by 6
Ospreys by 30

Boks to be down by 23 then Steyn comes on and Boks only lose by 17



Jantes has had 3 bad games in a row. It's desperate but Morne Steyn would do a better job with his experience. De jongh will get flattened as usual. Beast hasn't had a good game in 2 years. Mohoje will 100% get a yellow card and be subbed off too late

>forgeting the number 1 for tendies

I backed the all blacks by 32 and the Argies by 8 desu

don't know if I even want to watch the bloodletting, the Boks have been woeful for 2 years now.

In better news the mighty Free State Cheetahs are playing tonight and are still top of the log and unbeaten.

The Springboks WILL defeat the Ball Sacks

>tfw Tameifuna and Etzebeth aren't considered as memes

Bundesliga has already starten

>tfw the ABs era of being world class but grounded and fucken 'humble as, bro' has come to an end with Ruchie and Din retiring and now they're led by a rabid pack of shitposting, bullying, arrogant memers like Barrett, Ardie 'Kid n' Play' Savea and SmugKenzie, with no graceful elder statesmen to tell them to wind their necks in

this guy gets it

Bin Smuth is the only one in this current team who seems like a thoroughly decent fella

None of those players have done anything wrong.

The all cucks meme winning streak must be stopped at all costs

abs are led by Read lad

Coles, Smith, and Kaino are all senior leaders as well all of whom are humble and got the rub of the old guard before they left

I have no doubt that the scumboks will employ filthy tactics this weekend like they always do.

but that would require brains and tactics.

>Dea's Mum at 6

How long until all white rugby players move to Botswana, form a new Springbok team and then dominate the Proteas?

as soon as IRB does the right thing and bans SA from playing rugby at professional level.

Are Pollard and Lambie out for the rest of the year?

Pollard is. Lambie is on a Currie Cup bench this weekend




>Arg - Aus at 7am on a Saturday



>all these shitty threads on spee
Don't worry lads, I pulled a sickie today, I'll bump the only important thread all day.

Comfy as fuck.
Get up a bit early, make coffee and a nice brekkie, jump in sleeping bag, enjoy footy.

top lad

Officially exposed until the end of time

along with the 'Tommy Seymour isn't Lions material memester'

Plan to watch a pro12 game this weekend, what's your pick for GOTW lads?

Literally the greatest team in the league isn't being broadcast this week. So Ulster-Scarlets is probably the next best option.

funeral today lads, bagpipes and everything

who's literally the greatest team then?
Yours I assume?

glasgow guy tried selling me smack in the toilets

probably why we don't watch pro12: games are on at 5-6am here.

the GlasGODs are easily the best and most handsome

I usually get up to watch bloomberg and rt news at 5am

Too late to stay awake after going out and too early to wake up

That's not early lad. Do you not wake up at 4:31am in solidarity with the dairy industry?
You are a disappointment 2bhfamalam

OK, done some research, I'm officially bandwagoning Glasgow in the pro12. There's only 2 Scottish teams and the other, Edinburgh, wears Canterbury colours and is shit. Warriors wear blue, just like the based Blues, and are not shit. Glasgow it is.


you're in good company lad

good pick, its their year

Life long Leinster supporter here

If all the glasgow cucks could FUCK off


Third BP win in a row coming up lads, thanks user

>same number of league titles as connacht

We'll see come the end of this season ;)

Who /Edinburgh/ here?

Checkout my ELITE stable
Stade Francais (temporary)
London Irish / Jersey

>supporting the Irish


literally why

I'm from Edinburgh and I hate supporting us, we're so fucking shite. Though I bet you're memeing me because we have a godawful Saffer coach

claims to be some authority on the meme worthiness of players, doesn't even know mitch "main meme man" drummond
0 credibility m8

Mum is from there and they had based Patterson
Always picked that team for Rugby 06 WL

>de Luca
>di Rollo

The best

hes memeing you

all the teams he listed were mid-table

all except for the >shorks

>Now we have some no-name islanders in the centre who couldn't tackle a quadraplegic baby.

why live

>literally the ugliest man in rugby
>not memeworthy

Irish are a top of the table team now kek

>implying I don't have Irish blood and family there
I'm not some filthy turncoat bandwagoning loser. My first rugby jersey was a gift from an aunt and was a Leinster one. I actually got a gaelic football jersey the year or 2 before that was my first ever sports kit jersey

>Supporting teams that don't win is memeing
Sorry Ameribandwagons
Times change you know, 10 years ago the Irish were in the Premiership final.

Anyway no team I support in any sport has won anything major since 2007

Leinster fan here aswell. Good to have you on board man.
You ever been to any games live?

And you sound like a total wanker too, so Ireland it is for you then.

and yet he's never watched a single game

Are you the welshcuck NZfag?

Not yet plan to when I head over that way next
I have watched a fair few games

What was the last game you watched and what was the score.
You have 20 seconds.

Whatever that means, not I'm not.
I'm the backbone of NZ /rug/.
Dark defender against teeny shitposting and namefagging.
All-round top bloke.

Sorry lad I wasn't paying attention to the thread
I can't remember the last game I watched 2bh, when i thi k rugby at the moment i think the mitre 10 and rugby championship
When I said life long fan I meant it's the only team that way I even care about not that I'm a fanatical fan

Just having a poke m8, support whatever team you like.

I don't want to wake up tomorrow

dude that's me every day lmao.


(Wake me up)
Wake me up inside
(I can't wake up)
Wake me up inside
(Save me)

You're our greatest rugby rival m8, and we all hope you get through the dark times and become great again. You will.

Unfortunately the dark times in SA rugby are just going to get darker (if you catch my drift)


that SA team is fucking awful lmao

also anyone know what their quota rulings are exactly? do they need a certain number of niggers in the starting xv or just the squad?

50% of the squad "coloured" by 2019.

And wasn't there something about half of those needing to be black south Africans?

they can't actually be serious though, that'd destroy their competitiveness

i imagine they'd get some sort of dispensation later when they protest or are shown to be uncompetitive

SA version of the Maori AB's when?
Would that work or piss people off more?

welp, they're gonna be italy/scotland tier

Not sure.

I remember something about needing to have 2 or 3 black SA in the squad and x% colored last time this topic came up
Literally a quota in a quota

>that'd destroy their competetiveness
lol like that isn't the aim

these quota systems are nothing other than assaults on the games, essentially

Literally already happened with the cricket team.

Black people can't be happy that they own SA; they have to destroy everything ; it's just a vendetta to attack white people. I mean lighting strikes are now racist in South Africa.
I mean they are fucking 90% of the country, the whole government is pretty much black, they have the shitty Bafana Bafana. But no, the Springboks and Proteas are too white (even though 99% of blacks only give a shit about football)

They are also trying to get quotas into athletics. I mean seriously? You can say rugby teams are picked on opinions but athletics is pretty cut and dry to see who is best .

What happened to the springbok symbol being racist and getting removed?

>dp duminy

also this dwaine pretorius guy who (might well be elite) might be about to cause a few quota issues shall we say

a sad state of affairs desu

yeah it's not just the ability of the players themselves but also the feelings of disillusionment this will create, expect lots more saffers to player for other countries over the coming years and for a slow and steady deterioration from within with little respite and certainly no reversal of fortunes

Maybe they'll start leaving at

Argentinians don't eat breakfast. They unironically will eat cookies and drink chocolate milk in place of breakfast.

It's weird as shit

He looks like an average cricket player.


i though they'd be typically mediterranean's and eat a pastry with coffee and a cigarette

so you're chillin in the club when all of a sudden these guys come up and carry the ball for a healthy gain of 10 meters into your gf and then offload her out of the tackle.

What do you do? Keep in mind they're 6' 3" and ruggedly handsome

lose to them in the wc quarter final of course.
still sore about that.

dirty cunts

They don't really drink coffee in argentina either. They drink mate. And they don't smoke that much. They all say it's too expensive.

>lose to them in the wc quarter final of course

that's your answer for everything ireland.


I dont think the Pumas have an ugly person on their team, or the team's familias

dunno about that mate, Pedro Imhoff isn't an oil painting.

well, hes far from ugly though

He could probably go full O'connell and get the buzz though

Imagine having no faith in your team

What's it like Aussie?

It means that the lead up to every game is exciting.

The SARU should have had some balls and said we wouldn't select our team based off of quotas BUT pledged to commit a majority of their youth development resources to black townships.

The Springboks remain competitive and the number of black players would increase over time as more quality ones would be produced.


Imagine having no faith in the structural integrity of your buildings

What's it like Kiwi?

adrenaline rush every time a truck goes past lad

Wouldn't be able to tell you what that's like mate. I have complete faith in our strong muscular civil engineers

Have you ever felt a real earthquake?

>in australia

not a thing lad.

>strong muscular civil engineers

look I know she's put on a bit of weight since the baby but there's no reason to pile on nina like that.

I figured as much, the earthquake building standard is NZS where the rest of our building standards as AS-NZS

No fault lines for days lad.


>the all blacks are only 3% better than our side - Eddie Jones

What is meant by this

It means England are a 92/100 and New Zealand are a 95/100


>kiwi education

Aussie education :^)

The article is fairly interesting about the development of NZ coaches and how it differs from NH teams. I just picked a baity quote to drum up interest after failing at linking it

"I am a delusional Australian faggot"

-Eddie Jones

what should i put in the veggie soup lads

is it strictly veggie?

carrots, celery, beans, a grain, peas are a few

>I don't know what rounding to the nearest integer is

If Franks doesn't score a try this game he will officially hold the record for most tests without a try (84.)

are lentils a grain

i believe so

No they're pulses.

i looked it up and they fall under grains
you btfo

My mum drives an Honda Integer

Cigarettes are cheap as fuck.

Kids, white kids mind you, are already doing this. They are being pushed by their parents and what not to pursue ventures with universities, clubs and nations elsewhere as soon as they finish school.

I honestly wish that the IRB and ICC would just go ahead and ban us like during the Apartheid era, maybe that would show the government how ludicrous these aggressive plans are. I definitely expect the NZ and Aus Rugby Unions to not want to include us anymore and subsequently bring about our expulsion from Super Rugby, which we fully deserve desu

Is that related to the Honda Logarithm?

Can Poorthland take their first win over Tasman ans secure their status as "not as shit as Southland"?

Where should I emigrate to lads, New Zealand or Australia?

I am educated, have a clean criminal record, have the funds and, most importantly, I am white

Where you from in SA?

Durban, but I live and work in Joburg


Where's your Breen now you spastics?

Probably NZ then. You'd be at home in either country, but I think anyone from the Cape would find NZ a little slow.

Do you know of any places that do custom SA car number plates? My car was imported from GP and I'd quite like to get a custom set made up for shows and shit.

8.5 inches inside your missus.

its up there mate

about to see petes dragon lads
will update with my elite and muscular review later on

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmrrrrmmfffff what a fucking conversion by Dan Hawkins, the most superior five eights from Northland


Will Otago lad ever recover?

Will Otago-Ladd is a faggot, m8.

/poog/ on pooicide watch

Are Wellington fans the worst in the entire world?

Absolute shitter of a night in Welly, but yes, they are.

Wellington's tighthead prop is a US Eagle.
>please play our sport

Move to Australia m8.
NZ has shit weather, if you move to a place with shit weather you will just spend all your time bitching about the shit weather

/cric/ pretty dead now we left ay?


Where's namefag BOP supporter?

What's the weather in Jersey like? Is it like Cornwall, slightly better than the rest of the UK or is it pretty shit

Apparently it's very sunny in Jersey. I know this because the Jersey lads on TV had amazing tans.

"Sunniest place in the British Isles"
Best weather in the UK but still shit

/nrl/ is up btw

thanks for nothing

kys friendo

Please fuck off thank you.

Good post.

Never post in /rug/ again.

Great post.

best post ITT

Will /poog/ ever recover?

Magnificent post.

Incredible reply.


This post is a sublime work of art.


Best post in a terrible thread.

Future generations will look back on this as a defining moment in history. Magnificent post.


Kiwipoof on Nobel Prize watch.

How can one user be so based?

Thank you based kiwi.

I'll be right over. Cheers.

An aphorism for the ages.

Cheers buddy.

I'll drop by soon.

come home black man
we are kinda gitting gud
>i am white
pffft, you are a saffa

The hero we deserve.

save a spot for me will you mate?

Perth is literally a shitter Cape Town, complete with a sizable South African population

what's that?
can i fuck it?

KEK, where did all the poo peelanders run away to?

Aww, did the big mean AusGODS bully you away again?

Poorpetually pooper poorturbed poo peeland poofters on eternal literally poorius damage control and pooicide watch.

>/nrl/ is up btw

what did he mean by this?

/nrl/ is up by the way

/rug/ is down btw

a thread dedicated to the discussion of the Australian National Rugby League is currently on the front page of Cred Forums in case you were not aware of it

you can only use the word poo so many times m8
also use more pee

>Peerpetually pooper peerturbed poo peeland poofters on peeternal peeterally poorius damage control and pooicide watch


''btw'' sometimes is used instead of ''by the way''

> Enough forwards its time for some BACKTION


how fucking fresh are you

over rated post

Underrated post.

Appropriately rated post.

Unrated post

so is the domestic abuse rate in nrl-centric areas

Irate post.

How are BOP so fucking crap

>reporting posts

I would be so embarrassed if I were you.




I greatly appreciate this post.

You're a big post.


>/nrl/ is up btw
What did he mean by this?




I like your style.

Informative post.

>/nrl/ bullying us again

This isn't fair

wew lad

Have your 50th (You) on me.

(You) deserve it for this incredibly important post.

Why can't they just leave us alone?

We can't compete with them anyway.




WalkGod on Nobel Prize watch.

walkcunt on suicide watch

/afl/ is up btw

Just got home from work lads.

What should I have for dinner?

Please bear in mind that I had Guzman y Gomez last night and japanese lunch before answering thankyou.

Make this

>Nick Grigg making first competitive start at centre
>Horne moves to inside
>rotation policy in full swing with many changes to both backs and forwards
>Josh Strauss returns from injury to start
>Olympic silver medallist Mark Bennett returns to the squad following a rest period

Adam Ashe (hip / foot), Scott Cummings (shoulder), Simone Favaro (shoulder), Chris Fusaro (knees), Ryan Grant (back), Sam Johnson (shoulder), Sean Lamont (foot), Henry Pyrgos (knee) and D'arcy Rae (back

Weather is sunny and Cardiff use an artificial turf, so the conditions are perfect for Glasgow's ball to hand, fast paced rugby. Expect Grigg to try and make a big show of his skills to try and get noticed, Bennett to come on around the 50min mark and Seymour to score a try as usual.

I cooked all week. Made katsu kare, spanish chickpea and chorizo stew, minestrone and roast lamb.

Please bear in mind that I had BBC last night and asians this morning before answering thankyou.

>watching porn
>engaging in that soul destroying addiction
PFY (praying for you)


Pregame is on now guys. All the stats pointing to a big North Queensland win.

Tipped the Broncos, lads.

>that sad bachelor carpet

I'm so sorry that you live the way you do.

kfc mate
get three of the 2 dollar rodeo burgers and put them all together

rodeo burger? That's not a thing lad.

whoops was thinking of burger king haha

Burger king? That's not a thing lad.

Whoa whao waoh
Hold the phone
Stop the presses
Wait just one daggum minute here

Do they really have kfc down under?

Just drove home drunk haha fuck

Do they really have outback steakhouse in up over?

whats a daggum mate
some form of gun?

you daggum before you baggum.

Please don't lad
It's not worth the risk

Watching the rugby league lads.

Can someone please explain to me the appeal of this sport? Literally touch football with more islanders.

Simpler for bogans to understand than union

We do! Theres one not even 5 mins from my house. Food isnt bad, just another generic chain resaurant though. Love their cheese fries though.

Im actually not being facetious, I am honestly surpised kfc is international.

I once asked an italian friend of mine if they had Olive Garden there because of some BS they played in their commercials about their new shit being a huge hit in italy or something. They did not.

Its just an expression, gibberish really.

Like doggonit, or a hootinany. A PG way of saying god dammit, from like old westerns.

>no one on one tackles
>constant high tackles
>hump ground at all times
>never spin pass
>scrum is coordinated 12 man hug
>all the whites have tattoos for some reason
>every dropped ball is immediately considered a knock on whether it went forward or not
>one guy wearing ear tape despite having literally no reason to do so
>every player is wearing fluorescent boots
>automatic 10m off every tackle

If the NH calls SH rugby basketball rugby this is netball rugby.

Broncos are up btw

We don't have outback steakhouse here you oblivious fuck.

It's just called steakhouse.

Nor did i ask or imply that you did.

They do speak english down there dont they?

You should try learning how to read it.

>implying tradies need to read

Idk what a tradie is

Cunt how else would I know the question on the inside of my XXXX gold cap?

maybe you should learn how to read

Real talk doe do they have milton mangoes in NZ? You lads should really sign up to Euphoric Queensland Memes if you do. Good lols to be had.

Fuck me that was a good try from the Reds.

pretty bad defence from the reds to let that try in by the reds desu.

I know how to read quite well, noone has offered an explanation though, so theres nothing to read.

>poopeelians buttmad about new zealand avocados


I think if the Reds keep allowing such big defensive holes to be exposed in their defensive lineup, they're going to lose to a more aggressive and expansive Reds lineup desu.

>Kalyn Ponga will be a leaguie for life

Why do these savages get all the good talent in the world?

big strong avoman out muscling the competition

Is this now a handsome and muscular /rug/ discusses /nrlel/ thread?

>be kiwi
>wake up in the morning
>illegally harvest avocado from illicit avocado tree in backyard
>have contraband avocado on toast for breakfast
>open up the avocado times, check on the avocado report
>flip to the back page, see what Chris Rattue thinks about Brodie Retallick
>go to work
>monitor Australian supermarket avocado sales
>see that Australia is buying avocados from New Zealand
>keel over in shock
>wake up to coworker fanning avocado under nose
>go home
>get beaten by massive islander wife
>cry self to sleep

This league game is actually really good

Yeah, unironically better than the average Super Rugby game

Need to keep in mind that this is a finals game so its quality will be relatively higher

I used to think the Irish were the worst /rug/ posters

argentina smashed their confidence a bit


How many points would this Cowboys team beat the All Blacks by to you think?

Well it's a truth universally acknowledged that the Brisbane Broncos are the greatest professional sporting team on earth, so the Cowboys are 8 points worse than that, which means they would probably beat the ABs by 30 points.

>/rug/ callling /nrlel/ better than /nrlel faggots

The absolute STATE of you lad.

Gentleben on suicide watch.

The Broncos are GONE

NQL on dynasty watch



Walkgod wills it

I literally posted that as he was sprinting away. Egg on my face haha.

>semi final
>20,000 people

Get more than that for a regular season game between the reds and force at suncorp.


Thinking about relocating to Australia Tbh lads. How's work over there? I literally have no skills or qualifications.

/rug/ on omniscient about /nrlel/ watch

The position of aussie prime minister is open. You're more than qualified.

>Picking a backline of manlets so Cardiff get pinged off the park for a million high tackles

it's genius

>surprised kfc is international

bruh Chinese people worship it

>79th minute
>ref misses a blatant offside 50m out
>the commentators immediately start talking about how the broncos should have a penalty and they would have an opportunity to score from much closer

Do... Do they not understand that you can kick penalty goals in rugby league?

Wtf I love NRL now

The 10m rule means a drop goal would be easier than a penalty shot

Mate is good for you

Cigs are cheap, but most people don't smoke because they can't stand the ciggarete stink nor the smoke (me included)

Except that they only ever do popguns to touch, so a penalty on the 50m line means they'd only kick to the 40m line, then pass 10m back and have a drop shot from 50m out.

There is so much about league that is only explainable by matchfixing.

>time to pack a scrum lads!
>ok, chuck the prop in at second row, also a winger and a centre


Cowboys vs All Blacks when.

Reminder that Taumalolo would walk right into the All Blacks.

Most waterboys do walk right into the All Blacks.

>knocked it forward in to himself


You guys told me league was shit.

This is unironically better than union lately.

WTF mate, Loigue is the great game, and any loigue team would blow the fuck out of any super poogby team.

Lads what do you think of this new program to get leaugies interested in rugby?


Morning all

This JT could beat the All Blacks by himself.

Why don't the Wallabies buy him?

>support the Reds
>support the Cowboys
At least one of my teams is doing well.

Really tough to see the reds knock the reds out of the competition like this. Hope the reds can go on to win the whole thing, and also hope the reds will rebound from this disappointing loss and be back better next season.

Will Ponga play again next week or will the regular winger be back from injury?

I like watching the future Wallaby captain who will bring the World Cup home in 2019.

Just finished my last footy game of the season lads. Anyone want to get on the piss and smash some tins in Townsville tonight?

Will Ponga's a boardgame m8

Is Ponga related to Pogba?

go home corey parker

Pretty keen to snapchat you bubbling mate.

It's a cold and ugly truth, but we have to accept and overcome it:

/nrl/ btfo'd us tonight.

2 queensland teams playing against each other will defeat anything you put up against it to be honest. No shame in losing to that.

Let's be realistic now senpaitachi, I need to place my bet soon, what are your scoreline predictions for the the AB's vs The Boks?

Thinking of maybe 38-11 in favour of New Zealand

/rug/ LITERALLY called Cowboys to win the premiership tonight you faggot.


There's no way you're scoring tries and we're famous infringers.

The headlines tomorrow will ring for the ages.

Do hope Sopoaga gets some decent time. Hansen really should get some experience for the newer generation this year

Get back on your boat. Its pretty damning that the rug thread was more interesting as a match thread than the designated nrl thread.

We've all grown up beyond these petty "poomunity wars" and have learned to enjoy the big games of other sports without being a bitch.

>thread over 24 hours old
>not even 350 replies
>literally 50 posts are replies to ONE kiwi /nrl/ post
>literally half the thread discussing rugby-league
KEK, nice "poomunity" you have here.

AB by 20+

Half blacks v All blacks

Surely the team with more blacks wins?

>middle of nowhere NL
>shitty mobile internet
how fucked am i for tomorrow will i find a place to watch the games

Just find a low bit stream, you'll be good

More like SA 9 or 12. Don't get your hopes up.

44 - 17 to AB's

I expect several Boks to get yellowcarded for absolutely nothing.

Aotearoa 35x21 uMzantsi Afrika

That's far to close of a game

>mfw I watched that game in an 'irish' pub filled with plastic paddies

5 years ago who would have happily placed a bet on SA to lose by 22 points to another team.


Pro 12 is 1 bong lads

Who else in prep for their rugby dinner?

thinking of burgers tonight


Getting my cowboy steaks ready to cook over the fire lads its gonna be a good meal.

dominos on the way lads

5 bings lads

Steaks are on


lost me when they stopped doing the hotdog crust

Why did Piutau ditch NZ? he could easily push for AB caps

This weekend is going to be filled with dissapointment

You can do better than that my dude

No one knows. Maybe he's just a young guy who wanted to live abroad, earning hundreds of thousands a year


Glasgow lad crying because Cardiff are beating him?

Edinburgh have unironically scored a try

glasgow vs cardiff stream please

Let's get this shit started
>Glasgow guy

Cardiff Blues 23 - 19 Glasgow Warriors

Glasgow guy will defend this

Glasgow never lose la, they just run out of time.

blacks to win tomorrow

come up to Scotstoun and say that to my face

I'll be there next week with my Ulstermen pal.

>Beating Scarlets by only the same margin as Edinburgh did

not scared lad.

Losing to the Blues and still trying to talk shit

I'll save my shitposting for after we beat you next weekend then ;)

So the Fri pro12 games are finished, right?

si, hombre.

habra partidos de manana

I'll guess winners:



Glasgow lost to Cardiff

I should bet, I'd make a killing.


Just did a walkthrough of my new villa with the builder looking at reno options

Cardiff Blues 23 points

Glasgow Warriors 19 points

23-19= 4

4 point difference in favour of the Cardiff Blues

meaning that the Blues won the match with Glasgow picking up a bonus point

Why haven't you killed yourself yet lad?

Why havent you moved to Albany yet lass?

don't engage him.

I usually don't, but it's getting very sad at this moment in time.

/rug/ is, and has always been, a bully free zone. What drives that poor lad to try to buy acceptance from us with his fairytales is beyond me, someone needs to help that guy

Ausbro's, what's the standard amount that I can look to pay per night for some cheap and simple accommodation in Melbourne and Sydney during January/February?

Got some interviews lined up in those places, so trying to get together a budget of sorts. I imagine Melbourne should be cheaper than Sydney, but a quick Google search rings about $89.00 AUD per night, is this standard?

Don't know mate. I gave my own house

thank you for the update

Thanks for your concern new friend.

Pootago about to get their comeuppance from based Harbour lads.

Tab website is down lads, what do?

Typical southern rugby: offside all day and not getting pinged.

Pay your bills instead you useless prick.

Gambling is an addiction and I have no sympathy for you.

Shitspouter says something sensible.
Holy fuck.


Can't wait to king hit you lad.

We should organise a /rug/cric/ fight club.

Great attacking rugby from Harbour, just can't quite finish.

Shitspouter is NOT a bad poster. This is an opinion held exclusively by freshies.

He brings a lot of positivity to this community and is easily a top 5 poster. The only two I could place ahead of him with surety are Gentleben and the Welsh guy that goes by the name Blue.

t. Shitspouter




>the Chiefs' bar tab for the three-four hours they were there was $450.

Chiefs on absolute povvo cunts watch

Quints, and there's 5 letters in R-U-G-B-Y

All blacks to win by 66666 confirmed.


That's it?

Reminder that this community's most celebrated and renowned post was dedicated to the great sport of rugby league.

Reminder that this thread is 48 hours old and only just reached 400 posts.

Manawatu vs Cunterbury should be a goodie. Wanna know how I know you're all casual fuccbois? No one one will watch it.

Reminder that any one /rug/ poster could physically dominate you in real life. Keep shitposting to hide the fear, faggots.

Canterbury got knocked out last week by based Penrith, lad.

I guess the true casual has exposed himself.

Based EANF man dropped these bombs like it's Japan in 1945.




reminder you wouldn't understand heart like this

Hahaha that's fantastic I get it because there's also a Ausfailian league team called Canterbury that's terrific. Well done.


Reminder that /rug/ lost their precious World Cup and Super Rugby tipping comps to someone that doesn't even watch rugby.

Reminder that pea-brained poonion enthusiasts are no match for the intellectual colossi that are leagueGODs.

Reminder that your "ebin post" is probably the greatest achievement and most attention you'll receive from others in your short life.

Truly depressing.

Sympathy bump from your friends at /nrl/.

Yes we CAN reach 500!

Reminder that if you ever want to meet in a car park some time to settle our grievances, it'd be my pleasure to kick your faggot teeth in on behalf of the lads.

Sympathy bump from your friends at /nrl/.

Yes we CAN reach 500!


You don't know a single thing about me.

You WISH you were even half the man I am.

I'm 19 years old.

I am handsome, smart, athletic and virile.

I have a novel that is in it's final editing stage, and a creative writing professor at my college has read the first draft and thinks it's saleable.

I have a girlfriend who is confident, articulate, playful and spontaneous.

I have a small group of interesting friends from different social and academic backgrounds, and I also have many other acquaintances who see me as a reliable source of humour and good company.

Both my parents are alive and in good health.

I have no regrets.

I have already experienced three existential crises, the latter of which was described as having the depth and profundity of a man twice my age.

I am a passionate lover, a sharp thinker, and a trader of witty repartee.

I am not self-pitying, meek or needlessly humble.

I will live a good life at your expense.

You, on the other hand, are nothing.

Why not put the effort into your own comically empty threads?

Sympathy bump from your friends at /nrl/.

Yes we CAN reach 500!

Kys statschink.

reminder that the /rug/ """culture""" which you pride yourself on was appropriated from /nrl/ and /cric/

Canadian here, who should i be supporting in this rugby cup thing?

damn guys, we're really taking a beating from these /nrl/ posters.

i think it's time we moved to /asp/ for our own safety.

>canadian here

thanks for spelling that out, your flag had me confused for a second

kys dumb cunt

Reminder that you're an overweight 30-something NEET on the autism spectrum who is addicted to a kids website and fills the void that should be his social life with relentless shitposting to impress other unfortunates.

/afl/ is up btw

>I have a novel that is in it's final

You might wanna rethink that one if your grammar is this bad lad.

/cric/ is up btw

anyone watching the nrc?

also where can i find nrc highlights?

foxsports seems to only have full match replays

Sympathy bump from your friends at /nrl/.

Yes we CAN reach 500!

>get btfo by irrefutable logic and facts
>b-better criticise some typos and spelling e-errors, heh got 'em
Every time.

Fucking rekt Jesus

Hi guys im new here to /rug/ and im just wondering do /nrl/ always psychologically devastate us like this?

Can't wait to king hit you lad

Will fat nrl autists ever recover?

>flag automatically means wherre you are from

kys you complete and utter newcunt that has never seen a proxy before

/hayne/ is up btw

Meet me at Hornby mall entrance at 6 o clock sharp.

reminder you have NO fucking clue who I am
reminder I am responsible for the ENTIRE aus/sp/ community, including this thread in which you are posting RIGHT NOW
reminder I WILL wipe you the fuck off the face of this earth if you cross me again

The only thing you'll be meeting is the ground with your head cunt.

>he lives in crushedchurch
Disgusting but not surprising 2bh.

Trip on proxy off newcunt

REKT again holy fuck
Statsgook on desperate to stay relevant watch

Sympathy bump from your friends at /nrl/.

Yes we CAN reach 500!

I've got a good mate in Hornsby. Post a pic of you there at 6 and he'll be there in 5min. He owes me one.

You know when and where to find me. Will you have to balls to show though?

nrl traitor irrevocably BTFO

6 is an hour from now not 5 minutes. How can you be this retarded? Disgusting.

So I'll just pop down from Auckland to the smoking crater that was your shitty neighbourhood?


Kek, don't bother turning up. I can already tell you are no match more me. Next time lie and say you are from Napier or Hamilton.


So let me get this straight, you're an Australian chink who leeches off NZ society and unironically pretends he's 19 and l33t shitposter to impress other Australians, who actually hate him, while stalking their movements on reddit? Correct me if I'm wrong.


Good luck with that, shithead.

Jesus BTFO again, just give it up statsgook. Run along back to your Aussie masters.

I have no idea what you poofs are talking about, but I'm on my way to Hornby now.

I'm wearing my limited edition Kiwis jersey so I should be easy to spot. Show up if you dare.

Sweet I'll call my mate.
I hope you're joking, he's just got out.

Goosie here, just dropping my tinnie at wiseo and meeting you there in 30. I will blow your fucking arse the fuck out kid

So you'll be the tiny slanty-eyed cunt in a oversized jersey driving his mum's civic?

Of the closet? Sweet.

I'll be posting in the other /rug/ thread at 6 if need be. Don't disappoint me.

Quite literally the greatest /rug/ thread of 2016.

Janny on finally cleaning up /rug/ watch

Sweet Jesus statschink on pooicide watch this is cringe worthy.

Any based /rug/ posters live in chch? I'll pay you $100 to go stomp out statschink, but I'll need photos of his mangled face when you're done. If he doesn't show (obviously he wont) you'll get $50 for a time stamped pic at the location.

Hi guys I'm new to rug threads on the 4 chinz, would I make a name for myself if I went to the mall and curb stomped the zipper headed little fuck?

Ready and doing time till the Cats vs Emus lads, bought a bottle of liquor an hour ago, should be carefull since it´s a third down already

You're also a faggot.

Id go but Canterbury are playing
The little cunt seems like the type to gloat about le trolling you if you did go and waste your time
Up to you if you think hes worth that

>statschink literally on pooicide watch
Holy shit lad, your Aussie masters have lost interest in your ebin gag. Time to give it up and fuck off maybe?

Losing too lel

We dont lose m9


ITM Cup is a joke
We win every year I swear
We're the all blacks of provincial rugby

Mitre 10 Cup.
The only thing you win is the seething casual badge.

cuntburied struggling

Just scored a beaut.

As suspected no one showed.

I've said it before already, but I'm ashamed to share a country with you guys.

Should have known you were scared when you talked about sending your friends to do your work for you.

>share a country
You need to go back to Sadelaide.

Manawatu really thought they had us. Top kek

So the game starts at 9:35?

You could just deal with the fact that you're not a celebrity in rug. If you wanna talk about rugby with the lads, go ahead you're welcome. But being an insufferable childish cancerous fuck like this is just wasting your own time. No one here gives a fuck and no one cares about your existence. No one smiles when they read your posts. We just cringe. Now fuck off back to your containment thread.

Which game? NZ v RSA?
19.35 RWCT (Rugby World Champion Time)

/cric/ is down. Probably why he's here.

Jesus you guys are brutal today

Mitre 10 cups been awesome this year. Better than super rugby.

Yeah that one, but I'm still stuck in 1995 so don't know the new time zones

>hate Afrikaaners
>not a fan of the way NZ fans are increasingly acting like Aussies
>Argies are scum and Falklands will always be British

Today, there are no winners.

Good lad.
Your time, it's half past 50% quota.

>hate Afrikaaners

New threads gonna be early lads. No moaning about 10 post early bullshit. Migrate when ready.

>not Falkirk

Hi fresh kunt

Cheeky darkie.

Gravitate when ready.

Is that a real country?

idk what the Falkland are, the Falkirk are argentinean tho
>hate afrikaneers
i thought afrikaneers were those that live in africa, so what the fuck would someone with a chicken in their flag be?

look at the flag, literally founded by KFC
niggers sure do like chicken

Wow. Pretty racist.

i can be all the rayciss i want, i am the king of niggers remember?
look at my WHITE and lightblue flag

Thread summary if you missed it:
>statschink on pooicide watch
>nrlel on deaths bed watch
>/rug/ on uncontrollably powerful watch


Take that handsome fella to the new thread lad




Hear me lad
You are doing a huge demerit to that Breen lad