Eternal /fifa/ Thread

Corners are OP edition.

Demo out now. Game out on the 27th in the US, 29th everywhere else.

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Pre order/pre downloaded already desu


>playing Fifa in 2016

How many times were you dropped on your head?

Hope the reviewers fucking roast this fucking garbage


no one ever listens to these things

Any PC players know how to get rid of the micro stuttering? I have vsync forced on by driver but still get the stuttering

The EA devs haven't put in a fucking morsel of effort towards gameplay for about 6 years. After they discovered all they have to do is make a football trading card game for mentally challenged 14 year old it's been fucking abhorrent.
fuck anyone that supports this piece of shit

If you don't want to play it then don't play it m8, no need to sperg out about it on a Nepalese claymation board

So is the PC club coming back for 17?

who /MICKEYtaryan/ here?

Here's what I did for 15 and 16 lad

>turn off multi threading
>turn off triple buffering

Also,you might also want to turn off the v sync as well,in 15 it stuttered even worse with it on but without it was smooth while in 16 I had to have it on.

I'm a li'l /Rashboy/ myself


bullshit game tbqh but we should do a xboner pro club

Which new player are you excited about using?
Fosu looks immense for a silver

But FIFA is good, goy. You just don't know how to play it.

The demo feels like garbage, like all my players are trying to pull back when I'm trying to sprint. Can't wait for online corner that will only stall the game and so will free kicks.


The Cred Forums reply would've been
>get good fgt

It would have been less sad than spending this much time defending FIFA.

getting pes tbqh

That website is literal AIDS my god

What was that about chemistry issue? Didn't really give a fuck for fifa in the last few months

Demo feels quite good, players make some really nice runs desu without even asking them too

Does anyone knows if the Croatian NT is available? It has been missing since 2012 and it's one of the few 4.5 stars team funny to play

Chemestry was broken, it only worked on players that were shipped with the game (everyone except transfer cards and special cards) and had a chemestry style.

Whe the base chem style players had 0 gains, so there was no difference between 5 chem and 10 chem in stats.

We also found that this has been broken since FIFA 14.

the demo is dope senpai. game looks good, but obviously still plays like shit.

you can still abuse pace-boosts, sprinting with the ball is retardedly op in its current state. Di Maria is the best player in the game right now.

4-3-3 with a CAM will be even more overpowered than it's been for the past 4 years.

>Play Rashford mode
>Set up winner
>Get 7.8 rating
>At the end of the match the commentator says I was poor

I don't think this semen slurping mode is for me lads.

What are there so many PES shills in /fifa/?

>free kicks

How the fuck do I do this shit now

it's on amateur and it's ultra rigged. 90% of the players who try the mode on the demo will score a goal themselves and get a 9.0+ rating.

if its anything like the NBA career mode, it wont really matter much anyway. especially since it seems like you cant transfer away to another club.

Pes 2017 is the greatest football game ever made

Shit is scripted. I was at like 85' still tied. Goalie kicked it right to me. I missed the blooter. Very next goal kick it came right to me. I'm not gonna do the rashford mode.

What the actual fuck EA

>Get an assist and a goal
>9.5 rating
>decide to fuck with the game
>Tackle someone from behind, injure them and get a red

Well that's interesting. I kept saying that special cards were not worth it all these years.

It's going to be like a Telltale game.

>Score a hattrick every match
>Halfway through the season
>"Sorry m8 but the manager is sending you out on loan cus ur shit"

I think it's more concerning that no one noticed this for years, including EA themselves

Very much doubt EA didn't knew about it. Probably just a way to balance the game.

It's even worse, some youtubers confirmed that inside EA only some people know the effects of chemestry, so the QA team probably didn know what it should do.

>purposely draw reds every game to show script
>"Hunter leads Manure to League Title"

Its gonna be one of those games where all paths lead down the same road. Don't think those little speech options do shit.


So Lyon's new stadium isn't in the game? Am I going mental or was this not advertised as being in the game recently?

Of course. Its top secret you guise, guy in charge was on patternity leave for his wives child.

>score 3 own goals
>get sent off
>"is there anything you could've done differently? Thoughts about your loss?"
>blame my teammates
great game

Fuck you all, I'm actually keen for The Journey.

I take it you've not played any 2k games

>tfw a beautiful bottom corner finish through the defender's legs

long shots are waaaay less accurate but first time shots are way more acurate.

so innovative!

Hope i can join a league 2 team in the jourey. Starting in the premier league sounds boring as fuck.

This is shit. Plays exactly like 16 but with weaker passing. It seems like i have to hold the X button for a full 3 seconds just to be able to do 10 yard pass.

PL teams only

Shooting is really good, much, much better than last year's travesty. The only problem for me this far is that keepers often dive low on high long shots.

That would be a huge deal if it found its way to the full game, but I think the fifa 15 demo had the same problem and they fixed it for the full game, i'm hoping it's the same case with this.

Overall the gameplay looks promising, but we'll see in a month or two.

Well wont be playing that shit then.

How do I learn to play this game? I'm fucking terrible and there's no tutorial

>Tutorial for a football game

You just need to know the buttons and play the game

When you have the ball pass it to the forward and once he has the ball shot to goal

When the opponent has the ball try to get it from him

Last FIFA I played was 98 on the N64, I can't tackle for shit, only beat Seattle 2-1 on semi-pro

best way to do it is have a mate teach you

otherwise just learn the button scheme and play against pitifully low AI

try driven passes m8

Should I buy PES 17 if I have 16?
I really don't know what the pros and cons are or if I should buy FIFA

Hey guys, you made a mistake. Videogame generals go on /vg/

How the fuck do I into free kicks?

no clue

I figured out corners and penalties pretty quickly and I like them, but I'm lost on free kicks

Watch le journey lads

every player feels good on the ball

seems like you can glide past everybody with any player with proper use of close dribbling/ball roll/feints

>passing is even worse this year
Bravo EA

cant even run demo
this fifa is shit

Time for a new toaster stevan


Who here /primeiraliga/?
I'll post more if anyboody wants to

Do you have Victor Lindelof's rating?

Well done you can check futhead

there are skill modes in the game which help for dribbling, tackling, shooting etc, they also show up on every load screen so just make a career mode and by the end you should be sharp enough to play with the big dogs

j-league ratings when

TOTS/TOTY cards were still far better than the original NIFs

TIF, TOTS and TOTYS were better than regular cards, but the rest were all worst.

it isnt on futhead la
he's 78, check pic

Linfelof was based in H2H. Played like a bald Maldini. Almost makes me want to buy Fifa 17.

>haven't played fifa in years
>Seattle dominating me in possession
How do you win the ball back?

Don't let them have it in the first place

Fuck this cunt series

>played with basic chem style players 90% of the time
>players felt subpar compared to opponents

it all makes sense now, fuck this semen slurping game

it's just EAs AI, they all play like 2010 Spain it's fucking shit

If you have a PS4, yes, absolutely.

>tfw every game I have 30-40% possession

those are clearly screens from a youtube video and not a single one of those cards is on futhead, what the fuck are you on?

Why though?

what the fuck are these lad

will the FIFA companion app on mobile be giving out daily gifts anytime soon? Can't remember the last time I got one

Fuck up litmanen you snownigger

Should I preorder the super deluxe version ? If this post ends in a 6 I'll do it

Any word yet from EA on when the fifa 17 web app will be out ?

you have to do this! NOWWW

>Player switching
How do you fuck these up this badly

Last year they gave daily rewards for the first two weeks or something like that-

Some time around the 20th, can't be much longer since people will start playing the 22th with the exclusive bullshit stuff.

who here is still on these threads from fifa 12-13ish?

rip post proof


i miss fifa 10 so much

oi, penalties are much better than the last 5 years, the run up looks wonky but doesn't really matter.

switching is even worse than last year though

What kind of free gifts? I know its stuff for UT, but like contracts or actual good players?

Ultimate Team killed FIFA.

Some coins (200, 300, 500, or even 1000) and a mini-bronze, silver or gold pack every now and then.

It's sort of reflective of the gaming industry at large desu

what a revelation

i have freesync on and took off the 60 fps cap. Seems to have done the trick.


Can you blame them? Its the cash cow.

No pre download available?

It's currently downloading


Fuck, the gameplay is great

I think I'll be starting with Jonas and a quicker striker alongside him and a 3-5-2 with Pizzi (or Joao Mario in a hybrid) on the right. Might be cool.

Do you lads know anyone who refuses to play as the team they support because they don't want to lose as them?

here's the rest for you la'

More like I refuse to play against my favorite team because I know ill beat them

Nice, thanks. I'm looking forward to the full database coming out so I can mess around with some teams.


>he cares about critic scores
>the user average is 7.5

>He plays pes

If you want to be a social outcast I'd suggest browsing /r9k/ first

The PC demo was terrible.

Konami care about PC like EA cares about putting out good football games, fuck all.

Thing about it is Fifa could literally get a score of 30 and PES get a 98 but FIFA will still outsell it by millions


>He plays PES
>He defends playing PES
>He is proud of playing PES

Yes can't wait to get the lads round for a few games of >PES

>implying you even get anyone round at all

of course not. I'm a patrician autist with a refined taste in media.
I don't have a problem admitting it and don't project myself onto others.

I want PES to be better than FIFA, but it just isn't. FIFA actually tries to look like a game of football, PES is just ping pong robots.

Can I even make the Web App work with a PS4 accpunt if I don't have a PS4?
I will buy it the 30th, but I want to start trading and shit earlier.

At least you're honest

Only old fags play PES. Because of muh pes 03/04, and winning eleven X.

we're never gonna get a good game of football whilst you control one player at a time

Don't bother

For the first fucking time in FIFAs history, the player movements are truly realistic.

The graphics are still shit tho tbqhwyfam

>ai still runs into you and completely stop moving when you play a pass

Then again I guess the MLS is that quality

>7GB Demo

I miss the days when full games, let alone demo's were a few hundreds of MBs at best. Though certainly nothing to whine about in the days of forgettably priced 4GB drives and Gigabit download speeds.


I meant 4 Terabyte.

>you now remember when you bought a PS2 in the early 2000s it came with a disc with 10 or so demos

You'd also get those demo discs with the PlayStation magazines as well. Those were the days.

>Magazine demos
The thrill of getting one is just indescribable

>tfw poor and rarely got new games on ps1
>had this is football and chamber of secrets on ps1
>after I played the ever living fuck out of them I essentially exclusively played demo discs

>tfw my parents got me a N64 and PS1 in the 90s
>tfw i was that kid that everyone wanted to hang out with on the weekends because of the consoles

kek. This one Indian kid's house became the premier neighborhood hangout after he became the first kid on our street to get a PS2.

The policy of loser passes controller always guaranteed that there'd be a fight or two every weekend.




>find my PS2 memory card
Jesus Christ

Aaand this game is going to be ruined again.

PESfag here

Just played my first FIFA game with the 17 demo.

What in the ever-living fuck is this control scheme?

>buttons change what you do mid dribble

I was so fucking confused and angry that I quickly exited the game after I lost.

>I was so fucking confused and angry

didnt even need to see the american flag for this post

>complaining about something that is the same every year

So general conclusion is that if I play on pc I should get fifa and if on ps4 pes right?

>Pes anywhere

Dont fall for the meme. I mean do what you want but remember that I warned you.

This desu

it is not ~2008 user
there is no need for PES anywhere

>Fifa fans be like fuck this shitty game (pes)
>Fifa uses elements from pes

Which game has a dabbing celebration?

Are there any Cred Forums pro clubs on FIFA 16? Xbone fag here

this. brainwashing is strong. have you seen the pes steam reviews? top fucking kek

who cares about stream reviews, pes on ps4 gets great review, pc version is nothing like that.

it's not fifa 13 dude, low rated strikers can't do shit

so is this the year pro evo is obviously the best choice again?

i dont play games on pc

>it's a Fifa sucks episode

madden is great this year fuck >sprint down the line with pacey black guy and get a corner

no one will play this horseshit, hopefully they patch it

>so is this the year pro evo is obviously the best choice again?

hasn't been in a while, unfortunately

pro evo has not been better? or it has been better than fifa for a while?


What if all I want is FIFA 13 with updated graphics and rosters?

There's a F2P game in SEA and Korea called Fifa online 3, it's basically Fifa 13/14 with updated roster, and a lot of legends

we should do one m8

absolutely based

>Manchester United Attack 90
>Real Madrid 87
>almost same ratings in midfield

well if United attack isn't at least 90 then why would the people in Kuala Lumpur buy it?? gotta get dem sales

So, is it cheaper to preorder FIFA or to wait few months?

How long would I wait till the price would drop lower than that 25% off release price? What was the situation last year?

just to sell this garbage to poo in loos and chinks
manure is on steroids

>How long would I wait till the price would drop lower than that 25% off release price? What was the situation last year?

15= Pace
16= Passing
17= Longshots

Why can't they just make a balanced game?

Fifa 15 demo had the same shit as this one because of the same glitch; the keepers dive under the ball.

>run up and press b to tackle
>win the ball early
>game changes b press into a clearance

I hate that shit. In fact I hate defending in FIFA in general, I much prefer the PES method of double tapping to tackle. Player movement in FIFA is also too sensitive, it's too easy to take a few steps at the wrong angle or in the wrong direction and completely fuck yourself. Your AI defenders can't mark for shit either.

end me now jesus

what PC club?

I'll be making one for playing with some irl mates, but if people from here wanna join it they can.

>Fifa 15 and 16 were mediocre at best
>Still played them for 500+ and 300+ hours respectively
>Just pre-ordered the Super Deluxe version of 17
>tfw I'll never be free

>Your AI defenders can't mark for shit either.
This is the issue

You mark someone out of the game and the ai just lapses and lets another runner free

>haven't played fifa since like 12
>all the flaws are still there
>buying because PES is shit on pc
I'm gonna be annoyed every fucking game but I want to play football

>CDMs still play striker

Otamendi was playing where Aguero should have been for some reason on one of my games

realistic tbf

>playing against Man City
>Joe Hart playing
>score 3 goals
>announcer says something about possibly sacking the GK

I guess this is the reward for finishing the journey, will you be using it?

so this kid is supposed to become goat but is only a 75 in UT?


I think you only play one season, you probably have to win the treble to get the card or some bullshit, it's pretty good for a 17 year old

>bring Nakamura back to Celtic
God my body isn't prepared.

Is this shit worth picking up?
play fifa 14 on the ps4 with my mate from time to time since it's fun and we chat about a lot of stuff(I don't seem him much and we were good pals for ages)

Downloaded fifa 17 demo and it feels the same shit except everyone has like 99pace or some shit

tried PES and it seemed really fun despite being shit due to the controllers but lincensing kinda kills it

It comes down to whether you just like to play tactically correct football games (PES) or have fun scoring blooters in 7-2 games before losing 6-3 the next game and so on with UT (Fifa)

>75 rated gold TOTS

Lmao ea doesnt even know their own game

What the whole mode is just one season?

>mfw counting down the days until i can start making my starter team

Got it all planned out already senpai

74 is silver, 75 is gold.

Nice ironic post.

Shit card

>reward for making it through be a nigger mode is a fucking shit card


>77 PAC
but he's black

>turns take too long to complete
>dribbling isn't fun
>wonky controls
>set pieces are too easy to control
>commentary gets old after 1 game
>MLS games don't even have the announcers referring to anyone's name but clint dempsey
>PC version is incompatible with PS4 controller

PES wins again it looks like.

Shame people will think FIFA is the better game because muh graphics and Real Madrid.


Stopped reading there Shap

I don't really care about MLS but I feel like it was pointless to play as them if the commentators aren't going to actually call the game.

shielding is broken in the demo

its too op...should only work the way it currently does with high str players

you shouldn't be able to hold off people with a guy like david silva

FIFA 17 Deluxe free on PSN!!!! GO GO GO

No it isn't


didn't work for me

Ya missed it, got shut down a few minutes ago.

David Silva is the master at shielding and keeping the ball irl tho.
He almost never gets his pocket picked.


Post team

Hoping after a week or so to be able to have something like this in a 3-5-2:

------------Jonas---Primeira Liga striker-------
--------------------Adrien Silva-------------
Doug. Costa--Sanches--Pereira--Joao Mario
----------------Cesar/any Brazil GK-------------

Obviously will change based on how expensive everyone is and when the full database comes out so I can see alternatives to these players. Douglas Costa is the main concern.

How did you know that it was free?

Isn't the full database out now? Although not on futhead I think.
I'm probably going with a cheap EPL/serie A team. Saw on Reddit the coin bonuses are like 84k so I'll grind offline with the starter bronzes and go on prices from there, divs should of settled by then too

Guilherme has been the best Brazilian GK for me since Fifa 12

Anyone know what Huralio Gomes, Ighalo and Deeney's rating will be?

I know Perreya is 81 so thats cool.

that is the single most fedora-tier autistic thing i've ever heard in my entire life

How do I make career mode interesting in FIFA?
I've done league 2 to champions. But it's just unrealistic with players turning down the club ect and if you're a big club it's too easy buying the top players year after year and just training shit players over a season can make them worth 20m+

journeyman career, start off in some shithole like Austria or Switzerland then work your way up to an elite team

I've liked Alves personally of the Brazilians.

Nah I don't think Futhead has it so I'll have to wait until then. Will definitely be grinding bonuses early.

demo is shit

""""the journey"""" is the cringiest thing i've ever seen in my life

I want to play a football sim not fucking eastenders

its just gonna be like the 2k nba games desu, scripted and fucking stupid, hopefully itll be just as funny to take the piss with though

sucks that you cant make a freak of nature too

>league 2 teams play exactly the same as barcelona but with shitter stats
this is why fifa is shit

I think this is different in 17 so far. I beat Madrid 4-0 on Legendary with Chelsea, but against Man United I normally scoreless draw or lose 1-0, sometimes with them getting 67% possession.

Definite difference in AI play style, seems like United is Van Gaal boring to play against at the moment.

I tried Gamba Osaka, and it was horrendous to play with.

Who's not excited for the

>CANADIAN autist

Spending $500 of his daddy's money and buying the best team and then shitting up these threads?

I shan't be posting in here once the game's out

>its just gonna be like the 2k nba games desu, scripted and fucking stupid, hopefully itll be just as funny to take the piss with though
Hilariously 2k's latest version came out yesterday and they finally nailed the story/myplayer mode

So Fifa looks even shittier

Am I blind or does FIFA 16 look better in the images?

ah yes I need a more photorealistic version of Zlatan's face, not gameplay improvements

They never improve shit desu, I get the feeling every year it's just change for the sake of change.

Look at corners this year, no one asked for that revamp or overhaul, there wasn't a mass complaint, they just did it to make it feel new.

good goy

>I need a more photorealistic version of Zlatan's face
and still looks shit compared to PES faces lel

Some of the PES faces look pretty bad, Rooney for example (and that's not just his natural ugliness).

fuck off retard

NBA 2k made this same mistake

PES this year

not sure I can post here when the game is released desu, I'll be grinding FUT and don't want and journey spoilers early on


I have a bad feeling that all paths lead down the same road in that mode. Like your choices and performances don't mean shit. Just based on that guy said he scored 4goals in the Hunter demo and the interviewer has giving him shit or whatever.

Why is PES17 only $40 on PC but $60 on PS4?

Because it sucks dick on PC

non rare card with 92 pace wtf

wtf PES demo felt much better than the FIFA demo

>muh graphics
PES is so much better than fifa it's not even funny

It's not so much graphics as it is the game engine not being the fox engine for about 3 years now

>PES is so much better than fifa
i like this meme

FIFA 17 is genuinely awful.

Going to pray for a PES17 crack and skip FIFA.

Fuck, you mean you can no longer change player settings? Now how am i gonna steamroll the computer without my 100% shot & sprint power and 0% shot error?

>16 was shit
>17 demo feels somewhat better, but still shit
>PES 17 PC sounds like a shit show

I fucking hate video games


>tfw PES is region locked

The FIFA fanbase is the most cancerous thing on the internet

how does this ps2 game have the best net physics?

If either Fifa or Pes got those nets, it would make the choice between the two much easier.

GTA has that covered I'm afraid

pes 2017 nets are pretty good though

Gonna buy PES

Should I fork over $60 for the PS4 version with no multiplayer (I don't have PS+) or stick with the PC version which has multiplayer but likely no one to play with?

PC version is utter shit, it's a cheap last gen port.

What's the difference other than graphics

God PES on PC DOES look terrible. AND it seems to have even less licenses.

How could 16 have Real Madrid but 17 doesn't?

Sonic annd undertale are much worse. At least the fifa community isn't full of fetish porn

>Eternal /fifa/ Thread Possum Vomit 09/15/16(Thu)07:49:42
When did Cred Forums become /asp/?

How long did FIFA 16 take to get cracked?
I really don't wanna shell out money for fucking FIFA, but FIFA 17 on PC is actually quite fun. Last FIFA I played unironically was probably 2001.

I thought it was still not cracked

the engine is completely different

I'm enjoying the fuck out of master league on ps4

Oh shit nigga you might actually be right.
That's sad. Fucking 50€ for a digital version of FIFA, why are EA such kikes.
I need my money for my RPGs
Looks like I might be pirating Tyranny then.

>I'm enjoying the fuck out of master league on ps4
Any real differences from 2016?

So we can agree Ultimate team is a fucking cancer to the game correct?

I just trade in games every year refuse to actually pay for it.

>PES17 commentary is literally exactly the same as 16

Isn't this PES? Why is the name different?


I would have fucking killed for this game as a kid. didn't even know it existed until a few years ago

I'm trying to wrap my head around how those net physics from 2004 are better than what we have now

>caring this much about net physics

>Open 80 packs hope I get lucky and then grind offline with coin bonuses
>play 40 offline draft entries on beginner with coin bonuses and hope I get something decent (probably take 2 weeks)

there is a crack of sorts

you first download the demo on origin,have it not update ever, then put in the files from the full game,apply some bullshit or whatever and it works more or less

Werner is based. Had him in career scored 60 odd goals in 40 games for me at Stoke.

Based. Gotta have at least 85 FK Accuracy right?

>All this people being worried about The Journey "spoilers"

>At least the fifa community isn't full of fetish porn
would be funny if it was though

Holy shit, FIFA 17 demo is wank.

I'm probably actually going to have to wait until this one costs 5 bucks.

Can someone explain what chemgate is?

I'm having a hard time trying to understand it

Every players standard chemistry should be 6
Non-original player (IF's, TOTS, Upgrades, etc) standard chemistry should have been 6 but it has supposedly been 0 instead
Basically, chemistry in special players has meant nothing in FUT.

So is that why it feels like the regular cards out-perform their IF's sometimes?


He has the 9th best FKA in the game so probably.


web app when?


>frostbite removed all modding

good job ea



>Bale lower than Neymar
>Ozil 89, same level than motherfucking Modric

A. Through pass to Ronaldo for an easy tap-in.
B. Dribble by Pique and take the shot yourself.
X. Take the shot from long distance; 28 yards out.
Y. Dribble into the box and attempt to draw a foul.

>You press X.

Am I the only one whose PS4 controller doesn't work with the PC version?

FIFA 17 is $50 on greenmangaming

$45 on key sites.

>key sites
What's that

the players feel so stiff in FIFA

transitions from player to player in PES are so much more smooth

The GOAT himself

>Lee Nguyen is better than the whole J-league




So senpai, which teams are we looking at starting off with?

>Talking shit on Asian-American Messi.
Say one more thing about Nguyen and I swear I'll rev up the Creedence for Round 2.

Go to bed Shap


I mean you are an adult so you can do whatever you want, I don't really care. But Matlock did end 45 minutes ago.

gift me pl0x

>talking shit on Matlock

>Implying I was talking shit on Matlock

Im not gonna play as some generic english black dude.. they shouldve made that create your own face kinda thing

>tfw shap never replied to my XBL message but i always reply to him on steam



>playing as the other players

pretty much cheating

He's online right now desu

I'm on XBL atm actually.


Rude senpai



When did you get an xboner shap?

Ages ago. I had one, then sold it, then my girlfriend bought me one again. Buddy of mine IRL wanted to play Halo 5 with me, so he picked me up a copy, and I've just been wasting time with him on it.

You getting FIFA on it?

Probably not, no. Will probably pick up Gears 4 and that'll be it for the Xbone this year.


Looks shit

Better than Rooney m8

My grandma better than that cunt

When will the definite player ratings come?

Definetly not liking these current ratings on that wefut site.

He was shit in the Viet league, fuck you.


wait,you can't have custom faces and kits no more?

no more creation master this year?

>castro has 300 more losses than wins

how is he popular again?

He quits a lot of his drafts in the first round when he's trying to get his high rated drafts

>even NHL UT has surpassed FUT.
What the fuck do the Fifa devs do with their massive development team? Do they just start working on next year's game in July?


>"Hmmm, maybe I should get back to fifa after beasting in 15 for the past two years..."
>"Let's start by building a nice little silver team, hopefully they have a wide range of interesting strikers to start with a solid attack.
>mfw pic related.

See you in 18 guys, I tried, I swear I tried...

I'll play a few clubs games, and hopefully Anti and Maddy will play with me in 2v2 to get to div 1...

Just look for tall strikers who can head the ball from crosses.

No chance

They're not released you mong.

Anyone else get free FIFA here?

you must've misread my filter...

Anyway, luckily this is from the demo only.. hopefully some sexy players will appear..

Guys, there's a board for FIFA now.

I was trolling guys.. you know me better than that.. For god's sake I taught you how to play the game..

But srsly though anti.. let's take that 1st spot in 2v2..

Maddy here, anti and I already decided to team up and dominate the 2v2 division from day 1. Also anti is shit I beat him in the demo already.

Maddy you better have some quality LSD ready for our upcoming 2v2 stomping.

You know we have a crusade to undertake and that our Mercedes is not allowed any dents in it.

Oi lads i skipped last years fifa, is this one going to be worth the buy? I play on PC with some pals usually pro clubs and career mode


No. Pro Clubs hasn't been touched as usual and the story thing in the career mode looks stupid as fuck.

>tfw no stadium customization for pro clubs

Love it. Reminds me of Goal! or Dream Team - pure cringeworthy hamfest in the best way.

is pre-order cheaper? or does it just give you some meme coins and cards for FUT? wich I dont even care about

oh shit nigga, is the demo out for this?

Yeah, the full game is out. It's fucking amazing and hockey translates better to team play more than soccer imo. 6v6 EASHL is awesome.

*Oops, there isn't a demo. If you've got EA Access you can play the full game for 10 hours though.

i can get the game for 45 off of craigslist, is it worth it?

I've only played NHL 16 demo and I thought it was pretty good.Kinda wish there was a demo for this years edition.

I like it. Gameplay is pretty similar to 16 except for some minor puck physics improvements. HUT is really great and they don't fuck you over with packs like Fifa does. Every pack gives 2 85+ players and it's easy to build a good team without spending $. Draft mode is free to enter too and you can unlock 88 and 92 overall players from it.

EASHL is the best part of NHL though. They did an amazing job with customization and every time your team or player levels up you unlock something.

Yea, I think I'm gonna cop it then.

It seems this guy is selling the copy deluxe edition for 45, im gonna see if I can get it for 40.

You on xbone?

what's the cheapest option for PC? i remember previous years the best option was to buy it through origin while on a third world VPN, same idea this time around?
i don't need players packs or dabbing celebrations, just the standard

Just wait 10 minutes after release in the US and there'll be plenty of torrents avalible.

Not cheaper. But you get 'exclusives' like packs that are distributed over several weeks, as well as exclusive kits. If I'm not mistaken, cheapest goes
>59.99 even on PSN network
>58.99 on Amazon, like a few cents off
>59.99+Tax in store

nah bro ps4 :/, otherwise I would try it out before buying it

Too bad, otherwise I'd give you some players in HUT.

Anybody playing NBA 2k17 here?

you have to have a good football mind to be good on fifa. and be creative..also rely on luck maybe 90% of time

Who wants to get slaughtered on xbox one?

How long until we get the leaked full players database like in 14?

I would, but we both know how the latency would be like.

we could try a match whats your gamertag i just got on

It'd have to be very soon, supposedly the web app is out in the next couple days

>spend $8000 on packs
>best pull will be Kroos


How is that an illustration of over powered corners when its more an illustration of retards being unable to cover a corner properly?

That's the pure definition of the corners being OP because you can hit a low cross like that and volley it in without any opposition

i tried. i really did.

i cannot get into this game. i know this isn't my blog/whatever but ive been playing consistently since 06 WC game and i just find 17 to be god awful.

sluggish players, awful input delay, skill moves take too long to pull off, new set piece system is lame. i want to be able to take my own corners direct. new fk system is weird, but decent. however it doesnt translate to the penalty kicks very well, those are just awful.

shielding the ball is massively OP with the CPU. defending is really bad. slide tackles aren't even worth it anymore not even if you time it. there is no lunge, might as well just try and get lucky with a standing tackle.

new shooting mechanic is okay but the goalkeepers seem kinda retarded in general. ball physics hitting the post is really off. pace isn't a super big deal but since defending is non-existent it is worse than the last game.

yeah, fuck this game basically.

Pre-load up on ps4. can anyone confirm?

>played consistently since 2006
>doesn't know that the demo gameplay will never be the same as the regular game


it'll be the same bro. they only ever bother patching issues with FUT, which in turn makes the regular game worse since it is slower by default.

Oh you're one of those people who don't play ultimate team

Feel bad for you guys desu, EA have fucked you guys royally. I like UT but I sure miss going into regular online lobbies to use custom teams

i do play UT. but i like to enjoy some career mode or normal online ranked matches just to switch things up.

I like regular h2h seasons, although I usually play co op in those

Offline has been cancer forever, just completely boring

also i really really really miss the 10 v 10 be a pro lobbies from the older games where you played with real teams. since it was region locked you would see a lot of the same people and it was fun talking smack.

I miss talking shit after you score a goal, you got that 10 second window to talk

you can still do that in pro clubs

no you cant, im saying the opponents

it opens up the mics to both teams in pro clubs when you score.

>full database when?!

I guess the web app will be out tomorrow?

who /onlybuysfifaforproclubs/ here?

I saw an article saying it could be today but at the latest it would have to be tomorrow because I think early access starts on the 22nd.

I think it has always been relased on wednesday because of the new totw?

t. Umberto Galimberti

>forcing this meme across multiple generals

Well meme'd sir

Could be yeah, I'm not entirely sure. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

Replying to me with random wog names won't stop me from posting, you have been doing it for months and I am still posting.

You're an utter mong and you should focus your attention on contributing positively to this board instead of trying to change it and control how people post.

I know who you are and why you do this, I know how hard you have tried to change things but it never changes.

The worst thing about this is that when I leave the thread and go to another, you probably think I have stopped replying to you because your autism has worked.

It's sad, it's a self-perpetuating cycle of autism that you have.



Replying to me with random wog names won't stop me from posting, you have been doing it for months and I am still posting.

You're an utter mong and you should focus your attention on contributing positively to this board instead of trying to change it and control how people post.

I know who you are and why you do this, I know how hard you have tried to change things but it never changes.

The worst thing about this is that when I leave the thread and go to another, you probably think I have stopped replying to you because your autism has worked.

It's sad, it's a self-perpetuating cycle of autism that you have.

The PC version is last gen, console is better

no it's not. It's exactly the same as ps4 and xbox

>negative win/loss

whats the market gonna be like on pc? will prices be fucked?

Does Rashford mode replace Career mode or are they both there? I don't want to be on a scripted journey where I Can't start in League two and can't even customise my player, I mean, what the fuck were EA thinking?

>what the fuck were EA thinking?

They haven't thought about anything outside of Ultimate team since Fifa 12 I'd say

Fifa 09-11 the game mode was there but it wasn't as big for them

Need that database lads

He means PES

I buy FIFA only for pro clubs and even then I still have no idea why I buy it.

Defending needed a nerf because it was piss easy in 16, literally contain and teammate pressure to win. Before the main patch on 16 it was good the. They changed it because people were bitching.

I'd rather have a deserved win or loss from a game that results in a couple goals than grindy bullshit games that end in 1-0 from a lucky deflection or mistake.

web app when m8s


web app lads

>The FUT Web app and Football Club are currently down for maintenance while we prepare for FIFA 17.


WTF is this bollocks?


>Sending out early web app starts

Lemme guess, all the youtubers get a million fifa points to start with as well

lol sucks for you

Bateson put on twitter he can't get in either

>Sign Messi's regen on career
>the game is now on easy-mode


What is a regen?

>player retires
>new youth player spawns at a random club in the same league
>same nationality and potential
>usually has the same positions and preferred foot

even the database is incomplete

oh thanks, might make career mode more interesting if i just treat them like youth prospects i found and not a glitch in the game
>Reddit packs Reus in a 5k pack

dude wtf why the FUCK is there a selection shit for the Web App?

what the FUCK is EA thinking with this shit

holy FUCK im pissed

Rob hodson just tweeted out its a glitch and not on purpose so it should start working soon

>ayy lmao
>dundee badhe


sup nerd

>tfw will never be this lucky


Are there any informs in Fifa 17 or do they just start tomorrow?

>people having millions of coins at the start of the game


>ronaldo selling for less than 2mil at the start of the game life

>ronaldo selling for 2mil at the start of the game life

ronaldo is lower resolution than all the other players

Getting the game in 22nd through origin access. Can't wait

In down

>already 3 legends on the market on xbox

What's the deal with buying coins online? Is it just a meme that gets you banned?

>webapp access

lol ea is a lel joke

Will FUT webapp work if I skipped 16?

Want a game? What's you're gamer tag, I'll btfo you son

as far as I can tell its completely random who gets on

>Donovan is not in FUT on PS4.

>1900 games
>negative win/loss
>54 (FIFTY FOUR) draws


>Juan Mata's card this year.

these niggers are the stupidest fucks I've ever seen.

They gave Moritz Bauer a 63 card have they literally ever seen him play, he just got transferred for 4 milllion euros. jesus fucking christ

Dani Abalo is literally not even in the game wtf 6 september counts as summer transfers you morons

>Costa in my 1st pack

Also the FUT official website has the entire Gold Player database up

Best I got was Rafa (80) from Benfica. Fucking kill me.

>Pirlo 82, Ibrahimovic 90

hahahahaha Ibrahimovic is according to this game just as good as suarez

all these ratings are fucking retarded, especially outside of the top 5 leagues.
only gives me more reason to not buy the game i guess.

My LM are currently rated at 92, 90, 87 & 85 for pace lel

Bought atleast 8, 81+ rated players for -3x launch day sale price. Will continue to do it until release day, looking comfy from here lads, will have around 80/90k, minimum 50k at launch...

One problem, how do you log out of the web app? There is no log out button!

Fifa 17 not yet released
People have spent money to pre-order it
People have also spent money on FIFA points for random players

You are literally throwing money at EA for absolutely no reason lads

Good thing Pulisic isnt rare.



Tbf the guy above guy's doing it right, why spend the extra like £15 on the deluxe, to get 20 packs over 20 weeks, by which time the price of the players is nothing.

When you could buy standard, use the extra money to get the packs instantly and sell them for x3 the value like he said.

m8, how did you get fifa points on your account?

>there's a player going for 350-400 who will sell for 1k+ easy at launch

I don't think i'll get this one.
convince me otherwise. played the shit out of 15 and 16, didn't enjoy playing demo at all.


should I just use the extra money on packs and sell the players now or at launch

Considering nobody has any coins with which to actually buy players now, at launch

>EA fucks up the web app launch

What a surprise.

Havent used Fifa points yet lads ;) just the magic of trading. I'll be picking up £15 worth of points in a couple of days just to get in early with my starting balance.

Just an update to.. When FIFA comes out, i'll be sitting on atleast 160k as it stands when i resell these twats. :D

Define trading?

update #2

EA has officially given me the message to play FIFA 17 on my xbox one to access the transfer market. They usually do this to traders, fuck me I'm doing this shit legit..

oh well, packs it is soon.. atleast i got a shit ton of players la

Sit at you're monitor and snipe certain players then sell them at launch. Also snipe cheap golds you can resell for 70 coins profit after EA tax.

also don't do what i did.. buy a player every few mins.. i was fucking buying players every few seconds lol

don't bother

FIFA 07 and FIFA 14 were the best football games ever made, nothing ever came close until now

literally refreshing hoping its a bug but it looks like i'm unable to trade now la

Name certain players bruh :3 what ratings we talking?

Kek that's not them giving you "official access to FIFA 17 to trade", it's you getting a soft ban for sniping too much.

Loic Perrin in the Ligue 1. You can pick him up in auction for 800/1.2k. Last 2 years sold for x6 his pre release price.

I'll give you one ;p, just in case EA let me in, need dem coins ;p

I should be allowed to snipe tbf, they just want me to buy packs to sort myself a team the greedy bastards. I'm sorted now anyway, I'll have a basic discard gold team for around a month until prices drop to a decent level and then i'll build a half decent team.

6 months in, i'll have over a few mill.. easy.. ;p

Cheers! So quick selling crap and sniping cheap 80s?

Yup but not all of them, look at stats/league and nationality. If it looks good and is cheap they will always rise in price after release, now go fourth and snipe like a mofo.. I can't D:

opened my 7 free packs

got absolute shit, best player was ecuele-mangala or whatever from Cardiff

totally not buying the game now

i didnt even buy fifa , and i got invited. AAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

Yeah you used to be able to snipe regularly up until about a year or so ago but then they started cracking down on that because of the bots

oi senpai you still getting the message saying youre not allowed on the web app?

>7 free packs

How? Web app?

Yeah I can't get in

yeah on the web app i got 7 free pack since my ultimate team account is from 2013, you get more packs the more years you played UT

fuck this game where is my messi

Sorry you were not invited to participate in early web start in FUT 17. You will be able to use the Web App once FIFA 17 is released. You will need to have first logged in to FIFA 17 on your preferred platform, and created you FUT 17 Club.
Sorry you were not invited to participate in early web start in FUT 17. You will be able to use the Web App once FIFA 17 is released. You will need to have first logged in to FIFA 17 on your preferred platform, and created you FUT 17 Club.
Sorry you were not invited to participate in early web start in FUT 17. You will be able to use the Web App once FIFA 17 is released. You will need to have first logged in to FIFA 17 on your preferred platform, and created you FUT 17 Club.

Ahh shit. For 17, i went from 360 to ps4. I had about 4 years on 360. So i only have the one year.

man when I saw this for the first time I flipped.

by then most people knew about it, but I don't check news all the time just read that webapp came up.

logged in and saw that I was like nigga what the fuck?

They let me back on the market and I just sniped about 90k worth of future coins,, LOL

some of those consisted of a silver lm at 350 coins each. he's guaranteed to be 7/8k min at release day just because of his 4* skills and pace lmao

>mfw i can't even get a verification code from EA to even try and log in

Fucking shitter.

>new iphone
>forgot apple id
>jumping through hoops to recover ID
>back n forth to email
>realize webapp is not available as an App yet
>log in through EA website
>forgot password
>had to reset password
>failed all security questions in webapp page
>account locked
>gotta log in through console
>verification sent to email

>open packs on xbox and pc
>get literally zero players that would be worth selling

feels bad

Rude Shap


>opened 3 free packs
>highest was 71 OVR
wew lad


>it's an EA terribly fucks up the launch of something episode

every single time

something new lads

we getting closer

>web app working fine for me
>was about to respond to some posts above saying it works
>this shows up

>tfw you logged in just fine
>Got your packs
>Got paco alcancer
>And even logged in for a second time and got 1k coins just for logging in


I packed Drinkwater. could be worse.

who /fastniggas/ here

real talk though, I would only build this team to score bloots with Taiwo like the good old days
I'd swap him and Echiejile ingame

because the midefield on this team will be all over the fucking place

probably fun though

Waiting for the start of the game to open the packs desu because of informs. Still claiming my daily bonus' though

>Looking forward to the web app after a long day at classes
>Can't access it
>Looking forward to the web app after a long night at work
>Servers are down

Looks like I need to contact Jeff, I'm making a trip up to Vancouver.

If I had terminal cancer or just a few weeks to live or something I honestly think I'd go shoot up the studios responsible for Fifa

Just to finally let off some steam about all the stress this game has given me

Damn dude, be careful what you say here now.

This. You could end up being the next LeXplorer. You gotta be vague about your threats.

good job I don't have cancer then eh

well I'd certainly write a stern letter that's for sure

Same. Was trying to log in from work and EA doesn't recognize the ip. Sends me a different code to validate on an e-mail I barely use and just acces it from home. Now I get home to this crap

just sleep m8 check it during lunch time tomorrow

Someone make a new bread