Derbyshire 307 & 286/8 (80 ov) v Leics 247
Durham 401 & 213/8 (53 ov) v Surrey 367
Glamorgan 286 & 293/9 (80 ov) v Essex 319
Middlesex 327 & 72/4 (35 ov) v Lancashire 259

India A 169/9 (66 ov) v Australia A

Mumbai v New Zealanders at Delhi
Sep 16-18, 2016 (09:30 local | 04:00 GMT | 14:00 AEST | 13:30 ACST | 12:00 AWST)

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not sure what this picture is so posting it

is this from the old eharmony account >we set up?

yeah, my /cric/ folder is full of junk, most of which i dont recognise anymore

heres another

Wew, now this is vintage.

How fucking elite are their kids going to be lads

>As of 2 September 2016, 19 courses were available to the public from English (ordered by number of learners):
>Latin American Spanish French German Italian Brazilian Portuguese Dutch Swedish Russian Irish Turkish Danish Norwegian Bokmål Polish Esperanto Ukrainian Welsh Hebrew Vietnamese Hungarian Greek
>8 courses for English speakers are currently in development (ordered by progression percentage towards completion):[45][46]
>Romanian Swahili[47] Czech[48] Indonesian[49] Hindi Klingon Korean[50] Yiddish

These autists don't have Mandarin or Arabic but are developing KLINGON

Confirmed for most autistic poomunity in the world

>A PROPOSAL to split Queensland in two will be debated in State Parliament tonight.

>The two Katter’s Australian Party MPs have put forward the motion and secured the support of independent Cairns MP Rob Pyne.

is Robbie Katter MP related to Bobbie Katter MP ?

How much of a meme is this? Is Katter just being Katter or is there some legtimacy to the divide?

Australia fast bowler Mitchell Starc was taken to hospital in Sydney on Thursday with a laceration to his left shin after a training mishap at Hurstville Oval.

Starc is understood to have collided with training equipment during Australia's session and was taken to hospital with team doctor John Orchard for further assessment. An official statement from Cricket Australia on the extent of Starc's injury was expected on Thursday evening.

Meanwhile, James Faulkner and Shaun Marsh have both been ruled out of Australia's one-day tour of South Africa - a tour for which Starc was already being rested - due to injuries. Usman Khawaja has been called into the squad in place of Marsh, while Faulkner will not be replaced in the squad, which as a result will be reduced from 15 men to 14.


Predictions for next seasons super rugby?

chiefs win

A Current Affair just opened with the following headline

>ACA now pulling its "stories" from Cred Forums



as long as its just a cut and not a broken bone or something that is fine

this is interesting. Our ODI team to South Africa is the weakest I can ever remember. Can really only see them winning games if Warner or Smith carry the team. Might be value betting on South Africa (who are equally shit)



>Andrew Bolt

Think i found the one lads

t. straffo


>tfw no qt NEET gf

ynironically just woke up lads, I need to see a doctor about my sleep

NEET LITERALLY started as a government term m8



Cricket panders to Indians.
Are Australians, after all, just a bunch of POO2LOOs?

>Renshaw nominates Alastair Cook as the kind of batsman he would like to become. Not surprisingly, he has watched a fair bit of England over the years, given his parentage. His father, a university sports scientist who moved around for work, bought the DVD box set of the 2005 Ashes, which a young Renshaw watched, thinking that one day he might like to play for England.


The day this fuckwit and Wankcroft open for Australia in a Test match is the day I kill myself

Oi goosey, you here m8?

Legion is fucking excellent but I'm interested in hearing your own fact missiles

Whiteman also said he would have played in England if they asked first

Reminder Patterson's brother literally played test cricket for England too

uh he still can, so can Renshaw, neither have been capped by Australia

Point out where I said otherwise

On that note, reminder Symonds declined a test career with both England and the West Indies to pursue one with Australia only to throw it all away by going fishing

>"Darren was thrown in at the deep end and was getting all the media thrown at him, saying it was a disgrace. It wasn't his fault he was picked. He was there, he was performing, he was an in-form cricketer at the time and he had an English passport, which always helps."

>Back home in Dandenong, a suburb southeast of Melbourne en route to the Dandenong Ranges, the Pattinson family seethed.

good post. did you play 2007?

How did based straffo react to Pauline's disgusting vitriol lads?

Was the Henriques as a sub continent specialist experiment a failure?

dunno m8




Never forget lads.

who's next on the annexation list lads?

Since when do losers write history?

Tell me about Haseeb Hameed

PSA: I officially rate Boof Jr


At least he's not Pat Cummins

This ODI series is going to be fucking slaughter without Faulkner or Marsh though. Easy win for >you lads

you can't make this shit up

>ask about uni cricket
>"We don't have that anymore"


execute Dave Cameron

>being proud of shitting up an almost dead general during the winterbreak
please have sex

England XI to play Banglel 1st test


Is /cric/ still BTFO prozzies and white knights on twitter?
Can't see that meme getting old Tbh

Post /cric/ approved music videos

adil and rashid are getting to get slaughtered. anderson too.

honestly england might lose


give rashid a chance, banglel are pretty ordinary albeit better than they ever have been, they also havent played a test since bodyline so they will probably play some meme shots to get out. expect rashid to be lead wicket taker Tbh

which one of you autists was this?


lel bangladesh are decent players of spin. rashid will get spanked. england NEED to select jack leech or they're probably fucked

british tinder slags have literally no bants

muh asian so must be elite at spin
kys casual

>expecting women to understand news or jokes


she browses /cric/

/bet/ here, we are v v impressed by your recent annexations of /hoc/, /bundes/ and /rug/ and would like to offer you our hand in a power alliance.


juveguy. Leading tipster and head trip.




In time.

that explains

How about YOU kill yourself.

/bet/ would be a great alliance to /cric/

Allah's very own Zafar Ansari is in the test squad :DDDDD

/bet/ here. Ignore this very dangerous man

Statsgod here.

As the leader and appointed official spokesperson of /cric/, I accept your offer on the behalf of /cric/, on the caveat that you must reply to all New Zealand /cric/ posts in future raids with the phrase "based statsbro" or any other similarly positive derivatives.

I look forward to our future endeavours in this alliance.

Do not reply to Daniel

/nrl/ runs /cric/ and we fucking hate you sub humans

I support this. The Wolf of Bet365 is a /cric/ original meme remember.


Literally fuck off, batting left handed when you are right hand dominant does NOT mean you are ambidextrous it simply means you prefer using your top hand more than your bottom. There's a reason 50% of batsmen in England right right now are opposite handed, it's got nothing to do with a sudden rise in ambidexterity.

I seriously hope you're joking.

>no Surrey's Brave Gareth Batty


elite truthbombs littering this article


maybe i was wrong about Wigmore

woah slow down it was harmless tinder fun!

WHERE is Somerset's diligent and gregarious Jack Leach?

anyone else spend their spare time looking at pictures of pads in cricket catalogs

tell me about /bet/

Anyone else here get a raging semi on whenever Alaistar Cook cuts one passed gully into the boundary rope?

daniel has unironically blogged about that exact thing

>People who know cricket:
The Wolf of Bet365

>People who think they know cricket but are truly clueless

>Seething fucking casuals
Everyone else


>England Test squad will include Gareth Batty, Ben Duckett, Haseeb Hameed and Zafar Ansari
t. John Etheridge

Someone fucking tell me about Haseeb Hameed

>in the Test squad
>hasnt played 1(ONE) single List A or T20 match
literally the definition of a cricketing fedora

better or worse than Giles?

this 2bh

It's impossible to be worse than Giles


hey lads goosey here ama

based fucking goosey

>England tours Bangladesh
>Australia is afraid to

why is this allowed?

aus new they were going to lose to our brave tigers....


really makes you think

Was he the American Zerogoose?




Drafting up the MoU for the merger with /bet/ and I need a witness' signature. Any takers?

/bet/ seem like losers Tbh

Looking at our financials, we could use the additional boost in capital. Our share price might drop though, but I'm planning on securing a takeover bid with /heem/ to offset any tangible losses. I know they're a pretty big player in the local market but we go way back and I think I can pull some strings.

Note that this private sector talk WILL absolutely infuriate krazykrezja.

/heem/ wont make any deals lad

The poster below me will lead the Independent /cric/ Party or I/c/P for short

Fuck /bet/


based walkGOD

There will be NO mergers, the only expansion I will permit is a hostile takeover ala /rug/ and /bundes/

Why is Bancroft not playing in the Aus A game lads?

We are literally witnessing the death of West Indies cricket lads. I don't think they're ever going to recover if people don't give a shit at the grassroots level

1. Ireland
2. Afghanistan
3. Nepal
4. UAE
5. Malaysia (very far away)

>test cricket

>no germany
>germany not #1
shit list

>Forgetting the European Champions

Judging by the CPL, I don't think T20 cricket is going anywhere.

/afl/ is up m8s

I would unironcially like to see >you lads form a meme island conglomerate team

They're at 2 m8

Reminder cricket used to be popular in Germany
Reminder Hitler unironically played in a cricket club and wanted to modify the rules and use it as a training exercise for the German army

thats literally not true. He watched a cricket match that lasted for several days only to end in a draw. He said "we have better things to do" and abandoned the team

don't you fucking dare call me out for embellishing the truth again

uhm what?

you heard me

had to look up what 'embellishing' means desu

I'm currently debating whether I should:
>move to Pakistan and become a muslim so I can arrange a marriage with a cricket loving qt; or
>neck myself

Ho ho ho it's magic
You knooowwwww




>tfw can't sleep


>implying he isn't right

Please explain?

/cric/ demographics has changed,
good number of first world flags.

chup kar bhenchod

Wasting time and money while you do the same thing you used to do back in Malaysia- shitpost all day.

reminder krazystanford locks himself inside his bedroom at night because he doesn't want his disabled mother to ask him to do the rest of the dishes

raat ke saade paanch hein aur neend nahi aa rahi.

din mein mein padta hoon

>Note that this private sector talk WILL absolutely infuriate krazykrezja.

What did user mean by this fellas?


when's he coming back lads

>literally the deepest fast bowling pool in the world
>they're all fucking injured

going to be a shit summer lads

if scott fucking boland gets a test cap I will literally end my own life

>din mein mein padta hoon
pada rehta hoon

>his country actively participates in the forced apartheid and genocide of the Kashmiri people

I hope we beat you just for the Kashmir people

Tim Southee's amputee brother won his 2nd Pistorius sprinting gold last night

Could probably still bowl better than Tim

/afl/ is up lads

Nothing makes me seethe more than the sight of people still rating Pooult

Have they not watched a single NZ game since 2014?

but /rugbundes/ literally runs /cric/

Who still rates him?

His speeds getting back up la'

>watching the retard games

Handicaps are untermensch and have no place in a modern, progressive society.

i dont understand this reference. Only things I can think of

>stanford university - makes no sense
>stanford prison experiment - makes no sense
>alan stanford - makes no sense


>he doesn't place all his excess capital into government bonds

so he's a genuine medium pacer now?

"""pundits""" outside of Cred Forums

even guys like nasser who are literally paid to watch cricket think he's one of the best bowlers in the world. I listened to a podcast the other day where they said New Zealand have the second best bowling attack in the world. Immidately turned it off in disgust

stanford rapist

Enjoy your mediocre returns lmao

Speed isn't even half the problem these days. He LITERALLY was unable to swing the ball after the second over, while Mitch fucking Marsh was getting standard and reverse swing on every ball for the whole PP series

He literally ran the 5th fastest 400m for any New Zealander.

>that cold hearted comment
Compassion is one of the greatest virtues son, I hope you realise this. I can recommend you some things to read.

memes aside, if part of your portfolio isnt in bonds, you're basically just gambling. Personally I keep about 25% of my money in bonds

"""bladerunners""" are literally at an advantage

if Bolt chopped his legs off he would shave three seconds off his time

The black caps just need to offer shit loads to Bondy to be the bowling coach again.

I don't know what the fuck they were thinking hiring Mascarenhas

>being so chained to the government that you tie both your emotional and financial wealth directly to the performance of the government

krazybrock pls

>what is diversification

>I listened to a podcast the other day where they said New Zealand have the second best bowling attack in the world.

KEK, which podcast was this?

Boult's getting better veeeerrryyy slowly but he's still shit. Apart from him the attack sucks. Bond was the best thing to happen to the team ;___;

can't bowl can't throw

They had some elite dissections of stats on their website so I decided to give them a go, but they were fucking stupid

He was swinging it a fair bit in the Centurion test tbf

I have no sympathy for the weak. Nothing disgusts me more than weakness, be it mental, physical or financial.

It is my dream that one day we will live in a truly meritocratic society, where everyone is judged by the same metrics and where we don't allow piggybacking of any sort.

its nothing to do with that. Bonds are just far less volatile than equities. I keep bonds on the rationale of them being a defensive asset

Diversification also means putting your money into different types of investment. If you're going to have a 'diversified' portfolio that is nothing but equities, why not just dump all your money into low fee index ETF's ?

Dennis Freedman is a fucking moron, literally flavour of the month: the 'pundit'. Last year he was shilling for fucking Faulkner to play in the Ashes

Yeah, he was talking about a Bailey recall in this one too. Bunch of morons trying too hard to be funny

>Statsmohammad is a lelbertarian

Lad you're literally getting just above 2% from government bonds at the moment, the NZX50 is up 27% in the past year, stocks long term average 9%.

You're throwing away money lad

And I one day hope that you embrace compassion and bask in the joy of a virtuous life. pfy (praying for you)

May I suggest you read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. You can find it at classics.mit.edu

>why won't the government wipe my ass and take responsibility for my actions :((((

If you're on Cred Forums and NOT a libertarian maybe Reddit is the place for you.

I read superior Persian and Ottoman treatises, but thanks.

yes and Australia has the biggest housing bubble on the planet. Digest this fact: 50% of all new mortgages in Australia are interest-only mortgages.

it's not inconceivable that Australia could suffer a GFC-esque recession within the next couple of years. I'd say the probability is

>krazysexualpredator blogs about his 100k he wants to invest
>admits he has no idea what he's doing and naturally asks the muscular minds at /cric/ for help
>I spout some bullshit about sinking it all in government bonds and waiting for the boom
>he comes back a week later obsessed with bonds

Can't make this up lads


Yeah I'm not discounting that, I'm quite worried about the housing bubble we have in Auckland right now. but you have to remember that the stock market always recovers and fairly quickly as well, the 9% average return includes the crashes. The only reason to keep money in bonds is if you think a crash is imminent and you want to buy stocks in the immediate aftermath.

Eastern philosophy is a meme, I know you're bullshitting but come on lad.

Fact missile: Micky Arthur was a good coach who made one bad call that permanently destroyed his relations with the team

That's exactly why though, I'm looking to purchase a house sometime in the next year and I don't want to be held hostage by the market.

I was also spooked because a colleague of mine lost $10k during Mondays bloodbath. But thats also when I bought, made 5% capital gains since then, pretty neat.

I admire the efficient brutality eschewed in the principles of Eastern civilizations. The Western world has gotten too soft, burdened by people caring about "compassion" and "empathy", all for the sake of attaining a self-perceived sense of enlightenment.

The root of the decline of Western civilization can be directly traced to this arrogance.

His mistake was managing a bunch of immature uncouth mongoloids who couldn't into acting like responsible athletes.

He did well with South Africa because they were a team of professionals, not idiotic bogans who thought they were above the team. The fact that he was able to tame the shitshow that is Pakistani cricket speaks volumes on the inherent repulsiveness of the Australian cricket team.

based statsкoмpaд

krazycosby is the Russiaboo m8, not me

Too many pseuds in this thread. This is why /rug/ laughs at you

You're literally replying to him




Pathetic subhuman.

Kek, eastern philosophy is literally muh spiritual enlightenment. Whilst much of Greek philosophy is about obtaining strength through self control.

Also there will be no decline in Western civilisation, the West (based anglos) literally won the culture war.

>stanford 'rapist'

best bowling attacks all-round all surfaces considered

3.south africa
6.sri lanka
7. new zealand

any arguments?

What are Bangladesh rated better than the Windies? Have they actually done anything? Windies beat Englel in a Test last year.

i literally know way more than any non-australiasian

forgot about WI they're around 6-7, not really any worse than nz

You clearly possess a mountain of knowledge. It just seems that you're not capable of making any sort of meaningful analysis with it

>Edgbaston will be the Amir show

actually swap india and sri lanka around too, india's pacers are no better than lankas and they have based herath

not even true m8

>india's pacers are no better than lankas
they are tb h

Yadav and Shami are okay bowlers. Lanka only have complete tripe apart from Chameera who is usually injured

I thought your first ranking was spot on apart from Bangladesh

Holy fuck if you don't believe Brock turner did anything wrong... Wow... Just wow


If a cheeky finger in the fanny is rape I've literally been raped dozens of times.

Bitch didn't even know it had happened until they told her, and would probably never have known if they hadn't, and she had the nerve to write a fucking Iliad on it.

they're not better than pradeep and prasad desu, well maybe a tiny bit idk


she was going to fuck him

she fell asleep while he was fingering her, no proof he even knew this

at worst his sentence was just, in all honesty he probably should have been acquitted

it was just some drunken tumble with a regretful whore

mm prasad actually won lanka a test in england.


>tries to banter ex
>he posts the video online
>become a national laughing stock
>pooicide because you can't handle the banter
>people are supposed to feel sorry for you

Name ONE good thing about white women. Literally ONE.

you guys are arguing about some rapist who lives on the other side of the world from both of you. Why? There are rapes that happen everyday in your own countries. Why is this particular one a news story? Because he is big and strong and American?

the internet is itching for a privileged white boy scapegoat

because they made it a news story

just tried to do a test batting rankings but its difficult considering sa and aus have been so poor in subcontinent i don't want to put them anywhere near top desu, and england are kind of an unknown quantity right now. india and pakistan probably deserve spots 1 and 2 desu


they're not elite players of spin but they're pretty good, like a lot better than aus or SA. rashid won't succeed out there, neither will moeen

why the fuck is allah in our squad for fuck sake why not qt jack leach

Literally this. Leach has been elite this season.

think everyone knows moeen is a batsman after the summer, doubt he will bowl much more and be played primarily as a batsman, wouldnt be surprised if he batted in top 6 Tbh

not sure why he wasnt selected, he deserved to be on merit

Pakistan are going to get exposed in Australia

Shafiq is their only good player (Azhar is okay too). Younus and Misbah are done

Because Ansari plays for Surrey.

sami aslam is good but yeah agree they'll be dominated but could fluke a test

KEK. I literally don't think Australia will win 1 (one) test match, apart from Starc you have 0 wicket taking options, and Pakistan are an old fashioned test side, they won't give their wicket away (Hafeez aside, but hes been dropped). Also, all memes aside they have the 2nd best bowling attack in the world, and if it isnt a road like it usually is, even Stove won't get runs so Australia will be fucked. Screencap this. I predict 2-0 Pakistan

rashid over leach was LITERALLY a quota selection

is Duckett picked as a replacement for Cuckfield or as an opener?

holy fucking delusion kek

friendly reminder south african rugby players beat the sa cricket team in a cricket match


I've said it many times and I'll say it again. The main thing holding England back is the selectors obsession with bits and pieces players. England have actual world class players like Cook, Poot and Broad so they could easily be no1. But they are inconsistent as fuck because the selectors load the team up with shits like Stokes and Ali who bat a bit, bowl a bit but are actually good at nothing.

Same thing here. I've never seen this Leach guy bowl. But I bet you the selectors picked Batty over him because he bats a bit, despite the fact the team has fucking 15 allrounders already

I was actually wondering about the merits of making him a middle order specialist this morning Tbh. I get that you want to stick with a spinner for some time at an international level, since they tend to suck ass at first, but Moeen is literally Mark Craig tier and only ever gets wickets by the batsman fucking up.

just watched him on youtube

looks kind of pedestrain desu, maybe they felt his stats were inflated by taunton

gareth batty isnt exactly Murali either m8

Hazlewood and Patterson m8
Lyon is also elite in Australia

oh shit why the hell have they selected HIM

He only came good recently. Besides, pedestrian is an improvement on the muslim

Mark Craig will literally get 15 wickets this series

I am literally a better spinner than Mark Craig

>being so new you don't even know t hat /cric/ was responsible for killing /bet/ for about a month
kys, newfaggot.

FUCKING HELL lads the wow servers are down, what the FUCK am I meant to do with my friday night now?

Servers are back up lads, I'm in Val'Sharah on Frostmourne if you want to group up

based fucking goosey

thanks for the support lad


>you will never play vanilla LOTRO for the first time ever again

Was LOTRO any good> The only non-wow MMO I've played were WAR and FFXI

yeah it used to be really good

complete shit now

just woke up lads

Cricket is a sport for smart people haha

As a fellow Canadian, I must agree with you!

Can't wait for BBL :)

/hayne/ is up btw lads


Kys statschink