Very fast Moyes running at incredibly high speed edition.

PL Europa League games:
>Feyenoord v Manchester United (6:00pm UK time)
>Southampton v Sparta Prague (8:05pm UK time)

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Defoe's expression there is perfect.

cracking pair of tits tbf

why do his upper body and face appear to be sprinting while his legs are clearly walking?

Well this is a dead fucking thread.

give us the league already

I don't think I've ever cared less about a title race

how is it a race when we've sealed it in september?

These new balls look shit desu

never respond to the dutch bandwagon autist

>His team plays on thursday nights

MouUtd have a game every 3 days now.
Dirk Kuyt will score the winner tonight.

Cred Forums is dead


How is Chelsea Liverpool ending?
Will spurs manage to beat Sunderland?

>How is Chelsea Liverpool ending?

with city winning


Yes, by at least two.

>"Maybe Mahrez is tired of dilly ding, dilly dong"

What did he mean by this?


absolutely haram

I bet all of my student allowance ($1500nzd) that man city would score at least 8 against bournememe on sunday. Wish me luck lads.

What about Moyes magic?


when has that ever existed?

that isn't a thing lad


wish she'd dilly my dong

important pole


He has to win sometime, right?

in 2070 Wenger's brain in a jar wlll still be managing Arsenal

all shit if i am being honest

you're not wrong, they should have sacked wenger before liverpool got klopp

has to be gary neville for me

Unai Emery after he gets sacked by PSG, he's great at building squads with little funds which is the board's wet dream.

Jose Mourinho says Manchester United fans are TOO QUIET as he urges Old Trafford support to get behind his side

Asked if he could bring the fear factor back to Old Trafford, Mourinho said: “Not me. Not me. the fans too. I think everything starts there the relation between the team and the fans.

“If at Old Trafford a couple of thousand away opponents can be more supportive and noisy than 70-odd thousand, then we are in trouble and it means there is no connection between the team and the supporters.


Are you a spurs fan or just a masochist gooner?

he is? I thought it was that Monchi guy who did everything at Sevilla?

>tfw Newcastle plays on Tuesday nights again

Feels good to be a top team

>his smile & optimism..

Imagine not rating roots manuva

sorry ,wrong post was meant for

He is like the best scout in the world. He doesnt get involve in training and coaching

>yfw we kill liverpoop
pep we're coming for you

neither, it would just be very entertaining

it's a shame it'll never happen

I literally can't imagine that.

still can't fathom tottenham's defeat.

not all man utd, city, real, barca, ect fans are plastic but they do miss out on the misery of supporting a team just below that tier of football clubs.

im just so sad lads

i wouldn't be too worried it wasn't a terrible performance. just a bit unlucky

Everyone's blaming Wembley, I suggest you hop on that bandwagon.

Has vertonghen become an alderweireldbabby?

your national team is an alderweiredlbabby

do you mean that Vertonghen is (overly) reliant on Alderweireld?

I didn't watch the game yesterday.

vertonghen's always been shit if that's what you mean

>walk on pitch
>see pic related
>wat do?

i like vert, and he is a solid defender but he is the one who gets caught out, never alder.

its alder that makes the deep plays that converts into chances, not vert.

its alder that scores, not vert.

vertonghen can clear but thats about it in my opininion.

still love him though

Can you not just shitpost on Bluemoon or something? You're not even funny to City fans

kys cuck

Really made me ponder

in fairness that place is a complete shithole

fucking hell lad, don't start getting sad over spurs losing, you'll end up killing yourself. we lose all the time, always in new, creative and more embarrassing ways. just part of what you sign up for when you start supporting tottenham desu

got on the bale bandwagon.

recently got my hopes up because of this cohesive unit that poch has managed to create.

hoped tottenham could have begun this season strongly but we have just become a laughing stock again.

and this is?????????

hes better than the hairy asian man at least

Fuck off, it's as good a start in the league as last year if not better.
Last night didn't go as hoped but it's one game of six. And they played well for the most part bar two instances of bad defending and the inability to finish.

>No caption needed

>The half-and-half hoodie is scarf was already bad enough, but Feyenoord appear to have created an incredible garish a quarter-quarter-quarter-quarter variation.

>Truly horrific.

Confirming that for you to be a Mirror editor/writer, you just have to be a failure in life that has a strictly pessimistic view of the world.

To be fair that is a particularly daft scarf to make.

they're just appealing to their audience. most english football fans try to have as little fun as possible

Well if you're an ultra of one of those teams I can kinda see where you're coming from.

I'm sure Feyenoord anticipated that they could make more money on merchandising knowing a big team will be in town and they just saw an opportunity to make some needed cash. And when people come from 100s of kms away they usually want to leave with a memento.

Knowing the Eredivise has shit sponsoring deals compared to the big 3 leagues I don't see why people would be so triggered.

>no journalistic integrity
>just appealing to their audience


they look like they cost about 50p


Etc. Short for et cetera.

every pence counts ;^)

>de gay

Why so dead today? Thread is up for almost 8 hours and there are 72 posts.

Arsenal news: Alexis Sanchez will only sign new contract if it includes release clause

Sanchez is also asking for a significant pay rise on his £130,000-a-week wages


>make release clause £120m
>nobody ever matches it


Why would he agree to that.



>he bought a ps4
>his bed is a childs bed

Why did you reply? Also, the most a team can win is a septuple, but since CWC isn't played by English teams, it's sextuple.

>amy adams and isla fisher are in an upcoming movie together
oh no, i can't tell them apart on a good day

Why did Ronaldo or whomever it was agreed £300m release clause agree to it?

>Tottenham are confident they will break the UK record for stadium naming rights once the club's new 61,000-seater ground is built. (Sun)

What is the name will be?


la liga players are legally required to have release clauses though

he wants a release clause so a big club can afford him for a reasonable amount if they want him

ronaldo is at real madrid, why would he want to leave?

Oh right of course, Sanchez is demanding a release clause because he's planning to retire at Arsenal, it's clear to me now.

I was going to say some fake Arab business that operates as a propaganda project, but those lads aren't going to want to sponsor Spurs.


how many bings until united game 2am here, bout to head to bed unless its soon

1 bong 15 bings

i'm guessing the only way they'll get that is if it's also the name for NFL games so something to do with america

73 bings la

2 bong, my customer

Carlo would heem him in the CL.


>not counting small minor irrelevant pre-season trophies to increase your trophy count

thanks lads

Trump Arena

Sponsership money paid for by the US taxpayer.

surely if you knew you were going to jail soon you wouldn't start transitioning


They didn't indict, so no trial

fuck i missed the reply about the tiny bed. what did she say?

how are you meant to fuck in that bed it can barely fit one small person


1. Champions League
2. Premier League Title
3. FA Cup
4. Super Cup
5. League Cup
6. Community Shield
7. Club Winners Cup

These are all officially recognised FIFA competitions and aren't the pre-season trophies you're thinking of.

>fucking in a bed in a room you share with your brother

He wasn't charged but he was placed on bail while they gather evidence, during that period they can indict him and take him to trial or let the time pass after which he is free

how can you not get caught transitioning when youre in the same room as your brother

everything you do he will see, everything you own he will find or know about, wether he tells you or not

are you more attracted to him since you started the transition?

>talking about yourself in the third person

Fucking nutjob

that bed is more than big enough to fuck on, what the hell

m8 I was being facetious

>not counting the prestigious International Champions Cup

>they're significantly better and Bayern

is papa souare gonna play this weekend after that crash?


he is amir

>people still have single beds in 2016

i thought they went out when people stopped living in poverty, or the 90s

>>people still have single beds in 2016
it was bought almost 10 years ago


>10 year old bed
>sleeping with a ten year old

Dirty paedo

Well he is a shitskin, it's normal in UK. He's only not been indicted because he's one.

This place man. This place just doesn’t feel the same anymore. Do you guys remember the glory days of /trans/? Some of you might, although it’s been some time now… Heh, I remember it well. Threads were going at a rate of 4-5 each day, new quality OC made left and right, a flood of rumours, some even with actual truth to them. Man, at the time it felt as though those summers would never end, as though our little family would be eternal. Nothing in the world seemed to matter as long as we were together. Even thinking back now brings a tear to my eyes. Maybe this nostalgia isn’t good for me, you know? Maybe instead of yearning for what we once had, I should cherish the fact that we had it. Maybe instead of mourning the fact that I lost you, I should be happy that, finally, I’ve stopped losing you. Like the story of the madman who kept hitting himself in the head with a hammer and when asked “why?” replied: “because it feels so good when I stop”. I just don’t know anymore.

my single bed was bought in like 1998 and being a kv i just can't be arsed to get a bigger one

i have a single bed, the gf has said i should get a double but it's big enough to have sex on desu, havent had an issue

gives more floorspace for exercise and other stuff too

>Well he is a shitskin
You realise I hate pakis too, right?

>Don't learn English
>Dress as if they're still in Pakistan
>Have 5 kids, whenever they leave the house they have all of them in tow at once
>The women walk funny
>They worship white people when confronted by them (customers, social situations etc)
>Force their kids into specific "respectable" careers such as Pharmacy
>Don't encourage their kids to revise, brush their teeth, eat healthy etc because they don't know anything about such concepts
>The women have no self-respect or spine, they worship men
>The men worship their mothers and view all other women as trash
>The men revere their fathers despite he having likely raped their precious mothers
>The men remain infantile (stunted maturity and emotional growth) for a prolonged period of time (often indefinitely), the women always remain infantile
>The importance they place on religion, superstitions and cultural rituals
>They consider themselves Muslims first, Pakistani second and British third
>They're tax cheats
>They're expert leaches, getting jobs in the NHS and council to further dry up our public services
>They're in constant competition with each other despite having shit (my TV is bigger than yours, my 3,000 quid car is better than yours etc) and that's how they treat their friends
>Shame culture
>Blame avoidance culture and refusal to take responsibility, don't think it wrong to try weaselling out of consequences etc.
>Pride in stupid shit like going to the mosque more often (and using this to shame others)

when does he get through? i'm not keen on listening to someone on hold

>The women have no self-respect or spine, they worship men
>They worship white people when confronted by them (customers, social situations etc)

lads i think its time to hop on the paki waifu train

ayyyy lmao

around 6mins

breaching bail is not a crime in of itself



no but it can get your parole or whatever it's called in bongland revoked

wew lad
yes it is amir

Bail expires on Saturday....so that would be remand for 1 (ONE) day

You do realise that there is a reason bail has conditions, right? If you breach them, you get thrown in prison until your court date. That's the whole fucking point. It also goes against you in court, as it shows you can't do simple fucking shit.

>Section 7(3) of the Bail Act 1976 confers power upon a police officer to arrest a person if he has reasonable grounds for believing that that person is likely to break any of the conditions of his bail or has reasonable grounds for suspecting that that person has broken any of those conditions.


Top kek, Amir.

so then what happens? you go to jail saturday?

what percentage chance do you give youself of getting away with the whole thing? or are you going to jail for sure

if you get away with it will you stop deleting your posts etc?

Deleting posts doesn't stop it, it's archived straight away.

what have they charged you with?

being a perv

reminder that
>west ham

desu amir if you could go to jail for being a perv 90 percent of the male population would be locked up



what about the multiple terrorist threads you've made on here?

this of course including you posting the picture of the brussels metro bombing and saying "your time will come" to me

I saved a screencap of that, but that goes without saying


Kek u mad?

They did him for stalking. He got kicked out of university for spying on the Polish girl shitting.

No. He was kicked out of a university (I say university...) for using spy cams in the house share. Then he hacked her accounts and stalked her online, doxxed her and posted nudes in /britfeel/. So he got done for that.

European Hangover. There is no shitposting today because City and Lester won, Arsenal scraped a draw against the hardest team in their group and Spurs lost. It'd have to be United, Chelsea or Liverpool to carry on. Nobody cares about Spurs and Arsenal managed to salvage a point.

So people are resting for the United match tonight in the hopes they get BTFO by Feynerd. Also to laugh at the black Henderson being a shit passenger.

>what about the multiple terrorist threads you've made on here?
>this of course including you posting the picture of the brussels metro bombing and saying "your time will come" to me

banter is not a crime and it can be clearly seen from your posts towards me that it was clearly just that, banter

>w-w-was just a j-j-joke b-b-bro!

MadThad tried that excuse. It didn't work.

I hope you've reported him desu.

why are you so obsessed with him senpai

he could probably indict you for stalking desu

>forgetting the vocaroo where someone actually did

>Men's World Cup expansion to 40 teams for '26 (8 groups of 5 teams) "likely" to be approved in Oct.

No he could not.

Yeah it was the Scot again, it wasn't a guy from Wafflestan.

people like you are why he keeps posting

>it's a paki pretends others would defend him episode

>They did him for stalking. He got kicked out of university for spying on the Polish girl shitting.
Never charged over that

>No. He was kicked out of a university (I say university...) for using spy cams in the house share. Then he hacked her accounts and stalked her online, doxxed her and posted nudes in /britfeel/. So he got done for that.
All wrong but it doesn't matter, this all goes away soon

On one hand I think it's neat to have a bigger group as 3 games isn't enough to show the value of a team. On the other hand, it'd let in complete shit teams that will only serve as cannon fodder.

i fucking hate his shitposting

just people like you enable it. you act like you hate him but you know everything about him and always talk about him and reply to him

Ah great, so Rooney can cement his record by knocking a few past Moldova in the group stages.

will you just post as a normal tripfag and not user/deleting stuff once its over?

>go look up porn on SC
>see a new tag


People just want more evidence to get him locked up. Not our fault the mods won't IP Range ban him. Not our fault he takes off his trip cause it's been banned.

Chelsea 0-3 Liverpool
Mane hattrick

fuck off shitlord

whats sc?

The post deletion is just to dodge the mods

>normal tripfag
>shitskin transtrenderism criminal

Fuck off Shitzien. Liverpool have the worse defence in the league. Chelsea will rape you.

what are we talking about lads?

im not fucking amir you paranoid shitcunt

hes a mentally ill psycho, but so are you

Fuck off

Are you that tranny from /britfeel/ or did you just steal her word?


>de gay

just imagine making yourself infertile in an attempt to avoid prison

fucking hell

west ham

>Liverpool have the worse defence
not to mention mignolel


karius will start tomorrow

Calling it now lads

The flopping united players will score against this shitty dutcht team and everyone in the media will act like they're actually good


this explains your mental illness

how many hattricks will rashford score tonight?

the same thing happened with memephis last year

whats srs

Why don't you support a Belgian team?

Yes, I know that nothing really happened but it's still disheartening to see Cred Forums so dead (not that I'm suprised)

Eh, not a fan.

Racism not allowed

If permanent revolution is a necessity

Last digit of this post is the number of goals he will score

Don't reply to it


>be born in poland
>endure poverty and the remnants of failed communism
>by eating once every two days family saves enough money to emigrate to england
>live there as the lowest caste, even insulted and spat on by chavs and nogs
>for a living father cleans toilets, mother cleans public toilets
>study hard all your youth, never party or go out leaving no good memories from your childhood
>save enough to go to university, first in the family to complete studies and not an alcoholic
>ace your exams every semester, you start to see the light in the end of the tunnel after a life of misery
>one day need to shit so bad you go to the uni toilet
>ahh feels good
>hear a noise
>look up
>some ugly paki wearing woman underwear is watching you poo while inhaling all your farts like they are the greatest hindu kush weed
you deserve the electric chair

Normal for a tripfag desu

>livershit have 9001 blacks
>nobody insults them for it

>we have like 5 blacks
>whole of spee abuse us hurr le dab nigger xdddd

i hate this place

I do

someone test this link for me

i dont wanna go to jail

>save enough to go to university

Poles go to university in Scotland because it's free tuition because of the EU

What? I've used transtrenderism for ages. Google it, others use it too.


That's a Western comic. Fuck me, you're dense.

It's just a porn site like danbooru or gelbooru.

A film about a tortured transgender Islamic terrorist is guaranteed a Palme d'Or.

so youre just gonna keep your dong? dont you think that might be an issue in finding a boyfriend?

living expenses?

Well then, fuck off to a general about the belgian league, you waffle fucker

can't wait until liverpool field an entirely black team tbqh

only if the blame of it all falls on white cis males

dont bully the belgian

unless hes a chelsea fan

straight up i thought sc meant snapchat

it normally does

you do realise foreigners watching your league is the only reason it can almost compete with German and Spanish clubs, right?

now go and kill yourself

>snapchat in 2016

i know australia is a couple years behind but shit..

english teams were doing fine in europe until liverpool ruined it

as fucking if i know what australia is into
i haven't talked to an australian my age since like the start of the year

Fucking why?

Pogba has started a fucking meme. Watch him get a goal or an assist today and the media to suck his cock with "POGBACK BABY OMFG SO WORTH IT!"

seriously? last I heard he was out for half a season or something

hope he flops desu, Mongolel isn't world class by any measure but doesn't deserve the hate he gets either

Polish government probably gives some since they realise what a bargain they have here

Free quality university for all and all they have to do is pay living costs

Doesn't seem to be a problem for some trans women, some guys like that

He's a Belgian, he has no loyalty, he just supports whoever is popular at the time since he has no links to any clubs, probably doesn't even know any other people irl who support Prem clubs since he doesn't live in England

Foreigners in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Americas but not fucking Belgium

Besides, your role is to watch, not participate in discussion

Filthy little waffle wanker

I predict he breaks hid leg thus ruining everything

>implying you're not worshipping the Leprechaun God in order to make it happen Shitzien

>some guys like that
like 1 in 500,000

what do you think of the dutch city bandwagoner? holland is pretty much belgium except everyones 6'3 instead of 5'9

>some homosexual guys like that


My dubs already sealed the deal

Let me guess, you have Irish blood?

>oh, I'm such a special snowflake here in Belgium, just like Liverpool fans in England!

Go on a tour of the Lindt chocolate factory, jump into one of the heating vats and wank yourself until you suffocate via drowning in melted chocolate

Don't forget to shove a waffle up your ass, you little bitch

>except everyones 6'3

Netherlands, you mean. And the average is 6ft tall there for men.

>Foreigners in Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Americas but not fucking Belgium
thanks, my friend

>Pogba has started
tbf he copied it off of americans

can't help but wonder what it is I said that pissed you off this badly

Remember the thread from yesterday

>off of

Terrible grammar. You've copied that off Americans. You don't need the 'of'. It's literally redundant. I bet you say irregardless, too.

yeah it's cam newton's thing


kek everyone up north says it like that you toff virgin

>Red Devils super-fan Paddy


>His face is out of fear

>can only manage literally whos and subs
>fucking Fosu-Mensah

>Terrible grammar. You've copied that off Americans. You don't need the 'of'. It's literally redundant. I bet you say irregardless, too.
You're wrong you twat
>Do, my dearest child, get me off of this difficulty, and I can have no other
That's Pamela by Samuel Richardson, an English novelist
>How cam'st thou so?
>A fall off of a Tree.
That's Shakespeare

Be correct if you're gonna be a smug cunt

You were a tripfag too lad.

Gay guys and chasers, they exist and they're not that rare

Heck, you'd be surprised what most "regular" guys are down for

He's a cunt, he purposely acts the way he does to wind people up

I remember when he started posting, he was copy shit I did and then exaggerate it to the point that it looked like trolling

From my perspective though, a bf is a bf, I don't care if he's gay

It's more what you did, rather than what you said

Really wish that you'd gone to Maalbeek metro station in on 22nd March

Guess you were too busy sticking your miniscule penis in a waffle iron

gay guys aren't into women with dicks wtf

The idea of "off of" as a tautology is actually a recent, american started, movement

Are you retarded? Dabbing is not big because of fucking Pogba.

whats a chaser stand for

>this is not the United I remember
>might as well kick the bucket now

>I bet you say irregardless, too.
>Grammar is speech and dialect now


There was also no need for the comma before 'too', but that's besides the point

There are a lot of gay guys, some are down with that
There are a lot of straight guys, some are down with that too

They can see me as a bf or a gf, doesn't matter but it doesn't change how I see myself

Amir is very angry about fucking up bigtime over his address. He has no power so he will take it out on whoever he can on Cred Forums.

>southerners who never leave the house commenting on the grammar of youths

youre so out of the loop that your opinion isnt relevant. nobody talks like queenie anymore except you lads from kent

>Really wish that you'd gone to Maalbeek metro station in on 22nd March
so mad

Language is a spook

so youd be ok with the guy calling you a dude all the time? kek beta as fuck

>all this effort to become a girl
>still get called a dude


Then everybody up North is fucking retarded.

Somebody shop "Poor Little White Boy" as well.

Are you saying Shakespeare and Richardson can't be wrong? Appealing to authority there desu.

>When off is a preposition, the phrase off of could almost always be shortened to just off. The unnecessary of is common in informal speech and writing, though, and using it is never a serious usage error. But writers who value concision can avoid it.
>The use of off of as a preposition is now considered tautological and/or incorrect by some usage guides and is not suitable for formal or business use. Off of can be replaced with on, "from" or "off"
>For most Americans, the natural thing to say is “Climb down off of [pronounced “offa”] that horse, Tex, with your hands in the air”; but many UK authorities urge that the “of” should be omitted as redundant. Where British English reigns you may want to omit the “of” as superfluous, but common usage in the US has rendered “off of” so standard as to generally pass unnoticed, though some American authorities also discourage it in formal writing
>The of is often criticized as superfluous, a comment that is irrelevant because off of is an idiom. It is much more common in speech than in edited writing and is more common in American English than in British.
>Off of is often used in place of the preposition off in contexts such as she picked it up off of the floor (compared with she picked it up off the floor). Although off of is recorded from the 16th century (it was used by Shakespeare) and is logically parallel to the standard out of, it is regarded as incorrect in standard modern English

>image being wrong

"Chasers" are just what we in the trans community call men who specifically desire trans women

There was a documentary on C4 about it a while ago

These guys are fucking desperate and somewhat creepy, they're not bottom of the barrel by any means but they specially want trans women and can come off pretty strong

They're common or pathetic enough that they even get rejected

meh, I'm sure you'll get caught out next time

He'll SEE me a guy but he'll know he has to use female pronouns and my female name

language is alive and constantly evolving you utter pleb

educate yourself

what's your favorite london tube station lads

You're a Fascist .



but whats the point of making him call you she if he thinks youre a he? isnt it just a facade? i thought the whole tranny rights movement was to try and get men to see trannys as women

>Are you saying Shakespeare and Richardson can't be wrong? Appealing to authority there desu.
That's not how fallacies work you idiot.

Language is shaped through use, evidence of prominent use of the language in question is proof of etymology rather than a fallacy.

Please take the time to actually learn how both language and debate works before attempting to criticise posters again.

You're a fucking idiot trying to act like somebody who knows shit.

Charing Cross

not him, but this is essentially what you're doing

interesting how you get angry and post in all caps, but yet dont talk with the english from 1000s of years ago. because 1000s of years ago someone would have replied to your post with a similar post, but no language has changed, and has clearly moved past you


tfw he's 1 year younger than me

Well, honestly, I suppose the whole thing is a bit of a facade, nothing wrong with that as long as it makes us happy and dulls the dysphoria

You do realise that your greentext actually admits that their usage was fine since Cred Forums isn't a place where formal language is required?


off of is just standard english now. dont act like its obscure. everyone uses it

Why are you using capitals on every letter?
That's awful grammar.

ITT: how to trigger a grammar nazi

Yes it is. You appealed to Shakespeare and Richardson being 'right' because they're famous and considered to be superior to a layman. That is appealing to authority.

I literally cited both Websters and Oxford as saying it's wrong, now you play the age old "b-b-but language evolves!".

Yeah, that wasn't me.

I included several other sources which say it's redundant, even outside formal writing.



I bet thee bethink thou art being a right clever flap-dragon by acting like language hasn't hath changed.
We're not conducting a specious argument, as the image suggests. The changeth in language ov'r time can beest tracked with ease.

What did they mean by this?

And yet Oxford Dictionary and Websters say otherwise. Even the government in UK and some places of USA say not to do it.

If it was standard, the world would say it is. It does not. Therefore it isn't standard. Just because you say it does not make it so. It is still incorrect.

Stoke in 20th is just as funny since they've had 3 straight seasons of finishing 9th

a ton of language is redundant. english is so convoluted we have like 5 words for every thing, and 10 different ways to say what youre thinking. its what makes the language goat.

theres always some cunt who uses an overly obscure and complicated word to describe someone he could have done with a simple word just to sound clever, but nobody calls that redundant

Chinky owner wants dat sweet sweet parachute money

>thread so dead we're arguing about grammar

This is epic

>Even the government
Yes "even" the place with the most rigid and archaic language in the country
It's not a fallacy you dipshit, it's evidence of use.

Evidence that happens to be well known is not a fallacy

But that's the point mate. Langauge doesn't change because you say it has. Various people have to agree to it's change. That being those in a position of power, such as universities, scholars and people with the qualifications to say so.

They say it is incorrect and until they say it is now considered the standard, it will remain incorrect.

it will be in those books within 10 years though

>play with pace and tempo
>Monaco can't even get out of their own half
>stop for some reason, pass sideways and let Monaco become comfortable
>play with pace and tempo again
>look likely to get a winner, let alone an equaliser
>nope, let's just suddenly stop for no reason at let Monaco get comfortable for the rest of the game

Ah yes based Poch

Monaco are good though


players cant play pochs style for 90 minutes. its not possible to sprint for 15+ miles unless youre a spooky skeleton

"Using > instead of " " "
fucking plebeians ruining the queen's english

>But that's the point mate. Langauge doesn't change because you say it has. Various people have to agree to it's change. That being those in a position of power, such as universities, scholars and people with the qualifications to say so.

No, not how it works in England.
That only applies in France with the Academie Francaise

In the rest of the world language change is charted by usage, not by approval.


Using obscure words isn't redundant. Adding an extra word that does not change the sentence meaning IS redundant. The world respective authorities on the matter say as much and until they say otherwise, it is incorrect. It won't stop you from using it, but it will be incorrect.

And I backed it up by...

> Although off of is recorded from the 16th century (it was used by Shakespeare) and is logically parallel to the standard out of, it is regarded as incorrect in standard modern English

Literally using your own argument of 'language evolves', it says RIGHT THERE, that in modern English it is incorrect. So you using 17th century English as an example of it being correct is fucking wrong.

But Spurs did it last season

if there are two words that mean exactly the same thing, and one is longer/rarer/less well known than the other, why is it not redundant? its existence is useless and only exists to confuse people

Keep getting German street names in my captchas and don't know whether to write ß, ss, or B

And? It's still incorrect because people say it's incorrect. Just because it's common is argumentum ad populum. Doesn't make it right.

Enjoying a cold beer in 25-ish degrees lads, anyone wanna fetch me a new one once I finish this one?

if i invent a word it doesnt instantly enter the dictionary, it takes years of constant usage, just like off of is getting now. double negatives are pretty common too

I hate the street name captchas. Always reload 'til I get numbers.




Combined Liverpool Chelsea XI






Because redundancy is based on how it changes the sentence. You saying "He was terminated from his job" is still the same length as "He was fired from his job" in terms of word numbers. Where as "He got off of the chair" is longer than "He got off the chair".

the difference between correct and incorrect in language is just time. the books will catch up

Feyernoord dominating tßh

Can you just stop? You're literally 190kg tier pointless shitposting at this point

And that's fine to say so. You are using it as a statement of opinion though. You're going "it's defined by usage" is based on your own subjective opinion. Whereas, for me, it is not. Therefore, even if 99.9% of people agreed with you, the 0.1% who did not, would make your opinion just that, an opinion. At which point you go "b-b-but 99.9% agree with me!" which is a logical fallacy.

You cannot prove that language is based on the amount of people use it, because those educated in such matters disagree on this very debate in the first place.

Why is this meme back? I remember Madrid did it years ago against some Chinese kids now everyone is giving it a shot.

Martial is finished. PSG next season

Please stop talking about linguistics when you have no idea how it works

Your own experts disagree with you on this but your complete lack of reading outside of one google search stops you from knowing

the one i remember is kagawa and another japanese player against about 50 kids

language is just a means to communicate

sure a dictionary might have a word in there none of us know, but not have a word everyone knows. which is the true language?

Pretty sure it was Okazaki. And Kagawa once took on 30 by himself.

>Dying wish is to see your football heroes
>Gets a bunch of youth players

For fucks sake. Is it really that much effort for Bobby Charlton to come down and see him? Fuck, even Giggs or Neville or someone.
Why would this 73 old man care about some literal whos?

The Memegraph just published a list of the 10 most overrated player in history! Let's have a look at it.

>10.Nicolas Anelka
>09.Wayne Rooney
>08.Adriano Leite Ribeiro
>07.Roberto Baggio
>06.Ezequiel Lavezzi
>05.Faustino Asprilla
>04.Zlatan Ibrahimovic
>03.Radamel Falcao
>01.Mario Balotelli

What do you think?

Alright fine I couldn't resist, you got the best of me.




Mane (in his current form)


>flashing livescores on the screen
lucky that i have no interest in watching the other games

How is Anelka overrated? No one even talks about him even though he was good

too much money la

not bad

Was it even an official gesture from the club? If not, it's pretty cool the guys visited him.

Anelka's criminally underrated

quenellka is probably rated about right
underrated if anything

Yeah, I agree. He did miss the penalty in the CL final in 2008 but you can't call him over rated.

Was actually really good and no one ever rated him that much.
One the best players in modern English football. Looks like the Telegraph decided to just erase everything pre-2014.

Has Zouma even played yet?

Gudjonhssen or whatever you spell it insteqd of anelka 2bh


Injured. How does that matter though? He's a better defender than anyone on either team.

>03.Radamel Falcao
How? He was brilliant at Porto and Ateltico. Just because an injury fucks your career doesn't mean it was wrong to rate him beforehand. No-one rated him after that stinker at United (apart from Chelsea, kek)

Combined Liverpool Chelsea XI






>How does that matter though?
Because long term injuries fucking change players.

is Llorente expected to score or wat? The set up of the team is far too hard for him to score rn honestly.

Anyways, got laid last night, fucked a banging cute girl with glasses and ultra long hair, she had that sexy secretary look.

>(aprt from Mourinho, kek)

Ftfy la

with every passing game you're more convinced that sir alex was right to let him go

Most underrated players in history

>10.Kevin Großkreutz
>09.Kevin Großkreutz
>08.Kevin Großkreutz
>07.Kevin Großkreutz
>06.Kevin Großkreutz
>05.Kevin Großkreutz
>04.Kevin Großkreutz
>03.Claude Makélélé Sinda
>02.Kevin Großkreutz
>01.Kevin Großkreutz

I'm sure she was lad

nah she was thin and had banging tits

>no Andy Booth

Mediocre list desu.


How does it feel having everyone know you're a fat fuck with a repulsing face? I mean literally no one is going to believe this because everyone is aware of how you look. I'm not meming by the way, serious question.



How come the tranny's posts get deleted but he doesn't get banned.

You realise you can delete your own posts?


Official Liverpool players power ranking.




9999. MoreNo
9999. Clyne
9999. Lovlen
9999. Memetip
9999. Can't
9999. Hendershit
9999. Gayne
9999. Shitinho
9999. Shitinho
9999. Shitridge

His pics he posted in yesterday's CL thread got deleted. I'm pretty sure it was the mods.

If you delete your own posts they can't be reported


He posts and then deletes in a minute so he can't be banned.

. MoreNo
Should have been NeverMoreno.

He's a phone poster.

Every now and again when I use Cred Forums on mobile I get one of the ips he's been banned on.

you lised shitinho twice

did you mean shitinho and shitino?

>Last two management jobs ended due to players hating your guts and underperforming
>Treat a lockeroom favourite like shit and not even using him in the EL
What the fuck is Mou thinking? Serious replies please.

>being this desperate to post on fucking Cred Forums

What the fuck is wrong with this guy exactly? You know, apart from wanting to be a fucking woman with a dick.

>locker room favourite

fucker has been going back to germany every week, his only friends are the oldies like carrick and rooney

Forgot to make Clyne - ClyNe ('Ne' is 'No' in bulgarian)

Yes, my mistake

Falcao was unquestionably the best striker in the world before his injury, shit list.

Trannies are obsessed with telling people that they're trannies. They have no shame.

Try to show he has the control over the lockeroom? dunno honestly.

>actually asking what is wrong with poleaboo

Bit too much to type up desu

>Conte will play Luiz against Liverpool

Absolute dumpster fire or cheeky blooter?

Why not both?

just hope ivanovic is playing tbqh

>makes bonucci-like assist to diego/azar
>later brainfarts and gives a penalty

>his only friends are white people at his age physically and mentally (not zlatan) that doesn't think dabbing is cool

Strange, I bet it's totally because he got alienated and not because he doesn't want to spend time with mongs.

>his only friends are the oldies like carrick and rooney
Those two lads have massive influence over everyone though...

>doesn't want to spend time with mongs.
>hangs around with Rooney

Are you really saying Rooney isn't a mong.

Haha well memed friends! Rooney's a fucking gentlemen if you lay off your daily The Sun reading. Cretins.

Don't chat shit, lads. He'll put u asleep within 10 seconds u little girls. Don't say stuff and not follow up on it. He'll be waiting

Rooney is quite an intelligent guy who just happens to have a scouse accent and be shit at football

Clearly you didn't watch Wayne Rooney: Behind the goals


>Having to post this on Cred Forums
Do you not have any friends?






Hi rio do you want picking up in the morning pal?

Yeah, I mean he'll put himself to sleep in 10 seconds because he's a little girl and all that, but I was thinking mong in a more "LE *DAB* XD" way. I bet he's fine to hang around now. I think everyone, even Rooney, get older and eventually matures.

>Matic over Hendorson

Gary m8, you are shite.

United have been AWFUL so far

it's going to go off lads

When was the last time we didn't say this?

>Hire Mourinho
>Expect high quality performances

Hull? Soton?

Based Tevez

based golfing goblin

tyb golf holiday man

>mourinho making 3 subs

hate this gimmick

Zlatan on Rashford off
Meempiss on Martial off
Young on Mata off

all at the 60th min


think hes played the fifa 17 demo too much 2bh


fifa btfo

hopefully no more doors for Ronaldgay

>you now remember them extending the voting so he could win it

When did the Baloon D'or became so important?

Messi and Ronaldo fanboys.

Liverpool's going to massacre Chelski and you ABLs will be on suicide watch once again.

When tsunaldo went to halal

this is a little off-topic, but can anyone recall the name of that animated show with the crude/dark sense of humor that's set in a sort-of a reality show format, and they have a pig, a princess, a superhero, a black woman n some other shit, all parodies of something...yeah, so does anyone know the name of it?

Drawn Together?

yes, that's it, thanks my dude


oh yes


Used to be one of my favourites shows as a teenager.


Looking on wikipedia I was 24 when that show first came out.

And >Mouyes

>as a teenager
>I just realized it aired 12 years ago

can you imagine if pogba was playing like this for any other club than media united?

>Joey Barton's Rangers career hanging in balance after being BANISHED from Murray Park over Halliday bust-up

>Losing 5-1 to a team Farca rekt 7-0
>Joesph 'Philosopher' Barton

I think Smalling is playing up front now




>Hot Fuss is 12 years old
>I'm Wide Awake It's Morning is almost 12 years old
>Conor Oberst has moved on from post adolescence angst to singing about having kids


Fucking Europa teams ruining the coefficient

lmaoing @ the epl

get with the times la

New uefa president might reject the changes la

>the jews losing to zenit after going 3-0 up

oy vey it's anudda shoah

thank fuck im not a customer desu lads

is there any good vines of pogba at united lads?

*dabs like Pogba*

i wonder how much he will celebrate when he finally scores a scrappy 4-1 goal against sunderland

I almost want it to happen for the shitposting on Cred Forums

>to make it 4-1 from 4-0

>SAF let Pogba go on a free because he knew that he was shit
>United sign him again a few seasons latter for a gorillion pounds
>turns out he is shit
makes you think huh




>from the penalty spot



>mouyes almost relegates the champions
>sacked mid season
>manure rewards him with a 15m contract
the genius of merchantster poonited



>reading the post match thread
>all that friendly '''''''''banter'''''''''

and to think some of those mongs post on here

even the dutch phonecall man posts on there.

I just think you're all expecting too much from a bunch of Indonesian potato snack vendors desu

>internazionale milan
>losing to a team brenny beat
Jesus fucking Christ.

H-h-he was sabotaged, la!!!!

I-ignore all h-h-is previous club p-p-players saying he was c-c-cancer la!!!!


>you now remember that Mouyes has literally spent the most money of ANY manager in the entire WORLD in the last 5
>H-h-he doesn't b-b-b-uy s-s-success!!!


>busted flush

pick two

leave chelsea to me

Goodnight, friends.

>Leave finishing below 5th to me


is mouyes done?


>Liverpool got beat to depay by United
>Signed based Firmino instead

thank you based God


>Rangers midfielder Joey Barton has confirmed he has been told to stay away from the club until Monday and has also apologised for "overstepping the mark".


It was one bad defensive error and Kane fluffing a chance, which he rarely does. Other than that they looked good, even great once Dembele came on.

I'm not worried yet.

*dabs for 120m*

Salty because Australia might have to beat someone other than qatar to qualify?
WC qualifiers should be random not region specific because weak as fuck nobodies like us make it when we get donged by any decent team 50+ in the rankings

Both retarded








banter lads

>de gay

Why are so many football fans such drooling morons?

It makes the death of football easier to administer.


> "Apologising doesn't always mean that you're wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than your ego."

Wow, so he apologised for being wrong and then said "actually, I'm still right though" Barton never grew up mentally from the age of 5 it seems.

can't wait for the destruction of chelshit today lads

>10.Nicolas Anelka
>07.Roberto Baggio
>04.Zlatan Ibrahimovic
>03.Radamel Falcao
are rated as they should be


Is this what autism looks like?

>Dirk Kuyt: “This is a night not to forget quickly,” he said. “The crowd was great and that resulted in a lovely atmosphere at De Kuip. The club, Feyenoord, belongs in Europe. If you do it on an evening against a top team as Manchester United, that gives a wonderful feeling. Beforehand I said to the boys, ‘If we go all out and they play five per cent less then we can win’. We fought in the contest. I must give a huge compliment to the team for the fight that we had up to the last minute. This is a wonderful start to the tournament.”

>Meanwhile, Chris Smalling says United’s players need to stand up and be counted to avoid an “unacceptable” third successive defeat. Stand-in captain Smalling admitted “we didn’t play up to our standards” in the Netherlands and that United can ill-afford another loss when they return to Premier League action at Watford on Sunday.

>“I think if anything, that’s a good thing,” the centre-back said of the quick turnaround. We don’t have time to dwell and we have a few days to recover. We make sure that we stand up and be counted on Sunday because we’ve got a big result to get.

>“I think [the confidence] does take a little knock, but I think we can’t forget some of the chances we created. I think on Sunday character … needs to shine through because it’s unacceptable to lose three games in a row.”

He Brenny now

> Simeone confirms that his contract with Atléti has been reduced and will end in 2018.

Argentina or Inter (de boer contract ends 2018)

Spewing the same old excuses for the last 3 years.

He'll replace >mouyes at United.

Carrick or Rooney under moyes
>"we're hurting but we need to bounce back next week"
>every single week

Can't wait until arsenal don't get him

>Paul Scholes: ''Manchester United should sign Toni Kroos or Luka Modric to bring the best out of Paul Pogba''
Brilliant Scholesy! The Europa league strugglers should take one of the Champions league holders key players. What a pundit, what a genius on and off the pitch.

makes me laugh knowing that the premierl eague is "known for its physicality" so foreign teams go out of their way to literally assault any english team, especially one with a player everyone reckons is going to BTFO of them



















What did he mean by this?

he would be a terrible fit for arsenal

holy shit

its chelsea v liverpool today


>wake up
>realize Chelsea v Liverpool is today
>suddenly no need to take happy pills today



Magic of football la'

It's fucking beautiful to watch him implode like this.

Even moreso as a Hull fan considering he was a significant factor in >our last relegation by killing Snoddy on opening day.


They won't realise that though and will be raging when a good manager is available and they stick with wenger

Hope Newcastle come up and Sunderland go straight back down desu

Newcastle fans are mostly plastics from the sheerer era that are too proud to admit it 2bh


>Sunderland go straight back down

They would have to be promoted to go "straight back down"


Can foreigners understand his accent?

Oh shut the fuck up you pedantic cunt.

That's nothing. Recently I tried watching this shitty bong movie called 'I Am Hooligan' without subs... I couldn't catch like 50% of what they were saying

literally no idea who that is

The circle jerk for him in the comments is just embarrassing

try watching Neds (2010)


Stop being a complete idiot and maybe I will you retarded northen monkey

btw everyone likes sunderland more than you're pathetic wonga corporation barcodes.

added to my notepad

Genuinely neck yourself you daft cunt. You must be quite the shithead, no wonder you have no friends

Let me guess, you support an incredibly shit team and you take it out on those better than you? HAHAHAHAHA PATHETIC

nah, my team's won trophies in my lifetime.

I can understand most of what he says and guess the rest.


>Newcastle fans are genuinely THIS easy to bait

pretty pathetic 2bh

>btw everyone likes sunderland more than you're pathetic wonga corporation barcodes.

They're both equally easy to hate imo

how likely is it that sunderland go down and newcastle stay down?

People get crazy pathetic when they're talking about football rivalries.

I wouldn't wish listening to an Ipswich fan berate a Norwich fan on my worst enemy

>watching epl for the relegation battles
lmao you're a special one

Unlikely Newcastle stay down unless the other teams figure out a way past rafa.

Newcaslte will probably go straight back down the season they go up though

Sunderland will never go down.

You now remember that image with the african guys wearing Norwich shirts making fun of a guy wearing a Ipswich shirts (or viceversa, I am not sure anymore).

>implying it's not the best part of the league

As soon as Sunderland get relegated it's over. They'll be doomed to eternity in the depths of the FL

when did I say I did that????

eh. if you've got roots. sure it's pretty intense.

don't take it wrong brah. it's not a bad thing.

Hi lads what's going on in this thread?

My cat just gave birth.

>implying Sunderland will ever get relegated

>My cat just gave birth.
Cats can do that?

How many kittens? Did you have to help her?

Let us name the kitters

You think they shit out eggs, la'?

They do if they have worms

Anyone got the Liverpool fan webms?

Now that the dust has settled, let's seriously talk about this, for those who watched the match.

Only 2. She climbed in a drawer over night and she's still there. She's being really protective though so I can't really see much.

What am I meant to even do?

>Jose let them have the ball and didn't press for some reason
>Started pressing in the last 10 minutes and created more chances

Just leave your cat food near the drawer, don't try and touch the kittens until she brings them to you

rank these managers

moyes with little money
van gaal with some money
mourinho with lots of money

United were complete shit for the first half
United were a bit better in the 2nd but still were complete shit at creating anything


2, 3, 1

Literally lost to the Dutch Liverpool, >we even sing YNWA and talk about it being our year

that missed offside call was some premiere league-tier refereeing

10. Mark Hughes with no money
17. Mark Hughes with some money

867. Mark Hughes with lots of money

9897. Mark Hughes with all the money

>Those fouls

I thought it weird there was only one(1) yellow card in that entire game with the kind of fouls players like Botteghin has.

But desu, I've seen worse performances by United under van Gaal. I don't think they played too badly overall, especially Herrera.

indeed, but United should've made more of an effort to win it, Fey wanted it more.

Don't disturb her, she'll come out eventually. Then you can make a nice set of mittens.

>But desu, I've seen worse performances by United under van Gaal. I don't think they played too badly overall,
Give Mourinho time, he didn't have enough time to make the team play awful.

but they've been playing awful for years

>give mou time
what's a good result this season? top 3 min right

surely pep's going to win.

i'm all chelsea, but i think we'll be happy with CL football. hopefully we slip into 2nd tho. beating united is always good.

mediocre =! awful

yesterday Fey's defence was on overdrive. Pogba epitomised their frustration multiple times yesterday.

no question City will win it, theirs to lose at this point, but it's still early.

For united? Top4 and a cup imho, between the league cup, fa cup and EL they should win one.

Mou wants to win it, which is optimistic (he should be aiming to win it next season)

The owners only care about because of the Adidas deal

*The owners only care about top 4 because of the Adidas deal

First time I've seen a back 5 rated so highly against a better team, and I'm including Atleti's 1-0 vs Barca.


A strong title challenge, top 4 and one of the cups would be a good season. As much as some fans dismiss the EL I'd love for us to win it, can't stand the arrogance that some of >our fans have over it desu

hell no