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Where's the fuckin news retart!!!!!!!

Golden state blew a 3-1 lead in the finals

there's your news faggot

We out here reppin the set.

Crip till I die.

Where my LA niggas @?

>Where's the fuckin news retart!!!!!!!



What news? Absolutely nothing happened besides Lue telling TMZ he'd like AI to be an assistant coach with the team.

Right here senpai.

Reposting from the last thread.





kys Harrison


LeBron's biological dad died.


RIP ;_;

This is cool as hell. Aesthetics are on point.


>Tony Parker played basketball on the Aletsch Glacier in the Swiss Alps where the weather is somewhere around 30 degrees (though it may feel much colder) on Wednesday. The teams consisted of players from France’s ASVEL Villeurbanne team and the Swiss League.


Tres Bien!

god forfuckingbid people talk about sports on a sports board you autistic buck toothed manlet


thoughts on his death?

>implying Malone wasn't his dad

Delonte west jealous rage

lebron's dad been dead

im dead!! im dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hot oc coming up


Dude, why did you do this!?!?!?!?!

Mario is going to fucking kill John this season now!!!

He's definitely never ever going to average 20 points now!!!

Remember to join /nba/'s (un)official fantasy league if you haven't already


First place gets a prize, something we don't know what yet, maybe a jersey (vote on it on the homepage, USfags only)...I'm still figuring out a way to send them to protect everyone's identity, but we'll figure that out later I guess

>the biggest thing I learned, from Kobe [Bryant], was Kobe said “I don’t lose; I win or I learn.”


That's some vintage Black Mamba shit right there.



"We used to rap on the bus all the time. We’d freestyle. We’d see something and go off. It could be anything—a guy with a big nose walking his dog, a guy on our team with a zit on his cheek. Kobe wouldn’t usually say anything, but he was sitting there observing. You could tell he wanted to join in, but he hung back. Maybe he was afraid he wasn’t a good enough rapper. Who knows? We spent a lot of time wondering what was going on under that retro afro he had.
Kobe was a very intelligent guy. One day we’re on the bus rapping, and he starts in with his own rap. He’s using all these big words, and the damn rap sounds like a movie script or something. That was when we realized he was going home and writing stuff up, then memorizing it and coming back with it on the bus."

Keep spamming this picture and see what happens bitch.

Kobe on that GZA shit while you're a pleb on some basic shit.

>Bryant, still disappointed at the support he received over the summer, told O'Neal, "You're supposed to be my friend."Brian Shaw questioned why he would believe that when Bryant did not join the team for dinners on the road, failed to attend O'Neal's wedding though invited, and did not invite a single teammate to his own wedding.



Goooooood morning /nba/ General!

That looks pretty cool

Have you guys ever been to [s4s]? It's so.... meta

>Kangz could've had a big man duo of Cousins and Whiteside

This organization just needs give up. Fire everybody and hire someone from the Spurs like Seattle/OKC did and then move to a different city.

Honestly not worth it. They're both talented but they're both emotional dumbasses that throw hissy fits.


Kangz would be even worse than the Jailblazers with techs.

why was 2pac such a diehard west side enthusiast? wasn't nigga born and rised in new york?

2pac is the most overrated rapper of all time


Jesus, I had read that /nba/ was a shit general, I didn't imagine it could be this bad

it really is fucking horrific mate, just leave us to wade in our autism

If you have nothing constructive to say then fuck off, you aren't helping.

Come back during the basketball season in a couple of months if you want.

We're literally a roller coaster man. During the season /nba/ is no doubt the comfiest general on the board but during the offseason this one chink goes on summer vacation and the whole thread turns to literal shit.

Actually Biggie is.
>made one album before he died
>somehow considered the GOAT because of one album
Wew lad. Pac at least had like 5 albums released before he died, so you can really judge his body of work.
Also best MC ever is Rakim.
>Most people under the age of 30 don't even know who he is

Do your home work kids.

In our defense it is the middle of the offseason, all the players are signed... we have nothing to talk about

>Kangz would be even worse than the Jailblazers with techs.

Sheed was the GOAT at T's. No one will ever touch the Jailblazers legacy

Pretty sure that's Drake.

Anyone that knows hip hop knows Drake sucks.

>rating drake

I'm pretty sure he's just memeing lads





>John Wall


Tbh ready to die is better than any pac album and it's one of my favorite rap albums. I agree that he shouldn't be the goat tho

Rakim is dope and if someone says he's one of the best rappers then that's fine by me. My personal favorite would probably be q-tip

sup go wiz

best rapper of all time is pre carter III Wayne

>mfw listening to da drought 2 for the first time as a 16 year old kid

>preload 2k17
>it's a 100mb download
for what purpose


you were fugazi?


I fell into a basketball hoop

Thank god dumb people like you will never be refs.

Why is John wall known as the SHOOK one ? Did something happen?
Legit question

Disrespected Mob Deep. Fake ass nigga that ain't a real crook. He's just a scared ass nigga. Can't even average 20ppg.

Also Mario.

A Canadian didn't like gowiz so he forced a meme against their best player


>Deandre Jordan ranked far below Boogie and Draymond Green

Did Sports Illustrated not watch the olympics?


>Olympics mattering on a ranking based off the NBA

Literally kill yourself, and playing against scrubs isn't impressive at all.


Kenneth faried looked like a god playing against cuck euro white boys in FIBA a few years ago and he's shit

Who wants to get stomped on 2k17?


Personally, I'm waiting til the cracked version comes out because I don't know if my system is strong enough to run it

Derrick Rose raped a bitch.

im pretty sure a girl who dates Nick Young is basically unrapeable

>It was the thoughtful act of a father. Gregg Popovich would go to a Zagat-approved restaurant on the road with his staff, and sometimes, toward the end of the meal, he would ask the waiter for a small carrot cake to go.

>He would then leave the package outside Tim Duncan’s hotel door, and Popovich’s original thinking was simple. He knew Duncan loved carrot cake.

>Room service is over now.

>gays love carrot cake
who knew?

i miss the 90s

Shut the fuck up Rose. You're fucking scum.

2k tonight boys

>over 18
>playing video games

oh boy!! new thread!!!

get to post all of these all over again!!

GOL (giggling out loud), steph memmry lost up 3-1 in the finals on a stacked team, vs a post prime, post HGH, lebron james.

can i get a wew kobe , im dying over here ahahahahhaahah

>GOL (giggling out loud)

month and a half left before we over react to pre-season, wew kobe i can't wait.


Wew kobe kobe wew

I've never bought a basketball jersey in my life but I love this one, might get a wall one or a beal one if he becomes an all star


>thursday night football live on twitter

I hope the NBA does this

go wiz, you gonna get in on the fantasy league senpai?

we got 6 spots left, draft is in a week

man I hate when I see youtube comments about how Kobe is the only player thats in the conversation with MJ. What the fuck? Kobe is barely a top 10 all time player.


5-2 > 3-4, fucking faggot

Kobe is objectively top 8, what the fuck are you smoking canuck?


AHAHAHAHAH Kobe does it again


Finally, someone with some intelligence in /nba/ general. You were slightly off though, i'd place him top 30 instead of top 10.

>losing is winning in /nba/

1 for the land equals 10 championships. Lebron has 12 titles.

welp here's your (you)


kobe just got btfo by this thread i bet he cryin in his house rn lmao

5 rings bitch

SI top 10
1. LeBron James
2. Kevin Durant
3. Steph Curry
4. Chris Paul
5. Russell Westbrook
6. Kawhi Leonard
7. James Harden
8. Anthony Davis
9. Paul George
10. Blake Griffin



Thoughts on Harry's excellent lego videos from when he was 8 years old?

8th is barely top 10, dickhead. still 7 spots away from jordan and lower than lebron

>chris Paul

Worthless list

>having LeBron over Kobe

you know where to go

you are literally fucking retarded if you have kobe over lebron. its not even funny as a meme

>5 rings over 3 rings is retarded

Yeah, I'm sorry lad I don't follow. LeBron brought a title to Cleveland, that's amazing, but it doesn't make him better to Kobe. It justifies his name as "King James" and makes him Cleveland's greatest sports hero.

I'm not even sure if he's better than Bird

yeah, bill russel and robert horry are better than jordan

nice maymay

>leshit stains
>needing silver to ban draymond in order to win


good god canada is back with a force he already winning the nba general debates

>Kobe fanboys

That's a fucking retarded arguement and you know it, canucky

Horry isn't in the same stratosphere as Kobe and LeBron, he's a role player. Russell is from a meme era, but everyone respects him and Wilt for their insane stats, that's why they stay top 10

Rings isn't the the thing that makes one better player. But when you have two guys like Kobe and LeBron who are close, the rings set one guy apart.

Go back to /mlb/ if you can't understand that, I only want to speak the OC canadian

>tfw i'll never be as good as Lebron
>tfw AI was a bigger influence on culture than I was

that is the OC canadian

are you making 100k with your polisci degree yet you fucking faggot

Rude, desu. I'm a civil engineer actually, senpai.

And I don't think it's the OC canadian, if it is, he's not cool like 7kt was and I don't want him back desu

>thinking LeBron is actually better than Kobe

do people actually believe this? If you LeBron higher than top 9 already, you should end yourself. It's just that simple, your opinion is shit and you are likely not old enough to smoke.

kobr is clearly the closest thing to Jordan we've had (and likely will ever have)

whether he's better than lelbron (he's not) is irrelvant desu, it's like comparing magic and jordan

kobe a loser

Top 10 player? LOL!!! what kind of top 10 player misses the playoffs 4 times in their career? wow that's the worst...

You are embarrassing yourself, my man.

Say my name say my name when nobody is around you say baby I love you

I was talking to the OC canadian my b

it's him, I recognize his posting style

my fucking sides. i understand now, Wall can only recover from the shookening by fighting back against Nintendo

lol Harry wants to piggy-back (kek) on the casual Canadian's post. my fucking sides. thank goodness b-ships are over cause Canadians are beginning to embarrass themselves.

on the one hand you have a weak east team who made the 2nd round last season for the first time and probably will never make it again.

and ther eare the memes on the other who, which i will remind you, lost up 3-1, UP 3-1, with a stacked teamd against the post prime/HGH lebron james.

then we got people saying CP3 and John Wall arent top 10 PG's? do you guys even watch basketball?

please leave this general forever if you don't think kobe bryant isn't top 5 of all time. just gtfo.

my fucking /sides/ and now these nerds want to post.....wew fucking kobe.

I agree with your post since you said Kobe Bryant isn't top 5 all time.

lol Harry wants to piggy-back (kek) on the casual Canadian's post. my fucking sides. thank goodness b-ships are over cause Canadians are beginning to embarrass themselves.

on the one hand you have a weak east team who made the 2nd round last season for the first time and probably will never make it again.

and ther eare the memes on the other who, which i will remind you, lost up 3-1, UP 3-1, with a stacked teamd against the post prime/HGH lebron james.

then we got people saying CP3 and John Wall arent top 10 PG's? do you guys even watch basketball?

please leave this general forever if you don't think kobe bryant is top 5 of all time. just gtfo.

my fucking /sides/ and now these nerds want to post.....wew fucking kobe.

Nope, you can't take back your words. Kobe isn't top 5 according to you.

ahahahahahah that user blew himself out

wanna know who else blew himself the fuck out?
steph curry, lost up 3-1 faggot

ya played yourself


>John Wall (knees) is playing one-on-one
>John Wall (knees) has progressed to playing one-on-one.
>Wall said that there's no rush for him to progress to five-on-five work, and while things are trending in a positive direction, there are no guarantees he'll be ready for the regular-season opener.


So did Kobe, apparently the community doesn't think rape is such a big deal, it's almost like it's part of the culture


>it's almost like it's part of the culture
it is desu, i mean it was nationally televised when Lebron beat the warriors up 3-1. No one called the police or anything, they just kept cheering.

why the fuck would you .gif a still image?

1. Cavs
2. Pacers
3. Hawks
4. Celtics
5. Raptors
6. Magic
7. Pistons
8. Bulls

Hornets, Knicks, Bucks, and Wizards all miss the playoffs by a super short margin. 76ers, Nets, and Heat are the bottom 3.

1. Warriors
2. Clippers
3. Thunder
4. Spurs
5. Blazers
6. Grizzlies
7. Jazz
8. Suns

Pelicans, Timberwolves, Rockets, Mavericks, and Nuggets barely miss the playoffs. Kings and Lakers finish at the bottom.

MVP and scoring champ: Russell Westbrook
MIP: Jabari Parker
DPOY: Kawhi Leonard
6MOTY: Al Jefferson
ROTY: Ben Simmons (unanimous)
COTY: Brad Stevens

Champions: Golden State Warriors

>ROTY: Ben Simmons (unanimous)

>heat bottom 3
this dude is pure autism

MVP: Damian Lillard
MIP: Meyers Leonard
DPOY: Evan Tuner
6MOTY: Allen Crabbe
ROTY: Jake Layman
COTY: Terry Stotts

Champions: The Motherfucking Portland Trailblazers

>ROTY: Jake Layman

> Wed, Sep 7
>Stephen Curry said that the only goal for the Warriors this upcoming season will be to win a championship, but earning 74 wins isn't necessarily a part of their game plan.



>Goran Dragic, Dion Waiters, Justise Winslow, Josh McRoberts, and Hassan Whiteside as the starting 5
>Not a bottom team
If you think this you're not autistic you're fucking retarded. That's one of the worst starting lineups in the league.

>be Hassan Whiteside
>have max offers from multiple teams
>many in solid playoff contention
>choose to stay with Heat
>Wade leaves and roster goes to complete shit

kek he must be pissed as fuck

idk what he was thinking. even if Wade stayed he would be an old as fuck, Dragic is getting old, and Bosh is still dead. he must really like the beach

>and people say deandre jordan is retarded

best center in the league desu

so wait how much better do you think the roster will be with wade? wade is only going to play like 70 games next year. I love wade and all but he is an old 34.

lets see how winslow and richardson turn out. They might be bad but I trust spo to make them average

>whiteside and drummond are better and actually do more then LOLDUNK

>le play no d so i can attempt to get blocks from behind man

with or without Wade I don't think the Heat would be good this season, but Wade proved he still has some left in the tank. He pretty much carried them against the Hornets and Raptors. idk about Richardson, but Justise Winslow is going to be very good. imo he is the future of the Heat. right now he's a Tony Allen type defensive role player, but I can see him becoming a Kawhi Leonard/Jimmy Butler type two way player in a few years

>but Justise Winslow is going to be very good. imo he is the future of the Heat.
lel no, if anything richardson is the future

>right now he's a Tony Allen type defensive role player
except 100000000 times worse

>but I can see him becoming a Kawhi Leonard/Jimmy Butler type two way player in a few years
lel no, lel 2 the no

I wont deny more than half the season he did that. This is a measuring stick spo year. if he is a great coach this roster will make the playoffs.

They still need another big FA to win a title. Winslow shot looked a lot fluid in the summer leagues and he played against great competition on the USA scout team. people have made huge improvements doing that sort of things.

what? winslow was the best defender on the heat last year and he was just a rookie.

did Winslow fuck your sister or something? he didn't play enough minutes to qualify for the defensive rating metric, but with minutes adjusted he had a better d-rating than tony allen, draymond green, and jimmy butler.

>using advanced stats

nigga, i watched him play, i use the eye test, he doesn't have the stuff, trust me. He'll be lucky to even be a prime tony allen. i see him being a roberson or some other okay tier defender. but ill be honest with you, i didnt watch him play much his rookie or sophomore season, so yes i can be wrong, but im just judging based off what i saw. so ill make a note to pay attention to more heat games. and ill take your word for it, if he seems like hes going to be elite then maybe he will.

Why does she got a big ass head?

Daily reminder if you are joining the fantasy league to not use an account that has your real name. Two faggots already got doxxed, please create a NEW espn account. It's fine if it's linked to your personal email (I can't see your email) but your first and last name are visible to everyone

can you boot ppl off this time? not going to lies im having trouble with the account i signed up with.

sure senpai which one are you

team 8, for some reason espn wont take muh pw, im retarded when it comes to accounts. ill sign in with the old one. my bad bro. ill wait for u to boot b4 i sign up

ok go ahead senpai

thanks i got in.

then you must have just watched one bad game. he was great last year.

Men I used to join the leagues on here but nba has turned to shit filled with a bunch of kids and internet tough guys

im just not high on this nigga i dont see what u see fambam

It's tough when we try to keep it anonymous, like right now im trying to figure out how to send people the prize without giving up my or their info, poor Emory, casualty of the 7kt rbl war

>following the bullshit broships

thats what killed the general. it was going down hill but that shit made everything full of shitposters.

I mean yeah people are fucking retarded in bringing your real name onto Cred Forums but doxxing people is such an asshole thing to do

yeah i saw a lot of praise for him from Spo interviews, ill watch him more. desu i shouldnt even be talking bad about winslow, he's what we need more of in the NBA, great elite defenders, especially perimeter/wing defenders. and FFS we need teams with more transition defense, idk how many times i've yelled at my television saying stop the ball! ahah

don't do a prize, not worth it. keep your money man. why are you going to give a prize to a guy who probably shits up the thread? fantasy fun is enough, but do whatever man, anything involving names or shipping is a bad idea on here though.

agreed, you think trips are the answer to help repair this general? i say i.d.'s but idk how to start about going to get them on here.

IDs would help tremendously

the same fagging here isn't sophiscated as changing ips or using multiple devices on LTE/3G, it's just some aspie replying to himself on his fucking dell laptop

I've suggested it several times but its impossible to get in contact with anyone and hiro barely knows english

i'm afraid you may be right user, who's to say you know who isn't in the league right now and trying to win a jersey

anyway no big deal we got the whole season to figure that out. i just ordered an ingram jersey for myself from aliexpress, i am curious about the quality of them...so we'll see...

i mean, whoever picks someone from that team we'll know. if you're not him you won't pick anyone from that team. i know im not picking those faggots.

What if my name is actually Hugh Mungus?

>tfw it took me reading this 5 times before i got it

damn im slow

Nice name, mines Jack Meoff

who /2K/ here?

Barry McCockiner reporting in

Thanks for Dante, mate

thanks for Steven Adams m8

Thanks for AC/DC, m8

thanks for Aaron Baynes m8

Thanks for Patty, m8

dante a shit cunt m8

no worries lads

What you guys gonna do first?

The caps are such bullshit, honestly. I just want to create a player I want. I don't even play online. I might just play some other gamemodes until I figure out what I want to do. I want to make a magic johnson clone desu

thanks for the (You)s lads. 2k just finished installing, time to create my power forward for mycareer

i was start off with a small forward/power forward combo so i'll see what i can muster. i've heard the caps are really strict this time though

question, can trades happen any time before the deadline? like for example right now, can a trade happen right now? or do trade happen only during the seez?

At least we have the caps

Fucked myself last year by making a player without checking them, he was fucking useless

Tempted to make a PG because of the silly friend gimmick

Yeah you can take a look at

It's pretty bullshit if you ask me. You playing on PC?

>At least we have the caps
For what purpose? Put caps on online play all you want. There shouldn't be any sort of bullshit limits for offline play. All it does is hinder play and you can't recreate legends at all

>mfw reading all these people crying because they ordered on Amazon and their copy of the game isn't gonna arrive until Monday even though Amazon said release day delivery

I just hope I don't get drafted by a team in the shitty midwest

Nah I mean at least we know what the caps are

They're total bullshit and should be seperate from online.
I'm literally never gonna play online with a myplayer so I'm always pissed at being gimped

I'm kinda hoping my streak of being drafted by the fucking pacers every single year continues

Any PC users please report on server stability when it goes up

I got the cash to buy it but im on shit Internet and my pc is 5 years old so im unsure about buying it on steam

It's not like 2k graphics get dramatically better each year

At least being on PC you could cheat engine, but I still can't be bothered to do that. It's hard to set limits for yourself with what is realistic imo. Maybe I'll just create a player and put him on a team in my league and play locked on him. My goal is just to make a big ass PG that can run the break and pass great/play inside great. It isn't even possible to do that with the way the caps are. the PG limit is too short, at SF I'm too slow and + I'm not actually playing PG. Both trash at dunking

could you play the previous version? My cpu was 7 years old and gpu 5 and I played 2k16 fine

No cross platform online again? How fucking hard can it be

That's why i never use Amazon for games that are gonna release on Fridays. If they do somehow end up not delivering it on Friday you have to wait until Monday.

The issue I always find is ballhandling

It's impossible to make a good interior defender who can handle the ball at all. Which is not at all uncommon in the nba.

Instead of being able to become Lebron or whatever the caps make you max out at like Mike Conley level of good but unspectacular

ps4. i always try to create an all-rounder like a lebron or paul george type

What i've found with 2k15/16 is that you go full athletic scorer build and just play great defense and good playmaking and the game rewards you with badges relative to those so it evens out. My guy in 2k16 had trash defense and trash playmaking but every time I'd simulate a few games, it would still give me a similar statline that i usually end up with when I play manually, which looks like a triple-double with a few steals and blocks usually.

meant for

Im this guy

I cant really remember desu, i guess i could run on low and windowed if i have to? Im on a 6670 i think

wrong post user, but thanks for bogut m8

>time to create my power forward for mycareer
>power forward
triggered, pic related...create him and you'll win titles senpai-pai-sen-bro

>tfw every year I just wanted to make a shaq prototype that would overpower everyone
never really worked. Time for me to make a PG again. I think the reason why I liked center so much was because I could dominant defensively while being amazing defensively. When I played my C I just maxed defender/athlete/inside and then almost maxed playmaking I think. I can't remember. Just a few in rebounding because it wasn't even needed

Why can't I make a fucking 270 pound 6'1'' point guard? It's supposed to be MY career.

>1mb down internet

>Not preloading

My internet speed used to be 1-2mb download, my provider just has upgraded it over the years and now it's around 50-60mb/s

I always go whatever is the weakest in the league at the time but now its great now since AD, KAT, Griffin, Green were all fun to play against.

I've found trying to make dominant, athletic builds never work, or haven't worked since 2k13, where you could posterize the shit out of anyone at any time.

>the only career anons on /nba/ will get is in a video game

>He isn't in his country's professional league

Why even post here if you can't play ball

shut yo dum ass up..

>I almost made the nba but i got depressed and gave up

You guys ready for Krapernick's bullshit to bleed over into the nba? You betta believe some players are gonna be taking a knee during that anthem and espn will be there to cover every single goddamn minute of it with in depth analysis after the game.

>Thu, Sep 15

>Jahlil Okafor rolled his ankle last week, but Brett Brown expects him to be good to go for training camp.

>Okafor underwent knee surgery this offseason, but both his knee and ankle are expected to be non-issues when training camp opens up. Okafor's name has come up a lot in trade rumors, and a move away from Philly's crowded frontcourt would more than likely be a good thing, but until that happens he'll be competing for minutes with Joel Embiid and Nerlens Noel.

not knowing what the sizers are going to do with their bigs is killing me. WHY DOESNT ANYONE WANT /JAH/?

Hes al Jefferson 2.0, not a good fit in today's nba

what's the fantasy league name? it's on espn right?

Yeah its

Kobe + Shaq + a bunch of scrubs vs. Magic + Kareem + a bunch of scrubs

7 game series. Finals format (2-2-1-1-1). Odd-numbered games are played with 80s rules. Even-numbered games are played with 00s rules.

Who wins?

idk the rules so idk. but kobe shaw if less fouls are called but kareem magic if more fouls are called.

kareem and magic win

desu, it depends on the bunch of scrubs. there are levels to scrubs senpai

also it depends on which versions of the players. You never specified that desu

The scrubs are scrubs, however you define it. The important point is that their teammates outside of them are of equivalent, scrubby, quality.

Obviously just go with the best version of each player when they played together.

dude calm down


hey man i don't want any t-trouble, i just wanted to answer your basketball question. dont hurt me.

Kobe+Shaq were better defensively and would have a much easier time defending against Magic+Kareem versus the other way around.

a young kobe wouldn't have been able to defend magic. He was just too big

how young? rookie westbrook couldnt handle magic but 00's westbrook can. thats when he was developing those bigass chucking arms.

Lebrons stats shit all over kobes though..

aww yeah, time for some korfbal with a backboard

He plays a completely different position, you can't compare them accurately. LeBron played SF and PF most of his career on D and pseudo pg on O. His averages of 2 more boards and 2 more assists make sense

Kobe played SG for a triangle offense with no shooters (except for Glen Rice that one year) so he was forced away from the basket, plus Kobe straight up didnt want to pass until Pau came

Only area you have a point is fg%, lebron was much morr effective than kobe

10 minutes left until NBA 2k17!!!

What are you all doing first????

I just started preloading, fucking blows

Im going to see if mycareer is any good this year

Seeing who I get drafted by

I got it 5 hours ago:

>make my myplayer Shaq
>7'1" Glass Cleaner
>get drafted by the Lakers 2nd
>head over to the pro-am online
>get player of the match (25pts/21reb) in my first game

Post your PSN if you want a teammate for the park

>gaystation 4

>playing 2k on PC

Enjoy your inflated myteam prices

wish they would add crossplatform play tbqh its not the sort of game where PC would have an advantage

it's too bad rocket league is the only recent game where all platforms can play together

i actually have a ps4 im just trolling

I got drafted by the Denver Nuggets



one of the best teams to get drafted as desu

also when the fuck is the pc version gonna unlock, i don't even want to play i just want to mess about with the myplayer stats


In 2-3 days I think

dunno senpai, PC users always get screwed

I hope online is stable this year I wanna wreck some anons with my lakeys


it said we'd get to play the same time as consoles if we pre-ordered. bullshit desu

>PC users always get screwed
so true but i ain't gonna buy a console just for ball

Supposed to be 30m ago but steam fucked up like it does with every early release

Based Kobe does it again

not sure if I should stay up or just call it a night desu

will probably make something to eat and then if it's not done by then i'll sleep. i just wanted to see how the new height, wingspan and weight system and all the archetypes went together for your myplayer so I could start planning out that shit. hope the consolefags here enjoy playing it right now.

>will probably make something to eat
its 9:30 pst and 12:30 leastern cuck time, stop being fat.

Lillard has a legit chance to be better than Curry this year now that he's cucked

I haven't eaten anything since half six pm my time, I went out drinking with some friends then came back home and thought I could sneak in some tired as fuck 2k. i'm not a fat fuck lad

oh i didn't check the flag, sorry nigel. brush your teeth.

oh and im curious, you know how americans draw with markers on past out friends cause usually the person getting drawn on doesnt like it. do Nigels brush their friends teeth when they pass out? y'know, cause nigels dont like to brush ahahahahahahhahahahahaha. nigels wake up and they're all like, wtf!?!? WHO BRUSHED MY TEETH?!

Goodnight /nba/

(I hope none of you fags make a 3-point shooting guard as your 2k player, don't be a cunt.)


>do Nigels brush their friends teeth when they pass out?
kek, nah we just go with permanent markers. might brush someone's teeth next time they pass out before everyone else though, it'd probably feel weird as fuck to be feeling that fresh after a night out

did you pick up any birds m8?

2k17 cracks when? Canuck dollars are too weak

couldn't mate, 2k is more important

jokes aside we didn't go to a club, we all just drank and talked. anyway apparently it's not coming out until 10am pacific, i'm sleeping until then. goodnight senpais.

night guys. sleep well knowing the warriors lost up 3-1 in the finals against a post prime/HGH Lebron James, then proceeded to gut their team for a beta forward.

>finally got my copy of 2K17
>update install/download time 18 hours

Do I really need this update?

good night Nigel, sweet dreams

goddamit it that on top of the 70gb install? im preloading rn

I'm on PS so as far it seems, its just the update file for now. I'm hoping there isn't a game data installment after this update file though. Strayan internet fucking sucks so that's why its taking so long

Pretty slick desu. I'll order a custom one that says shook on the back.


>Kobe is the third all time leading scorer
>LeBron isn't

>trying to say a guy who's still in the league trying to prove himself is better than a legend that's already proven himself and retired

>having consensual sex with a bitch is rape
Not Kobe's fault she had major issues and changed her mind afterwards.

Rose legit just drugged and gang raped this girl with friends and has already claimed he didn't have consent. Nor does he really understand the perimeters of rape and that consent is required.

>6MOTY: Al Jefferson
>COTY: Brad Stevens
>Champions: Golden State Warriors



>The Spurs are still paying a retired Tim Duncan $1,881,250 each of the next three years.

>Maybe he’ll actually earn those checks at some point.

>Buck Harvey of the San Antonio Express-News:

>Most in the organization think Duncan will eventually join the franchise in a full-time capacity. They guess he won’t coach but will instead focus on personnel. Duncan has long been intrigued by the methods that Popovich and Buford use to identify talent.

>Duncan has at times disagreed with their decisions only to be proven wrong. He’s curious why.

Duncan becoming a talent scout?

nigga is broke

He lost 28 Million to a scam artist, can't blame him.

>Report: Cavaliers to give David Blatt a championship ring

>Blatt was fired at the midpoint of the Cavs’ championship season, but the team has ordered a ring for him, too, multiple sources confirmed to the Beacon Journal. He is now the head coach of Darüsşafaka Doğuş in Turkey

>mfw LeGod won one for da holy land


desu senpai Big Al as 6moty actually makes some sense. the Pacers have one of the worst benches in the league, the offense for their backup unit is just gonna be "throw the ball to Big Al on literally every possession and let him post-up." he'll probably average 14 ppg. no way the league gives it to Jamal again

good night John, thanks for the comfy OC

Enes Kanter would get 6MOTY before old ass Al.

And yes they would give it to Crawford is he's the best 6th man in the league. There's no limit to that.

>Now that Tyronn Lue has a long-term extension as head coach of the Cavaliers, the roles are starting to be defined on his staff. That’s starting with Larry Drew, who is reportedly in talks to become the lead assistant on Lue’s staff and receive a pay raise that comes with it.

>Via Joe Vardon of the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

>Meanwhile, the Cavs are renegotiating the contract of assistant coach Larry Drew, who is set to become head coach Tyronn Lue’s chief assistant and associate head coach. Drew, formerly a head coach for both Atlanta and Milwaukee, is under contract in Cleveland for another season (his third), but the new role warrants a bump in pay, and the two sides are negotiating a price.

>The rest of Lue’s staff is under contract for the upcoming season.

>Lue was the associate head coach under David Blatt, and when he took over following Blatt’s midseason firing, the rest of the staff remained as-is. Now the new hierarchy is starting to be defined.

So Lue is pretty much just going to keep a couple guys from Blatt's group then fire the rest and put in his own coaching staff.

>mfw he hires AI

>Adrian Wojnarowski @WojVerticalNBA
>Source: Only $100K guaranteed on Lance Stephenson's $1.22M minimum deal with New Orleans.

Poor Lance. Probably could've made more playing in Europe desu.

>Enes Kanter would get 6MOTY before old ass Al
Kanter won't qualify for 6MOTY, he's a starter now that the Thunder dropped Ibaka
>And yes they would give it to Crawford is he's the best 6th man in the league. There's no limit to that.
That's not true and you know it. Guys get snubbed of awards all the time because the league wants to keep it fresh. If that was actually true, LeBron would be MVP every year and Popovich would COTY every year.

Kanter isn't projected to be starting. Ilyasova is.

Drake is a fucking pop artist, that garbage aint rap

Theyre both overrated as fuck.

Only reason either of them is nearly as popular as they are is because they died.

Same shit as michael jackson, dude was a laughing stock, fucking pedo creep, nobody wanted anything to do with him. Then he dies and everybodies like omg michael we loved you such a huge fan of his music omg mj4ever

People are such hypocrites.

I'd be surprised if that happens. Kanter and Adams are one of the best duos in the league in terms of covering for each other's weaknesses, they balance each other out perfectly.

But that was just against the Spurs. Because they had a pretty loaded front court pairing of Aldridge/Duncan. then West, Boban, and Diaw as back ups.

Now that KD is gone they need better spacing and three shooting, one of the reasons they wanted Ilyasova over Ibaka is because he can shoot the three better.

Kanter is still going to get minutes with Adams but he's not good enough defensively to start. He's still at his best against second units.

Harden doesnt belong on that list

Dude is a black hole with absolutely no defensive presence

pg13 is iffy too

After what he did this past year youre nothing but a hater if you dont think so

Reeltalk, lememe aint up there with mj yet, but now hes in the conversation, and this is coming from a lifelong jordan fan who never, ever thought id be saying something like that.

don't @ me with that bullshit, gb2ykw

>yfw duncan replaces pop when he retires


Do wat now?
Sorry, i dont speak faggot

LeBron is literally top 2 at worst now, he just delivered the single greatest Finals performance in the history of the NBA. If he wins again next season he is solidified GOAT.

>supposed to be out midnight est
>actually out 10am PSt

can you use the f word or will /r/nba ban you there?

>top 2

Dude, you are laying it on too thick. No one thinks LeBron is better than fucking KAJ, there's just no goddamn way

Pump the brakes there sonnyboy

I said hes in the conversation, its gonna take a lot more than just one more chip to actually become a serious contender.

no one gives a fuck about pre 90s NBA. the one exception is Larry Bird and thats because hes white. anything before the MJ era is deemed irrelevant by casuals

yeah fuck off mate, im going to bed



Thats a big word for someone your age, good for you!

Does mommy and daddy know youre up this late on a school night?

I told you not to @ me, it's not basketball related and it has nothing to do with my or my sons

Good day, sir

Ohfkhfkhkhc to you too fgt

Wtf is this @ shit?
Nigger doesnt even know what site hes on


>heh...go to bed kid...you're not a real memer like me, ive been browsin the chan since 09, a real oldfag i am...respect ur elders...kid...pshhh


>implying anyone over the age of 20 thinks lememe is GOAT material

im 23 and hes not GOAT material hes GOAT

here's your (you)

I like LeBron but you idiots need to stop being reactionary casuals with no historical basketball knowledge.

>implying thats any different
>implying youre not a worthless milleniai

im going to stick to the fantasy league, this place has been shit ever since gowiz left

But he isn't going to coach, it's talent scouting or maybe development.

What fantasy league???


>mfw going through Westgod's original pre draft profile


>Best Case: Leandro Barbosa
>Worst Case: Shannon Brown

>ranked 114th in his draft class
>Greg Oden #1

God damn. Is this the most improved player ever?

1. LeGod
2. Jordan
3. Duncan
4. Kareem
5. Shaw

>There might not be a more improved player in the country over the last year or two than UCLA sophomore guard Russell Westbrook. Considered a mid-major recruit leading into his senior year of high school, drawing scholarship offers from schools such as San Diego, Wyoming, Creighton and Kent State, Westbrook benefited from a late growth spurt that saw him shoot up from just 5-10 to 6-3 late in his prep career, and is now a key cog on a Final Four contending team and one of the hottest draft prospects in the country as of late. Obviously a late bloomer, Westbrook remains a raw prospect as far as his skill-level is concerned, but has just about as much upside to continue to improve as any guard in the NCAA not named Derrick Rose.

>not named Derrick Rose



>that youtube link

Wew Kobe


>no step vert: 30
>max vert: 36
i literally have a better vertical than that, im not surprised he was overlooked. his vert has to be 10 inches higher now, how the fuck did he do it?

Hard work, a gallon of milk a day, and nothing but oats.

He probably never trained his legs for vertical before, naturally he could jump 30 inches

I jump around 28 max, fwiw 6'0" and mexican, can just barely dunk two handed but clear pretty easy one handed

>He probably never trained his legs for vertical before

dumb dog poster, have you never done box jumps?

I'm getting some off vibes from this Trailblazer team.

But I can't put my finger on it... hmm....

Holy fucking shit Meyers Leonard needs to ditch the basketball gig and take up modelling. Oh my fucking god.

Squats and oats


Pop aint retiring next year bruh

You think mr fundamental isnt gonna start from the ground up to learn everything there is to know about how the organization works?

Would you expect anything less from timmay?

dont @ me

don't @ me

you can @ me

Is that FIVE white dudes on a professional african tree hockey team?

Will they win a game at all next season?

Dont tell me what to do


Gooooooood morning /nba/ General!

>Kobr literally has an uncle named "Chubby Cox"



"Black" "Mamba"


no, my friend, kobe is not better than lebron. youre an idiot if you think that. kobe could never do what lebron does. lebron also has more fmvps and mvps. hes a better passer and rebounder, and a better leader. no one who watches basketball and isnt a laker fan can actually say kobe is better than lebron. fall off a bus

1. mj
2. kaj
3. lebron

>hating CP3

>31 year old Chris Paul
>top 5
>in the year 2016

Lmao, like literally, LMAO

is nba 2k17 worth on pc? just found out the jews didnt add crossplatform and i got rid of my ps4 a few months ago

i claim Kelly Oubre as husbando desu

>he doesn't have the same name as his favorite player

Smh senpai it's pretty dope

Why? What a pathetically shallow and unimportant thing to feel good about.

Do you feel accomplished? Do you think that player does glory to your name? Just because you happen to have had parents that liked the name?

Do you try and take his accomplishments as your own?

What a sad and pathetic existence.


>this whole post

How many 40 point games? 60 point games? How many 80 point games?

Rings? Ever won a championship with only one other star on the team? No?

>that graph

>dmx basically just barking on track , few words used
>based xzibit proven to be on shakespeare level

>still three and a half hours until 2k releases
is it any good lads? I didn't get to play the prelude either because >pc

>Ever won a championship with only one other star on the team?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>kevin lolve

Pay debnts you third world mother fucker.

>filename says westbrook
>picture of lebron

This is the best joke from that show

That's such a great episode


>says harden shouldn't be on the list because he can't play D
>says pg13 is iffy

You realize that pg is one of the best 2 way players in the league, right?

spurs won that game

5 rings bitch

wew Kobe and kobes sons is probably the gayest, shittiest most cringe-worthy "meme" this general has ever produced

>Derozan #46

Fuck right off, SI. Eat shit.

bet he busted his elbow hitting the edge of the table

Can't wait to see the Post-Duncan Spurs

They overrated Draymond way too much

>mfw 2k makes me play pf with my 6'5 SG

It's called cultural enrichment and diversity.

I guess it's confirmed now, John Wall is the best point guard in the league.

rape isn't a real thing

What is /nba/'s opinion on equal and fair rights for everybody? This includes all genders, races, and sexual preference

I'm for them however it will only make my life as a white male worse

How much defense has kobe ever played? None?

NBA is a 2 way game kiddo, kobe only played half a game.

>paul george

Pick 1

wew only took 2 and half hours to unpack

I'm still waiting, really regretting not installing it to the SSD right now

I have a prehistoric HDD still

If BT ever actually get fibre here it'll be quicker to just not preload games

you @ me but you shouldnt....

>these caps and badges
This is so blatantly designed around online


we got fiber where i live but its too damn expensive, verizon is crooked af

>tfw time warner 1down/1up

just end my suffering senpai

>mfw my aliexpess order for a Ingram jersey finally went through

yeah boy we /spooky/ now

>mfw i forgot my face

you can't deny this nigga is taking HGH

Yes i can.

Nigga fell off a cliff after he dominated an entire playoff and finals in 06

Hes never been the same

>dominated an entire playoff and finals in 06

you mean Stern let him walk to the line a billion times, rigged as fuck sry i saw it live

damn, does HGH fuck with your body parts? that fucking chin bro. on the left he looks like an elite athlete, in his prime. on the right he looks like my fat kobe pictures. looks like him and lebron abused the shit out of that, we need some lebron 2012 and lebro now ppics.

jaw growth is a big symptom of HGH abuse, you have to be taking an insane amount for that to happen

wade is a cheat, thats why I got West above him in alltime SG

i can't decide whether to buy nba 2k17 or not, PC users always get fucked over....no prelude, no face scan, shitty servers last year, etc

Ginobili is a better SG all time then both of them

you just like him cause he's black though

same here mang, i want this shit so bad but i sold my ps4 and only got a pc and i feel like the playerbase will die off in a month or be full of hackers. I mean 2k16 still got like a steady 4k pop so idk

remember the paleo diet? LOL

>you now realize even more that curry lost to a guy who was on the paleo diet, post HGH

>you know realize the rest of the world lost to a post paleo diet Carmelo Anthony

my sides world, are you even trying anymore?

its a meme diet

im on low, nearly no carb diet. my blood sugar was 116, apparently that's prediabetes so im losing all this fat and trying to reduce all my simple carbs

athletes need those carbs, and melo just looks fucking hilarious skinny

now they wanna say kobe was on the juice. fuck that. now that i think of it, draymond green got a bigass chin and his mouth is always open, HGH symptoms?

draymond has that crazy retard strength, it wouldn't surprise me if he was using

he's the same height as kobe, 6'4.5" barefoot but somehow he's pushing Marc Gasol and DeAndre around? sounds like bs

He also seems like he has a bad attitude about everything

I know because he's the biological father of my wife's children and I see him around the house sometimes

can you confirm that he posts here at 2am during /jah/ hours? Or are you not allowed in your wife's room during those hours?

All you need to say is "Shook"

Last game you went to? What did you eat/drink
>Last game of the season for bucks after barely missing playoffs
>they lost against the pacers anyway
>Wisconsin: the hotdog
>Foot long hot dog topped with cheese curds AND cheddar cheese melt on a beer battered pretzel bun
I had the most liquid shits after that game but fuck was that dog delish.

I don't see him enough to say for sure. When he comes over I sleep on the couch in the basement and he takes my spot in bed next to my wife. Our computer is in our room so maybe he does use it to post here

Last game I went to was Suns vs Bulls last season, it was super close until the last few minutes of the game when Jimmy Buckets harnessed the power of Michael Jordan and drained like 5 or 6 straight circus shots to win the game.

>go to family reunion today
>see my thick cousin there, she's had a little bit of a crush on me since we were kids
>asks me if I want to go play tug o war with the rest of my cousins
>i decline but she keeps bugging me until i agree
>we go over to the sand pit and she picks me first
>"you are strong, right user, just stand behind me and I'm sure we'll win!"
>i get behind her and get ready to pull
>she's wearing some thin yoga pants cant help but stare
>we get started and start pulling and she keeps ramming her ass into my crotch with every pull
>"come on, harder, do it harder!"
>she says this four or five times, before turning around and looking at me her with her big doe eyes and saying "I want you to do it harder, user"
>nearly jizz in my pants
>she puts my hands around her waist
>"hold on to me, I'm going to fall!"
>she gets pulled in and falls forward, I fall on top of her, burying my dick into her ass
>enjoy for a second, then get up before anyone notices it
>walk off and go get a drink
>she finds me later and winks
>"that was hard, wasn't it?"

why are woman such sluts, /nba/?

pic related, this is at some play she made me go to because she "had anxiety" if i wasn't there

fuck her right in the pussy

You gotta fuck her

>tfw no pale white tiny gf

This is the worst feeling on Earth

>tfw no thicc gf

if I don't get to hatefuck my ex in December I'm gonna lose my shit

S... Sauce anyone?

I really want a gf like this desu, doggy style with a thick white ass is goat tier,

>stern conspiracy
>saw it live
>complains about free throws

So that was the only nba basketball you ever saw in your entire life is what youre saying. Got it.

>Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose was involved on a 3 on 1. The dude likes to fuck girls with other dudes.

This is not the Derrick Rose who brought the NBA on its knees back in 2010-2011. D-Rose is a bitch.

>D-Rose is a bitch.

>rapes league in mvp season
>comes back from literally tons of injuries
>rapes girl like kobe and still isnt getting charged
>rapes girl with his gang
>loved by chicago
>forms super team with melo and porzingass in NY
>bout to have a career reviving season

Rose is 3rd behind kobe and westbrook in the alpha of all time list.

The Golden State Warriors unironically broke the NBA regular season record with 73 wins, came back from a 3-1 deficit against the Oklahoma City Thunder, gained a 3-1 lead on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, and then lost 3 games in a row and did not win the championship. Stephen Curry unironically won unanimous MVP, back to back MVPs, and exclaimed "We not goin' home!" during a game, before being blocked by LeBron James a record 7 times in one series and indeed going home. Klay Thompson unironically said in a post game interview after going up 3-1 that basketball "is a man's game" and LeBron James "got his feelings hurt", LeBron proceeded to average 36pts/12ast/10reb and won the next 3 games and the championship. Draymond Green unironically avoided suspension for kicking Steven Adams in the balls twice, then STILL continued to play dirty and finally got suspended during the most important series of his life and ultimately cost his team its once historic and now infamous season.

These things all actually happened, the thoughts of this reality stay with me at all times. I go to sleep at night looking up at the stars, wondering what celestial being aligned the universe in such a way to make an event as amazing as this occur. I wake up smiling every morning knowing that the Warriors genuinely went 73-9 and choked a 3-1 lead in the Finals. That even if time is a nonlinear fourth dimension, going to back to stop it from happening will simply create another universe where it happens again. That the state of ass-blastedness emanating from the city of Oakland is eternal and infinite, it crosses countless dimensions of the multiverse and its unending torment knows no bounds. I gaze into the endless cosmic wonders around me, still in disbelief that it actually happened, but knowing that my purpose in life was to be born just in time to see LeGod get one for da land

>I wake up smiling every morning knowing that the Warriors genuinely went 73-9 and choked a 3-1 lead in the Finals.

me too user..me too..lebron james and the Cleveland Cavaliers literally cured my depression. whenever im down, i just stop an think "wait, lebron james beat the warriors who were up 3-1 in the finals" and the most cheesiest smile gets on my face and i break out laughing, those cocky fuck got what was coming to them. AHHAHAHAHAHAHA god bless Lebron James.


>you should be worried


Is Wally free from the shookening or not?

>basketball starts in less than 40 days from now
>what position will you be playing
>coach hasn't talked to me about that yet

Can i pickup nba 2k17 in stores rn? It takes me 1 hour to download 1gb, downloading this shit is going to take 3 days

last i heard was that he did escape the shookening despite the reports of him still being shook, those rumors have been proven to be false (started by those still trying to capture and keep him shook). John wall escaped to the Congo via cargo boat and is safely rehabbing/preparing for 2016-2017 season. He has made a low quality training camp facility in Democratic Republic of the Congo deep inside Africa. and is laying low dodging the shookening sickness that plagues this board.

perhaps the shookening will be attracted to a new player? I'll report more on john wall when my sources get in contact with his camp. stay safe anons.


Who /ios10/ here?

Shabazz Napier looks like he witnessed something horrible that happened in that pool.


I've never seen anything more amazing

>tfw no thicc pale skin Jewish gf


Im worried for jah

Kobe is famous for being a great defender you fucking retard . Not even casuals are this dumb. 9 time defensive first team, 3 time second team.

this nigga high y'all

>he doesn't know about emulation
>what is ebay and amazon
this nigga

>famous for being a defender
He's famous for being a ball hog

ummm, He's famous for being a 5x champion dumbass. fuck you and the warriors, i know who you are.


don't say stuff like that jahlil mario is gonna come shook you

Did you actually watch Frobe play? He was unstoppable on defense for a period of time, only guy he couldn't lock down was McGrady

Jah is now the subject of the Shookening, John Wall is finally free


Nice try go wiz but john wall is eternally shook unless he wins a ring.

Jah is just a pathetic dude and not shook at all

Nice try, Jah, pre-order the NX and maybe mario will forgive you

Damn Jah, why you gotta do this to yourself?

Shookening part 2 confirmed.

There's both shook now senpai. I pray for their souls.


I tip my fedora to you fellow CP3 hater


Rose is one dumb mother fucker. This is fucking retarded.

And then it happened. John wall felt a sudden relief, as if his mind had been set free, a feeling of euphoria set in over his body, the world just felt like a happier place for him, the sun shone bright over the Congo....meanwhile, across the world in the shitty of Philadelphia, evil lurked over unsuspecting NBA player Jahlil Okafor, he spoke of things he shouldn't have, the Nintendo corporation....they watch him now, Jahlil Okafor is SHOOK. what does this mean for the sixers? or the team he gets traded to?

>get drafted to Celtics
>Restart the game multiple times and keep getting drafted by Boston
>Finally get drafted to another team

Fuck 2K

I'm sorry John but your fanfiction isn't canon.

John Wall is shook until he leaves Washington. No if, ands, or buts.

Wew lad

John Wall is free

>kneebrah looks like Dante Exum

Who knew?

>sitting here on a friday night laughing my ass of at a picture of a smug mario pepe, Jahlil Okafor, and a JUST edit of John Wall
what has my life become lads

He needs a bro. Not a nigga. A bro. One of you folks go down to Philly and just hang out with him playing games and play billiards or something. He seems like a total honest case of the /vg/ geek who turned out to have NBA talent. Keep him from doing a Bynum.

As of right now Wall and Jah are both on SHOOK-Watch: neither of them are technically SHOOK or SAFE yet. We have to wait and see for now.

>Famous for being a defender
No, he's famous for hogging the rock. He can ball, but that's his claim to fame.

I like this Jah x Mario meme, ill get on some OC making once my gf finishes bitching on Facebook about me

If you are going to call Rose a rapist, at least have the decency to defend yourself and not hit the ground like a rock

Shut the fuck up you fucking punk ass bitch. Not a single person asked for your dumb opinion and no one cares about it you uneducated pig fucking chink.

Did you guys think Mario had a hand in Jah's mom death

John wall if finally free, rest poor soul.

>they're already watching him.

Stop forcing this John. You ain't free. You just a shook one.

this desu

>live in socal
>go to espn zone
>guy in heat jersey mouthing off how LeBron is top 3 all time
>charger and raider fans from across the room start pelting food at him when he says the Niners are favorites to win this year and all other California football teams suck
>dude gives the whole room the middle finger and calls them socal faggots who love a rapist basketball player
>see a flurry of black, blue and purple jerseys beat this faggot
>he goes out on a stretcher and life returns to normal

Disneyland is the best desu

please no

It's biased by position

Basically whatever their needs were before this year's draft

I wanted to stay on a team by whole career but I got the nuggs

God bless John Wall, i hope now that he is free he finds peace

with the exception of the 49ers being good, everything that guy said was 100% correct. sounds like socalfags got assblasted at the truth

Hmm i dont agree but i like your jumping spider eyes Lelbron picture

i can't stop Nintendo Corp from shookening the poor man. I'm not forcing anything, im only a messenger. The Philadelphia 76ers are going to be in for a rough 16-17 season. DESU it's going to be a Nightmare, some Blair witch Stigmata type shit. We can only pray Ben Simmons doesn't mess with Jahlil and his black magic. Simmons has soo much potential, desu we can't predict Nintendo's sporadic movements.

Jah is getting traded anyways.

Is there any player today you can see averaging 35 points?

The last one to do it was Kobe and he had the ball funneled to him 24/7.

I could see Westbrook because of how similar he played to Kobe and that usage rate in 2015. But I don't think Donovan would allow that to happen.

Harden, Westbrook, AD, Cousins are the only ones that I think would have a chance. It's gotta be a player who is really good offensively, doesn't have any other scorers on the team, and isn't afraid to chuck.

Harden could do it

He's closest to an elite scorer on a team without other scorers

Plus he ain't gonna be wasting any energy on D lol

where to? the wizards? cletics? miami maybe? they might need okafor if bosh decides to retire.

i can see KAT doing it if he develops well with thibz.


white pussy is made for black dick desu

Your mom tell u that?

no kidding life originated in Africa

>just ate 6 pizza slices

fuck now im shook, when is the fucking season going to start. FFS.

fuck I'm at the gym and am gonna be hella hungry afterwards what should I eat bros

options include but are not limited to

In n out
Metrx cookie dough meal replacement bar
protein shake
pan dulce
goldfish crackers

>what should I eat bros
you can eat deez nutz. 8th seed bitch.

>at gym

Post proof or lwsmff

Also in n out

Only going to my lakeys can save Jah, Mario and original Kobe have a truce, tbqh he's the only one who can control Mario while the shookening is in effect


Who is going to stop Mario?

This person has ruined the lives of two people, this is far too much.

He can't keep getting away with it.

>this thread

at this point, it may be too late for jah

hopefully no more lives are claimed


>pls respond

hugs are for the weak



>hugs are for the weak


stop posting john wall an mario, John wall has officially been cured of shookness, he's in the congo rehabbing for the 16-17 season. He's safe in another country...Jah on the other hand..

le wrong generation

i wonder who's team john wall is on now

Bruhs I forced a trade and didn't bring Justice with me and he ended up dying in a car accident

RIP moses malone





/nba/ will never be the same again

wew kobe

>The other thread got deleted

what is going on itt

This guy
got it deleted



wew kobe
atleast this one almost hit the bump limit

New thread someone



I made a new one but fucked up the title, sorry lads on mobile just let it die

You need to get off this board if you think Al "Broken Knees" Jefferson is getting 6MOTY.

Your standings are retarded too. You must be one of those East Coast fans. Only time will prove that.