/F1/ - Formula 1 General - 2015 budgets edition

1. Red Bull Racing (€266m + €35.7m + €167m) = €468.7m
2. Mercedes (€122m + €212.4m + €133m) = €467.4m
3. McLaren Honda (€144.5m + €216.5m + €104m) = €465m
4. Ferrari (€208.5m + €34.5m + €175m) = €418m
5. Williams (€52.5m + €22.9m + €111m) = €186.4m
6. Lotus (€69.5m + €13.6m + €56m) = €139.1m
7. Toro Rosso (€68m + €9.45m + €60m) = €137.45m
8. Force India (€49.5m + €12.2m + €68m) = €129.7m
9. Sauber (€44m + €9.25m + €50m) = €103.25m
10. Manor (€0.5m + €32.5m + €50m) = €83m

>1 tea time, 0 bongs, 46 bings until the shitposting free practicebegins
>3 tea times, 2 bongs, 45 singapore shitposting race begins

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1st for T H I C C

2th for Ferrari

>Manor only spends €83m


>4th for Ferrari Brand Duct Tape

>The Technology Centre of McLaren Honda

Sponsorship + FOM money + winnings?

> The full breakdown is below - the figures in brackets show income from sponsors, then partners and then from TV/FOM...


I bet 10€ for Alonso winning in Singapore. Going to be 1500 € richer on sunday.

F1 panders to niggers

You enjoying it so far or more of a football guy?


I suspect it would have been McLelren in 4th before this.

I wonder how much money Ferrari spent relatively to other teams in the SWL era?

Good bet Finland, you're sure to win again.

>F1 Singapore
>Sandown 500
>Blancpain endurance Nurburgring

What a weekend to be a loner.

Why don't you just send 10€ to my PayPal instead? It's a better waste of money.

having the weekend to yourself to watch tons of motorsports feels so good

>the cheekiest of cheeky bets
Godspeed you crazy ice climber

Also had no idea but seems the poo in loos have their own lower formula to train up the next generation of Karthikeyans. Apparently costs less than $800 to run everything for a top team for the whole weekend event.

For less than $800 we could have the shitposters taking on the literal shitposters in their own backyard

>What team name would you use?
>What sponsors would you run?
>How many seconds a lap quicker would you be than the poo in loos?

That guy who was posting about the Brit GP2 Winter series idea has it all wrong. GP poo is the future friends

You're right, but I still don't want to see the skid marks after a weekend.

>the self hating brazilian who desperately panders to Cred Forums
you're not fooling anyone and you're not white

Just how often do your lot see Indians etc over there anyway. Is it chock full of them or just mostly crazed Abos & Asian property grabbers?

brazilians are white and based

You could had spend that money to get a handjob from a Hooker.
At least this way a woman touched you this month

We have populations of them in the bigger cities, as well as the obligatory infestation of taxi drivers


I could finance a Team with my Student loan

>crazed Abos & Asian property grabbers
aborigines are like 3% of the population and most of them live out in the middle of no where
4.3% of australians population is chinese though
Indian is 2.1%

Cred Forums should seriously pool some money together and get a Cred Forums /f1/ branded team going that's covered in memes

thanks based ameribro

Just put "Designated Shitting Area" on the Sidepods.

>implying he hasn't




you know who you are

We designed a car two years ago.

We can do it again, I still have all the files.


still the best

Who would be the Cred Forums drivers?

nick and polbrit

How does McLaren get 3 times the amount of sponsorship that Williams does, but they don't have a title sponsor? Does chandon pay that much or is Martini paying fuckall?

Haven't seen nick in ages, not since everyone bullied him by posting a BMI model of him

>pic related

he probably killed himself, good job lads

Didn't he talk about ice cream a while ago?

We will never get the denbt paid back with guys like him

We can only hope.

Hearse driver probably needed special hauling permits.

Yeah when he was talking about ice cream again was when a norwegian posted the bmi model after he told us his weight, nick said he'd gained weight, even when on a diet, haven't seen him since.

you fused two different aussies together
the fact that people said ferrari had more money than the other teams is what triggered me and i just wanted to refute that with facts
i think ferrari is shit
i think tricky ricky is the best on the grid
vettel is a car baby that has never won a race without starting from the top 3

Is polbrit the guy who is obssesed with nico?

That one poo in loo in the US for studies could be alright pick for /f1/ GP poo team. Peru lad is pretty small from what remember too. Between a tiny Indian & a latin fuck boi could save few tenths a lap easy. Plus when things get tight money-wise can offer Peru to business mangers. The money won't be tight no more & neither will Peru's arse

>captcha was about ice cream




Lewis Hamilton has won most of his championships in a car developed by Michael Schumacher

nico has won all of his races in the same car
lewis has won a race every season
he's the only on the grid who has WDC's with more than one team

Jolyon Palmer has only raced in Grands Prix in yellow race cars



Jolyon Palmer has scored as many WDC points as I have

Holy fuck. If you can get a potato factory to sponsor you, you could have his seat next year mate!

Max Verstappen has only raced in cars that have words that translate to "red bull" on them

So THIS is the famous australian shitposting everyone talks about all the time, uh?

All has only damage in control that have been this

So I just bought a shitbox like this fresh out of a grandpa's garage (

i have checked this

I doubt that.

>cost reduction by FIA
>hurr durr "costs are spiraling out of control"
>hurr durr "teams shouldn't have "unfair" advantage by having better engine/tricky chasiss"
>let's ban everything for the sake of "equality"
>teams blow 2/3 of ther budget on aero alone so smaller don't even have a chance of fighting back
>hurr durr "costs are spiraling out of control"

FIA is really run by a fucktarded dinosaurs

I think those wheels would fit on my Honda

Should it just be Dutch and Aussie flags, with RELENTLESS across the sidepod?

>McLelren Hondshit

How can they even justify to burn so much money with no decent results achieved?

VET > everyone else


There are only 5 WDCs on the grid, your point?

Yeah user fell for the old tricks again.

Had it checked, it's legit
These grampa cars are pretty common around here actually
it would look neat but then real life is not NFSU and
>wasting money on a 20 year old car

Looks pretty solid as is. Nice medium where not too flash but not too delivery drivery. Keep it in good working order won't you

They probably are off your Honda

>VET > everyone else

I laughed

>Yeah user fell for the old tricks again
dunno where you are from but here in based Inzest Pfalz you can trust most people

Best thing about grandpas selling cars is they never sell to muslims or immigrants

End yourself.

Why are you stealing my may-mays

Honda is just doing their part to contribute to the growing Japanese debt.

just joking m8 I love how you can basically fix everything yourself with those based old BMWs

>These grampa cars are pretty common around here actually
I'm just having a laugh, because every other car imported here from germany has that in its description.

>not a shitbox

How drunk are you?

Ok cuck, your point?

what's the problem?
you don't like Formula CFD?


>ricing such a blocky looking car
It's hopeless.

>imported here from germany

Lad with the new BMW do not for the love of god turn it into some sort of beemer boyracer thing. Maybe if it's on it's last legs in a few years take it thrashing about on the ring for a Viking funeral

>ricing a german car


Sorry, I meant kebabing.

Have you not seen what people do to Golf's?

>3er BMW
enjoy being pulled over by the police every day
3er is THE Kebab/shitskin car in Germany

Yeah it's awful.

joke's on you, my first car was a literal Türkendreier convertible and I wasn't pulled out once in 5 years.

Golf's are awful t b h

Why is it always the Merc/BMW/Audi drivers who are massive twats. Foreign lads what are the 3 car makes that just attract knobheads over your way?

Merc/BMW/Audi get the usual twats
then we have
Ford/Holden which are a whole different type of twat because of V8 super cars

All gypsies here drive BMW/Merc/Maserati.


man the formula 3 crashes of this year
been seeing so many crashes lately that people walk out of completely fine but 15 years ago would probably ended in certain death

youre all racist cunts die die die

I live in an area full of Chinese students that buy Merc's and Audi's with daddy's money, so it's mostly that.

Ford and Holden drivers are almost always lower-class bogans, or sometimes italians/greeks/lebs.

Everyone that drives 90's Lancers and Magnas make alot of noise, but when you roll up next to them in basically any other sport cars, they stop fucking around, probably because they know they have nothing. And my car isn't even fast.

i mean us aussies shitpost but at least we aren't frog posting and orange hitler posting
get your shit together germany

if hamilton was to post in /f1/ tomorrow, what would you say to him?

hard mode: no using nigger

kek, I'm gonna call those 3-series that from now on

oh hi britpol!

I'd post the diagram and the webms and tell him to show rosberg and give him a lesson in """elegant""" and """legal""" wheel to wheel bullying

'Did you have a cheeky screw with Jenson's ex? What about Nico's wife?'

why are the colours of the lines reversed in each picture?

Hamilton red, Rosberg yellow

fuck might as well post the webms




>"""Correct""" way to bully competing team drivers

That way is correct though because the natural racing line lets you run out of the edge of the track.

wrong webm


>this was penalized
>casually breaking in front of your opponent going 350km/h is somehow okay

yellow for rosberg's t-cam colour
red for hamilton (before 2014 the t-cams used to be red and yellow, now they're black and yellow)

man germany 2011 with hamilton, alonso and webber duking it out was great, i want more of that


Fug Gimi, what are you doing?


Doesn't that just reveal Tilke as a complete hack?

Not that anyone hadn't realised anyway.

Back then we were more diverse.

tractor cunts are everywhere

The Hulk has an evil twin

>swede living in dutchland
so what you're saying is we should shitpost at you with swedish cuck memes instead of toothpaste memes?
or are we free to create new bullies and bants by merging and experimenting with both types of bullies?
As a professional Australian shitposter I would really like the opportunity to be creative with this new challenge.

You toothcucking cuckpaste!

Wonder if the Evil Twin could get a podium?


that's his stunt double, he used to drive for him in the beginning of his career. But he was too good, so the real Hulk took over and his star has been fading ever since...

I cant believe that there were north koreans posting here.

:'( you can see Michael's ghost flying above the track at the top of the picture



>4eva flying in our harts

i cant wait for the next black driver on the grid they will be so great, we need more

that's not michael that's jules

Nah m8. Because that's the Nurburging, where they said goodbye to him and named the corner after it - Michael Schumacher Ashes

To make it more interesting, my dad is Swiss and I have a swiss passport for some reason as well.

You as a professional Aussie shit poster should have more then enough ammunition by now.

Cuckpaste Jew.

Ok i'm done.




tfw suzuka is the same weekend as bathurst

is that the spot where sutil and bianchi went off?


yes, or just afterwards

inb4 more people watch/stream Bathurst then Suzuka

is bathurst on at the same time as the gp?

he doesn't even go here

I tried playing AC, but I can't get gold medal in that F40 s3 challenge. How do I git gud?

>8. Force India (€49.5m + €12.2m + €68m) = €129.7m
good job there

have 2016 budgets been revealed yet? what about 2017?

shit, you actually checked those sums? kek

Thursday press conference link anyone?

In American (Boston area at least), the twats/nouveau riche/poorfucks trying to look like they have money all drive Audi these days

evil twin is formula nico

babyface nico is lemans nico

are you drunk, amx?

>Boxers visible below shortcut

>Cuts the corner

Hamilton is a living visualisation of gottagofast, I mean he clearly just throws on whatever his sponsors have for him from the pile as soon as he wakes.


Nvm, found it.

>cuts corner
if he was the center of the car not all 4 wheels would be off and he'd still be fine

if he was the centre of the car, his car would extend 0.9m to his sides

he is definitely more than 0.9m off the track

>this serious discussion.
i love you /f1/

REEEEEEEEEE they should remove track limits entirely! - t. Toto Wolff

ironically more open regs give smaller teams a bigger chance because they can get more creative and tens of millions of dollars arent spent trying to get literal thousandths of a second worth of improvements.

>Formula 1's new owner Liberty Media must find a way to make the series as appealing to the young generation as Pokemon Go, reckons Jenson Button.

>"This was last night in the shopping mall, all these people all walking one way. Why? Pokemon," he said.

>"There must've been 2000 people all walking to one spot, through the shopping mall and across the road, because there's a Pokemon there.

>"I don't even know what you do with them. I don't understand. Do you win money? Do you get presents or chocolate?

>"I mean, come on, is Formula 1 not more interesting than that? It should be. I think it is.

>"If they can get that many people interested in trying to flick something at a yellow dot that isn't really there, I think we can make Formula 1 better [followed] than it is."

Sorry Button bb but I don't think this is a problem that can be solved by F1 themselves

jenson is so out of touch, pokemon is for autists as well, just look at people who breed them

>pretends to be a weeb
>doesn't know what Pokemon is

Jenson is the worst weeb in the world

I feel like people that didn't grow up in that era wouldn't really get the whole Pokemon thing. Pokemon is basically that generation's version of the Beatles.


>That feel when you realise you are getting old.

Rest In Peace baja bob

Agreed RIP baja bob

Fuck off Jenson. I hate that cunt.

i think you can agree he was heroic

RIP Jeff Gordon

rest in peace my nigga Big L, Pimp C, Left Eye, Aaliyah, Jam Master Jay

Don't forget big pun

And baja bob

>doesn't realize that motorsports are perfect for autists

just look at these threads

hello friends, it's f1 time again :)

miss this meme 2bh

the safety car scam only works once lad

hamilton for world's darkest tyrone?

He survives that untouched gets destroyed by a rally car crash. Nice one lad you could have been in a really good car somewhere down the line too.

all it took was one time to become addicted to crashing and rolling over

is every year, my favorite 2 threads desu

His first big one was in 2003 as passenger in a road car.

Was Kubica a big thing for you guys when he was in F1 or is it not really ever taken off in Poland like it has in Holland with Max?

>it starts with one hit
>"for free", says the dealer
>he needs bigger and bigger hits as the years go on just to "feel normal"
>his life literally spirals out of control
>a slave to the shunt

So lads who will die first?
Bernie, Lauda, Murry Walker or Schumi

walker for sure

lauda appears to be somewhat healthy. schumi will be left on a machine long after humanity crumbles. bernie isn't human and will eventually set off for a new world to control.

>Murry Walker


Bernie is the Stan Lee of motorsport. He drains life force from those around him.

It was quite big. F1 was broadcast in free tv since 2004, but after 2006 it became more and more popular. His dad was invited to pre-quali and pre-race studio. Commentary wasn't that bad, one commentator was actually his friend, other one was a long-time rally commentator. I think canada 2011 was the pinnacle of that free tv f1, because it was a four hours long block of f1 without a single commercial.
Comments on news sites under f1 articles were full of shitposting. Salty people writing stuff like
>damn idiot crashed again, he's only finished grade school, how cool is that?
>these bmw krauts sabotaging him once again like it's 1939
>how can you call driving a car a sport? lol driving around in circles
In 2001 it was WE SKIJUMPING NOW and everyone became a self-proclaimed ski jumping expert, in 2006-2007 same thing happened to f1.

Ricciardo announces he will never drink a shoey again

>Schumi & Bernie merge with Ron's autism cube

>how can you call driving a car a sport?
Cheeky slav bants

15 bongs

>implying he's gonna win anytime soon

yeah, nah though Rossi just culturally appropriated it so it's not cool anymore

>Sky asks drivers what they would do to make F1 better
>Everyone either talks about wanting closer racing and attracting more fans
>And then Vettel became based


Typical Ferrari faggot


ski jumping when malysz was jumping was great

pictured puma ceo

Can confirm. Seasonal fans all over the place, but Formula 1 surely was there, when it came to big national sports in Poland. Which is a funny thing, considering we have only one, shitty track, which is governed by some old commies. The F1 craze in Poland was largely superficial, but I'm still glad it even happened.

>hating on Buxton
TIme to go to sleep, Australia.

Go to sleep, Australia. You're doing that awake thing again. It's bad for you.


i bantered rosberg on this guy's tweeter feed and he called me a twat and blocked me, kek

Not F1 but oh fuck son


>someone saved my shitty oc

v12 engines have awful torque curves

keep the current ones but allow more fuel consumption so the drivers can use higher revs imo

oh shit

It's pretty awesome though.

Nice of him to give the crowd a wave, how, thoughtful

[team radio]
>I would like to thank all the guys at the factory

What a nice chap

Can we all pay respects to baja bob

You lot ready for this weekend I hope

proper lad
>mfw V12TT in F1 when he replaces Bernie in 2024

>Not a 2.5L W16 quad turbo

Meant for

wud habben?

Someone with talent I do not have should make a 'punished bob' edit.

It's never too late

Lads can we all just stop, take a moment out of your day to think about the great deeds done & say a little prayer for Wandering Waad. It won't even take a minute come on guys

Did he died?

6 weeks jail. But he's a britbong so probably got stabbed to death while trying to buy jaffa cakes

600 lashes, 10 year's imprisonment, $50,000 fine and cutting off his right hand for disrupting the Allah-given Singapore Grand Prix

I'm not sure being ronic is a good thing

Ricky can overtake without hitting things.

44 and our guy hamilton wins

Have mine instead

>too late, not even close
Does this mean Lewis will crash and burn?

Nah. Kimi will win.

This is Seb's track


cap this

kvyat can into good result?

Is Tatiana Calderon the only woman to have ever scored points in GP3? I can't think of any others. Have any women scored in GP2 or other feeder series?

Street Race in San Francisco when???

>tfw the San Francisco track in grid will never be real

It would destroy the cars and someone would die but man it would be fun.

If repeating digits, Red Bull screw over RIC for a VES win

britlads: is there anywhere i can watch zanardi's paralympic win? i doubt c4 covered it on tv.

I always unironically enjoy this post, USA catposter.

those hills would be too much fun

Best you are probably gonna get


thanks lad.

Is it madness to watch the race on Monday, and scroll through the /f1/ thread(s) as I watch it, making sure I don't spoil it?

>Group of us trying to do a 50 lapper at that track
>Everyone in CCX as LmaoNoAero
>Car barrel rolls down the hill even at slow speeds
>More carnage than the figure 8 demo derby track

also Okutama best track

>Okutama best track

Anyone who disagrees with this is a straight up retard. I'm so grateful someone made a copy for rF1&2

The only question is whether the reverse layout is better or not.

who is better, lewis or alonso?

Lewis 2bhfamalam

hamilton because he can make smart career decisions :^)

it's close but i agree with thisalonso would have many more championships if he chased the best car rather than the best paycheck


This looks as if someone came up with it in Paint in a very slow /f1/ general.

The only layout I remember running a lot was the one that ends with the fast downhill left hander into the grandstand section. So many cheeky overtakes there & just hanging back in mountain section as people inevitably smash into something causing mass pileups.

Never was too much of a fan of the Shibuya track although it did look great for the time & no piss filter as night but seemed everyone loved the damn thing other than me

Looks like what it is, an engineers sketch of an idea

Its an interesting concept

That is just Scalabroni being Scalabroni


I prefer the reverse as the long first corner becomes this high speed final corner with about 50 different lines which sets up so well for that last corner which is now uphill and quite a bit tighter.

Also the chicane near the end of the lap on the normal one is then partially blind at turn in.

Shibuya I only ever use in rfactor for when I'm racing slower cars like Formula E

Alice Powell scored 1 (one) point and is the only other female points scorer

Taking a shot of jager

This ones for you baja bob

Who is this Baja Bob guy Americunts keep going on about. Is he like your version of Ted or something?

That actually doesn't look too bad
>better than the renault livery

drinking a whole bottle of jaeger t b h

>seb's face when he realises ferrari are never winning a race again

Robert Gordon, father of Dakar Rally and former Indycar & NASCAR driver Robby Gordon. His nickname of "Baja Bob" came from his many years competing in the Baja 500 & Baja 1000 rally raids. He also ran a supply & feed company that would sell high-quality products for Racehorse Owners that funded his Baja rus and Robby's early career.



>Replying to a thread stating that you've reported or "saged" it, or another post, is also not allowed.

Yeah, yeah I know it's leddit. But I've never seen such utter shitposting before in my life. It makes the Button copypasta seem logical. It's worth clicking. It truly is.


wew fucking lad, that's so brilliantly stupid

>2016: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)
>2016 results are provisional and may or may not change (they wont)

This is why I won't Rosberg to win. So that all these people can fucking choke.

Also because of Mana.....

This is retarded.

>Nico Hulkenberg
>becoming World Champion
Can you guess what's wrong with that?

Please just kill me next time instead.

Rumours are that Bottas is moving to Renault

who M A N O R here?
>getting to Q2 with a $83million budget
>based WEH
>battle of the new kids

Digits for lap 1 carnage and a RIC VES SAI finish.

>/f1/ thought Werhlein would be shit

How can we keep being wrong all the time about everything?

lads who will win spain next year?

the only one who hasn't won is ricky, how can he be cucked next year while still keeping the streak? vandoorne win?

Beyond that in a fucking Sauber too.

I really do want him to win a title. Overall is he the most deserving, possibly not, but then again, he did make it through Williams, into a Merc, and stayed with the team. Also in 2013 he wasn't bad at all, but the pressure of a title just get's to him. Won't be the greatest WDC ever, but then again, we've had worse.

Shouldn't fp1 be going on now?

>Won't be the greatest WDC ever, but then again, we've had worse.
I'm a Rosberg fan and believe he's massively underrated (especially in this general), but I can't think of a former champ I'd for sure rate below him. Only going as far back as the late 70s:

Hunt? Scheckter? Jones? Keke? Villeneuve? Button?

since it's a night race, the times are similar to the last two GPs in Europe

FP1 in a little less than six hours


I think so in the fact that he lacks natural talent and instinct and he's gotten this far purely on hardwork, drive and wanting it despite not really ever having it in the talent or instinct department especially when it comes to wheel-to-wheel.
That bahrain race when half the race was just pure nico v hamilton w2w is very telling of their differences.
And then there's qualifiers like this last monza where hamilton pulls off a performance that is pretty much perfection and puts a gap between two identical cars to the point that if any other current driver was in that other car they wouldn't have beaten him either.

cute doggo

i don't get it

not sure why people are calling this autistic, I mean you all do that fantasy table where you exclude Mercedes from the points

I clicked on it hoping it was someone actually arguing for a rule that prevented repeat wdcs and left both relieved and disappointed.

wasn't there an user who ran imaginary championships in his head and recorded everything in a notebook a few years ago?

All memeing aside, is the deltawing actually a shitty car? In the couple of races I've seen it in I remember it being competitive until it gets (itself) taken out.


it doesn't follow any regulations so it is impossible to say. Going by the records of the various entities involved in making it (ben bowlby, panoz, all american racers), I'd say it is probably shit

okay. i'm guessing there is no way to get this in oz outside of torrents.

yeah torrent it. Amazon don't want your money, so fuck em

I wonder how much money on they spend on those james bond-y ads?

Top Gear was pretty shit long before Clarkson went full chimpout. Now they work for Americans, I expect a total Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares vs Kitchen Nightmares.

I'd possibly go with Button, since Barrichello had absolute shit luck on a number of occasions and still managed to put up a fight, even with his occasional choking.

Possibly Hill, as he only won in 1996 due to Schumi going to Ferrari.

I do think Rosberg is much better than what he's shown at times. He just seems to choke under pressure, and probably doesn't have the pure instinct of Hamilton.

just get drunk and watch it anyway, who cares about quality anymore?

Yeah but at least our autism has basis in fact. This crap was just pulled out if their ass, and they even added in choco senna shilling at the bottom.

i think amazon does want my money, but the local store only ebooks.

While I don't actually agree with this (since they still base their production in Britain with British people and full control) there was a big element of fun in trying to get by the bbc censors. Since they can now say everything and afford everything they really have to restrain to make it not dumb imo.

Well yeah that's what I mean. As far as I can tell they only give "prime video" services to the US. Amazon Prime anywhere else in the world seems pretty worthless

the video is a half hour interview with wilman about the grand tour. it sounds like they can be free of the BBC censors, but not the BBC lawyers.


maybe the UK too? i've seen clarkson on amazon ads.

Regardless, I made two points, and I really considered the first one, the one you both ignored, the most important. Top Gear sucked for a long time. They were dried out of ideas. Why would this new show be any better?

damn who cares

>Why would this new show be any better?

they are forced to have a new format. it also sounds like each show is from a different location.

I kinda do. Top Gear was a huge staple in my Uni years, and the fact it went down faster and harder than Carmen Jordá on an Enstone chairman left a big hole in my heart.

lads, onto something a bit more important. How do you eat a sandwich without the meat and other filling sliding out from the bread?

Don't overfill it, you fat cunt

But I have the meats

All in one bite, like Amx would do.

the one true answer. thank you Italy

>At the height of his talent Villeneuve was nothing like the memelord he became.
True. Watch some of his Indycar races, like his Indy 500 win, I still don't know how he managed to end up finishing first after his penalty.

I disagree. They were mostly still really good. The 80's hatches thing was bad and the India special was terrible but usually they still had it desu senpai

So are they going to be able to do the LaFerrari vs P1 va 918 test?

And why is May so much more superior than the other 2?

>So are they going to be able to do the LaFerrari vs P1 va 918 test?
based Harris did it last year already.

Old Top Gear already was USA Kitchen Nightmares tier

it's just weird shit. goodyear was fast, as much of a doofus as he is now, but jacques was the man that year. the very issuing of that penalty was the beginning of the end for USAC officiating in indycar. the night AJ Foyt slapped Arie Luyendyk at las vegas was the end of USAC. they were so out of their depth, they literally lacked the systems to properly track competitor positions per lap. it was an absolute shitshow and a proper sendoff of the CART era at indianpolis

is fp1 on in a few or is it still 1 more bong?

2 bongs 5 bings

These timezones are doing my head in. Thanks lad

63 bings or 1 bong 4 bings

how dare you attempt to remove possible viewer numbers from the statistics?!


Wow hamilton seems very updog

AMX will become a potato lad soon enough

More importantly you lot reckon she sells her used racing gear at all?

What's updog?

surely you realize a hamilcunt incident would result in unending hamilton worship, the likes of which would soar far and above that of senna or schumacher?

Anyone else in his teammates car other than Alonso and Rosberg would be winning his third title this year.

He is massively underrated as he has gone up against (and I really hate saying this) one of the best drivers ever.

i just remembered poop di pasta will be commentating again

just imagine all the HD footage they have of this guy. It is way more than they ever had of Senna. Countless documentaries could be produced from infinite points of view. He would be known as the GREATEST and nothing could change it

>tfw playing divinity original sin 2 and will be playing when the f1 comes on in a bit

maximum comfy right now

I honestly know nothing about him other than he is a Franchitti relative and was utterly ignorable during his racing years

finally watching "making a murderer" here. just halfway through and my brain is angry and confused

>became a commentator because he was never world champion

Working Sky F1 acestream?

Never claimed Alonso was based, just that Herbert wasn't.

>you (you) of (you)

let the record show that the truth is that Alonso is, in fact, based.

You da mvp

hey man at least put the "american" ford GT on there

>le you must be from reddit because you don't like what I like
>"hurr hurr"

fuckin shameful m9

the lead designer was british, he fooled us with his accent

I wouldn't know, I don't go there, but apparently you do and thus can give me this info


yes and? why couldn't anyone else save him from the horrible 3rd reich?

desu it should really go into the op


Wanted to say that it's equally as retarded as that excluding Mercedes from WDC you've all been jizzing to, but already did.

>still don't know what race strategy is
Also, not choco senna shilling, memestappen shilling.

who /thicc/ here

>not HD


This is some pure autism. It doesn't make any sense at all!



what did they mean bros?


>1. Fernando Alonso McLaren-Honda €35m


hes a fucking nigger

>It's an EMP episode

I love how the driver's name is literally written in sharpie on a strip of duct tape

probably not a lot. Recent uni graduates who studied graphic design don't command a lot of coin

>dark knights
needs baneposting

>Paul di Resta

will it happen, lads?


three minutes thirty seconds and mchonda is already kill




buy a time machine if you want races on FTA tv

Button dead


>The city of McHonda

>race will start behind SC
>SC doesn't come in
>race red flagged after 10 laps
>race will not restart

holy shit is this even possible

Maybe the new F1 owners will give a shit.

>mclelren pushed through the whole track by marshalls.
>It will be their fastest lap of the weekend.

>night rain
zero drying of the track even if it does stop means no race at all

does that mclaren have a dent in it?

m8, the younger generations will barely even watch traditional TV broadcasts in the future.

I think with the new ownership, we will see a subscription package for all practice, quali and race live on a medium like apple tv.

F1's presence on social media is just as big an issue as the paywall

who cares? f1 isn't in any danger of becoming less popular than it was in the 70s and early 80s, it would survive with a fraction of the audience it has now, so why does it matter how many new people aren't becoming fans in the uk?

Gotta give credit to those RELENTLESS marshals.

Viasat Motor aka Swedish Sky F1:
>1: Renault pushed up their driver announcement.
>2: Yeah with Perez now being unlikely they might want to get Ericsson.
>1: Weeell it's likely he'll stay at Sauber
>2: Yeah, he might want to stay since Sauber will be much better next year.

With tv rights being sold you really think they would make a online subscription like MotoGP?

But yeah younger people just watch youtube gamers or football and are not going to pay or bug the parents for Sky.

>physically challenging cars
>unless Mclaren gives alonso a competitive car it's going to be a solid HWL next year
i hope it's a fun season with lots of memes
the few drivers left that have the most experience earlier era cars like Alonso, Hamilton, sebastian and Rosberg are going to have an advantage adapting to the 2017 cars it seems

to be fair they have never had chairs

>lewis getting literally fucked in the ass by his car
lucky boy

>Hit the pit wall on the way out of the garage


You forgot Kimi.

there was a series of articles about a month ago saying it would be the young drivers who had an advantage, because it would feel similar to going up a category, which is something they're used to

>younger people just watch youtube gamers
maybe F1 should more faux-rpg like where teams could choose few rules they want to be exempt from
>My drivers are shit
>i choose to use TC/moto-gp automatic map shuffling/shifting assit/ whatever

>i have a good body but engine is shit
>i can choose to use "exotic"/banned materials


He's also been racing LMP1s and they're not slow.

>amx has already started hitting the walls

>vercrashen already hitting the walls

DNF on sunday confirmed

I can't wait for the excuses after the race.
While he is obviously talented, when he makes a mistake he fails to admit.

>new drivers scared to jump into new cars

Umm, good? Isn't that what the top motorsport category should be about separating men from boys?

This oldschool onboard cam is great.

His fucking teeth

Dear me

>no mention of streaming

by the books, crofty

This is so accurate, did this actually happen? Because it reads like it was an actual event.

It's never been worse so we cant go much lower from here.

i think paul diresta is a good commentator

Tractor cunt spotting has spiced things up for me

add indian engineering to that


Well we went from the mid 2000s one tyre rule and this seasons start weird qualy to improvements.


So did they penalise the whole field for ignoring those double yellows or just let it fly because everyone was guilty?

>even pretending like any of these numbers matter


>Henno doesn't have his watermark covering his Sky account number

you know what to do lads :^)


perhaps my idea is too radical

Who likes the Singapore GP as a day race better than a night race?

anyone have a ustream/html5 stream link?

where is his account number?


it gets displayed above the Sky Sports watermark, but it's not there all the time to prevent people getting savvy to it and covering it when they stream

>Be McHonda
>Spend infinite amount of money
>Still be shit

Is McLaren the Manchester United of motorsports?

do you have a link? i'd look on reddit, but isn't his private or something?


Yes it is private. Don't say you don't have a Henno account.

He usually posts it on the f1 subreddit.


sorry lad, i'm not near a pc right now. wondered if there was a stream that works in a web browser (on my tv).

go fish

Pretty sure he's getting them fixed. He was slurring at the press conference and they looked a few shades whiter.

this ellie simmonds lass from the paralympics advert is t h i c c, ey lads?

that reminds me, post thicc f1


This freak of nature is disgusting.

>3 drivers scraping the Vettel Wall
they've finally figured out Seb's secret around this circuit


retards shouldn't get their own olympics
they shouldn't even be alive

wow careful with that edge dude

I never asked for this.


Jesse Owens was better treated in 1936 Germany than in his own country.

>retards shouldn't get their own olympics
that's the special olympics, not paralympics

really makes you think

nice try Masalskis

>that pic
wow rude

honestly guys i think di resta is evolving into a good commentator desu

he's quite underrated imo

Compared to Ted and Crofty yes.

My fav motorsport commentators are James Witham and James Burnicle from Brithis Eurosport.

>my feet are too warm

brundle was a better driver than hamilton who jsut got unlucky

Brundle isn't overrated.
Do you even know something of his career and the cars he drove in?

Alex Jacques in GP2/3 and Jack Nicholls in Formula E are also pretty good

>Paul di Resta: F1 race leader



>tfw BBC have Jack Nichols commentating F1 on 5live

brundle was one of the top 5 drivers of the 80s/90s

couldn't boot up paint and add a my feet are two warm?

brundle has 6 WDC's
the second highest collection after Schumi

he took a piss in his race suit maybe?

Shit they just read out my TWEET!!!

Herbert unironically used to do that

remember to donate

As long as I get my free Sky I don't care.

Cars sound specially awful on this track


sry la paint is shit on my computer







Which 'berg is that?

N E W B R E A D ? ¿ ? ¿ ?

The one parking his car in the barriers

Hello Ted.


>Henno gets sent to prison after getting caught by the TV vans
>Gets assaulted anally by angry Muslims
>He converts to Islam while being some hate preachers prison bitch
>Gets released after a season away from streaming
>Boots up webcam before first race of 2018 season to drum up support for donations
>He is now claiming to be a female after a year of shower-based spitroasting

mercedes engineers are in full panic mode :DDD

new thread

they remembered they left their wallets out and hamilton is about

i liek this

HAHAHA Excellent

be happy with the knowledge that in the not too distant future, we'll be able to identify all possible defects before birth, thus rendering the paralympics obsolete.

>30 posts early

This is from last year.

I've never seen that before... :'(

Bumping for autism

Weather status:
Clear sky for tonight's qualification.


staying here lads