This ginger was never remotely creative, yet after he retired people said he was better at passing than Pirlo...

This ginger was never remotely creative, yet after he retired people said he was better at passing than Pirlo. Why is he so overrated?

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How did you escape the sweat shop?


huefags BTFO again

are you mad because he said EPL is shit? he's right

So who was better then?

sounds like someones mad that everyone in your prestigious la masia worships him, stay angry lad

lampard > scholes >>>>>>>>>>> gerrard

Lamps > Scholes > Slippy G

>their only star
>is in their flag
>talking about footy

Lampard was easily better than both.

Not even a debate


kek, im an idiot


Thought you were trolling with that first post

>its a Cred Forums unanimously agrees episode
>its a Cred Forums is right episode


But yeah le quotes man is overrated and SlippyG just lol, lampard all the way

>it's a Cred Forums criminally underrates gerrard because of an unfortunate final season for liverpool episode

Wait till the autistic Spanish poster comes and baits people into debating him about how great Lampard was.
>Le deflections and penalty man

I would have gone with that except that obviously Scholes is the weakest midfielder of them all. Millner is better than him.


>frank was world class because he took lots of penalties

>years from now people who never saw them all play will think Lampard was the best from the stats

just kill me now


>>years from now people who never saw them all play will think Lampard was the best from the stats
People already know Lampard is better by watching all 3 of their careers

>just kill me now
With pleasure, where you at Dego?

kek you called it

I dont like any of these 3 guys as an Arsenal fan but Lampard is definitely the best of the 3.

>lampard is better than gerrard because he stat padded with penalties and makelele did all the hard work so he could goal hang
>meanwhile gerrard had to play with igor biscan and christian poulsen

Like fucking clockwork

>lampard is better than gerrard because he stat padded with penalties and makelele did all the hard work so he could goal hang
Gerrard also took penalties, Lampard scored more when makelele was no longer at the club

>meanwhile gerrard had to play with igor biscan and christian poulsen
Xavi Alonso, Javier Mascherano, opinion discarded

>stat babbys

Let me guess, you also think Ronaldo is the best player in the world?

Guess who else benefited from Makelele? Zidane.

>I rate Michael Carrick and Joe Allen

it's fair to recognise lampard was generally in a far better side than gerrard, aside from about 2 seasons if that

gerrard was close to a one man team under the houlier years

the point is also that gerrard was a far better allround midfielder than lampard, lampard was of course a better goalscorer


If you are referring to the fat one, then yes.

Pirlo would wipe the floor with all three of them if he played in england

I'm not whoever that guy is, but it's hardly an uncommon or controversial opinion

Why do people think Lampard only beats them in goals?

He also SHITS on them when it comes to assists and chances created.

Because retards who don't rate Lampard like to argue about intangible things that cannot be measured

Brazil should put a star on for each of Germany's goals

bcuz lampard doesn't fit in well with plebbitors

Get off the internet, weak Steven

looks like a certain someone is pretty upset that this generations two best english players came from chelsea (lamps and JT)
how do you rate those three then, in all your infinite wisdom?

Both of them came from West Ham though

Terry is from Chelsea academy but was loaned to West Ham for a while I think.

If you list the players that came out of West Ham during that generation if they kept them they should have at least won the league.

Glen Johnson
John Terry
Rio Ferdinand
Joe Cole
Frank Lampard
Michael Carrick
Jermaine Defoe

they would have won the world cup again

Not sure but I think he came out of West Ham academy

This guy had an easier time when football was less tactical and more physical, he doesn't have half the skill of Wilshere and Ramsey yet treats them like shit because he's compensating


Scholes>Lampard>Xavi>Prime Carrick>Gerrard

Every time

Lampard scored 15 league goals in a season where Mikel was his partner

Needs to be updated, but you get the idea.

I have a feeling you have never even seen Scholes play. The guy used to hit 80 yard passes regularly.


>ranking them based on goals/assists
I want this meme to end.

Sure, Lampard is a better goalscorer, but he's a different kind of player. He's not really known for his passing.

Pirlon as never particularly rated until he got a meme beard and had two midfielders doing all his work in a 352 either tho

always make me chuckle when people claim lampard is better than Gerard when Mou spent years trying to replace lamps with Gerrard at Chelsea then tried to buy him at Inter and Madrid and never gave Lamps a second look then flogged him when he came back to Chelsea


>replace lamps with Gerrard
He was trying to work them both together, and after that he didn't try to buy Lamps because he knows that there was no way he would leave Chelsea, unlike Slippy G who only decided to stay at Liverpool because he was a pussy who was afraid of scouser bombings.

>always make me chuckle

Does anyone have that webm which contains all the slipping he did over the years? He pretty much fucked up everything in his career.

Mou replaced
flippe Luis with papy djilobodji
Kevin De Bryune with Willian/Cuardrado
Lukaku with Eto/Falcao

is it really true scousers threatened to have him killed if he left?

No but he has about 3 own goal assists for Chelsea

He also assisted Henry twice when he played for both Arsenal and France.


> he's not really known for his passing

Video creator:
> Prior to 2008, I used to think of Frank Lampard as a one-dimensional goalscorer, but after watching him a lot during Chelsea's 08/09 season I began to appreciate his intelligence, creative mind and passing. Lampard was never a particularly talented youngster but through sheer hard work he has managed to mould himself into one of England's most cultured midfielders of the last 20 years, helping drive Chelsea to several domestic triumphs in the Abramovic era.

> In 2008/2009, he recorded 20 goals and 19 assists in all competitions, while creating more goalscoring chances than any other player in the Premier League (131). He was unlucky that some of his brilliant passes weren't converted by the rather wasteful pair of Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka, otherwise he'd have assisted a few more goals. For me he was the 2nd best midfielder in Europe that season behind Xavi, and deserved more recognition. He wasn't even nominated for the PFA Player of the Year awards, which is a shame because he was probably the best player in England.

Lampard's all round game is unfortunately underappreciated by non-Chelsea fans.

Truly the greatest midfielder over 10 years

Ranking midfielders is just a dumb idea because there's so many roles in the midfield. Scholes was like Xavi & Pirlo, a master passer who dictated tempo and rhythm of the game. Lampard & Gerrard were more attacking in their prime, so of course they scored more and the occasional blooter. Then you have players like Makelele & more recently Kante whose role is to defend and get the ball back.
You can't possibly compare one to another.

we can be retarded and we will be


>ywn see JT take on the captains armband in West 'am.

>ywn see JT win the 2006 WC, literally the year has his shirt number as well as it being exactly 40 years of hurt

>ywn see JT follow the footsteps of Bobby Moore

Why live?

I'm a Chelsea fan, but I always wonder what could have been if West Ham kept their players, especially for England. Like you said probably won the cup in 06

people always glorify players from the past. see pele

The slip isn't even the worst part. Dude can't even control a simple pass and lets its roll past him. Garbage tier focus.

Nah they would have built the team around Rooney anyway and got fucked

Err MATE. Scholes could point to a tree and then hit the ball at that said tree. Genius

Is John Terry meant to be young here? Why doesn't he age

Unironically Lampard. He was beyond clutch.

mfw there's not a single midfielder in the PL now who comes close to these guys

No Scholes only Pogba now
No Lampard only grandad Fabregas now
No Gerrard only Hendo now

""Premier"" League

Yes yes no way he would leave like he definitely never left to go to city

the photo is from 5 years ago. The question is why doesn't Lampard age

he was alright, top 10 of his generation

John Terry joined Chelsea when he was 13 from Senrab you mug, that pic is from a charity match



Are you a dumbass? At that point he was practically finished and trying to get comfy in NY, City was simply a way for him to not lose all of his touches until New york city played.

Lampard & Gerard > scholes
Both are better men too.

Lampard? Is scoring every competitive goal in your career against wigan an achievment now?
Lampard only played for chelsea due to his rich daddy, they might actually have won more than the odd trophy if they didn't have a passenger in front of man, leader; legend for 10 odd years

literally the least intelligent post of all time

Australia take a bow

I thought Scholes was always considered England's best ever midfielder? It's Lampard now?
I've seen Scholes compared to Xavi a lot, never Lampard.

Scholes was the best of the three by far. The other two are the true meme players and this site is full of contrarian assholes who think Scholes is overrated b/c he finally started getting the credit he deserved when he retired. Besides, most of you dickheads probably didn't see Lampard or Gerrard in their primes, let alone Scholes.

By hair:

1. Gerard's legoman
2. Scholes' ginger locks
3. Lampard's impending disaster

>John Terry joined Chelsea when he was 13 from Senrab you mug
Jog on dickhead


Its revisionist history. Only recently has Scholes gotten all this love.

Now you even have people who rate him over Keane when he was NEVER even thought of in the same planet as him at any point.

Tbh Lampard doesn't get full recognition because he played for chelsea

If you had to pick one player to have the biggest positive effect on a team it would be Gerrard.

Why does it matter? All were shit 2bh.

If people remember the old trip Heisenberg, it was he who started the Scholes circlejerk

Cesc Fabregas: “He is the one whose level I aspire to. He is the best player in the Premier League.”

Zinedine Zidane: “Scholes is undoubtedly the best midfielder of his generation.”

Phil Neville: “Paul, for me, is the best player in the England team."


>there's not a single midfielder in the PL now who comes close to these guys

The Scholes-Lampard-Gerrard trio never went past quarterfinals with England, while the new PL midfielders (let's say Pogba, Kanté, Sissoko) just reached the Euro finals.
Instead of wondering who was the greatest between these three frauds, just ask who was the most overrated.

>“For me, and I really mean this, he’s the best central midfielder I’ve seen. If he’d been Spanish he might have been rated more highly.”
> Xavi

>If he’d been Spanish he might have been rated more highly.
Which is it? English midfielders are overrated or underrated?

Gundam after having his back broken is more of a player then those three stooges.

fuck is it with you and your fresh shitposting singapore

btw I saved this for you but janny wiped my the thread

When I am working, it helps me a lot to think of Scholes. Only the thought of Scholes! I don't remember any of his goals or passes concretely. I remember only his supremely ascetic manner. His simplicity. His clarity. The thought of Scholes helps me to concentrate on the central idea of the sport.
- Andrej Tarkovskij

I'm guessing it got posted on Cred Forums first then the OP of that deleted thread saved it and posted it on Cred Forums.

christ James O'Brien is such a cunt

that's a different video

his blooters were amazing though

Always rated him quite high, don't know why so many people don't rate him

Pirlo isn't even better than Carrick let alone the master that is Scholes.

Because he played for Chelsea

Who said nobody rates him?
Sorry, but saying he was a great player who scored a lot of crucial goals isn't "not rating" him.

It's the fact some of you retards are genuinely comparing him to greats like Scholes, Xavi or Zidane mean that you think anything less is "not rating" him.

Lampard was a top player. Just nowhere near Scholes. He's not even the best Chelsea midfielder of the past 20 years, let alone anything else. Essien, Makelele, Ballack, Matic all miles ahead of him in nearly every aspect of the game.


lampard was a great player and at his very best he was world class

but his level and peak was closer to darren fletcher/carrick than paul scholes

You are trolling. Lampard was undoubtedly better than Ballack, Matic and Makelele. What the fuck is bullshit?

Only one I could entertain is prime Essien. Now he was something special.

>Lampard was undoubtedly better than Ballack, Matic and Makelele

Maybe Matic, but that's debatable. Lampard has never been as dominant as Matic was in that first Mourinho season. World class and the best in his position in the world. You could argue that Lampard edges it because he had many 8/10 seasons whereas Matic has had one 10/10 season and many 7/10 seasons with a couple of 8/10s thrown in but that's about it.

Makelele absolutely wipes the floor with him.
Ballack likewise.

You're deluded as fuck lmao

>fat frank better than maka and ballack
wew lad

let me guess, you think terry was as good as rio, beckenbauer and baresi?

>it's a self-hating brit post

not even worth the (You)

What was worse, was the way he played after it. Instead of just getting on with it, being part of the team and trying to pull the result back (which was easily do-able) he instead decided to play hollywood passes, shoot from 40 yards and try all sorts of stupid shit so he could make up for his fuck up and change the headlines. So selfish. Such a poor leader. Such an awful human being in general. Absolute cunt t.b.h. cost Liverpool the title.

and Gotze is better than Messi

Hans pls

yes but young sstatbabbies who never saw them play have decided to troll and be contrarians

LOL? Gerrard has more assists than Lampard.

Gerrard = Lamps > Scholes

Scholes >> Zidane >>>>>>>>> Iniesta/Xavi/Keane/Vieira >>>>>> Robson/Makelele/Pogba/Modric/Laudrup >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Carrick/Pirlo/Fletcher/Ballack/Essien >>>>> Gerrard/Lampard >> Parker/Henderson/Cleverley > Scott Brown/Joey Barton

Just to give you some perspective. Obviously I'm missing out a hell of a lot of names in each category, this is just for quick reference. You're welcome.

No-one takes you seriously ever since you got BTFO at Valencia, Gary.

Lampard wasn't a forward la
He didn't statpad against Portsmouth and Wigan la
He was a full round midfielder la
Slippy G is overrated la

ok lets get down to it
>My toughest opponent? Scholes of Manchester. He is the complete midfielder. Scholes is undoubtedly the greatest midfielder of his generation.
>Paul Scholes would have been one of my first choices for putting together a great team – that goes to show how highly I have always rated him. An all-round midfielder who possesses quality and character in abundance.
>Without any doubt the best player in the Premiership has to be Scholes. He knows how to do everything, and he is one who directs the way his team plays. On top of that, he has indestructible mental strength and he is a genuine competitor.
>Why isn’t he playing for England? It is crazy. Only in England. Scholes is a great, great player. So experienced and still, for me, one of the best in the world in midfield. Manchester United are lucky to have him.
>Paul Scholes is a role model. For me – and I really mean this – he's the best central midfielder I've seen in the last 15, 20 years. I've spoken to Xabi Alonso about him. He's spectacular, he has it all: the last pass, goals, he's strong, he doesn't lose the ball, vision. If he'd been Spanish he might have been rated more highly. Players love him.

So, now some jerkoffs on Cred Forums are going to dispute these people among many, many more? very nice thread

Black Coffee > Milky Tea


fucking shit niggers on this site think they know more than professional players and managers.


>"Out of everyone at Manchester United, I would pick out Scholes – he is the best midfielder of his generation."

>“I want to pass like him. Who taught him how to do that?”

Denis Bergkamp:
>“He’s the master.”

>“At La Masia, his name was mentioned a lot. He’s a teacher.”

Il Fenomeno:
>"He's the phenomenon."

>“Scholes is the best I’ve played with and he helped me a lot when I was young. He’s amazing.”

YEA, im gonna let some fat faggot fucks on this shithole site tell me differently...

Scholes>statbby Gramps

11 titles
2 cls
3 mickey cups

ikr? lamps is still better tho :^)

> literally all other fraud's and fucking phil neville

notice nobody good actually says' anything about scholes, no revered manager. it's literally just other pass sideways flash merchants like xavi and then manure players

>le memey facebook quotes

>My toughest opponent? Scholes of Manchester. He is the complete midfielder. Scholes is undoubtedly the greatest midfielder of his generation.


Okay, how is this even possible, Scholes played as a second-striker and didn't drop back in deep midfield until after Zidane retired.

>Scholes of Manchester
This is why I know the quote is fake.No one is autistic enough to phrase a sentence like this


Gerrard obviously

I don't get how people can say that Scholes/Lampard was better than him. That got to be people that never watched Gerrard play. In 2010 he was England's best player in South-Africa too.

"Zinedine Zidane believes Liverpool's Steven Gerrard is currently the best player in the world, eclipsing Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Manchester United's Cristiano Ronaldo. The former France and Real Madrid midfielder saw Gerrard score twice against his old club in the Champions League during the week and said teams need players like Gerrard to be the "engine room" for the flair players to thrive, comparing the Liverpool captain to his former team-mate Claude Makelele.

"Is he the best in the world? He might not get the attention of [Lionel] Messi and Ronaldo but, yes, I think he just might be," Zidane said. "If you don't have a player like Steven Gerrard, who is the engine room, it can affect the whole team."

>tfw Stevie is having fun
>all of these Gerrard/Keane bants lately

thanks for the clip m8

I fucking hate the scouse cunts but this is true. If he was merely average, or at least didn't believe his own (bullshit) hype they'd have won the league.

Without Gerrard, Liverpool would have been a mid-table team already dude.

I really don't get all the hate on him; he is one of England's best players of all time, judging from interviews he seems very sympathetic too. And he was loyal to his club.

My guess, is that he is hated simply because he was loyal to Liverpool, because Liverpool is also hated for some reason unknown (not close to the worst supporters and not known for playing destructive).

They hate him cos they ain't him.

Shouldn't you be off somewhere smoking weed and cursing Babylon

>OP clearly asks for Scholes v Pirlo
>gets Slippy G v Lampard v Ginger Prince poo fest instead
fuck off britbongs