4CC Cred Forums Roster and Shit Thread

Autumn is around the corner, so stuff needs to be discussed.

Talking points:
>Messi's status in the team
This is probably the most important on the list. I know that after Summer people were calling for his demotion, sacking etc. but now that the dust has settled, we need to talk about it.

I'd personally get rid of everything Leicester-related: CSGB, kit, victory anthem. I'd keep Lifelong though, since it has transcended its origin and became a thing in its own right.

>general roster changes
Anything goes. I could see Deathmarch, Per Capita and Ledecky getting in, but those are merely suggestions.

>stadium message
As you probably remember, the stands spell out a big TWO STARS*. Now, should we keep it that way or get something cheekier up there (like first to two or something), now that /mlp/ has two elite titles? (>inb4 Only Dinamo Bucharest memesters)

This is just an announcement, the anthem will yet again be changed to NBA on NBC.

>anything else concerning the team in general that I forgot

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Messi is done
Ronaldo has won

>ponyfags who make up 90% of the organizators casually won again
i'm done with this shit

Messi should be blonde "Liquid" Messi

Well he's been blond for the last cup too.

Make Messi a Silver medal. It fits with him
Rename Roast Solo to Zika solo because of the olympics

Player Suggestions:
>Ryan Locthe
>Yohann Diniz (the true deathmarch hero)

I was considering renaming Roast Solo to DON'T POST IT. Also, Deathmarch would use Diniz's face regardless.

ah, ok


Summer roster by the way.

where os Long Throws 20?

Give AFL the recognition it deserves because the big strong Americans still won't watch our sport

Please Watch Our Sport for silver

the new EPL meme is 'customers', a nickname for manchester united fans

could be worth a spot for an old EPL meme

Only person I've seen using this is the dutch city bandwagoner, and he's a massive cunt

>Messi as captain

T H I C C i guess

Make Lelbron captain

I'm opening a can of worms here, but how would you feel about adding a black star to the helmet on the official logo? Would it be betraying the stance the board had during Dragongate? Here's an illustrative mockup (I'm on phone currently).

Let it go m8

i saw it in trans all summer

Punished Messi would be a better name

remove lester

tsuu captain

Take Messi's medal away.
Remove shit like An Horse and put in Ledecky and Diniz or something similar

Make Punished Messi a silver midfielder, he's practically a midfielder for Argentina NT
If you add Ledecky, she should be Receding Granny or some shit
Maybe make "DON'T POST IT" Solo's shirt name instead of Arby's

Customers is an old meme from the Bundesliga general.


pep is bald

Aren't all the players essentially the exact same as each other? So in what way does it even matter?

Give TSUUUUUUUUUUU an anime goalhorn. Animeposters must be properly represented on Cred Forums.

Two are 99, two are 88.

I think you're lost, my friend. Here, let me help you:

Get rid of Messi for fuck sake he's not even that good in real life any more

messi is eternal,cant get rid of him
punished messi or liquid messi is better

How about we stop worrying about which memes we are going to spout and instead focus on tactics? Has there even been any testing on the new PES? I don't care if we play Heskey and Akinfenwa as gold strikers as long as we git gud.

What is the plan to make this club less shit? I want trophies.

>How about we stop worrying about which memes we are going to spout and instead focus on tactics?
You could always test yourself and find shit that works well.

>Has there even been any testing on the new PES?
The next cup isn't going to be on the new PES.

>Two are 99, two are 88
But you're arguing over which names to assign to them all, right?

>he thinks there will be any game played on PES 17 until it gets cracked, if it even gets cracked (always online + denuvo lol)
That said, I already know what I want to run in Autumn, but that's not my decision alone to make.

Flavour is the quintessence of 4CC.

Messi needs to be dropped altogether.

I'm still surprised none of you took the opportunity of /mlp/ winning to lobby for your second star to be acknowledged as legit.

TSUUUUUUUUUUU for captain, Messi could be switched with Lelbron, so he becomes a silver midfielder and Lelbron gets to lead the line.

I'm with you on the Leicester stuff, LIFELONG should probably stay, since it has grown beyond it's original Leicester roots.

CSGB could be replaced with some Olympic meme like BASED DINIZ or Ledecky. Ideally I'd like to fit both into the roster, maybe we should think about removing LCIM, since Robben is pretty much finished as a player.

LCIM performed where Messi failed. LCIM should take Messi's gold and Messi should be dropped.

>maybe we should think about removing LCIM
LCIM won an overwhelming vote to stay in last time, I don't see him going anywhere.

Maybe we should simply make Messi "retire" from the team and get him back out of retirement for the next cup/cheekily include him in the roster anyway?

You can dump him on the bench, but honestly there are better options.

If we're talking /trans/ we need some carveries la'

Rename messi to Punished Messi and remove his medal and make him a bench player

Only give it back to him when Cred Forums advances from the babby cup

Rename him punished Messi, give eyepatch if possible. This is basically the consensus

Already blond and with eyepatch since Summer, that's not an issue.

Also, I guess it's safe to assume from now that TSUUUUUUUU is the new Cred Forums captain.

the pogba meme is pretty good

CSGB out
DAS IT MANE in as CF/SS desu

TSUUU has to be captain. Messhit to the bench or demoted to midfield. Bring back >he does it for free as the second gold, due to the resurgence in outlaw posting and the fact that it's fucking hilarious and an Cred Forums meme that spread to all boards

Ok, with this starting point I'm going to bed. Second gold not picked, and Messi is still floating around with any fate possible.

>renaming Roast Solo to DON'T POST IT. Also, Deathmarch would use Diniz's face regardless.

i am happy with both of these

>no "£200 million Euro black James Milner"

for shame


What is this?


Replace >Schalke with 100 million dabbing Jake Livermore or something like that

I still think Punished Messi should have a gold and be allowed to reclaim his spot as captain

>Englands Brave Andy Murray isn't on the roster

EBAM deserves a spot. Isn't he meme enough for you guys?

>TSUUUUUU as captain
make lelbron captain.

make punished messi gold

I went on and """made""" a Portugal kit.

Close-up of the armband.

>Cred Forums

i like it

GOAT captain

Kept it intentionally that way to be in line with these edits.

the anime scum

>Cred Forums
These edits suck.

That's Cred Forums, not Cred Forums.

>meanwhile the crest has capital Cred Forums on it

>Ronaldo fags coming out of the woodwork for a fucking game
He may dribble less in real life but
Messi is the quintessential Cred Forums player. He's unironically undroppable. Punished Messi is the way to go

>Messi is the quintessential Cred Forums player.
Was. TSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU has taken his place. Messi doesn't have a meme other than spamming his name, and even for that Torres is better.

messi has no meme, and hes not an autist with mental problems anymore, hes a wigger

ronaldo is mentally ill so suits us


Why are there no /hoc/ memes in the roster, despite it being the most meme general

I rate Zidane is outdated now that he won the CL tBh

fuck off you are sacked you filthy fag
relegation can never be forgiven

TSUUUU captain will be GOAT

Messhit should be a silver

Add in some pogba meme. I like ">200 Million dabbing black Milner" best desu

anime has been accepted into Cred Forums's culture for years now

They're banned from consideration or else they'd completely dominate the roster.

>Using shitty olympic memes that haven't been posted for a month already

the $200 gorrilian dab man is better

We need "APOLOGIZE" in the team.

Also, 100m dabbing fellaini.

That is literally false. I wish south America would be range banned on Cred Forums.

Apologize is a Cred Forums meme, we talked about this in summer.

Also, I see there's enough support for the dabbing Sissoko, I'm considering replacing Zidane with him.

Replace >Schalke, BTFO or use new player 1 and don't put I that stupid fucking Ledecky meme that will be dead by October

upgrade Lelbron to LeGod and he'll him win one for the /spee/

Madman Diniz could get in
mad amx has deserved a spot for ages

>Forcing this unfunny, reddit tier meme because Cred Forums has to always be contrarian

I don't really get what you mean, the meme is funny because he actually ended up getting one for da land despite the odds of that happening being super low. What about it is r*ddit or contrarian?

The meme only happened because contrarians on Cred Forums wanted to see Curry and GSW lose because they were very good.

Get his froggy face in there!

Amd amx hasn't left the premises of /F1/ though.

le 100 million dab man

it happens every year on this board.

a once bad team starts looking good. people jump on the lovable losers' bandwagon at first, because, hehe or something, plus the whole enemy of my enemies thing. But then the team is able to sustain the success, their fans start being more vocal, and Cred Forums gets super butthurt over a whole myriad of things... jealousy it's not their team, some weird sense that new good team doesn't somehow "deserve" it, in the end though it all hearkens back to jealousy. One year it's the Atlanta Falcons, the next it's Golden State. Because sometimes they flame out a la Southampton, other times they turn into Leicester.


Apologize has been corrupted enough by us to become our meme, and Cred Forums doesn't use it at all. Apologize would be a GOAT strike partner for TSUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

Agreed on dropping Zidane for >250 million dabbing Drinkwater

>cheering for the underdog is being contrarian

APOLOGIZE is objectively the most used meme on this board, it needs a place in the starting XI

this desu

So who /TOGETHER FOREVER/ over here?


I feel like the level of Ledecky posting like it or not (even for me who is firmly in the camp of "not") necessitates replacing another meme. Maybe even just the general cloud of something like >Olympics waifu or something similar. I love Part Time Dentists and CSGB but they're one year memes not like classics like an horse etc.

If Messi has to go then it's time to bring Ronaldo into this either the Mothman way or >I really really like women and have it be like Ronaldo and Rodgers or some other way.

If I had my way HOL UP would have been in by now but...

No matter what we do it won't impact the fact that MLP has the inside track on actually winning elites so we might as well have fresh memes.

That's my opinion.

>calls part time dentist a one year meme
>Thinks the one month meme Ledecky "necessitates" inclusion
>tries to force in the Rodgers meme that has never been big enough to warrant inclusion

Holy shit Americans are this dense

does everyone want to take messi off the team because of his recent lack of real-world accomplishments, or is the PES character messi not playing well?

I retract Patt Time Dentists I forgot about Euros. I was thinking of the club team from Greenland or whatever and Plumbers.

Everything else I stand by.

including >rags would satisfy both a /hoc/ and /mlb/ meme

>wtf I hate (x) now
>the city of (x)
>what did he mean by this?
>why is this allowed?
>how do we fix this shit?
>what is his/her endgame?
>t. (x)
>meme (x)
>find a flaw protip: you can't
>what the fuck is his/her problem?
>is the (x) an athlete?
>now that the dust has settled
>are we, dare I say it, back?
>it's an (x) episode
>explain yourselves
>(x) will defend this
>leave (x) to me
>really makes you think
>which part of (city) are you from ?
>Just give us the title already
>The great debate

He sucks for Cred Forums
Also something about not performing for his national team but I don't care about real soccer.


(*) - spot is not secure

I think the best compromise with the varying opinions on Messi is demoting to silver.
Lelbron is second gold by default, but it's not a secure spot. You'd better start voicing your opinions on this.
I might make a separate poll for Apologize in a new thread.

and who could take their spot?

>100M for a dabbing Sissoko
What the fuck is that.

Anyone agreed upon to make the roster.

sub >I rate Zidane for >rags


you dun goofed

Good list lad, contributing with

>our year lad