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Please watch our sport edition.

>Kayln Ponga to make his debut for the Cowboys this week. He will replace Antonio Winterstein in the centers.
>Robbie Farrah signs with the South Sydney Rabbitohs for the 2017 & 2018 season

Games this week:

Broncos @ Cowboys on friday 7:55pm
Panthers @ Raiders on saturday 7:40pm

Hello friends


/nrl/ thread already exists.

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that's not a general though lad

Evening walkie

My friend and I were drinking at his house, his mum and sister stayed there, we're both 18. His mum and sister usually join us for a few. My mate and his sis went to bed. I stayed up drinking a had a few more with his mum and ko'd on his lounge floor his mum on the couch she leaned down, put her hand down my pants and rubbed my p*nis and I went hard. giving me the look like she wanted it sort of taking advantage like I was seriously drunk. I just crashed out nothing happened. Well next morning my mate and his sis went out woke up his mum was on the couch I asked where they gone she said down the road. I was h*rny and stiff so I pulled it out and just started stroking in front of her, I asked her do you wanna F*ck before they're back. She took blankets off ,pants down and was waiting for me in the doggy position. I slid in and pumped her for about a couple mins blew over her back. didn't pull out quick enough saw a bit dripping out her v***na. Heard the door she ran to the shower I pretended to sleep. Has anyone else ever had that experience?


shart in mart

Why do these threads always die? Isn't NRL a big deal in Stralia?

it's 3am in the morning mate

I'm aware. They're dead all the time though.

that's cos no one watches our sport

walkcunt on suicide watch

who /gogglebox/ here?

walkbrokenjaw on dead man walking watch


Kostjasyn signs with Newcastle. Knights on 2017 premiership watch.


friendly reminder that Brisbane is full of cucks and degenerates



>thinking /nrl/ is good enough to have its own general

To be fair, no sport is good enough to have it's own general

>a bad thing

The absolute state of thugby pee-gue

Darius Boyd on suicide watch.

Told you.

I've seen that one of the NRL teams is literally sponsored by a law firm. Is the league that small that a law firm can pony up enough to be a shirt sponsor? Was something like Shine Lawyers, personal injury lawyers. Didn't even think you guys had personal injury lawyers

>tfw still going
>tfw poovan has been sleeping all night
>tfw last guy here

getting a bit worries about Storm/Cowboys final. Melbourne might have a problem winning twice in a row against them.

>Tfw feel asleep at halftime thinking the broncos had an easy win
>mfw wake up and see score

Get in here lads:

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Who's excited for BBL :)

I'm excited for BBQ.

Let's keep this thread up till origin lads!