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good graphics

I see some human parts.

Is there a more likable human being than Zanardi?

>"Normally I don't thank God for these type of things as I believe God has more important stuff to worry about, but today is too much, I had to raise my eyes and thank him," he added.

>"Even my accident, what happened to me, became the biggest opportunity of my life," he said. "All the things I am doing today are related to my new condition.

I have two legs and I'm unhappy all the time.

Problems are relative but we do need some perspective

>I have two legs and I'm unhappy all the time.
you really think he's happy?

He got silver today too

So based


I think you mean 55 years, lad.

dat cameltoe

Holy shit, I remember watching this live.
Everyone treated it as if he was done for, but he survived, came back to symbolically complete the remaining laps and is now a Paralymic cycling gold medallist.

Breh, are those meat chunks?

well maybe you should try cutting off your legs then


Actually, yes.

He's my fucking hero. Even won the Gold in Handcycling yesterday and got a Silver today in a photo-finish.

He also raced Touring Cars & GT3s for BMW fitted with hand controls.

Huh, a pic I didn't have of it.

Where at Peru senpai

>It's just a flesh wound.

Cred Forums wrekt thread?

Good memories



>tfw he never got to race the indy 500


a lot of flesh

Is this the huahuehuehue of fuuuuuuuuu?

>losing control coming out of the pits

What did he mean by that?

He was trying to get a leg up on the competition.


god dammit carlos

You are unhappy because you are a fat american diabetus wallmart eater.

yeah but he just lost his footing, poor him

Well he got to stand on the podium, twice.

There weren't any jet dryers on the track though

Alex is one of the most inspirational human beings ever.

I think his accident happened because normal life simply wasn't a big enough challenge for someone with that much heart.

How could this happen!? Why didn't the car have Fucking armor to prevent this!?


I think I've been here too long. I see a constanza-esque face in the orangeish part in the top left


He got another one

2 golds, 1 silver lads


zanardi has nothing on francois cevert or gordon smiley

Holy shit, I can't unsee it now

bit grim m8



Jesus, it's shocking and telling just how close he was to dying by the paleness of his face...


My recollection is Dr. Steve Olvey said Alex was within about 60 seconds of dying. He ended up losing about 70% of his blood through the severed femoral arteries.

(Should have had the magical Boston Marathon medical team work on Alex - they were able to parade victims of similar leg injury around in a wheelchair!)

Hi Cred Forums. So tell us, is /turnrightsometimes/ a red- pill sport?

Meh, wasn't trying to go all Cred Forums here, only that the mention of how close Alex came to death from blood loss had me pissed off at the bullshit in Boston insulting the seriousness of Alex's injury.

But to consider your question, since red as a color is usually associated with the port side of a vessel, one could reach the surprising conclusion that /turnleft/ is the ultimate redpill sport.

"Tune in this Sunday for FOX's coverage of the "9/11 Was An Inside Job" 500! NASCAR: Where Sunoco Race Fuel *can* melt steel beams!"

imagine being the first one on the scene

you look down, see the dude has no legs, presumably open his visor to check his vitals and his face is ghost white, just drifting in and out of consciousness. Either that, or he's in severe shock, shaking worse than cassius clay and frantically trying to feel his non-existent legs. Imagine his screams on the ride to hospital.


top kek

I have to say that this thread is really underaged and reddit in nature.

Being a doc at a racetrack isn't for the weak of stomach.

At least with Zanardi they had something to try to do. With Gordon Smiley or Tony Renna all you can do is get a shovel and a bucket.


I still cant believe this is real

Crash and burn.

It's from Rush.

How can one survive with losing 3 quarters of your own blood?