Why don't you support AS Roma?

Why don't you support AS Roma?

Elite chokers

why would I support the AEK of Italy


I'm not a fan of stabbing.

I've noticed that whenever Roma gets mentioned in a thread, one Italian always posts "reddit". I admire your dedication.

Because I'm not from Rome obviously

why would I support the neverkusen of Italy

hipster team here in America (along with Arse-anal and Farcelona, also Buyern and P$G to a lesser extent)

2bh all soccer teams are hipster teams in America

I live 5,000 miles away

it's a newly bron meme in the serie a matchthreads
quite annoying since Roma has been ital/sp/ team of choice long before these newfaggots got to this place

There're a shitty combination of Tottenham and Liverpool.

Who're the bigger Nazis: Roma or Lazio?

Roma originally (they were founded by fascists), but these days Lazio are the Nazis.

aren't all Italian teams, bar Livorno, far-right now?

>owner offers to build them a brand new stadium to replace their shitty half-empty one
>also offers to invest his own money into improving Rome's shitty public transportation system
>Roma fans elect a political party that would rather just let Rome swim in its own shit indefinitely

Because the are jews

I'm starting to think that M5S doesn't actually have a plan, they just want to complain about businessmen.

There are lots of left-handed teams, like Ternana and stuff. It's not just Livorno

>ywn taste sweet delicious wolf milk

>left-handed teams


Because I'm not Roman.

All the big clubs are right-wing though, right? I read AC Milan was sort of left until Berlusconi

cause I'm not a redditor

because orange is an ugly color

because I was not born or raised in rome

they had my sympathy, but they lost it due to being shit and elite chokers

Because I support Milan.

their plan is the make money to their owners(M5S is a privately owned comany, not a party) and their internet marketing consulting company

ding ding ding, you're on the money
actually, not just about businessmen, they just want to complain about anyone that unlike them actually tries to do anything
now that they have the spotlight on them in Rome they're getting exposed hard

The stadium is never going to get built. The people who run Rome seem happy to let the whole place go to shit.

Because Lazio is better

I have a fetish for canines and tits.

>left-handed teams

Why is there cow on Roma badge?

One word: Calciopoli

it's a wolf with milk-swollen teats

Ever since I know for myself, only the contrarians and shitty reddit-tier nu-males and hipsters root for Roma, because "MAI TOTTIIIIII" and shit. Where I come from, it's between Milan (because of Zvone Boban) and Juve (because it's Juve).

That sounds about right. Fans of Serie A teams are rare here, but out of the ones I've met the Roma fans are basically the same as Arsenal fans (hipster numales). Milan fans are generally old people and Italian/Eastern European immigrants. Juve fans seem to be mostly Chinese for some reason.

Roma is the arsenal of serie a

>"japanese" education

>Not Supporting Genoa Cricket and Football Club
one of my favourite english teams

Italian arselulz