Where do you see Pulisic in 3 years?

Where do you see Pulisic in 3 years?

on the bench of some La Liga team

back in Croatia

Seattle Sounders

Messis replacement


Doing your mom

Stoke city

in the MLS

Real Sociedad


He's going to a team in the EPL where he'll be on the bench for a couple years before coming to the MLS. Same as all the others famurai

>Poolisic has more caps for the "USMNT" than bundesliga appearances

Selling vacuums on twitter

Liverpool sign him for £35m next summer

Croatia, when Trump gets elected.


2. Bundesliga like all Americans.

He'll be the white Messi

In the Championship

Memeing his way to PL titles with Leicester



Hardly obssessed when the entire thread is about him. More like they are salty as fuck that he's going to usher in an era of American dominance

Hopefully in the second division

You have to go back

To Germany?
My ancestors left that region over 200 years ago

playing for hadjuk split lmao

how can you know that your ancestors only came from germany?

did they really just breed with other german-americans for the last 200 years?

He was the last one not to live here
Most of my family is Scot-Irish

losing to Mexico lol

Same place as Oscar.

winning the treble


touring america during summer with buyern

being benched and not making the squad in the league


Unironically? Playing in the MLS. He's the Clint Dempsey of our generation.

Not in Warsaw

Would be great tbqh familia.
It's not fun when the opponent is handicapped and it's about time that Americans accept the superior sport just as the rest of humanity did.

Replacing Messi at Barca desu

Vacuum commercials

after having his first good season a PL will buy for an absurd of money, there he'll rot on the bench and and become mediocre

he might attract some american customers for a season or two but that'll be the end

It's going to be so depressing for the kid once he realizes he's american.

sub in a 2nd tier german club. hard bust.

>the MLS

Fryboi at a NYC Mickey D's. I hear they'll be paying 15 per hour soon!!


It could be worse. He could have been born.... canadian

At least he'll get to play in a World Cup

More promise than any English kid, Rashford included.

clint dempsey was among the top scorers in the PL and transferred to a CL level team when he was a decade older than pulisic tho

Winning the epl with Manchester United.

>champions League level team

Scunthorpe United