Are these tired old memes finally over?

Are these tired old memes finally over?

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Hoping whine master Mou keeps misusing Pogba

Please tell me someone has a pic of the guy that was holding back tears while his daughter who is like 8 tries to comfort him. It was around the 86th minute.


>Kagawa was the best player at Dortmund la
>Pogba is useless he will never do anything good luck in Italy la
>Fergie is never wrong,Moyes will be a success la
>Moyes number 1. He won the Community shield la
>Fellaini is a great signing. He will crush it with Fabregas la
>Van Gaal is legendary he will be great and win us the treble la
>Phil Jones is world class la
>Neymar soon la
>We need Carrick to play more games, we always win when he plays la
>Di Maria is the best player in the world we will crush it la
>Falcao is objectively the best 9 in the world who will stop us la
>Rooney still has, it best striker in the prem la
>Ronaldo soon la
>Mata carried Chelsea to a CL he will crush it la
>Herrera crushed it in Bilbao the new Xavi la
>Bale soon la
>Muller soon la
>Lewandoski soon la
>Mourinho is the best coach in the world la
>Rooney still has it, best CAM in the prem la
>#Pogback. Literally unstoppable la
>Henrikh "The Ghost" Mkhitaryan signing of the summer la

>Rooney still has, it best RW in the prem
>Rooney still has, it best CM in the prem
>Rooney still has, it best CDM in the prem
>Rooney still has, it best RB in the prem
>Rooney still has, it best CB in the prem
>Rooney still has, it best GK in the prem



>Misusing Pogba
>Using Memepiss and Memetial at all
>Making a 36 years-old stat-padder the leader of your team

To be honest >Mouyes is the dickhead here.


a gift that keeps on giving

i will try to get it for you buddy

you're forgetting

>depay and schwien are world class la #watchoutPLdefences

Thank you




>lose to fucking midtjylland
>its ok lads we just need to spend a couple billion dollars
>lose to fucking feyenoord

Ibrahimovic has been good in every game he's played desu - it's not his fault that he has a shit squad to work with.

talking about this ?

>keeps misusing Pogba

now that's a meme

Wasn't good against City or Feyenoord

I am an idiot , forgot the pic


misusing Pogba is playing him

Yeah that's it. Thanks man.

is mooy better than pogba?

uh, thats not a girl


never really liked man utd but mourinho made me a hater 2bh

>going from di maria, verratti and pastore giving you world class passes to herrera and fellaini

how can you be so sure?

Is Southampton, Hull, Leiceister, Everton,Bournemouth and West ham now officially better than Man United?

get rekt rags


>Pep will be exposed in epl

Mou can't rise a team, get it through your head. He is not the man you hire to get out of a bump

He's wasted deep with Fellaini, he always darts ahead and loves the left wing. If anything he should use Herrera along side with Fellaini and bench Pooney for Pogba, but I want more mou tears so idc

Chelsea has a chance tough

You sexist piece of shit

is that little boy already balding

who is united??

manchester is blue eh lad?

wait until they play city
manure was fine too until city exposed them and the same will happen to chelski

How the shit else are you supposed to use Pogba?

EPL stronk la. Greates leage in the world la. Its always so close laanyone could win it la. Our bottom 122 teams could crush any of yours mickey mouse league mid tier teams la.

You are a joke faggots



Tbh manure should rightly be in the championship

Ehm city just rekted your bundesliga third best team

lol are you guys stupid they won every game except a game against city and a european league meaningless game with a 2nd squad. way way too soon to call them exposed, especially not zlatan where he scored 4 goal in 4 games in the league. you people dumb or something?

Hello, Mr Glazer

city 4-0 monchengladbach

>Comparing the only decent team in EPL with Borrusia whatbach
>Implying that our league champion wouldn't assraped City even if they have old Bayern manager

Shitty were a better team than Bayern last season and they were absolutely terrible. Shitty have drastically improved and would easily beat Bayern Munich


we beat bayern with fucking garcia, pellegrini and milner

bayern have lost against city as many times as they have beaten them

End yourself. Your meme is over

And that helped them to even smell the CL finals when? Or any of your teams recent years?

>this nazi english

what did he mean by this?

they don't hae a good team. They are missing important pieces in some roles.
Next season they should complete their team and should be able to compete

Tbh even if Bayern could beat city/chelsea even bulgarian league is more entertaining than bundesliga

no offense lad but you'll never have a shot on that there british entertainment

>muh history
None of that matters, our conversation was who is a better team right now and the answer is obvious.

8/11 Bayern starting 11 wouldn't even make it on city's bench


Fair enough. Even if it is entertaining, doesn't mean their teams are anything but mediocre. And they are (not counting Man City)

Feyenoord- Man Utd 1:0




Ibra is already old, not enough good for a TOP league, Pogba is overrated as fuck, probably one of the most of history and Mourinho is just a lie when it comes to manage big teams.


Unironic objective fact

Wtf I hate bayern now


>when you realise United would be better now if they had kept Moyes

>A brit using "muh history" against someone

Doesn't Manuse, Chelsea, and Liverpool want to make their own super league because of "muh history" and because they can't enter the Champions League?

>bayern have lost against city as many times as they have beaten them
But if you look at those Bayern losses you'd see that they came on the 6th, 6th and 5th match day with Bayern having already secured 1st place qualification before the kickoff.

Lorna, as I've seen him, is an attacking midfielder.

Zlatan is doing well in spite a couple of hiccups.

Mourinho is a boring manager.

everton is prems third best team. bayern would shit on them

>an ex swindon player is better than pogba in the europa

needs to be more subtle

the fuck you mean

bayern were one goal off losing the top spot at the allianz but lellegrini didn't realise and made some defensive subs

i want it to be able to pass as a real mourinho pic

the people of rotterdam have tough lives m8

that kid is 43 and the crying man is his 8 year old son

rotterdam is like a large industrial estate

Here ya go, that should pass as a real mourinho pic

what did he do against monaco?

>Manure actually thought Mourinho would win them prices


this is a really nice shop, it looks so real. could i possibly buy it from you?


Cred Forums actually thought mourinho would win them prizes


fuck off you shit bandwagoner, don't ever respond to my posts again


shitty league tbqh

>buyernfag crybaby talking shit

Please I only want United to be competitive again ;_;

search 1999 season in the youtube


>watch this game delayed cause wanna watch muh Anderlecht first
>Mou is using a b-team
>start laughing so hard
>Mou actually thinks his b-team is good enough when a-team can barely score a goal


>West ham
Couldn't even beat a team near the bottom of the Austrian league to qualify for the Europa League

He's not Chicano if he's in Mexico, dumbass

He scored against City, didn't he?

Where do you find these old Sam rares?

it's possible to score and be a total liability for the rest of the game, isn't it?

Shitty beat psg just by luck


Who do brown people like real so much?

they tend to be self-entitled cucks

they choose Real because they feel indentified

> look at this clubs, so successful, so powerful, so fashion, and we may commit mistake (to fill the humble quota)

and hugo sanchez

meh, it's beyond mexican culture tho

You have absolutely no right to speak this way when your domestic league is a literal one team joke league where if any other team gets good enough to challenge then that one team gets their best players to run out their contracts then sign on free transfer with them.

>mou unironically bought a 35 year old striker as savior of man utd

lol, not even mentioning p*gba

didn't start against Feyenoord

Anyone else fantasise about a 10 man anal gang bang with Dianne finished off with a beautiful contrasting bukakke on face and tits?

I don't just asking, for a friend that's all.

kys weeb fuck


kys weeb fuck


>Herrera crushed it in Bilbao the new Xavi la

well this is wrong because Herrera is the new Iniesta

Zlatan to LA Galaxy no later than Summer 2018

he kinda looks like the fuckwad who runs the creationist museum


thanks for bumping my thread

box to box midfielder with litle defesinve duties, like he played at Juve

nice shopping skills

Mancs don't use la, thats scousers.

Reminder that Feyenoord literally is the Dutch Liverpool.

>holding back tears
pretty sure that was a feyenoord fan wanting feyenoord to win