/cfb/ - Shakeup Saturday (?) edition

This is the first week in history that the AP 1-2- 3 will each play a road game against a ranked team. And the AP poll has run continuously since 1936.

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Watch for 2 minutes of keks courtesy of some assblasted miami hurricanes fan


If this is a sign of things to come, the miami butthurt following this game could be glorious


Other big games include:

>FSU at Louisville (ABC)

>Oregon at Nebraska (ABC)
>Bama at Ole Miss (CBS)

>Ohio State at Oklahoma (FOX)
>Michigan State at ND (NBC)
>USC at Stanford (ABC)

Late night
>Texas at Cal (ESPN)

ESPN Heisman watch

JT Barrett about to go off in primetime and propel himself up the Heisman charts. He grew up dreaming of playing for Texas so he hates Oklahoma
(Texas went with Swoopes instead, derp)


tuberville pulls the ultimate tuberville game out tonight

cincy 23 - 20 houston



Pretty fucking cool

Not one of the pick'em games but who cares

>stealing shit from reddit
It must be made the next OP map


Saban worried about how bad Alabama looked last week

By now everyone has seen the clip of Nick Saban going nuclear on Lane Kiffin. It wasn’t an argument, Saban said, it was an "ass-chewing." Saban snatched off his headset and screamed at Kiffin, going red in the face. Just when it looked as if he was finished, Saban circled back, had a few more choice words and nearly spiked his headset at Kiffin’s feet.
Afterward, he called the team’s play "embarrassing." He said it was perhaps the most disappointing win he’d ever been a part of -- and we’re talking about a career that spans four decades.
"That’s bad football," Saban said. "That’s not the kind of football we want to play here."
For Saban, [the easy win over WKU] was overshadowed by his team’s sloppy play. He saw a mess of an offensive line. He saw a nonexistent running game. He saw a whopping 12 penalties, a pair of touchdowns that were dropped by receivers and a missed field goal on the opening drive of the game.

With a trip to No. 19 Ole Miss coming up, it’s no wonder he was angry. Playing like that might mean a third consecutive loss to the Rebs.

Saban was "pretty ticked off" in the locker room, according to Bradley Bozeman. And Alabama’s starting center wasn’t too happy, either. He said the Tide's performance wasn’t up to their standard. The fact that the running game averaged just 3.2 yards per rush was "embarrassing."
"We have to step our game up in a major way," Bozeman said.

>knowing it's from reddit
>outs himself as a redditor

Holy shit, this beaner is making me laff.
Go App state, y'all are reppin' the Funbelt so well.

"You look around and just tell no one was satisfied," said safety Eddie Jackson, who had a pick-six in the first half.

Everyone wearing crimson on Saturday afternoon seemed to understand that good wasn’t good enough. Not with Ole Miss coming up.

After all, Hugh Freeze’s squad has proved it can score on anyone. And the Rebs' defensive line is among the best in the SEC. On the road, playing a true freshman quarterback in Hurts, Alabama can’t afford excessive penalties and missed opportunities. Anything less than its best could mean the end of an unbeaten season.

Saban knows that. He’s been around enough underachieving teams to know that the margin for error is razor-thin.
"We have lots of work to do," Saban said. "We’re going to play a lot better teams."


Unless you have a twitter account and you see a retweet
That's how I found that AP Poll by voter thing
But I wouldn't go there myself

Yeah I follow that CFB sub on twitter. It's quick with great vines, funny shit and surrender cobras.

This place is much better for live game threads and discussion.

USA Today updated their playoff projections yesterday:

Ohio State
Stanford (previously Clemson)

>A struggling effort by Clemson against Troy pushed the Tigers out of the College Football Playoff. Their spot was taken by Stanford

>Oklahoma State Cowboyes

this weekend begins a stretch of five games that include FOUR primetime Saturday evening-slot games showcasing the greatness of Christian McCaffrey and Stanford:

Southern Cal (ABC)
at Washington (ESPN)
>Washington State
at Notre Dame (NBC)

Then, the 6 games that make up the back half of Stanford's schedule are pretty easy other than the Nov 12 game at Oregon

that's fuckin awesome

>all this bandwagoning


Is he going to translate to a top-flight NFL RB?

>Nebraska's favorite team isn't even Nebraska


Having driven through Arkansas plenty and with 3 of my best friends living there i can promise you Arkansas is a red state with Razorback shit everywhere and no LSU shit anywhere

here is a better map:

Not only does Nebraska have Nebraska, they also have South Dakota and a chunk of Colorado

here is a better map:

>*Based off the top 25 college football teams from the AP Poll Week 2

I mean its fucking stupid, but neither Nebraska or Arkansas are in that poll. Pointless.

>Maybe kids will start talking school more seriously.
Get outta here with your bright optimism.

>Not everyone in the south supports a conference.
Fucking this. Only idiots with a losing team in a power conference cheer for a conference. (Read: 4/5 teams in the SEC) There's something to be said for being proud of competition in your conference, but the whole SECSECSEC meme is propped up by rednecks who think its the South rising again.

>*Based off the top 25 college football teams from the AP Poll week 2
kek. As 's map shows, Mississippi is clearly dominated form north to south by Mississippi State fans. However, they have a slim margin, averaging in the 30-40% range in most zip codes. This is ironic, because Ole Miss has had far more football success in the SEC than MSU. Their preppy boy image hurts them amongst the redneck fan base in Mississippi.

Because corn.

That is only counting the top 25 teams from week 2 only, which didn't include Nebraska or Arkansas, for example

We've already seen San Diego State beat Cal. Now the other heavily-supported team in southern California (USC) goes to battle with the other heavily-supported team in the San Francisco Bay area (Stanford) this Saturday evening on primetime (ABC). Can Stanford hold down the fort? (Or "the farm" they call it based on the old farm still on campus?)

it only counts relevant teams

USC fucking sucks and will get blasted again.

My animosity towards USC will end once they stop getting placed in the top 25 on a preseason poll.

What if they finish in the top 25 at the end of the regular season?

Can anyone give a single reason why polls should exist before week 4?

>UCLA and that tiny ass blip

to get ratings on "big" games


Fsu being more popular than Florida is still kind of a shock to me. Yea they have been way better recently, but Gators always seemed like top dog in Florida, especially during the Tebow years.

UF is easy to hate.

>muh Teboq muh jorts muh Hernandez

>auburn only gets 62% of its own zip code
>there is literally nothing but the university in this zip code

I've lived in Florida all my of my life, UF is the most popular team in the state, especially with the redneck population. I am a FSU fan, and I find that people are more likely to be UF fans. Most say that Tebow is the reason they are fans. Plus, they won two natties and a Heisman, so people bandwagoned.

Yeah. That's why people hate UF. Tebow and the bandwagoners. The hate isn't as strong as say Michigan or Bama but hardly anyone who doesn't directly support UF likes them in any way.

Note Nebraska is single-handedly beating down the West one fanbase at a time. Can Oregon put an end to the rampage?

>W 43-10 Fresno State
>W 52-17 Wyoming
>up next: Oregon

I know that's why I hate them, alongside the fact I'm a FSU student.

God I hope...

Whats your opinion on USF?

The Tebow years were very short compared to some of FSU's runs during the 1990s. From 1987-2000, they lost 19 games. That's fucking incredible.

I miss the ND vs Michigan rivalry but this ND vs Michigan State game on primetime NBC Saturday night should be a war

It's not what have you done, it's what have you done for me lately. Yes, FSU won a NC and a Heisman, and the Gators have sucked in recent years, but for some reason I still see more Orange and Blue than Garnet and Gold. It doesn't annoy me too much, cause I hate fair-weather fans. I'd rather they bandwagon onto UF than pollute FSU's fanbase. And UF can keep the rednecks, we don't want them either.

Whose got 4rivers at their school? Go Noles

Personal opinion? UCF is better. They at least served their time in the trenches in C-USA. South Florida on the other hand was one of the first "muh TV market" teams. The same thinking that led to the Big East to acquiring USF is the same thinking that led to the Big East losing their status as a power conference. They chose a large market over a high-caliber football team.


Holy fuck that was good pulled pork

Fuck Nissan


Cincy could do it

Not too worried about this one. Pirates have shown a lot of discipline, resilience, and flexibility so far this year. If they can keep it with 7 against South Carolina, I'll be happy.

no gamebread?


I hear ya man

>game thread
literally why? We're literally the only people watching thisgame, friend.


Secondary please

>that nazi salute

This game prolly gonna have all kinds of dragons 2bh


this Cincy stadium is very comfy

>Houston is good


#6 team on the road in a game they could lose

Literally did nothing wrong

4rivers is so based.

Yea Nippert is awesome. UC's entire campus is really comfy.

If Bama and either FSU oh OSU somehow loses Saturday... Will this be most chaotic start of a college football season?

Talent wise and experience wise, Clemson is still the best team in the country. They've been playing lazy as fuck though and need to step it up, but they'll be in the playoff again easily.

>hating tebow
dumb tripfagposter

>Herman kissing his players

That was weird

>barely beating Troy
watch out for south carolina state

Where is the Houston game thread?


there's only 1 game on


Most of the guys of Troy's team are kids that got cut from Bama or Auburn. They aren't scrubs.

Clemson has been playing lazy, it happens. OSU, FSU, Bama have all done the same in the past few years. But you can't argue the stats, Deshaun Watson is the only player in NCAA history that has passed for 4000+ yards and rushed for 1000+ yards in a single season, and Clemson has led the nation in like 9 defensive categories for 3 years straight. Clemson and Alabama are the only 2 teams to have at least 10 wins for the last 5 seasons. The truth is there are very few teams that match up with them, they just need to quit playing like a bunch of faggots.

They lost to Texass fuck off

maybe you should wait for clemson to get their shit together before telling everyone how good they are (like they would care anyway). acting like a tripfag right now.

Next week's rankings:

1. Ole Miss
2. Louisville
3. Michigan
4. Alabama
5. Clemson
6. Stanford
7. Georgia
8. Tennessee
9. Washington
10. Wisconsin

Quote me on this one.

There's more UF fans in Florida but they're garbage right now. All the Florida fans are in hiding.



Can anyone explain to me how the fuck Washington is ranked so high right now?

Neither Ohio State or Oklahoma in that top ten fucking what







even if Louisville by some unfathomable act of god wins they're not going to 2

Houston is quickly becoming meme team ;_;

they were ranked to begin and simply haven't lost

and ole piss definitely wouldn't be ahead of them

>my face when people actually think the team with the best defense and a top 10 offense in the country will miss the playoffs next season

>Brandon Peters (objectively and statistically the best QB in the 2016 recruiting class, it isn't even debatable)
>Ty Isaac (best RB in the game who will be 100% healthy, unlike the entirety of last year. he will put up 1200+YDs/10+TDs/5.0YPC)
>Jake Butt (a top 3 TE already going into this season, 1000+YDs/7+TDs)
>Sean McKeon (literally a Jake Butt-clone)
>Amara Darboh (top 10 WR, 900+YDs/5+TDs)
>Jabril Peppers (a black guy trapped in a black's body, one of the smartest players in football, elite measurables, incredible upside)
>Kareem Walker (one of the fastest and most explosive players in football)
>Joe Beneducci (best blocking FB in country)

>Best pass rush in the B1G
>Best LB corp in the B1G
>Best secondary in the country
>Top 5 D-Line

Barring major injuries to key players, there is literally no way the Wolverines are missing the playoffs this season

The Michigan B1G championship drought ends in 2016-2017

You can't prove me wrong

Cap it

>Houston is a playoff contender
Man sometimes you guys sure are dumb.

>tfw you got season tickets at walmart for buying a 12 pack of coke

Houston will pull away in the second half


>haven't been able to run at all
>Houston expecting run on 4th and 1
>set up perfectly for play action pass
>playcall: slow developing run

Houston loses, Oklahoma beats Ohio State. It's really that simple.

>Cincinatti is a bad team

Man you shitposters sure are dumb



I don't hate Tebow, but lots of other people do. That's all I was trying to say. I don't know how you came to a different conclusion.

Who's /ohio state/ student here?

who are you rooting for? i'm rooting for houston because fuck the entire city of cinci

I'm right here, hi.

>he lives in columbus
>and willingly chooses to root for the browns

You brought it upon yourself senpai, don't blame us


thought you were an fsu fan so you would naturally hate tebow

Bus reporting in. Who here /redsbrownsbkuejackets/? Gotta get all of your colors in.

>Houston plays 3 games on Thursdays
Why is that allowed?
That can't be good for academics

Sup. Gators aren't looking that bad this year

Ok? Like it's not even sucking them. It's just eating them.

Nope. UF all the way. FSU can go fuck themselves along with the rest of the SEC.

>Being a furpuck fan

They actually have a QB. I'm cautiously optimistic until the UT game.

Daily reminder that major cfb writer Stewart Mandel of Fox Sports (and Sports Illustrated before that) picked a Purdue upset of Cincy last week:
>Purdue was 2-10 last year
"Upset Special: Cincinnati (favored by 6) at Purdue
The Boilers are getting better. Really. They probably aren’t going to win more than two Big Ten games, but they can best an AAC foe with no defense.
Pick: Purdue 31, Cincinnati 27"
>Cincy won 38-20
>Stewart Mandel

As for this HOU at CIN game, Mandel wrote:
"Cincinnati ran the ball well and notched five INTs in last week’s win at Purdue. Houston has a stout run defense, and Greg Ward Jr. won’t throw five picks.
Pick: Houston 31, Cincinnati 20"

Texas academics

Why are you a fan? Did you go to UF?

tfw the only one who doesn't believe Texas is for real yet

>Soda Popinski mentioned

I graduate next semester.

Also it seems kinda weird that Oklahoma could be out of the playoff discussion by Saturday.

The SEC east is pretty unimpressive this year. I'd say you're looking at 10 wins at least.

Choklahoma was overrated from the start because of Baker Memefield. I saw a bunch of "analysts" saying that Oklahoma was going to be in the playoff and had a chance to win the NC. They should have never been ranked #3. #15-20 would have been fair. If they can beat Ohio State, they will have redeemed themselves somewhat. But they still should have never been ranked #3.


what a twist

l e l

ya'll think Art Briles is going to end up at LSU next year?

was he even allowed to go out of bounds and recover the fumble like that


UT fan here. App should honestly have beaten us, I hope you guys rek Mark richt

The UT game will really dictate how the rest of the season will go.

Fair enough.

Fair enough

Cincy's D is playing well, but that was an totally retarded play call by Houston.

>double reverse
>no timeouts
>your star QB who is hurt is the lead blocker

Get that garbage outta here.

I don't root for the browns, I'm a 49ers fan. But CFB is my first sport

I'm /crewjackets/


left this cinci shit fest in the first quarter to slay some prime puss
ask me anything

Post tits

Gamebread when?


>UH beat OU but will lose to Cincinnati

Does OU stand a chance against Ohio?

Ohio will lose


these damn SEC coaches i tell you what

HOUSTON NUTT (now age 58)
>1997 Boise State
>1998–2007 Arkansas
>2008–2011 Ole Miss
>3x SEC Coach of the Year (2001, 2006, 2008)
>current CBS Sports college football studio analyst.

>1995–1998 Ole Miss
>1999–2008 Auburn
>2010–2012 Texas Tech
>2013–present Cincinnati
>2x SEC Coach of the Year (1997, 2004)

MIKE RILEY (now age 63)
>1997–1998 Oregon State
>1999–2001 San Diego Chargers
>2003–2014 Oregon State
>2015–present Nebraska
>1x Pac 12 Coach of the Year (2008)

TOM O'BRIEN (now age 67)
>1997–2006 Boston College
>2007–2012 NC State
>his daughter is a producer at ESPN
>he graduated the US Naval Academy and was a US Marine Officer for 9 years (reached the rank of Major)

>no face

Why hello Cred Forums

bare tits, por favor

As an OU fan, I knew this season was going to be 8-4. It happens every single time OU gets put in the top 5 preseason.

Who is the qt3.14159 on the Houston bench?

Which one? There's 50 of them.


Holy shit quads confirm!!!!! Tennessee is going to blow the fuck out of Ohio




>have 5 meme days to choose from
>put memetime game on the same time as thw NFL's memetime game
but why tho

I'm wondering the same thing

They've been playing college games.on Thursday for like 20 years now
And it's not like the other options are any better

so winner gets the big 12 invite correct?

College has had Thursday for decades. There are laws blocking NFL from playing on Friday (high school) and Saturday (college). The NFL just never saw a reason to add Thursday games until they needed to push NFL network.


is Cincinnati elite???


damn son

>black quarterbacks
>in any year


oh no they're couging it

His heisman moment.

God damn Oklahoma sucks lmfao

>no Texas
Literally retarded

Oklahoma couldn't stop this Houston offense right?

>tfw Ricefag

they're gonna lose this weekend so...

In fairness Cincy isn't really either. Houston just keeps turning it over.



lets go cinci!


Cinci brought their meme game.

On a few drives, but UC has shut their running game down and hit Ward all night.


Truth is, Oklahoma laid an egg.

Houston is prolly a 15-20ish type team, and UC is prolly 30ish. Dif is game in Cincy.

UC played awful and barely lost against Houston last year.

is Cincinnati a nice place to live? this place looks nice. I like it I want them in my conference

>greg ward's shoulder BTFO
>getting embarrassed by Cincinnati
Is this how the ride ends? Please get it together Houston.

>People unironically believed Houston was a serious playoff contender
Thanks Cincinnati

Seems they aren't much without Ward.

ha sorry i'm using this meme incorrecctly but houston: Damn daniel!

Same shit different year

> 2009: How the fuck did we lose to BYU
> 2010: How the fuck did we lose to TAMU
> 2011: How the FUCK did we lose to Tech?
> 2012: How the fuck did we lose to KSU?
> 2013: How the fuck did we lose to Texas?
> 2014: How the fuck did we lose to KSU AGAIN?!
> 2016: Why did we lose to Houston?

You get used to it -_-

Campus is gonna be ridiculous is UC win holy shit

Like a lot of midwest cities, it just depends on the part of town.

It's a tri-state with Northern Kentucky, Southeast Indiana and Southern Ohio. There are a lot of comfy suburbs in Northern KY, and if you go to the north side of Cincy there are very nice neighborhoods.

It's an underrated midwest city with a surprising amount of history and culture. I lived there for a while and enjoyed it, but it wasn't the kinda place I wanted to be forever yanno? Not a knock on the city, I just am not a midwest kinda guy. You gotta love the worst of all seasons. Tornadoes, brutal heat, horrible winters, etc...

Just kill me. I'm useless anyway

>against Cal
Once again, literally retarded

houston really won it on a special teams play.

Notre Dame was slow against Nevada. Maybe wait until Big XII play before calling them top ten

Why go for 2??

no. they killed harambe.

>reminder that houston is #6
>implying the voters make any sense

Slow start but they won by 36 (minus a garbage time touchdown by Nevada)

for memes

Welp, time to post the one thing that always makes me happy

so they would be up by 2 field goals

It's a touchdown without the Pat lead
Plus what's the real difference between 4 and 5?

>Just tuned into the Houston game
>down by 2 to Cinci

Notre Dame would booty blast both of these teams

Luke Kuechly, the greatest LB of this era is from Cincy, where he went to a Catholic high school (which has a dominant swim team that wins Ohio Champions pretty much evrry single year for the last two generations and pumps out US Olympic medalist swimmers).

Crazy Ohio State didn't jump all over Luke Kuechly and he ended up at a Catholic college in Boston where he dominated the ACC, was a Top speed 10 NFL pick and has dominated the NFL since as a Carolina Panther

He loves Cincy and says his favorite thing is Cincy's signature cuisine: chili on spaghetti

keep your head up lad

If they beat Cal by enough they'll get enough votes to get into the top 10. Also, isn't the team that beat OU struggling against Cincy?
>b-but Houston won because they have an elite QB!!

Moe or LS?

Greg Ward is a savage, dude is getting his shoulder pulverized but keeps on fighting

sent XD

how dumb

>that cincy pass rush
holy shit

I always thought of thursday college games as the crap between the division 3 high-school tier teams (the losers of which are penciled in to be the SEC's out of conference schedule the next year)
Friday always was the true special snowflake college football day, with one or two real games, usually involving the pac 10 or byu/boise

>cinci defense



I haven't had a meaningful conversation with a girl in months, maybe even years. Just today I saw that cute nerdy girl in my class talking to some other nerd.

that was the worse defensive line attempt I have ever witnessed.

Greg Ward won't survive this season w/the hits he takes.

He's like RG3. He seemingly finds a way on every play to take a harder hit than he ever needed to.

look. now they are down by 3 and not 2 and can kick a field goal for a tie and not the win. stupid.

whos fault is that? stop feeling sorry for yourself, get your shit together and start a conversation

its not rocket science

They weren't trying to rush...just contain. He still split them cuz he's fast and they're fat.

just started watching at the start of the fourth quarter

are both teams garbage or are they actually playing decently

nothing in life is easy. dont worry about other people or what they have going for them. focus on improving yourself. the bitches will follow

both are garbage but one is more meme than the other

Neither really. Both teams are prolly 20-30ish teams in the country and they're playing a pretty fun game.

>Just be yourself bro

or be a whiny little cunt and not talk to girls

Neither of these teams are bad by any means, but a competently coached Oklahoma roster smashes both teams 10/10 times because the talent difference is that much.

They however aren't in a position to lose by settling for a field goal

It's usually lower BCS/P5+AAC who host but they have had some notable opponents
Clemson plays on Thursday next week

>Houston isn't bad




There's 128 FBS teams, Houston is not bad.

They're just not anywhere near the 6th best team in the country.

first football game i ever went to was the beginning of the end for tuberville at auburn
is this the return of the tuberville meme

>the talent difference is that much
but its not, the talent disparity is shrinking in college football. not to get sidetracked but why do you think FCS schools consitently knock off FBS schools now?

And Cincy just choked.


At skill positions, yes. But depth and lines, no.

There is no reason for Oklahoma's roster to ever lose to either of these teams.

they should be top 4

poor Hayden :(

Even if they somehow win this game, there's no way Houston is ranked next week. Anyone who's watched this game understands how exposed they've been.

well shit.

Kuechly loves Cincy's Skyline Chili. He's constantly raving about how Cincy's signature chili on spaghetti topped with shredded cheddar dish from Skyline is GOAT to him, like a religion he even said

but they did. and for all we know Houston just didn't show up today and Oklahoma is just mediocre this year

theyve been playing well considering their QB is hurt, defense has been picking up the slack

>Even if they somehow win this game, there's no way Houston is ranked next week.
you have no idea what you're talking about

Except you and everyone who knows anything about Oklahoma knows that's not true.

Bob Stoops lays an egg or two every year, with absurdly talented rosters. That is literally his coaching legacy.

>But depth and lines, no.
ill give u this one m8

If cincy clutches this out are they ranked next week?

Cincinnati can't even beat Houston in anything. NFL, not even college football.

Why does the NCAA allow teams to play on weekdays anyways?
Especially on short rest?

This weekend is gonna be fun lads. Lotta good games.


This hot lil slut from the South loved her Skyline chili too when she visited Cincy. Luke Kuechly would adore her

nice hands

NCAA doesn't actually have any jurisdiction on this. It's the conferences.

Man so many good nigger quarterbacks this year.

A "No more games in weekdays" rule could easily be put in place
Or they could just say one was already there

>only can watch cfb on 1 day of the week

she's busted

And they'll all bust in the NFL kek

Nobody would agree to this.
Thursday night games mean mad dosh.

>P5 Cucks actually thought Houston would lose


>alot of good black qbs
>alot of good white recievers
what did they mean by this?


they could do that but that could hurt some G5 conference contracts that only get what they are paid because they are willing to work on weekdays.

Pick 6


we want bama

That's all folks


It's hurting the students

Sorry Cinci. No Big 12 spot for you

pick 6



holy shit put Kiel in

>There are people who thought we would lose this game



i call that play the pine box

I'm new, how come no one is talking about the UH game? UH is looking to be great this year.

Cinci being bros giving Houston's kicker extra reps.

Rip cincy getting ranked.

Cincy what ru doing


but we are

I'm not used to September Saturdays being this interesting. What gives?

Nobody cares. Money rules everything

Holy fuck is Houston is the team to dethrone Bama?


WE /comeback/ NOW

I'm a COUG, but hahahahahahah no. Not even fucking close.

Playoff committee is basically forcing every major team to schedule at least 1 high profile non conference game unless they want to get mocked like Baylor.

That would be us, Texas friend.

Gunner looking T H I C C

>I'm a COUG
>Misspells Coog

Nice try bandwagoning cuck

This is pretty fucking cool. However,
>not an actual hurricane hitting Miami

That is one hell of a deceptive final score.

Can we add the great Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly to that list? Despite being a phenom talent and the nephew of HOF QB Jim Kelly, he got kicked out of high school, kicked out of the hillbilly college out in the sticks that took a chance on him (Clemson) and after a spell at a Mississippi community college known for taking bad apple rejects (where he led them to a National Title), he went to Ole Miss which is starting NCAA probation next year as punishment for dirty recruiting. And last week, he got busted macking on some top national porn star on twitter, and even she shot him down as beneath her

Dude I want that too but if these coogs go undefeated they'll box us out in the top 4

Ignore me, looking at the wrong time in the box score

Born in Dallas, Raised in Houston.

Mother is an alumni fro UoH.

I like being correct with my spelling, fuck off.

>bandwagoning Houston of all teams


not really if you look at the stats

>Coog with a u
What did he mean by this?

yeah but what some conferences do to bring in the money. especially the mac. I know cusa turned down a pretty good contract from fox that required them to play weekday games so there are some conferences who have limits

They'll choke in a game they were supposed to win just like last year. If Texas goes 12-0 we are no doubt getting into the final four. UH has nothing on us.

>UoH and not UH

Fuck off Negroids. I spell shit how I like.

Fuck yeah they'll make a Disney movie out of this season

>19-16 Houston ahead
>get in shower
>get out shower
>final 40-16 Houston

Are gonna lose their next game. Quote me.

first amendment to the constitution

In case anyone doesn't know, this Jets v Bills New York state rivalry (and AFC East rivalry and Rex Ryan vs his last team) is a great one with 10 minutes left

>tripfags showering
a likely story

Much as I want to believe, guys, it's a little early to be talking about an undefeated season.
Also if the rest of the B12 continues to shit the bed in noncons it might take a bit of shine off whatever wins Texas does have.

Were you the fag that said to quote him when he said "Texas will lose to Notre Dame 45-10. Quote Me." At least when Texas wins you guys will shut the fuck up. Similar to the Notre Dame faggots

You realize that exact same thing is true for Alabama, right

Cinci remembered that they were unrankeded.

RB/slot receiver

cinci threw a couple of pick 6s at the end of the game

As much as i hate Texass, i actually wouldnt mind seeing the shorthorns dethrone those crimson tards from alabama.

It would be the ultimate payback.

>YouTube is shutting down tigerray's channel

Burnt Orange is a disgusting colour.

A color you will soon be bandwagoning, bitch. Choo Choo motherfucker

It would be even better if we could play them, but thats not gonna happen.


I'm honestly not looking forward to an undefeated season. I'm scared shitless of Baylor, TCU and of course the team we always shit the bed against, Kansas St. Right now it's already too late to lose a game because we'd probably go down to #20 or something and it would take a miracle to get into the top four by the time the game against TCU rolls around.

Orange Power, motherfucker.

Nah fuck that

>Best secondary in the country
Enough with this meme. Alabama is going to show you pretenders who the title really belongs to after a dismantling of Ole Miss, complete with three turnovers from Kelly. Cap it.

Irrelevant for a while due to how early OOC games are scheduled.

Ag fag detected

I'd love that too but Texas doesn't play Bama this year and no way Texas makes it to the playoffs. So wishful thinking this year

>any year
>any part of the explored multiverse
>supporting A&M


>alabama beating ole piss ever again

On behalf of all Texasfags on Cred Forums, I hope Ole Piss fucking destroys Alabama.


The more I watch this the sadder I get...

I-it has to happen this time, right? Saban can't possibly lose 3 in a row to a hunh team with an unpredictable mobile quarterback, right?

And I hope Texas wins all their games and gets to have a rematch with Alabama in the title game-- for obvious reasons.

Oldfag from Texas here (i love the Big XIIl and this Houston team looks way better, bigger, and more loaded with talent than any team Texas or Oklahoma ever had (and Oklahoma crushed Saban at Bama in the Sugar and Texas crushed Saban at LSU in the Cotton). Also Houston looks way better, bigger and more talented than not only any Texas or Oklahoma team in history buy also way more than that Utah team that whipped Saban's Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, and i mean thoroughly whipped them all game long, even in the trenches

I still can't believe that game
The craziest play I ever watched live
>I turned the channel before the kick six

I still do

Never forgive. Never forget.

And Saban anally devastated Mack Brown in the biggest game of them all. But unlike Brown, Saban adapts, and he's caught on and has built a defense bred to stop you and your ilk. Nobody is whipping this D-line.

>alabama BTFO
>hot bama girl BLACKED
this gif has everything

As much as I want Oklahoma to get steam rolled this weekend, I know that them winning would be so much better for us

that only matters if you lose more than one game. If you don't win your conference you aren't in anyways, and strength of schedule ratings have nothing to do with that.

Is there a less likely play in college football history? The only one I think beats it as far as physical improbability is the flea kicker. Having the ball placed perfectly after bouncing off the guy's fucking helmet is great and the meme snap just tops it off.

>tfw was there for the kick six and pic related

0/8 b8, m8

Will they ever actually be elite again? Kelly is bretty gud but doesn't seem to be championship caliber.

Houston saved themselves with 2 pick 6s

>outing yourself
You must not be very bright, huh?

>fresno state
The only west coast teams Nebraska can beat are the teams too shit to be in the PAC

You dare to doubt the great Christian McCaffrey, low-born? Not only ia he the greatest RB/slot receiver/kick returner combo of our Era, but his dad (a star WR at Stanford) won 3 Super Bowl rings as a 1st Team All Pro and Pro Bowl WR, his mom was a soccer star at Stanford and his granddad won Silver in the 100m (the fastest man on earth race) at the 1960 Rome Olympics (he waa injured for the 1954 Olympics in his prime) and ranked as one of the fastest humans of all time, holding several sprint records during the late 1950s and being on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1956 (before going to med school he went to Duke and in 2010, Duke named him their most outstanding athlete of the 20th century)

Daily reminder Saban turned down a $100 million offer from Texas because their football program is such utter dog shit.

This was funnier before Texas beat Notre Dame :(

they have their offense on top shape. Kizer is a stud. they have to fix their defensive coordinator tho

Kelly is decent.

>Beating perennially over rated Notre Dame
Wow its fucking nothing

>tfw same
>tfw went to your pic related with uga fans

Didn't they win 40-16?

It is for a formerly 5-7 Texas team...and for ffs notre dame is a perenial top 20 team, top 15 even, overrated or not, thats means something, it has to

>Beat up g5 teams

>Have alumni Secretary of State on committee, everyone lets her put ND up high cuz muh Hobbit Rudy.

Na it means nothing for them.

For one, they have the best sophomore QB in the NCAA

Last year's team was loved by the advanced stats people
But it goes to show you how to inflate your shit
Washington won in blowouts and lost close games
Doesn't make them a good football team

Seemed to me like the panhandle area is pretty solidly FSU, middle of the state is strongly UF, and south Florida is whatever team is good at the moment.

>19-16 middle of the fourth
>not struggling
You are literally retarded

It is something. You fuckers are so prejudiced you refuse to believe Texas actually won anything

>Beat no one

>Claim national championship

Lmao... texass

It's been a long time since I've worried about the season as a whole this fucking early. We're gonna lose to Ohio State and have nothing to play for the rest of the season.

The Big 12 is so utterly trash this year that we'll roll it into the dirt and win Bob another door stop and people will call this season """successful"""

And our bowl game will probably be against some team who want to take out their frustration for barely not making it into the playoffs like Michigan or an SEC team.

This is probably going to be the worst season to watch (as far as entertainment) since the 90s.

What's going on in Stillwater isn't even funny anymore either.

This is what happens when you play mid majors at the beginning of the year.

They play their hearts out against you because you're a P5 opponent but they can't keep up that athleticism all season, that's why they're 1-3 star recruits.

19-year-old USC LB Osa Masina (a 5-star recruit out of Salt Lake City) is being charged with multiple charges of forcible sodomy (butt rape) of a passed-out chick on two separate occasions (and he allegedly used his cell phone to film himself having butt sex with the woman and later send the video to the woman's ex-boyfriend through Snapchat, according to an affidavit).


Are you an OU fan? lets the just wait for this weekends 41-24 drubbing before we throw in the towel.

>forcible sodomy
>a passed-out chick
>and later send the video to the woman's ex-boyfriend through Snapchat

The Franchise has me worried. Especially after Autistic Austin opened his fucking mouth.

This is really feeling like Clemson all over again. We can't stop JT Barret with our shit corners.

Fuckin Austin, played one whole game his whole life for OU and now Mayfields gotta pay for it

To be fair the fucking Sooner Network should have handled that. Beat writer for the Rangers was talking about how he would have never let that through if he was employed by the University like the Sooner Network is.

> Hasn't won anything in years

> Needs to rewatch 05 title game to feel good

lol Texas

It probably would have flown if it hadn't gotten semi-national coverage

Semi national? ESPN was opening with it on Sports Center all day.

wow what a fuck up
i didn't know lol

Sam Mayes was going on about all the times he got his ass kicked on the field for teammates saying much less shit.

I wish Stryker was still here to give OU that zealot feel but all our leadership is gone.

Michigan wouldn't give Colorado their depth chart, so CU gave them this
>QB Elmer Fudd
>LT Eric Cartman
>DT James Bond
>FS Bernie Sanders

Harbaugh told a local radio show Thursday he wasn't amused
"In our preparation for Colorado we've had a hard time working humor into the preparations," he said in the radio interview "... I was trying to imagine how many people sat around and how many hours they worked on that."

Houston is trying to do Oklahoma good by scoring 28 points in the 4th.

Thanks I guess

What does Christian "Capt. America" McCaffrey think about being backed up by a band full of edge lords rather than legit nerds that take their job seriously? I bet it pisses him off.

Yes Jim, the coaching staff personally drafted this eschewing any game plans they focused solely on this for days.

He doesn't think about the band lmao

>but his dad (a star WR at Stanford) won 3 Super Bowl rings as a 1st Team All Pro and Pro Bowl WR

I'm the Leaf who originally asked the question; I'm 38 and was a huge Broncos in the 90's so I'm well aware of Ed McCaffrey and his bravery over the middle. I also know Christian is a manlet compared to Ed (which is better for his prospects as an RB, but still)

It's a legit question though, as you are probably well aware, white RBs don't exactly grow on trees.

I'm 39 and was a huge Broncos fan in the 80's

eat shit faggot

You also insist on using a name on an anonymous website

Why would one do this?

If it's anonymous why is there a name field?

It's meant to be used in very specific circumstances and discarded after it's served it's purpose, NOT as a tool to attention-whore

No matter how hard I shitpost nothing can make people as mad as tripfagging.

user's are the problem, not me

are my /G5/ bros rooting for Houston to make the playoff?

I figure all G5 fans should root for them so another G5 can fill the access bowl slot.


So where's Houston on that map?

To weed out the faggots

That's not how it works, bro.
That becomes an at-large spot and the bowl is free to choose to invite whoever they want.

did they do this

when is USC gonna change their McDonald's tier pants

>Utah can't even get the best recruits from their own state

Ah you're right - just double checked the wiki.

It's still smart for G5 supporters to support Houston so they are snapped up by the Big XII so other teams can have a chance :P

2:00pm ET
Pac-12 Network

Idaho at Washington State: the schools, about 8 miles apart on West Pullman Road, will play for the 92nd time. In the heyday of the Battle of the Palouse, the vanquished student body would undertake the Loser's Walk and head to the other campus, where the winners would take them home. It was usually the Vandal fans who walked west. Washington State is ahead 71-17-3, which explains in part why the annual rivalry ended in 1978. The schools signed a 10-year deal from 1998-2007 -- the Cougars won eight times -- and have played only once since.

As two schools are in close proximity, from 1938 to 1968 there was a tradition called The Loser's Walk, where during the week following the game students of the losing school would walk from their own campus to the winners' campus, then receive rides back home from the winning side. This has frequently been misreported as students walking back to their own campus immediately following the game. In 1954 , the walk made national news when about 2,000 students from Washington State made the trek east from Pullman to Moscow after the Cougars lost to Idaho for the first time in 29 years

In Texas, over the Houston area - as one would expect.

why do you ask?

I feel as though that tile belongs to

I've been to Houston. Twice.

Why the fuck was i looking at the UTSA area

Amazing but opponent deflections aren't that rare, but I've NEVER seen one off their helmet. That I can think of anyway.

Someone please post the pizza guy copypasta

when did I claim a national championship?

Actually, I can just rewatch when we beat your ass last year. Makes me rock hard

>harbaugh wont release depth chart
>Colorado releases a depth chart with fake names as a joke
>Harbaugh throws a tantrum
is he autistic or just a man child?


Little bit of gollum a, little bit of gollum b.

[to man in restaurant]
Jake: [fakes accent] How much for the little girl? How much for the women?
Father: What?
Jake: Your women. I want to buy your women. The little girl, your daughters... sell them to me. Sell me your children!

Funniest scene in the movie

The Patriots will draft him and finally have an elite run game.

Stanford need to play a top ten team this season to get a gameday/primetime game

Lol wow wtf? How sad can a girl get?

Kek. Jin is so autistic. This probably took them like 10 minutes to come up with. What a fucking Sperg.

SouthernMissbro here. Now that you're not standing between us a conference championship, I wish you all the best. Don't choke against Bama like you did against us in 2011. And don't forget about us. We loved you Houston-sama. Remember the good times we had in C-USA...

>Get your order right at McDonalds
>Claim national hampionship

lmao...that's how Bama got to "16"

He won't, fret not. This Alabama defense is tailor made to deal with mobile quarter backs.

Which is why Saban said they played shit against WKU? Seems like there's trouble on the coaching staff at Bama.

Saw #HOUvsCIN was trending on twitter, and found this little gem. Thought you guys might enjoy.

Wow, it's fucking nothing.

Nd is the team that basically exists to get unreasonably hyped up, and then beaten by some other team, to justify the other team's strength of schedule.

Except everyone knows this now, so if your argument starts or ends with "well, we beat notre Dame", it's as invalid as if you compared someone to Hitler.

>is he autistic or just a man child?

Posted twice within 25 posts of each other!

Western Kentucky doesn't have a mobile qb though. They just play the air raid

If Alabama were an anime, which would it be?

the most entry-level, Toonami tier anime. the one that even black kids watch. The badnwagon anime.

The most elite, redpilled, and poignant anime, but still accessible to Normies.



One Punch Man is not a blue blood

Noles? Noles.

Black People watch more anime than white people kek


>That's because Houston's résumé is no longer impeccable.
28 unanswered points against a ranked opponent?

>Any other team in the nation would be entitled to a rough game
Or 6. And they'd be praised for having "such a tough schedule."

>But Houston is not a normal team.
But Houston is not a SEC team.

>In the two years of the College Football Playoff, there never has been a non-Power 5 participant.
Yeah that's some real long, monolithic history there, bud.

>Or, to put it more succinctly, even with 13 wins, Houston is going to need an unprecedented bit of chaos to reach the Playoff.
Fuck me. If the CFP is going to be just more of the same elitist bullshit, then let's just go back to the BCS and recover the drama of the big 4 bowls.

I'm not even a Houston fan and this article has me raging.

That pedo state lion molesting the pitt panther. Smfh

Rammer jammer.

Ol pissed won't be missed.

its fox sports senpai, they just make clickbait tier shit, there's no thought put into it

this guys delusional. If OU beats aOSU and both of those teams win their conference championships, then houston is going to have a good chance on that alone. nevermind if there's a 2-loss champ from a p5. obviously they could still get fucked, say if OU gets demolished here and finishes 3rd in the b12 or something.

but there's plenty of scenarios where they get in.

With a win vs. Ole Miss Saturday Nick Saban can tie Bear Bryant with 65 wins vs ranked teams


Fluff articlea like that shouldn't upset you. That's just something he threw together in a half-ass manner to make his deadline. Who cares?

Regarding Houston making the playoffs, thats up to the committee. Nothing matters until later in the season when the committee releases their first poll and we see where they have Houston

as it should be desu, rankings are bullshit now anyway

How does the tie breaker work in the ACC? What if FSU, Clemson and Louisville all go 11-1 with the loss being:
>FSU loses at Louisville tomorrow
>Louisville loses at Clemson in 2 weeks
>Clemson loses at FSU on Oct 29
Who wins the division and goes to the ACC Championship Game?

That was the point.

Scratch that
>The tied team with the highest ranking in the full Bowl Championship Series Standings following the conclusion of regular season games, unless the second of the tied teams is ranked within five-or-fewer places of the highest ranked tied team. In this case, the two-team tiebreaking procedure shall be applied between the top two ranked tied teams. If all tied teams are not ranked in the full Bowl Championship Series Standings, the computer ranking portion of the Standings will be used, eliminating the high and the low computer ranking, and averaging the remaining rankings.

No he won't. He's played like garbage so far, which is a continuation of all last season except against Michigan.

>that feel when Cinci gets blown the fuck open

Just let it happen, cfb

Friendly reminder that Bear Bryant lost his last home game in Tuscaloosa to Southern Miss. He died of a broken heart two months later.

Ole Miss offensive coordinator Dan Werner on how to beat Bama:

Werner said that dinking and dunking the ball against Alabama is playing right into their hands. Taking shots downfield is a must. If there's a receiver in single coverage deep, Werner said, "Throw it."

Since 2014, Ole Miss ranks seventh among Power 5 schools in completions of 20 or more yards.

Ole Miss QB Chad Kelly:
"They play a lot of man coverage and I feel confident in our wide receivers that they can beat man coverage," he said. "That's why they're here. That's their job."

Bama has been able to get to the QB with 2 high safeties so far this season which will make it harder to get the ball down field. If they have trouble getting pressure then they will throw a safety in the box and that's when Ole Piss will take the long shots.

>Since 2014, Ole Miss ranks seventh among Power 5 schools in completions of 20 or more yards.

Jesus Christ. There's no way that's accurate. Is the SEC evolving? Are the days of Big 12 quarterbacks numbered?

>hurr durr are the days of the SEC defense numbered

Big 12 Quarterbacks are overrated anyway, seeing as half of them run some variant/Offshoot of the Air Raid and go bust in the NFL and the other half still go bust.

Let's hope Saban and the other faggot HC's don't try to hamper the league any further like they did with that anti-hurry up-no huddle rule proposal.

Saban on preparing his secondary for Ole Miss as opposed to Southern Cal or Western Kentucky:
"In these first games, I don’t think we’ve been challenged like we'll be challenged this particular week" he said.
"I think we’ve done a pretty good job on the back end. We did give up a couple of explosive plays. ... [but] this will be the greatest challenge that we’ve had."

I am

Why don't you like defenses user? Are you a millennial?

this is funny. last year this moron tweeted:

Greg D Musgrove @ bamaatlanta
16 Sep 2015
I think the key to Alabama on Saturday, will be how much pressure can the D-Line put on QB Kelly . If he's running out of the pocket, we win!

he had it all backwards:

On passes outside the painted numbers on the field, Kelly led Power 5 quarterbacks last season in completion rate (64.9 percent), passing touchdowns (18) and 20-yard completions (35). The Tide allowed Kelly to go 10-for-17 outside the numbers with two touchdowns and zero interceptions, with 204 of his 341 yards in the game on such passes.

Why don't you like uptempo offenses user? Are you a baby boomer?

He says that same exact shit every single game. USC has comparable receivers to Ole Piss.

I don't mind them. But I like good defenses too.

>SEC defenses

Yeah every conference could have the same caliber "defense" the SEC does if they deliberately held back the speed and reach of their offenses. Football would become as boring as baseball.

So you're saying Alabama doesn't have a good defense? Who has a good defense? What makes a good defense?


Note Freeze is on of the two SEC West coaches straight from the Arkansas State Red Wolves (Sun Belt)
>2010 Offensive Coordinator - Hugh Freeze
>2011 Head Coach - Hugh Freeze (hired by Ole Miss in 2012)
>2012 Head Coach - Gus Malzahn (hired by Auburn in 2013)

Freeze took a team that was 95th in total offense and 90th in scoring offense and during his first year as OC, his offense broke nine school records including total plays (856), first downs (262), pass attempts (438), pass completions (266), completion percentage (.607), passing yards (3,057), passing yards per game (254.8) and passing touchdowns (23).

In 2011, his only season as head coach at Arkansas State, he led the Red Wolves to a 10–2 record and their first Sun Belt Conference title since 2005. The Red Wolves' offense averaged 447.8 ypg (28th nationally, 1st in Sun Belt Conference) including 293.6 ypg passing and 154.2 ypg rushing

He won his last game though.

Nearly 50 years ago, No. 1 Notre Dame played No. 2 Michigan State at Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, Michigan, in what was being called -- yes, even back then -- the "Game of the Century." It was the first time in the 30-year history of the AP poll that the No. 1 team played the No. 2 team. Their collective rosters included 25 All-Americans, 10 NFL first-round draft picks and 31 future pros.

"If you look at the talent on those two rosters, I don't know that it will be ever be duplicated," Notre Dame quarterback Terry Hanratty said. "It was amazing. In that era, those were the two greatest teams to play each other."

The game ended in a 10-10 tie and both teams won the rest of their remaining games. Both teams were crowned national champions by various organizations after the regular season concluded.
Thus, the 1966 University Division football season went down in history as the year of "The Tie."

racial fun fact about that legendary game:

It was basically the blacks vs the whites

The Fighting Irish were almost lily-white; Page was the only African-American player on the team.

But Michigan State head coach Duffy Daugherty was among the first Big Ten coaches to integrate his football team. The 1966 Spartans had eight black players starting on defense, a black starting quarterback and two black team captains. In all, their roster included 17 African-American players, including 10 from the South, where colleges still didn't accept them.
"All the Southern players, we were outcasts from our own states," former Michigan State wide receiver Gene Washington, a native of La Porte, Texas, told ESPN in 2015. "All of the states where we were from, they would not take black athletes. We bonded at Michigan State because we all had similar stories. We could make a contribution. That was very important to us. We didn't talk about that all the time, but we knew we had something to prove, and this is our opportunity. We wanted to be the best in the country."

Oklahoma unlikely to beat JT Barrett

"Barrett eats the blitz alive. According to research by ESPN Stats & Information, Barrett has completed 67.2 percent of his passes over the past two seasons against five or more rushers, throwing touchdowns and one interception -- better in all areas than his production against a standard rush.

He also throws the deep ball better than ever this year. Four of his six touchdowns have covered more than 15 yards, and his completion percentage is up 8.5 points to 50 on throws of 15 yards or more.

In two of Oklahoma's past three games, it has faced elite mobile quarterbacks -- and lost. Barrett can make it three of four on Saturday, extending a recent troubling trend for the Sooners.

Clemson outscored OU 21-0 in the second half last year in the CFP semifinal at the Orange Bowl en route to a 37-17 win. Clemson QB Watson gouged Oklahoma for 145 rushing yards. To open this season, Houston QB Ward was equally effective, throwing for 321 yards as Houston scored 20 of the final 26 points to win 33-23.

Even before Oklahoma's notable recent woes against Watson and Ward, it showed a tendency to struggle more against mobile quarterbacks than pocket passers.

In its 10 losses prior to last New Year's Eve, four came against quarterbacks who rushed for more than 475 yards in the seasons they beat Oklahoma -- Jerrod Heard of Texas in 2015, Jake Waters of Kansas State and TCU's Trevone Boykin in 2014 and Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M in 2012.
Notre Dame's Everett Golson in 2012, another threat to escape the pocket, also beat Oklahoma.

As for Barrett, he rushed for 938 yards and 11 touchdowns as a freshman. He rushed for 682 yards in 2015 and has gained 85 on the ground this year"

Is penn state the most delusional fan base? I mean we say it all the time on here but its over meaningless games on the field.

But they actively think is ok to honor a coach who harbored a child rapist because he wanted to think about football. Is "happy valley" like a huge cult?

Prepping for Oklahoma, Tom Herman was on speed dial for Ohio State
>Houston coach Herman was the OC at Ohio State

JT Barrett always makes time on Monday nights to check in with his old position coach. “Me and coach Herman, we talk on Monday nights."

thanks to the continued close relationships among the coaches and his former players, Herman's phone has blown up with calls from the “614” area code in Columbus as No. 3 Ohio State looked for some extra input heading into the showdown with the No. 14 Sooners.

Given the similarities between the playbooks at Ohio State and Houston, there was already going to be plenty of information available to Barrett and coach Urban Meyer simply by watching the film.

“It's very useful,” Meyer said. “Very similar offenses."
“We did talk to Tom. Just got their thoughts on personnel, because you see what you see on videotape. It was more about personnel because [the Sooners] have a couple of new players as well in the backend of their defense, and what were their thoughts on the defensive line. Schematically, not as much because we get the same videotape that they have. It was more about their personnel.”

They *did* remove the Joe Paterno they had on the side of their stadium

Just trying to normalize it so they can hire Briles.

SDSU here, rooting for Houston all the way

if you notice these stickers on the Louisville helmet tomorrow, that's because they are honoring Louisville's favorite son, Muhammad Ali, who died in June (January 17, 1942 – June 3, 2016). He was born and buried in Louisville

Video tributes of Ali will be played in the stadium throughout the game. More than 3,000 T-shirts honoring Ali will be distributed to the student section. Etc

>honoring a racist traitor

Oklahoma is going to stripe the stadium for their primetime game vs Ohio State tomorrow night

this is how it looked when they did it in 2012 for the Notre Dame game that Oklahoma lost 30-13

>all that effort to get your ass whupped

So does Okie State

That layout makes it look like they ran out of money half way thru building the stadium

Oklahoma is going to win bruh

PFF points out that this game will feature two of the best QBs in the country

"Matt Linehan and Luke Falk are typically not named when listing the nation’s top QBs, but both players deserve to be in the discussion and will have a chance to square off this weekend when Idaho goes on the road to play Washington State.

Linehan entered this season with the sixth-best grade among returning QBs and was especially effective when throwing the ball deep, posting a 49.2 percent accuracy rating on throws 20+yards downfield. Linehan has gotten off to a slower start this year, but has still shown the same kind of accuracy that made him so successful in 2015.

For Washington State, Falk has picked up right where le left off last season, currently ranking near the top of the nation in overall grade, completion percentage (78.0 percent) and accuracy under pressure (72.7 percent), all areas he excelled in last season.

Idaho vs. Washington State may not be one of the marquee matchups this weekend, but it will feature two of the best under-the-radar quarterback prospects in the country."

For those who like biggest-games-of-the-season type games, Liverpool at Chelsea is about to start on NBCSN

>Caring about Divegrass

>Foreign divegrass

We tried a purple out once
Didn't really work

Fuck off spic

Game #8
I have a sneaky feeling Oklahoma steals it

I only watch the spurs

and by watch I mean I say i like them and never watch


>19 posts early

so who won your UH - CIN sim last night?

I'm actually watching this now, thanks user. What makes this the GOTY though?

Cavani just scored an hat trick. Fuck the PL seriously.

I hope you get conscripted into a platoon of racially similar draftees who get shit assignments because of your racial traits.

Shit like this make cfb great. fuckin realignment


He's definitely an autist. That's not exactly a negative in college football though.

>mfw Brady and McCaffrey go 19-0

I disagree with you and think you're right at the same time. They play Stanford, USC, Michigan State, Texas, and half the ACC. They literally give a bump to every conference that doesn't have Alabama.

They've never truly "controlled their destiny." If aOSU, Stanford, FSU, and Alabama go 13-0, nothing is getting Houston in. So all that happened was their shot got slightly less likely. But one game out of 13 is just that. It only matters if performances like that become a pattern.

The AP ranked only 10 teams for a good bit of the 60s and never ranked more than 20 til the late 80s.

Saban is better though.

you know that rule didn't pass, right

>three head coaches in a row that stayed for one year
>first leaves beats Alabama twice in a row
>next leaves and goes to the natty his first year with his new team
>next leaves wins the Fiestab Owl his first year with his new team

>1966 Michigan State football team
>half their roster is from Texas

Every time. Longhorns should be given the honorary natty every year.

Even I have a hard time given how fucking legendary Paterno was.
This could almost be a reaction image.

If this is LSU y'all's colors are second to Wyoming's for worst



It seems like there's several ECU fans in here.

I have faith that coach Mo is going to turn the program into something special this year, or at least equal the Carden/Hardy years.

Some polls already have ECU leading USC by 3 points tonight.