Post dominant alpha male athletes

Post dominant alpha male athletes.

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>blocking someone when the game is stopped






> underperformed 2 Finals in the row
> bailed out by Iggy in 2015
> took a massive dump on Dray's legendary Game 7 effort
> missed open 3s in clutch time
> cringeworthy turnovers in clutch time
> cucked by LeBum in Games 3, 5, 6 and 7
> LeBum solidified his legacy on him
> leader of the first team ever who lost 3-1 in the Finals
> not a very good defender
> cucked and RAPED by Kyrie

This kills the Darvish

He was injured.

>Wife whined about league being fixed the minute they faced the slightest bit of diversity

The Curry meltdown was fantastic to watch

>He was injured.

Everyone was injured, it was the season-finish, no one was 100% in any Finals ever.

Ya you're right but Curry was hurt more than the others. Kinda obvious.

I guess you fags miss the part when he said it wasn't an issue?

Not an excuse. He did have some elbow issues, but he himself was repeatedly saying he was okay. Notice how he didn't go to surgery after the season ended.

Really? His pussy was hurting?

The MVP ofcourse.



That flag and you still get the wrong MVP


Im a warrior fan but that shit was just sad and cringey

Really love how Lebron just points at him. Snitch ass nigga

I guess you miss the part where both him and Steve Kerr said he was injured and affected the type of plays they could run?

>dominant alpha male athletes
Maybe for people who've never wartched a match and like cock
Curry gets cucked as soon as his support actually have to play another team

>Post dominant alpha male athletes.
>Post a cuckold Hillary supporter who chokes in big games

What did he mean by this?


>2 v 1

Nigga would be been suplexed with a snapped neck if the bitch catcher didn't jump him

it wasn't 2 v 1
pudge was trying to pull him away because he was getting his shit fucked up

This. Curry proved that he was a bitch ass beta bum cuckold who likes to lick Lebron's micropenis. The Warriors have no chance to win the title ever again even with Durant. They should have lost the year before last as well but they got bailed out by an easy playoff schedule due to injuries.

bump for friendly reminding

You start

Never knew that MCL injuries could lead to reach in fouls and suddenly stupid behind the back passes.

Haha, you seem to have made a slight mistake in your post OP. You started a thread about dominant alpha male athletes, but you posted Stephen Curry. Don't worry I know you meant to post this picture instead, I'll fix that mistake for you up right quick.


this fucker is the only Warrior who showed up in Game 7

The alpha lord of the dick punch

Based big dick dray

After being utter trash for the games leading up to it

People overlook the fact that Draymond was more to blame for the finals loss than even Steph. If he'd been even slightly on form, the Cavs would have had no confidence. Watching him play like hot garbage was the only thing that made me think Cleveland had a shot, considering the Warriors have won repeatedly when Steph chokes. Dray's G3, G4, G6 and G5 suspension were so detrimental to the dubs

is this supposed to make LeGod not seem like a badass? she calls him a bitch, he stares her down, and she literally says "sorry". this is just further testament to his alpha nature. he literally just looks at people and they shut up and apologize


>utter trash

This is what happens when you watch Ximo's YT highlights instead of, you know, actual fucking games. What a piece of shit opinion.


Gayest thread I've seen in a while


nice tattoo

>steph "bitch ass meme nigga" curry

pick 1

>feeling the need to score when the game is stopped.


Does it make you haply knowing your pussy is really similar in size to Steve Kerr's and Stephen Curry's?

Dude would have 10 rings if you replaced all of Bradys seasons with him. Dudes an animal

I watched every fucking minute of the finals. I regret it, because it too was utter trash all the way up until Game 7 and maybe Game 6, but I still sat through it. And I watched Draymond fumble the ball, miss open shots, be out of position on offense AND defense and to top it all off get himself suspended like a fucking retard despite the league giving him a lucky break in the prior series and saving his team from a WCF loss by not suspending him earlier.

Draymond had an embarrassing finals performance. As did Klay, and as did Curry. Both Klay and Dray had 2 good games where they played up to expectations, and for the rest of the series they sucked as hard as Steph did. The blame for the finals loss lies on all three of them. I'm not sure how you could have watched the games and have a strongly differing opinion to mine, unless you're a Golden State fan or a fan of Draymond

Dominant players don't choke

Most players choke. Granted, he did it on a grand stage and has done it twice on that stage, but it's not an accurate statement to say that dominant players don't choke

>taking practice shots is sad


it was a penis kick you bandwagon

lebrons not dominant then

>LeBum solidified his legacy on him
nope lebron solidified his legacy in miami

>Lebron's micropenis
>Warriors have no chance to win the title with 3 top 10 players and two of the best 3 point shooters even though they barely lost last year

oh ok.....