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cant wait to see Rossy on the WSOP final table desu

>this Hillary drift

book going to look so SO green


>she is an internet girlfriend, who barely speaks English, who doesn't live in Australia, and whom I have never met

>Internet girlfriend

your first winnings should have been invested in an exit bag set

How many bets does everyone place a day?

Stop being a fucking little bitch.

I bet on around 1-3 games per day.

better question would be on how many different games do you bet

How do I stop betting on everything when I'm bored?

Have sex

>Shaktar score
>Schalke score

Some days there is loads of great stuff to bet on.
Other days there is nothing worth betting on.
It really is worthless to suggest there is an amount you should or should not be betting per day but if you want to average it out I'd say 2 or 3 events per day.

Haven't got any social skills to attract let alone talk to any QT 3.14 grils

Social skills are ridiculously overrated. Either you are attractive, or you are not. It's pretty simple. The idea that you can practice attracting a girl is autistic as fuck

i probably average less than 2-3 this month, but much more in the last two months. not counting like 1/10s though

Then practice. More often than not its confidence you lack rather than social skills. Join a club or start some hobby where you will be around people and meet new people.

Fuck off retard.

Ty sensei

for me often girls see me as 'innocent' most likely because of how i look.

so its easy to become friends with girls but harder to go to 2nd base.

might get a scar one me forehead

>might get a scar one me forehead
can help with that mate


>The idea that you can practice attracting a girl is autistic as fuck

Spoken like a true autist.

How exactly does one practice being attractive?

a bit gay m8

Where have all the /bet/ personalities gone?

Moved to /biz/


i think they got banned or just fucked off.

a real pity.

hate the brit anons that are so angry that their bets loose when ultimately its your own responsibility to win bets.

you can get angry when they promise its a 'all in' or '100%' though.

also, it highlights that the mods and janis just aren't doing us any favours. banning good lads because of tinder posting is absurd.

hope that new japanese owner can make some change.


>people getting banned for off-topic posting is absurd

its called board culture, like half time slags.

why are you even here?

>like half time slags

These have been getting deleted for over 2 years now.

why are you here?

because /bet/ are my friends

Oh Juve is magic
He wears a magic hat
He could have signed for /biz/ but he said no fuck that
He tips with his trip, he tips with no name
And when his bets win, we’ll sing his song all night

Get real life friends

oi fuck off m8

RomanSergio PLEASE GO. There are NO angry Brit anons, you strange peculiar man

the facebook page

THIS PSEUDO SON OF A BITCH is winning soccerway bets
And basically, you are fucking stupid.

second verse:


PGA rap > any other /bet/ song

Dread to think how you pronounce 'profit' with that rhyme scheme

Will the Bills pay my bills tonight?

How much is everyone down today?

-20euros here :\

only real bet i had was a push. up some greasy fivers from mainstream bets

up tiny

Up 9 units

He doesn't see your post

Has he actually filtered units?



>Implying he doesn't read every post to see if someone's mentioned him

This is correct.

they will take a nice buffalo shit on your roll m8

But I've done research

very very dodgy habitat

so many questions about this post

Thoughts on Euan



Concerned by this



Is UACTipping a fraud btw?

me gusta??


what do you think?

>there are people using proxies pretending to be Brits

very very scary

Like what?

Think you misread the question, fucking faggots

>Feminists believe this is ok

Shaking at this breakthrough I have just made. Wow.

Please share.

Fuck odd and post then you cunt. Been doing this for days now.

so many seething heathens on here. I wonder why they won't have sex? the frustration is clearly building up

Soon. /bet/ will never be the same once I finalise my work.

Someone shop Nicks face on

ok Jimmy Mcnulty

Your post the other day was utter shite pal.

>Hass = Mark

literally the dumbest thing I have ever heard

What time is the best to go paid on TT

after 10 bets when your ROI is over 50%


50 tips and your yield is over 30 percent.

back of 5

odd post this

Wish you guys would use betting slips as the thread pics, i always have such a hard time finding the threads.

Does anyone know if b365 lets you bet on alternate spreads in-play??

Should I go paid?

> what is ctrl+f "bet"

>Stealing my tennis gimmick

Please stop

Wasn't me pal.


That isn't cream is it :/

what? is that you?


Did you post the wrong pic lad?

Strange man. Please stop posting.

Life saver.

If you can bet alternate spreads, i'm guessing everyone knows how to make guaranteed 20 or 35 $$$ on the free inplay bets?

PLEASE have sex.

No. Friend sent it to me, but hopefully the guy knows he's gonna be cucked in the not so distant future
Gives hope to the rest of us tbf. If he can do that well, imagine how well even average guys could do.

Strange post this

The consequences will not be worth it, stop what you are doing immediately.
I won't ask again.

Why is he gonna be cucked? Am I supposed to know who the woman is?

>tfw uglier than that guy

Just thought of a good new meme lads. I have attacked it to this post. Please feel free to use it in the future but credit me, the creator. Thank you.

/bet/ poker fucking WHEN

saving this

She's way out of his league. No way that guy is higher than a 3 or 4
How? Give physical description of yourself

The fact that you spent hours on this and probably think its much funnier than it actually is makes me feel bad for you.

PLEASE post your head

Requesting that you delete this. Won't ask again

Tthanks for the (you)s! They're so difficult to get when I'm not on my UK vpn

For Euan


Maybe he's got good chat and charisma

bit of banter about him xD

Wonder who's behind this post...
But come on now. I guess they live in the middle of nowhere so she doesn't know better

Explains why he joined Arsenal

>not just reposting it

why did you guys stop posting PGA tips or has your memberships expired?

I am smarter and wiser than most people think . . .

I am shrewder and more profitable than most people think . . .

Still can't crack betting. pmsl

I am stronger and bigger than most people think

I am older and dumber than most people think

I am quicker and more agile than most people think

Screencapped and saved to repost for future /bet/ generations xD
Who boasting in epic bread here? XD

I am cooler and more charismatic than most people think

Does Euan's hiatus involve him not tipping here aswell?

You are more dangerous and radicalized than most people think.

>post v v (you) baiting comment
>only one (you)

he tips via email now pal

youll be glad you werent on todays though pmsl

>tfw its one of those 'realise /bet/ are your only friends' moments




We love you pal

Thoughts on a inter-general alliance with /cric/? They just crushed /bundes/, /rug/ and /hoc/. Would be a v v powerful alliance, I could lead the talks.

I think you should go there and stay there.

I imagine /cric/ is full of some absolute dangers.

Lads over there seem dece. Need more people here. Make a poll.

/cric/ is full of absolute autists and shitposters, they already ruined rug with their shitposting

cricket is great to bet on too as it goes on for days so you don't get sucked into chasing losses and making addict bets

I love you too. It's just very difficult sometimes when you look up and realise you are in an empty room.

As long as everyone professes their hatred towards T20 cricket the union is good to go.

I remember when those dangers came over to tennis threads. Very strange Aussie men.

We dont want a union, will you fuck off mate.

But T20 is the best form of cricket

What is the shrewd & patrician NFL bet?


Fuck off


Jets and the under is what i got.

unders is the bet

Hello c:

How is she so perfect lads?

get out

That picture really makes me want an omelette and dry old pussy

Smashing Thailand slags +7.5 like a spastic.

> old
shes 19 lad

Not true

No way. Who is she?

The greatest female Olympian in history

Sure, and Lukaku is 23. Has she ever had black pudding in that omelette?

what is THE night /bet/?

Posted it here lid

What's everybody listening to tonight? Highly recommend this album tbqh youtu.be/MElfYleGIVU


What do you mean by this ?

I had to pass there earlier to check on someone, it didn't seem... closed ?

who /upsearchingvalue/ here?

it's been closed for years. there will never be rum as goat as caroni ever again.

Greetings, /bet/. Statsgod here.

As the leader and appointed official spokesperson of /cric/, I accept your offer on the behalf of /cric/, on the caveat that you must reply to all New Zealand /cric/ posts in future raids with the phrase "based statsbro" or any other similarly positive derivatives. In return, we will exchange the services of our elite, muscular and handsome cricketing minds to assist you in any cricket-based gambling ventures.

I look forward to our future endeavours in this Anschluss.


reddit discord for the buffalo bill game

have fun lads

Oh, you mean the sugar factory. Wow m8, bringing up some old memories. My uncle used to be in charge of it. I was a babby when that happened, I've never had Caroni rum before.

I came here for this

/cric/ welcomes you /bet/

>on the behalf

Have sex pal.

s-sorry - i meant the distillery.

>all of those people at the distillery and plantation out of work


if you can find it, buy a bottle. the 12 is really good. pisses all over anything angostura produce.

Friendl reminder that cricket is for massive dangers and Goffy's wife

what's she look like?

Ok statsgo, dindigul or tuti tomorrow?

I'm in. Told them to have sex. Some guy said good point. Scared.


Reddit chat so funny.

SHIT one of them know its a Cred Forums meme

do one of those cat abuse posts

@Zakaiona so dangerous


evaluate the following:



take a shower, hit the gym, get a clue and PLEASE clean your finger nails, you portly little """"man""""

Large on Slovenia handicap

TEARS if you aren't in the reddit discord listening this shit.

It's 2am, and have a look at what you're posting. Is it any more obvious that you need to have sex? For now I suggest you drink a glass of warm milk and call it a night

slovenia is 34 to 1? lol

Is warm milk helpful with sleep?

very very ev+

what did i tell you about the JETS. GOML BITCHESSSSSSSSSSSSS

Sorry lad. Was a bit bored. Slag stood me up today.

they are turning on you TT

What's your user?


Trump life such a sad man.

TT so exposed

Seething desu

Think I've been kicked lids

Same lad. If you are Trump life would love to test your chin.

I'm just trying to get @s m8

Anyone have a 10bet account? How's the withdrawal process?

we NEED a discorse chat

We have one you idiot

invite pls ;_;

no australians allowed

very very odd how Bet365 didn't give us an in-play offer for the United derby, midweek Champions League and now the Liverpool - Chelsea match

LOL dont be so mad brit bro. It's ok to be bad, please don't get mad.


mah nigga

goml = get on my level?

ive been absolutely dicked over in the 9th innning multiple times this week. feel like pure shit desu


Official thread song:

Yankees fuck you too?

/bet/ances eat shit and die


post yfw your free $50 in play bet comes through.

sorry wrong pic lads, didn't mean to trigger you.

>tfw ip banned rom sportsbook discrd

need genuine advice like AIR

cash out or keep this bet?

Saints probably wont beat the giants on the road.

are you the same user who said the bills would win?

why put a 50 on a parley that wont win?

put that money to better use.

Also, is anyone going ALL IN on the cowboys on NRL finals?

putting my entire bank roll of 30 on them.

don't want to touch my savings so the 30 has to do

>cashing out an acca after 1 (one) bet

What the actual fuck is the point in that pmsl. Reminder accas on the most correctly priced sport in the world is v v -ev

an acca that is < 0.5% of my bankroll? It's just for fun and it prevents me from betting on individual nfl games. I hit a couple last year and i'll hit a few more this year.

Cowboys/Panthers are my picks

Any of you gentlelads could comment on this long acca?

Returns on that? Can see one or two letting you down

$10 returns $353 and there is one more leg that isn't shown which is Hull - Arsenal Over 1.5

Melbourne bros? Looking for a place to stay for a few days. I'm chill as fuck

where abouts? I'm at hawthorne

I have no idea, we're at a hostel close to queen Victoria market right now. Where to meet?

>getting raped/murdered by lebigblackswede

200 dollarydoos on the cowboys
will be the first game of rugby I watch live as an ameripoor

Forgot trip aswell

Reminder that the Raiders have peaked

Stay away from Doncaster. I might have to send the timid Asians around here to fend you off. Don't even think about moving to that new building of apartments near Westfield either.

Also Ladbrokes Australia is offering Hawks to win @2 instead of 1.5.

50 limit?

cba with that

Gmorning clueless ignoramuses

40 on Cowboys, 40 on Hawthorn. They better win.

alright lads

who's ready to win some money

[email protected]
Cilic Pooee [email protected]

and maybe a cheeky fiver on Del Potro Ebam falklands inspired [email protected]

lads...you are not betting because of me right?

Prodota -1.5 @2.2 medium 365


the o.o.o.dds are shifting m8

V V worried

also, went to repco to buy some engine oil and in this trip a ford falcon wagon was trailing me the whole time, with the driver making eye contact.

tad worried but at the repco he said he wants to buy my car model and wants to know more about it.

had a good chat but it was quite unusual

ASIS is on to you.

of course the odds will shift
Gasquet is old, has a bad back and lacks match fitness but hey, he's the higher ranked player and that where the money usually goes

now the question you have to ask yourself is do you like a punt or not though?

nice blogpost cunt
what type of shitbox are your driving?

ford mondeo m8

dont like gasquets, he was the last man on the 10 acca

laying him sounds very +ve

This, plus Coric beat Kyrgios before the US Open.

new or old?
I'm shopping around for a new car now but literally every dealership i've been to has pissed me off
be very careful m8



what size car are you looking at?

can help you out

is coric too risky


V worried about our north korean friend


been looking at 86's so i can boy racer it up
might stretch to an SS if the toyota dealerships continue to be fuckwits

define too risky
has the line got you spooked mate

just want it to win m8

cant afford a loss with a 30 dollar bank roll

come on m8

a FUCKING 86? Your paying a lot of bigboi tax on that car.

do you like anime a lot mate

ah sorry thought it was something else

have you test driven it?

one of new one's m8, if i wanted an old shitbox I'd just start fixing up my current car (which is still an option btw)
I'll hopefully be avoiding some of that tax through a novated lease if everything goes right.
I fuckin love chink cartoons, only the old ones though.

dont worry i thought you were talking about that old shit box.

the new ones a good car but test drive it and see if you like the amount of power it gives.

some other competitors are: hyundai velositor turbo, kia proceed gt, ford fiesta st, ford ford focus st, abarth ect

give the fiesta st a test as well, if not all of the cars that i mentioned.

also i hate that new design the pre 2016 is much better


this is a strange man but i feel like it covers what this car is well

Just went over the details with based statsGOD. Just need a couple of witnesses for when I sign the merger with /cric/. Stay shrewd.

Just got confirmation that my grandma's cat died after missing for 3 weeks and finally found hidden in her garage.

R.I.P Lily...


at least it wasn't a dog that died

had crazy cravings for a cigarette this morning, still going strong though.



yeah nah m8, i just want to light up some rear wheels every once in a while

I've driven one, power isn't an issue atm and a turbo conversion won't be too much of a hassle if I decide to go down that path after it's paid off/ out of warranty. What I've noticed and liked is: the clutch feels nice with very little travel and the h gate on the gearbox is incredibly small aswell, Tt literally feels like a toy.
Gearing itself is very short and sitting at 110km/h in 6th will wear me out on long trips though,
Wanting a grand tourer feel might be to much to ask for a 30k car of this sort.

I got money in skrill. Its flagged for non-gambling use only because it came from a US merchant. How the fuck do fucking fix this?

on kitchee dnb

regret everything

>Not on the Hawthorn fix

buy it

on a side note, might get a 2008~ v8 commodore.

IRS, RWD, an LS V8

it might become a classic, even if it doesn't i feel like its a car people in other countries would die for,

was this b4 the goal?

worth a large?

I guess, Hawk umpball is real

It's from 1-0. Kitchee aren't looking as good as I expected

Is a Kitchee win fixed? The odds for -0.5 haven't changed at all and have even shortened

Not sure what's going on. Around the time of my posts I was thinking the rball wasn't all that accurate, but I haven't looked into it. I expect a better second half, but maybe I'm just screwed.

>Not on the 1/2 fix

>Hawks win
>Cowboys lose
>Put an equal amount on both at same odds

zzzz at least hedged

>Sign up to MKTM
>first tip is a 7/10
>loses by 2 goals
I mean I was only on small since the reasoning was just previous head 2 heads but it's still annoying. Can't even win a bet when I follow other people's tips

>paying for losing tips

what a concept

Please start a tipstertube account so I can follow your 100% winrate

I guarantee that you have a 3 digit roll and a 2 digit IQ

hello psycho brit

Strange post this.
If you don't want dumb posts to be called out for being dumb go back to the discord group.

you're an idiot

AusWORMS pls leave

its not that. its that you're a psycho brit and even if you are right, no one wants to deal with you.

joe and the boys are all scared of you.


wew at least breaking even. was worried about a draw



>linking a 50 minute video
Don't have time to watch that friend, too busy scoping out value, although I could take the rest of the day off considering how much I made from the Israeli Cup. Actually feels sick to be up this much

what you been on mate ?

you can just listen to it in the background

Ironi Or Yehuda +2.5. Someone tipped Hashikima and the line went too far. Hashikima didn't even clear the original handicap despite being awarded a pen after going 1-0 up

cheers for the tip ! aftertiming cunt !

Dedi SUCH a fraud

>Cowboys tied
W-What happens to my money?

Not sure if it works the same for finals, but during the season, SW bets would include golden point period. But for this game, they're playing 5 minutes each way. If it's still tied, they'll have another period for golden point.


Alright, can't stand the wait. Going to take a long piss to let Cowboys win when I come back.

v v strange character

v disturbing post

v v v dangerous character

any armenia bets today ? or other tips 4 the weekend haha ?


Strange little man.

nice boxers comrade.

enjoy some free baseBore money

give me my (you)'s ASS WHOLES

v v important


Would be the best paid group if it happened

Taking a piss has yielded 100% success in bets despite having done this 4 times only, should piss more often.

Anyway, is Serb Slag overs a bet?

Depends on how much the membership would cost. I pay Hass alone £40 a month and there's no way id pay double

Hang on, I pay 45 a month. 5 pound got special tips to my email.

any cs:go shrewdies on here got an opinion on virtus pro vs gambit? any value on the dog?


Either you're a manlet or your door is really tall.

im 6'1, my ceilings are 9 feet.
>living dat luxury life

what about arp ?

>Australia u16s losing to Kyrgyzstan

Please put your trip back on.

When Euan has a mental breakdown within 2-3 weeks of it opening it would just be Hass and we already get his tips so no.

Would love to test your chin.



Good luck with that pal.

Pic related, its me.

boyos i got my dick sucked for 10 seconds and she said she'll fuck me later fuck this shit

chargers spread looks good


pmsl what a legend

Strange post, this

doesn't this disease kill the victims before adulthood?



glad i got on the bulldogs bet

early days m8

I think Delpo's looking safer. Not sure if Gasquet recovered from whatever injury he had at the open but Coric shouldn't be playing like this.

>The Gateshead pensioner suggested a fundraiser can be launched for her

KEK, that cheeky cunt.

Yeah, kids with progeria rarely survive their teens. He might just be an ugly cunt, I dunno.

What a cunt, so many disabled people are dickheads

Why is everyone on Coric?

all this year:
>beat Paire
>beat Kyrgios
>beat Tomic
>beat Nadal
>beat Sock
>beat Pouille
>losing to Gasquet

because of this fuckwit

A disability makes your life miserable and without amazing support from family and friends, reassuring you are loved, most people would fall into depression.

why wouldn't they? Life isn't exactly full of joy for anyone and no one deserves a disability that locks you down into a wheel chair or makes you look like a skinless sand mole.

People treat disabled people like trash and in everyday life, no doubt disabled people experience subtle discrimination.

For this poor fella, there's no shagging or going to the gym. He can't go for a jog or be able to knock out a cat when a bet doesn't come though.

This bloke is a cunt but i dont blame him.



>loosing to a crippled frenchman when you are at your physical peak.

Never said I blamed him, if I was like him I'd be a horrid bastard.

strange thread, this

This won't make me popular ... But why should he be expected to pay the bill for PR he didn't commission? This was an innocent man, a victim of a crime who, without asking to be, was made an Internet sensation. The money was willingly donated to HIM and is for his future care and security. Would everyone have given as willingly if they knew part of it was going to pay for a PR bill? ... Would they have heck! The comments so far on this report are nothing but mean, vindictive bullying by people I suspect are just jealous .., if they feel so strongly why don't they pay the bill?

Oh grow up you big baby


its easy to heckle and point fingers but when its time for you to reach into your pocket, the excuses add up.

a man needs to experience as much as possible. meet different people, read books, ect.

our world is divided by our own subjective realities but you can't expect people to understand you if you aren't willing to do the same

>this coming from a socialist

surely ironic

great post

>tfw not spoken to anyone in 3 (THREE) days

throat so croaky

why is the janitor allowing these posts to remain undeleted. has nothing to do with betting or being a professional gambler.


anyone out tonight?

>not signing to yourself

>he doesn't talk to himself

Also wondering if you guys have found the V A L U E in the Veikkausliiga


this bloke seems to know what he is doing

sorry m8 i want /bet/ to be great again as well

just a bit bored

calm down dickhead
moneyline on patriots



patriots @ 1.33 is the biggest trap i've ever seen. Not touching that game.

Hope you've all entered your picks for the hotshot jackpot.


begging to win a bet

should we just cash out on del pot?

then hammer the spread on the other side for the value you pussy

Chatting with girls on tinder v v hard. My hi is getting ignored

why so salty m8? There's no need to be upset.


Cloud9 or Flipside Tactics?

say 'Ti si 9/10 , a ja sam na 1 što je potrebno'

Can't wait to put my whole student allowance on Kapfenberg tonight

+6.5 spread for a massive underdog? How new are you?

Can someone who is not retarded please post a tip.

me gusta\?

Friday is the lords day, we shouldnt be betting my friends.

easiest $100 of your life desu

Wish you could range ban Canadians from /bet/

i wish you could make a post that was not utter shit. I guess our wishes won't come true :(

State of Canadians. Horrific men.

Suck my ass ringo starr

cash del pot out?

can't afford a loss.

dont want to use my money to restart my betting career. the 30 dollars will have to do.

Murray is too good. I havnt looked but if pouille hasnt played yet id be putting it on him.

hmm alright

top quality post

well done comrade!



>still using tinder
pmsl ever heard of bumble? fuckn nerds

dino pmsl

>I bet on Tennis

>not one mention

>not one girlfriend

>up absolutely spastic, a man working in a call centre gave me the info this morning

who else pre-staking Drogheda?


Can I use it John? I really really like that opening line.

glad i cashed out



>loosing to a middle aged frenchman that couldn't get past round 1 at the US open

>in three sets

Awful thread, this. Think I'll skip browsing /bet/ when I go on holiday tomorrow.

UAC Tipping Group are large on Cetate Deva -1, best team in the league but they've been incredibly unlucky this season. Away team are weak today and terrible usually.

Do they ever tip bets I can get more than a fiver and a packet of quavers on?

Yes but I don't leak Asia bets on here

wtf i bet on 1st round, and it says (round 16) on c9 whats that

Cant stop picking off the Kolmonen value in asia
Wont stop picking off the Kolmonen value in asia

need winners not value mate

Down a marge on your tip yesterday and then you post this :(

he been posting in discord like?

Anyone who refers to bets placed on ISN as being in Asia needs to be placed on some sort of list.

no he emails tips now

Up sums from the other large but last time UAC group tipped Cetate Deva it went HORRIBLY wrong

some v odd characters in the malaysia u16 v oman u16 youtube stream

BT seething

He's not wrong fella

Gary Murphy talking big sense.


>uac tips cetate
>no shots

>beautiful people

can someone explain this

>no shots
>not walking the ball into the back of the net

Need to physically restrain myself from rebacking Singerei next goal for the 4th time

Explain why you're evading your ban?
Sorry I can't

i think there was a pricing error.

c9 was @ 1.57 on round sixteen even when c9 were up by 6

i moved to australia, more sun

>Missed the fix

celta bet seems shit

no shots on goal at all until the 38th min

PKKU + 0.5 if toras wont do it

>people are STILL against /cricbet/

Literally shaking with excitement at the incoming Toras 7/10

>kolmonen lines slowly being add into Overview


what are you confused about? rounds 1 and 16 in CS:GO are both pistol rounds, meaning both teams have to duel with pistols only.

why is pkku shown as pkku/alliance

am i picking the right one

Its bad enough when its /tennisbet/

need to go to the loo but don't want to miss a tip :/

up to you, just saw odds tumbling :^)

was JUST about to post this pmsl

>needing to be spoonfed kolmonen tips by pooan and torasdevil

Embarrassing desu

i bet Euan Park is behind this!

finlands disappeared on my bet365

please is it the pkku/alliance one

v v tired

Kapa/Pule only have 9 players and 4 subs. Genuine special.

Give us a tip please my lord! Give us one, maybe two tips please! It's all I want and it's all I need!

m8 just dont gamble, go rest


finnish names are too confusing. way too tired

night x

can i go to bed or will there be a tip? so tired, have no power


>Going to bet at this time

She will obviously tip Honka Academy.

>2 hours away

zzzzzzzzzzz need a bet NOW

i'm v v ill, using up all of my strength to type this message, going to bed once it sends

Manni such a dullard

Really need someone to lend me £400

putting a small on heroic to beat envyUs, simply because i don't believe the french will ever be good at shooting other people with guns.

here's my slip

Worrying post this

>toras hogging up all the tips for himself

would like to test his chin

>9 players
>4 subs

no toras tip
no euan tip
can't take the pain anymore
v worried about myself and wellbeing
might be the last time i post for a while
can't go on

Anyone else on PKKU? Weird how neither Toras nor Euan have tipped them.



no lmao

oppa gangam style

>Toras's special 1-0 down already

just realized season 2 of narcos is out.. 7-8h of binge watching inc. f betting. f socializing. just need to buy some popcorn and snacks.

>Toras will never give you a massage after a tough, stressful day betting

I tipped KaPa/Pule. Didnt you get the email?

>in-play bet loses
>settle it as void on TT
>my ROI stays the same

Good post.

>Toras will never let you post her worldies to get your yield up

>d e v e l i s h

Was the Orenburg goal disallowed, or did the rball guy accidently give it to Orenburg instead of Spartak?

Who is on this with me, looking good

down mad

why did i fucking jinx it. GG

up criminal

Thoughts on Manni?

down spastic

v v interesting fella

Manni is shrewder and funnier than most people think . . .

Thoughts on Canadian posters?

Tempted to bet on a draw between Chelsea and Liverpool. Am I being too optimistic?

Nah, no matter what side you'd bet on, they would always let you down, so a draw sounds good.

MLB reincarnated


Can't even aftertime well lmao

Anyone got £400 to spare?

But +0.5 from 0-0 is still winning?

as soon as rops have covered the handi

>implying anyone was on that
I'm not really down all that much just frustrated.


is the pain of losing a bet bigger when you have tipped it?

Now it is losing

yes. all the mugs getting all salty is a huge pain in the ass.

why would you do this to yourself?

Euan so embarrassing wow

i have no idea, i don't really do it anymore. i mostly just aftertime. but i feel that i'm in need of some good karma so i've been posting a lot of my bets the last few days.

i guess there are shills on here who are trying to get paid subscribers, so that could be a reason for them.

Does 365 do a market for which team will score the most in a game?

Manni PLEASE go


Union and Nürnberg DnB are T H E bets

went with bochum already

jej, seems like a sound choice


Whos worth following on TT?


arp, toras and basibooms

>No new followers until the bet365 mole is OUSTED.

what snacks do you have in germany?

do you get little weeners in packs?





To score 2 or more goals

bet your cock on it

Probably going to need to be physically restrained from backing Honka all game

where you getting on lad ?

or Lallana @34

Lallana has better ods tbf and always scores in big games


Nowhere unless 10bet carries and cant see that happening now that useless whore tipped it

It's on skybet if you've got one lid

no need for that language pal !

still need one more rops goal



can someone please tell me what the footy bet is. I see a ridiculous number of division 2 middle eastern games, isn't this the shit that you brit shrewdies live for?

going to be down thousands on ebam

On with betfred. Going for a shower to stop myself topping up

>Still 0-0
>can't even cash out



dont gamble if you dont like losing :)

help please, don't judge me because of my fellow canadians' shit posting.

Honka -7.5 @ 11 SO much value ....





just been to the corner shop to get some lays and it was filled to the brim with refugees and alcoholics. made sure not to touch anything or anyone. NASTY

on Honka 12/10, huge chase, feel ill already

$50 on Chelsea to win, BTTS. ~$200 payout.



what did he mean by this?


>State of soccerbetblog tips

Pmsl what a faggot

Hope you lads go on ;)

Lying on the floor convulsing

>2.5 is fair line

Fuck you. Dont pander to those cocks



>it needs reminding

cannot spake.

>tip team B rt5
>tip loses
>tip team A rt9

Confused desu

Good advice NFL units keko

they're clueless anyways. i like you though, here's my next bet, i'm on a bit of a hot streak with these thrill bets

auswell going to tip any npl games? finals rounds?

Need 4 more Honka goals, 6 more corners, 2 yellow cards, a haircut, more tinder matches and some dinner.

tfw only get like 1 match a week and swipe literally hundreds of girls

Get one every 2 hours pmsl

pmsl boasting about that

Akilles +1.5

>this rollercoaster after getting on Nürnberg +0.25 after they were 0-2 down

lost in a 5-4 meme game

odd man you

still wins

from 3-0 or 4-0?



really need that £400, will pay you back once my acca lands

>He felt for the dignitas meme

Awwwwwwwww. Tears buddy!

please r8 this accy

first bet is chelsea SW and second bet is chelsea to win first corner

ya they are quite bad apparently. that's ok see above for my recovery accy. also, fuck you singapore.

Are you playing with ching chong currency or what?

Trip on metaknight

>chelsea to win first corner

>people say there's no value in mainstream
>liverpool fh 0.0 at 2.25 and dc at 1.73 after 10 mins of play
v v confused by the odds

cash out or keep this bet?

also: recovery mode ACTIVATED

Would LOVE access to your 365 account for an hour to look through your history and see just how many shit losing bets you put on until you get something like this you can post

bet365 traders literally clueless in pricing the college championship games, can't even get the team names right pmsl

wtb lid ?

Lost 30% of my bankroll pmsl

Lay 's next bet

Doesn't take long to earn 30 dollars though


Ajax please score

>he's been on /bet/ for more than 2 years

>he hasnt

is that nandos ?

End this gimmick. NOW

>10/10 meal in bongland


>Steak knife

Have sex

HUGE on flatanon, so due

>10/10 meal in scotland



didn't notice the knife !

sure, pm me for the account name and password.

There's no need to be upset really LOL



your time will come.

its come loads of times before pmsl, meta is perpetually dac

I like watching him trigger people though

yes, i just happen to be on a very lucky streak that has lasted over a year. i will eventually go on an equally long losing streak LOL YA RIGHT

>thinking Meta isn't DAC
he's posted about 12 losing bets this thread pmsl

here's a typical day of bets on my account on a nice muggy day like today

there are 2 unsettled bets not showing that have chelsea and dignitas so subtract $300 from my total in that pic and that's my profit for today.

Someone do the math please, how much am i up?

>typical day
no it isnt pal

except for the muggy acca with liverpool there's nothing exceptional there.

shall i show settled bets last 48 hours instead? All the bets dont even fit on a page. stay tuned for the next part of the page.

here's the rest

would someone PLEASE do the math and tell me how DAC i am exactly?

PMSL >le cashout man strikes again

time for the brits to chime in with the "we're moving to /biz/" banter and "meta is DAC" LOL


Maple such a ledge

cashing out heroic was a mistake LOL

luckily it was a SMALL mistake ROFLMAO

pmsl at the value of the Canadian Dollar

All aboard the metaKnight dubs train. Next stop: MONEY LAND LOL

it's alright, it's always good to cash out winning bets.


Begging, no, PLEADING for some good bets tonight.

i should probably cash out these

NEVER cash out

cashout the second one

nah, escobedo's too good for this kid. and looks like he's about to serve for the match with 2 breaks up

Please refer to image in this post

It makes good tinder for fires.

>tfw you find out meta is a nig

tfw only get one match a week on tinder

>tfw didn't get one after a month and uninstalled



Tenerife B

>that polo


Are you the balding lad?

league? x

I'm on Boston "College" for a small. Princeton lost a lot of their better players from last season (top scorer, and their starting keeper has graduated) and Boston have impressed so far. Small because it's not going to be in play and it's not a league I know all that much about. Also has meme rules like 11 substitutions and players that have been subbed can come back in the second half, games go into golden goal if it's 0-0 at ft, among others

No excuse not to be /outshagging/ tonight.


do you even geography

will publish my findings later tonight. very close to breaking the deadlock

got no friends

student loan hasnt come through yet PMSL

This tbqh. RARING to go next week.
Better be dece this time.
Come round mine pal

this is works if you are 8/10+

pmsl great video

ya, but i used an older picture where you couldn't see that. i don't live in a big city and i think tinder just wasn't very popular here when i tried it

trying to quit smoking and also want to drink less, so im skipping today and probably the whole weekend. going to an oktoberfest event in my area next week. biggest in my state, so should be pretty damn nice.

Chicago Cubs a steal @ 1.66 lids

where do you live?

Match suspended lid?

Starts in 3 minutes btw.
Boston @2.6

I get you lad.


NEED to experience this. Keep putting off each year.


>Impersonating me

This man is a fraud.

Some dangerous individuals on here.

shit senpai

dont worry, its even more likely to come in now


MLB special tonight boys, NYMs -1.5 @ 2.20

fuck off you fraudulent man