Tfw our subs would finish second in the league

>tfw our subs would finish second in the league

i hope Gündo stays healthy for 2 years

we could literally dominate anyone with a Kroos - Gündogan - Khedira midfield at WC 2018

Which one is supposed to be the first team you cuck?

They probably will.


>first özil
>now gündogan

im buttblasted

what is the minimum for english players on a team in the premier league?

is there an official number?

>Best player in your team in the reserves.

De Bruyne is the best player in the league.

>De Bruyne is the best player in the league.
What did he mean by this?

"Currently, the Premier League does not have a maximum restriction on the number of foreign players allowed on a team, but does require at least eight homegrown players."

Don't worry if Merkin has her way your son could be playing for the motherland.

>De Bruyne is the best player in the league.

Look who it is, the Splanyard who doesn't rate KDB

I saw you went pretty quiet after the derby desu

>Sorry, Yaya

You got Toprak, Calhanoglu, Malli and Mor.

why are the teams mixed? also, why the fuck is delph on city?

he plays just like James Rodriguez tbqh
wouldn't start for Madrid or farca

same desu

kys you halal bandwagoning spic

>Implying that allegri would start pjanic ahead of lemina

It's like you don't even watch your club's matches, nigga.

he's already started him once. allegri always brings players in slowly for whatever reason


t. chicano
halal cancer

Lol i completely forgot asamoah existed. Get real, juve bought pjanic just to weaken roma. Allegri is too much of a moron to realize he is their best player bar dybala. Honestly, he will not be able to play after nainggolan breaka his leg when they meet, anyways.

>t.butthurt as redditor



What is reddit about based nainggolan going ape on fragile pjanic, stronzo?

>he doesn't know roma is the reddit team


verratti marchisio la.