How do we fix this shit Cred Forums?


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Weren't their 4 best players benched? Also you probably could have given that clear penalty.

Another farsopoli. It's the only way for them to be ever relevant

No need to, they're great this way

>spend 30M on gabigol
>don't even register him in EL

we don't, cause it's too funny

There's nothing to fix, they're right where they belong.

It was literally illegal for them to, they are spending funny money and Uefa blacklisted all of their funny money purchases.

>right where they belong

They still owe two Serie B, so they're not yet where they belong. But it's just too damn funny

It's better this way



> it's only Hapoel Beersheba



Jews 2-0 Internazionale

>Jews 2 Italian Jews 0


>De Boer gets sacked
>now free to become the manager for our NT

aw sheeit make it happen

>How do we fix this shit Cred Forums?

is it true "de Boer" is the dutch equivalent for "the farmer"?

i've been told Italians are Catholic

>italian jews

U wot, m8?

godo come un riccio grazie di esistere

the 7-1 of our time



>"Questa notte splendida darà i colori al nostro stemma: il nero e l'azzurro sullo sfondo d'oro delle stelle. Si chiamerà Internazionale, perchè noi siamo fratelli del mondo." —9 March 1908, Milan[15]

>"This wonderful night bestows us with the colours of our crest: black and azure against a gilded backdrop of stars. It shall be called International, because we are the world's brothers." —9 March 1908, Milan

>The club was founded on 9 March 1908 as Football Club Internazionale, following the schism with the Milan Cricket and Football Club (now A.C. Milan). The name of the club derives from the wish of its founding members to accept foreign players as well as Italians.

they're full on jews

me too

You missed the joke, bro


Nagatomo should harakiri at that point


they already prepared his sword at home

I'm frequently bummed out that Milan is so fucking bad, but Inter is just as bad so it helps.

>Milanese football

Inter was never good, 2010 was a fluke


we wait for them to go bankrupt and start again from scratch
like Parma

never fails to crack me up
this should be made into a .gif with subtitles
too bad i'm lazy

no ajax related player or coach should get close to the NT for the next ten year, except Van Gaal


it's the fist pump combined with is face that does it for me really

What the fuck were they wearing?

I was so confused when I tuned in halfway through


which team buys felipe melo

IN 2016

It's so fucking depressing.. the only good thing is that Milan is STILL a worst team so I guess that's the silver lining.

It's italian fashion you wouldn't understand

Yeah because Hiddink worked so well, right lad

>what is 1998 WC

arguably the best football we have EVER played, including WMeme 74

but yeah, obviously they should have signed Koeman

Hapoel Beersheba (Israel) 2 - 0 Inter Milan (Italy)

Stadium: San Siro

gg wp

this is inter. This is how they're supposed to be.
They aren't broken, this is how they're supposed to work.
Them winning with Mourinho, that was wrong, that was broken. the extra shit the're gettig now is to balance that wrong. Inter is being fixed.

are you braing damaged?

>tfw no juden gf

lel De Boer is getting sacked if (when) they lose to Juve.

>that off-screen NOOOOUOOOH
>that fucking song

melo only works in gala

>le Milano is too right and white so I start a club for shitskins

t. gypsy king

They can stay shit. I'm a Southampton fan and wouldn't mind seeing >us also beat them.

>M-muh treble
>M-muh calciopoli

>mfw all his daughters posted pics of them flaunting in Milan and "living the life"
>mfw they'll be back in rainy Monnickendam in a week

ayy lmao


>we're up against fucking juve on sunday

that's it lads, it was fun while it lasted. I just hope Ranocchia doesn't set his eyes on the field ever again.





wtf I love jews now



Build a time machine, go back in time to the 60's and relive the days of Catenaccio, kill time till the 80's and invest in Apple/Microsoft, use billions to buy Inter when they eventually turn to shit, become the Italian Man City.

>not going back in time and disguising yourself as Carlo Oistoni to buy Inter and turn them into the Italian Blackpool

Didn't Parma do that already?

it's a bit different
Parma just went bankrupt and started again from scratch, the Oystons are purposely running a football club to the ground (Blackpool went from PL football to lowtable League 2 in just 5 years iirc) while enjoying the show

shit gimmick faggot

back to supporting man utd with you

How do I get chosen people gf?

Or are the jews behind the fact that we have no gf?

You posting on Cred Forums has more to do with you not having a gf then some plot by random jews to keep you down

>back to supporting man utd with you


try not to get relegated this season and wait for Simeone to come home

>Simeone leaving Atletico
>Going to Inter if he did
He'll end up at Bayern or Arsenal if Wenger ever leaves

He said that he would only coach his ex-teams.Why the hell would he move to Losernal though?

have your owner move the team to Los Angeles

Who are the real good guys out of Milan, Inter and Juve?

probably inter

theyre shit, but not quite scum on the level of the other 2

the real good guys are lazio though

Inter, probably
but real niggas support Palermo

>probably inter
>Inter, probably

>literally created the mess italian football is in
>brought down other clubs because they were to shit to win legitimately
>have always historically been a shit team
>good guys

Yes, lazio are truly the good guys

>all those white men

Anyway, I don't get why the tiffosi in Italy are so political.
In here, some of the groups are even anti-political, even though they are all based in the Italian tiffosi groups.

They also usually have ties with organized crime, but i can't really give you a reason.
Probably something to do with being decerebrated scum.

In here I believe that the group leaders find a way to make a lot of money selling drugs to their group. This always leads to more organized crime.

I've joined one of the groups of my club this year (because I always have season ticked and being with them is the only way to watch the game standing and chanting for 90min), and one of the first thing they said to me was "in here: politics=0 (left and right), club=100%". I was pretty happy about that. But other groups are complete scum.

it's because Italian politics is the most corrupt and degenerate in Western Europe

no surprise that their shitbag PM owns AC Milan

>Bunch of Mediterraneans who would be first in line to be gassed


>no surprise that their shitbag PM owns AC Milan
it's not 2011 lad

>the current state of the city of England


Palermofag here.
I am a nigger indeed.
Forza Palermo!

>that season Novara did the double over Inter
what a time to be alive

Mou is the only reason Inter was ever relevant
Mancini only won because he had literally no opponents

Milan probably
before berlusconi without a doubt, after Berlusconi by a smaller margin but still them

Juventus greatest evil

Inter friendly retard

Milan Good guys

Italians can confirm this?

milan is the good guy for sure.
was the italian team i stanned for

my fucking sides

Inter is more of an annoying laughing stock
Juventus is the juggernaut everybody hates for various very good reason
Milan is the lesser evil

no good guys among the big three
fanculo tutte le strisciate (except Sassuolo)

>How do we fix this shit Cred Forums?

Foreign ownership is usually cancer, except the one from Abramovich. The new Chinese owners (and the previous Indonesian one) don't know shit about football, they can't follow properly the team and this kind of things is bad on the long run, trust me. I've been in some football team and you can feel the difference when your owner comes to the dressing room to congratulate when you win and to cheer you up when you loose. And treating a football team like some kinda toy/company is the fastest way to make it shit.

Current coach is absolutely not fit for Italian football in general. It's true that he had little time to assimilate in and create his team but now we are seeing that there's no affinity between the coach and the team.

The team looks flashy but they lack a proper midfielder like Pirlo, a guy that can direct his team well. Banega is an advanced midfielder, Melo and Medel are defensive midfielders and they don't know how to pass a ball propelry. Handanovic, Miranda and Murillo are overrated. We don't have a decent full back. We have only one proper forward (Icardi) and if he's hurt, we have no proper replacement (Palacio is old as fuck).

Furthermore, the players lacks the self confidence and the will to play good. They're mentally frail. They can do good for half a season, like last year, and then one error and they all go back to be shitty. They lack a mental leader, someone like Cambiasso or Gattuso that motivates them to give their best every single match (Mourinho was very good at this back then).

In the end, this whole team and club should be disbanded and restart from the amateur leagues. I've seen my local team play better than them, and they're playing in the Italian 6th league.

The only above average player Inter has is João Mario
They also play shitty football, just long balls to the wingers and shitty crosses to Icardi
They need a real defensive midfielder not midgets like medel, their fullbacks aren't even Serie B quality.
This is what inter needs:


Coach: Simeone

Spend your chinese money the right way you cunts, what the fuck is a meme like gabigol going to do?

>implying it's not rainy af in Milano

>leaving barcelona for sfinter


>Spend your chinese money the right way you cunts

what if the chinese bought the club to make money from weird results (such as yesterday's, the odds for an Hapoel away win were over 10) with illegal betting? I refuse to believe they are THIS bad and I'm sure they are throwing games on purpose (or maybe by just fielding people like Ranocchia, Felipe Melo and Nagatomo altogether you're always gonna lose lel) in order to raise some more money

this whole business sounds a lot dodgy to me

>what if the chinese bought the club to make money from weird results
good theory but this is inter we are talking about here