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You know, the usual

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1st for Cred Forums

Should i pick up ivory off the waivers? Do you think he'll be ready in the near future?

My main question I have this week is do I start Jameis Winston @ Arizona v Cardinals or Kirk Cousins @ Home v Cowboys?

Need help at RB

Should i trade Marvin Jones for Langford? 1PPR

if you have langford, yes

are you high? If you have jones, get rid of that fool and get lanford

Gordon or Jennings as my flex? 0.5 ppr 10 man

If you start Sammy Watkins tonight, he'll have 1 catch for 7 yards. You bench him he'll have 7 catches, 130 yards 2 TDs

12 man standard

Fitzpatrick or Cousins and M. Gordon or Maclin?

I'm dumping Sammy Watkins for Randall Cobb. Am I retarded?


Blount vs Miami, Rawls vs rams or Landry @ pats?

Standard scoring fyi

Hit da Blount one time

Gonna need more info, but I wouldn't expect him for a few weeks at least

Kirk, he'll be alright, but I don't expect much from jameis

If trading, not really

If you're actually dropping Watkins to waivers instead of trading, full retard

Also if Cobb is available off waivers, nice 2 man league

In the last Jets-Bills matchup, Sammy Watkins had 7 catches for 111 yards while covered by Darrelle Revis (10 targets)

But is Watkins going to be in 100% condition today?

Since I'm benching Wilson for Stafford this week, I'm assuming Wilson will be worth 30 points.

Watkins should be a WR2 in the match-up against Darrelle Revis, who struggled last week against Cincinnati Bengals superstar A.J. Green.

12 man standard

Gronk looks like he might need a second week off, and I don't really have much in the way of options at TE

CJ Uzomah against PIT, Brent Celek vs CHI, Zach Miller vs PHI, or Clive Walford vs ATL?

Cousins and Maclin

I'm on the right, how am I looking guys? PPR league.

Not visible are Snead (Flex), NE defense and Bailey at kicker

How's my lineup this week?

10man ppr

Fantasy Football chat


Watkins wasn't impressive last week and this foot injury has me benching him to see how he does this week.

Send: Marshall, Jones

Receive: Langford

Decent trade? I need a solid rb2

Who flex:
Moncrief @ Denver
Tyrell Williams v JAX

I'm worried about Broncos defense but I also feel Williams is risky eben thought he'll be getting a lot more targets supposedly.

Who should I start Big Ben or David Carr?

Hilton is hurt so Moncrief should see big numbers. Also, Luck/Indy have had denver's number for a while now

Andrew Luck just added to injury report for his shoulder.

What type of league?
There's no way I'd let go of Marshall for Langford in PPR

10 man standard

10man standard
Should I trade SDiggs for Foster?

Pick 2, .5 ppr

Decker @ Buf
Cobb @ Min
Shepard v NO
Hogan v Mia
Marv Jones v Ten

*Derek Carr

Trading. I just can't deal with the headaches even if he gets better down the stretch.

Standard Scoring, I need a WR and FLEX

M. Floyd vs. TB
Marvin Jones vs. TEN
Crabtree vs. ATL
Fuller vs. KC
Benjamin vs JAX
Hyde vs. CAR
T. Coleman vs. OAK

Rex Ryan is a bad person. He lies and yells and does it to make other people hate him. That is why he lives in New York. He is playing up the foot thing because it confuses the Jets and also it is ironic because of his known fetish. This further fuels the argument that Sammy is fine and will play tonight. Will Sammy ever get the screws out of his foot? We don't know. It is possible that he will live the rest of his life with screws in his foot.

I just took Quincy Enunwa from waivers for Devin Funchess.

Your thoughts?

oi lads, I just got offered todd gurley for Spencer ware and Christine Michael? good or bad trade, yay or nay?

12 man standard

Cobb and...Jones methinks

Shepard and Marvin

NO doesn't have a defense and Manning is going to daddy dick them hard

Marvin Jones is a good receiver in a heavy passing attack and TEN isn't that great defensively

Fuller because they're probably going to have Peters cover him and he can't cover anyone faster than him

I'd probably take Crabtree or Benjamin after that

Fucking 8-man leagues.
Standard, pick 2

Brandon Marshall @ Buf
Hyde @ Car
Latavius @ ATL
Melvin Gordon @ JAx
Jordan Matthews @ Chi

danny woodhead or ameer abdullah?


Two waiver tier backs for a first rounder... Hmmm, that's a tough one m8.

How the fuck did you get David Johnson AND Antonio Brown?

my qbs are shit i have tannehill and alex smith who should i drop if i should for flacco this week?

Smash that accept button and don't look back

PPR League:

Sammy Watkins
Allen Hurns
Frank gore

ten man standard
whaddya think

guys pls

Your getting Gurley... accept and run away


Smith's performance last week probably won't get repeated anytime soon unless another braindead team manages to drop +21 on them, but he'll probably average about 18 a week

It depends on what you need, you didn't give us much info.

As is, I say no don't trade

I've done it Boys gurley is mine, btw I picked up those 2 chumps off the waivers right after the draft.

yes I would. Foster as long as healthy is going to get a decent workload and is still a decent running back. Diggs could be nice, but I like miami's run game more than I like viking spass game.


I mean yes trade

Do any of you listen to podcasts? I tried Fantasy Footballers, but they just don't shut the fuck up and meme too much.

Fantasy Focus is pleb tier

>trading a starting RB in standard
>for a Shaun Hill led WR

That guy is a retard jump on the trade

CJ Uzomah or Clive Walford?

Uzomah should be starting against PIT but will likely be splitting reps with Kroft, and Walford might not see a lot of action against ATL if his receivers have a good game

You've just listed the pleb tier ones. Extreme elite tier is rotounderworld (the ones with Matt Kelley aka fantasy mansion) and high tier is the fantasy football today CBS one. Listen to rotounderworld tho it's like a cult

Much obliged

I'd say trade

I would go williams, hilton being hurt only changes the fact the now Moncreif and dorsett will be shut down instead of hilton and moncreif

Respond after and tell me what you think

Matt Forte v Bills
Deangelo Williams v Bengals

Which two do I start

QB Cousins
RB1 Ingram
RB2 Langford
WR1 Julio Jones
WR2 A. Robinson
TE Thomas
FLEX1 Edelman
FLEX2 Jennings
IDP Keuckly
K Bailey

BE D. Baldwin
BE Abdullah
BE Hurns
BE Green-Beckham
BE Dalton
BE Micheal
BE Fuller
BE Agholor

Who should I start for my 10 man ppr league this week? I'm really torn with my 2nd flex and QB.

Standard scoring, my bad

Forte. Looked great week 1. Its going to be a strong running game both sides.

Watkins is probably gonna play but he won't be 100%. I'd go with hurns. JAX is gonna be in a shootout because no defense and they're facing Phillip Rivers.

Hmmm rly makes me think...
Deangelll for sure and flip a coin for the other two. I'm leaning forte

Gurley will bust but not nearly enough to not leap on that trade.

Ware will outperform Gurley until Jamaal Charles is back, but that gives him a very limited window.

Michael is trash

Two questions:

KC D/ST @ Houston or
NE D/ST vs. Miami

Eli vs. New Orleans or
Stafford vs. Tennessee

Do I start Forsett (playing Cleveland) over Forte (playing Bills)? Is Buffalo's pass D really that good?

***rush D

Q-B. Roethlisberger
R-R. Matthews
R-S. Ware
W-AJ Green
W-S. Watkins
T-E. Ebron
F-J. Landry
K-S. Hauschka

B-D. Carr
B-T. Eifert
B-C. Michael
B-L. Bell
B-W. Fuller

I'm trying to offload Watkins and/or Ware before their usefulness tanks, but need to sweeten the deal to get a high rb2 or wr2. I'm thinking I'll offer Ware and Watkins for Rawls and Benjamin. The guy with those two is projected to lose this week by ~15, and if Ware performs like he due last week, he could win week two for this guy. Would you take this deal?

Forte if only because Forsett is in a more crowded backfield

That's a pretty fair deal. Ware is the best player of the four.

Bruh. Our guy with Gurley has an otherwise shitty team, lacking an rb2, a qb, and a wr2. I offered him Ware, Michael, Carr, and Watkins for Gurley. Got declined within 15 minutes.

Can I start Players who are FP and DNP?

What? Forsett isn't the starting rb and he's garbage compared to forte

Ware is wonderful, and more productive than Charles. I'd like to think I'm offering week 7 benefits, too, once Charles goes down again.

Give it to me straight bros, is my week done after tonight? Me on the left btw

okay thanks, now shut up and take my (you)

what changes should i make

10 team standard

Looks ok to me, good luck

goddamn truth

who wins this week Left or Right?

I would play Funchess and Mike Wallace instead of Marvin Jones and Shepard.

Spencer ware or demarco murray? PPR

Ware always until Charles comes back

Only possibility I see is possibly Landry over Shepard

10-man standard. RB conundrum, pick 3

AP vs GB
Shady vs NYJ
Rashad Jennings vs NO
Blount vs MIA

Also Sanu or Tate for WR?

First three, Tate

Choose 2 for ppr

Right now I got McCoy Woodhead

8 man standard league cunt here

need RB2, WR2 and flex for this week

RBs: McCoy, Woodhead, Ware, Henry
WRs: Evans, K Benjamin, Jordy Nelson

pick three
David Johnson and Robinson are RB1 and WR1

>Zeke and AB on the same team

Four man league detected

Also you're doomed

Ware for sure.

Flip a coin between jordy and Benjamin.

Should I keep Sammy Watkins benched this week? Since hes questionable, and Tyrod a shit.



>V Cruz
>E. Sanders

I also have Doug Baldwin benched


thanks senpai

McCoy had 112 rush yds at home vs the Jets last year though
and Ware is playing my Houston D

Alshon Jeffrey, Chris Hogan, Demaryius Thomas, DeSean Jackson, Tajae Sharpe...

Pick 3 to start

McCoy is also on short rest and the rest of the bills are awful, so he will see lots of 8-man Rush defenses even if he gets volume. But go with your gut, he could go off, who knows

I'd switch McCoy for Lacy and keep Woodhead

>dat banter
>shitting on rb scrubs and Mike Clay

I love this guy already

If TY isn't 100% this weekend, should I start Will Fuller instead?

Jeffery, Jackson, Thomas

Starting lineup for week 2.
How's it look should I change up the flex spot?
10 man standard

fair point, if he gets Gurley'd he won't help me much

going with Ware, ready to regret tomorrow morning

who wins, left or right? standard scoring

Woodhead or Langford in the flex non ppr?

r. wilson or t. taylor?
e. sanders, e. rodgers, d. bryant?

Is Mike Evans worth starting this week against the Cardinals defense in standard scoring?

I hate Gary barnidge. I hope that fucker gets his leg broken

plz help


He's going to see more opportunity as a receiver due to Allen being down and I personally see him as a better RB than Gordon. I honestly don't know how good JAX' run defense is since they had to stop Eddy Lacy, but I doubt they'll shut Woodhead down in either respect.

Langford is really good too, but I think Woodhead is going to get more action than him. Course, I don't know who the Bears are even playing, so take that with a grain of salt.


I'd say you but it's probably gonna come down to the qbs either could score 30 or shit the bed

Devonta Freeman and Dwane Allen (me)


Giovani Benard and Greg Olsen



me as in trading away just to make sure.

Yes trade away. Coleman is the RB you want from ATL. Get rid of freeman

Bernard is trash, but Olsen is about the best tight end you can get not names Gronkowski, in terms of consistency anyway. Even reed is more susceptible to duds overall. And freeman is trash too, so yeah I'd do it.

yes, trade

devonta freeman is a relative bust and I don't know why people drafted him so highly

So in my 12 team .5 ppr Cred Forums league someone is offering me Rodgers for Brady..

I'm confused, I don't get why? Help me anons, why would someone offer that trade?

Who's a better flex, Amari Cooper or Brandon Marshall?

They're hoping that "Angry Brady" will come out and throw for 4 touchdowns and 300 yards a week like he did last season

[spoiler]Too bad for him Brady is entering the death spiral of his career[/spoiler]


What is the opinion of Atlantas pass defense? I got amari Cooper with Erick Decker and Larry Fitzgerald and Willie sneed for WRs..

Too many good match ups this week.

>you drafted gronk

ATL has zero pass rush which is gonna put a strain on their secondary. ATL will finish bottom half of the league in pass def

Should I bench Sammy Watkins? Don't really have good alternatives 2bh

Forsett or Kevin White are my only options

>gambling on which no-name TE might get you 3 points this week

How can I improve my team, /ffg/? Lost a shootout last week thanks to Dez.

Should I try to trade Lat Murray for another WR?

1/2 pt ppr league

Should I bench Brandon Marshall?

I can replace him with either Randall Cobb or Kelvin Benjamin.


forgot pic related


Watkins has one foot and no QB, bench him until he is healthy.

bench sammy, so he goes for 137yds and 2 TDs for me

im in a similar boat but everyone is saying what are the odds he plays like shit two weeks in a row?

which is fair, i think im keeping him in to retain my interest in tonight's game

Clay, the TE on bills


Witten, TE on cowboys


this isnt an actual question

witten is one of 5 tes worth drafting and the skins arent that great defensively

Is Forte worth a start today? I know he was great in Wk 1 but TNF and >JEST got me nervous.

I've got him in flex (D. Johnson and Deangelo are my starters) and I've been going back and forth between him and Woodhead in that position.

Standard? What is your bench. Cant help you without more information


12 team ppr, need to choose 1 RB:

Latavius vs ATL
Forte @BUF
Rawls @LA

Even Nanners backup RB was making the rams look like trash. Start Rawls. Seacucks gotta beat them sooner or later

Standard and pic related is my bench. Confident about my WRs (Jordan Matthews and Will Fuller) but also open to suggestions.

Who wins this trade?
Mike Wallace
LaGarrette Blount


Is it a trade you would take?

Let's say, hypothetically, your team name is "Flacco's still Elite" and your riding Flacco out till Brady is back. This trade comes to you, and obviously Rodgers is an upgrade from Flacco, but youd be giving up your namesake.

would you?

Ryan Mathews

Arian Foster @NE
Eric Decker @BUF?
Standard scoring

Pick 2:
Abdullah (vs TEN)
Foster (@ NE)
Gordon (vs JAX)
Hill (@ PIT)

Stop you trolling faggot

>Not avoiding the Madden curse
Round 1 is only about avoiding busts

Waiting on Brady to come back. Until then should I stick with Tyrod Taylor or pick up Alex Smith or Wentz?

ppr btw

Crabtree over Decker for FLEX?
Crabtree is playing against the Falcons, I don't think they're that good against WRs right? Decker is against the Bills tonight. My balls are telling me Crabtree

10 man league standard scoring


i have the same question. i really am not feeling tyrod in this game tonight. in my league though wentz is the only real QB left on waivers. right now my only option is phillip rivers until brady comes back

Crabtree. The falcons are going to get shredded

Left: Me
Right Opponent


You think I would come to espee just to troll

Hope AD goes to sleep again

sweet thanks

Watkins, Moncreif, Tajae Sharpe.

Choose 2.

Is Watkins injury overblown?

Moncrief, Sharpe

Pleassee anonkun I need advice on if my namesake is worth it

Moncrief, Sharpe.

>Is Watkins injury overblown?
Put him on your bench for playoff push

This is what my gut is saying too. Gonna sit Watkins.

Congrats on the win Buffalo, Watkins is gonna go for 160 yards and 2 TDs now.


Has Fitz forgot he has Brandon Marshall on his team?


10 man + retards apparently

who do i pick up?

>tyrell williams
>travis benjamin
>mike wallace
>eddie royal
>nelson agholor

i am dropping tavon austin for one of them btw

Arian Foster, Steve Smith Sr, or Golden Tate for flex?

I'm leaning towards Foster but Steve Smith could have a good matchup against the shite Browns. I didn't like Tate's performance in week 1 so I'm kind of put off by him at the moment.

>start Tyrod Taylor vs the Ravens shit defense
>he gets butt fucked and nets 4 points
>drop him
>start the Jets defense
>he lights them the fuck up

Fuck fantasy

lesson learned you can't freak out after 1 week. The last time I won my league I went 0-3 to start the season.

Switch out Jennings for Baldwin

I would be wary of Cousins this week, I don't think he'll do that well. I think Dalton would be a better pick. Everything else looks good

finally threw marshall the ball


Gio Bernard of Charles Sims this week PPR

Oh ffs marshall

Travis Benjamin, he'll be the best WR on the Chargers with Allen out



>Allen 3rd round
>Marshall 2nd round

Fuck last time I do no RB.

>drafted Marshall and Keenan Allen with my 2nd and 3rd picks

should i swap anyone out?

u sure about that? tyrell is taller and quite fast kinda like keenan allen. benjamin is the speedy go long guy a ala eddie royal 2 years ago

Get freeman outta there and put in Cooks!

>I play in a 4 person league

any tips?

Should I pick up Enunwa with Marshall out?

>mfw Tyrod's first throw of the game is an 80-yd TD after I dropped him this week

Damn might be a good thing I got enunwa off waivers

Nvm my nigga back

>marshall is fine
what the fuck


ELIte manning

Abdullah over Mathews

Manny Sanders over Baldwun

same familia, good thing he was only my backup

Buffalo plays better at home and Revis is now burnable.

>Marshall back and stylin on fools

It could change, but the Chargers seem to be leaning more towards Benjamin.

Honestly I think either one would be a good pickup.

winner gets a 100 bucks mate :)

why can't decker stop catching TDs

>mfw when I'm a Jest fan, have Marshall in my lineup, and he comes back

I'm just fucking with you, m8. It's actually pretty nice to see a non-American play fantasy football

That's a hell of a team you got there desu

Tfw benched decker

Take out freeman and put in cooks

>Benching a WR who consistently and consecutively gets TDs

Are you legit retarded?

Ppr league and I got Cooper Sinead and Fitzgerald this week senpai

>mfw the Jest beat the Banglels in the wildcard, but whiff in the divisional round
cap it boys

Who /ready for Rex Ryan to get fired/ here?

What kind of 4 girl league are you in retard?

wrong thread



I benched him too, but for fitzgerald and hopkins and maybe Baldwin in flex.

I feel Decker may go off in this game for 20 points.

Does anyone itt play daily fantasy? Just wondering. I realize much of the advice is applicable to both.

I could pick up Enunwa, but I would probably have to drop a RB, and my RB situation is very bad.

Latavius Murray

I guess I could also drop Tavon Austin, but I feel like his potential still exists.

Austin has zero potential. He has done jack shit in his entire career.

but he's so fast....

how do guys think eddie lacy will do this year?

Should I use Alshon Jeffrey or Snead?

Other receivers I have are Cooks and Brown.

Which 3 should I use?

>picked chefs d last week
>picked jest d this week

pls hold me Cred Forums

He's a fatty, so not good.

Jeffrey, Cooks, and Brown

Jeffery but don't sleep on Snead

Fuck you, faggot.

Doug Martin or Hilton at flex?

>Mfw losing to a QB who's made 2 passes

8-man .5ppr is objectively the best league. Prove me wrong.

Whatever "weight" that nigga lost was apparently antimatter. Still with Nelson back he should have an easy 10+ TDs.

Should I keep Enunwa and drop Kenny Stills, Corey Coleman or Steve Smith? Standard league

drop Kenny "stone hands" Stills

>8 man

It better be 3 QB then.

That TD drop last week was brutal..

No, it was karma.

>overreacting to a couple drops

Stills led the league in msay last week. If he catches those next time he'll have 100+ yards and multiple touchdowns.

Should I start Drew or Eli? They're playing each other.

Brees.....never trust Eli

Can someone explain how I lost 6 points of Jets defense after the first Bills TD and then another 3 after the next TD?

Brees obviously

Check your league settings. Its usually 10pts for shutout, drops to 3 for allowing six points, and 0 for more than 14.

TLDR, check your settings before signing up for a league

Why did I draft Sammy Watkins?

So Stills or Enunwa?

I would feel more comfortable in Aaron Rodgers having a fantastic season than banking on "Angry" Tom Brady to repeat last season's success, although if there is one quarterback who could do it, it would be TB

Benched Marshall for kelvin Benjamin and edelguy as flex (Julio as wr1) did o fuck up?

I'd want to hold onto Smith the most out of those desu.

Who should I pay in my wr3 slot? My other two wr are Jordy and Michael Floyd.

Is it true that golden Tate is going to see less long balls?


>sat forte in week 1
>reaping rewards now
xie xie

Standard scoring btw

Right? Everyone told me to start him this week, too... Glad I benched him. A flaming turd would score more points.

This. Fuck Decker. Thank God that Forte is doing even better than him.

>tfw I drafted Forte in the 4th round in a 12 man league
>tfw people thought Forte was gonna regress after he left Chicago

Edelman and Yeldon

Crabtree and Ryan Matthews

Which two would you rather have? .5 point PPR

I like Sanders the most here because of the matchup

I'm not liking Tate atm

I have Eli and think he's going to light it up but I'd always start Brees over him. He's fucking Drew Brees he puts up like 400 yards a game every game.

everyone thought that, with right reasoning too. he was not supposed to be getting this many snaps, but he balled out week 1 and now he's gonna run away for RB MVP

Crabs and Matty

Thanks. It was my thought too, but I wanted a second opinion

>Jest D

Why the fuck did I think they were worth playing this week?


>QB1 stafford
>QB2 cousins
cousins you better step-up this week or youre getting cut for Fitz

That's why

Rawls, Christine Michael, or Tavon Austin in the flex.


Should I start Antonio Gates over Fleener?

Should I start Travis Benjamin over Edelman or Michael Floyd?

eagles or ravens D?

drop michael, he's going to be garbage now

Game flow probably favors Tate, but keep an eye on the injury reports. Colts top two CBs are injured so Sanders might eat.

Decker/Marshall best pair for flex and WR2


I hope you're having fun on my bench. Fuck you FitzAsstrick.

I already am keeping Smith, just wondering about who to drop of those two.


also, thoughts on dropping cousins for Fitz or is this just a fluke game




backup QB since i have faith in stafford, just want some protection in-case of bad matchup with stafford or something

available QBs are

rest are shitters

I benched Decker for Emmanual Sanders and Jordan Matthews.

Famous Jameis

Can you really trust any of the Denver WRs with Siemian at QB?

Kill yourself


Well I'm not dropping a sure fire handcuff week 2, especially since Rawls doesn't officially have his usage back to full

>tfw had my sights set on drafting Forte but he was taken like 2 or 3 spots before it was my turn


Who else /Forte/

Who /Decker/ here?

>6 rec
>126 yds
>1 TD
>sexy as fuck

I could make a case for either one, it's too early to say with any certainty. Just go with your gut.

there's no point keeping michael. he was garbage in opener and is going to see even less touches, which is not going to be good. he wont be used in red zone touches so whats the point of risking him in a starting lineup?

up to you though dude

Holy fuck those teeth

I love Emmanuel but you're an idiot.

Thanks Forte baby

15 for 66 is not garbage even in fantasy terms you dumbshit nigger, stop talking

>forte owner
I can't stop cumming

Fuck you guys for not picking Decker
But it was understandable not to start him
Lucky I started Forte

I benched Decker for Michael Crabtree.

Thank god I'm not facing Forte

>Started Forte and Decker

Sign the Harvard QB? I don't usually have second string qbs but can't be a worse rb plug than fucking reggie bush.

time to dump watkins yet?

>no point in keeping Michael

Except for the fact Rawls has had more injuries than starts in his career.

>muster up pussy points against easy D
>will have a tougher time with less touches
>hurrr he's gonna do great guys why wouldnt i drop him xdddddddd
have fun losing lmao thats why you shitters are in this thread

>fitz does meh last week, I think I'll try Smith this week
>this fucking game

He's got some crowding but you can't tell me he's not good looking otherwise.

He's got NFL money, he could get Invisalign.

I'm also a Jest fan.

>calling others a dumbshit nigger when michael couldn't run away with the job against an easy d
you're the retard who drafts a qb in round 2.

Am I gonna lose a single game in this 12-team league /ffg/?

I don't know if he'll beat Decker's production but the Falcons' secondary isn't all that good and he'll probably do okay.

>us tiggerbros got forte
can we draft romine for the flex

Garbage time McCoy TD pls

Anyone? I'm mostly debating Gate over Fleener

>playing bills d

>tfw benched shady for forte

Feels good man

I'd start Gates. If Fleener doesn't do shit this week I'd drop him

Yes do that. The SD passing tree is super skinny at this point so I think Rivers will spam Gates until he falls apart and regrets not retiring after last year.

Don't do the other one.

Fuck this nigger for vulturing a TD

>tfw left tyrod in even though everyone said he was gonna bust again


>tfw opponent has forte

Thanks guys

Set my lineup bros:

.5 ppr

Gj m8. Anyone who gives up on a player after one week is not meant to play fantasy football (unless it's in a money league with me).

Wilie snead or larry fitz as my flex? its a 10 man ppr

Who /Sammy Watkins/ here?

Cut my life into pieces


What's the WW look like for TEs?

>tfw played Chiefs D last week and Jets this week...

best option for QB2 on waivers currently?

I'm gonna guess this game impacted everyone here in a positive a way, or at least most people. How did it impact you, Cred Forums?

For me, the only impact it had was my opponent having Watkins. So, a good impact.

>neither opp and I had a player on these two teams

> tfw he got me a point by getting a tackle after the Bills fumbled for a grand total of 3pts.

wheres that tripfag who said to start woodhead over forte

Kinda bare, 12 man league everyone is obsessed with keeping backups for bye weeks

>start rams def week 1
>start jets defense this week

it doesnt help i played the highest scoring team last week and now im going up against forte.

I started Watkins but my opponent started the Jets D so it worked out.

>tfw started Forte and Shady
Mixed feels friends. By far not the worst possible situation.
Help me now for my flex.
1 pt ppr league
Pick one and only one. Tell me why

Fitzpatrick is such a qt

I went chefs then jest this week

I feel your pain

>Sat Watkins
>Started Forte
>Forte gets garbage time yards to get to 100
Absolutely based. I better fucking win this week. Opponent has Decker though so it's gonna be one of those weeks where one of the two best teams loses.

>mfw opponent started B-Marsh and Jest D but I started Decker

Decker: 21.6 points
Jest D plus Marshall: 13.1 points

thank you user, you're the best

>it's a guy I got in the 2nd round did jack shit and guy I really wanted in the 3rd but got taken 1 pick ahead of me gets 50000 points episode
fucking reruns

>Started Shady and Bills D
>Benched Forte
Hold me

>mfw forte goes ham and I didn't draft him in multiple leagues
>mccoy saves the night by getting a late td
>decker in all my leagues

it was a good night

>tfw started decker
great start

>benched forte after his big performance last week
im glad you will lose you shitter

he would play both sides of the ball

>benching a guy who has been a top 3 RB since what seems like 1992

>Mfw starting all three but benching Tygod

you have to be trolling by now. Michael is easily worth a bench spot as the #2 back in a run first offense.

That's not even considering: Rawls' injury history; or Rawls' snap count; or Michael's higher YPC last week; or Michael's superior preseason/off season

I wish I played in leagues with retards like you. Rawls is probably the better play, but dropping Michael this early is insanely stupid

Can somebody PLEASE photoshop Sammy tucked under a blanket?

i cannot fucking wait for michael to score 3 points this week and see you absent from this thread

why would i care what he/you does with his fantasy? if you dont want to win then ignore everyone telling you to drop him and do whatever the fuck it is youre doing (hint: losing)

mccoy didn't score that touchdown my brother, i thought it was him too but he doesnt wear 25 anymore, THAT guy does

>someone told me not to start Forte


Could/Should I trade Watkins for Edelman?

How am I supposed to feel right now?

I cannot wait until tomorrow when I can drop the fuck out of the Jets "defense"

>tfw Miller, DWill, and Forte

I hear you bro, I had Rams last week as well which cost me the win.

Guys, should I start Willie Snead or Lagerette Blount at my flex this week?

also I hate brandon marshall so fucking much

>7 bench players

>Forte goes bananas
>Still have David Johnson
60 combined points from RBs incoming

>I sat Forte

Oh yeah I realized my mistake after, R.I.P., at least I have Decker paired with McCoy in both leagues

so is OBJ a lock fr next week?

>sitting forte against the bills

Go Blount. Snead has a friendlier match up than Cooks and he's in a game which should be a shoot out, which will mean he'll be a bust this week.

Should I go:
Rashad Jennings vs Saints
Jeremy Langford vs Eagles
Spencer Ware @ Houston
Demarco Murray @ Detroit

I'm leaning Jennings.

I fell for the it's a Thursday night game meme

Mfw my dad has forte and I'm up against him this week. And I benched decker

R u me?

he should be a lock every week

>tfw I thought I could get Forte a lot later like I did FJax for all those "CJ Spiller is the future!" years
I should've just taken him in the first like I've done every year since I started fantasy
RIP my season

>playing a Thursday night player in your flex

how bad is a 0 for defense? Like they only get around single digits anyway right?

That has been statistically proven to be a meme. Thursday games score just as much as any other game on average.

>Traded Tyrod for Joe Flacco
I thought I made out like a bandit...

holy shit

I have the Bills too in a league so I feel your pain, I was gonna pick up off match ups this week but I thought Jets would spaghetti, got fucked instead

shit defense points usually don't lose games unless you are very close, like 1-5 range

It's.....better than negative.

A good defense can get 10 or more points. 0 points means a loooot of points and yards allowed.

Yeah, Thursday games always seem to be either both defenses don't show up or both offenses don't. So games are either a combined 75+ points for fantasy funtimes, or they're like 10-3 to make gamblers kill themselves

>mfw got Sammy for peanuts in a trade last year after he sucked for the first half of the season and then he blew up the rest of the season

brb gonna text the Sammy owner in my league and comfort him with an offer of Desean Jackson

I'd give Jesse James a look.

Sorry leaf but you can't drop them until Tuesday.

Forte fell to me in the 6th-7th in almost every mock I did, but someone took him in the 5th in my league.

>he didn't start Forte or Decker or Fitzmagic or Marshall or even Tyrod
>nigga is SEETHING

how can one fuck up so bad?

>over 9000 points on his bench

Jesus Christ that is terrible. Tyrod was a top 10 QB last year when healthy and you throw him away after 1 bad game?

Lol last year I traded Danny wood head after his 32 point game for Sammy and then rode him to the championship. He's a guy I'm just not gonna trade because once he gets going he'll win me my league for 2 years in a row


I just need a chump to tide me over until Brady is unleashed. Figured with Watkins at less than 100% and Baltimore with a Browns matchup it was a good move...

Just how good is Sharpe? Is he worth starting over Amari?

Everyone knows he's hurt, I doubt anybody who pays attention to fantasy football will make that trade.

help me Cred Forums

Perriman and Wallace could carry Flacco's value once they get adjusted, and Buck Allen was hurt week 1. Not to mention Pitta is still rusty. Don't kick yourself, it wasn't a bad trade, and it was only concerning QB2s.

this is PPR btw


Devonta Freeman can't have another shit game, right?

Any advice for this week?

Already pissed that Decker keeps outdoing Marshall....

6 man league, retarded friends, like "Big Ben and Russel Wilson" first Round retards, i just want a serious opinion desu

This is why you draft 1 not 2 star WR's on a single NFL team
Granted, they're both consistent as fuck with getting points so it's hard not to

how fk'd or good am I?

I'm on the left.

>tfw I had the #8 pick and I was fine with 6 possible options
>all 6 got taken in the first 7 picks
>timer got to the end and I just said fuck it I'll take this guy who is listed at the way top in projections even though I've never heard of him
And now he's at best in a committee, at worst 2nd string after 1 week
fuck devonta

>All those good WRs
How big is your league? Trade Decker or Marshall for a RB

>give me a serious opinion in a 6 man league

.5 ppr btw

sorry for trying to improve, i'm going to cry in the corner now, also, fuck you

i traded forte for brady after looking at the jets schedule and seeing they have some tough games. did i fucked up?

I remember my old strat was to avoid those kinds of guys, as I'd dominate a guy with Julio one week because Roddy got 28 points, and then dominate the guy with Roddy the next week because Julio got 26
But then somehow my 2 favorite receivers in BMarsh and Decker ended up on the same team

He's going to be Touchdown dependent so yes. Take a look at Jeremy Hill's career game log if you want to know what you should expect from Freeman.

yeah, picking them up was honestly just a matter of taking what was best at the time....but you guys are right that a runningback could be useful for the future....any idea as to what to do for the current week?

depends on how you do in weeks 1-4, could pay off in 5-16

There is no improving in a 6 man
Every team is stacked to fuck already, so the 97% crapshootiness of fantasy sports elevates to a full 100%

>Trading a top 5 rb for a qb dealing with suspension issues right now but is gold ROS

A little but it couldve been worse

Yeah, big time. The Bengals were a tough matchup, and he recorded 155 yards, in spite of the offense only combining for about 340. The guy's the offensive centerpiece and he's still an elite talent. I traded for him immediately after week 1. Also, not so bad if it's a 2QB league.

I've been trying to offload him by bundling him with Roethlisberger and Ware all week, and no one will bite. I even offered those three for Amari Cooper to a guy starting Alex Smith and Blount, and it was rejected within minutes.

>tfw I have Freeman and Latavius
I'm going to have 73 points between the two one week and -3 the next all season

Do you guys think Mike Evans will have a good matchup this week?

The Cardinals couldn't even handle Jimmy G and WR2s, so I think it should be ok, but I'm still a little worried.

Do I make it guys? Projected to be close

His Sanders and Mathews are going to get 30+ to negate your 2 and then some

it's a struggle to get numbers

Patrick Peterson was totally out of his element covering tiny white guys. He makes his money on receivers like Evans though so don't be surprised if he shuts him down.

>Never heard of him
Is this your first year watching football? He was the breakout rookie of the year last year, and lit it up literally every week. I don't think I ever dipped below 30 with him last year (PPR)

>Benching Spencer Ware
Bruh. You do know he's more productive than Jamaal Charles, right?

Just start the best players, nigga.

You started McCoy over Elliott. Are you insane?

>Starting Jarvis Landry over Ware

I feel that. Running a league with 10 members is tough enough in the home country of football, I wound up having to share the league with my high school physics teacher just to get a decent amount of people.

PPR. Travis Benjamin or A.Hurns at Flex? I'm also starting Woodhead, so i'd like to maximize my chances to get as many points as possible

I took the gamble of jet's spaghetting on defense, which they did plenty but McCoy wasn't there to bring in the points

plus Zeke was pretty garbo last week, and a shit QB doesn't really instill confidence when the defense knows the runs gonna come

Need help with a trade

I could either do Spencer Ware for Jeremey Hill

Or I could do Rawles, Michaels, and Denver D for Jamaal Charles and Minnesota D

Currently my Rb's are Elliot, Ware, Rawles, Michaels, Crowell, and Morris.

Currently leaning towards option number two. Could also convince him to give up Langford instead of hill

>overreacting to one game against the shitty Chargers

foh Charles is literally the all time leader in ypc

I'm guessing hell no on all offers, but I'm having a hard time understanding your poor spelling. If you think that's condescending, the fact your league members offered such conman-tier trades should be worse.

If your opponent has forte is there literally no chance at winning?

t. fantasy newfaggot


I've seen guys win against bigger TNF performances, but your chances are slim if your opponent's team is even competent.

there's always a chance

last week i won when my opponent had luck (best fantasy QB of the week) and i had wilson (bottom 5 fantasy QB of the week)

post your lineups

So are you saying I should trade for Jamaal?

ware for langford imo

the rbs of seattle and a superior defense for an injured rb and good defense seems like a bad deal on your end

Depends on what you're spending. I'd definitely rather have Charles than Ware ROS.

>sitting decker

From what I understand Benjamin's gonna have to step up to be the WR1 due to Keenan's injury, while Hurns is already the solid WR2 lock complementing Robinson and doing all the things he can't. Honestly you can't really go wrong with starting either. Pick the one who's going against the weaker defense. I personally think that's Hurns in this scenario. But then again I am starting both this week.

Thanks. Unfortunately, i can't start both, because i've already went with Decker (and it's good) and McCoy (not so good, but ok), so i have to choose between Baldwin, Benji and Hurns to fill 2 WR spots. I believe that Baldwin should be a lock, so it's Benji or Hurns for a second spot. Thank you.

Help still torn


Flex TB/WR Evans or PHI/RB Mathews? Why?

Leaning towards Mathews because of his coach's comments and Evans/Peterson matchup, even though Cardinals announced he won't follow him all game.


Hey guys, I was wondering what any of you would move around on my team as is. I'm in a standard 10 player league.

I'm probably gonna start Carr over Luck just because of the better match up but more curious about sitting Landry, Sharpe, etc.

Appreciate any advice!

stick with your team as is, other than putting in carr

no I actually think you should put Carr in.

Luck maybe gets 2 tds, Carr is guaranteed that and maybe more seeing how much the crab man fucked atlanta

In standard I'd lean slightly towards Evans. In PPR I'd lean strongly towards Evans.

Mathews upside is limited by Philly and Carson Wentz.

Thanks for your suggestions!

I'm on the right, got Carolina d and Blair walsh, he's got Arizona and gano. I've got Sanders and John Brown for receivers and Jeremy hill and Chris ivory on the bench. Andrew luck and Andy Dalton as well.. How bad do I lose?

You don't see Philly offense doing well against Chicago?

Sorry, I'm on the left... Been drinking kek

That's what I'm saying, steelers play well at home

What moves should I make? 10 man ppr
I'm streaming kickers and also tight ends until Ertz is back or Graham looks back to form.

>tfw you benched Decker


Donte Moncrief @ Den
Michael Thomas @ NYG

Drop one or two tight ends. No reason to have more than one on your roster ever. And go pick up a lottery ticket like Chris Thompson or Kenneth Dixon

Is Decker a legit low-end WR1 for the rest of the season, or should I try to sell high?

Guy legit hauls in a TD once every week, consistent as hell, 8-10 point floor. Sell high if you wish otherwise just flex him like me

need to pick up a defense for this week, because the bengals are playing the stillers and I have DeAngelo on my team. Which of these left would be a safe pick?

is stafford a better start over ben rapelisberger
even if I start Riddick?
Or instead of Riddick to I go with Stewart. Like his matchup against the Niners.

R-rate my Team please guys... 12 man league, one keeper was allowed (mine was Langford, only cost a last round pick since he was a waiver wire guy).

Not pictured: Julius Thomas and Justin Forsett, both I'm very very slightly considering starting, but I think this lineup is set for the week as is.

woodhead or ingram?

do you play with retards?

your lineup is stacked

Zach Miller or Rudolph for my TE? Half point PPR

And yes I know they're both ass but TEs are really thin right now

We all tend to drink a lot before and during the draft


Who wins? 10 team 0.5 PPR.

Champion team of league that doesn't know ffb that well, enjoy having the best team in the league

standard or ppr lil nugga, standard Ingram ppr Woodhead

Stewart has a good matchup senpai go with him, Roethlisberger over Stafford.

Jags D is a sneaky sleeper this week but risky. Honestly you and I are in the same boat in that D/ST is a weekly punt.

Keep him and flex him, solid consistent player and with Enunwa doing well he will benefit.


why do you think ben is going to have a better game against stafford? I don't trust ben against cincinnati

I think Roethlisberger's game will be a shootout whereas Stafford will go up early and run the ball more capping his ceiling.

hmmm... interesting...
do the steelers and bengals have a history of shootouts? I've always thought their games are more defensive bouts

Traditionally yes they're shootouts. But the Bengals will be missing Burfict and the Steelers defense has been riddled with injuries and holes for a couple years now. Also both teams have a healthy top 5 WR who can destroy any corner they face so it could be wild one.

Irrespective of history both of their offenses are terrific, however the Bengals have the advantage over the Steelers in the defense department. CINs secondary is better than their front 7 so I feel that PIT will throw more often to counteract that. You can also count of Roesthlisberger to have a high fantasy floor as well even in a game where he goes up against a top tier defense altogether and I can't say the same about Stafford, even if I do like him this year as a QB1.

Traditionally defensive bouts I mean

I think stafford will have to prove himself more of a consistent fantasy player to warrant a start. However, since week 10, no one else has more fantasy points than Stafford except Newton and Wilson...
With that being said, I think I'll stick to starting Big Ben and Riddick.

Their last 3 meetings Ben has been decent but nothing special. Averaging around 260 yards but has thrown only 2 TDs and 3 INTs so nothing to write home about. Still like said this game is more likely to be close and have the Steelers throwing more later in the game which usually means more points

have a tough flex pick this week

standard scoring

Rawls, Langford, or Marvin Jones

going with Langford atm

That's a great call in any format. God, I wish I had more shares of Langford, especially this week. Who are you starting in your WR/RB slots over Rawls and Marvin Jones? Jones is also a fantastic start this week.

Lacy/L Murray at RB
Julio/Marshall at WR

>tfw life flashed before my eyes when Marshall was on the ground

That looked fucking atrocious. Career ending shit right there. I love Marshall, he just hopped right back on the field after every tendon and ligament and his knee should've exploded to pieces.

But yeah, Langford in the FLEX is a great call, you should have a great week. Marshall already netted you a solid week out of your WR2 slot.

Yeah I was absolutely fine with 10 points from Marshall giving his performance last week and miracle ligament/tendon performance this week

Guess I'll be sticking with Langford. Fine by me.

Yo Mac (and anybody else for that matter) I need help starting a flex player in my 16 team PPR league.

I'm stuck between Marvin Jones and Donte Moncrief.

I'm leaning toward Jones this week but don't feel great about it because I don't know if his low score last week was a fluke or sign of things to come. On the other hand, Denver's defense is really stout and I don't think Luck's going to have a lot of time to get his receivers the ball with his shit offensive line.


given* not giving

I own a ton of shares in all 8 of leagues of both players (many having both) and I am playing Jones over Moncrief with confidence. The Detroit/Titans game should be a high-powered offensive shootout ala Indy/Det last week. Moncrief has a much tougher matchup in what may be an unfavorable game script. Jones' "low" score (if you want to call it that) last week was a product of the fact he didn't score a TD, but he was targeted the most out of any eligible receiver on that team. Jones is a start-of-the-week candidate


Alright thanks man I appreciate it.

Actually, one more question. Same guy who had the Marvin Jones question.

I've got another PPR league where I have the choice of starting Allen Hurns or Marvin Jones. Do you think Jones is the best play there as well?
I like Hurns because of how SD's defense got torched last week and he's always a threat to score a TD, but he's still JAC's WR2 and I don't know how involved Yeldon and J. Thomas are going to be.

Am I safe playing Andrew Luck this week?

I'm considering streaming either Matt Ryan (vsOAK) or Joe fucking Flacco (@Cle). Please convince me that Luck can score on Denver.

In fantasy, and especially PPR leagues, you have to go with usage, and it's almost guaranteed Jones will have more usage than Hurns. Hurns was targeted fairly sparingly last week. Usage is what makes Landry a top ten WR option week in and week out in that format. Both have great matchups, but Jones has a better chance at more catches. TDs are utterly unpredictable, so you have to play it safe. Of course, Hurns could grab a TD or two, but so can any player. Case-in-point: Greg Salas and Marquise Goodwin tonight. Literally who? You just cannot try to base anything off of potential TDs.

I don't feel safe playing Luck against Denver. Ware, Miller and Marshall are going to have a field day against the Colts' offensive line and he's going to be under constant pressure.
Even though Ryan hasn't been the fantasy darling he was a few years ago I think he's got a better shot against the Raiders, though I also saw him pop up on NFL.com's Sit 'em list. Flacco might be an underrated play considering how Carson Wentz carved 'em up last week.

I appreciate your advice.

Yeah, I'm streaming Ryan where I can pick him up (which is only one league). He has a chance at another 20+ point week with that secondary

The only reason I'm leaning towards Luck (besides the fact that he's projected to outscore Ryan and Flacco by most reputable sites) is the fact that Cam Newton still got his against Denver. So if Newton can score, why not Luck?

Ameer abdulla or john brown in the flex in a ppr league?

Newton is a threat to run and his offensive line isn't utter garbage.

>tfw you benched Sammy Watkins like Cred Forums suggested.

Thanks senpai.

K. Benjamin or Mike Evans?

I'm reacting to last season, numb nuts

Okay, so you guys saying I'm better off streaming Matt Ryan:

I'm currently streaming the Patriots defense against the Dolphins. Should I drop them to pick up Matt Ryan, and play my primary defense (Houston against Kansas City) instead?

I am also playing Spencer Ware this week, if that makes a difference.


Larry Fitzgerald
Mike Evans
Ryan Mathews

Who to flex?

I'm leaning towards Mathews because I know they're going to feed him the ball. Also nervous about Bucs matchup with Cards defense and the target split among Arizona WRs.