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First for NA beats finland

look what came in the mail today, /hoc/


>Walk into locker room
>Only spot open is next to a stinky smelly sweed


>I..very exciting and... tomorrow first game and... its nice
>very speed game and... thats cool

are all finns this bad at english

Ask him to fart for some fresh air.

>mfw Matthews wins the Calder
>2019 OUR YEAR

>this flag
>this post


i just want to roleplay...


wtf is wrong with laine's hair

do finnish people have bad hair genetics or something?

finns have naturally high testosterone which unfortunately shows in baldness

>no games for 3 days

lol wtf is this

most handsome man in finlan

It's like when your team has a game on Monday and then on Friday and you're like what the fuck

Is this Selke material?

>slept for 4 hours in the afternoon
>have to be in lab 9 AM
>no hockey

kill me

are you a real germ or an expat

I'm feeling very ill. I don't want to go to the doctor since I've used up my 3 visits for the year.

Any chance you could throw me a few (You)s? Maybe that will make me feel better.

>tfw neither of >our goalies are hot

Pretty tight on (you)s right now, but I'll send one your way

Got an abundance of (you)s from the other day. Pay it forward friendo

>tfw someone makes fun of your forced meme

>finnish goaltending

Is he Cell key material?

The meme that keeps on giving

and yet >my team literally did this shit
pic related

How many years until he sounds like he's from southern ontario just like every other hackey player?

Is he Cell key material?


ok thx

I'm real and used to post regularily here

he's pretty bad. Usually fins and swedes are good at English. He must have been daydreaming during English class.

At least the autist obsessed with Max stopped accusing you.

How many hotties are you going to wish you had talked to during the upcoming festivities?

The "Okbtoberfest" beers have already started hitting shelves here. I don't dislike them but I can't say Marzen is my first choice

>when will they learn?

Also according to this photo Gaurdeau is ~5'7

seems about right, larkin is 6'1 i think

I've not even been to Oktboberfest yet and don't think I can can make it this year even though I'd already have a stay in Munich. too bad


Goodrow is pretty damn good. But I am still surprised he hasn't died. I suppose years and years of being a manlet teaches you how to avoid massive checks. Look at Kane, his biggest injury was a broken collarbone from being checked into the boards akwardly.

Fuck off Max

arturri lehkonen will win the calder

Larkin is 6 feet. Nuge is maybe a hair over and Rielly the only legit 6'1 guy.

when I first came here I thought Max was the generic meme name for germans here. took me a few months


come on

Does anyone want a rare max? He made a new facebook account

yet you still post poopoo

mad max fury road was a fucking awesome movie, recommended

so you're saying that Johnny is not 5'9"?

that seems about right actually

3 inches below larkin

stop stereotyping finns

I'm pretty sure that is Hans

Are you a fan of the Oilers?

Can you meme about juolevi some more? I feel left out when Finns post about pujuju and laine

Reason is because he is overhyped ex-jokerit junior player whose draft position got overrated by about 30 picks because he played in meme-canadianjuniorleagues.

seen it multiple times and they always bust

Is he cell key material?

He is a great player IMO. Physically raw but has great tools and especially aa great hockey IQ. There is just no real meme potential

Is he cell key material in 2 years?

fuckign retard rapebabby he already won it god damnit



George Miller stops making action movies and instead makes romcoms and kids movies for 25 years. Then at age 70 he slaps the world in the face with the greatest action movie it has ever seen. Just waving his dick at the Michael Bay's of the world and showing how to make a fucking movie when you have all the resources in the world.

too bad he wastes his career with the frogs

That's the joke.

armemian """"""humor"""""" everybody


>That's the joke.

>Canadian education
>Canacuck hockey knowledge
>The village of no cups since 1993
Top kek

>armenia calling anything a village

inb4 "thats the joke"


He is cell key material

Meme aside, it's bretty gud beer.

no, he is rogaine material

Stamkos Hedman and Vasilevskiy will all go to the leafs


Hey mongols, Cred Forums is talking shit about you:

why would anyone ever care what Cred Forums thinks


made me chuckle.

i've met him, can confirm manlet tier but a quality dude

>give me eight BILLION dollars a year! NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

i'd just demand burke's hair desu


good post

No I didn't lol

What's wrong with his benis

>tfw screwdriver

It's slightly bent to the left, just like mine.

Mr leftward sloping benis

Where's the math?

>tfw weather is getting comfy

Finland will win meme bowl



Can we talk about how much better Matthews has looked than Laine in the warm-up games?

no we can not

But I want to.

Or mcbroken

hey connor, u up?

Was McDavid a half-season wonder?

>finns and americans make fun of mcdavid the whole WHC
>finland reaches the final undefeated
>McBased scores the only goal of the first 99.97% of the game
>finland is cucked out of the gold
>finland is also cucked out of 1 million swiss francs

This post gave me Finnish Heritage Disease.

Laine - Barkov - Aho


Someone should start a /hoc/ discord

Thoughts? Thank fuck I'm not Finnish.

Laine - Bulju - Aho
Kapanen - Barkov - Granlund
Armia - Teräväinen - Pulkkinen
These are our future lines, Jokinen and Koivu are out soon and i have no idea where Haula fits in.
Koivu and Jokinen will retire soon and Haula is mestis tier.

>mfw thinking this would be fun even though I'm shy as fuck

sure but Laine - Barkov - Aho is your top line to start the tournament

does Bulju really play center? wasn't Aho centering that line during the WJC?

Yeah that is the best for this tournament.
They both are capable and have experience of playing center so it doesnt quite matter which one will be the C and i think aho was indeed the main center in the tourny.

>post yfw Sabres win the cup

>Our Year

Did Pulju play C in juniors? Hasn't played a single game on the center in adults games
>no Donskoi

>at supersandwiches

He did and Donskoi is DESIGNATED 4th liner cap this post for the 2022 olympics

What do you mean by Mestis tier?
Haula is a great 3-4 center. He can score with his speed and finnish, plays amazing D, and is a first PK candidate. He isn't a guy to throw on the PP.
Glad I could watch him play on the goofers and as a 7th round pick he has outperformed Teravainen.

Why didn't Stamkos go to the leafs if they were willing to pay him up to 4 million more per year on top of way more advertising money?

He wants to win

>with binns
>on his teamm

Trouble understanding the concept? Dont worry the next 10 years of international hocki will certainly teach you that
>with bins you win

post dick if finns don't win WCoH

>implying sexy hair man isnt one of the truly elite finnish players

Laine isn't in tamba man

Laine doesnt have hair

damn they look great, especially the russia one

>WCOH sweaters scheduled to be delivered 2morrow
don't let me down US postal service


plz post pic

I really like the NA one

First round of WCoH predictions

You shouldnt bet t b h

Probably wont, post yours

multiple levels of gay right here desu

I only know that Fin and Can will win

why didn't you just get a jersey instead?

if you're going to go full out, might as well get a jersey

/hoc/ OFFICIAL DISCORD: discord.gg/66HXE




>Penguins and Blackhawks in updated early odds are co-favorites to win stanley cup (9/1)
>Caps and Bolts right behind at 10/1
>Kongs drop from 14/1 to 16/1, Wild drop from 18/1 to 25/1, Panthers up from 25/1 to 16/

Why have the capitals over better western conference teams? Has vegas not learned yet?

Blackhawks = memes

when is the blackhawks are still good meme going to die

In my papers next season finalists are Winnipeg Laines and Florida Barkovs



Once the hawks get knocked out (IF they do) the west becomes literally any teams for the taking again like last season. I hope it happens.

I feel like anaheim is going to make a run

>I stayed up till 5:30 again
Why do I do this to myself



great jerseys tbH

no they suck dick

ready to fuck up the Cantpucks again?


In to le trash

>those kingdom hearts shoes

So my friend is a Habs fan and he thinks Pens aren't going to repeat. Hah. Seriously who can stop them?


>first game of the memecup isn't on friday night
why gary?

If they get to the final there's no stopping them. And nobody in the East can compete

Now that the dust has settled, what went so wrong?

>noted chokers choked
>what went wrong?

Gary wants to put an end to ice hockey as we know it.
They fell apart in the final. High pressure + they had injuries. I'm still upset by this though.

post a pic with more talent

sorry you cant

someone post the laine-aho-puljujärvi line

someone post kulli mikke

>gary batman

Really makes you think

>He's the hero the NHL deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll boo him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A dark knight.

Pulju is the hero the /hoc/ deserves, the one it needs right now. So we'll post him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A meme knight.

Because they're good


trips confirm

>Le cry and dive man
>Le score the same goal man
Kopitar and Bergeron are twice more talented than those one trick ponies.


Barkov hasn't updated his blog since january. Really makes you ponder.

when is hokkei

When they miss the playoffs this year


Hockey players have blogs? People still blog in general?

finland needs to fuck off

Finland haters need to fuck offf

champs 2016
sharters btfo

smells like a roach rape babby in here

>"I've always said this is my home," Fleury told the Post-Gazette. "I wish I could play here all my career. I'll try my best to do good for the team, for the organization, and hopefully stick around a long time."

I'll just leave this here...


what is it with this man and the playoffs?

We are Ducks, And Ducks fly together

I like the leafs

I am exchanging some (You)s lads. Give a (You) and receive a (You) in return

thinking if i should take that sharters deal lads what do you think?

water your plant

pls drop i miss old memes

You can have this for free I have a massive stockpile

>tfw promotions schedule released, retro hat night opening day
>tfw too fat to go to the beach so i will just use the beach towels as normal towels

is it because of disneyland?

Can I get one too

Have two my friend

Me too guy

Hey thanks, but I can't witha good conscience accept the extra.

You seem like a nice enough finn

can't be. the shorks have a bunch of furry fans too





Just sad

Really? Parise?

Chubbs is so delusional. Our entire fan base suffers because of him

>being one of those pessimistic no fun allowed faggots

>acting like we have bragging rights
Kys fattt

>there are players out there wearing number 9 like gordie Howe didn't earn a league wide number retirement

Fuck you, parise, you talentless hack

>you shouldn't have a giggle since we didn't win a championship when your dad was a teenager

Literally who

Parise wears 11 dipshit

he didn't earn it


>espn still pretending to understand hockey

Is there a team in a worse position than the Minnesota Wild?
>Soft 30+ winger with a career ending back injury signed at top line money for the next decade
>Incredibly overrated locker room cancer defenseman signed at an even worse contract for the next decade
>soft autist who can't speak English as a captain
>doofus goalie who was signed after 5 months of good play, has regressed at an alarming rate and isn't even starter quality any more
>team is so cancerous they ran their excellent defensive minded coach out of town and hired a guy that couldn't win with prime ovechkin and couldn't win with getzlaf perry and Kesler
>hired an assistant coach who wasn't good enough to coach in fucking NEW JERSEY
>fanbase that booed them off the ice in the playoffs
>management that relies on an IRL meme "the state of hockey" to pander to idiots and sell tickets
>worst logo in professional sports. A fucking bear made of trees
What a laughably bad franchise, they mismanaged the cap worse than the hawks and all they got was a second round sweep exit.
So, can anyone think of a team in a worse position?




I could really use a (You) right about now...

Here (You) go. Just don't waste it or use it in a (You) pyramid scheme to steal (You)s from other people.

meme howe will get retired once his whale stem cell therapy wears off and he finally dies

Here. But you gotta respond to my question
Which Canadian teams do you think will miss the playoffs

fucking gook ameriboo gave the sharter a you!

if price is OK

Jest, Laffs, Oilels, Hasb, Cucks.

Snes and Flimmers meme their way into the wildcards

Get fucked mongol shitter

That's fucked up, Binland. I thought we were cool?

Don't be mean to amerinippon
He's probably drunk

That was a trick question, no Canadian teams will make the playoffs

habs will



Pulju and mcmeme

>carry my team "glass knees" price is #1 tendie
I don't think so user

>state of hockey
>no cups
What did they mean by this?

usa on the left finland on the right

I know this is meme pasta but let's talk about the wings
>regressing captain signed until he's 40 for 6M
>regressing 2C signed until he's 38 for >5M
>7 year contract for a pest who had 2 good season and is already past his prime (>4M)
>almost 4M for a 4C who is only good for his speed
>2 swedish pylons on defense, will soon make Staal and Girardi look good
>5M backup goalie, starter meant to be next Hasek but is actually just streaky
>"young guns" come up in their prime and have 2 good years tops
>even worse prospect pool than the rangers
>roster features Steve Ott and Joe Vitale

speaking of Detroit and the rangers: NYR-CAR prospect game is on the Detroit page today
>tfw hokkei

Detroit is in a rough spot

a new dead things era is upon us

>not the gook

>usa anyone but the bottom

Lucic or Pulju who is the bigger guy?


At least they aren't tied to most of their shit tier contracts for the next 8 years

Who can stop him from making the Metro his little bitch?

New pingers away boys

"""""""New"""""""" since that is technicaly their old away sweater

Why does the pengin look so angry? It doesn't have to play regularly in Philadelphia.

>on the bright side your team managed to keep its good young players
>on the down side, those players don't really make a good team and your team never does enough to supplement them
who /avs/ here?

You'll make the playoffs this year
Roy is that shit of a coach

>not kessel

tfw its almost canes time

this desu shouldve sacked him last season

Is that a record setting attendance?

I agree that it seems MacKinnon just didn't mesh well with the guy, could often see the clashing personalities in press conferences. Hopefully he will have a bounce back year now.

pls make more memes thks

the owner is a prick

Great One dubs bullying Carolina.

But he ain't lying. Top kek.

>mfw he also owns the nuggets
>mfw even lamer pricks own the Rockies

Because Koivu wears 9

cus it's tuff! :)

I always associated 9 with Modano

Is posting facebook slags in hockey gear haram or halal here on /hoc/?


Pulju a bust

its good, imo desu

Probably cuz he's better than Howe

Jesse Puljujarvi will be playing in the Oilers/Canucks young stars tournament tonight at 8:30 MT.

Streamed on Oiler youtube channel.

Can someone insult me with the I'll have you know hockey copy pasta please


howe died in july, senpai

Does this look like a fucking circus to you, huh? Im not here to entertain you faggot.

How many bongs is that?

7 bongs, 30 bings from now. The VoDs will be available after if you cant watch the games live.

Jesse will be playing with coveted college center Drake Cagguila on the top line.

Go home Finland

>his hero is his father

what did he mean by this?

You know what they say: it's better to never meet your heroes.


9 is not a unique enough number. Plenty of stars wore 9 before and after gordie


pulju respected it

holy shit

Well I did it guys I bought NHL 17, even bought the deluxe edition so I could really get into HUT this year, you know, I thought it was going to be different. This year was the year I wouldn't get blown out every game by a bunch of faggot children with nothing better to do then to play this shit game and score the same faggot deke goal that they've been scoring for the last 10 years. FUCK. I've lsot ANOTHER game 9-0 I have 1 win in 10 games I am in the bottom division, the lowest you can get, this isn't fun. fucking no life faggots.





all fins are beta autistic cucks

Doesn't pulju have a training camp number?

Good post

Leave Finland alone, Mr. ameridumb

>canada with the bants

didn't he get #39? Someone posted a pic here last week

>buying a hockey game made in hongcouver

You deserve it

Finland is quite a nice country and I like their hockey players

t. pekka

Yeah that's training camp-ish. I don't think he gets to choose one until the main camp. Besides, the oilers already have 9 retired for Glenn Anderson so he couldn't take it even if he wanted to

Jake Virtanen pls go

Finland is a shit country with garbage hockey """""""""""""""""""""""""""players""""""""

perhaps you should git gud

honestly, I only play though games so I can fantasy draft GM mode and see how how my hypothetical fantasy scenarios are.

Can't imagine taking the multiplayer seriously.

fuck I can't type apparently.

those* games
how good* my fantasy scenarios are.

>play as an EASHL defenseman for about a month
>learn how to not give up breakaways by trying to make hits
>get gud
>don't get rekt


Link please

loving EASHL

currently beasting as a LW sniper. First four games we went undeafeated and won 7-0, 5-0, etc. Then I tried the hitting sniper and now we lose every single game (well, it's only been two games)

you can also wear a mullet now

Artturi is playing in the rookie tournament today on the first line with McCarron and Scherbak,

Good post

I'm usually a LW sniper too
I sit at the dot and wait for one timers all day, usually get a couple.

really got bored with 16 and won't get 17. had a little fun with a full bronze team during the last months though


Hey Vancouver, >snes fan here. Is Bartkowski a meme?

>rookie tournament
>has played 5 years in pro leagues
lel cheaters

He can skate and might be an ok bottom pairing, but he was terrible

hockey is on guys


Otherworldly at gaining the zone, dogshit terrible at literally everything else.



He hasn't played very much on North American ice. This will be a good test.

seems like every team in the league has their very own Finnish bust these days

our meme game is too strong. Even scouts are falling for it.

luckily we got rid of Yours for Eric fucking Staal



didn't rags draft a finn



Open faced sandwiches on dark rye bread (actual dark rye bread, not "american dark" rye bread) > publix

Good toppings include pork liver patê with pickles and fish roe paste with boiled or fried eggs


shut the fuck up nigger


>Edmonton Oilers @EdmontonOilers
Projected #Oilers fwds
Stadnyk-Bauer-Foster #YoungStars

>Edmonton Oilers @EdmontonOilers
Defensive pairings:
Goalies: Ellis, Wells #YoungStars

World Cup prediction:

North America overcomes their goaltending and wins in an upset over Canada

goalering is literally NA's last problem

>pro publix arguments

>he thinks John Gibson isn't a problem

>Platzer & Chase
Aren't they a bit old for this?


What a sequence by Artturi to set up McCarron's goal.


That Czech one is pretty good.


this forced meme is almost as bad the mark stone one. pic related

>drake cagguila

:DDD that name CANT be real

>mad at elite prospects

probably, but edmonton is pretty bad at drafting and worse at development. they need to take what they can get.

@333rd poster


lmao penguins absolutely blown the fuck out

>pittsburgh drafting


>almost as bad the mark stone one

Hey. At least I keep it at one post per thread

>thinking therrien will not immediately force this guy into becoming yet another grinder



why do people like walking around bear foot?

He's actually already a kind of grinder.

at least he's not a meat and potatoes kinda boy like pulju

4th round, just trying to steal one
I was thinking about Saarela

Tell me about Petrus Palmu

Literally never heard of him and though he must be an ex jokerit junior player who jumped to canadian meme leagues

i was right


That would be extremely painful

nobody can eat meat and potatoes like pulju. except mcmeme of course.

Nikita Scherbak looking absolutely dominant out there.

>yfw Habs youth movement imminent

They are playing the NA vs Finland game at the oilers new arena

It's across the street from me so me and my gf are going

>mfw cheering for finlan

anyone else going ?

What's the poit of having beards like this?

its quirky


to show everyone how hard it is to clean cum out of your beard

look at thornton's messy bush

>Joe's face when his wife gets fucked by that BBC

Guess player

I appreciate the question

False not happening

t. Macewan

too much hair in dis pic

pls delet

I appreciate the answer

can anyone else out there fully picture what kane will look like when he is retired and middle-aged? like i have no idea where my life will go in that time but i still can perfectly picture his future hairline


Don't joke around about clowns man, there's an epidemic going on stateside

I mean, I know what he was going for with that look, but why?

Really want to watch pulju play hockey but also want to sleep

really tough nut tbqh

There's only one saturday every week

Cuz he so random ^^

They definitely didn't get the hairline right, but everything else looks correct.

Where are they airing those games? I'm assuming your talking about the rookie tourny in BC right?

So he will become a heroin addict?


someone said on oilers youtube channel

i think his eyes will be that sunken, but he will be much, much fatter

As a comparison, here's McDavid after he goes back in time and realizes he can't change the past.

Sick. More excited for this than the meme cup tbqh

Fall is coming.

Comfy time.

>tfw inches from pulling the trigger on a new $1,500 computer with two 24" monitors for joint hocket watching and shitposting

holy fuck this beard trend needs to end

it has no place in hockey

t. poo lamoriello





God, he's gotten progressively uglier each year. He had boyish good looks when he was first drafted.

Baldness is the scourge of society.

How many bongs to Pulju

Scheifele - McDavid - Matthews
Gaudreau - Eichel - Larkin
Miller - RNH - Drouin
Trocheck - Couturier - Saad


Where will you be when Eichel gets more points than McDavid in the WCoH?

>boyish good looks

with 3 games played, the following people are the only members of the team with zero points



>getting his meme on to the extent that he gets a point
Doubt tbf

hes not even playing is he

reminder that miller is/will be elite


Exactly, I was playing the part of a boring bessewisser

does matthews remind anyone else strikingly of zenon konopka? i mean they are practically the exact same player. is konopka the blueprint for matthews' career?

pingus btfo by babbyhabs

8. Finland: This might be surprising because of their reputation, but there’s a lot not a lot to like here. The defense isn’t great, but it’s at least not the worst at the World Cup. Rasmus Ristolainen is getting huge minutes and he’s not a player that Game Score likes due to his poor shot rates. Goaltending will either be very strong or very weak depending on who the team actually chooses. Pekka Rinne is the front-runner and that would be the wrong choice. Still the biggest issue is up front where there is just no depth or top flight talent. Aleskander Barkov is fantastic, as is his Florida teammate Jussi Jokinen, although neither are as good as any other team’s top forwards. It gets bleak after that and neither of them are even getting the most forward minutes on team. For some reason Valtteri Filppula is getting two-and-a-half minutes more per game over Barkov, which is sub-optimal. Their second best goal-scorer last year was Leo Komarov with 19 goals. The team had one 20-goal scorer. They’re also dressing Lauri Korpikoski who might be one of the worst players in the NHL let alone this tournament. The Finns are rarely good on paper – this team is no exception – but they usually manage to find a way somehow. Maybe they surprise as usual, but this roster looks ugly and it’d be pretty shocking if they advanced past the group stage.

>leaving out the amazing d-men

Murray Jones
Rielly Ekblad
Parayko Trouba

>not understanding how he opens up the ice for his teammates and how his line faces the opponents best defensive line

i swear american and fingolian national teams are the polar opposites of each other. fingolian teams look like dogshit on paper but always seem to do great in tournaments and are pretty consistent. american teams look great on paper but tend to do shit in tournaments and ar e highly inconsistent,

No MacKinnon or Monahan? Surely they could replace Drouin.


>look up konopka
>see he was over an assist per game in junior
>look up his teammates
>team had a 55 goal scorer I have never heard of
>look up who drafted him
>it was the >laffs

Monahan is hurt

They do good because they put players like Korpikoski on their team. Depth/role players that actually make a living as such are important. As opposed to Canada which will have players use to being top line scorers transition to 3rd-4th line role players. It doesn't always work very well.

imo hockey canada politics and little to no practice for the national teams are always our biggest stumbling blocks rather than personnel

no ghostmeme? lmao what a bust

>pongs win the cup with kessel on the third line
>you need useless players to win lmao

>replace drouin
He's better than half the people on that list including mcmeme

>t. publix


Make me

>Sweden #1
>Europe #8

>Europe 6-2 Sweden in pre tourney

What was the intentions of this writer?

lmao is that satire??


you have no idea what you are talking about.

you've clearly never played hockey or any sport

I think it's hilarious, I don't see us making it out of the group

>had a bad pre-tournament game
>oohhh, they must be terrible

Is this your first time watching hockey?

Na I think around 1994, DIF-HV in Globen


Why is the trophy so ugly



Then you should know better. But I guess you can't ask for too much from a Djurgården fan

they modeled it after you

Im not a Djurgårds fan, my dad was

Good for you

Oh, and if you mean that he isn't around anymore by "was", then I'm sorry for your loss

"and with our first selection in the 2016 we are proud to select sean day"



Remember when people though this fat autistic bust was going first overall?

Don't worry guys, he's gonna be the next Paul Coffey, we swear

rip i always heard how his magic treatments were gonna keep him alive forever


is too expensive.

ftfy, the food isn't even that good. ill give you the sandwiches, sure. but overall might as well go to winn dixie.

the >rags just can't pass up a big name past prime has been, even if he is only 18

>habs gave up subban

the fuck were y'all thinking?

>k spinning negro
Can't wait for him, josi and Ellis to go 1,2 3 in turnovers/60

Hawks exited first round, dumbass

And the bear is miles better than the racist Indian head

>le black give the puck away suburban gangster guy
select one

Hawks have three cups in the past decade
Minnesota has ZERO

>y'alls only goal scorer
since the rest of your team is shit. must be a rebuild year, eh guy?

O shit

Git gud fagtron

Cups don't make you less racist

babbys first troll

They also have something like 10 rape allegations per each player on the team, too. And an overpaid goalie.

I actually AM from the South, what's your fucking excuse?


i met a freemason today guys. was pretty cool. also who plays the first game tomorrow

sean day is a fat alcoholic that dips grizz wintergreen and will be a 7th d in the nhl

Who is Sean day

>doesn't even have one for his shit tier trolling skills

Well there you have it. You back a shit team that gave up one of the only players that took it to the finals two years ago, from a country that claims to have invented hockey yet didn't even make it to the playoffs last year. And now you're trying to talk shit over grammar, like that actually changes the fact that Subban was one of the only players keeping your franchise afloat. Get fuckt, and tell your team to git gud.


There's hockey on faggots.

Cool b8
You aren't from the south

hes a hockey player

sean day isnt good enough to be a 7th d

because reddit likes it

is mine.

Boltsfag here, obviously lived in Tampa. Born in Texas, just like my entire family. So yes, I am from the South and your shit team still gave away its prime asset. Fuck off, you can't even form a decent sentence let alone proper b8. heres your final (You), enjoy getting wreckt in the first two months of the season, just like last year.

not sure why thornton has one, i guess cause hes old and doesnt care anymore

burns is a nu male fag though who i guarantee is cool with his wife having an open relationship

>sean day
>picked in Round 3

Why is this an issue? Anything outside the top 10 is risky.

Man those kooky kanadians and their kuckholding, I tell ya

>wasting a draft pick
you sound like those retard sabers fans trying to defend giving a pick for veseys rights


Cool made up story, y'all

joe thornton is a high level troll. he literally has gone his whole career smoking a bowl and racking up assists not even trying just playing pick up hockey

Team North America is going to win the Cup.


Oh I get it. You're new here. Makes sense now, but I came here to shitpost about hockey. Explain, in detail, why Subban leaving was the best thing that could happen for your shit tier team held together by Vezina glue Carey Price.

With Big Ben in the net, you're god damn right.

Haha it was great when he didn't show up to the stanley cup game, what an epic troll

i agree

>you're new here
>Ben is in the net for team NA
top yall

I fucking hate the word y'all

jesus christ youre a retard

yeah it was

I'd hardly call Day a wasted pick. But ya, Buffalo made a stupid move there. The kid made it clear he was going to test the open market, making any trade for him stupid. They could have just offered him a contract when he tested the market; pointless.

I'm still sticking by what I said though; drafting outside the top ten is like playing the lottery. If you get upset when you miss buying a lotto ticket, because that could have been the one, then you've got mental issues.

Southerners aren't the only ones who say it, but it really is a reflex. I don't even realize when I've said it until fags like you make a gigantic deal out of how much they hate a single word.

t. reddit

this is statistically untrue

You didn't even make it to the fucking playoffs last year, faguette. You're the last person to talk to anybody about "retards".

>says y'all
>calls others faggots
Wew lad

that's more of a phrase, just saying.


2.North america
No chance

let me know when your national team wins something lmaoo

>/hoc/ thread derailed by YALLS obsession with grammar
>being btfo by southern teams while you bitch about a word

lets talk about hockey again, once YALL pop each others dicks out of your mouths.

Fine, first round instead of top ten. But many teams can't even get it right in the top ten. Some can, but they are the minority. So saying the later picks in the first round and the 2nd/3rd rounds should provide decent players, based on the minorities with great scouting, is statistically untrue.

>southern fags
Do you think the heat melts their brain?

maybe, few people fall for their own hype as much southerners do. you know how someone is a southerner? they'll tell you long before you even think to give a fuck about it


7.NA \ No
8.Europe / chance

after all that inbreeding i doubt they have a brain to begin with

Stop acting like a faggot. Stop doing the whole pseudo southern thing.
t. tampa resident

I said "y'all" one fucking time. And the rest of this entire fucking thread happened. No ones even bringing up hockey related items, you're all just sucking each others dicks over a word and trying to condescend to a fan of the team who almost won the Cup last year, and almost won the Wales trophy this year. WITH our top goalie injured.

I'm not the one who brought up the South in the first place, and you fags are the ones talking about it.

it's a colloquial contraction

>almost won the cup
>almost won the whales throphy
lmao loser

>WITH our top goalie injured.

Who is yalls favorite player? Mine is Ben bishop, he plays on team North America

>I rank Sweden first

america has won the stanley cup every year since 1993 (literally before i was born)

No but it is ESPN

>tfw still a half bong to pulju


>tfw if I wanna see the Finnish god I have to watch the fucking boilers

Once again Florida sets the bar for retardation and lack of hockey knowledge

bout to put my gf sock on my dick and jerk off with her foot essence if im being frank. old time hockey boys