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>HC always makes the thread early
>MF makes the thread 20 replies after losing the bump
Who's the middle ground


>tfw poor anons get their post lost

Nothing. Anouncer announces the subject which is "Miles loves Hojbjerg", the grey haired guy doesn't believe in FM to recruit/scout players and the other two guys (especially the bearded hipster) shill the game because of its massive database. Nothing to see here.

Butters, who makes it on time but forgets something due to his rampant degeneracy.

First rounds of cup competitions are the best matches in the season except for finals

me, but you always bully me so I'm now reluctant of making new threads.

Ah fair enough, that is disappointing

The gray-haired dude pretty much said that he would rather believe into Hojbjerg because Buyern recruited him rather than because FM spotted him.

>but you always bully me
Well maybe if you remembered to add the title once in a while we wouldn't have to.

it's for your own good butters

it only happened ONCE.

>I didn't used to put the title as my name every 3rd thread

a month


>First rounds of cup competitions are the best matches in the season except for finals

speak for yourself, city are in league 1 and romped me in the first derby in years. Fucking disgrace


>Assman scores an own goal
Is it just fantasy...

Is that Fabian Assman?


Whats the over/under of a cummulative injury list of at leat half a year?

>beat team
>game crashes
>no matter how many times I holiday the CPU can't beat them after loading up again
>tried playing the fixture myself, didn't win



We all knew he wasn't American anyway.

>i've sent a player on loan to scotland so many times that he's declared for their national team

He must be pretty fucking desperate.

Well he's german. He was never going to play for them. Maybe five years in there has let him think that he's worth it.

Shout outs to my friend Piero here.

He was only brought into the senior squad to fill out the HG quota and then stepped up like a champ when called upon after Di Gennaro decided to get injured for weeks multiple times over the course of the season.

>tfw no all-English CL Final this year

Less impressive then.

I'm also going to abuse my role as dutch manager to make my LB play for Ireland.

What the fuck am I looking at.

There'd be something wrong with you if you didn't abuse that power.


>or fuck off and die

Doesn't everyone have a madagascan sweeper?

Hey look, another good Canadian CB.

That was a fun cup run



Thanks nerd


Christ, 6-0?

>Those logos
I can almost see the dust on them from there.

I do need a better logo pack.

Now that's a man's tactic

This is 16 right? How do you not concede from the flanks.

Also daily reminder that 16 is absolutely garbage.

>This is 16 right?

I need him for several reasons

Wow, Mango just got absolutely blown out.

waitwaitwati, how bad is it if i fail continental FFP?

You risk being kicked out of EL/CL at worst, which I'm sure it can happen. Perhaps some financial sanctions if you fuck up lightly but I can't confirm that.

Nigel, wherever you are... it happened.

Very bad, and for obvious reasons.

Well yeah shit like this works in babby tier FMs only, should have known.

S-s-sorry if I am interrupting your 3 man tripfag circlejerking. I'll be on my way then.

>you're not making me play boss I want to get the FUCK out of here
>I can't envisage giving you time, I'll sell you as soon as I can
>I don't want to leave the club, I'm happy to wait for my chance

I think I've got to sell him
a man that can't stand with his own rights can't play on my team

Which means any FM you can't legally buy in Germany.

Save is broken


>Which means any FM you can't legally buy in Germany.
Yes I am a criminal for having 3 FMs in my Steam Library.


saged, reported, called the cops, went on oprah, and had a lunch conference with obama.

you better watch out
they're coming for you

Did I just find a sweeper?

Kinda. Too bad he isn't that Brave, low Aggressiveness isn't too bad for Sweepers considering that they can't afford to foul too much (if at all).


Which reminds me that I've found a SK. I've had the shitty local keepers in the team for the last 5 years.

I suppose he's not completely terrible.

Has Nerman confirmed that his "music career" is a big joke yet?
Cos if he isn't playing a joke on everyone then this train crash gonna be delicious

That post is a total meme. A lot of what he's saying seems to just be random improv bullshit.

But regardless of that he just cannot sing

He's just channeling his inner ugly god
Post intentionally bad music

>Post intentionally bad music

Don't do this

nth for shit intakes.

if every intake was the golden generation, we wouldn't have enough room for everyone

Is there a way to see what town my regens were born in

player screen > overview > information > nationalities

Add a hometown column like normal people do.


I was thinking the same thing but wasn't going to say it.



Thought my graphics card was dying for a second.

It is anyway.

>tell the board to build me a new stadium already
>they say no
>I leak to press
>There wasn't anything in my inbox about the new Stadium, but this appeared in the boardroom page.
I'm confused lads, am I getting my new stadium or not?

You're getting fired, then they're building the new stadium

>per annum


just try it out, its by far the best option.

Your are not helping.

you are. cesar prieto memorial park

>Your are not helping.

I hope it's something like that and not something like 'New Tenerife Stadium'


nickname him César Prieto.

Yeah, fuck you.

muh diq
it's too bad he can't pass, but he doesn't have any teammates worth passing to anyway LOL

>he doesn't have any teammates worth passing to anyway LOL
They're in the CL Final against Arsenal.

but he also plays for the canadian NT

Oh right, internationally.

Well they're also hosting WC 2026, so ha!

Also, he can pass to his CB partner.

never forget


thank you for covering for my density, that is what I meant to say

they'll just pass it back to each other all game long for all 3 group stage games
they can go out with 3 0-0s, undefeated and never scored against

>Houston Int TD
Blessed free $100

>they'll just pass it back to each other all game long for all 3 group stage games
Reminds me of that one episode of the Simpsons.

Although we also do have this guy up front. Not terrible.

And this guy.

>78 caps / 82 goals
>83 caps / 86 goals
what the fuck is going on
ok I've changed my mind, anything less than winning the WC will be a disappointment

>canada having this many good players at the same time

the FMRTE is strong

My manager is Finnish! I didn't do this!

>Yanks just allowed five runs in the bottom of the ninth to lose 7-5 to Boston

Especially upstate, Kem.

Dude the Jays lost the season series to the Rays
Fuck the AL East.

>AL East
Loving this shit show

I have no idea what I'm going to do with this guy, but I'm confident he'll be good at it

I was at the game yesterday. Travis with a double to lead off and no other hits until the bottom of the seventh. Pathetic.

>mfw there's a three-way tie for the division at the end of the season between Boston, Baltimore and NYY
I wonder what happens then.

>not Canadian
Release on a free.

Also, WC group. Manageable?


Huh cant even think of the best position for him, too bad his finishing/vision isnt higher.
>no jays
I anticipate riots equivalent of bench clearing brawls, i.e. a lot of yelling in the northeast with not much actually happening.
>1. Canada
>2. Russia
>3. SK
>4. SA
Canada to lose on penalties in the semis

the best canadian regen I've ever had was a championship-quality version of fellaini, even when I use a canadian manager
I don't know what I'm doing wrong 2bh. I always load MLS

>I anticipate riots equivalent of bench clearing brawls
If game five of the ALDS didn't bring riots (granted, there weren't any only because they won) this collapse won't bring any.

I don't know either. I've had a handful of great Canadians... never this many at once though.

>tfw no Hippolyte

>this collapse won't bring any.
you guys are too passive
c'mon, flip some cars. smash some shop windows.

I remember when I thought this kid had potential.

If the Leafs collapse in 2013 can't bring chaos, nothing will.

Except the same collapse in the Cup Final this year.

Besides Earl, Canada players get sniped by other countries for some reason. Hongcouver had a player declare for Jamaica. Similar problem that Puerto Rico has in my save.


>collapse won't bring any
Meant more with Bos being pissed that NY sneaked in, Bal being pissed because they get no attention in comparison, and NY talking shit about selling at the deadline and still winning pissing off the united nations. Jays fans will be moderately upset and live life.

Fuck Baltimore as well. They don't deserve anything.

Fuck Boston and NYY for obvious reasons.

I want the Rays to win the AL East again, for obvious shitposting reasons



:^) gotta say I do love the AL east and my moderate hatred towards it.

Dude those 2 years they were relevant were amazing. Literally zero people went to games and they ran away with the east.

>those 2 years they were relevant were amazing
Only because it wasn't NYY or Boston winning.

At least you have your Twins :^)

>Wednesday into Europe

>no 'EC' next to them

Brewers are my preferred team, not that it makes it any better. Basically 1A Brew, 1B Twins, prefer the NL/hated the Metrodome and always loved Miller Park. Outside of the Mariners, the Jays would be the team I would want to win it all. The Texas teams are more likable to me this year than most as well.

Arsenal/City in the FA Cup Final. They're in no matter what.

Oh, and with the FA Cup and CL, Arsenal has a chance for the sextuple. AN AI SEXTUPLE

But you're from Minnesota.

ft pls


I'm ready
the world isn't

>from Minnesota
Dad worked for a big MKE company so we would often take weekend trips there and see a game or two, probably saw 2:1 more Brewer games than Twins growing up and I found them to be the more enjoyable to watch (even though they sucked)
and I like the
>Wi Badgers
More just to irritate my Grandma and Dad but it stuck at an early age.

Benfica stands in between Arsenal and their sextuple.


But what about Minnesota United.

what is that resolution? do you need poverty relief?

>Minnesota United
Undecided, moving out to Portland soon and have seen the Timbers/Ruckus more than any other team so figure might just bandwagon them instead of MN Utd., hence fucking around with a Timbers save for the past month or two.

He clearly has a larger monitor but is playing on half the width so the monitor lifespan is doubled as it only has to render half the screen

benfica pls

this Also, 1366x768, windowed; zoom out 85%.


pure pottery

>return to trb after a few weeks absence
>see this
>maybe i need a few more weeks.

>it's a CB moaning for playing time single-handedly loses the match for you episode

>tfw no better PK taker than my GK

I don't see the problem
this is fantastic news

>tfw drunk af but scared to progress in-save

i need help on several levels.

Do it, pussy.

i am

and i just drove home beause i'm a fucking idiot.

What the fuck, Chillwave.

i know. throw your derision at me.

i deserve it. i've lost 4 friends to the same dumbass retarded shit shit.

You really need to go to some AO meeting sometime.

Smarten the fuck up then.

It's good that it's dead hours so one will see me blow this.

It would be impressive for you to bottle it now.

I have been expecting to lose for a long time by now since my squad is not that good, but now I guess I have no choice but to believe it.

Shouldn't have believed.

>1 point from your last 4 games
I'm just going to give you a you. There's nothing that needs to be said here, you know it as well as any of us.

(Assertively) Don't get complacent out there.

wtf i hate fm 16. i was never good, always play with big team, not like barca, real but still one of the best. i liked 15 a lot, won CL 3 times with Roma, now i play in 16 and pic rel... anything i do in fm 16 turnes to shit

>A.C. Milan
>Big team
>One of the best
I know it's bait, but that's delicious nonetheless. much will this 50% screw me over?

You'll be paying him about 800k a week in five years. You better be playing as some chinese sugar daddy club.

for what purpose

knee-jerk decisions n shiet

so, um...i crashed my game and uh, now I offered him a more sensible contract. heh, funny how things work out

What is happening with the loading screen? It's literally just spamming this same thing over and over again

>this game

Just "Set For Release" and you will never get those messages ever again.

he's not good enough for the mls, i dont know what to feel

>final game is Wolfsburg at home

Miles guide me

They may actually make it back from league 1

>buy football manager
>expect it to be a game where you are the guy in charge of making sure there are enough footballs around and that they are all inflated to the right PSI
>it's actually a completely different game

>no good playmaking CM is avalible

grow your own

please at least get a namefix

Coaching is a fukking mess

Good idea but takes too long. I'd rather spend 40m on one

>I'd rather spend 40m on one
Ok Mourinho.

Anyone had this dude?

also how to make these two faggots not go out to the wing?

16 games - 4 red - 8 yellow
is this a record?

You can't. Well you can by turning them into TMs and give them the Penalty Box Player PPM (or something like that), but then they wouldn't be anything anymore.

>real players
who cares


it was nice playing with you today, trb

thanks for reply

Kinda sad that I sell him because he's a youth prospect and he's a pretty good defender but I just have no use for a fullback who can't cross or dribble.

Still got 25m for him from real madrid, thanks lads

fuck DC so hard

As you can see in AF's description, they run after lose balls. And you can also see that "Moves Into Channels" is greyed out because it's already included in the role. Which means that they will bring width to the Attack. With a narrow three attack I actually see this as very, very useful to bring width to the team. If you don't want them to go wide, put a wide player out there (>wengers) or turn them into TMs so they can be static pieces of shit.

Basically I wanted to cheese Wingback crosses where I'd have 3 strikers inside the box. The False 9 would help the buildup n shiet, while also running inside

> unhappy because he isnt getting first team football
> even though he's shit as fuck, i promise him cup fixtures
> wants more than that, kicks a fuss in the media
> "i'm here to win football matches, not pander joel. if he wants to go that badly, he can go."
> club comes in for him, accept it
> he rejects because of money

useless cunt, into the B team he goes.

Then you're looking for static Target Mens. Basically Giroud when he's not off doing some shots for gay magazines.

A Poacher is a specialist role. Like, very, very focused on only one thing: scoring. He has not the physicals attributes that would allow him to muscle his way through a defender (Strength/Jumping reach), he doesn't have the Technical attributes to dribble away from a Defender, and he's not even that fast although Acceleration is a key attribute. He can't make play either. I mean, literally Inzaghi. The second you remove their ability to move Off The Ball and find space by making them more static, they become complete shit.

Who will bring it home?

A short history of each country's successes in the major tournaments:

>Scotland: Euro 2060 winners
>Mexico: Copa America 2035 winners
>Italy: WC 2022, 2058; Euro 2048, 2060, 2064 winners
>Colombia: Copa America 2067 winners
>Brazil: WC 2026 winners, Copa America 2023, 2027, 2055, 2071 winners
>Iraq: Asian Nations Cup 2031, 2039, 2071 winners
>Argentina: WC 2038, 2046 winners. Copa America 2031, 2035, 2039, 2043, 2047, 2051, 2063 winners
>Germany: Euro 2024, 2068 winners

50 years with no German WC win? Wew.


>only spending 40m on a good midfielder


Post him.

Only player that rivaled my wingers for ballon d'ors

How many FKs a year does he score? Anywhere near five would be quite good.

Surprisingly few, but I rarely scored on direct free kicks. Most of his goals are either tapins or thundercunts

nice reply, thank

are you a wozard

This is whta you want in a poacher imo. Finishing, first touch, off the ball, anticipation and not absolutely terrible heading

A couple more of these and we will be able to replace every letter.

why not AF though?

>mfw accidentally click "you played very well today. Why cant you perform like that every match?" when we're on a 12 match unbeaten run and the squad react positively

Workrate and passing are key attributes and patterson is goat in his role as poacher

good thing that you did. don't want them to get overconfident. consider your winning streak increased by 1 match

you know it

they're not even fucking playing him

Consequences of spending £300m on two players

>backroom advice meeting
>coach thinks 21-year-old striker can't handle the pressure of being in the first team
>scores a hattrick in his next game

how do you spend that much


I usually run a tight ship, but I splurged because I needed a world class playmaker and schalke refused to sell...

The other guy was literally the only 5 star potential regen in my save

You don't need 5 star regens when your team walks cl.
2/3 stars are good.

I know, but I wanted him, turned out to be a bit overrated desu

Not overrated at all, your standards are just insanely high.

>tfw your opponents try to kill your keeper 3 minutes into a match

Tell me about it, ill post a few of the players i let go to other teams.

Bought this lad for 20million of FC copenhagen. Sold him for 23 million to galatasaray who promptly turned around and sold him for 30 million to bayern where he's thriving.

But to be honest, Gyan is great, he's the second best striker in my team and I'm gonna keep him, I Was just hoping for him to become a GOAT

Im unsure about this lad, he made me £10m on an instant loan+future transfer deal with milan. But he would have been good for depth in the squad

when your selection of players is this good, wouldn't you be better off focusing on things like personality attributes (professionalism, consistency, important matches, etc.) and injury proneness instead of worrying about who has 1-2 more points in agility?
if everyone's world-class in your team, motivation/injury problems must be the only thing that would keep you from blowing everyone out of the water

My other danish striker prospect, I prioritized him over Skov who I loaned out, but had to let him go when Gyan arrived.

Turned out that Frandsen, despite being the better player of the two at the time did not develop as well as Skov in the end, a tleast if you look at the end result in front of goal..

I gotta agree. Gyan is fucking GOAT, you're just being extremely and awfully picky.

My squad personality currently.

I agree that Gyan is a great player, but I was hoping he would be more of a ronaldo level player than a rooney level player. You know?

Sold this lad for £33m, really good player, but was my third choice for right back at the time, plus he had shit crossing.

>more of a ronaldo level player than a rooney
That's 13 points in PA, 180 to 193. Which is absolutely nothing. And even if you're talking about Fatnaldo he'd be barely any higher than CR7. You're being absurdly picky.

This lad is one of my worst business decisions ive made. Sold him at a loss to genoa to get him off the books who doubled their money in one season selling him to man shitty.

my point is that I hoped for someone to win consecutive ballon d'ors and be considered an all time great. Which Rooney isn't outside of man utd.

So basically an unicorn.

This on the other hand is my best business decision in my opinion. Chelsea paid £54m for this painfully average midfielder

He also turned out alot better than the guy I was prioritizing over him. BUT, the other lad was an academy product so I call worth.

Ah Schlieck. Your inside forwardness will be missed. Your injury proneness however. Will not.

To be fair, he was the only five star regen in my save

And your scouts were correct.

Last one ill post for now, but theres more where this came from.

>an unicorn

Named Jair or Dude.

>an zebra


Named Jair or Dude.

Did someone say Jair?

Average career, average player desu

No, they were saying chair.

Alderete is better. It says so right that image.

Classic MF ruse cruise implying that Jair and chair sound alike

Alderete is easily the best striker in the world

So the board has given me they keys to choose a feeder club where I can send players out on loan to get a work permit.

Which countries are good for this?


For HUEs, Spain gives you the nationality in 2 years.

only huehue or also argentina/sud america in general?

and the rest? 3 years?

I read bulgaria also is 3 years. But if spain is general 3 years i choose spain yeah

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Puerto Rico (US)
Equatorial Guinea

Plus a few months of paperwork, too.

ah nice, thanks frenchbro

Just pick a mid-table team with great facilities, like Sociedad.

you stinky canadian you, 25 years lel

>10 years for those countries not on the list

also found out keylor navas his international debut was vs suriname back in 2008

Who cares, the best regen producers are all Sudacas, HUEs or EU clubs.

true, I chose real oviedo who have just been promoted to la liga. Hope they accept.

Also the guy I wanted a club for got a work permit on appeal.

We all know playing FM when drunk yields mixed results, lets see what happens when people make FM while drunk

>new feature in FM17: your players get drunk and drive, crash and get injured for half a season

and kill a girl

>implying Africa doesn't churn them out too

>signing africans

>passing up on cheap talent because they won't be available for one month out of the year

A few like ASEC do.

Rate my defender

>only decent youth intake

6ft 3 at 15 though...

I've got the english Per

>Copa America match

Not really. This guy actually has some pace on him.

they invite them since south america is weeb

and Coton Sports

and Asante Kotoko

and Niger Tornadoes

and Mazembe

and multiple South African clubs

japan and china play in the copa america, lad.

You mean the Copa """America"""...

>ywn practice the fusion dance with messi and neymar

they get invites because there aren't enough nations otherwise. they turn them down most of the time and countries like costa rica get invited instead.

>it's a non contact injury episode

>Not enough countries
How are your holidays in Slovenia Mr Gianni Infantino?

He's not wrong, also given that like 5 SA FAs are suspended per annum, it's hard to get the Copa to work otherwise, why do you think they invited everybody but Canada?

Probably should just merge the Gold Cup and the Copa at this point, it's ridiculous.

Yeah that's what we're trying to do, or at least do it every other year.

>gold copa

fund it

>merge the Gold Cup and the Copa at this point
We already embarrass ourselves enough.

Cup d'Oro

>Every other year
Please no. No need for another CAN/ACN.


>We already embarrass ourselves enough
Not quite yet, that'd be FUN.

>wondering where my CF is in all this build up play
>see my RGA play a cross
>look at tictacs
Well shit, somehow we're still winning.

I absolutely love it when matches are played at night.

They just showed a camera angle where it was almost in the crowd looking at the pitch and the other stands, absolutely beautiful and full of atmosphere

Watching David Luiz walking onto the pitch ruined it for me.


>disrespecting the best defender in the world


Even ironically, every single time.

conte out

hahaha, silly MF and his goofy memes

David Luiz is living proof that it's not the engine's fault the Libero role doesn't work

Are you enjoying your holidays in Florida Miles?

It's work. I'm looking for an American to put into the DB. But all the players here are Brazilians

Another new Miles profile pic.

>Cavani scored a 15 minute hat trick
>Real life in charge of realism

Is this their year?
>Holidaying 2 weeks


Always rated him

Probably not but still good for them

Thoughts on him? How do i raise a great cb

If he has the attributes, heavy CB training. Usually I prefer heavy BPD training; the goal isn't to make BPDs out of them, but raise their passing and technique to decent enough levels that they don't pass to the opposition when I try to play out of defence. He could use some Jumping training but the results aren't grand. I'd still try it for a year considering he's 15 and it's at that age that you can improve the physicals the most, and then switch to heavy BPD training if he's completely inept at passing.

>usually play with Croatian on one Wing and Serb on the other
>Serbian gets hurt
>Croatian scores a hat trick in the next game
I think I might have stumbled onto something

kill the commie and the fascist thrives (or vice versa, not sure which wing each player's on)

Conte should bring Pedro in.

Because of those U-19, U-11 Euro Championships and the Copa America, I couldn't do a proper first ever tour in China and Japan due to the high number of absentees. I could only play completely shit teams.

The issue is that I'm trying a 4-4-1-1 and I'm not learning anything.

Tours in weebland are great.


>Local reputation
And yet I made more money out of it than if I had played in Slovenia.

>Bing League
could it BE any more of a stereotype?

Liberia: masters of stealing callups

>Conte going for hoofball

>3 subs at the 83rd minute


paid 25 mil for this lad

>Paid 25 mil
>Job is literally his name

WTF is happening

It's pronounced Jobe. Like the Book of.

>That one grand-father in my squad

no its pronounced jo-b

trust me i speak dutch

why should we trust an african with a european language?

We're saying the same thing.

So I just randomly penetrated Chelsea in the anus

What is Leigh Griffiths on though


>playing as Arsenal
hi Mitch

Yeah it's very normie but I can't be arsed to play as these obscure slovenian/romanian third division teams and rise to glory when FM17 is just round the corner..

I took derby county to champions league victory in fm13 starting with connor sammon m8

Calm down Nige


why not

BPD porn edition

>inb4 PPMS: Stays back at all times

It's like David Luiz, except that he can actually defend.

>americunt thinks he can into football

sorry mate your opinion doesn't matter

>it's the summer of 2029
>nathan redmond is still aging like fine wine

>focus deep lying playmaker

He's lost his legs. He still has the mentals and tekkers to play at CM, amazingly.

Well this season is gonna be equally boring. I wish I could go into EL, at least I've a chance of doing something in it, even if the board asks of me that I reach the quarters of CL.

I kept wondering why Bournemouth always seemed to be chasing after my players. Eddie Motherfucking Howe led them into EL.

>Britbong thinks Americans can't into football
Talk to me when an English manager wins the Premier League. I'll talk to you when Bradley or David Wagner gets their teams to their respective top divisions.

>goldsands stadium
thats amazing name

as a "Britbong" he's entitled to boasting about a local manager winning PL in 2013

Yeah, right.

ew do they sell deep fried butter?

that's a big ground

If we're using Brexit rules than SAF isn't english.

a) British, not English
b) it ain't no Brexit until they fucking activate the article

>deep fried butter
>Google it
For fuck's sake that's some lardass food.

>American """gastronomy""""

The South is the Australia of America. They've also managed to fry kool aid and ice cream

>a frenchman gets triggered by murrican cuisine
like clockwork

>fry kool aid and ice cream

that's the south's thing
they deep fry everything

deep fried twinkies, deep fried butter, deep fried ice cream, deep fried oreos, etc

that + their love of sweet tea (cold tea + ice + tons of sugar) is causing the american obesity epidemic


>Trying to resign him
For what purpose? Honest question there.

>re-signing slavs

He can play LB, CB, LWB, LM, CM, RM. He's useful as a 3rd choice.

>playing a wenger at CB
>playing a CB at wenger

Andrew Wenger can play CB and ST

>young decent winger that had a good spell on loan makes his first start against League 1 Ipswich
>scores a goal
>'oh yeah nice'
>2 minutes later fouls someone inside the area, they score a penalty


>int'l games take half my team away for a NACL match
>play 15 year old french FB from my academy because NACL is statpadding central
>He scores
>Same situation in the US Open Cup
>Play frenchy because I have 0 players
>He scores
Top lad.

I have a very bad feeling about this match

Well I believe in San Marino and that's what counts.

>Referee- Markus Wingenbach
Dammit FM stop having such a hardon for WBs

>Its an American media hype up a 17 year old episode
Well I know how this is gonna end.

Can someone explain to me why right wingers in my tactic always get 8.0+ average ratings despite posting average stats?

Because FM16.

Are they the ones always crossing the ball?

Much Adu about nothing

Because wingers are great

Well, yep, but right wingers specifically, even though I play with left wingers having the same role. Almost every RM I've had in this save since I switched to 4-4-2 has had an 8.0 average rating or more, regardless of how few goals or assists they posted

>2 shots
>2 goals
We still gonna lose 2-6

>Letting Indonesians take penalties

>having indo's in your team

A new contender for greatest win ever

He is a quality impact sub, i just need to stop starting him

I must admit I've never signed a backup keeper before.
>Discuss with senior members
Kek, he's the oldest one here at age 28.

Oh welp, that was nothing.

One little icelandic boy's dreams realised ;_;7

post stats

best club

He hasn't really been the same since he broke his leg.

Fylkir is the true GOAT factory

how to git gud im tired of reading guides on SI forums and still be shit at the game

play asymmetric tactics

Stop reading those guides and apply those guides.

is this our year lads?

pretty decent

>heavy training
i've always been scared of setting any player of mine on heavy training because of injury
maybe ill try it when i'm able to poach decent regens on my current save

he just did post stats.

I can't begin to explain how disappointed I am with this year's intake

If they bitch about it, it's either because they have a Very Heavy workload... or because they're not professionals. If they bitch even when their training is Average or Light, get them tutored by a Professional, Resolute, Perfectionist or similar player. Or sell them: with low Professionalism, they will never reach their potential.

>has a team that's good enough to build a 19 point lead with 11 games to go
>disappointed by an intake that has a 2* PA player
unless you're worried about him being just like pic related

jesus i've been loaning him out for 5 years. Never realised he was getting backup worthy. I think he can be on my bench after this £2.2m loan deal.

desu I think a lot of the players I just loan out for profit could get on my bench.

They always find a reason to be disappointed. As soon as a player becomes an Icon for the club, even if you get good money out of it, they'll always criticize you for selling him.

Probably won't be able to post this pic for a while, he raped some keeper tonight.

it's decent for selling but I just hoped for something better, at least a bit better

I think he might be lying about his age
he's dissappointed, not his fans
>looking into a report by a guy with JPA 5 and JPP 4
u wot m8

jeez morzi

Quite frankly I'll forgive him for lying about his age if he declares for Wales.

>switch to decent staff member
>guaranteed PA goes down

c r i m e a

>an uncappable player
Grenny would love him


>Declares for Russia
>Gets kneecapped and has to retire

Realised I've made a mistake with his physicals but he'll go for a profit one day so it' okay.


he's 16 and czech

>making a mitch tier mistake
also, unmasks your real intentions for him
czech dem trips

It's chill he's young enough to save.

Ironically I have the worst 4th seed possible.
Would make him ugly as fuck just to piss him off desu

I've had a similar set up with that result as well. What's your instructions look like and what's the RM look like??

it warms my heart to see that even after i kill myself my message will live on in hastily edited screencaps of my stream posted on an anonymous imageboard about whether wingers are good or not

That's the endgame, frind.

I would think it would drive you to the noose that mostly you'll be posted about whenever someone mentions the word "cuck"


>a Lubis
That explain everything. Bet he's good at harassing opponent.

You'll also live on in my save lad.

Also, stream more

i'm streaming right the fuck now i'm back at uni lad


They will always find a reason to bitch.

I'm impressed Ancelotti wasn't sacked on the spot.

Mitch just fucked up the very first thing he did as manager of his new save
Classic Mitch

>try to log in to watch Mitch's various fuckups
>Permabanned from Twitch
Fuck, did I accidentally trigger a feminist?

lel what did you do?

>Signs new £30m contract
I can't even express my rage properly

Impress me, what did he do yet again?

Doesn't say. I'm pretty sure its for no reason because >twatch

>Needs a mental coach for the first team
>Finds one
>Agrees contract with him
>Notices he is signing him to be an U19 coach after agreeing deal

This goes straight into the "Classic" territory. Macca should probably add him to the /trb/ db.
>Concentration 3
>Decisions 2
>Pressure 4
>Loyalty 20

That chinese cartoon has rape in it. 10/10

34 year old Pastore is fucking garbage

And he just forgot he didn't actually want to sign him and just automatically clicked to sign him so now he has a coach in a job role he doesn't want him in.

>bought him for 59 million
>sold him for 49.5 million
>bought him again for 49 million
>real madrid

Best Mitchism so far
>I forgot to negotiate again

>Cheese and HUE regen play against each other in the Superclasico
>HUE gets his first cap and goal
>Cheese scores an hat-trick
I can't help but for once be happy about them going on intl duty.

Oh wait, it wasn't yet the Superclasico. BTW, this "super friendly" makes the player declared for nation.

>that Chelsea x Liverpool match


>drink driving

you're not wrong.

amazing desu

>celebrating a friendly cup as a real cup
Sounds like them desu

Why is Stardust Crusaders the best meme Jojo?




God dammit he's shit.

>Signs Lower League Players

Oh man Cork are learning and are raping everyone but me.

You have some relevant teams in Ireland outside of yourself now?

Any snitches in your staff you need to get taken care of?

Cork are certainly trying. They made £2.5m sell on off a player and invested it in two strikers who have 17 in 20 and 7 in 4 respectively over the last two transfer windows.

And on European stages?

fuck all. they get to the group stages sometimes but don't make the KOs.

That's more disappointing than them not making the KOs. At least if they were consistently there they could build upon that; probably not financially but in terms of rep/status and coefficient.

Well our coefficient slipped from automatic group stage spots to playoffs this year.

>Coefficient slipping
I'd be so fucking mad.

Only team that's learned in my save are currently the scariest team when they're not impacted by callups.

It's my fault really. It's been too long since I won the CL. Keep losing in the semis.

>user db
We're not mad at you we are just disappointed, please live up to your potential macca, you seem to reflect swansea right now.

Fucks sake St Pats

I have potential? Oh gosh.

>not wanting to operationalize football in the USA
We've just started consistantly winning on the international level. Mexico's gotten fucked with debt.

Wall confirmed effective

>I have potential? Oh gosh.
>a drunk lad says you have potential
Sorry to get your hopes up but you just bought yourself this reality
>Mexico's gotten fucked with debt

>Bohs knock out Rosenborg
>get TNS in the playoff
maybe this is Ireland's year.

>Fifa has ended its association with the Ballon d'Or award for the world's best player.

>The award has been given by France Football every year since 1956, but for the past six years it became the Fifa Ballon d'Or in association with world football's governing body.

>The French magazine will continue to run the award and will announce more details on Tuesday, 20 September.

>Fifa ran a separate World Player of the Year award from 1991 until 2009.

>It is thought they will now relaunch their own trophy, with the details yet to be worked out.

Will be nice if we can see one of these competitions not just be "lol super popular player wins despite average year"

The story of Slovenian playoffs
>Get into position
>Draw Valencia/Zenit/Inter and co.
>Another year of Trglav carrying Slovenia's coeff
Tho' this year we have two teams in the group stages of EL: Maribor beat Dinamo and are doing decently with a win and a draw vs Celta and Terek (some Russian team) respectively.
Domzale flopped against Sporting CP (another shitty draw) in CL 3rd round, beat PAOK in the playoffs and are getting destroyed by Real Sociedad and Standard Liège in the group stages.

To be fair I probably have it easier than you do because I have 154 Slovenian clubs, so even with our shit youth rating we may sometimes every blue moon get something. A something I always buy and add a 50% of next sale on because Slovenian clubs don't know how to sell their players.

Maribor used to be a fairly consistent EL group stage team and occasional CL team (basically destroying the league over and over again). Olimpija and Domzale have 3 star reputation and Krsko with their manager who had been fired from Maribor are raising and trying to shake the tree a bit.

Well "easier" is very relative. The development state in Slovenia kinda means that there never will be decent wages here if you're not in European competitions.

>three different old players compare 3 different position players to a player
>said player barely played for the team

>new Union Berlin save, 2015-16 season
>Bobby Wood player model is white


Did you sign that Korean guy solely for the name

>tfw dongsuck and leakybum will never play together

>ineffectual at RB season and a half ago
>now natural and second highest average rating on team

remember somebody joked he would be 30 before he would even reach accomplished

lads how do I improve my irl long throws?


I-it's beautiful =*)

what do you get from that? i really want to know what do you understand from those stats..

btw, is sortitoutsi's transfer updates the best?

No transfer update is the best transfer update.

whats a fun team in italy?

latest save was southhampton, already bored in the second season..


just distribution patterns; i'm the type who likes to watch in 2D as well though

has trollball gone too far?

there is a huge difference in passing peformance and distribution between these back to back games; the game on the left was a 4:0 win and on the right was 0:0 draw

i like to think i can use the patterns to adjust my tic-tacs as necessary

meant to link all these

What do you think about this GOATe I just founded?

>literally all speed


>He has a 12 million release clause
>He accepts my contract offer
>A week later signs a new contract
>Look into his contract info
>New clause is 16 million

>page ∞

Potential GOAT?

yeah cant wait for him to be capped at 17 and fade away into obscurity at 22

>3 games in and already got the full range of results

What information is out on FM17, lads? I don't know if I'm ready to move on from 13 yet

big reveal on sunday la

>What were you doing when Gareth Barry made his Premier League debut in 1998?

>VANG1LF: Probably crying as someone stole my 10 pence freddo bar


>Turk implies that tactics and transfers are irrelevant
Sometimes you wonder if you're even playing the same game as some of these morons.

aseiochdmovwuhegmlujucyt cyka blyat kebab kebab armenian genocide

@MilesSI IS IT TRUE??!??!?!?!?!

>it's a your top prospect is a pace whore episode

every. fucking. year.

Look at Miles, being so rude.

I wonder where those 8.9k people are sitting

Probably in the stand that you can't see.

dont get funky with me minifridge

Boohoo man.
I don't even know what that mean.

christ on a bike

>boohooMAN is a global online fashion retailer offering thousands of styles across menswear so that you can stay ahead of the trends


>the match simulate every players decision, every 1/4 of a second

What a load of shit Mike.

How often does it simulate each players decision?

every 1/4 of a second, can't you read?

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