What Went Wrong?

Is it time to add him to the long list of promising english players that never amounted to anything list yet?

Only hyped up because he plays for Man U. Every other non-ManUre fan can see how shit he is.

Why are you surpised? Name a single youngster that turned out well under Mou. He cant develop players worth shit.

This is the guy who sold De Bruyne.

he will be in the theo walcott camp of 'promising youngster full of potential' for the entirety of his career.

>promising english players

10x better than Pulisic

>there are people unironically rating Rashford better than Iheanacho
>these people unironically post on this very board

Was it him who sold lukaku as well?



>le fast black kid will be goat

>This is the guy who sold De Bruyne.

This alone disqulifies him as a top manager in my view.
Everyone that wasn't blind could see how good this guy was.
Kept Bremen up by himself even as a young lad.

we killed him

>pacey young black kid bursts onto the scene
>scores an initial flurry of goals
>Defenders figure him out and he either burns out or can't find a new way to play

Every single time

Walcott, Ox, Sturridge, Sterling, and so on... Rahsford is just another >le promising English lad with pace

>Iheanacho will develop into a world class striker under Pep
>Rashford will be loaned out in January and never play in a Man U shirt again

That and being English he's actually way less impressive than say Ihenacho

But they're a foreign so no hype


Who was the last real Success of this, Henry?

>putting Sturridge in that list



>english player

>yfw he goes on loan to Sunderland under Mouyes and cucks United out of CL football next season


I can't tell if this is a troll or if you're actually this stupid

>De Bruyne.
He is shit and a meme. He is slow,wastes lots of chances by pointless shots and his last pass is garbage. He just looks good because he plays on a baby league in a stacked team

>implying that this Man U team even deserves to be in the Champions League.


>Implying that they even deserve to be in the Europa league

>Name a single youngster that turned out well under Mou
Di Maria,Varane and Ozil. All way better than De Bruyne btw

que ha pasado con ese negro, antes era el futuro titular y ahora casi no juega

Henry took ages to score at first, IIRC.

>ahora casi no juega
Está jugando más que Pepe este año. Y es bastante mejor que >Ramos

>Di Maria,Varane and Ozil
Only varane was a youth player under mouyes and he hardly plays four years after

ha, it feels good to have a young American player who will be able to develop in a great league under a great manager. This is something u English will never have

bueno, y porque no juega pepe? fue figura en la Euro. tuvo descanso como cr7?

So how come he looked brilliant for both Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg? Stop saying contrarian shit just to sound edgy.

meme player

Remember when the U.S soccer community was hyping Freddy Adu up as the next Pele? Look what happened.

There's also Julian Green, DeAndre Yedlin and a couple others whose names I can't even remember because they're so irrelevant.

Don't get your hopes up too far. The Bundesligs defences will figure him out and he'll become as forgettable as a future star from the A-League back in 2010.

Esta viejo. Jugará menos este año.
Ozil and Di Maria were 23 la

>career already over at 18

Ozil looked brilliant in Bremen and he is shit. Bundes is a joke outside of Buyern and Borussia

capped. wait 4 years and I'll rub this shit in your face

Pero si los ficharon ya hechos, deja de decir gilipolleces. De los que mencionas varane es el único que mouyes tuvo siendo juvenil. Es como decir que neymar fue desarrollado por martino y luis enrique porque fue con 22 años al barcelona

so not a youth player

>De Bruyne
I don't watch City, but every single Belgium game I've ever watched he's simply absolute dogshit.


>di maria
>fucking Özil
didn't know Mou managed Bremen

He was never good he scored when no one rate him and opponents didn't know what to expect. Now every manager can tell his defenders how to stop him in 10 minutes because he don't have any real advantages

>ya hechos,
Tu no viste el primer año de Di Maria. ¿Me equivoco?

He is dogshit. It is just that the level in the EPL is so low that he looks good. He needs like 4 touches to control a ball and cant keep one for shit. He only shots to miss and give shit passes all the game that end up in assits due EPLel defending

That's more of a Belgium problem than de bruyne. Belgium have looked shit for a few years, how they reached their fifa rank is beyond me

It's not going to get any better under Martinez

Did someone from Belgium shit in your patatas bravas, Pedro?

Your standards must be so high only Xavi and Iniesta are classed as good midfielders

>only Xavi and Iniesta are classed as good midfielders
Not really. It is just De Bruyne is dog shit. He is basically a taller Mata that costed 75 million pounds

>Rashford had a poor 60 minutes, therefore he is finished

End yourself

Like he ended his career?

>He felt for le pacy nigger may may

he's not even pacey.


Ameripleb pls go, you have no idea what you're talking about


The writing was on the wall from the get-go.

We dont speak spic here, beaner

man, you still blindly hating on De Bruyne, huh?

>you now remember Theo Walcott

Sterling was similar, that's why I didn't want City to sign him initially. He got figured out hard last season in the league, which was why he was better in Europe.

Lo and behold, a decent manager comes in and suddenly he looks a world beater, but only because he's got good players around him playing to his strengths and allowing him to try new things.

Le pacy black player can work, but only if the team is actually good. United are fucking terrible.

>you now remember Andros Townsend


Funnily enough, weren't you in a similar situation of shit defending thanks to >Dunga?

these kids need to go to other leagues no matter if they pay less they are young they'll make more money later

What a class act if I was a player of this calibre I'd ask for loans run down my contract, an move lpool or city just to fuck the cunts.

>It's another young black English player with lots of pace fails to live up to media expectation episode

sterlel's best quality is his dribbling and running with the ball very close to his feet, something most pacy black players don't have. His problem is his passing, shooting and decision making are quite shit most of the times

>it's another spanjuan shittalking de bruyne episode

De Bruyne is awesome

he doesn't need to be fast when he has the skill to evade tackles, the ability to find the perfect pass and the composure to keep his head

>pointless shots
do me a favour, he scores a load of goals for an AM and he hardly spanks a million over a game

>last pass is garbage
kek, 8/8

These are his stats coming to City (and with a relatively long spell out of the team with injury for a first season) in all comps

39 starts
7 sub appearances
16 goals
17 assists

>36 goals/assists in 39 starts
>he either scores or sets up a goal 93% of the time
>not GOAT

oh shit not 36, it's 33

still though, suck my dick

It's another self-hating Englishman posting the same fucking thing as 20 people before him episode

You don't need to be self-hating to admit the black pace-babby is a real phenomenon. I guess it may seem like it for an American tho

has nothing to do with self hate, jamal

Cred Forums don't try to do football...
This kid has some obvious talent, most of the posters here don't have any knowledge of the game, only media hype.

>English player
>not self hate
Pick one, spick

go on, achmed..