Why is Ronaldo so marketable? What makes people love a narcissistic guy like him?

Why is Ronaldo so marketable? What makes people love a narcissistic guy like him?

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>all 5 like men
rly makes u think

is autism channels alot of love autistic kids in latin america and the middle east. Remember that one autist who dressed up and tried to be a clone of him and got a selfie with Ronaldo?


will ronaldo surpass taytay

Best part is he's the sexiest woman on that list.

people seem to like faggots for some reason

Everybody loves handsome closeted homosexual men who dress well

he's not gay and he dresses really bad imo tbdh

>a leaf with a good post

what is this world coming to?

>all 5 are people who will have nothing interesting or insightful to say

really makes your noggin turn

>he's not gay


It'd be interesting to see where Messi is considering he doesn't have a Twitter.

>latin america
you mistyped "southeastern asia"

brazilians are usually following tv show actors
and spamming in their social media
in portuguese

not even top 5

You just have to ask: who do women rate more, Missi or Rolando?

Wow, looking at this list you'd think Twitter is entirely composed of 13 year old girls.

please come to brazil

Messi, now that he's become broken and possibly dangerous

Just followed him
>tfw did my part for the GOAT

It is. Haven't you noticed how there's always AT LEAST one bieber/one direction/5sos or some other shit hashtag trending at all times

it's no twitter, its all social medias included breh


His marketing team buys a shitload of fake followers.

Because the world realized that he was the good guy after all


Women represent the 60% of the population.

good post

hey alright

girls want fuck him. men want to fuck him. What else.

Because people realized he's a good guy.

so does katy perry

Yeah, isn't Gomez the most followed Instagram user or something?

I can see why.

He's like Randy Orton for football: women like their metrosexual boy and there's the gay community.

>5 of the most followed people are teenage celebrities
It says a lot about social media users

He's by far the athlete most focused on enhancing his visibility. It's artificial marketability.

He's got every single lgbt in the entire world supporting him

Ronaldo is a social media whore.

>yfw Shanta Ronaldo overtakes him

Imagine the day when the Ronaldo gay sex vid gets leaked.

gomez is the one that has me suprised

delete this

instagram + twitter + facebook