>""""""""futbol"""""""" threads all year round
>football threads 22 weeks out of the year
>eurofags complain nonstop during 22 weeks of football

fucking ridiculous

divegrass is absolute cancer. football only really spreads all over Cred Forums on a sunday, yet divegrass fags shit up the entire board every day.

Thank you for understanding my sadness

I gotta say, you Brits are alright.

I've always liked you guys

Fuck handegg. Futbol is the superior sport with much better fans.

because americuck fagegg is a shit "sport"

here's your (you)

It's the same way we rightly complained about mandrama and got it moved to /asp/. We can get obsesecollide moved to /asp/ or /cuck/ where it would belong

Couldnt agree more Nigel. All these threads about tinpot Europa League clubs like United. Disgusting.

Obesecillide aka handegg aka adverthooftheegg belongs in American SPorts aka along with Boreball

>most popular sport gets more content
You chose to be different and special, don't complain now.

How do we stop the semen slurping cancer known as divegrass, and the disgusting spics that follow it?

Americans are over 50% of this board

Deal with it

Fuck you

Stop pushing down the NFL threads. It's the only other thing that matters on this trashbin of a board besides fight sports and racing. All the other sports are third world peasant entertainment.

Maybe git gut at the only relevant sport?

And you're more than welcome to discuss sports with us. Just leave your cuckold porn to other boards.

Football? We have over 50 super bowl wins already, fuck off beaner.

>American """"""""""football""""""""""
>played with feet only during Kickoff, Punts, and field goals.
>trying to get rid of field goals and kickoffs

When will the name truly change to handegg? When they remove punting?

It's the most popular sport in the world you faggot

Popular =/= good

Justin beiber was popular too.

Can't we just rangeban central and south american posters from making threads? Europeans don't shit up the board, only taco fucks do that.

They have computers in central/south america?


That's not what I'm saying billy-bob jr
It's popular, that's why there's lots of threads about it

Flags were a mistake. Fuck that meme "bro culture", just delete the flags again. This place will eventually start spewing out friendly banter again

I would make fun of you based on your country to, if i could be assed to figure out which 3 banded flag shithole you were from.

>American education

Fuck off, flags should be on every board, thats like 90% of what makes this board fun.

Imagine Cred Forums with flags...

>using Cred Forums past the age of 14

They taught it im sure, just i have no fucks to give about your irrelevant continent

anything I don't like is


flags are for uncreative people who can quickly resort to "witty" Cred Forums "banter"

>from the fucking/b/tard

>expecting witty comments on 4chin

Fucking nook

That is the based flag of the tooth paste republic, fuck off you underage cocksucker.

>implying any of the boards are really any different from one another

Europeans are subhuman.