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Literally neck yourself


mmm bailey


best thread i have ever seen in my entire life, god bless you

be careful you are going to trigger the fatass mod who deleted my hot trap pics I posted a few days ago

What does this mean?

thanks bro, schaub bless you

Upcoming events:

9/16: Bellator 161 - Kongo vs Johnson
9/17: UFC FN 94 - Poirier vs Johnson
9/23: Invicta FC 19 - Maia vs Modafferi
9/24: UFC FN 95 - Cyborg vs Lansberg
9/25: RIZIN 2 - Cro Cop vs Myung
10/1: UFC FN 96 - Lineker vs Dodson
10/8: UFC 204 - Bisping vs Henderson 2
10/15: UFC FN 97 - Lamas vs Penn
10/21: Bellator 162 - Shlemenko vs Grove
11/05: UFC FN 98 - Dos Anjos vs Ferguson
11/11: One FC: Defending Honor - Aoki vs Folayang
11/12: UFC 205 - TBA
11/19: Bellator 163 - Chandler vs Henderson
11/19: UFC FN 99 - Nelson vs Kim
11/19: UFC FN 100 - TBA
11/26: UFC FN 101 - Rockhold vs Souza 2
12/10: Glory: Collision - Verhoeven vs Hari






wtf is that image...

good news

Schaub bless. You're the best OP around.

Fuck off pussy

Lewd cat girl getting hit with a hammer and enjoying it

All that I do is through the glory of Schaub.

Schaub bless you all.

Good thread

Dustin Poirier vs. Michael Johnson
Uriah Hall vs. Derek Brunson
Evan Dunham vs. Rick Glenn
Alejandro Pérez vs. Albert Morales
Roan Carneiro vs. Kenny Robertson
Chris Wade vs. Islam Makhachev

Joe's head keeps gettimg bigger

thanks man

I could literally heem you with both arms and one leg tied behind my back, pussy

Haha thanks for this man

Lads be completely honest, how would keto-kid schaub do in a post USADA heavyweight division? If u put him anywhere outside the top 5 ur bat shit crazy


Dustin Poirier
Derek Brunson
Evan Dunham
Alejandro Pérez
Roan Carneiro
Chris Wade

No problem

Thanks for this unironically because I forgot there was another lellator tomorrow.

guess the fiter

Jessica Eye

jon holm-jones

Michael Johnson
Derek brunson
Rick Glenn
Kenny Robertson

Stockingstake Cumslut?

RIP Sean Spencer

Guess the fighter.

Guys Tim Kennedy is going to Heem Rashad Evans for infowars


fuck that racist maniac, rashad will heem him for us nigga

marion reneau


Fallon Fox

come on, take the movie plot into context


Ray borg?


Guess dammit



roy nelson

what was Mr. Phoenix doing before he came back and fucked shit up?

Dana White



Brendan Schaub


Why the fuck isn't guys like Brian Stann featured in your tacticool shoooters? I mean the nigga actually knows how to actually fight(in the modern war sense).


Multiple answers

no one knows who brian stann is you retarded mongrel

repost them

can anyone post that ridiculous systema webm pls


remember ameribros, the /heem/ meet-up is tomorrow at 6.

no canadians welcome


i hope paige enjoyed her nyc trip

Go fuck yourself Bob, you only need to mention how a guy has killed some arabs and he's a national FoxNews hero in your Idiocracy wild west country.

no leafs

fuck off nerd

not the one i was looking for. but thanks anyway

It's a dummy

lol nerd
>b-but Idiocracy wasn't a flick, it was a DOCUMENTARY

>you make our city even prettier

I have it on my computer, but I'm on mobile rn

ya no shit that's why i said dana white because he always says dummy and brendan schaub because of the pic of him with one in his mouth

What would you have said then big fella?

Looks like she ran into the muzzie attacking a police officer with a meat cleaver thing from today.


I will rape you any day of the week Bob, unless you have air support.

>It's Steve the kangaroo giving his opinion

huff some paint and experience the dreamtime, k?

nvm found it

i would have said ya this city is pretty compared to some parts of somalia

lol @ failing to edit text decently

>Madison Square Gardens

>the mecca of basketball
>haven't won since 1973

>lol @ failing to edit text decently
it's real


>new yorkers jerking themselves off
what else is new

It's petrol dumb cunt

my sides are in literal orbit

I bet you have more shitty tattoos than posts in /heem/

I could heem everyone here and twice on sunday

Sorry. Why does your text look so shitty?

Good thing NYC banned guns.

it's not mine the rest of the text is in German


I got an angel wing on one side, and a devil wing on the other, so everyone can see that I have both a good side and a bad side

lol peru is my favorite poster

Chael just signed a multi-fight deal with Bellator


lol USADA btfo


>yfw Chael vs Wanderlei will finally happen

bellator is growing stronger every day

Sorry Lelator, you can't trick me anymore.



>there were years where my father didn't earn 100 grand
>ok BARELY made 100 grand

This was Bellator's smartest move to date.

Chael Sonnen on public television.

A LOT of people will tune in.

>Chael vs Wand
>Chael vs Tito
>Chael vs Kimbo
>Chael vs Carvalho
>Chael vs Rampage


Alvey is so fucking trash, ma niggs Nicholson is gonna backfist him into a living death

hopefully alvey is a piece of shit

Alvey comes to bang every time

Read your post and had no idea what you were on about

Then I saw this Holy shit. Guess him and USADA didn't get along. MVP had his time in the spotlight, they got Rory and now Chael, Lellator is moving up.


Alright. I'll bloody watch Bellator then dammit.

How the hell did they get Chael?

Can't joke the Coke

Dustin Poirier
Uriah Hall
Evan Dunham
Albert Morales
Roan Carneiro
Islam Makhachev

Is his own biggest fan and the smarmiest arsehole in Canada


he's not coming off the good stuff now or ever


whats there not to get? why would he go to UFC LW or WW? pffft...


>chael vs kimbo

uhhh bro...

viacom money

I can barely believe it man
Chael to Bellator wtf.

Fucking Jon Jones won't stop fucking up



This is a joke

Post Colby Northcutts acorn head

how the fuck is he so lean during offseason?

he's a jacked white boi get over it


fuck off colby is cute


>tfw you will never witness Sage hanging out with Zyzz and pals

sage will reunite with zyzz in heaven

sage literally has to get tracked everywhere he goes but he won't post that lardass' face

Can Micky beat him?

>fuua you're fucking shredded brah
>haha thanks sir!

Looks like the same guy just paid Tim a visit.

he sleep for a century then wakes up and causes trouble, also he is black

fucking hell /heem/ I am not impressed by your performance


Dillashaw, Cruz called him it and we memed about it for a while at the time

Sage has the deepest lore of any currently active UFC fighter.

I've watched demolition man countless times and still dont get it

I wonder what that dude's life is like. Driving around the country gorging on fast food and walking into fighter's homes and collecting their piss. Fucking weird

What's this guy talking about
Anyone know?

>Ex-champ Chris Weidman vs. Yoel Romero slated for UFC 205 in New York City


Dada 5000?If it's that it is really shitty

>5 of 6




why can't somebody just kill him? I mean is there anyone that actually likes dana white? He's a fucking asshole and he regularly ruins the integrity of the sport with his jewry


>I want the money fights

Dear whoever the hell u are. Nobody gives a shit what u think 02 is sold out and fans r pumped for 2 nite. Ur opinion=WGAF

Yoel can easilly heem Weidman early, if it goes the distance Chris might win a decision. Belfort had Weidman very hurt before Chris took him down

not adding that

Only been defeated once ever and it was because of a stupid mistake he made, people sleep on Weidman way too much

same could be said about Romero

Sent to the FBI. You think you can make threats on the internet? Say what's up to lex for me.

none of this is true


wtf man are you high on smth?or maybe we emit at different frequency lvls I dont know...

Yoel "the roided commie" will heem Weidman with backfist and thank J for the inspiration.Cap this

Is there a better power couple in Mixed Martial Arts?


>the deepest lore

Weidman's movement is Frankenstein tier


how is it not true.

he has also had 5 years off


because reasons

does she still do mfc?

Literally nuttin' wrong

Miesha and Bryan are still the best power couple!

reminder that "APOLOGIZE" is a shitty Cred Forums meme


It's really not hard to understand Giorgios.

she does Cred Forums


>mcgregor hypetrain back bigger than ever
>bisping is the mw champion
>condit cucked
>gsp is back
>chael is back

what a time to be alive lads, dana bless

Sorry they never let you get the slurpee you wanted

the MMA gods have smiled upon us this year.

holly and jef


The bants are back


>>condit cucked



Three stakes a day minimum

thoughts on this?

Is he gay?

Think he's referring to the first round loss after losing a split decision against the Champ



what is your ethnicity? are you a little brown indio (pls be)

i heard like 20% of peru is chinese now

schaub closeted homosexual confirmed

>Deese aliens are fookin' buums, yeh?

>Use him in game
>Instead of a knife attack he throws da left hand
>Killing an enemy
>Achievement Unlocked: Left Hand Shot

Post heems please

Randomly Selected Heem coming your way



"what have I done"

>tfw an enemy goes for a takedown and it's gameover

>6'1" bantamweight

>people sleep on Weidman way too much

Yeah cause he's been fighting 40 year old brazilians.

Yeah after being next to Alex Jones for more than 5 minutes we still need to make sure you're health Timothy.

That guy is literally powered by Joe Rogan and Alex Jones. You can't make this stuff up.

i don't think sage's body is that unbelievable. it's like todd marinovich. from birth his dad chose what he ate and how he worked out and everything. most kids get chubby then get in shape later, sage was shredded and athletic since babby. it's like he had a head start

He is what every American man should aspire to be.

I agree.

>locked inside gun storage room
>alien cholos banging on the steel door trying to get in
>you can hear the plasma guns melting down the lock
>could arm yourself with two heat-dispensing, zero recoil, weightless, infinite ammo mini guns
>grab a couple of Monster™ cans and shout ''UH VAI MORRER''

I took a chance joining theez resistance yeh

just gotta buy the "strikes off your back" DLC


>not here to take part
>here to take over

ahahaha holy shit

hating matt hughes is literally the most reddit thing you can do

Were those tats just marketting ploys to make him an even bigger meme or did he honestly think they look good?

there's this hot brunette ring girl, with a mma organisation.
I think she's Russian but I can't find her with Google.
She did a troll pouty sad face when a fghter lost, anyone know her?
Damn she's hot as f

makes it easier for us to instantly identify what stage of his career a picture or webm is from

conor does it for us

gooby bless

can't wait to see conor get old

literally looks like a different person at 145 weigh ins

>dey dont cut like i cut




The first thing cocaine takes away is your self-control

Holy fucking shit I was watching football and planning a trip and I come here and Chael has signed with lellator???

And now Rory is calling him out on twitter?!?

We're through the looking glass here, people.

p4p best twitter profile pic

>fruits of my labor, i enjoy em while they still ripe



haha holy shit


Here is Schaub with one of the Schaubposters that works for him

That's exactly how I imaged a schaubposter would look.

honestly curious to see how Sage vs Micky will go

Sage TKOs him within the first 2 minutes.

I keep hearing Sage has shit ground defense but I haven't seen enough of his fights to make any sort of assumption like that

>be rich and successful irishmen
>still cant bag a decent slag


back in the myspace days this was a super hype event. this was maybe the turning point in the u.s. for mma becoming bigger on the internet and on tv

A brief summery of Jackson/Wink MMA's achievements in 2016:
>Holly lost her title and her comeback fight
>JBJ suspended
>Yoel Romero suspended
>Condit Cucked
>Arlovski lost 3 in a row
>Alistair lost his first and last title shot

>"Drinks on the house!...if you get someone to buy you one"

Quinton "Bantzpage" Jackson

Was the first PPV I ever watched. Will always have a soft spot for Rampage

cerrone and dodson carrying them


it was the first for a lot of people, for some reason this event was a big deal. started the real downfall of chuck

wtf is this for real

Joe Rogan vs Dana white
Joe gets 1 year to prepare, Dana gets two. They fight at 170. Who wins?

better to stick with the girl who was with you when you were a broke plumber

Heem yourself

>10 months ago Ronda lost all 2000 life points


Chael is a national treasure.

crazy, that we could literally be on our 5th WBW a year after ronda lost her belt

Chael...had a hard life.

Fuck off you fat goof

I'm not going to lie, this is totally me when I'm driving.

I want to become the next Ariel Helwani.

What do I do first

better a loyal babe like dee than a gold digging model

if you had to sort the top ten heavyweights by chin health %, who would be first and who would be last?

on your knees


fuck cuckry

gall via rnc

Try to stir up shit nonstop


Everybody else

Full Delete, no file recovery:
Arlovski, Overeem

1. Roy Nelson
2. Hunto


3. Steepay
4. Cain
5. Werdum
6. Rothwell
7. Barnett
8. JDS
9. Arlovski
10. REEM

Isn't it called off?

Stipe's chin is cracked. He gets rocked very easily. I don't think he has a better chin than Cain.

>Full Delete, no file recovery:
>Arlovski, Overeem

I kek'd, sad but true

Rothwell has a way better chin then Werdum and Stipe

I think if you're at heavyweight it doesn't matter how good your chin is unless your overeem or alovski, you can go in with a good chin and come out deleted from one punch

that is why the hw division is my favorite, they can kill normal people in one punch if they wanted to. they are physical anomalies, a 6"3 250+ lb man cannot take from a man of equal size any better than a 5'9 140 lber, it would obviously insta heem the manlet but its just as devastating a heavyweight as well.

Fuckkk I wish I was big and tall

but reems chin is glass... so is lovski...

Is Ronda the queen of memes?

>be biggest MMA star of all time
>lose once
>quit forever

>going to Bellator
>(Champ) Carvahlo is fucking trash and is only champ because the judges were smoking crack that night and Big John refused to take several points for numerous eye pokes
>Shlemenko would be a lightweight in the UFC, easy work
>Melvin deleted chin and or retired after the Carvalho shit
>Brennan Ward Kek
>Brandon Halsey top kek
>Kendall Grove OH MY KEK!
>is going to Japan where he will cuck Wanderlei who has negative zero takedown defense proven after getting taken down by a guy with sandals


yeah sorry that is what I meant I just typed it poorly, basically they are guaranteed to drop every time where as for all the other HW's the chance of being dropped is really good but not a given like with those two

sounds like me playing and PvP
fuck that cunt though the real WMMA champ is Cyborg


Fuck off, nobody's gonna guess some literal who tuf contestant.

Apparently he resigned yesterday. No more mediocre fighting.


not really, watch the knockdown for some reason he was caught him standing very upright not ready at all for the shot, he took more shots from reem and took them well.

Pump as fuck for Chael.
Bellator slowly but surely will be getting to the strikeforce level and the UFC champs would no longer be the undisputed champions.

not really, they are picking up overpriced broken furniture with names

it's the prospects you should watch, not guys with 2-3 years left. it's like saying wow UFc has shogun, bigfoot and rashad

>no aliens in the game.
yoo fooked up laddie yoo fooked loik a rype shat

Name a single UFC fighter that they've signed who wasn't in a rough patch, dealing with a losing streak.

Bellator literally signs the UFC's soon-to-be-washouts. Expect them to get their hands on Frank Mir and Shane Carwin soon.

Sage via genetic engineering. Haha.

Alright goodnight /heem/

they don't have many other moves to make

snipe what recognizable names you can get so people will casually tune in and hopefully get invested in other fighters on the card

no sense in going all out to only market internal prospects when the UFC can steal them away

Gall by RNC in the first round. Sage doesn't even look good against cans that they bring in specifically for him to beat (2/3 of which have been cut so far) and he nearly got armbarred by the last one. Gall would end the meme.

>tfw you severely limit your potential by staying blindly """loyal""" to an absolute weirdo/ignoramus


Why doesn't GSP just sign with bellator?

>No usada
>No Reebok
>Free win

edmond's only way to cuck travis for dating ronda is setting him up to fail repeatedly on the biggest stage

literally yelled himself hoarse just berating him the last fight. didn't provide a shred of useful corner advice


reminder connor had zero fans after he lost, everyone turned their back on him including (You) personally.


i knew it was simply a matter of inefficient use of energy

Does every post in this general have to be about Conor?


nite nite uk-sama ~

kennedy bless

i stopped watching UFC all together when we lost. Now I can rewatch old Conor press conferences in peace again after my friend told me he won the last fight.

That's actually pretty smart. Based Slimy Armenia

He might. He's got the desire apparently but Dana wants him to come back cheap. Plus he want to get into movies and stuff. With Viacom and Paramount he could some stuff going. At least way better than the Steven Seagal movie he was in.

ding ding ding winner

He gassed in the second round again though. Diaz clearly threw the fight.

More fighters need to switch to Edmond's gym. The results never fail to entertain.

He's still under contract with the UFC.

>you will never live in the timeline where Ronda makes her way to Rafael Cordeiro or Jackson Wink or any other legitimate MMA gym with a legit striking coach

although to be fair JW probably wouldn't have accepted her given that they've been training Holly up for more than a decade.

At what point in Jorge Masvidals career will his degenerate gambling start to have an effect on his fighting? anyone wanna take bets, i say in 3 years.


How come I've never seen Gonzaga ever since that fight? Was the shame of being heemed by an old roided-up slav too much?


Because you're not a true fite fan. He lost to the Black Beast in April.

so after conor heems alvarez, he will fight aldo in february and nate in july right?

>he will fight aldo in february

Will he fuck.

reeminder that you aren't a fight fan until you have watched every episode of the reem


Guess this one
If you can't you are all casuals

when the fuck is ngannou fighting next?

I don't think he's going to fight nate for years if ever

Only way I can see it happening is if Nate wins against a contender and gets a shot against Conor if he beats Alvarez

when you heem yourself




fuck off douche

Audibly snorted.

>bisping and his son wrestling
>mike nearly has his son in a kimura
>mike's wife "please michael don't"
>mike's daughter "do it"
Bisping's got a pretty cool family.

Fought un early UFCs

based bisbing

The Most Pious UFC Fighter Ever, Kimo Leopoldo

The thing is, Edmond is a good boxing coach. He is just a shit strategist/gives terrible in fight advice. If he was just the guy teaching technique and holding mitts he could be decent.

haha, my gf sometimes plays around like that with her personal trainer, crazy fucks

>You will never do jits together with your father and spontaneously roll


>yfw there's a Bisping dynasty

hello globalist



USADA when?

This is next level cuckolding.

Is Bisping the toughest guy in the UFC?

It's just the pump bro, he's full natty.

His chin has nothing on Nelson.

whats up with that belly

nelson almost got heemd a couple of times by black beast

got creative with mine

I did not say best chin. I said toughest person.
Mentally and physically. Though Bisping has a good chin, his best way to avoid getting heemed is his retarded mental toughness and ability to recover. If people dont respect that about Bisping after the Silva fight then they are crazy.

legit just got fucked in the ass, lads. it was my first time but i always knew a cock would feel great inside me. i came buckets.

ali bagautinov?


I would heem every here.

Glazed Doughnuts and Thanking The Lord
Not sure... :(

both are close to some degree. it is a UFC fighter

isn't korean zombie back soon? seriously need a list of suspended, injured and military service fighters at all times, so I can remember the guys that have silently disappeared

>but reems chin is glass... so is lovski.
Yet Rumble couldn't HEEM arlovski and people still don't acknowledge heavyweight as the only weight class that matters.
The Heavyweight Champion is the only champion, all the other "champions" are fakes.

>mitrione, bendo, Rory, and Chael go to lellator
>Alvarez, Brooks, held, and minakov go to UFC
Lol bellator won't last 3 years

Rumble hit Arlovski too hard, causing the nokaut force to be transmitted into breaking Andrei's jaw rather than into knocking him out. Broken Jaw Andrei is pretty good.

Who's to say Rousey would have become anywhere near as successful or popular if she had normal gameplans? She blitzed chicks and that's why people cared.

is there someone skillful enough in lightweight that can beat a heavyweight in the top 10?

she was hot too at 135, 2 years ago

If Nate Diaz started eating meat he would be a natural 205er

I don't think they'd beat the top 10 middleweights let alone the heavyweights

If McGregor stopped touching butt he would be a natural 185er

The issue isn't her gameplan (it's all but certain that a competent coach still would have focused on her judo given that her grappling and submission game is light years above the rest of the division), it's that her striking defense is utterly horrendous. A competent striking coach would have taught Rousey not to run into jabs on her way into the clinch and Rousey would likely have won the Holm fight.

Who trains Maia? Best case scenario she learns from them.

I don't think that Travis Browne can take dat left hand.

Guys, our boy DurianRider is going through a rough breakup, i say we all write him a letter


wew lads

>ywn eat shevchenko's anus

not sure even the super manlet has the reach tho

Conor could sleep Bigfoot

>MGTOW is the way forward. Keep your head up.

>be vegan
>lose all muscle and get beat up by your girlfriend

lost my respect for him

What does the future hold for Punished Durian?

>related videos
>Vasectomy & Why I Regret Getting One 10 Years Later

You can get them undone just need a donor cumpipe or someting

>respecting a vegan

>Who trains Maia?
Demian Maia Jiu Jitsu. Nigga trains himself.

Bigfoot is #15 and I hope he gets cut for his own health after he gets heemed in the first by Nelson.


If you caught me using botox, will you stay with me, /heem/?

Body building

>DurianRider got dropped by a punch
>a female punch

what a goof, his chin is air


Which board / general was that?

The problem is that Cred Forums meet up is too general. A heem meetup will have more focus, we could fire up some fightpass, discuss boys and chip in 10 bucks to buy the PPV.

I think Donald Cerrone with a really evasive and defensive gameplan could have a chance against Arlovski or Browne.



>although to be fair JW probably wouldn't have accepted Jones given that they've been training Rashad up for almost a decade.



>tfw you will meetup with Phil in just over a week

>isn't korean zombie back soon?

Could've gone worse.

It's probably for the best that I never leave my house.

at least max has one more guy to fight, but i'd give KZ someone like bermudez

He's a whiteboi and jacked, my white friend

My theory is that Max is going to beat the entire top ten at featherweight before he actually gets to fight for the title. Then when he wins, everyone will bitch about the fact that he only defends his belt in rematches.

Exactly, I've barely watched any Bellator events, I'm definitely going to tune in on Sonnen

John Wayne Parr signed to Bellator kickboxing

But why? Sonnen wrestlefucks almost as badly as Shields and Fitch.

The hype is fantastic, but his actual matches are boring as hell when he doesn't get destroyed.

I am tempted to refer to max holloway as the featherweight champion if he wins another fight

he legitimately has a better stake then either "champion" at this point

Friendly reminder that Luke Cuckold was scared of fighting our boy The Chris

He just wanted a vacation with some lasses down undah and didn't want to pay for his flight.

>better stake than Conor
>lost to him

Friendly reminder that UFC Middleweight and Welterweight champions both have loses to active Bellator fighter. Really makes you think...

It's funny. Aldo says he wants to fight Pettis next if it isn't Conor.

>ducks Jacare to fight bisping
>ducks Chris to fight Jacare
Why is fluke always so scared?

he's a fucking samurai

they're just average blokes

a long time ago, against a guy who doesn't compete in the division anymore, when he was a legit prospect

as if that matters, he lost to poirer in the fight before that and bermudez

he's only lost as a young fighter to actual top 10 talent

Conor would smoke him and so would Aldo. His best win is either Cub or Lamas, both of whom are top 5 gatekeepers.

skip to 4:30


Schaub bless this day.

Schaub has no power here

Does anyone else just straight up not care at all about the card on saturday? I feel burnt out after the absolute wack that was 203.

I'm not hyped or anything, but I'm not a retard journo who complains about fighter pay while also complaining that the UFC is putting on too many shows. Watch this be the best card of the year.

I'll just watch main and comain probably, not staying up for all those whos

The whos of today are the boys of tomorrow, la

See, the problem with that line of thinking is that they'll never not be literal whos unless you actually watch them fight

I'm not saying I won't watch the fights after if people say they're good, just not live


Here is a useful tip for cards like tomorrow filled with literal who's.

Record the event and go have fun on a Saturday night.

Watch the event tomorrow at 1.5x or 2x speed and only stop if it looks like the fight is getting spicy.

I promise, you won't regret missing who winning a 29-28 clinch fest against who.

dee is busty

no she isn't

>have fun on a saturday night

>t. socialism

>Record the event and go have fun on a Saturday night.

S-sure I will just go out and have fun with all my friends.

people actually pay to watch this shit instead of just DL'ing via torrent the next day?

UFC is my Sunday respite from bad late-game NFL


>DL'ing via torrent

guess the fighter

Brian Ortega

good job

guess the fighter
this one is a bit harder




want a tip?

>> getting past top 5 at WW


The bald guy looks like Patrick Cummins


tip pls.

guess the fiter


jacare is the harder fight tb h

reminder that weedman and rockhog were friends he doesnt want to heem him again

Mike Perry

nah, weedman has more of chance of knocking his head clean off than Jacare does, he wants to play it safe after getting his chin deleted by the BisKing

>weedman has more of chance of knocking his head clean off than Jacare does

did you forget that jacare spams hard overhand rights

Hitler was allied with the Japs.

No, but Weidman is a much more technical and diverse striker than Jacare

google search the image


TJ Dillashaw, dummy

mate rockhog shutdown weedman completely the last fight

While this is true, no one is gonna get excited about Literally Who: The Card

The Chris will beat him next time. He'll find a way

And the Japs were enemies of the Koreans.

Le reddit man

the cockmongler

Arlovski doesn't have a glass chin any more than Struve.

Come on mate, yes he does

>only 56 days until the Danny Martinez meme ends forever

Worst chin, Reem or Arlovski?
I swear i've never seen Reem take a good shot and not panic, while Arlovski took that upper from Schaub and hard shots from Sylvia

>rockhog shutdown weedman completely the last fight
No he didn't. Rockhold was letting the Chris spam body kicks for the first three minutes of the third round and didn't seem to deal with them well at all.

Then Chris threw the memekick, and Rockhold crushed him from top position.

Chris should've followed the Rory Mac/Firas Zahabi strategy - keep doing what your opponent can't stop until he proves otherwise. I'm not sure that Chris is bright enough to follow that kind of a gameplan across multiple rounds though - he always seems to get sucked out of his strategy at some point in every fight.

then you have never watched reems k1 or dream fights, he has been in about 100 more fights than arlovski

Bigfoot. Arlovski has an average chin in a division where everyone hits like a freight train. But out of those two, Reem has the worse chin especially when you take into account the times he's been knocked out in kickboxing.

>he was winning the beginning of 1 round until he lost

Weedman nearly got subbed when he went for a td. Couldnt strike aswell he kept eating kicks

Weedman has always relied on td threat, once that went away his subpar striking gets exposed

Reem had chin enhancing drugs at the time.

The Chris was losing before the memekick. Watch the fight again.

reminder that rockhog was on antibiotics and was gassed and weedman still couldnt beat him lmao


Looks like my CSW instructor

He said Rockhold
>shutdown Weedman completely
which is false. I never said that Chris was winning the fight overall, merely that he was starting to have some success before his ill-fated kick.

literally pleddit the fighter

i see the brain damage is already kicking in to high gear

>hating lauzon
out out out reeeeeeeeeeee

You really should watch the fight again AmeriBro.

It definitely was not an equal fight. Rockhold was striking was impeccable way before Chris threw the meme kick attempt.

Rockhold dominated the fight and there actually should've been a ref stoppage at one point because Weidman was eating blows continuously for a short period, but survived.

I don't know why people think Weidman lost only because of that kick.

he literally posts there m8

Lauzon is the human embodiment of SpicyBanger.tk you fun-hating jackass.

Joe"UFC brass dickrider and reddit poster" Lauzon

rockhog was gassing though, but on the scorecards he won 3 rounds lmao so wouldve won either way

And his opinions are usually not in line with Reddit's groupthink. Almost never, actually. You don't become "literally pleddit" just by posting there. It's a state of mind. A celebration of mediocrity with a false veneer of thoughtful discussion.

he literally goes on the Painkiller Already podcast

>You don't become "literally pleddit" just by posting there
you actually do

>you now realize out of every major fighting promotion to have existed the UFC is complete shit

I just rewatched the fight
Weidman was winning round 3 by a significant margin before he fucked up with that meme kick.
I honestly think that if Weidman can pressure Rockhold against the cage, avoid letting the fight take place in the centre and punish the body, he could win the rematch.

Tim is my boy




He is an ATT fighter you bum.

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>that stoppage

so satisfying