Elite QB?

Elite QB?


Yes are you retarded? Hes been one of the top 5 for the past 10 years

Well I'm from NO so of course he's elite in my eyes. I'm wanting to see if he's Brady/Manning tier in the eyes of outsiders.

Yeah, he just plays on a much shittier, more incompetent team.

he's elite but he's no brady/manning tier. well, he might be eli manning tier but certainly no peyton.

winning an owl for the aints is like +100,000 XP points

Right under Brady and Manning all time for me. Cowboys fan here if that makes a difference.

If the saints D wasn't complete ass he'd have mad rings . Definitely elite

Yes, he was elite. Brees is a future hall of famer.

Not sure how much he has left in the tank. He's an old man. When will he retire?

>he's elite but he's no brady/manning tier. well, he might be eli manning tier
this is the worst football related post i've ever seen on this board, well done

no, at best in his career he was maybe 3rd best once or twice

total domebabby


so he pads his stats with meaningless garbage time yards and TDs

lowkey top 3-5 qb of all time

Brees made the Aints relevant, if only for a couple years.

For anyone familiar with the history of NO sports, that is an accomplishment.

1. Rodgers
2. Brady
3. Big Ben
4. Brees
5. Cam
6. Rivers

1 Carr
2 Big Ben
3 Brees
4 Rodgers
5 Stafford
6 Cam

Colts fan here. I used to hate him because of 2009, but seeing as how he is the only reason the saints manage to not go 0-16 I can forgive him. He might be the top QB in the league now but it's always overshadowed by the dumpster fire of team that he has the misfortune of playing for.

NFC south has 3 elite QBs CamT1,BreesT1,WinstonT1/T2 and then Ryan T3 with T2 upside

Right now it goes


>is god all powerful y/n?
the saints offense is their saving grace
fuuuuuuck their defense

Last Old School Qbs left 1. Brees 2. Rodgers 3. Rothlisberger 4. Luck 5. Rivers 6. Manning 7. Cutler 8. Flacco 9. Stafford 10. Carr 11. Cousins

New School/Mike Vick era 1. Newton 2. Wilson 3. Prescott 4. RG3 5. Taylor 6. Bridgewater 7. Winston 8. Mariota 9. Manuel, Kaepernick

Kings of Checkdowns 1. Smeth 2. Brady 3. Palmer 4. Dalton 4. Romo 5. Fitzpatrick 6. Wentz 7. Garopallo

FUCK IT Qbs 1. Tannehill 2. Bortles 3. Bradford 4. Sanchez 5. G.Smith 6. Jones 7. Ryan

How the fuck is Ben not in your top 5?

Just a fatter slower Cam

If their defense wasn't a mess they would be playoff guaranteed. Even just being the 24th defense would be acceptable. The defense was pretty good around 2010. Muh bounties helped out, I guess.

Yes, above Peyton but below Brady
So like 2nd greatest all time

How about this guy? Is he elite?

hes broken
doesnt count

>Fielding your mother's china collection

Except he throws the ball way better. Rivers above him is a joke 3bh.

Probably going to finish 2nd all-time in passing yards, also in the top 10 QBs all-time. 1st ballot HoFer if you ask me.

Yes I'd put him on the same tier as rodgers.

Ben is starting to look past it. He is getting injured more and more frequently as the go on

>implying Ben isn't made of steel

but thats wrong, you clearly dont remember him playing behind that paper oline from 2007-2011 where he got hurt every year.

his knee last season was the first major injury he's had in years.

forgot to mention, the only reason arians lost his job in pittsburgh was because his offense was getting ben killed. statistically, he did a fantastic job.

wasn't his 2nd owl the year with the worst line too?

the offensive line went from one of the best to one of the worst in the league after, marvel smith, alan faneca, and jeff hartings left by 2007. i remember ben leading that most sacked list for many years until andrew luck recently.

the steelers plug-n-played a bunch of cupcakes for years until they hit good draft picks and now once again they have one of the better offensive line units in the nfl.

How are people still falling for the Cam meme? Guy can't throw for shit.

part of that is Ben's fault too though.

In all honesty I think he is better than Brady/Manning. He is a more effective thrower than Brady and more clutch than Manning. He throws the most catchable ball of all time. He's the GOAT and it's sad his team sucks too much to make another owl run.

yeah ben has admited that the way he played put himself at more risk.

but thats just how the offense was setup. they had a lot of speed on the outside, a powerful qb who likes to make plays by holding the ball, and hines ward + heath to move the chains. it worked really well, too.

it was a ton of 5-7 step drops and ben improvising to put all the pressure on the secondary. like the polar opposite of what new england likes to do offensively.



He'll probably end up 2nd all time in total yards. He'd have to play a few more years than I think he's got left in the tank to overtake Manning's yards record.
He'll go down as one of the all time greats, and is already a lock for first ballot hall of famer bow that he's got a Superbowl ring to his name.

obviously, his W/L record or number of rings don't back this up, but I think as far as the basic skills needed to play qb - reading defenses, being able to make all the throws with power and accuracy, etc. - he's one of the best ever. even when he was at purdue, he could throw a football through a tire from like 40 yards away consistently.

Statically, the greatest Cowboys QB by a few thousand miles.

Reminder that Brees has more passing yards and touchdowns in his career than Tom Brady does.

He is younger than Brady and hasn't showed signs of playing any worse. Just had a bad team.

if tom brady constantly had to go TD for TD with teams because he has lmaonoD, his stats would be bananas too.

Used to be. Not anymore. He's literally top 25 all-time.

He literally led the NFL in passing last year and had the best week 1 of any QB this year, why not anymore?


The man can throw

That flip phone is aesthetic

Definitely. He's behind Rodgers, Brady, was behind Manning before he retired and that's about it. He sits right there with Wilson and Roethlisberger, and it's kind of a tossup between those three for me. But yeah Brees is definitely elite.

>He throws the most catchable ball of all time.
I think his height has something to do with that. His height makes him have to throw the ball with a higher arch so that when it gets to the receiver it basically falls into his hands.