Does the fact that Tim Tebow and other athletes like Michael Jordan can seemingly switch between sports interchangeably...

Does the fact that Tim Tebow and other athletes like Michael Jordan can seemingly switch between sports interchangeably and do at least okay seem to imply that physical fitness is more important than experience in any one particular game?

Would it be more possible for somebody who is 20-25 who is very physically fit to play sports at a high level than is currently believed? How difficult is it really to learn the fundamental mechanics of baseball, football, etc? Is it as difficult as is currently believed (basically takes a lifetime)?

they didn't swith to any random sport, they switched to baseball yes

Anything can be learned. Doesn't mean you'll be able to do it.

>and do at least okay

Tim Tebow signed his "contract" because he's trying to get a shoe deal and will literally never advance. Michael Jordan actually committed to baseball for two years, and also similarly never came close to seeing a big league at-bat.

Both signings were 100% publicity stunts for the teams involved.

Michael Jordan only played baseball because of his gambling problem with the NBA

Tebow has succeeded in batting practice.

Jordan had like a .235 average in the minors.

Stop memeing.

i can't believe people don't realize this

Many of these athletes played other sports.

Wouldn't surprise me if Yebow and Yordan were the best ballplayers in their high schools history

>see MJ at golf club in Hoover Alabama.
>wave to him
>he mouthes "fuck you"

Tebow is the right wing Kapernick.

Kaep at least had a peak

>Does the fact that Tim Tebow and other athletes like Michael Jordan can seemingly switch between sports interchangeably and do at least okay
>do at least okay

Tebow is in the minors and will never get any farther.

pic unrelated?

tebow wont amount to shit, yeah he can hit fastballs, but the fact that he looked half retarded trying to hit anything else means they just wont throw him fastballs at all in the majors, and his fielding looks like shit, he'd have to be a DH and he won't be good enough for that distinction

Whoa there buddy, Tebow isn't even good at one sport

>Tebow is in the minors and will never get any farther.

lol yet he had 40 scouts come see him go through a workout and everyone says he has legit major league power, one personnel person said his swing looked like micky mantle's

>muh scouts saying bad things

yeah...they gotta try to knock him down a peg so there's not a 10 million dollar bidding war

Both of those players only got into a league at all because they were famous. If they didn't have the name recognition, they wouldn't even make it to the minors, they both fucking suck

just confirms that baseball along with basket ball and football are low skill/highly athletic sports. if tebow tried soccer or hockey he'd get btfo.

Hitting a ball honestly isnt that hard, the pitcher does different types and speeds but he isnt physically coming at you.

Most players avg 250-275 batting avg, 1/5 times they get on base while at bad. Doesnt seem that hard, just harder to crack the rotation since there are a ton more people on a team and you cant be a dh

Linemen probably have the best chance at entering sports late(r). Unless you had a stellar high school football program, you won't even learn what to do until college.

Michael Jordan was an athletic freak, but he couldn't even cut it at acceptable level in AA, what the fuck are you talking about?

>Hitting a ball honestly isnt that hard

you're seriously fucking gullible. this is a stunt nothing more. those scouts came b/c of his agent.

>low skill
>highly athletic

moron or b8?

>highly athletic

Maybe if all the roid users focused more on getting on base and rbi instead of smashing the ball for a HR then the game would be more watchable.

How many times does one guy get on base, then have the next guy ground the ball for a double play to close the innings. Or they pop it up and the guy is stranded there, he doesnt even start off there in the next innings.

Baseball would be more tolerable if they let the entire batting line up for and put up a score rather than every 3 outs they switch.

>Maybe if all the roid users focused more on getting on base and rbi instead of smashing the ball for a HR then the game would be more watchable.
Maybe if it were 1938 and there was only radio and no tv or internet this slow as sport would be tolerable.

Youre not helping your case at all, baseball isnt basketball or football where a person can pull off a flashy move to score points. Theyre standing there and swinging a bat, unless someone figures out how to do a backflip and hit the ball it aint gonna happen.

Basebore is lame, rather than getting 40-60 homeruns a year, more idiots should be focused on getting on base and scoring rbi. Maybe if pete rose didnt bet and ruin his legacy more people would rather play like him and ken rather than barry bonds on the juice.

Baseball made sense as a pastime 70 years ago. Now it's just meme nostalgia.

>Sprinting and endurance are the only aspects of athletics

Tebow nor Jordan didn't switch sports interchangeably, which implies success at the sport they switched to.

Baseball has like 5 or 6 subdivisions before the MLB, so when people hear, "Tebow signed a contract with the Mets," they automatically think it's just a matter of time before he's out there Tebow'ing in left.

It breaks down like this:


- AAA/Japan Pro ball=NCAA/Top Euroleagues

- AA=Division 2 NCAA ball/2nd tier Euroleagues

- A=That crappy Chinese league where 40 year old ex NBA players average like 35 points per game.

- Rookie ball/Instructional league is basically half a level above good high school leagues.

The last level is where Tebow is at right now. Sure, it's "impressive," but Tebow is a great athlete and was a fairly good baseball player in high school, but there's really nothing unexpected happening here. He probably doesn't even deserve the contract and is simply being used as a publicity stunt.

Jordan did reach AA, but he was awful. He had a .556 OPS. The MLB average is .730.

It would be like if Mike Trout, a fairly good basketball player in high school, decided, even at 30, to try and make it to the NBA. He got signed by a Turkish basketball team and proceeded to shoot like 30 percent in said league.

No one would sing his praises.

Football you just have to be athletic. There's countless examples of ball players moving to football cause they couldn't make it to pro ball


Bo Jackson was actually considerably better at football than baseball, but the former for him was just a hobby while baseball was his "first love."

Hayne made an NFL roster after like six months of training.

Jordan and Tebow suck though.

Atleast go for someone like Primetime Deion.

AA and AAA are closer to equal than you'd think, AA is where all the good young players who are on a fast track to the majors spend the most of their time, they only spend short stints in AAA. Veteran minor leaguers are the mainstays of AAA

Sure. Some positions require 80% atleast athleticism, mainly safety, WR and defensive ends. Others require skill and intelligence, QBs obvious answer, but you also gotta be smart and skillful for offensive line

What is single A comprised of usually? How do players in single A go about joining a team like that? Do they first sign with the overarching MLB franchise and then just get placed where they think their appropriate skill level is?

Its shows that baseball is the lowest form of ‘’sport‘’ and that any dumb roided faggot can do it

It's not possible to learn hockey, soccer, and baseball that quickly and compete at the highest level.Athleticism isn't as important in those sports.

However, it can transfer over to NFL where athletic ability is much more influential. Just think about the 2 sport athletes. They all involve football. I would argue that someone like Bo Jackson was more gifted at baseball than football, but because of how godlike of an athlete he was, was able to play football at the NFL level.

>implying baseball players are incredibly strong which would justify their out-of-shape bodies
Nah, they're just not exceptional athletes. That body type would be unacceptable in almost every other major sport

he literally hit one fly ball during that

he's there to sell tickets in the minor league market which is in the south

What sport are they playing in that picture?

pretty much this
two-sport pro athletes are rare for a reason
last one of any note I can recall was Bo Jackson


Enuff already wit duh Tebow stuff, oghkay?

I was dere wen da Mick played, oghkay?

Sonny Bill Williams is a reasonably well-known example.

They both suck at baseball though. Definitely not pro level.

Wanna know how I know you know nothing about baseball?

Average =/= getting on base

Deion was later than Bo and he was a better football and baseball player.

>two sports
>rugby and rugby