Does anyone ACTUALLY think he should be in the HoF?

Does anyone ACTUALLY think he should be in the HoF?

I always used him in madden over peyton brady and vick back in the day ddesu

lol fuck no

if there's a HoF for being a pussy bitch that's so scared he throws up in the Super Bowl, then sure, he's a first ballot inductee

Hairline of Failure?

If so, yes

Campbell's Chunky Chicken Noodle Soup Spokesperson Hall of Fame

I do. And if you don't you're probably just a racist white dude tryin to keep the black man down. You don't understand our struggle. Inshallah.

t. C. Kaepernick

has about 10 clearly ahead of him currently. he'll be in eventually

nah he won't
Pro football reference has him at a career value (not necessarily a meaningful stat) similar to Vinny Testaverde/Drew Bledsoe which I think is where he belongs: just outside HoF.
Iconic player for the Eagles but isn't in the same class as Roethlisberger/Warner/Rivers even
if he won a ring he'd be in

Would he get in if he didn't choke in the owl?

For Campbell's soup commercials

For Campbell's soup......... Just read the above!!!! LOL


Perennial loser and choke artist. Rivers is barely above Romo

Eli did nothing wrong senpai

culpepper > mcnab

Fuck off with this meme

McNabb is the most almost guy I can think of. I'd love to hear. Other almost


I met Donovan McNabb at an Old Country Buffet years ago, and based on how much food he ate he is definitely a hall of famer.

A hush went over the buffet as he walked in and was seated, everyone watched in awe wondering what an NFL player would eat for dinner. Would he eat soup like he did in his Campbell's commercials? Would he eat healthy food or just binge?

He approached the buffet with the casual confidence that defined his NFL career. He was no amateur at buffets, skipping straight past the cheap filling items like bread and pasta, and loading his plate with thick slices of meat and big chunks of fried chicken. An audible gasp echoed through the buffet as McNabb approached the condiments and slathered the entire plate with gravy. Even the fried chicken was covered in gravy. A line formed at the entrance of the buffet as table turnover slowed to a crawl. Nobody was willing to give up their seats. People were even standing on their chairs to watch McNabb eat. McNabb shoveled down plate after plate of meat, all drenched in gravy before finally hitting up the desserts. He must have forced the equivalent of two pies down his gullet, it was a truly impressive sight. He got up from his booth for the final time, letting out a massive groan and massaging his stomach.

"Damn you ate a lot of food," his wife said, looking half disgusted, half impressed.

"I was hungry." McNabb replied as they exited the buffet.

he should be in the college football HoF

but I don't see how you can get into the HoF if you never win a superbowl and have weapons like Westbrook and TO

if he had any other coach than Reid he probably would've won one though

I had such high expectations while reading this post...waiting for an epic climax. I was thirsty! I saw an orange juice line and a lemonade line, but I wanted a drink that mixed multiple fruits. Too bad there was no punch-line.

>football HOF

Kek doesnt fucking matter anyway. The ring of honor is what matters in football.

Romos stats are way better


Nobody gives a fuck about tony homo

On topic no, mcnasty is not HoF worthy

Testaverde and bledsoe arent even close, shouldnt even be a question. Rivers is not in the discussion either, especially not on par with big ben and kurt the jesus freak.

I guess you had to be there. It was an amazing spectacle.

Haha this episode was hilarious

He only had TO for one year and TO was injured for like 1/3rd of it. Mcnabb had shit all for weapons his entire career.

Yeah, only because he went to my high school.

What show is it?

It's always sunny if Philadelphia, it's the episode they try out for the Eagles

Pretty sure that's tiger Woods