/afl/ Finals

>Friday 16th September 2016
Hawthorn Hawks vs Footscray Bulldogs at the MCG; 19:50 AEST

>Saturday 17th September 2016
Sydney Swans vs Adelaide Crows at the SCG; 19:25 AEST

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First for /crows/

who /dabloos/ here?

Crow here

would love to see the Dogs win


Rooting hard for Footscray here in burgerland

Not White = Not Australian.

Hawkroaches best get used to this view

Kicking myself to be missing this game tbhwu lads

Friday 16th September 2016

Saturday 17th September 2016

afl u wot

Sorry. what was that? Can't hear you over all these fat stacks of cash around my ears.

how is melbourne that high yet carlton no where to be seen

also if you're an eagles fan, hawks obviously have you beat on this list

West Coast are very clearly at the top of the list. Specsavers, mate.

made 16% less money for 5% more profit

hawks won


> emphasizing 'stacks of cash' in a league with a salary cap.
> kicked out of the finals by a team earning almost a third less revenue.

>5% more profit
try 60% more cucktorian

Basedogs on premiership watch

the numbers aren't up for debate, you probably dropped out of highschool to play runescape

Do the Eagles not into Accounting?, why would you have all that taxable profit?

Except there is no point for a football club to be running at a profit anyway. They are not businesses and they don't have stocks. The money just gets wasted if they don't spend it.

Clubs with an excess of funding should be made to redistribute it to the clubs running at a deficit each year if those clubs can't find a suitable way to spend the money.

Reality cunt on aborted narrative watch

Did you get bullied by Indians again, seething saxon?

t. straffo

he hasn't tweeted for 2 days, hope he's ok

>not scared of browns, must be le fat photography virgin
Lmao, stay seething


We should report him to the AFP, or if they don't take the bait, the HRC


how is 5.5 5% more than 3.3?

i - g - g - l - e - s

>have to work tonight



Who /supportsmultipleteams/ here?

Geelong, Hawthorn, and Sydney right here.

yfw the iggles win da premiership

its hawks vs sydney, already been confirmed


>It's a finals casuals falling for PerthGook86 "financial success" bait episode. Iggs posters are pathetic.

>""""semi"""" final
>winner still has to play one more game to make it into the Grand Final

But we literally are the most financially successful sporting club in Australia. We are the most successful AFL club off-field by far. We, with our large wealth, saved the VFL from becoming non-existent in the 80s. All 17 other clubs should literally be kissing our feet for their current existence is completely due to our generosity,. .

>Can't even quote the correct posts with his coin slot eyes.

What's for dinner lads?

meth w/ benny cuz

falafel wrap.


bikecunt recently broke up with his gf, please go show support

dozen beers and a pack of ciggies

Moroccan spiced lamb, baby spinach, red onion, roasted capsicum topped with minted yoghurt pizza

McCains BBQ Meatlovers Family Pizza
>uploaded 40 minutes ago
Fuck your quick mate. I knew they were done when she "wanted a break" when they were in Chiang Mai. Poor Harley. Now he can get back to pic related

snag sizzle

>Cuckthorn cucks

Straight sets >>/out/, LMAO!

He looks exactly like I imagine everyone here, alcoholic bogan trash

Spaghetti Bolognese I made last night
Get a proper diet
As long as you are making it yourself and not buying it from one of those 'le gourmet pizza franchises' which actually taste like fucking dogshit, kudos.

still hasn't set in lad

gonna be a long off season

any vocaroos RC?

I challenged this cunt to a kickboxing fight because they forced their dog to eat vegan diet but he pussied out.

>Spaghetti Bolognese
>Get a proper diet

might get a pie at the footy

gnocci from the pizza shop and garlic bread, its really nice homemade style gnocci tho

thoughts on this evenings match RC?

probably a Hanson snack pack from my new best mate Jamal's kebab joint.

>tfw footy preso tonight
>have to sit in a suit and pretend like i care while i struggle to watch dogs/hawks on small flatscreen with no sound

close to ending it all lads

the dogs are a 0% chance to win this game

no idea why people are writing hawthorn off, isaac smith kicks straight last week and they'd be flag favourites

hawks are cooked like ur mums cunt

A bloke can get me a labourers job doing plastering. $200 a day. Should I take it?

I'm unfit, weak and never worked a hard days manual labour in my life

how many hours? If it's better than minimum wage do it.

you'll suffer after a week.

take it if you lean towards the masochistic side.

fucking THIS

Bulldogs quality pales in comparison to Hawthorn's. They are going to be intimidated from the get go against the big strong Hawks. It will be 'le close game' but only because Hawthorn take their foot off the pedal. Hawks by 2 goals.

What's he doing at this very moment?

Hard mode: Can't say meth

The jinx is in, Bulldogs confirmed win.

Chicken tendies w/ chips and veg

Go for it m8. You'll either enjoy it and get a start in what can be a very lucrative industry or have a newfound appreciation for indoor work. You'll be making money either way

hopefully at home being a good husband and father.

I occasionally see him walking around North Perth. He really likes sandwiches from some italian dude's delicatessen.

>What's he doing at this very moment?

ur sister

>italian dude's delicatessen

Thats just a front for meth dealer.

is today the day? will the dream come true?

depends, what radio station they listen to onsite?


Triple J breh, what else?

>tfw the hawks are well and truly finished
>tfw no 4-peat
>tfw the hawks will go back to obscurity in the bottom 10
we did it ABHawks, we did it.

patrician tier themed rooms.

>Fat NEET who can't afford a gook proxy anymore telling someone to get a real diet.
You are the worst RC yet.

legit just got fucked in the arse, lads. it was my first time but i always knew a cock would feel great inside me. i came buckets.

2 hrs until first bounce lads

Wat do?

You might want to get that mental illness checked out, my son.

See you in October when you're so, so wrong.

Reminder that Hawthorn went the semi-final route last year and won the flag

simple reply from a simple mind

Didn't know that "dad comebacks" were considered witty on Cred Forums.

>Bull PerthGook86 and "RC"
>Study form guides to be become a betGOD and lord over /afl/
>Leave the house and walk/drive/bikecunt somewhere
>Evaluate life choices that lead you being here.

Plenty of options m8

What would you know about having a father Reality Cheque?

>pic related
Back when we had a decent RC.

The one dad that ain't coming back is yours

Been contemplating asking my prozzie to use her strapon on me, but I feel like that's reaching a new low

>Sixth generation RC being bullied into further irrelevance while clutching at straws and replying to anyone who bullies him because he is THAT insecure.
Shadow of his former "selves". Sad!

Don't go for a strap-on out of the gate mate. My last long term gf experimented with only 1 or 2 fingers in my butt and I felt a lot of pressure and "heat" I guess that was close to verging on uncomfortable. I'm guessing she didn't know how to massage a prostate and was just inserting for the sake of it. rim jobs and rusty trombones were way better than insertion. But if you want it then go for it fampai.

>reaching a new low

part of the thrill desu

Bulldogs will get memed into oblivion by the umproaches tonight lads

Literally the only reason Geelong didnt beat them by 3-4 goals.

/rug/ is up lads

my main wanking hand has calluses

execute all hawkroaches

>tfw want to get escort and have sex but cant do it without using drugs that render my dick limp

A literal dying sport lmao. Why is it still alive in Australia?

Excellent post

Based Bikecunt


pick me one lads

>mfw this WILL be the last game the Hawkroaches playing 2016

sydney private boys' schools

literally rugby's only remaining foothold on this continent

>the state of me




>60 mins $500

that's an entire two weeks of work at maccas mate

Great post. Those cunts did 9/11 they should be expunged from existence.

Bikecunt please you know half these photos are fake just go the South Street Brothel behind the bike store in Hilton.

>All of the following are included for your enjoyment in every full service booking
>Passionate kissing
>Protected BJ
>Showering together
>Multiple positions
>Going down on me

>Full service pricing
>15 mins $150
>30 mins $200
>45 mins $300
>60 mins $350

I'm not a virgin so I actually haven't used an escort before, but that sounds like a shit deal to me

premium pussy demands premium price

young, blonde, Anglo hookers aren't particularly common.

Looks like meth-head, I'd rather have drunken cry-wank.

That's actually a pretty good price for a private girl (by Melb rates anyway)

But too young and skinny imo desu

>pussy being worth anything let alone "premium" pussy
senpai please.

>too young


>No Nigerians Please


>Third last week of /afl/
I-I don't think I can last another off season bros

>ywn be a meth addicted female gook who earns a living off getting fucked by autistic neets

what a life they must live

>Marchbank has chosen Carlton as his preferred destination
We're literally going to have the best young defence in the afl. Scared yet?

How do you last a full season as a Saints fan let alone an off-season KEK

>No Nigerians please

/afl/ hots up again during trade period

how's this one kek



I bet you said that last season, yet we're doomed for another off season without anything to live for

By deluding myself that things will get better

>go to escort's place
>have sex
>she keeps checking her phone every two minutes


This is quite common among escorts, cracks me up. They hate Indians too.

Imagine being Indian and being unable to even pay for sex

/nrl/ is up btw

>$300 for an hour with a 19 year old GFE who hates niggers.

Fucking sweet deal.


why do the worst cuckstralian prostitutes hate africans?

Even whores in WA hate shitskins.

Does this put an end to the BBC meme, or are they just violent savages?

The game hasn't even started yet I am seeing abhorrent racism prevalent on this board. This is not acceptable and is against the direction that our multicultural, pluralistic society is headed. Deal with it racist white fuckwits

This isn't some new thing, a lot of prostitutes flat out refuse to service africans because they're violent and don't pay.

all best australians hate africans, not just our escorts

sudanese are a fucking menace in perth. Hopefully they all look up to thon maker and aspire to be something other than a gold chain wearing nigga hanging out in William street at 3am on wednesdays

t. straffo


Christ. Women literally have life on easy mode.

I love where your head is at pictures wise my man.

BBC was a meme pushed by the Jews to further enhance the race and gender war as part of their divide and conquer strategy. Some women are coal burners and some women are disgusting by certain types of men (Black, Asian, Indian). Horses for courses my man. Despite what the MRA and TRP communities have to say, some women DO have preferences and dating framework they won't deviate from, whether conscious of subconscious.

t. Straffo

The best part is they turn on each other and the Abo's here in Perth it's almost comical. What was the name of that band they all got in a fight over in NB after they were at Metro's and fucking machete'd each other? It was a parody hair metal band right. My god damn sides the day after.

white people are overrated desu

t. Straffo

>best girl I ever saw was pro-refugee, pro-immigration
>refused to see africans or indians

Ho ho ho it's magic
You knooowwww

Lads the reason why I'm worried is that I know ther's /cric/ in summer, but that board is so obssessed with pseudo trips its almost cringeworthy
There is nothing on Cred Forums more comfy than a semi busy /afl/ thread :(

>need to go out in the kitchen
>dad's out there and I only washed half of the dishes

Should I wait?

>not asking him an unrelated question while you get what snacks you need to distract his mind from the the dishes you don't want to do.

Works for me every time senpai.

it's all tongue in cheek m8

or you know, move out

i'll be running /afl/ every day this lad, don't worry

I'll just call my real estate agent and tell him I need a house in the next 10 minutes. Retard.

Thanks lad, or I might do pic related

Where do you think you are?

didn't have the time... im guessin in the past ~5 years?

You can come live with me, if you be my fucktoy.

>MSOG - Multiple shots on goal

please explain?

>faggot thinks he's special for not living at home trying to lord over those he deems his "lessers" on a Burmese Car Sales Forum.
kill yourself my man

get to cum more than once


here you go m8

Whenever your team scores you can cum on her face

it's the opposite you dumb cunt thats why you're too pathetic to move out

you should be licking it parents rims for letting you stay not bitching about doing dishes


Fuck I'd need to go home and have feed and lie down between loads.

kek what the fuck



>freeloading off my parents
>supporting some Jew fund their newest yacht for their 5th wife

real tough one m8

Go fuck your self you self-righteous cunt. I'm a carer for my disabled mother that's why I live at home but I guess situations like mine and many others don't factor into your "head so far up your ass" reality. You are a fucking joke.

They still haven't stripped Jab Watson of the Brownlow?

nice narrative you've got going here m8, I'm completely sold

Can't even type he's so furious. KEK
kill yourself my man.

Krazy kuckold you spit this meme out on /cric/ all the time, it's getting old mate. I thought you didn't like AFL anyway

>disabled mother

double non-productive drain on society

kill yourself and your mongo mum


Literally lmao-ing at your life, m8

Believe what you want, fact remains you are still a faggot arguing with a ""NEET"" on an Chinese cartoon image board. Sad!


I don't even watch pakipaddle

>doesn't even do the dishes

still better than BEING the neet on an Chinese cartoon image board.

My sides.

You've been exposed you russian obsessed fuck kys

>trump posting

confirmed neet


>insulting Trump posting
Where do you think you are.jpg

He's arguing with 2 different people senpai. I'm a good boy I donedu dishes, (it's only ever a bowl and spoon anyway)

And yet you still feel the need to reply. What went wrong in your life that you just can't let things go? Sad!

I wouldn't have made my post if I knew it would trigger your PTSD but I have literally no clue who you're talking about

not on /r/thedonald

>Bikecunt has created a new "disabled carer" narrative for finals and you cunts are taking the bait

i'm the person you think you're replying to

this is my 3rd post in thread

Just had chicken katsu curry, was fuckin great

And now /r/Australia either. Kys Straffo

>this thread

Even the most well adjusted AFL fans are still somewhat mentally ill

>yet you still feel the need to reply.

different person, I just hate worthless drains on society like you and your mum.

>RATES & Services
>Hot Step Mum Girlfriend Experience:
>GFE 500 1hr. 3hrs 1k

>Hot Step Mum Pornstar Experience:
>PSE 650 1h. 3hrs 1500

Fucking delusional whores these days man Jesus.

>you are either pro-trump or pro-greens

I love this meme

>this much damage control from Krazy Kreijiza

Thanks for your taxes faggot. I'll be sure to squander them.


what does it mean when girls refer to you as 'bro' and 'man'?

shut the fuck up krazystanford

Old busted whores should be halving their rates and doing more. This cunt is charging an arm and a leg for a gimmick. I hope she gets raped by Africans.

holy fuck i am nervous

if >we win tonight then i give us a good chance against the giants (only to belted by sydney/geelong a week later, but hey)


Yet here you are getting more triggered by idle trump posts (a staple of /afl/) than greens posting. Stop denigrating this board into politics thanks, I have enough of that already.

absolutely nothing you dumb fucking virgin

Woah Woah
Settle down junior
Hop on me lap and tell me where it all went wrong for ya to start saying bad things like that?

The 'finger!


>not identifying projectorvirgin
The narrative is absolutely stillborn

>201 replies
>39 posters

Loving every laugh

I wonder if that doggies poster from /fa/ is here

Kiss your sister

cheerio lad

>already 205 posts in
>game hasn't even started yet
/afl/ on elite watch

I just didn't do the dishes, I didn't mean for '''hard working''' individuals to get upset by it

now they're rambling on about some cunt in /cric/, feel sorry for them desu they're more obsessed with his own Cred Forums narrative it's sadder than me living with my parents

Essendon did nothing wrong tttt (to tell the truth)

>that intro

Poor Bullies. It really is sad.

yeah but 80% of those are about straffo

kys krazykuckold

I've already fucked yours :)

>sadder than me living with my parents


>its a friday night hawthorn game with dennis and bruce

Quick, NEED an AFL site headline and subtitle for tonight's outcome

the absolute mad man is still going

Stop trying to deflect, krazykuntswipe


>Hawthorn's interchange bench is Billy Hartung, Bradley Hill, Brendan Whitecross, Jack Fitzpatrick

This is LITERALLY the worst semi-final bench I've ever seen 2bh

Since when do Footscray have so many supporters lel? Fucking bandwagons

Fuck off back over the west gate and stay there


>chek'ed faker

>Dogs deny Hawthorn History in scintillating display of pressure

Scapegoats desu

The day it broke there was rumours floating around about other AFL clubs running similar programs, but they got hushed up quickly

FOUR-THORN NO MORE - Dogs end Hawks premiership hopes as Bontempelli stars

AMS is unironically Daniel. We must bully him into submission.

Trip on reality cuck

>Brilliant Dogs send insipid Hawks crashing out

No he is not, newcunt.

>Getting help for your clickbait from /afl/

Take a good look at yourself faggot

Trip AMS is not even original AMS, freshie

Woof woof roaches.

>thinking the Bulldogs won't get umpballed out



Excellent post

This will be over by quarter time. Hawks will win it by 80 after easing off in the last.

Post yfw Hawks play poorly, but get the rub of the green from the umproaches and win anyway

this desu

Either the Dogs win and /afl/ bullies the Hawks. Or the Hawks get umpballed to a win and /afl/ spergs out HARD. It's a win win for me.

Is this the Dark Knight theme?

Hawkroaches last chance to shipost before a decade of irrelevancy, then merger or relocation.

>T-that's all folks
(image of porky pig in a hawthorn jumper)
>Bulldogs too strong in the end of an era

tfw in the significant minority of Cred Forums users as a home owner that doesn't need to pay prossies for sex.

Sigh, we should be the ones demolishing the old and slow Hawks tonight. Why did we have to botch last week? FFS.

Who the fuck was that Jungle Bunny just now next to Murph with the red bow in her hair looking like a spook version of Annie?

>15 minutes

What the fuck am I going to do with the other 13 minutes?

Made some fresh OC just for you. 100 hours on paint

that's because people pay you to let them stick their dick up your ass you gay faggot

/nrl/ is up lads


What position are you, mate?

Which part of regional Australia do you live in, m8?

Kill her and take the money back.
>not using a burner phone to make prossie appointments before riding to the location.

Shit, meant to be to

Get back to those dishes, parasite.

Can't fail now.

yeo's coke dealer

can you buy burners in aus?


Do you literally own it though? Having to pay off a loan doesn't count.

>tfw you have a relationship but still wouldn't mind fucking slots on the side

Some things you just can't do with the Mrs.

>Ball licking

she doesn't leave much to the imagination

You can but if you do then you lose all respect for them. They'll degrade themselves to show they love you and want your love yet you end up loving them less. Quite the double edged sword.

/cric/ is up lads

Finally, the Hawks meme ends tonight

Really made me think

>Incorrect disposal not called
Guess they are just starting the umpball right off the bat.

It begins. That was clearly HTB

>Ball up



>+1 umpgoal Roaches

Should been holding the ball or incorrect disposal

where is based BT?


Where is NorWORM?

Unless you both go down the hole of degeneracy.

dogs have been getting more frees than any team all season bar norf, enough with the reddit memes

bruce and carey instead

Only got to fuck her ass once. Don't even get blowies

Saturday night mate
>t. BT biggest fan


Thought he could bully /afl/ like /cric/. Was dealt with.


Reminder that it is fixed for an all Sydney Grand Final to btfo NRL

>Golden Shower on you

Worth it?

You still with her? Women are the gatekeepers of sex. Men are the gatekeepers of commitment. If she doesn't satisfy you sexually and your needs aren't being met then remove your commitment, simple.

>mfw the only Hawks fan I know is Turkish

normally has the friday night game on triple m





I thought he was pretty based. Enjoyed the banter.

It's uncanny that T*rkroaches and Hawkroaches are looked up upon the same way.

The bulldog resistance is over, Footscray are finished

Kill yourself faggot, the only reason I toned up the shitposting last summer is because you lot are insufferable.

Suckling is a Hawthorn sleeper agent

I'm already drunk.

She makes money, I don't yet. Not smart to jump off or make demands yet

>this level of cuck

Which one are you cunt, statsqueer or Daniel?


>tory dickhead




>doubting the hawks elite kicking and aggression

What did you punks expect?


Fucking hell doggies

The saddest part is that Hawkroaches ONLY come out from under the fridge when the game is done. Never before to talk up their team. Only once the result is decided. Sad!

If you don't make demands and set boundaries like a real man she'll find someone who does. It's entirely possible to piss off a woman and turn her on at the same time. She's pissed that you are such a real man and won't take her shit to the degree that she respects and is attracted to you even more. Really makes your synapses fire.

I think Burgoyne and Roughead are the only Hawthorn players that I like

What's the difference between a Hawkroach and (You)?

You've yet to come out.

Roughead is a cancer on the AFL.

>hawks elite kicking
This meme again hey.

So who are Iggs fans favouring this game?
I mean you'd have to be a grand wizard cuck to support the team that beat ""you""

The one that tells you to stay in reddit you fucking cocksucking motherfucking buttsucking faggot.

>Hawthorn ""humor""

>15 metres




See, when you actually play good teams, Doggies, they'll eventually punish you. Cunts.

>15 metres
>didn't hit the post or deviate from it's line
We NBA levels of rigged

What's this guys name "shoahmaker"? Or something?

>implying you "have" to favour someone every game


Gil confirmed for SternBot.

Westgate bridge in 10 mins

Please stop that kind of talk it's very insensitive goy-uhh guy.

typical dirty Hawthorn play

>that filename

Imagining managing those betting accounts. A lot of the macros they use they also steal from randoms

>all this circle jerking about gws

they fucking went after sydney's best two players with dirty tactics and took them out of the game (effectively)

lloyd got 6 weeks for doing something similar, mumford and johnson get 1 combined

Weak faggot detected

Lloyd's was a culmination of 12 years of being a cheating, diving, dirty staging cunt who wore his IQ as his jumper number.


>Hawkroaches are still mad after all this time


The only cunt I hate more in the afl than hodge is Lindsay Thomas

Cameron Ling's upward intflection in every sentence he speaks really pisses me off

Not even a hawkroach m8. Probably the single most overrated player ever.

>Hawthorn goal review

>Bulldogs goal review

Sounds about right.

76,319 #MCGCrowd

Jordan Lewis is the biggest cunt going

I've scurried away from under the fridge lads. Proud threepeater here

Who here /north/

>Boomer most likely playing on


True, Sam Mitchell too

>the """package"""

nobody is going to give him a spot on their list

if he's playing on it will be in the VFL

>Boomer most likely playing on
I'm out of the loop. Why do you say that?

Shame really. He's still a top class player and should be good for a few seasons. But >m-muh age.

I agree with the other guy that I can't see him fitting into anyone's list, but norf are literally retarded for forcing him to retire

No-one to blame but yourselves. He'll finish Top 5 in >your B&F this year and you axed him with AT LEAST 1 great year of contribution left. Ass backwards club.

He said he would entertain offers before deciding on calling it quits IIRC

it's ogre

dogs are 2 shook

funny thing is, i bet if he'd been injured and missed 5 games this year they would have let him go around again

just so they could have le games break holder and sell their shitty merch

should've got yourself suspended, boomer

There's something about former Lions threepeat players and not being able to coach.

>implying Chris Scott had anything to do with taking that list to flags

Boomer to /crows/ tßh, >we've got form with broken down norf superstars.

>A tight vagina is your commodity
>Letting some BBC make it permanently loose
They love it in private, but it's really bad for business.



Eat shit Engimal

>cheat win every game

man, it feels good to be a roach.

>taking boomer when you have eddie betts


Or anyone who played in the 2001 Grand Final


norf need all the cash flow they can get but you can't deny he had a great year (or at least a comparable year to their other younger midfielders) and a 1 year extension could be made on form and not sentimentality.

Ok Jamal

Get fucked Poodge

It's going to be Hawks Cats in the grand final isn't it? Literally the worst possible outcome.



>Hodge getting outbodied by a 21 year old



? Does he hate boongs or something?

Smelly dumb hawkroach scum

He's weary that they'll want to fuck his fat wife

Not even Carey wanted to fuck his wife and he fucked all of his team mates wives.

Doing some absolutely rancid farts lads

Anyone else get anxiety from watching when there is alot on the line?

it's wary you illiterate cunt

>the old firm

bruce pls

Ogre :(

Got the acid bum mate?

how much you got down lad?

the bias from bruce is terrible, wrecks friday night footy 2bh lads

>not being weary of all the nig nogs fucking your fat wife

are you not even married?



Try to avoid my /r9k/ leanings, but what dumb sloot.


>South Italian wog
And nothing of value was lost

>doggies likely to win ball in dispute
>blow whistle, give them a free kick to balance the free kick count
>free kick effectively does nothing

This is advanced umpball.

>removed from internet


>That face
Wouldn't be surprised if she had a penis.

>Her death comes one year after she sent a video of herself having sex to three friends and her ex-boyfriend, to make him jealous.

Puttanesca I think

They have enough practice getting the hawks over the line.

>Her death comes one year after she sent a video of herself having sex to three friends and her ex-boyfriend, to make him jealous.
>They post it online where it's watched by millions

Natural selection at work

Fucking this. Not all free kicks are equal.



>to make him jealous.

she deserves it


>sending a sex tape to your ex boyfriend to make him jealous
Literally how fucking stupid can you be?

Women are literally autistic in this regard
>Receive a photo/video of lude sexual act to make you jealous
>Get jealous
>Get outraged when you find out the guy you tried upset/makes jealous sends it to your mother, father, friends and posts it all over the internet.
Glad she took herself out of the game and saved a poor schlub from marrying her desu.


Can we get the video, lads?

I think people born between 1986-1990 are stuck between this weird time when the whole tough love was on its way out. I remember when being in primary school smacking kids wasn't the worst thing and then as soon as I reached high school the media pushed it as being as bad as pedophilia.

A lot of people who developed during that phrase have this warped idea of a lack of responsibility of their actions. A few of us understand the repercussions of it but a lot seem to be the pioneers (and idols for younger millennials) of a do what you want hedonistic lifestyle and then not only getting upset at the reaction of others but then force their lifestyle and choices as healthy and the norm.

She was 30 when she did that, 30. What the fuck was she doing for 3 decades?

To be fair in Aus could get sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars for posting that shit publically

t. Tom O'Connell

Can't sue anyone when you're dead LMAO

>what is a murder trial


bruest out for the rest of the finals boys

Family possibly could tho

Point is that it's equally retarded to publish that shit as it was to send it your ex


>flopping and pretending to get knocked out so you can avoid being remonstrated with

Took his eyes off the ball, head high contact

He's gone, then again he is a hawkroach so it will be a week down the a fine with an early plea

Not sure about that, I know Facebook has its own ToS. I know for a fact any photo you post up can be reproduced in whatever manner without recourse.

Even if she tried to use a defamation argument I would fail to see how that works. If nothing is altered and it is raw footage of her taking dick I don't think it could warrant any action.

Manslaughter at very best. And a fucking joke at that

Bulldogs bestdogs

Woof woof hawkroaches

Hawks getting absolutely pounded at the contested ball

Western BullGODS

These Ashley & Martin ads are triggering

i seriosuly wish Cameron Lings sex tape went viral so he would kill himself

fuck i hate that cunt

Do you ever feel bad for all those poor souls who don't watch footy?

How empty their lives must be

Breach of confidence in equity friend easy as piss

If she suffers mental distress you could be liable

Big Strong Swede is back lads.

Wow- he was really slapping her around with that thing.


Bont is James Hird mkII

Pure silk

>murder trial
>committed suicide because MUH reputation
>feeling shame and killing yourself consitutes a murder trial
kys Straffo.

I agree with you. Yes, they could but it would be a gross decision if this man/woman's friends were ever found guilty of anything. What could they be charged with though? Once any media enters the public realm it's no longer yours. She signed the release waiver/her death note by hitting send. The problem lies more in media sharing laws than anything else. Never release anything you wouldn't want to see on the front page of the paper is always a good rule to follow because social media is exactly the fucking same. Dumb bitch removed herself from the gene pool thankfully, got what she deserved.

>Try to make ex boyfriend jealous
>End up killing yourself
fucking pottery.

t. Bald loser

Is he, dare I say it, elite?

Fuck off, we're full.

whats wrong with you?


You're the Aussie expat cuck who's wife dominates him lmao

If the intent was to make him jealous she could easily be cast as a malicious party willing to cause emotional damage. The fact she offed herself showed she may indeed have not been in a proper mental state.




>Breach of confidence
>Expecting you can trust and confide in your ex while trying (by own admission) to make them jealous
Get out of here arm chair lawyer. You couldn't argue you way out of your virginity let alone a paper bag.


Are you serious, sport?

"Think about your wallets here boys" lmao dat umpire

How much did the Hawks pay Cory dickhead?

>you will never be a footy wag

cant bring myself to load it up

Nervous lads

Husband you mean senpai

everytime he opens his mouth i want to punch a wall

he is the worst special comments man


who /halftimeweedbreak/ here?

Don't worry m8s I got money on the worms so they'll lose

Who's it with?

Wait so you're actually a poofta?

Bruest out for Harambe

>tfw no big strong americans watching our sport

>The words "You're filming? Bravo", spoken by the woman to her lover in the video

Complicit and accepting party in her own filming, no stipulations on sharing the video and "implied" secrecy will get you laughed out of court when she shared it with friends and the ex to make him jealous. No breach of confidence to speak of when you knowingly send it to multiple parties. Case dismissed. These ho's ain't loyal.

fuckin woosh

Pls explain


Will Bruce cry if Hawthorn lose?

>he doesn't know about Wilson v Ferguson [2015] WASC 15 (16 January 2015)
Sounds like YOU are the pleb that doesn't know anything about law.

>1 MITCHELL J: This case involves a claim by the plaintiff against the defendant alleging breach of confidence. The issue raised concerns how an Australian court exercising equitable jurisdiction should respond to the publication by a jilted exlover, to a broad audience via the internet, of explicit images of a former partner which had been confidentially shared between the sexual partners during the course of their relationship.

>2 In this case I am satisfied that such a publication occurred in breach of an equitable obligation of confidence owed by the defendant to the plaintiff. The appropriate relief for the breach of that obligation in the present circumstances is the grant of an injunction prohibiting further publication of the images and an award of equitable compensation. The equitable compensation should include an award to compensate the plaintiff, so far as money can, for the humiliation, anxiety and distress which has resulted from the defendant's publication of the images, in breach of the obligation of confidence he owed to her.

Not even the guy you responded to. Sit the fuck down, faggot.


I'm a big fan of the special types who omg, don't follow the "sport ball". So random!

Cheers bra

This is fucking clever.

The Swede cunt is an aussie poofta who moved to Sweden for the """"Culture"""" and to get married, and when he visits Australia he will NOT be considered a married man. KEK

When will there be an AFL anime.

>thinking anyone will read this
Fuck off nerd.

Footscray should be 5 goals up

I GUARANTEE that an actual court would see it differently.

i remember there was an old astroboy cartoon where he played footy

I would place a small wager on her suicide being the usual attention getting mechanism that got out of hand.

>explicit images of a former partner which had been confidentially shared between the sexual partners during the course of their relationship
In other words, not comparable at all to what we're talking about

Will Bruce is the VP of Strategic Finance m8

>tfw no bloods culture

I get triggered by that ad of the cuçk being forced to buy his deadbeat gf a trip to the snow when he wants to go surfing.

Fox Footy or Channel 7 gents?

>not watching 'the midwives' during half time

Given how pozzed law is in the 21st century I wouldn't be surprised

Fox footy, dont be a degen

blazed one and watching cross ange desu

>Not even the guy you responded to.
Sure mate you are do upset that you have to defend dead women online lmao. I would easily beat the fucking shit out of you and there's no doubt in my mind.

Probably and that's a disgrace honestly. They'd stack the jury with women to ensure the in-group bias kicks in too.

Know how she did it? I'm guessing it wasn't the wrist slitting attention seeking. Maybe she goobed and took the right amount of pills.

Glad someone here has the brains to see a distinction.

>not watching 'the hot chick' starring rob schneider on 7mate

Except that is is. Clearly sent only for the purposes of showing the ex partner, not to send to the world at large. Even though it was sent to make him jealous I seriously doubt a court on public policy grounds would want to condone exes in this situation having carte blanche to release things like that. The ex could simply block the other ex or not open the vid.its equity after all and it's certainly arguable.

Fox Footy

Solely because their stock music they use is far more classier and fitting. Really gives the footy the appreciation of high culture it needs, even if music is one of the lower forms of art.

What happens if you just forward the message to someone else (ie. her parents)?

Is forwarding messages now against the law?

based RC

>Clearly sent only for the purposes of showing the ex partner
Was sent to the ex and 3 friends who weren't there at the time (not to mention whoever the lover she made it with was). You don't have a leg to stand on here.

You've got some soy latte left in your moustache bud.

>Know how she did it? I'm guessing it wasn't the wrist slitting attention seeking. Maybe she goobed and took the right amount of pills.

>Ms Cantone had already tried to take her own life twice before her third and final attempt, the BBC reported her mother as saying.
Third time's the charm.

>RC endorsing non-free sports television

I don't think so m8

>music is one of the lowest forms of art
*tips fedora*

Next goal wins.

It's the biggest grey area there is mate. Technology is far exceeding with speed any laws we have in place or are struggling to implement.

>Two 15 year old lovers send nude pics to each other with today's technolody
>Someone finds those pictures or makes it aware to authorities they exist.
You are now charged with possessing child pornography.

Third time was probably for attention and she went too far because she was a ditz.

I fucking hate Lingy, STFU you ranga kunt

I never read the article but there's still a big difference between posting it publicly and to a very defined class of people. Don't think that constitutes giving consent to post to the world or makes the video any less confidential in nature. The point is its definitely an arguable point and not nearly as clear cut as your are suggesting.

Definitely a bi-polar attention seeker. Glad to see she could do something right in her life the third time around.

I don't think you get it. It doesn't matter how retarded she is with regards to how likely it would be to be published online.

A court would 100% give her the benefit of the doubt, given that when you share a sex tape with someone, you obviously don't intend for it to get out. It literally doesn't matter that she also sent it to 3 other people.

If she had uploaded to xvideos herself and then sent him the link, it'd be different.

>Sure mate you are do upset that you have to defend dead women online lmao. I would easily beat the fucking shit out of you and there's no doubt in my mind.
I don't give a fuck about her, she's an idiot and her suicide attempts were obvious attention pleas. You are wrong and require educating. I've already blown you the fuck out with knowledge, I could easily bash you in a punch up m8.

Cyril on pooicide watch

square up nigga I would roll you.

If Marcus Bontempelli was a distinct and measurable change he'd be Marcus Quantumpelli

I would literally dust all of you faggots out front of the pub

>when you share a sex tape with someone, you obviously don't intend for it to get out.
>When you share a sex tape
>doesn't matter that she also sent it to 3 other people
You aren't worth the time anymore mate. You are fucking delusional.
Would it still be ok if those 3 friends sent it to their girlfriends to show them the ho shit this girl was doing they weren't privy to besides being in their social circle?

>I've already blown you the fuck out with knowledge
>my opinion is knowledge
I would knock that fedora off your fat head so fast cunt it would make your gut wobble eternally.

Why can't they use HotSpot to determine whether the ball hit the post?

No. It probably wouldn't be ok for those girls to show it to their friends. Open a book bud.

>this Lingy hating fuck

Literally too drunk to quote your posts, not like you deserve the (You)s anyway.

I ran into Lingy while on holiday at Torquay and he was legitimately a nice guy, stopped for a chat and even patted my dog

Nomming you and your baseless hatred for this week's squad

need hawkeye and snicko as well 2bh

>500 posts
We did it lads! Need a new thread

wouldnt snicko be better?

Meet me at the giant goon bag in 20 mins mate. Make sure your last will and testament is in order.

>Would it still be ok if those 3 friends sent it to their girlfriends to show them the ho shit this girl was doing they weren't privy to besides being in their social circle?
No, it wouldn't. You are nowhere near as smart as you think you are.

You wouldn't be able to reach my head, manlet.

Doggies will win

>not rock and rolling it

>Thinking you can steal MY turbo autist pub enforcer meme
I will literally dust you outside of any pub or alcohol licencee venue.

Because some cunt in the 16th row will have a hot meat pie that will register on hot spot.

You can share with only the people I say retroactively, I don't care about the law.
I would beat the shit out of you with the book cunt.


> hawks getting umpballed


>score review going against Hawthorn

WTF is going on

Thanks for all the (You)'s and dancing to my tune you pathetic little puppet.

>Because some cunt in the 16th row will have a hot meat pie that will register on hot spot.

based score review

How's the leg going fyfe?

>even patted my dog

a ranga with a soul is rare

Don't think hawkeye works with vertical contact m8. They need impact detectors of some sort, but I doubt there'd be enough money for them even just across the main stadiums

>the Cordy family

>photoshopping (you)'s

Fake (you)'s desu senpai

i'll call up my cousins to fuck you up ulleh

Meet me out front of kittens 30 mins after the final siren and I will eviscerate you

You'll get over the denial soon my little pet.

what site

We could invest this money in some competent umpires, and maybe some optometrists on staff. Fixed.

>replying to my single post THREE (3) times or photoshopping it to make it seem so
kek, you are clearly so full of autistic rage that you can't even collect your thoughts into one post.

This post isn't me.

Cuckthorn exposed as fuck.


You got the code for it already, I think you can work out which site it is newfried

lmao beating the shit out of you would be literal child abuse.

deny until you die you projecting little bitch

mumless you newcunt

>anti trump

confirmed mohummad

Kill yourself worst cuckstralian scum

Skinny jew will be on the phone to umps at the next break.


Hawks well and truly finished. Bask in the glory of post-hawks AFL

>the levels of your insecurities

I'm big strong new south welshman.

why has this 3peat had absolutely 0 hype

i remember brisbanes and every second mention was about them being gods

In the mainstream media maybe

Someone make a new thread

Because Brisbane were a genuinely better team. Watching them was like magic

new lads

>the look on cuckthorn players faces as they realise they are done

>muh society

>41 posts late

>cuckthorn cucks

>being as slow as your retarded mum


dp you think the gook is still crying at this very moment ?