NRL Finals Football

North Queensland Cowboys vs Brisbane Broncos.

Game start at 8:00PM AEST at 1300 Smiles Stadium.

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Who else got banned last week?

Shit action shot.

Are you guys glad you weren't born and/or live in some shithole. I am.

Count your blessings lads.

There's literally two other threads for this already.

Fucking delete this thread and kill yourself.

got 1 more assignment due lads then its NRL and poker and maybe some cheeky pizza or chinese and a wank

GODbie GODrah on career resurrection watch

broncos by quite a lot btw

I can unironically seeing the Broncs getting away with it tonight.

Our guys 17.

1. Michael Morgan
2. Daniel Tupou
3. Konrad Hurrell
4. BJ Leilua
5. Dane Gagai
6. Mitchell Pearce
7. Cooper Cronk
8. Sam Burgess
9. Rory Kostjasyn
10. Ryan James
11. Chris McQueen
12. Tyson Frizell
13. Greg Bird

14. Nathan Brown
15. Ethan Lowe
16. Josh Papalii
17. Josh Reynolds

Coach: Laurie Daley

Walkcunt on Alcibiades watch.

Roosters on prem1e7ship watch.

Don't even like Farah but that whole thing was fucking retarded by the Tigers.

Jason Taylor must have a serious personal hatred for him, or autism

titans fan here

who do i want to win?

i used to support the broncos until the titans came along and it's not really the broncos fault with the refball

get fucked cowboys

Poogan to 1, Morgan to bench, Reynolds OUT

Broncos should never win because they are the NRLs babby and are afforded way too many advantages

Wish me luck, my brothers.

Which players are weebs?

Chris Mcqueen literally has Dragon Ball tattoos on his leg

1. post your ps4 game collection
2. get rid of your ps3 fgt
3. why do you have new shapes? they're wank
4. u got a bf?

1. See pic, plus Flower PvZ: Garden Warfare digital copies
2. Not getting rid of my ps3 until I can get remastered ps4 versions of every ps3 game I have, even the shit ones.
3. The new Shapes unironically taste better. I believe the people complaining about the flavour are blinded by nostalgia and haven't actually had the original recipe Shapes in years.
4. I have multiple partners of multiple genders.

Does any other major sport allow 1 team a competitive advatage like it does the broncos? Getting to play the same day every week at the same time while everyone else is random is super shady.

We'll see.

Not him but because I'm bored:

1: Alien Isolation
2: Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
3: Assassin's Creed Syndicate
4: Batman Arkham Knight
5: Battlefield 4
6: Battlefield Hard-line
7: Call of Duty Ghosts
8: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
9: Call of Duty Black Ops III
10: The Crew: Wild Run
11: Destiny: The Taken King
12: Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
13: Doom
14: Driveclub
15: Fallout 4
16: Far Cry 4
17: Guitar Hero Live
18: Grand Theft Auto V
19: Infamous: Second Son
20: Just Cause 3
21: Killzone Shadowfall
22: Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
23: The Last of Us Remastered
24: LittleBigPlanet 3
25: Mad Max
26: Metro Redux
27: Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition
28: NBA 2K14
29: Need for Speed Rivals
30: Overwatch
31: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare
32: Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2
33: Ratchet and Clank
34: Skylanders Swap Force
35: Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
36: Star Wars Battlefront
37: Thief
38: Trials Fusion
39: Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
40: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
41: Until Dawn
42: Watch Dogs
43: The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Bought the complete works of Shakespeare for $9 lads.

While I'm here:

1: Assassin's Creed
2: Battlefield Bad Company 2
3: Bioshock Infinite
4: Burnout Paradise
5: Call of Duty Black Ops
6: Call of Duty Black Ops II
7: Crysis 2
8: The Darkness II
9: FIFA 08
10: Fracture
11: God of War Ascension
12: Green Day Rock Band
13: Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock
14: Killzone 3
15: MAG
16: Need for Speed Most Wanted
17: Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty
18: Resistance Fall of Man
19: Resistance 3
20: Rock Band
21: Rock Band 3
22: Rocksmith
23: Rocksmith 2014 Edition
24: The Simpsons Game
25: Skate 3
26: South Park The Stick of Truth
27: Starhawk
28: Tomb Raider
29: Twisted Metal
30: Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception
31: Warhawk
32: Wipeout HD Fury

Can i come over to your house

I'll bring a PS3 controller

I own 23 of these games

Is Ben Hannant the saviour of the white race?

>biggest game of the year so far
>most intense rivalry in the modern nrl
>sudden death finals
>28 replies
KEK, nice "poomunity" you have here

Thinking about becoming a Mormon lads

Jacob Liddle might be a cheeky look at SC next year lads


I can understand wanting to take the team in a new direction but Farah should have at least been coming off the fucking bench

Every single statistic said they were better without him on the field.

explain how you moron

The Broncos have significant corporate advantage being the only team to service a major city. They also block the NRL from pursuing a second Brisbane team.

That corporate advantage translates to a greater ability to secure third party deals for their players and also develop resources to help the players.

They also have a greater catchment than any other club.

The fact is the Broncos are the most profitable club in the NRL and that is due to them having the largest potential supporter base, along with media co-ownership, monopolized territory and private backing. Not to mention the refball they always get.

Despite this they still haven't won a premiership in a decade kek

Honestly jealous of those (You)'s lad

god this is pathetic, kill yourselves manchildren

legit got fucked in the ass today, lads. it was my first time but i always knew a cock would feel great inside me. i came buckets.

>decided to take a weekend off drinking
>bored out of my mind already

Hello /afl/.

Based walkie

>Turned 21 recently
>suddenly realize I'm now older than literally every single player in the Holden Cup

>turned 29 recently
>realised that i am NEET, still at home, playing vidya all day and i don't give a fuck

Look at those games, he's clearly a normie. If he was a true manchild he would have weeb trash everywhere.

VERY good reply

Who'd you tip lads?

Broncs here.

Still seething about that game last week lads

>one post has more replies then this ENTIRE thread

We're in /rug/, lads.

What are you lads up to right now?

cow cunts on getting raped watch get on dat 13+ lads

Good to know

Kalyn Ponga on hatrick on debut watch.

Is Ponga on Oates side?

Pre-ordered the new Danny Brown LP lads.


I am here now.

Hey mate.

How have you been, Sean?

Well. Cleaned my car for about 4 hours today. More productive than I usually am. Yourself?


Still working part time.

Rewatching Breaking Bad this week.

Good times.

What season are you up to?

Just at this very moment finished the season 5 episode where Hank comes to see Jesse in the police questioning room because he's looking for proof of Walt's deeds.

Nice. Fantastic show, although not my favourite of all time.

It's up there for me, along with Simpsons golden era and Seinfeld.

You have impeccable taste. I'm a bit of a Seinfeld fanatic if I'm being honest.

Every time I think you can't get more tepid as a person, you do. You are the most asinine form of life I have encountered anywhere in my entire life. Not even in any form of fiction have I ever come across a person so dull, vacuous and cowardly as you.

Having some yummy chicken tonight lads. What are you having?


Dominos pizza.

I've seen every episode about 100 times.

Just a few weeks ago I watched it from start to beginning again. Then I immediately rewatched it again.

Favourite episode? I don't know if I could pick just one but one of my personal favourites is The Phone Message.

Don't really have a favourite, but I definitely like the episodes that air AFTER "The Trip" than the ones before it.


I am legitimately in love with Matt Moylan. I want Yvonne to film me being fucked by Matt Moylan while she forces me to suck Andrew John's thick 5 inch cock.

Good afternoon. In less than an hour, nrl fans from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the most important nrl game in the history of the Broncos. "Broncos." That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can't be consumed by our mistakes anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it's fate that today is the 16th of september, and you will once again be fighting for our grinal final... Not from sharks, panthers, or raiders... but from elimination. We are fighting for our right to continue. To exist. And should we win the day, the semi finals will no longer be known as a day of mourning, but as the day the Broncos in one voice: "We will not go quietly into the night!" We will not vanish without a fight! We're going to fight on! We're going to survive! Today we celebrate our Revenge!

Why did it stop, brah?

I don't really know if I could name a "bad" episode. They're all completely fucking hilarious. Even the zanier whackier episodes in the later seasons were gold.

What kind?


Are you 50 years old?


The earlier seasons aren't great though, especially George. He's annoying and whiny in the first few seasons like Woody Allen. He's better later on when he's more like Larry David.

Yeah but what ky

Apparently I earn too much now to get any.

But I recently switched to part time work, so hopefully they give me a little bit next time.

I personally love the early seasons. I mean even in the first season it was fantastic. In the second season the episode that stands out most is The Revenge. Fucking lose my shit every time Kramer tries to put the cement in the washing machine.
Pork/bacon combo or something.


Broncos will LITERALLY literally win tonight.

>Pork AND Bacon

Amerifat tier, lardarse, KY.

Based Brisbane.


This is a fucking elite reply, why didn't the NZ bro who requested an explanation have anything else to say?

>I mean even in the first season it was fantastic
You have a shit sense of humour.

And 90% of them are refugees

That's right, war on the vulnerable should do the trick.

Seriously, fuck this country. Let's attack the elderly and disabled some more while we're at it.

Just put 5k on broncos

I heard my mum talking about that article this afternoon. Was weird as fuck.




>tfw the master race is taking over

playing mw2 right now on ps3
come join me

Honestly can't wait until I get my PS4 Pro and The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition.

Haven't played a new game since Uncharted 3 in 2011.

Why do you keep talking about buying this? You mentioned this at least two weeks ago and still haven't gone through with it.

Based Matt.


>Even the zanier whackier episodes in the later seasons were gold.

Nope. Show jumps the shark in season 9

What is the deal with playing online with the PS4.

Do you literally need to pay just to get online with it?

What else would he be playing MW2 on?

PS4 Pro doesn't come till November I think




I disagree, sorry. To each their own though. I even enjoyed the finale that everyone shits on.

It doesn't come out until October 10.

I'm ready to buy, just need it to be available.

I don't know, but I don't play multilayer.

Yes, just like Xbox

Not to "get online" but to connect with other players yes. Like you can still buy digital games, access any internet service (Netflix, YouTube, leaderboards etc) and download patches.

But games that have their own subscription (like an MMO like FF14) or are free to play are not allowed to also require Plus, so you can still play them without it.

>To each their own though
This is objectively wrong.

What is your opinion on gamers /nrl/?

I know a few, and they seem to have no other interests outside of video games.

/afl/ is up lads

About to make the switch from my PC, to my couch.

Will be phoneposting for the next few hours.

Nothing wrong with playing games as a hobby as long as you don't get too obsessed with it and let it run your life

Depends if they are the autistic kind, or the kind who don't let it either consume them or push it on everyone

Nothing wrong with playing games m8, just don't become obsessed or caught up with a specific system or publisher like all of Cred Forums does

Wayne Bennett on senility watch.

People still play it? I loved the throwing knives. Very fun game

I enjoy casual gaming, but I personally think it can be too time consuming if that's all you do.

One of my close friends, that's all him and his brother do. His brother is even worse. They both have jobs, work and earn money, but outside of work, all they do is play video games. I don't remember the last time I went to their house and they weren't playing video games. His brother is always hunched over in his room on his computer. He's almost 24 and he works part time at Bunnings. That's his life. Bunnings and video games. He's not even an autist or anything either. He seemingly has no interests at all though outside of games.




Saved and posted to Reddit.

I had an argument the other day with a couple of people on the topic of "E-Sports". I was heavily criticising it, and as they were gamers, they completely ganged up on me. It was a strange situation, seeing them defend video games like that. The way the talked about "teams" having to "practice" together for hours and hours on end for their competitions. Then they started talking about how video games can give you other skills in the real world.

/nrl/ on struggling to reach 400 replies by the end of this game watch.

Anyone seen that lamb diversity ad?

So you don't have to pay to just play manager mode while being connected online with fifa?

They unironically can help you with problem solving, especially puzzle games.

Broncos vs Cowboys on best rivalry in rugby league watch

Congrats on the baby, Walkie


I wouldn't know that sorry I don't play FIFA but I wouldn't be surprised if they made you require it.

Isn't manager mode available offline though? No Plus will be required for that

I agree to a point, but they got really worked up at the fact that I was against gaming culture and everything that surrounds it, IE. Twitch streamers, gaming channels on YouTube etc.

I never understood how people can kill their own time watching OTHER people play games. Seems like a huge waste of your own life. They got highly offended, of course.

wish that was me

Literally a poormans Souths vs Roosters

Which one?

looks like a dildo 2bh

the one with the penis

hottest thing i have ever seen


Reminder that Parker should have been banned for at least 1 game for his headbutt, but broncucks get special treatment.

you need to connect for fifa just so you can get your fifa points to exchange for stuff

also downloading squads. its a lot of bullshit, i still use my ps3 because ps4 is all about money.

Broncucks WILL get the first penalty AND win the penalty count.

Broncos are finished

Sick of this dumb stadium

Can't wait until we get our new one

The grass looks like they just painted the concrete green like a tennis court.



>ball didn't even touch the grass
>we see that the ball has been grounded

It did ground

top kek, I think you're right mate. I don't broncos to win via refball fuck sake.

>broncos get another try + penalty goal for 14 point lead
>play lazy for the rest of the game and lose

Why are you posting when you're not even watching the game.


The whole season is rigged for them.

Literally been refball as fuck 7 minutes in.

I'll just have to enjoy the cowcucks tears instead.

Why can't Brisbane win without refball?

Reminder Sean character assassinated Fatt, Zerobeese, josh reynolds and Poosterbitch



The entire Cowboys team look injured, Scott especially

They should have eaten the eggs

Wtf is with this sport and people humping and thrashing for penalties?

Will be funny watching them get eliminated despite all the refball.

cow cunts getting destroyed up the middle broncs on premiership watch

you know basketball and soccer exists right?

Link to video please

Boyd is so shit.

He's lucky his dad is the coach.

RIP thurston

>more broncucks refball


I think you have two stars too many.

Holy fug
Muh dick

What can we do at this point? The NRL seem intent of refballing the Broncos to the hip despite being found out.


Are Broncos the Chelsea of the NRL?

Broncucks on suicide watch



Jack Reed would have stopped that.

Ponga on signing for the Reds and future Wallaby watch.

Wouldnt of made the break

Why are broncos so slow?

>broncucks on the ropes
>better give them a penalty

What's the name of that one ref who's really good? But they keep picking Cummins and the shit over him for important games

Broncos got away with 3 forward passes that set.

Nigel Owens

everyone is dying

Based Sean

Broncos never get penalised for being offside.

Coote you fucking ape

>saying something in favour of the broncos

Good decision.

>coach is literally nodding at taking the two


newfig here, how many points should I expect this match to have?

Has JT been infected by bennettball

0-0 after 90 minutes.

watch and find out faggot

3 didgeridoos and 2 boomerangs matey

Badger. And he literally got fired the other day.

why was badger dropped?

That should have been a try, pretty pathetic desu.


coote mvp

No idea. Pretty annoyed because he's in my opinion the best referee.

Based Cowboys tanking so Cronulla make the GF.

Truly our greatest ally


It's like poetry sort of they rhyme


He refereed that joke between Broncos and Titans. Gerard Sutton got demoted as well.

this semen slurping sport seems just for me then
have no idea what i'm watching honestly, just following this after someone on /bet/ said to get on the cowboys
literally no idea what this could possibly mean

Poocastle dodged a bullet by not signing Poote lads

/nrl/ is ded

JT looks really injured lads

Strewth mate, don't be a drongo like my mate Azza he a bloody cunt mate, yeah nah good having you cobber.

They signed the Lord and Saviour Rory Kostjasyn. This means they WILL win the hip in 2017.

>someone on /bet/ said to get on the cowboys

You got trolled hard


No one here wants Chokenulla in the final

Why did you misspell cucknulla?

Badger didn't even make 3/4 of those calls.

>not wanting to see Cronullel not win another grand final and Gallen have to watch Smith lift one last award in front of him

You're not wrong but Sutton is a golden boy so he gets treated better even if he was the lead referee.

thanks la
>trolled at 2am
S-should I just hit the garage and go to sleep instead of watching the kekboys lose in an hour or do they got a dece chance of winning this?

Reminder that only Melbourne can prevent the Broncucks from being refballed to a premiership this year.

You all do, but only subconsciously.


The other guy was only demoted, yet badger was fully suspended.

Fucking bullshit, Tony Archer looking out for his mates or something?

what was that kfc ad? looks like tar.

Speak for yourself

They're putting Pepsi on their chicken now

Cowboys will win 15-14, bet your life on it.

Just switched to the /afl/.

Can't stand listening to wally poois and durren cuckyer's """""analysis"""""

Will Badger ever make another nrl appearance?

Nah 19-18, Thurston will have his pass intercepted again for sure. I'd put a 10er on that if sports bet had the option.

Reminder the Panthers WILL avenge their American brothers this year


Hey guys

I just want you to know that I enjoy spending my time here with you guys and I hope you all live long and happy lives. Just know that you're all wonderful people.



You too mate.

A try, penalty and field goal for cowboys while no more scoring for broncos for this situation?

Poorcunt WITHOUT Foxtel detected. You only have yourself to blame

Thanks senpai, enjoy life's fruits and glory

I hate fruit&nut. Waste of chocolate.


Home in a recliner chair.

In Katter's People's Republic of North Queensland


Reminder that the Broncucks have not won a premiership in 10 years and will not be winning one this year.

Got a cheeky 50 on them @ like 2.60 feels gud man

Is Ponga related to Pogba?

I'm from Brisvegas & I can't support such a dirty boring team, Cowboys and Titans have my heart now.

Cowboys by 14.

Eating tendies that my mummy made me.

>boyd incharge of sidestepping

That was pretty good from Ponga there, wasn't retarded enough to get out of position

Cowboys beed to lay off the heavy carbs they looked fucked. Have some fish fuck ya.

What would happen to Thaiday's belly if you took his girdle off?


absolute madmen

fuark! this game

Holy fuck this ponga!!!

Cause an earthquake

Kalyn Pinga.


Jesus christ are you kidding me



>Drop kick ball
>Called knock on


Sheittt nigga this game is lit

Nah real talk Broncos are grubs.

2 dangerous tackles this half the Broncos didn't get penalised for.

In addition to being offside all the time.


Why is JT so shit.

Nothing dangerous about those you soft cunt.

>implying jt isn't a whining grub

It'll make the victory all the sweeter

> not a crusha
Manly get out of it son.

That's pretty sad

Fair penalty imo

Fuck off. I'm offended that the NRL think they are getting away with this blatant refball.

You're fucking kidding.

Disgusting refball for the Broncos AGAIN.

>McGuire literally lost the ball in the tackle
>play on


Fuck Coote is awful.

Thank you based coote

poor poote

Just fucking kill yourself Coote


I can't fucking believe that first broncos knock on was let go just then

Thank you Coote.

Cowboys choking plus Bennettball. They've got no chance.

Haha lol yeah

Not beaut Lachie Coote

i thought afl was on channel 7?

Is Coote involved in match fixing?

this is feral

Original comment

Do not steal

You're feral


That effort from Boyd in goal

Fuck 2bh.

That hole was more gaping and sloppy than your mother's

Broncucks on suicide watch.

Reed would of stopped that

who's winning liddos


that broncos' feet was fucking anchored

You guys delayed or something?

Almost tripped over the dead ball line. Would have been hilarious

>Be Broncos
>Receive a bounty of refball
>Opposing team's fullback is trying to throw the game
>Lead by 2


fancy feet

Good stuff cunt

Win me some money you fucking cowgirls

>not even 400 posts
>literally the most important rivalry in one of the most important games of the season
dead "poomunity"
I blame Walkcunt

Broncos vs Cowboys games are better than Origin 2bh

Nah, I watch, then react, then shitpost

>Be Cowcuck
>Think every call against my team is refball
>Never stop whining about it

I've seen him stop otherwise guaranteed tries. He was inconsistent but I liked him.

Taumalolo is NOT on the field.

This is all a part of Sean's endgame

Queenslanders find reading and writing difficult, m8. Don't be mean.



>tfw queen slanders spend the finals knocking each other out

Feels good



its a conspiracy

based o'neill





>Pissbane Plonkos

Reminder that Morgan has won a premiership, played Origin and played for Australia.

Milford has done NONE of these things

Can broncos find somebody else over 6'2 who actually knows how to hold a ball and defend

>Exact same play works twice in a row for points
Broncucks on shit d watch

>the state of Broncos left hand defense

There is not one single person itt who is in north qld

All the young white women at the footy in North Queensland. Literally the most exciting thing to do in town.

Fuck, I hate Sydney.

That's it. Broncos give up after this.

This 100%

Based berra reporting in

Broncos will win from a Coote error 2bh.

Reed would have stopped that try

I am

Could be worse.

I am

Reed isn't stopping much anymore


With GFs family holidaying in Bowen.

I identify as a North Queenslander. I'm not comfortable with the maternity ward I was assigned at birth

True. Just sick of city life.

Where the fuck do you get a baseball bat from?

Fucking immigrants. Real Aussies would use an old kookaburra bubble

Would a single person care if Melbourne was nuked

based goosey

There are no humans in Melbourne.

Oxford Street, Bondi and Newtown in Sydney. They wouldn't be able to complain about Sydney and brag about visiting Melbourne all the time. And its culture. And muddy shit beaches. And gang warfare.

Parker on the ground just ready to retire.

Yet another forward there to Thaiday

>coote caught the ball
yeah it's over now

Wow just wow. Shitlord

>Coote not fucking up

Wew lad

Anyone else notice how much better the Cowboys have played since Rory came on

Ohh yeah man sex under the goal posts get it on guys

>score with 4 lazy cunts standing around
how the fuck?


What the fuck, they were literally all dead and the Cowboys still let them score



the fuck was that shit? it was in slowmo

Underrated fuck Ray

>GOATes 2bh


Boyd is incredibly good due to his extreme autism

Lucky one Bronco wants to actually play footy. Fuck sake.

Coote "going to live on a farm" confirmed


these bronco faggots gassinng like shit

also oates is the worst and best player on the field

Oates still had energy because he hasn't done anything all game

How attractive is milford's mum?

she's a gilf


KEK fair point.

> Broncos kicking it out to run down the clock

Yeah worked so well last year aye?

Probably huge

>old fat samoan woman
What do you think?

>blair fucks up play the ball
>play on


Are you allowed to kick the ball and it rolls forward as a play the ball?

Who is the more powerful deity? WalkGod or Kek?

I've never seen that not called a knock on

>it's a "cowboys fan crys refball" episode

For you

Next try wins

>this game

>no more tries

The team that has the most points at the end of the game will win

My heart is thumping cunt.

Reminder that this game and the game against the Titans was handed to the Broncos by the referees.

Broncos will be fine.

Cowboys 18. Coote 20.


JT to score match-winning try

Who here golden point

>Lachlan Keeke

>implying the gf will be a better game than this




matt reynolds


This shit has to be choreographed. There is no way these teams can go to golden point again.

What have i done.

meme magic is real

This shit is fucking scripted

Suck my microdick and fuck off, NRL

Referees actually GOING BACK against the Broncos?


Extra time in finals before golden point now because uncle Wayne had a cry.


How can the actual gf even compete

>tfw Thurston misses


Not believing in magic

Deja vu and it aint even the final.

>no replay of the "trip"

>4 of the tightest games of all time in a row


Parker told Gillett to do it because he doesn't want to play next week


get a load of THIS seething fucking casual lads

Fox literally just replayed in slow mo

but there was

ben hunt will win the game with a field goal

that was the most retarded trip ive ever seen

it was like a martial arts kick to floor a cunt

It DID fucking struggle.

Two tackles and a drop goal on the siren

oh fug field goal incoming


Ponga to score the winner screencap this.

What the fuck is this meme shit

Gillett is an overrated hack tbqh


When's the penalty shootout?

You obviously no fuck all about martial arts cunt.




Is Gillett on suicide watch?

>speak for yourself
>other guy using words like our

>Earns 300k a season
>Hasn't seen fucking dentist since 2001

Jesus Christ he's a fucking deadshit

i belted your dad cause he had a faggot for a son

Ok call it now lads, who's going win.

Canberra was robbed 2bh

Ponga try no field goal.

>nrl ceo's fw


"the michael strahan"

Canberra gonna win it all.

Didn't look like a trip to me. A block sure, the leg raised on contact making it look worse.

Fucken conspiracy.

Broncos to win

Will the based referees get my Broncos over the line, lads?

Broncos, no way this shit can happen again


Jt field goal

>Wayne Bennett seethed until the NRL got rid of Golden Point
>that fucking feel when the Broncos score first and then lose

Different rules for finals

The refs that that haven't called the real penalties that could have already gotten them the win?

Shouldnt of lifted his leg desu

Of course.

i don't give a fuck about either of these teams but i can't stop shaking

I'm going to die when broncs choke this

Didn't back hunt to tackle jt

Poor team cohesion by Bennett the shit coach

Your a big guy for this meme game

JTake a xanax lad

He didn't. The contact as that dog Thurston ran past lifted it.


>sharks face when

stream anyone? my tv is dead

>old man Corey on retirement watch

Who /heart racing/ here

I would agree if he wasnt watching it, made it look worse

Not even going to watch the rest of the games after this to be frank

Here m8

Parker literally SEETHING he isnt getting favourable refball

Hasn't raced this hard since I thought your mum would want me to do her.


>Have Pangai jnr on your bench
>all these tired forwards
>Don't use him

This is a “““““supercoach””””” to some people

Thank you for the (yous) friendo

the fucking GOAT


PLEASE tell me there's a Corey Parker JUST image for this moment right now







Gillet isn't coordinated enough to karate kick some cunt.

It's not golden point?

How the fuck is JT so good holy shit

GOAT rivalry

Doesn't stop him from trying

Been listening at all mate? Vossy pretty much explained everything impeccably.

livestream/nrl with a vpn

Is Taumalolo elite or real fuckin elite lads?


Extra time is the new rule because golden point is cancer.

And fairly non stop

But league fans have the iq of league players it seems

>Cowboys end Justin Hodges career with last minute cuckoldry
>Cowboys end Corey Parker's career with last minute cuckoldry


Rules changed no golden point holy shit penalty shootouts inc.

How can the grand final even compete with this game?

Nope. NRL riding the Cowboys to a repeat to lock the new stadium in.

You're at the footy field and this dude runs at your gf's ass

What do?







>Le worse stats than Gallen but is brown and young so he is better







> felty


That's a knock back imo.


>Broncos catching coach on suicide watch

>/rug/ watching this game while shittalking it

Haha such insecurity


oh man whens hunt gonna knock on too


He still has time to ruin this game


Reminder that pangai jr is a desperate attempt by Brisbane to have their own Taumalolo.

>Ben Hunt



Terrible call cunt.

>friday facing his own goal line
>knock on

>It's a Bennett complains about the ref in the post match press conference episode


>not knowing the rules

who /storm/ here?

>implying for even a second that cowboys haven't gotten the better calls tonight




holy shit skills



Nobody anywhere.

Thanks Gillet.



Watch him call to bring golden point back

I don't even think Parker cared. He looked like he was just ready to leave and fly home. He's well over it.

Nah NSW origin takes that honour


Why on earth did Kostjasyn accept a Knights offer? Is he retarded?

Wouldnt of helped to be honest fama

Congrats Storm on your GF win

He's gonna lead them to the promised land.

Fuck you mate. Broncs were robbed.


Needs to pay for his 7 kids


Anyone remember when the Broncos were considered the “Big Brothers”?

You're 49 weeks late

Because everyone keeps putting Ray Thompson up over him, must be frustrating.



I would rather any other team win

He will transform the Knights back into a contender.

He's honestly a very good leader off the field.

It's no coincidence that the Cowboys became a good team when Kostjasyn came to Townsville.


Fuck I love Parker. It's gonna be weird without him.

>not the raiders

#blessed #walkgod

He has family near Newcastle

Did ben cunt fuck it all up again?

How short is Coote

Based thunderclap will win the comp

inb4 sharks beat cowboys and the grand final is boring shit where the storm run a clinic on them

Based Walkberra Raiders.

The Sharks literally offered him more money and he refused. He has family in the Newcastle area and wants to be with them.


He's one of the few white forwards that isn't fucked in the head.

>Darius Goyd
>Cocklan Poote
>Ben Cunt
>fatt spillet

jesus fucking GOAT

Is Morgan our guy?

Cowboys V Raiders final plox

He just seems like a good, nice down to earth guy.

Taumalolo must have gone 250m+ that game.

Don't think I would even bother to watch a storm v sharks gf

Is Adam Blair the best west tigers player of all time?

>Ben Cunt on suicide watch yet again after a cowboys game

how can he fuck up so badly all the time?

Not Tommy Radonikis.

That not future premiership winning Rabbitoh Robbie Farah

The grand final won't even be able to match up to the excitement of this imo. These two teams just bring their all, every time.

Sharks raiders is objectively the best possible grand final

lol @ this debut twink cunt

Not Daniel Fitzhenry

>install flag add on
>first thing i see is a fucking townsville flag

im salty, cunt.

He's 17. What are you doing with your life cunt.

who's this twink in the studio with Matty johns

>almost 600 replies
Doubters of this community on suicide watch.

Masturbating to anime girls with dicks fucking anime girls without dicks

I hope the raiders absolutely destroy the cuckboys

talking about sports on an anime forum
how about you, cunt?

>his two favourite teams aren't the Sharks and the Storm

Feel bad for you guys lol

that guy was spilling his spaghetti

Both high scoring teams. It'd be great desu.

sitting in bed bout to have a wank

Making fun of Walkcunt on the internet with the eventual endgoal that he'll (you'll) finally end it all.

First thread of the year

Won't be coming back

>be kiwi
>support the cheating cunt sharks and the roided up storm
>wonder where my balls went

You know I never will mate. Even if I was ever that low in life I'm too pussy to kill myself.

Let's simulcum mate

He really is. He lives like 5 mins from me I see him or his wife every now and then down at woolies doing their shopping. First time I saw him I said hey and he was really nice, made conversation with me and was happy to talk as long as I wanted.

In debt slavery, living week to week and desperately trying to gamble my way out of poverty which is only making things worse, while I drown my sorrows with alcohol and masturbating to shemales while distracting myself from my "life" of no friends, family or gf on Cred Forums.


Not coming back next year either. This community is dying. Only looks bigger because of the finals.

Sharks vs raiders desu senpai

I wish I could make other parts of me look bigger

That's nice as fuck. Shane Webcke used to jog past me when I waited for the morning bus back when I was in school. Also a great guy.

sounds very much like my life tbqh

>no rooters
>no manly
>now no Broncos

Once the storm lose this will be the best season ever

Nice Walkcunt satire tbqh

My best mates cousin used to date Ponga, unfortunately didn't meet him personally but she must be seething she didn't hold onto him now.

Good luck next year cunt. Your team played good tonight though, be proud.

>Cowcucks fan

you need Cred Forums in your life. Don't believe in this nightmare of a world created by Jewish bankers, there is something better worth fighting for. Soon brothers, soon.

I literally am Sean. Both Webcke lived near me and McGuire.

you live near camp hill?

>refs literally hand the game to the broncucks
>still lose

>Dally M 2016 winner hodgson back
>Blake "son of Odin" Austin back

No stopping >us 2bh

McGuire came into my house looking for my dog once. I also saw Jack Reed when I left a lego convention with my mother, and took some photos of him.

> Jonathon Thurston fends off Thaiday

>let's brainwash more people into a hive mind
off yourself cunt

yeah mate, it'll be right
Good luck to you mate
Thurston looked like he was gonna shit himself in that last 10 minutes

i have Cred Forums in my life and i hate life even more.
fuck i wish i was a wageslave.
at least i'd have some self respect.

yes, it is happening

You got it wrong lad. His dogs ran into our house. He moved late last year though.

Yvonne is smoking tonight lads..

Who just witnessed the real grand final ?

Honestly.. there's not going to be a better game this year. That was just the two best teams playing against each other.

>you will NEVER have a son

What do you mean "our" house? Do you live with me? I don't think so. It was ONE of his dogs. Fucking kill yourself, you presumptuous faggot.

I live in camp hill. he shops at the woolies at Samuel st/whites hill if you wanna stalk him

if i did, he'd probably be a fuckwit

Melbourne are more mind games than pure skill. It'd make for a boring grand final.

Hawthorn eliminated in straight sets btw lads.

Melbourne are a bunch of pooftas anyway.

fuck knows why my nephew supports them

Two dogs, the house I live in with my rents. Nice try though m8.

>salty because the Broncos are shit

can't believe durrius dropped the ball from the kickoff lmao

What a world we live in!

Leaving Cred Forums will make you happier. Just one great ball of hatred and negativity. Mostly all bullshit, straw man stuff and idiocy. I don't know how half you cunts can believe the shit people spew on there.

I'll fucking glass ya cunt

Why not feltpen is deadly.

having a cup of tea lads


This new channel 9 commentator who replaced Ray Hadley is great. Matt Thompsom

Who tipping sharkies next week?

You are being brainwashed every time you watch the television or read a newspaper. At least Cred Forums cares about the truth and says things people are afraid to say. Shit's going to get real soon. Maybe when the bread and circuses stop you might finally realise there is a problem here.

yeah i used to live there too. used to see him at the fruit shop near that crusty devil bakery sometimes

My caffeine addiction is getting way out of hand desu.

Day of the rope IS coming.

Are YOU ready?

Just woke up lads

love ya walkie

Are YOU ready?

>implying i pay attention to news and believe sensationalist garbage
>at least Cred Forums cares about the truth
>says things people are afraid to say
You're delusional as fuck cunt.

>Spaghetti from this Filter interview

The threads nearly dead but what if everyone in /nrl/ got the extra flag extension. The bantz would be off the charts t b h

>black magic

What's my flag?

>this is what your average Cred Forums user actually believes


t20 netball is a thing now?

Yeah, I bet you don't actually believe in anything except maybe your own self interest.

lots of mobile posters, i reckon
lots of melbourne and Adelaide shitposts and beautifully crafted Brisbane banter

People from Adelaide aren't allowed to use computers because computers are the devil's machines.

had an average wank

been so long since i had a root im nervous lads

even nervous to goto a brothel incase my dick wont turn up

shit life is fucked hey, this is worse than those kids in hospital with terminal illness fucked

Every thing written there is completely accurate.

I'm sure you're so well informed about everything aren't you. Everyone else is so simple and ignorant of the ways of the world. Cred Forums is just so aware.

you'd be surprised
most of the people from adelaide who end up in brissie are meth heads, former and current

once did a short film with a former heroine addict from there

yes absolutely, you catch on very quickly. Maybe you're not a lost cause after all.

You should consider suicide if you actually believe most of the shit posted on Cred Forums. Just as bad as tumblr feminism.

>tfw 8 months since my last relationship
>tfw only 6 weeks since my last root

god bless strippers

>You should consider suicide if you actually believe most of the shit posted on Cred Forums

sometimes there's fun shit

you won't read stuff like this anywhere else. Open your minds fools

>people on /nrl/ unironically use Cred Forums
Australia vs Russia 2000 WC highlights
We won like 110-4 or some shit

>people in brisbane are unironically faggots
gb2 the beat.

who does anything ironically. What are you, some kind of hipster faggot?

Rewatching the game on Foxtel so I can hear Vossy's commentary this time

been there twice, it's really not that bad, mind you i was fucking plastered both times so i don't remember too much

238 i think commentators said

>been there twice
>tfw i've been there more than once.
>tfw it's full of absolutely fuck ugly cunts.

are you gay? i just went because i was drunk as fuck

i honestly dont really care enough to think about it.

if you want my stats, 4 women, 2 men.

2 were girlfriends, 1 was a stripper and another was a nippon blackjack dealer.

1 was a friend and another was someone the friend introduced me to.

must be good to have the best of both worlds

WalkGod on Nobel Prize watch

honestly, it's nothing special.

i'd rather have a job and a house Tbh.

I know that feel. I've been applying a fair bit lately and every place wants years of experience for menial things like being a coffee maker. Jesus Christ won't any cunt give me a chance? Isn't 7 years retail enough?

Nepotism is your friend and your worst enemy

i've got about 6 months retail, but i guess i might be younger than you (19) by a few years.

you got your licence?
even maccas has a delivery service

It's because you're an ugly manlet with gyno who can't get along with people because you have a false sense of superiority.

That's why no one hires you, walkcunt.

22 lad. Automatic licence, 7 years retail in hardware, electronics, fitness, sales. I've done so many fucking different kinds of retail it's a wonder I can't get a job.

>Ponga did 233 metres

What the fuck

>auto licence
KEK, Sean are you serious?

well mate, cover yourself in brown facepaint, learn howto say "allah ackbar", get transgender surgery and sign up for the ADF


Yeah minority quotas are fucked cunt. A mate I used to work with applied to be a firey and got knocked back. They take all the aboriginals though because they want them for some reason.


these fucking faces, jesus

government jobs are fucking weird to get.

my local motor registry looks like it's staffed by the hipsters from JB hifi

I've applied at JB HIFI at least 20 times. Don't know what it fucking takes to get a job there. Maybe I should put back in my stretchers and facial piercings for old times sake.

Based Sean

Not really base when I can't hold down a fucking job. Being a NEET is fucking pathetic.

im pretty sure you have to suck some dick or be this faggoty to get a job at jb hifi

266m by Taumalolo btw.

Whys that?

Most of the people at my local JB's are pretty tame. Mostly alternative music types really. I used to look like that. If you guys saw what I used to look like I'd be even more of a laughing stock than I am now.

Sean Walker, Doctor of JB HiFi

>used to look like that. If you guys saw what I used to look like I'd be even more of a laughing stock than I am now.

>you say this to a guy who has literally sucked dick multiple times
im pretty sure im the laughing stock here, mate

Go apply for dominoes, I was going to then I got a job at uni

Do some volunteering too, you get to meet new people, learn new skills, volunteer places will occasionally have TAFE accredited skills training days for their volunteers and it looks great on the resume

i don't care about gay stuff, do your thing bro, i did look pretty scummy with all the piercings though

We are migrating here lads

Not a bad idea really. You done anything like that?


>literally has a certificate iii in Fitness
>doesn't apply for the many, many jobs advertised for gym staff all over south east Queensland
Not even worth feeling sorry for a cunt this dumb.

Fitness industry is literally booming, and you're LITERALLY qualified to be a gym instructor and and you don't apply for the hundreds of jobs available.

>implying i haven't looked for work in the fitness industry
it's so saturated you wouldn't believe it, there are about 10 gyms all within a 15-20 minute drive from my house, about 4 of which i can easily walk to, it'll die down soon.

Let's get this bad boy to 700!

Yeah lad, I currently volunteer at a non-profit organisation.

Right now I help out at their office doing admin stuff, but they've just reformatted their volunteer ambassador program so I'll be doing some promotional stuff later on as well

I also wanted to do volunteer teaching at the community centre, but I dont have the time with uni, new job, and prospect of another new job soon

congrats lad

>government jobs are fucking weird to get.

They're mostly given to brown immigrants. They figure it's better to give them nice easy government jobs rather than have them all on welfare. Good for them, bad for everybody else.

Volunteering sounds like a good way to get your foot in the door too. Also a great way to network and get to know people who can get you to higher places.

You're a fucking liar, or a complete retard.

You look on the Healthy People website, and the Fitness Australia website, and there aren't enough people to fill the jobs in Queensland.

I only just completed my cert iii, and put a resume in at Good Life. Not only did I get the job within two days, they are mentoring me and PAYING for me to do my cert iv in fitness.

You're just looking for excuses. Typical of millenials who would rather bludge on the dole and whinge on the internet instead of actually trying.

>implying you aren't a millenial
>implying you aren't talking absolute shit

>dismisses solid advice
>comes up with more pathetic excuses
As I said, you're a typical millennial.



post a picture of your certificate, blur your name if your worried

Good way to get a recent reference too

Just make sure you dont volunteer unless you are actually going to put some effort into it, just because you're not being paid doesnt mean you can scrape along

Who knows, if you stay around at the same place long enough they might give you a job. Unlikely, since most non-for-profits are stingy but possible

>wwwaaaaahhhh why won't these cunts give me a job
>no I'm not going to listen to your advice, lmao,
>I'd rather stay on Newstart than actually try to get a job
Walkcunt is the most pathetic person I've ever come across on Cred Forums.

Last place I volunteered at was genuinely shit tier work. It was at a life line. The work was absolutely awful. The days dragged worse than any other place I've actually worked at. How do you find out about places that are looking for volunteers?

The absolute STATE of Brisbane

>Typical of millenials who would rather bludge on the dole and whinge on the internet instead of actually trying.

There surely are lazy dole bludgers who don't want to work. But to call a whole generation lazy because the Murdoch press said we are is ridiculous. Most entry level jobs that used to be done by young guys are now done by immigrants. Most government jobs are also taken by immigrants also. Many companies are also using 457 visas. There is high youth unemployment for a reason.

I was looking for work the other day and the standards were ridiculous. I was about to apply for a cafe job and it said 3 years minimum experience as a barista. I don't know how the fuck I'm supposed to compete with that.

How fucking hard can it be to make a coffee, honestly. 3 years cunt? Fuck off.

Yeah some places have very bad organisational culture and thus have a very high turnover rate on volunteers

The place I volunteer at has like 6-7 paid staff so it's a very flat office hierarchy, no bs

My uni will post that kind of stuff on the careers hub
But there are heaps of resources online to find whatever volunteering is available in your city

What government jobs are being taken by 457s?

Thanks. I'll check it out. Free work is better than me sitting at home feeling sorry for myself.

>There is high youth unemployment for a reason.
I agree.

And that reason is because most youths are lazy, entitled little shits who don't actually want to work and will look for any excuses as to why they "can't" get a job, like this guy .

This fucking online course took me only 3 months, and I got a job a week after getting it.

It's NOT hard to get a job.

Most millennials like walkcunt are just an entitled shit too lazy to do any hard work.

Just lie to get jobs. Asians are the masters of it. 95% of them cheat their way through university and then lie on their resumes to get jobs. Just get a mate to be your reference and pretend he owns a cafe somewhere. Maybe do a one day coffee making course to make sure you know all the variations of coffee. It's pretty damn easy to make coffee actually, not much skill to it at all.

FIA Fitnation? Literally the same crowd I went through. While you get a quick certificate, they teach you so much bullshit. I was surprised at the amount of broscience that passed through that course.

None. I said many companies are using them to cut costs. My dad works for Telstra and they're getting all these 457 monkeys to do their work now. And they do absolutely terrible, dodgy work by most accounts.

Yeah my mate just did his baristas course. Cost him $160 for a course. He just got a job at McDonalds. Probably because he knows someone that works there though. He's never had a job where he didn't know someone. His first job was working with his uncle, got the job no references, no experience, nothing. Furniture business. Definitely a lot to be said about networking. I'm really piss poor at that.

>more excuses
Are you registered as a job seeker with Fitness Australia?

Are you registered with Healthy People?

Do you actually have a Cert III or are you talking shit?

If you have a Cert III in Fitness, and live in South East Queensland, you can walk into almost any gym and get a job.

I looked on and there's 250+ posts for volunteer work in brisbane alone so you'll definitely find something you'll like

I only started volunteering a few months a go as a way of getting a new reference since my last job ended 2 years ago and my old boss fucked off somewhere

Now I've landed a casual job at uni and got another job lined up with an ASX traded company. Just got to put yourself out there and show them you are active and have the right attitude

I have a cert III. Got it back at the end of 2012. Never pursued it because I'm a lazy cunt with no idea what I want to do in life.

I'm lucky I can still use my Bunnings reference because she's a close friend of mine. It was back in 2014 but we're quite close so she doesn't mind. Went to her wedding and everything.

I still feel weird about using my Rebel manager reference because I was only there for 6 months and then the contract ended. She's all good with it, but it just doesn't feel right.


>And that reason is because most youths are lazy, entitled little shits who don't actually want to work

No, that is a reason. Not THE reason. Honestly, things are more fucked than they let on in the media. And things are going to get much worse soon. It feels like this country has undergone a slow death over the last 15 years or so, something vital has gone. Enjoy your gym job though, good for you.

Why do you think it's harder to get a job these days? What's your opinion on it? What makes it so much worse than the media make out?

>because I'm a lazy cunt
The first step is to admit it.

You could have gotten any number of jobs at a gym with that qualification.

You could have gone on to do your Cert IV and done your own personal training business.

You could literally, right now, train people for extra cash to supplement your Newstart.

Presumably you also have a First Aid Certificate, which in conjunction with your Cert III in Fitness can make you stand out from other candidates for jobs outside of the fitness industry like admin jobs, conveyancing jobs etc.

You could have joined the Army Reserves and not only would you be doing a service to your country, you would get a great referee for other jobs, plus they would whip you into shape mentally. Toughen you up.

That literally is the reason. There are more jobs advertised than there are people to fill them.

The entitled shits just don't want to relocate away from their parents house where they live a comfy life on the dole, and move to where the jobs are.

Can't find a job in Sydney? Move to Caloundra, or Perth, or Darwin.

Sounds like most vocational cert's given out by private trainers

This guy that used to manage the gym my mate when to acted like the hottest cunt around just because he had a "Diploma of Business Management" from some dodgy private trainer

Though he was the smartest cunt because he knew what 'pro-rata' was

Too bad he is too dumb to realise he paid 15k for a diploma of Microsoft Word and Excel

Sean, have you considered joining the Army Reserves?

That's honestly a really great way to make extra cash while looking for a "real" job.

Plus it gives me excuses to get out of work when I want.

Also ladies seem to like it.

You never know, you may end up liking it so much you want to join the ADF full time.

I can't really be bothered typing out a long well written response. But there are many factors involved both social and economic. We have a large amount of completely demoralised youth who are the product of a failed education system and a society that doesn't bother teaching it's young any morals anymore so they just follow the lead of a degenerate and corrupting media.

Economically there is no solid foundation for future prosperity or security. We have become a service economy and a mine for China and are completely reliant on the whims of a volatile stock market. Manufacturing has all but disappeared and it's hard to get these industries back once they're gone.

House prices, rent, cost of living, absolutely everything has increased dramatically over the last decade or so. Immigration has been out of control and the cities and outer suburbs are bursting at the seams. The infrastructure is crumbling.

I could go on, but i'm too tired.

A lot of those private companies are known to be absolute frauds.

When I went to a personal training session when I was 16 I had no idea what to do, I remember my trainer specifically saying "drink protein within the first 15 minutes after your workout to maximise protein intake". After doing shit loads of research I realised how little he knew.

Reminder that a Bachelor of Arts is literally the most useful degree anyone could have, and you can easily get any job you want with it.

Reminder that if you don't have a Bachelor of Arts you are doing something immensely stupid and doing yourself a grave disservice.

Never thought about it really. Know plenty of people in the actual army though.

I've been a reservist for 3 years and absolutely love it.

Seriously you should give it a go.

You've got nothing to lose just by applying.

What do you do in the reserves?

>A lot of those private companies are known to be absolute frauds.

The government shut down alot of these private companies recently. My TAFE teacher told me that many dodgy private colleges were formed to rip off the government. They would go to Aboriginal communities and offer them free Ipads to sign up for some Diploma course or whatnot and get them on the VET FEE help. They knew these abos would never complete or even attempt the courses and so these dodgy companies, most Indian, got to pocket all the money anyway. They made hundreds of millions of dollars. I'm surprised it wasn't more of a scandal.

im the other brisanon with the dicklust.

i've wanted to join the army since i was a little kid Tbh

cunts turned me down saying "i need more life experience"
so im gonna apply again this year because old skinny psych cunts arent gonna stop me from wanting to serve

Yeah a friend of mine was doing an IT course for a private company and he ended up dropping out. The whole method of that place was pretty much "come in whenever you want, do what you want, get the course done" type place. I'm pretty sure the whole idea is to get you to waste your money and eventually drop out.

They would also contract these really shit promotional companies to cold call people and pressure sale them into signing up for a 15k diploma they would claim to be free

I know someone that used to work at a signup booth for Evocca College, basically they would take in any desperate cunt with no sales experience then train them to say whatever it took to get their info and try to sign them up for expensive diplomas

it was the dodgiest shit

>"what do you mean job agencies and private colleges are rackets, user, dont you want a job?" -my mum

Yeah it's all a big scam. The education system in general is a big scam. High school is like babysitting for teenagers now. Literacy and numeracy have been on a steep decline for decades and NOTHING has been done to actually address it. University is a joke. I know for a fact that all the Asians just cheat their way through it. The universities know too, but they are completely reliant on their money so they can't stop it.

It's almost like they are intentionally dumbing down the population.. Now, why would they want to do that?

Well yeah, once you sign the VET FEE thing the training vendor has got the money from the Government and now they're trying to flick you off before you realise the course wasnt free


see im kinda happy my skepticism is vindicated

Might be easier for you to join the Reserves then switch to a full time role after a year or two of service.

I'm actually a rifleman.

Basically I guard this base when I do my Reserves work.

I'm looking at becoming a Chaplain eventually though. Seems comfy.

Yeah they've tried to crack down on it now. But the government has already lost hundreds of millions to these dodgy cunts. TAFE is a joke now too. My diploma price fee increased from $2500 to $21,000 in ONE year. Just what our generation needs, more crippling debt.

Pretty much. Now he's not studying and barely scraping by working part time. No idea how he's managed to move out of home.
>I know for a fact that all the Asians just cheat their way through it. The universities know too, but they are completely reliant on their money so they can't stop it.
Wasn't there an article on the ABC a few months back about exactly this? Asians scamming their way through entire degrees? How do they survive in jobs if they didn't actually study properly?
Evocca was literally the place my friend did the IT course at.

pretty sure reserves wont satisfy my flag waving fuckwit boner or get me out of this shithole that is caboolture

You can do Reserves "full time".

There's a minimum of 20 days service you must meet annually, but you can work as much as you want to.

They only found like ~150 out of like 20,000 students cheated

I wouldn't exactly say the entire university framework in australia has been systematically compromised

Lads, you know what else is also a massive scam and a pyramid scheme/mlm in disguise?

Those cunts that stand in the shopping centres trying to sell you raffle tickets. When I was really desperate for work I fell into a trap and didn't know what these companies were like.

It's all like a big cult like family thing and they lie and brainwash you into thinking you can make your way up the chain in a month or two.

Most of the managers of the place have a degree in psychology and they really mess with your head. It's fucked up.

This is the place I worked for for a single day. Someone else had a terrible experience. Posted on reddit here.

>How do they survive in jobs if they didn't actually study properly?

They have some degree of knowledge but in terms of assignments and tests most of them cheat. They even pay other people to sit tests for them, even in the HSC, because white people can't really tell Asians apart. Not even kidding, I have a Korean friend he tells me all this.

That's fucked cunt.

>There's a minimum of 20 days service you must meet annually, but you can work as much as you want to.

i dont know man
i'd rather be fully commited to it than being reserves, even if it's cucked or not.
i'll have to think about it.

As I said previously. They know exactly what's going on and how endemic it actually is, they just don't want to bite the hand that feeds them There are even fliers all over Sydney advertising people to write essays for any course. They don't even hide it.

>going to r/Australia
>going to reddit

>actually being unemployed
>actually having trouble getting a job

It's the exact same place that I worked at. I was lucky to find that someone posted that there. The whole place is run by an even bigger corporation that's global. It's worth billions of dollars and the legal avenue that they get through is that the people they hire aren't considered employees, they're "contracted" and they still make a small amount of money so it's technically not a scam, even though you make fuck all money.

The first and only day I worked there I was out of the house at 6:30AM and not home till 7:30PM that night. 13 hours and I made $27.

I mentioned in a post before about marketing companies doing cold calls for Evocca

That Trew Marketing place is the same deal. They take in whatever desperate, no skill, talentless people they can find and train them to pressure sale and act unconscionably in the way they make sales

Their pay is heavily geared towards commissions and KPI's (how many people they can scam), and they'll usually have some weird pyramid scheme thing where if you do well enough you can become a 'team leader' and basically you get a cut of every one of your team members commission

yeah man, come back in 6 months when your favorite workplace gets a new manager from corporate and cuts your hours because you're not "economically viable"

>no skill, talentless people
I was one of those suckers. They sucked me right in. Gave me a brochure saying I could be a team leader in 4 weeks, eventually work my way up. The whole place was really, really cultish. They played pump up music every morning and their "team" was really family like and huddle in and have games every morning. It was incredibly creepy.

>and they'll usually have some weird pyramid scheme thing where if you do well enough you can become a 'team leader' and basically you get a cut of every one of your team members commission

isnt that fucking racketeering?

my dad just lost his job because of this shit. italian manager cunt came in claims "not here to sack people". offered my dad a lesser job, lesser pay. decided to take a severence package and leave. he'd been there almost 9 years. companies don't give a shit about your or loyatly. profit is all that matters

KEK, I am the manager.

Basically. Except it's not illegal because even the bottom feeders make a small amount of money. You have to be a really dedicated piece of shit to make your way to the top. The main guy for that company was making a shit load of cash. He was a real sociopath type. In the interview I had with him I said "is it like a pyramid scheme" not really knowing, and he arked up at me and got really really angry. Shit was weird.

Were those the "training days"? You basically drank beer at the office and wanked around to really loud music?

The whole thing is a giant racket, if you do it you're actually a sub-contractor so you need an ABN

Yes, part of my three day training course. Loud as fuck electronic bassy music while they all danced around like they were having the time of their lives. How do you know all this?

My mate used to work at a similar place

it was called 'Global Interactive' or something

He eventually quit when he realised it was dodgy as fuck and his boss was a sociopath

This modern world truly is a psychopaths paradise. I hate the fact that hard work and honesty seems to be a handicap and that bullying, bullshit and deception seem to pay massive dividends.

We deserve it though, what does our society even stand for anymore except for money and self interest? We let this happen.

Let's get this bad boy to 1000

say what you will, but i fucking loved working at officeworks.

it may have a shitty reputation, but fucking hell, i loved working there.

then the manager gets married and quits, we run without a manager for the 4 most busy months of the year then we get a new woman from corporate
no joke, game in to see she had scribbled mine and this sweet old ladies hours off.
i asked her about it and she just smiled and said we're in a bit of a slump so we're cutting part time hours, but call next week and i'll have more hours.
i called, she says call in 2 weeks
then a month
then april
then august

then they stop taking my calls.

now i cant find shit work in my area.

im just frustrated so much man.

>inb4 should have gone to uni
i dont want to put myself in even more debt for something that is not a sure thing
managment degrees from QUT are not a sure thing, mum.

Are Cred Forums threads always this comfy once the game ends? This has been a pleasure boys.

Yeah the boss at mine had a degree in psychology, real greedy mental case. Ah well, all part of the experiences of life I guess.
You're not wrong. I say if you can't beat em, join em. You know the saying "fake it till you make it"

This is another reason you millenials don't achieve anything. You set goals that are too high too early.

Just before someone set a target of 700, and we achieved it.

But you have now set the goal to high at 1000, and will be disappointed if we don't reach out, even if we get to a respectable 900.

You should have set a goal of 800, achieved that, then set a goal of 900, achieve that, and THEN push for 1000.

>didn't go to university
>doesn't want to go to university
>complains when employers overlook him

That's what happens. It's pretty much the same thing that happened to my dad. They bring in outsiders who claim to be good, but their soul purpose is to fuck shit up. Maximise profit, cut hours, cut holidays, cut leave, cut anything to make the company look great, no matter how many peoples lives you ruin.

>You're not wrong. I say if you can't beat em, join em.

I hope I live to see the real backlash against Globalism and corporate greed. It is coming.

Why even bother going to university? Just dye your hair blue and say you're a genderfluid and you'll achieve the same result

it's worse than that
>finish high school, start meme degree
>figure out meme degree is worthless
>cut my losses, go job hunting drop out of uni
>find job
>love job
>lose job.
>go job hunting
>havent even landed an interview in 7 months

a fucking "Bachelor of animation" wouldnt have gotten me a job in a fucking Starbucks

How can you stop it though? Companies are way too big to fall. Look at the likes of Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Virgin group etc.

As retarded as this sounds, I like to think about it like this were hundreds of years ago. We are the commoners, the plebs of society. These corporations are the kings, queens and emperors, and we do their bidding, and buy their products. How are we supposed to stop such a thing?

That's because you studied something retarded like engineering, I bet.

Should have gotten a based Bachelor of Arts.

Live life on EZ mode.

>Step Four: Blame all uni students for your own failures and seethe

I hate the inconsistency and lack of schedule. I used to shit all over people had a normal 9-5, but I can see why people like it. You do the same thing, 5 days a week, and you don't have to worry about anything.

Here I am lucky to find a casual job, eventually lose, it back to neet status, find another casual job, contract ends again, back to neet status. It's a repetitive cycle. I just want some fucking consistency. Even a 25 hour part time job I'd be happy with.

everything makes sense when you work.

neetdom has made me pretty much hate life and everyone around me

Yep. I envy my sister. She has a job at Aldi. It's a 5 minute drive from our house and she's on $25 an hour. She's been on about 10 holidays/trips this year alone. Made over 30k in about 1.5 years. She's barely 20. She's really money savvy.

I honestly feel like I'm scared to get back to work though. I don't know what it is. It's like you settle when you're NEET. Like you know nothing else. It's weird and pathetic.

>tfw dumb autist so I never get tired of being a NEET

>These corporations are the kings, queens and emperors, and we do their bidding, and buy their products.

It's a good analogy. This is the reason why the (((Globalists))) want to further dumb down people in every way so that they are just passive consumers with an empty void of a soul that can only be temporarily filled by the latest gadget, mind rotting entertainment or fast food. The more stupid consumers there are, the more power they have. If enough people free ourselves from this disease then a real counter-culture will form. We really have to decide who or what we want to give our energy to.

As I said before, I hope I live to see the real backlash. I don't think we're going to vote our way out of this mess, let's put it that way.

People scoff at me for loathing smart phone addiction and culture. You realise how much that's making us "drones". I find it fucking pathetic. We're all glued to our devices, and I'm no exception. And we're all ready to buy the latest and greatest iPhone or Samsung once a year. We really are suckers to these corporations

yeah, my sister's the same

she was the smart one and got a job at 14 at dominoes
then she worked at this big fucking IGA

then she went on a eurotrip and met boyfriend number 17

then she worked for a restocking company with her boyfriend #18

then she moved to melbourne and got a job in a shoe store working with boyfriend #20

point is she hasnt been unemployed for more than 6 weeks since she was 14.
meanwhile im here struggling to get any job at the ripe old age of 19.

fucking kill me, man

we're no different

i used to be tech illiterate, didnt own a computer till i was 16 or have facebook until i was 18.

now im on this fucking site everyday and i cant stop.

Yeah I really feel fucking pathetic man. It's embarrassing. Almost 23, no job. Sister is only just 20, boyfriend, job, going on holidays, living the life, just got her own fucking motorbike because she's so cashed up. Self pity is the enemy though. Feeling sorry for myself isn't going to get me anywhere.

The worst part is remembering how happy I was when I had a job. I miss that. Being a normal member of society was actually really good. I felt so productive, I was contributing.

I'm slowly trying to quit Cred Forums. Laugh or mock me, but this place is really fucking up my mental health. A friend told me about it when I was 14/15. Said it was a good place to find porn. I started on /s/. 22 now and I've been here ever since. This place is a where all good comes to die. I'm really over it. I hate this place more than ever. I used to remember enjoying this website. Is that bad?

>he worst part is remembering how happy I was when I had a job. I miss that. Being a normal member of society was actually really good. I felt so productive, I was contributing.
>tfw same feels

im not crying, you're crying

i've only been here for 2 years and i already feel it draining.

i cannot remember a time without it anymore.

i paid more attention to this site than any ex girlfriend

I don't cry about it. I'm numb to it now. You get so used to being neet. Man, I think, where did the time go? It's almost Octobor, and I have nothing to show for it. Same shit every, single, fucking day
>wake up
>drinking copious amounts of coffee
>watch hours of tv
>waste time on Cred Forums
>look at porn
How have I been doing this for 2 years on and off? How do /r9k/ posters justify this lifestyle? I have one life to live. I don't want to waste in front of a screen for the rest of my life.

>i paid more attention to this site than any ex girlfriend
I'm so pathetic i got my first girlfriend to start using Cred Forums. She even recognised my syntax in threads on Cred Forums. I pray to god she doesn't use it anymore and see me whinging about the fact that I'm still hung up on her 3 years later.

Yeah people go on about NoFap and NoPorn but No4chan is a much more usefull goal

Cred Forums is probably the sole reason I'm addicted to porn and the internet in general. Today I cleaned my car for about 4 hours. No computer, no smartphone. Just had my bluetooth speaker going and focused on my car. I was in my zone. I was happy. As soon as I got back to the computer, it was like it was back to the ball and chain feeling. This place is terrible, yet so addictive. I wish I knew why. It's not just the (you)s either.

>Been on here 10 years

Nothing wrong with me

>tfw my ex's both think im a neo-nazi
hilarious shit.

>Same shit every, single, fucking day

my mornings are me pretending to be productive
>wake up at 9
>drink water
>run for 20 minutes
>put out 25 pushups
>few situps
>play kingdom hearts or dirty bomb rest of the day inbetween searching seek for jobs.
>go on Cred Forums
>stay till i die

there's jerking off somewhere in there, i think

You look for jobs more than I do. Up until a few weeks ago, I wasn't even trying. Never, didn't even go to any job sites. After I lost my job at rebel the depression seeped back in and I just gave up again. It's like once I get a good thing going something's got to give and fuck it all up again.

i try to keep the bad shit at bay with Cred Forums shit
never been sad in trump general or syria general.

sometimes i get to threads like this and i just start talking /r9k/ tier rubbish though

/r9k/ is on another level though. A lot of them are under the delusion that this is completely normal behaviour. That they are entitled to live that way forever. I on the other hand think it's lazy, disgusting, and pathetic. I can't stand myself being that way.

I used /r9k/ for a few weeks out of curiosity and I don't know how they delude themselves into thinking they're in the right. Living their life at in the same house, on the computer day in day out for the rest of their lives.

just kys

i would pity you if you weren't such a pathetic individual

im not pathetic, im just drunk and getting soppy.

it's a fucking cesspit.
i'd probably off myself if i got to that level

i absolutely refuse to go on centerlink

I'm not on centrelink either. I don't think I'm even eligible. Living under my parents roof, dad was earning good money, had a work car etc. Dunno what will happen now that he lost his job.

It disgusts me that people think "neetbux" is something to be proud of. Surely most of these people are in major denial. I swear they actually try to one up each other and impress each other, despite the fact that Cred Forums is anonymous, and that this all really means nothing anyway.

Cred Forums is like the anti /r9k//. Pol actually preaches self improvement. The more time I spent there I started to realise that they are right about most things as well. These really are the darkest of times, we can change things though.

>Cred Forums is always right
more news at 11

I still don't like Cred Forums though. I'm all for self improvement, but the hatred and vitriolic nature of that board is worse than the whole of Cred Forums combined. The reason I want to leave Cred Forums is because this place is so negative and cynical. I'm never going to improve seeing that shit here every single day.

>hatred and vitriolic nature of that board

Spotted the leftie

Not really mate. There's only so much negativity a person can take. Especially after 8 years on this website too. I love the anonymity of this website and all, but it brings out the worst in people too. Call me a pussy all you want but I see no need for people to be the nasty angry cunts they are on here, just because they can. Freedom of speech? Sure. No need to be a cunt on here for the sake of it though.

>the hatred and vitriolic nature
That's free speech for you. Saying that Jews control the banks and media and that 6 million of them weren't murdered by Hitler is hate speech to some, but the absolute truth to others. I'm not sure which it is, I am happy for these discussions to take place because I believe in free speech and think that the truth can prevail.


Like I said in the post above, there's a difference between free speech and being a cunt for the sake of it. I'm happy for people to tell me their honest opinions, but you don't need to be a horrible cunt because of anonymity and lack of rules and moderation. Just makes you look like a kid who just discovered the internet and trolling.

Denying the holocaust is pure ignorance though.. Come on man.

Cred Forums doesn't care about people's feelings, that's why it can be intellectually honest. There is almost nowhere left that honest political discussion can take place between men anymore.

>but the hatred and vitriolic nature
i think you're in the wrong threads, mate

it's true, an international clique controls many megacorporations and infastructure
that's pure fact.

six gorillian is another matter entirely

were you there

I understand that, and I somewhat respect it. It's more that I'm looking for a decent discussion, and I find that I can't even find that on Cred Forums of all places. I feel like people would rather shit post than actually have a discussion. It's not about feelings, it's about talking to one another like mature adults. You get me?

You know how hard it is to take someone seriously when they come out with shit like "lmao u cuck xDDD" "lol that's a fucking meme u faggot".

I will pretty much drop the discussion when I see retards making posts like that and thinking it passes for legitimate discussion.

No one who 'denies the Holocaust' would be doing so from a position of ignorance. All evidence of the supposed 6 million victims is flimsy at best. That's why they have to make laws against people researching it.

yeah there is
between mates who are piss drunk at a kids birthday party

t. person who talked about how hillary is a cunt 4 drinks into a party and on a jumping castle

Are you actually a holocaust denier? That's like saying the moon landing was fake. How do you actually get sucked into this shit from Cred Forums?

Don't get me wrong, these days about 90% of Cred Forums is shitposting, shills or kek worshipping rubbish. But you can find some real insightful threads. I only participate in discussions of value. 8ch Cred Forums is where most of the old guard went actually.

8ch is dead as fuck from what I can tell. Whenever I went there lots of the threads were weeks old with little to no activity. It was also being investigated I think because of all the cp/jb threads

no Cred Forums is pretty active. People actually have political discussion there rather than dub chasing kek threads.

Denying the holocaust is about the same as believing in the bible.

Terrible comparisons. The stories in the bible aren't meant to be taken literally. The holocaust is something that actually happened in recent history. I mean there are living survivors of the holocaust still around. There are even a couple of hitlers top soldiers that were arrested many years later. How can one deny something like that?

>The stories in the bible aren't meant to be taken literally.

What do you think religious people do user?

>holocaust denier

Where would I even begin. No one is denying concentration/labour camps or that the Jews were persecuted in Germany at the time. Consider that the word Holocaust has only been marketed since the early seventies. The only consistent aspect of the story has been the mythological figure of '6 million'.
Never mind asking where the 6 million bodies are, what apparatus was used to kill such a vast number of people in the middle of a great war.

And why is 'Holocaust denier' apparently the most abhorent and despicable thing a person can be in the 21st century. Say I denied that the Titanic never actually sunk and I wrote a book about it. You would think that's pretty weird but if they called me a 'titanic denier' and locked me up, wouldn't you wonder what they're hiding?

The difference is believing in a magical man in the sky, or a mass genocide in recent documented history.

Certainly more believable that someone managed to manipulate history than most of the stuff in the bible.

I'm not offended at all. Not even the type to get offended. I just think you're stupid if you think it didn't happen. The only thing I'm willing to agree on is the numbers of people killed and the bodies resting places.

Dont bother with him

I remember when I was 16 and first discovered Cred Forums

I remember when I got 'red pilled' i.e. told what to think

I remember the childish joy I got from calling strangers on the internet JIDF faggot kikes for not agreeing with me

I remember mindlessly spouting out drivel to try and fit in with 'cool' anonymous 4channers

The biggest lesson you learn from being here is that only retards actually take Cred Forums and the internet seriously, and only the truly stupid will actually let themselves get worked up over nothing

This site is pure shit, I only come here for sports talk and nothing else

How the fuck can you manipulate such a memorable world war. Millions killed, genocide of an entire group of people. There are survivors who have told their exact stories of what has happened. Jesus Christ surely you're not this retarded.

walkcunt on suicide watch

One of the main reasons I avoid Cred Forums is because it's a huge hive mind and people start to believe shit like this. Holocaust denial is retarded and you're a dumb cunt if you don't believe it happened. I'm not saying there's never been anything educational on Cred Forums but there are so many conspiracy theories on there about jews and how they're running the world and it just seems like most of the shit on that board is a huge strawman. Like they need a conspiracy theory or reason for everything that's fucked up or wrong in the world.

No, I'm not much of a denier. I'm just saying, it's by no means impossible that you could coordinate a historical scam, whereas you'll have a hard time turning water into wine or raising the dead.

Fair enough. Just for a reference on the dead bodies. Here's a picture of thousands upon thousands of skeletons at one of the concentration camps.

Cred Forums ironically is nothing more than a giant hugbox for retarded 'edgy, cool' 4channers who are out to be as polar opposite as possible to 'faggot, sjw, gaymergate' hugbox redditors

Everywhere is a hugbox, user. People like to be around people who agree with them, it's life.

>I just think you're stupid if you think it didn't happen.

I know that 60 to 80 million non-jews also died in WW2 and many atrocities were commited by both sides like in all wars. The Jews like to play the innocent victim as always, yet they always seem to have leading roles in starting wars. All we hear about is the 6 million, no explanation as to why the Jews might have been persecuted by the Germans and almost every society they have ever inhabited.

Can't I just be none of those? While I feel like I should have an interest in politics, I'd rather just not think about it. It does nothing but cause huge arguments and fights. I'm so over both sides I just want to ignore them both.

I used to be a full blown anti-sjw/feminist type. Watched Sargon of Akkad and all that shit. Realised it's all part of outrage culture and it's all just for money and hype.

In reality, I'd only ever met one crazy psycho feminist, and she was my very own ex girlfriend. Most of it's strawman and bullshit. It's all heavily exaggerated to the max.

I just don't want to worry about this shit at all. Once you get off the internet, you realise all that sensationalist garbage is just that.

Whats with the anti-jew thing on Cred Forums? It's probably the most consistent, strong holding meme this website has ever seen. Even more so than pepe. Why do you all so vehemently hate jewish people?

I'm no religious person or anything, but I think it's pretty ignorant to stronghold an entire religious/ethnic group into one box. They aren't all the same person with the same personality types.

Go post on Cred Forums. 'Why do you guys hate jews?' will get you 300 responses.

That's not a reason. That's a hive mind all giving me the same set of answers. Most of them only hate jews because other Cred Forums users told them to.

>Why do you all so vehemently hate jewish people?

To me the more important question is, why do the Jews hate us so much? Are we just worthless Goyim to them, just cattle? Their actions and their Talmud seem to indicate that this is exactly how they see us.

And suddenly, you have your answer.

That's not true and you know it.

You just want to seem "above" it all.

Your ego makes you say the most ignorant and disgusting things.

And you seem proud of it.


You really have sucked on the sweet teet of Cred Forums and believed every essence they fed you.

It's easier to blame a collective group for your life problems rather than a single person or entity

I do get that there is some dodgy shit happening with Jewish politicians in America getting ridiculous military funding for Israel but to actually think that all Jews are a part of a worldwide Zionist organisation where they all have weekly clandestine meetings as a part of a plan to enslave the white race of whatever bullshit is ridiculous

It's also funny when Cred Forums kids tell me they hate Jews for taking Palestinian land, then go on about how all muslims should be genocided. These people cant even stay within the same narrative

Hating Judaism and hating Jewish people are two different things in my mind. Judaism is a sick and twisted religion and I certainly wish to see the end of it.

>to actually think that all Jews are a part of a worldwide Zionist organisation where they all have weekly clandestine meetings as a part of a plan to enslave the white race of whatever bullshit is ridiculous
This is what I don't get. It's like people think that there is some secret jew thing. Like they're all in on it. Have been for thousands of years, and will be till the end of time. How can one be so deluded?

I honestly hope Sean is being ironic in this thread.

If not, seek help.

Why do you hate Judaism? I personally don't like any religion but why Judaism specifically for you?

Their long association with usury. Their ritual circumcision of infants. Their disdain and hatred for non-jews. Their delusion of being 'God's chosen people' destined to re-unite the races as one again, with themselves as masters of course. This is what they believe.

I could go on, but I'm going to bed. I don't hate anybody, but these people sure hate us and the world will NEVER have peace while they are around, that much I know.

I'm off to bed too.

Once again, I am the last man standing.

yeah, nah cunt

>tfw last one here

Once again, I am the last man standing.