This is the worst conference in football. Patriots can't even carry that heap of trash

This is the worst conference in football. Patriots can't even carry that heap of trash.

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I blame Goodell for letting Belicheat and his 1337s run rampant with the rules
anyway, we won tonight so thats good

>the closest thing to a divisional rival for the patriots over the past fifteen years are the jets

what a trash division

not not true

>implying it's not the nfc east

Fox even paid for this parody last year.

AFC south already exist tho?

what about the sec east

>goodell is for the patriots
>goodell is against the patriots
Why do these two opinions exist at the same time? Or are they just excuses that other peoples' teams just suck

Jets look pretty solid and the pats are the best team in football probably by a wide margin

>the pats are the best team in football probably by a wide margin

I don't like the patriots but the truth is that they've won a lot of super bowls in our living memory.

The Dolphins logged THE ONE TRUE PERFECT NFL SEASON in history. You can coast on that one fact alone as a club for many decades, which Cred Forums doesn't appreciate, but yeah, I guess it's time for for them to perform again.

The Bills are the real tragedy. OJ Simpson's old club. four straight Owl losses. Imagine being a Bills fan circa 1993-95, first with the Owls and later with the Simpson disgrace.

>You can coast on that one fact alone as a club for many decades,
for 40+ years?

Nigga plz. dolphins suck. You wasted Marino.

I don't live in Florida and I'm not a Dophins fan, apart from this simple, perfect, true observation.

They logged THE ONE TRUE PERFECT SEASON, dude. Be objective.

And, yeah, never having been there, not caring about the team otherwise, yeah. Exactly as I said. You can sustain on that for decades. But to your point, it's about over by now.

Only casuals would dispute that fact

don't keep up with the analysis eh. Neat, probably for the best, just makes you rage.

>They logged THE ONE TRUE PERFECT SEASON, dude. Be objective.
Before 50% of the fan base was born.

The Cubs won back to back WS once too.

You can only coast on an accomplishment for so long.

Only if you lose all 4 first matches, if you win at least 2 you did alright.

1 game in, and you beat a meme team with a backup QB

>b-but our 39 year old starter will be back week 5

Pats aren't even the best team in the AFC.

Hell there might be THREE teams in the AFC North better than the Pats.



are you even really an American?

You're kidding yourself if you don't think the AFC South is the worst

matchups you fk, rounds/matches how ever you want to call them

AFC South, NFC East are both worse. NFC South is bad too

they went to the AFCCG last year with 24 players on IR. Patriots own the Steelers and Bengals, and the Ravens aren't very good.

It's literally not even week 2 for these teams.

Given that, I'd take the Bengals and Steelers over the Pats right now if i had to bet. And historically, the Ravens have always kind of had their number and they're probably better than anyone thinks right now.

Again, you've got a 'franchise' player who is almost 40, and your best player can't stay healthy.

The new AFC east


Problem fixed.

I think they've been the only constant in the bottom 3 divisions for the last 15-20 years, but don't think they ever outright held the #1 spot.
Current champs are the NFC East, though the NFC South is challenging them to reclaim the throne they had for a good 3-4 years

Tom Brady would be paralyzed after 3 divisional games and every player would be arrested.

only pitt

You're def not an American.

the two best teams in the AFC are the Steelers and the Patriots, I think that should be pretty clear to everyone. And I dont get the Brady is old meme, 300 YPG, 36 TDs and 7 INTs he had last year is pretty insane, he's shown zero signs of being anything but an elite quarterback. and the Pats D is underrated, they held the NFLs number 1 offense last year in check. Pats Steelers is a pretty likely AFCCG, but I think the Patriots are just a tad bit better.

Bengals are fucking trash in the postseason and the Steelers cannot get it done against the Pats

But you'd know that if you've watched more than 1 season

You're clearly not a burger.
You have to go back.

There is one team who can get it done against the pats. Guess who?


Giants and to a lesser extent the Ravens.



I'll I've you some hints

1. They don't require a good qb to beat Brady
2. Their the only team in the nfl Brady has a loosing record against

Wanna guess again?


and yet the Ravens and Steelers have 5 AFC Championships during the Brady Belichick era.

pats fans are feeling pretty chesty for winning 1 game against a franchise in such disarary their HC was calling players out by name in the post game press conference.

Well if you're referring to the Broncos, that matchup comes down to whoever has home field.


Ravens. And that's even with the pats cheat.....hi-jinks.

Dolphins and Jets are better at pass rushing than any team on this list besides the Broncos



No it's Denver.

>and yet the Ravens and Steelers have 5 AFC Championships during the Brady Belichick era.
And they didn't really clamp down on the rampant Pats cheating until like 4 years ago.

They play in Mile High this season. Prepare for the salt.

So the next two best teams have less AFC Championships combined than the Pats in that time? What's your point?

True. It's actually (I know) still an under-reported story. Peyton Manning wouldn't talk strategy in Gilette's visitor's locker room because he thought they were bugged. It's not fringe conspiracy theory stuff.

Nothing really matters. Denver is winning the owl this year. It's literally destiny.

>He actually thinks that it isn't the nfc east

I think last year was their team of destiny year. This year they'll probably be lucky to make the owl over the Steelers/Pats and even then I expect the Packers to take it all

And nothing was ever found there. That story shows how in Peyton's head the Patriots were throughout his career, not that the Patriots cheated.

Plus the Colts cranked the heat in the Pats locker room when half the team was sick with the flu one playoffs. All teams fuck with each other

except none of those Steelers AFCCG involved beating the Patriots. Brady is 8-2 against Pittsburgh. So when user says the Steelers dont get it done against NE, he's not wrong.

NFC east is fun to watch and it's actually competitive, unlike divisions that always have 3 shit teams.

competitive sure, but that doesn't mean that there aren't 4 shit teams

>being this much of a homer

they got caught VIDEOTAPING other teams practices

Pats are shady as the day is long.

Competitively shit though. None of the Eagles, Redskins, Cowboys, or Giants are considered good. AFC East/NFC South at least have 1 team going well for them

They only reason they beat Bmore in the playoffs 2 years go was because they were using some seriously SKETCHY formations that were subsequently outlawed the next year. Total bullshit technicality weasel shit.

Ravens would have eliminated them in '12 too if fucking Lee Evans could catch.

When did I say they didn't? No doubt they were taping shit and cheating. But the complete unsubstantiated claim that they had the locker room bugged and Peyton being so afraid to talk game in there is hilarious. All it shows is how paranoid Peyton was of Belichik

They literally had a discussion about it in the morning because the Cowboys are losing popularity and show in finances

Are you honestly saying you wouldn't want your team to run legal plays to win a playoff game?

>No doubt they were taping shit and cheating.

That's not paranoid, that's prudent.

Ant they definitely deflated those balls too.

>b-but they called him the deflator because he was trying to loose weight

Peyton is no one's fool. He was probably right.

literally every team in the league taped signals, and it was legal when the Patriots taped that Jets game. They got shit because they filmed signals outside of the designated area. and then from there it blew up to shitnado levels of autism. No different than deflategate.

Belichick got the idea from the Alabama-LSU game earlier in the year, and the officials on the field knew the legality of the rule. Harbaugh was just butthurt. Watch at 7:25

Well if some talking heads had a discussion about it after week 1, it must be true.

Smh, do you retards even football?

Nigga, they ran sketchy trick plays that where subsequently outlawed.

What a way to win.

Habitual line steppers.

The Chargers got caught with stickum on receivers gloves, teams do ticky tack shit like that all the time. I have no doubt they were probably letting air out of those balls, but if you think that's actually a big deal you're a dope.

>Belichick got the idea from the Alabama-LSU game earlier in the year, and the officials on the field knew the legality of the rule. Harbaugh was just butthurt. Watch at 7:25
Yeah, that;'s why that why the NFL outlawed it the NEXT year.


Again, they did nothing against the rules. I fully agree those types of plays should be outlawed, but I can't blame any team for using them until they are.

>They ran an unorthdox play that completely BTFO my team

Cry more faggot your tears sustain me

Btw Edelman's postseason QBR > Mr 120 million

They didn't get in trouble cause of ball deflation, they got in trouble because they tried to circumvent the authority of big bad baby goddell

It's not the deflating the balls. It's a lifetime achievement award. the Pats constantly bend the fucking rules. And have been caught doing so at least twice. (and we all know they did wayyyyy more shit than just what they got caught for)

They outlawed it bc they didn't like the effect it had on the game, doesn't mean it was illegal. The refs knew what they were doing and allowed it because it was allowed

> >Belichick got the idea from the Alabama-LSU game earlier in the year, and the officials on the field knew the legality of the rule. Harbaugh was just butthurt. Watch at 7:25
> Yeah, that;'s why that why the NFL outlawed it the NEXT year.
Great. Maybe every NFL team should hire a squad of Jew lawyers to pour over the rule book for any grey area that could be exploited.

Yeah, the Patriots sure do cheat a lot lol

Now this is very true. The cover-up is infinitely worse than the crime

>the authority of big bad baby goddell
Nigga plz. Turn off ESPN. Godell works for the owners, he's not some rogue totalitarian like the (((media))) tries to paint him as.

They literally should.

>The Patriots are evil because they used something completely legal to win a game, knowing full well that it would be outlawed in 6 months

Patriots comfirmed time travelers

It's the Patriot way. (((sports)))

He ABSOLUTELY lost his fucking mind when tom brady was like "oops my phone JUST broke XD" and wanted to show that he is top fucking dog and no star is gonna fuck with him

If you don't want your team to do everything in their power to win then that's on you. If there's a grey area that can be worked and is not against the rules I don't know why you wouldn't want your team to have that edge

No one said THAT was cheating. But it was definitely chintzy bullshit that was against the spirit of honest competition (hence why it was subsequently banned).

Nigga plz. Goddell wouldn't take a shite w/o knowing at least 17 owners had his back. Stop believing the BS media.

Cool site, but a lot of those are definitely more rule violations than blatant cheating.

Sure why not. Let's just play lawyer ball. they can pour over the language of the rule-book all day and search out any wiggle room or vague language that could be contested.


>the BS media
Hey man you drop this?

i'm with you on the patriots being fucking cheaters but thats just a good idea imo I wish the Lers had used it

NFC East is the worst by far

It's almost a joke that one of them has to be in the playoffs, even though its guaranteed to be in the wild card round

Yes, the media is totally legit. It's all the big bad white man who is an out of control dictator.

but cool meme

Or you can take a good idea used in a college game, see that it's not illegal in the nfl, and use it. Being butthurt over that is pretty pathetic

It was weak as shit senpai, and the NFL admitted they fucked up after the game.

But cool. You dudes are the best at lawyering.

The NFL said it was perfectly legal after the game. You are so mad over nothing lol

And then turned around and outlawed it.


that play turned the game

But cool lawyering guys. You really found that loophole.

Oh yeah, you've been caught blatantly cheating TWICE.

You're literally only crying because the Pats did it

if the Ravens did that play you would have zero problem

Fucking faggot, sack up

Someone is bound to do it eventually though. It's up to the rulemakers to create the necessary boundaries, and its up to everyone else to do what they can within those boundaries

If a team is able to do something that falls outside of your idea of how it "should" be played, then that's the league's fault for either not defining them well enough, or not enforcing them well enough

Belicheat is like a shady hedge fund guy who constantly bends the rules until he eventually gets caught and is prosecuted. Why would anyone take pride in this?

>Belicheat is like a shady hedge fund guy who constantly bends the rules until he eventually gets caught and is prosecuted.
EXACTLY. Staying one step ahead of the law doesn't make you innocent.

>come to discuss weakest divisions
>98 / 12 / 32 / 1
>thread is nothing but pats conspiracy theories

>conspiracy theories

>Staying one step ahead of the law doesn't make you innocent.
truth. /thread

Brady is the most meme overrated system player of all time

Belichick is a genius, but dirty as fuck.

>That one guy keeping this thread alive by responding to himself.

>n-no p-pls mister belichick dont tape our hand signals it'll ruin our entire gameplan!

This thread is the product of 15 years of domination. The Pats have warped all your tiny little cuck minds.

Maybe your team should adopt the same meme system so you can be successful, too?

yeah, but that one good team just wins every year. It's more fun to see 4 crap teams duke it out than just patroitswinlol.

cowboys is the most expensive franchise out of any sport

>shorter season

>Subsequently outlawed
So they ran legal plays that other teams couldn't even comprehend, let alone pull off, so they had them banned instead
>fuckin Belichek playing Romanian Death Derby while everyone else plays checkers


>uses all of brady's TD's but only the past three years for every other team
yeah, a patsfag definitely made that picture. not even success can ease their butthurt.

36-28 last season

best overall record tied with NFC south.

The current AFC East has the 3 best pass rushing defenses in the league

The Irish guy from PFF picked the Bills to win the superbowl. Shameful display.

aka the patriots and friends conference

>the saints could be the best if their def wasn't so trash
it hurts sometimes


As a Saints fan I honestly was hoping Brees would go to the Texans over the offseason (before they signed Osweiler) so he could get one more ring playing in his home state and the Saints could just begin their rebuild process which is overdue at this point.

>lose to a JEST led offense who scored 38 points
>fire your Offensive Co

Does Rex make it past next week? Or does the Bills owner have a thing for gross twins?

>And historically, the Ravens have always kind of had their number

3-9 against the pats but yeah they totally have their number.

Hey you remember when the Ravens ran the exact same formations the second they got the chance after complaining about the Patriots doing it?

Yeah good times.

the only rebuilding they need is their defense
their offense looked tight but sometimes its hard to tell if it's due to brees being goat or if their wr are really putting in the work.
once brees leaves we'll see but that def has to go

all three of those wins were in the playoffs, though.

Reminder that the Dolphins have the best record against Brady's Patriots.

Week 1 they put up a good effort against a team that has been to the playoffs for the last 4 seasons in a row. I think Pats go down this Sunday.

No, they are 2-2 against the Pats in the playoffs. Is it really that tough to look up stats?


3-2 little buddy.


Yeah, but it's their ENTIRE defense that needs work. They are so completely devoid of defensive talent outside of Jordan (and Breaux before he broke his leg, though he isn't even a true #1 corner). Most of their starters wouldn't even make it as backups on other teams, they are abysmally bad. Kruger? Laurenitis? Davison? Fucking Ellerbe? All these guys would have a hard time making any other roster, let alone starting. Even if they replace these guys, they have 0 depth behind them.

The offensive line needs work as well. Peat is looking like a bust, Strief's best days are behind him. Evans can barely play anymore. Unger when from pro-bowl tier with Seattle to being "meh" with the Saints. Armstead is great, but he isn't healthy currently.

>Breaking rules
Pick two

Not necessarily.

Is excessive celebration cheating?

Yes, It's against the rules

inb4 lrn2reply

Oh really? They beat them in 2010, 2013, and......?

What was that third loss?

gerund or present participle: cheating

act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination.
"she always cheats at cards"

What advantage does excessive celebration give?

That's just ridiculous. Even in just the AFC you have the Broncos, Chiefs, Texans and maybe even Steelers that are better.

Demoralization and delaying the games progress,

True. Feels good to be a Texans fan knowing they basically automatically make the playoffs unless they collapse extremely hard. But also feels bad because we may never get a high draft pick again.

belichick playing chess, ragebaugh eating checkers.

They did, right after the Pats pulled that shit on them. No one said anything.

fuck that shit last season in milehigh we got so refballed in the regular season it was a complete travesty.

Tbf they do usually give the pats a run for their money and split games, but in terms of winning the division they just aren't consistent

Easy explanation. Goodell is for profits. When the patriots were a clean dynasty they were good for the league(guaranteed viewership of dominant teams). So he'll burn a practice tape to keep them clean. When more rumors and even proof of cheating come out(more than he could possibly cover up) it threatens league integrity and possibly income. So he'll go to court to look Like the NFL has no tolerance for fraud.

The jest are the only team to give them any trouble and that's because they try and stack defense for the past decade. Knowing Brady is the strength of the team.

in order to win the last playoff game against the Ravens, the Patriots needed

>plays that were never used in the NFL and outlawed the next year in which lineman lined up as TE's
>Edelman throwing a TD pass
>A last minute INT on a horrible play call by Kubiak who likely wanted to just end the season so he could start planning for Denver
and of course
>underinflated balls that were tipped off to the Colts which is the whole reason Brady was even caught

you can say "Count the Rings, Bitch" all you want but more than half the world acknowledges your asterisk on that season and there is nothing you can do about it

oh and might I add, the Ravens have two rings in 20 years...a ring every ten years

the Patriots have 4 in 50 years...a ring every 12.5

so fuck off with your ring argument, you are the one who needs to start catching up

What is he looking at on his computer? Foot fetish porn?

Reverse image search the pic and you'll see Rex in a new light.

speculation is fun because you can't be wrong.


It's tons of fun. Making claims about things we know nothing about is half the fun of fandom

>tfw it'll take brees leaving for them to get their shit together


I hope someone shoots you tomorrow for your Jordans you pathetic concrete apes.

>muh 18-1

AFC south is easily the worst.

AFC South has been way shittier

pats also have 4 in the last 20 years.....

The AFC SOuth and NFC East exist though.


cheatriots getting they ass beat on sunday

ITT: "people" doesn't know the difference of conferences and divisions

Anyone who picks the bills to win the sb is dillusional

Lmao how many times do you fags have to get your asses kicked to learn??

Thanks Brazil Bills bro

Last I checked, the AFC East is the historically successful division in the NFL. There is always a dominant AFC East team out there at some point in the season.

>8-8s being guaranteed playoff spots

What year is this

to think the jest were just 1 good sanchez game away from the superb owl twice with rex at the helm