Find a flaw

Find a flaw



What isn't flawed? His face has no cohesion and he has a weak chin.

injury prone

Sunburns easily.

Can't dab

On the real though he is elite, he has some of the best playmaking and vision up there with le invisible man.

Looks just like Alex Muyl from the NYRB

uh oh

Spanish guy is gonna have a meltdown when he sees this

His last name is difficult to say for us Americans

as much as that guy is annoying as piss and clearly a sperg, there is a bit of a point to be made there. like a lot of other attackers in the PL, he does so well domestically because his speed allows him space against tactically inept defenders
but clearly he's a very talented and clever player on top of that

He isnt a Muslim

He's a literal cuck

He's not the best player in his NT.

>not black
>can't dab
wouldn't invest Poland's GDP in


Des Moines with an "uh" on the end

>75 million pounds for the taller Juan Mata

He's clearly white but has the facial features and characteristics of a black. Weird.

De Bhhhuyna

>not a flaw

K - E - K

he's not courtois


I am impressed. Though I am waiting for that Spanish /cuckold/ to show up...



Courtois cucked him for a girl who's uglier than most girls I've banged