NFL General: oh shit its chad pennington

BUF:Bills squander Tyrod's big plays in defeat
NYJ:Ryan Fitz exposes barely-there BUF secondary
NYJ:Matt Forte drops three TDs on hapless Bills D
NYJ:Marshall Miracle: BM returns after knee scare
TB:Cards DC: Peterson won't chase Evans all game
BUF:Sammy Watkins officially active versus Jets
PIT:Markus Wheaton practicing in full for Week 2
KC:Maclin's missed practice not injury-related
KC:Spencer Ware gets in 'full' practice Thursday
DEN:Demaryius (hip) worried about 'getting hit'
IND:T.Y. Hilton misses practice with knee issue
PHI:Zach Ertz (ribs) sits outs another practice

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Bengals are da bomb

3 days until the Steelers are 1-1


>black qbs

I'm concerned I recognized that's Flacco

Is Smeth elite?

7nd for $(ERS


>jets nearly jested it but the bills razorcaked it harder

I will never understand why the 9rs went full retard.


It's because his eyes are so beautiful and iconic

Looks like the fat kid that liked Ninja Turtles in high school

Only the Bengals have beat a team with a win. Step up every other team

>get rid of Smeth, Gore, Davis, and Harbaugh

They're going full Major League

What will the Jets do to miss the playoffs this season?

Don't forget hiring chip kelly.

I wish Burfict was back to destroy the steelers next week

yeah same

Probably go 6-0 in the division and then lose the other 10 games.

this statement means nothing, and you know that

why did you bother posting it

BUF: Local Bills fan spends another night debating if it's all even worth it

So people like you would reply to me

whats it like having a decent qb fuck you tyrod

Aren't you a pedo too?

how bout now

why do you want people like me to reply to you

Looks like the fat kid that liked Ninja Turtles in high school bought a better fitting suit

Now he looks like a corrupt politician.

you seem confused so let me make something very clear

this isn't the user of yesteryear. i'm not going to exchange expressions of slight passive-aggression with you. if you've a problem with me, just come out and say it and i'll motherfucking collapse on you with the wrath of the maliciously wronged masses

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pull this shit again and you will be due a very, very unpleasant existence

do not motherfucking test me

do not tell me to go to /r9k/

do not reply to me with memes

my existence is one of fragile volatility and unless you're determined to realize the full extent of my malice you'd be wise tread softly

heed those words

Cred Forums is all about the (you)s baby

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You literally admitted to liking uderage pussy. You get constantly shat on as soon as you post, can't handle banter, and probably post without a trip; you're the new old gay.

But why bucme? What happened to being depressed and funny?
Why admit that on here?
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Wtf is your idea of someone being of age? 4?

Can Tyrod Taylor do anything well besides running around and chucking it deep?

My boy elvis is pounding Allison out in Sugarland right now

not sliding properly

Wtf no, he's just a shitty Vick clone.

Better than the shit ass clone Marcus "Vick" though.

i hear he's good at getting injured

sounds appropriate considering how little sense girls make

Michael Vick is the worst Vick clone to be honest

Reminder that tripcancer has ruined this general

it still amazes me how fucking fast he was out, in terms of lateral agility and pure speed

reminder that this general, literally since it's inception, has been overrun with trips and that's never going to change

So the buffalo bills are kinda stupid.
Theyve got a pretty decent squad, and theyre moving in thebright direction. I think ryans a good coach. Theyve gotten off to a rough start but my philosophy is, take it slow and things will come to you.
And heres the bills, in total win now mode. Really worried theyre gonna fire ryan and squander their talents because ownership is impatient and immature.
If there were flags for teams kinda like on pol i wouldnt trip

Hey guys, what's going on in this thread...

>flags for teams

Based on state location?

Generals are cancer anyway. Cred Forums was 100x better and more active before them

>Going to Cred Forums

Underage is underage
Stop speaking like a pedo

I know man, when will they learn?

How was Allison?

bengals will lose


>Earlier today
>reading the sideline article about jameis winston that was on
>it finally starts to settle in for me
>the bucs have a true franchise quarterback for the first time since...doug williams?
>Hes a florida native
>hes passionate, he loves his team
>i start crying
>watching a video of him taking the call from licht that he was picked
>I'm crying the entiiiire time
>jameis loves my team and i love him
I hope i can thank jameis someday. I hope i can thank gerald mccoy and lavonte david too.
No, like the poster gets to select their team. Like on pol.

The Bengals regular season doesn't even matter, it's not like they'll win a playoffs game

>mfw the Bills

Pfft, i dont go on that shit board.
>fake tits

>Playing madden
>Checkout season stat's
>Week 4

>See this
>What do?

Damn this bitch is fine

how else is >she gonna get tits

it was probably his first recovery and he took the ball home with him


What's your predictions for Sunday, Steelbros?

I'm thinking 27-14 to the powerful Black and Gold

Or it was Forrest gumps kid and he just didn't stop

Woah ryan fitzpatrick looks pretty good when he trims his fucking beard and keeps his hair tight.

Also holy shit darrelle has jumped the shark. Patriots ruined him.

If y'all can't tell i recorded the game.
I grew mine naturally.

>blow all your first rounders on defense
>offense drags the team down year after year until you get fired
>go to new team
>continue blowing all your first rounders on defense
Rex is gonna get fired after this season and it's because he didn't learn from his time with the Jets

34-24 Stillers. Burger dropping dragons and Deangelo moving one step closer to a wheelchair as we run him to death.

urs are small tho

Damn this bitch is fine

Guys. Our memes have transcended EVERYTHING

Last Old School Qbs left

1. Brees
2. Rodgers
3. Rothlisberger
4. Luck
5. Rivers
6. Manning
7. Cutler
8. Flacco
9. Stafford
10. Carr
11. Cousins

New School/Mike Vick era

1. Newton
2. Wilson
3. Prescott
4. RG3
5. Taylor
6. Bridgewater
7. Winston
8. Mariota
9. Manuel
10. Kaep

Kings of Checkdowns

1. Smeth
2. Brady
3. Palmer
4. Dalton
4. Romo
5. Fitzpatrick
6. Wentz


1. Tannehill
2. Bortles
3. Bradford
4. Sanchez
5. G.Smith
6. Jones
7. Ryan

Best Backup Qbs

1. McCoy
2. Morris
3. Garopallo
4. Oswiller
5. McCown
6. Bradford

Yall finna get buttfucked. Its the regular season.
>be lovie smith
>a defensive genius
>Drafts offense two straight years
>only one defensive player and hes a breakout starter and playmaker
>knows he can focus on defensive talent after the offense has been built
>supplements holes with old regulars familiar with his system
>which he runs an extremely simplified version of due to the lack of competent personnell
>gets fired for his offensive coordinator because "well the defense underperformed"
Damned if you do...

No traps pls

And the Pats didn't ruin him, they squeezed out the last bit of elite he had in him. His agent must be a genius to get him that much money.

Yea but they don't look airbrushed.
Winston is old school af tho. Hes roethlisberger reincarnated.
>no traps pls
Beggers cant be choosers.

Check Dalton's YPA

Panthers are pretty overrated man, Can has shown he can be rattled by pressure/hits, if the Niners can stop their run and force him to throw the game will be close


A different team against the Rams on Monday would've scored 100 points. That was the most painful game I've watched in a while, 49ers will get shrekt even if the Panthers are overrated.

Fitzpatrick throws deep all the fucking time, not just tonight

who is she?


really? linetrap

That feeleroni I'll never be a cheap slut pornstar tranny like bailey jay

Winston is a pocket passer no matter how badly you want to stereotype him.

McCoy is the Redskins only hope.

u wish u were that passable 2bh

You can do it, even at what ever current age you are. I know someone from high school who went from kind of cross-dressing to fully cross-dressing then to growing tits and ass and now does porn.

take this faggotry to /lgbt/ where it belongs

Your right that 3rd quarter was a dismal scene but that was more cuz the Rams were finally playing decent defense and the Niners had been most of the game. If Ted Ginn doesn't drop balls left n right it will probably be a rout in Carolina's favor but otherwise there isn't anything offensively or Defensively the 49ers can't game plan for. Lanes only open up for Cam when defenses are forced to play the run against them 49ers were able to push the Ram's linemen around and stop a better running back than what the Panthers have in the backfield

you're wrong, he's black


this is a lock even if not the right order. who gets #6

>its a trap thread

Bucs. 6th is a big step down from top 5 regardless.


>gurley is better than stewart
>rams played decent at any point during that game
>rams linemen are in any way comparable to the panthers linemen
even admitting its going to be a rout you're delusional. The rams literally may as well have not played and the 49ers gained nothing except a W from that game and they will be torn to pieces by basically everyone else they play

No fuck you m8

Original image

I just saw brandon marshall fall. I feel so bad for him, that looked like it really hurt ;_;
I-I'm not that old... I'm 21.
I'm just an unpassable tranny who will never follow in baileys spunk ridden footsteps
>2. Panthers
Dont be so sure about this. Panthers are facing an immensely tougher schedule this season and i still sincerely think they're fakers.
Absolutely not. Either washington or dallas will take the division.

Agree with both statements.

Problem is there's the Lions, Vikings, Falcons, Saints, Week8+ Cowboys. There's gonna be some heartache teams.

Get out.
I'm being generous putting the Eagles there because that defense is good.
Washington has no defense and the Cowboys IF they get Romo back still won't hang.

That's why you stick to children huh

>2. Panthers
>Dont be so sure about this.
I'm not...cause they will be #1

Dallas is competitive. Washingtons offense will get rolling. The entire divisionis shit but philadelphia is the worst team in the division.
Giants will be competitive but wont keep up with the others down the stretch.

Was Sam Bradford held back by the Rams and Eagles or was it all his fault?

All Sam Bradford has to do is (blank) and he'll be signed elsewhere after Bridgwater returns?

>greg roman offense


do you mean they're competitive with each other because they're all like bottom 12 teams


All he's gotta do is win win win errday

I thought the jests and bills were supposed to be good this year, got damn so far man..


Yea thats precisely what i mean
Still havent learned your lesson tho

This meme will die.

Cowboys sans Romo are junk. With him and Sean Lee they are a top 10 team. IF he comes back.
Washington is trash with that defense.
Giants are top 15 because no one will be able to run the ball on them.
Eagles can be top 15 if Wentz isn't asked to do too much, which he won't because of the O scheme and the D's dominance.

I wouldn't exclude two NFC East teams in the playoffs.

>those digits

how long he gonna stay upright tho?

He better fucking hand the ball off 70 times and throw outs to the end zone on 4th and goal.

They say this like every fucking year

>this is going to be the season where they really put it together
>they have all the pieces

Gurley is better Stewart though and I said their defense played well 3rd quarter not their Offense aaaand Carolinas defensive line is pretty compareable actually, their LB core and O-line are way better than LA's though

NFC has like 2 good teams lol

I believe you, bucme-kun.
Can you answer my questions though?

Why did you admit what you did on here? You know you would get shit on lol

And what happened to being depressed?

I don't even mean the fans, i mean like 'experts' and everything, i mean you got your fan delusion. But they were all supposed to be good...

jests aren't looking too bad, but i thnk BUF is gonna fall hard.

That's what I said.

Giants - Eagles are good. Cowboys can be good with Romo.

just stop blogposting dude.

>black people

Pick uno my negro


Don't let this guys bully you, hjere, payday is early this week

you were either trollposting and getting ignored or actually about to literally kys a few days ago


Fuck this one is better than the sunglasses guy

>90% of vaginas are disgusting

i'm not sure what the intent of this post is

>Stafford 9
>not 7
He throws dragons every single game

my roommate brought his gf over

if i go to sleep i'll be doing it just a few meters away from a girl

don't think i can handle it

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Think revenge of the nerds

then he gets two different color blips on those sex offender siites

Yeah buts its only 3 months in prison if you can swim

sounds icky

and plus he plays pokemon showdown with me occasionally so he's kind of a nerd too

i could never do that to him

Either gay or shes practice girl material

i didn't mean to reply to you there

did you ever manage to torrent the bucs atlanta game

did you get one of that guy with the afro and the kap jersey though

Giants are gonna be this year's surprise team

It won't be hard for them to win an abysmal NFC East and to make a solid playoff run now that Cruz is back to help take heat off Beckham

One thing the Giants do need to do is sort out their defense
They bit on every single Dallas play fake but if they can get their linebackers to pull their heads out of their asses they'll be rock steady

i think she has a big butt but it's hard to judge because i'm trying to avoid making eye contact

>Only 3 months if you can swim
>Judge knows blacks can't swim

It's the perfect precedent

who in foofball do you believe is genuinely gay?

I'm playing the game in entirety from the half and grabbing these webmbs
because i can't really find these kind of webms skipping around if i see any good fan reaction im supercutting it. but ill single that one out


I dunno if they're really a surprise. Vegas money is on them to win their division and everyone knows how elite Eli is in the playoffs.


49ers have two numbers in their name idk how you misspelled that some many times bro

Cam Newton

gurley isn't better than stewart because sophomore slump is clearly a thing and the rams offensive line is a joke anyway. The rams played "better" in the 3rd, they did not play "well" they were still a keenum QBed team that scored no points and ran at 2.5ypc

Also Aaron Donald is not as good as the Panthers D-line on his own, and his supporting cast looks crap right now

Gronk will be back this sunday. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared of the dolphins. They're like the one team that consistently has our number every other game.

Kaep and Jeff Garcia

antonio brown, von miller



>4 guys converging on 1 runner
>they all fucking miss

How do you fuck that up? Why is Atlanta so shitty?

Rodgers, OBJ and Brian Cushing with Clay "gay" Matthews

They'll surprise the rest of the NFC East anyway given how hyped the cowgirls and Iggles and Deadskins fans are (Deadskins maybe not so much after Cousins got exposed hard)

Odell, niggerfag

Wait, is he still playing?
Last time I heard his name was when he was on the Omaha Nighthawks in the UFL.

reminds me of pic related

can you beleive it ended in a td?

Oh and don't expect Cruz to do anything. There hasn't yet been a single player to tear his patellar tendon and return to have a successful career.

t. Colin Rapernick

Is that the revolutionary "cover 0" defense I've heard about?

Uncucked Power Rankings (After TNF)
1. New England
2. Denver
3. Seattle
4. Carolina
5. Green Bay
6. Pittsburgh
7. Arizona
8. Cincinnati
9. Kansas City
10. Minnesota
11. Oakland
12. San Diego
13. Houston
14. New York Giants
15. Detroit
16. Tampa Bay
17. Baltimore
18. New York Jets
19. Miami
20. Philadelphia
21. Dallas
22. Titans
23. Jacksonville
24. Indianapolis
25. New Orleans
26. Washington
27. Buffalo
28. San Francisco
29. Atlanta
30. Chicago
31. Los Angeles
32. Cleveland

His performance against the cowgirls says otherwise

Gronk asks you to blow me

What do?

blow gronk with you?

>San Diego

Wilson is better than Newton because he actually dives for fumbles.

Plus he can make a pass after a shot play, unlike $CAM who will rush the moment the pocket collapses.

revolutionary Man to Men coverage
this guy? or do we see him again?

Tom Brady asks you to draw up a play

On his naked wife's ass
What play and why?

I can see it because the Chargers didn't struggle with a shit tier team like the Bears at home.

would be okay if there were 0 NFC teams in the top 5

Gotta give him props for staying in after getting stepped on, but man was he fucking SHOOK for about a quarter in a half

>san diego 12
Way too high
>nyg 14
Too high

spider 2-y banana

Spider 2 Y Banana

Thats edelman's pass

Yeah that looked pretty ugly. Although in all honesty, before that happened Wilson looked like hot garbage out there. When he has a bad game it's really bad. Also the playcallers had him throwing it over 40 times when he's really supposed to be a game manager type instead.

you AGAIN?

AFC is the shit conference

same 3 qbs recycled year after year and one retired


41 Blast right into the bungus.

yeah but the teams are better so

>record number of PA for a game

though once he got immobilized you saw how piss poor he is from the pocket

>yeah but the teams are better so

Broncos, Patriots, Steelers are the only good teams in the AFC

Well I mean, it makes sense if you think about it. How the fuck is a guy that's 5'10" supposed to have good vision when he's surrounded/getting bumrushed by 6'2"+ behemoths?

Superbowl will be Patriots or Cinncinati vs GB Packers with the Packers winning. Oakland or Carolina could make it if they had a better secondary

>packers winning super bowl
>packers making super bowl


TD will likely be one of very few, he only had 34 yards. His own doctor says he is unlikely to ever be the same.

Only ~50% of players who suffer the injury return at all, and pretty much all of those that do never get back to 100% and tend to suffer more injuries as a result of that. He will likely be a non-explosive guy who can maybe earn a roster spot thanks to good route running and hands, but will struggle to stay healthy the rest of his (probably short) career. Just like everyone who returned from that injury before him.

Areas showing the Raiders and Falcons win the commentator lottery with Kevin Harpan and Rich Gannon. Rest of the country have to suffer through Nantz and Simms.



SD and JAX get the CBS z-team of McCarthy(who?) and Achuleta (who?)

I wanna have sex with an nfl kicker. I'll make them do the entire thing with their leg in the air. Thatd be cool.

>Jeff Garcia
TO pls

Shut the fuck up

do u have a feminine benis oddish

bost benis

I fucking hate this meme and the faggot that came up with it.


Oddish is mine. Back off

>beating the pats twice
I'm ok with this


Yea this guy. I would.
Its kinda cute i guess


>not Helvetica

I had to

Can you make me one

>using Helvetica in 2016


>sophomore slump is clearly a thing and the rams offensive line is a joke anyway.
>they were still a keenum QBed team
You listed the reasons Gurley is having a sophomore slump and none of those are because he's playing bad, the rams were playing bad. It was definitely not him.
Also its not necessarily their D-line underperforming but the Niners O-line finally playing as well as they used to
Gotta do something when he's keeping that seat warm

Nothing wrong with liking 16-17 year old girls u insecure virgin beta cuck

Liking & finding attractive=\=actively pursuing

lose to every single playoff contender

Why the fuck do you guys care so much? Are you jealous you're not the one taking all the massive BBC instead?

because it's interesting to think that a league consisting of hundreds of men doesn't have a single gay in it. it's just statistically impossible.

Broncos fan.
So is anyone else impressed with Siemian so far? I know it has only been one game. But he already looks better than the five-head of 2015, so I'm optimistic.

>that near unibrow

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ /////////////////

Of course, all the Denver fans I know love semen.

Yes, you are.

nuh uh

I like Tom Brady. I can't wait for the ban to be over.

>i like tom brady
So you hate football?

Tom Brady IS football

>ever treating divisional games as barometric for teams
stop it. STOP. IT.

We will never be good.


Rex Ryan is 100% fired this year, right?

Bills remaining schedule

v Cardinals L
@ Patriots L
@ Rams W
v 49ers W
@ Dolphins L
v Patriots L
@ Seahawks L
@ Bengals L
v Jags L
@ Raiders L
v Steelers L
v Browns W
v Dolphins W
@ Jets L

Does he go DC somewhere like Detroit or Philly or does he go work at CBS like the fat loudmouth he is?

Nvm Philly has a good D-coord

Tom Brady ruined football.

>5 owls

>Carson Palmer and Bill Polian ruined football
FTFY by the time Brady wasn't a defense babby anymore the damage was already done

>>Pats ruined Revis
>>Got him a ring
>>Got him a fat contract

How exactly did the Pats ruin him?

He went to new england a great player
He came back a shitty player

He was great in 2015 you idiot. Are you shitposting on purpose? He got a ring in New England, took a fat paycheck with the Jets and had one good season left in the tank. It's called aging. He's too old and needs to hang it up.

The Patriots should have lost the Tuck Rule game.



>Kansas city already shook about sunday

your right thought , the Chargers didn't struggle, they lost. Chiefs are just lucky that San Diego is Chokeville USA

Bringing in Rob Ryan to help the defense was a great idea

He went to New England to get a ring and get paid. If that wasn't his aim then why did he leave after getting both of those things?


>Brandon Marshall: only player in nfl history with 6 100 catch seasons
>Eric Decker: League's most dangerous redzone threat
>Quincy Enunwa: Wide Reciever with Elite Tight End Blocking Skills
>Matt Forte: Borderline Hall of Famer, Literally the most complete running back in the league
>Bilal Powell: Spunky homegrown change of pace back to give Forte rest who had a 4.6 YPC last season.
>Ryan Fitzpatrick: Literally the smartest NFL player of all time

Defensive Coordinators around the league are having nightmares.

prepare your anus Cred Forums

>v 49ers W

>DC in Philly
WeW lad
>Implying he eagles don't have an elite DC

>1. Brees
>2. Rodgers
>3. Rothlisberger
>4. Luck
>5. Rivers

Theres your cutoff.

luck and rivers have literally done nothing

The list is Old School QBs, not Accomplished QBs.

Bengals have historically always kept Antonio Brown in check, but in doing so they've opened themselves up to getting hurt by the other guys.

Prob is the other guys are literal whos now. I like the Bengals to win a close, low scoring game.

do you even know what you mean by old school?

Yes: the style in which they play, not what's they done, you numbskull.

I'll prepare my anus for a 9-7 season
y'all got a gauntlet schedule

I was pretty torn in who to support last night. I love Fitz, Decker, and Marshall but I hate the Jest. At the same time I hate Lesean McCoy and Rex Ryan but am indifferent toward the Bills. Still I think the Jest are a possible playoff contender, so I was sort of rooting for the Bills since I think they are going nowhere. Then I remembered the Jest always Jest so they would probably find a way to not make it, so I was again torn.


yeah Im the say way with new england vs miami but really I'd be fine with either the pats going 1-1 or the kek fishes to go 0-2

Just keep him away from your flags

Why are the Broncos the Colts bitch? Every time they play, Luck blows them the fuck out.

Elway Trade Curse

Hi guys, I'm here for the circlejerk

He's a greedy big and wanted to cash in before his knees explode again

No you're not.

You're from Bleacher Report

Why are the "experts" saying Texas will beat KC?

LET'S GO JETS!!!! I'm very happy the young players made plays yesterday. Obviously Marshall and Decker are the center pieces but young blood needs to step up, and they are.

If the secondary can get it together this team is going to be so good.

Carlos hyde or stefon Diggs?

>#Jaguars RB Chris Ivory has been ruled out for Sunday’s game, coach Gus Bradley told reporters.


Why? He has a bad history against the Packers, and they have a decent secondary

If Hackenberg turns out to be a solid QB or you guys pick up Mangum in the next few years I think when Brady retires and Jimmy takes over the Jest and Pats will have a pretty even rivalry assuming Belichick retires. Should be interesting.

why hasn't my iphone arrived yet

Because you live in a 3rd world country.

>Buying new technology as soon as it gets released

When will people learn?

Well, shit. There goes what little running game that we had.

>no head jack

>Hightower misses 3rd straight practice. Likely unavailable for Sunday.

>2nd week
>half of the team already ded
A-at least it's just the lelphins at Foxboro

I'm a Hawk fan but I don't see them making the playoffs this year.

>not having dd

Stop it.


well if its between those two, i'd still say diggs. panthers have a better history against running backs. then again, i'm not necessarily convinced that the 49ers are absolute dumpster fire this year.

>DeAndre Levy misses his third straight practice for the Lions with a quad injury

Raiders will start the season 2-0 for the first time since 2002.

>Offensive coordinator Frank Reich said Friday that the team “got what we expected” from Wentz in his first outing and his answer to a question about what quarterback Wentz reminds him of suggests that the expectations are as high as you’d expect for a player drafted second overall. After saying that Wentz is “blazing his own trail,” Reich said he was reminded of a player he spent a lot of time watching from a front row seat during his playing career.

>“Physically, he reminds me a little bit of a combination of Andrew Luck — though, I’ve never played with him — just watching him play, but a guy that I did play with in Jim Kelly, the size, strength and just the toughness,” Reich said, via “The mentally tough, physically tough attitude and not being afraid to stand in the pocket and take a hit. I think Carson showed that, having played with Jim Kelly all of those years, a Hall of Fame quarterback, you don’t want those guys to take hits but it is the willingness on fourth and four with guys coming up the middle to make the play to [tight end Zach Ertz] and take the hit because that’s what it takes to make the play and keep the drive alive, so those are good signs.”

I don't get it

Bullyball is back

>On Monday Bears are going to get embarrassed on national TV by a rookie QB.

>On Tuesday all anybody is gonna talk about is how the Bears got embarrassed on Monday night by a rookie QB.



Context: Duron Carter (Cris's son) is teasing his starting QB for growing up in the ghetto, having his friends get shot, and mumbling when he talks, and Cato's about to kill him.

>Mario Williams cleared the concussion protocol

Thank god

What went wrong?

Shut your mouth.

thank fuck.

>no more Mitchell tho

at least phillips is picking up steam now

let's talk about some "ifs" /nfl/

IF Brock Osweiler plays good against the Chiefs Defense, he is_______.

IF Garappolo wins all 4 games of Brady's suspension, he is ________.

IF Siemen Demon brings the Bronco's to a second Superb owl and wins, he is _______.

IF Derek Carr drags the Raiders to the playoffs, he is _______.

Say My Name

>Buffalo Bills firing OC Greg Roman, per league sources. Roman was NFL's top paid OC.

>Buffalo Bills firing OC Greg Roman, per league sources. Roman was NFL's top paid OC.

>Buffalo Bills firing OC Greg Roman, per league sources. Roman was NFL's top paid OC.

>Buffalo Bills firing OC Greg Roman, per league sources. Roman was NFL's top paid OC.

>Buffalo Bills firing OC Greg Roman, per league sources. Roman was NFL's top paid OC.

same. i think its the eyebrows

From what I've heard, the team really wanted to keep Chris Jones but just couldn't because of how the numbers played out, and Warmsley's been impressive at practice. Might not be too bad.

what the fuck rex, you needed a scapegoat that badly?

he was your best OC ever sadly enough


>score 31
>get fired

this, the bills defense is what cost them the game last night


Rex is simply stopping the fans from eating the cake early this season

Literally what did they mean by this
>Punter is at the line
>Skinny white guy with the number 4
>Gee I wonder if they big black guy getting the snap is gonna punt it

have you guys watched any other bills game that wasn't last nights game

What the fuck?
The person that should be fired is the person that allowed the jest to score 37 fucking points on you.

Nepotism I swear.


I watched every Rex Ryan Game from 2009-2014

Andrew Luck isn't elite

They scored 21 points on 2 meme dragons and a turnover, the offense was terrible, this is hopefully the start of rex ryans departure.

>The #Bills have appointed Anthony Lynn, RB coach, as their new OC.

I thought people would realize that after his 2nd year of shitting on shit teams.

>The 2012 draft was supposed to be the next big QB draft
>A manlet QB taken in the third round turned out to be the best of the bunch

what did he mean by this?

> this delusion.

Brock is 6'5

Roman to LA soon

Is Welker back? Back again?

I love Hue Jackson, man knows how to get the ball to your playmakers in creative ways. i think firing him as the Raiders HC was a huge mistake even if he did fuck us with that Palmer trade

the sad part is it 'worked'

They scored 24 and their last drive had atrocious playvalling. Bailed out by inept Jets defense

>have a shit team
>people get fired

>raiders get Gannon
Nice can't wait to hear that sweet tough love he pulls on us every year
"Raiders you incompetent fucking team I love you , fucking hate you "

post more meme plays

Detroit has one of the best DCs in the game

Elite Dline , eh secondary

Kelechi Osemele had 13.5 knockdowns on 73 snaps against the saints. That's an 18% pancake rate. The Raiders O-line will be the best in the league this year. Believe it

This shouldn't have made me laugh

Let them think otherwise. Their two best teams from last season lost to nobodies at Quarterback.

this is pure topkek

The ending seals it as a top webm


>absolutely squandering the best years of Vernon Davis' life.


Rich Gannon was fucking GOAT for that 3-4 year stretch. I miss that motherfucker.
>dat cool looking delivery
>running west coast to perfection in 2002

Not even a Raiders fan fyi


>is retarded
no one is gonna question that

I'm glad, that chump cost the Niners multiple titles with his shit play calling

honorary member of the Circle of 12. Number 12 quarterbacks, that is.

>Stabler (RIP in piece)
>was gonna be Luck but until he recovers his pre-injury form and keeps the Colts the dominant AFCS team he's out


>why is Atlanta so shitty?

I really wish I knew. We bet the house on Julio, who is a beast, but is also absolute glass.

Our defense sucks and I'm worried that they're gonna chase Dan Quinn out of there before he has a chance to actually put together the team he wants.

I did, but you probably couldn't hear it from where you were.

>If things aren't working I'll be the first to go down!
>Fires OC instead
>After two games

Lmao Rex is taking another franchise down the drain even more than they already have. First you pay a overrated QB a shit load of money, then this. The bills will be lucky to win a game this year, cap this

If the Jets had a top 10 quarterback, would they have the best offense in the league?



fully healthy steelers is still the best

>rex gets fired after the season
>they promote rob to HC
>proceeds to bring rex back as DC

they'd have a top 10 offense

even so they're still arguably the best

Twelve QBs Who Chose #12 Power Rankings




>Too Soon to Tell-Tier

rate it. suggestions. talk about it

>putting cunningham ahead of hall of famers

how is stabler not in Great Tier?

>#KCChiefs RB Jamaal Charles has been declared “doubtful” for Sunday’s game. Two weeks in a row.

Bradshaw has 4 owls

Your favorite QB is Derek Carr.

Who's your favorite QB Cred Forums?

Will this be the game of the week?


of course.

over/under $50,000 in fines


I also thinkt he Steelers will take most of them this time

>implying it won't be Packers vs Vikings game
>first regular season game at the GOAT stadium of the NFL
>first proper look at Bradford when he has a decent o-line and running game behind him
>inevitably ARod dragons galore

Going to be THE game of the week.


6 digits in fines. Book it.

The Browns have the best young DE in the game and they still won't win a game.


but Leonard Williams is a jet

But Robert Knweedche is a Card


Put either of them on the Browns team and they won't do shit.

>concede 37 points to the jest
>fire the offensive coordinator


Should be at least above Arizona. They won the division over the Packers last year!

>last two years have been a time of hope for raider fans.
>only to be stolen by Las Vegas

I'm surprised you even found a reason to get out of bed this morning.

What happens when Forte gets injured/ runs out of steam? Do you think Powell will be able to be a work horse?

>every Hall of Famer is equal
Griese, just as an example, is way overrated. He wasn't even responsible for both of the Dolphins' Super Bowls wins (Earl Morrall started the other iirc).

is #1 because he's second-greatest of all time, period. (muh >18-1 meem)

led the first Cowboys dynasty, and unlike Aikman, he was actually great on his own.

is like a hybrid of prime Peyton Manning and Steve Young, and likely to replace at least Brady on this and the all-time lists.

of course, led the charge (ha ha get it because Bills) to 4 straight Owls, but it's not his fault they were so overmatched in the latter 3 (with a better kicker they would have won against the Giants.)

was THE first great black quarterback (but muh Doug Williams!) and first great dual-threat (and triple-threat, with the famous 90+ yard punt) QB. Yes, he was injury-prone, but was robbed of an MVP and it's not his fault Buddy Ryan didn't give him good weapons on offense.

showed up the NFL, big-time. It established the AFL as relevant, which eventually led to the merger. His cultural impact was huge in making football a sport that Americans would watch, listen to and play.

not Derek Carr

I might be senile, but I could have sworn Moon came before Cunningham. I think Moon was the fist black QB in hall of fame.

I think the question you should be asking is what happens when forte runs into his offensive linemans butt and fumbles the ball

I think you're an idiot

idk, ivory broke down last year and powell managed to do pretty well in his place

im concerned about his workload too but the jets needed that win so i dont blame him giving those carries plus he has 10 days off now

Powell showed up in the passing game, but I don't think he's that great as a runner. Although, Jet's Oline is looking good, so that should help him out

I think he's got better but I agree, we'll take it game by game at any rate.

I didn't think the o-line did that well last night, at least in run blocking.

I have millions of dollars, so your assumption is incorrect

how good are the Burrs O line playing?

you'd be better off with actual bears

>Xavier Rhodes, Sherif Floyd confirmed out of Sundays game

>#Chargers 1st round pick Joey Bosa (hamstring) did not practice again today. He's out for Sunday once again. No sure thing next week, either.


like Brady, has 4 rings. Both relied on their defense for the most part of 3 of their Super Bowls. But both were incredible leaders on their own too. Bradshaw is one of the few to break the MVP Curse (teams with the MVP fail in the playoffs). Give however much credit you want to the Steel Curtain and, but Bradshaw is no joke. Except for his commercials and commentary.

led a steady Raiders career that consistently led to deep playoff runs, and eventually a Super Bowl against the Vikings in 1976, his best season. He has the Raiders franchise records in pass yds. and TDs, and while not a lifelong Raider he is still probably the best quarterback the franchise has ever had, aside from another man coming up.

did technically play half of his career before the merger, but still managed to be the franchise QB of the 49ers for 17 straight seasons. He led the league in completions and yardage 3 times each, and completion % twice. Longevity is mostly why he gets this spot, but perhaps his only knock is lack of playoff success; the Niners managed to get to back-to-back NFCCGs against the powerhouse Vikings, but lost both. All in all, durability boosts John Brodie to the #9 spot.

was lucky to have such an insanely great defense in helping to lead the Dolphins to the first undefeated regular season in NFL history and the ensuing Super Bowl victory. But he's not exactly chopped liver; he had 8 Pro Bowl selections in 14 years, and though his pass TD-to-interceptions ratio isn't great, he remains a fixture in team lore.

Remember that Raiders guy I mentioned who was better than Stabler? This is that guy. Though playing for the Raiders for only about a third of his career, he led the team in an MVP age-37 season to the Super Bowl. Not exactly his fault his former head coach went Benedict Arnold, but was consistent when not injured.

what is a token. rejecting Randall is a disgrace to Canton and the NFL


shoulda woulda coulda been in camp

>not Tony Busta

>highest record for passing yards
>highest record for touchdown passes
>highest record for completions

>highest record for passing yards
>highest record for touchdown passes
>highest record for completions
in another league, or single-season?

just asking because the Browns line was piss poor and the eagles didn't get much pass rush.

and finally

just got injured after getting a huge jump-start on his career, and the Colts fell apart. It's too soon to tell, partially because of the injury, and also because of his tendencies to make questionable decisions in the pass game, similar to Brett Favre. If he returns to form, he'll get his 12th-place back.

He's so handsome and brave

You now remember Marcus Mariota

who will be better, mariota or wentz?

What will his hall of fame speech be about?

Forte has missed like 4 games in 7 years. He doesn't take big hits and goes down when he should. I wouldn't be surprised if he plays well at 35.

6 out of those 7 years he's rushed for over 1000 yards.

He'll also have around 50 receptions and 500yards on average. Forte is underrated and the bears were retarded for letting him walk without an offer.

This was all done with a shit o-line and 5 different offensive coordinators. He rarely fumbles.

He'll be fine.

I think Mariota will be in an easier division, therefor be a better QB quicker

can someone post those pictures of aaron rogers awkwardly kissing olivia


>pff picked the bills to go the super bowl

His face needs to be in it


I don't want him to be gay, guys.



stfu bigot

PFF is a trash website, what do you expect


>oppressing my right to want gays rights to be oppressed
Who's the bigot again?

He even looks JUST when he is around women but happy and glowing when he's around men.


I'm sure your parents felt the same way about you, m8.

you wanna oppress them with your dick gaylord

>Matthew Stafford needs 749 yards in the next 6 games to pass Dan Marino for most passing yards in a quarterback's first 100 games



are you seriously comparing passing stats in today's modern passing era to when marino played

Relax Dan it's just a meaningless record that Stafford will have..

no seriously, do you think this is some sort of valid comparison or are you just shitposting

It'a okay Dan, it's not your fault

It's honestly not that big of a deal Dan.. just take it easy

>gay shaming

Don't be a faggot

just shitposting, gotcha

Sorry that all your records got broken, Dan

how he wished he could've gotten Megatron a ring

Passing yard records in today's NFL is basically the equivalent of "total games started." The yards are gonna come no matter how shitty you are as long as you're not bad enough to get benched.
Judging QB's these days is mostly a mix of the eyeball test and looking at winning accomplishments.

Do you think he'll talk about breaking Marino's record?

jameis isn't a florida native you fucking idiot

how do you not know such a basic fact about your own team's qb

bucme really does have to carry that team's reputation on his back

all bucs tripfags should honestly be rounded up and gassed at this point

>you now remember Sneak saying forte was old and used up because the packers wanted him

>actual football knowledge
pick 1


Sneak is a retarded bandwaggoner


Sometimes I forget that there's a difference between RB old and actual old

Forte IS old and used up though. This will be one of his few good games this year.

He looked good because of fantasy stats and TDs vs a porous Bills defense that is missing a lot of starters. He only had 3.33 YPC and that sort of workload is going to run a 31yo RB into the ground fast.

t. Sneak

It's September and Meek Mill just got handed another L

Can Philly ever recover?


>like 150 total yards his first game
>100 yards russhing and 3 TDs his next

nah he's still boderline elite


Steeler home openers are historically beatdowns. Might want to start prepping those bungholes, bungholes.

i dont get it

is the joke here that drake is canadian?

>DeAndre Levy will most likely not play Sunday vs Titans

No he's not, he's lost a lot over time and has a lot of mileage on him. When he was productive last night he was running through holes the size of your sister's snatch. Shadee is borderline elite at his age and has a far worse o-line to work with.

holy fuck it's the titans what the fuck are you worried about

nobody cares

quit being a faggot

Is this real /nflgen/? Is this even news?

>trannies being spammed
>bb not posting


100 yards rushing isn't impressive when you do it on 30 carries. Matt Forte is on pace for 472 touches this season, that is totally unsustainable for ANY runningback, let alone a decrepit one like him.

yeah bullshit jets lost their best guard and right tackle, last night was all forte, albeit with not loaded boxes and he still got 3 tds and is a great pass catcher.

anyone with a brain knows he ran much better than his YPC suggests.

and the bills had one of the best run blocking lines in the league last season, which is why they were the number one rushing team in addition to having t. taylor.

This. This SO hard.

Sneak really is a fucking idiot.

you're retarded

t. Sneak

please butter my soles

Right idk what's going on with them this year tho, it's like fucking jekyll and hyde. Mfw they lost me some cash last night.

She is such a qt 3.14

base chad


Chad would have been a great QB had he not always gotten hurt.

What went wrong?

Speaking of the game last night, can someone go in the archive and find when that retard Sneak actually believed the Bills would make the playoffs? Hah, what a moron.

>The Sporting News' Alex Marvez reports the Bills' front office forced coach Rex Ryan to fire OC Greg Roman as a "sacrificial lamb" following Thursday night's embarrassing home loss to the Jets.
>Per Marvez, the front office "leaned on" Rex to make a "significant change" in hopes of "appeasing a disgruntled fan base." Ryan couldn't fire himself -- and certainly wouldn't fire his brother Rob -- so he fired Roman, who took the Bills' offense from No. 26 in offensive DVOA in 2014 to No. 9 in 2015, and scored 24 points Thursday night against a tough Jets defense. Meanwhile, Rex's defense finished No. 24 in DVOA in 2015 after ranking No. 2 under Jim Schwartz in 2014, and coughed up 37 points at home to the Jets. Marvez also confirms Rex himself "is feeling the heat" following an 0-2 start. The Bills are set up to start 0-4 with the Cardinals and Patriots next on the schedule.

thanks for the coordinator buffalel

Amerifat revis rekt

How the hell do the seahawks pull the upset on the Rams? Murder the rams defensive line?

Serious question: I don't like Rex as a head coach but if the ownership fires a coach after the second year or during the season, isn't that a big turn off for other coaches? I mean, if you have a A-level coach out there, isn't he less likely to go to a team where the owners start getting trigger happy during year 2?

>grew up in western NY and avoided becoming a Bills fan

>the upset
seems like you're a little confused

Not fall for trick plays. Someone post the webm, you know which one.

yes, but the problem in buffalo is obviously festering so they gain no benefit for keeping him there another year or two.

admit your mistake and move on. You don't want Joe Philbins or Chuck Paganos.

Why is Carolina not Petey Pablo? REEEEEEEE

>Sammy Watkins
>5 Targets

felt so good to shut that cocky faggot up

>m-muh foot

It's what shit teams and organizations do. A coach should get 3 years minimum barring some type of scandal.

Rotoworld seemed to think his foot wasnt' an issue

>felt so good to shut that cocky faggot up
are you a playing member of the New York Jets™?

Pls go to Atl

I like the Jags owner. He's been patient and understood the rebuild would take time and didn't clear house after a year or two when the team didn't win a super bowl in the middle of a rebuild.

>Rotoworld seemed to think his foot wasnt' an issue

People at the game said he looked uninjured.

yeah rotoworld is usually a good source, i knew the jets weren't going to put man to man on him after last year's debacle

He was on a snap count

Not a Bills a fan, but how did the Bills go from the #2 defense in 2014 to 24th (I think) in 2015? Was it really Rex, or departures/injuries, or a combination?


Saints fan here. It was Rob.

the bills had a really good defensive core but they were aging and had to adjust to a completely different defensive scheme that none of them fit in.

E-40 IS OAKLAND!!!!!


post meme plays

How come he isn't a head coach? He can't be worse than Pederson

he was, but the lions underachieved with him.

sometimes just let a great DC be a great DC

post the tomlin HOL UP collection

better to let someone as good at one thing like him flourish there, like jim johnson
pederson has impressed me so far, players seem to love him and he drew up a great offensive plan for the browns game

wtf is this chart

is gronk madden cursed?

So the jaguars are going to stomp out the chargers right?

They played very well against the puckers. Bortles looks to have improve since last year and the editions on defense helped out.

The one concern I have is jokelel potentially getting btfo again and hampering the running game.

But the jags have solid run defense and match up well against the throwing target rivers has.

What do you guys think?

Jewdell's doing

Jared Goff got promoted to second string

should be starting by the second offensive drive Sunday

who is the worst former player analyst?

no shit. after Keenum got BTFO by the San Fransisco Infedels I'd imagine its because there can only be 1 3rd string qb

A tie between Aikman, Simms, and Fouts.

Won't believe in the jags until they show that they can win/close out games. Rivers is usually solid enough to win games like this

I'm worried about Cam guys

at the rate he gets hit he'll get a season ending injury and then the Panthers are left with Derek Anderson

I dont think he can pull this team through like Cam did last year

i'd let that guy suck my dick (no homo)

its alright, its not gay unless your balls touch.

The guy literally only ever missed games because of a car accident. He's built like a tank. Unless someone takes out his knees I wouldn't worry about him getting hurt

>pff conveniently ranks Carolinas oline top 5 in 2015
>literally bottom 5 any other season
>muh remmers muh norwell

feels good to see cam getting knocked around again so their fans can shut the fuck up about him carrying anything

Was Sanchez on the madden cover the year he ran into his olinemans butt and fumbled the ball ?


he played the #1 defense in Game 1
he won't get hit around like that until the playoffs

I've had sex with three different girls named Chelsea

I dont see why pff did that

the O-line was trash last year too, Cam was able to run a bit while Olsen got open or Ginn outran his corner

also panel shows / espn

I can't stand Monday Night Countdown.

Simms was actually tolerable in the Jets game

New thread

new, non-sean thread

Are you literally six years old?

hahaha lmao


why'd it get deleted

>Carr that low

McFucking kill yourself

Looks like Hoge is the only one that knows what he's talking about.

what is this chart?

and e-40 is a lifelong raider fan

Good going, idiots.

What the fuck why did the new one get deleted too?

Because police12 made it.

>more people think the bears have a chance than the chargers
what fucking planet did I wake up on today

GOOD point .

The one where the chargers suck and are a worse team than the bears dumbass

>OBJ and Victor Cruz fined $12000 each for a group celebration after cruzs first TD in 700 days.
Truly the no fun league

What do the bears have other than a lifetime supply of candy provided by cutler

jaworski is such a fag

never drew a dime

why did the last thread get deleted? LOL?

Canadians and Faggots

Probably these fucking trap posters. Annoying AF and now getting threads deleted. Worse than cancer

i just posted why the last thread was deleted you idiot look at the image

stage 3 leukemia here. can confirm

>Jared Goff has now surpassed Sean Mannion for #2 on the depth chart

GOAT season incoming. You can't stop it

oh shit, at this rate they might win 4 games this season

Do you mean Adam Archuleta? He's a commentator now?

Didn't the Skins sign him for an exorbidant sum at the end of his career?

playing the eagles, a team that will be drafting in the top 10

does anyone still keep track of the title belt?

/nfl/ deader than hoc

Rams will do whatever their faggots fans whine about

new thread
new thread

Broncos have it

>obj cost cruz $12000 for pretending to take a photo