Ywn be an NFL receiver with a 10/10 wife who does this for you

>ywn be an NFL receiver with a 10/10 wife who does this for you

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Eric Decker won't know who she is in five years when CTE has taken its toll.

Oh god her twitter is amazing



wtf i love decker now


"Veiny and all"

Yikes, this reeks of insecurity

he's definitely fucking hundreds of girls behind her back

what exactly did she do for him?



>americans grasp of the english language

Homosexual detected

virgin detected

social media is no longer serving its purpose

What is its purpose

dank memes

She's been blacked

Decker is a cuck

She's your standard pro athlete wife. She has a reality show and is trying to make it as a singer. Being Eric Decker's wife gives her fame and attention she would have never gotten on her own. She's does things like this just for the attention.

I honestly feel bad for pro athletes when it comes to dating. Once you get famous it must be impossible to meet new people. Everyone has something to gain from being close to you. Look at how many reality shows there are about the wives and girlfriends of pro athletes. There's quite a few of them. You'd never know if the girl actually likes you or if she just likes what she can get from dating you. Look at how famous Katherine Webb got for being AJ McCarron's girlfriend for example. Then, if you get married, they can ruin you in a divorce. Derek Fisher got divorced a few months ago and now has to pay $1.3 million a year in spousal support to his ex-wife on top of child support. Women are dangerous to pro athletes.

She seems pretty based, would wife yes jelly desu.


If you want to use meme words you don't understand try hypergamy. She traded up for the superior pro athlete, Decker.

>assuming the Bills fan isn't a dirty Canadian

They wouldn't have a team if it wasn't for a nice weekend trip for people from Ontario to come down and see a game.

how much time do you think she sat there mugging for her phone camera to get this exact shot