Can we please have a moment of silence for this American Hero?

Can we please have a moment of silence for this American Hero?

He needs to go back

Back where?

Thank you for /spuh/ for the 1 minute and 16 seconds of respect. God bless. And may the Cowboys win the Super Bowl.

drafted this nigga on my fantasy online franchise in madden. he's fucking goat

To get a new back

it's an annual event now

literally whom?

>1 (one) and 12 (twelve) without him

where were you when Romo was the MVP


Cheering for a real football team that doesnt have tony homo as a QB

wow good one user

Dubs dont lie

Cuckboys will never win anything with tony homo as QB. Been saying that for literally his whole career.

>tony homo
you are so funny user

Are you trying to say that based DAK is going to win a Super Bowl in his first year?

Because you might be on to something.

Hate the guy but I won't say anything bad about him as a player. Tough sob, would/wants to play through anything.

Hopefully he'll be remembered like Ken Griffey Jr. He could of been great except for the injuries.

Except Griffey was an excellent player when he was healthy. Romo is an overachieving, poor man's Favre.

No, im saying youll be lucky not to be in the basement of your division.

Cowgirls suck.

>R-Romo sucks
>heh th-they'll be last now that he's injured.

You're going to have to pick one of those statements friendo.

I don't know who this faggot is, just that he wears pussy pads because he's scared to get hurt

Fuck off Australia, no one cares about you or your meme sports.


Avril: Stay down, you little bitch.

Romo: Y-yes, sir.